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Full text of "The history of the Alison, or Allison family in Europe and America, A.D. 1135 to 1893; giving an account of the family in Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States.."

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In Europe and America, 

A.D. 1135 TO 1S93; 


With Twenty-five Illustrated Pages, Embracing Engravings of Forty-five 

Faces and Two Residences. 


Author of "History of the Morison or Morrison Family; " "History of Windham 
in New Hampshire; " " Rambles in Europe: with Historical Facts relating to 
Scotch-American Families; Gathered in Scotland and in the North of Ire- 
land;" " Among the Scotch-Irish; A Tour in Seven Countries;" " Lineage and 
Biographies of the Norris Family;" "Supplement to the History of Wind- 
ham in New Hampshire; " and " History and Proceedings of the Celebration 
of the 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of (the Scotch settlement of) 
Windham, New Hampshire, Held June 9, 1892." 










^0 mg ^inbreb anb Clansmtn, 
anb to t^( 

Itmbtra of t\t Stott^ "gnu, Inbtr gill Shies anb in gfatrg Clime, 

ffi^is ISislorH of 

gin giiwient anb honorable Scott^ Jamilg 

gs Ptbitatrt t5 

^tonarb gUison ^orrison. 

My task is done ! 
From these harvest sheaves^ 
G-arnered ivith infinite paiyis^ 
Others can take the golden grain, 
And cast the chaff away. 


LIST OF illustkatio:n's. 

Leonard Allison Morrison, of Windham, N. H. Page 54 

Jeremiali Morrison, of Windham, N. H. 

James Allison, of Dunbarton, N". H. 

George A. Allison, of Cambridge, Mass. 

William B. Allison, of Dubuque, la. 

Residence of Thomas Johnston Allison, Statesville, N. C 

Thomas Johnston Allison, of Statesville, N. C. 

Group of eight faces 

Richard Monroe Allison, Statesville, N. C. 
Elizabeth Carmichael Allison, Statesville, N. C. 
Thomas Hampton Allison, Mooresville, N. C. 
Andrew John Allison, Eva, Ark. 
Evalina Allison Stevenson, Statesville, N. C. 
Wade Hampton Allison, Statesville, N. C. 
Mary Selina Allison, Statesville, N. C. 
Richard Preston Allison, Statesville, N. C. 

Group of three faces 

Hugh N. Allison, Albuquerque, N. M. 
Fletcher J. Allison, Albuquerque, N. M. 
Ruth G. Allison, Albuquerque, N. M. 

Mrs. Sarah (Allison) Eick, Diller, Neb. 
Joseph Allison, St. John, N. B. 
David Allison, Sackville, N". B. 
James Walter Allison, Halifax, N. S. 
William Allison's commission as colonel 
Peter Vanorder's inscription 


Faces page 53 

" 90 

" 106 



" 149 

" 152 


" 189 
" 198 


" 210 

Page 216 



Group of eight faces 

Mrs. Sarah Allison, Amity, N. Y. 

Nathaniel Allison, Mexico, Mo. 

Isaac W. Allison, Chester, N. Y. 

William L. Allison, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mrs. Amy (Allison) Vail, Jersey City, N. J. 

Mrs. Frances (Allison) Tooker, Slate Hill, Wawayanda, IST. Y. 

Mrs. Lydia (Allison) Selleck, Fair Oaks, N. Y. 

Mrs. Mary (Allison) Mills, New York, N. Y. 
Group of five faces ' 

Mrs. Martha (Sullenger) Allison, Mexico, Mo. 
James W. Allison, St. Louis, Mo. 
Giles S. Allison, New York, N. Y. 
Linnie Allison, Mexico, Mo. 
Mary Emma (Allison) Emmons, Mexico, Mo. 
Group of five faces 

Mrs. Teresa A. (Elmer) Allison, Chester, N. Y. 
Howard Allison, Hempstead, N. Y. 
Edith (Thurber) Allison, Hempstead, N. Y. 
Kev. Charles Elmer Allison, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Lizzie Elmer Allison, Chester, N. Y. 

David Allison, Pontiac, Mich 

Mrs. Susan (Hamer) Allison, Pontiac, Mich. 
Michael Snedeker Allison, Jersey City, N. J. . 
Charles Allison, Brooklyn, N. Y. .... 

Brewster J. Allison, Stony Point, N. Y. . 
William O. Allison, Englewood, N. J. ... 

Residence of William O. Allison, Englewood, N. J. . 

Faces page 223 

Faces page 231 






Title-page— Dedication, iii — List of Illustrations, v — Table of Contents, 
vii — Heraldry : The Allison Arms, Crests, and Mottoes, x — The Elli- 
son Arms, Crests, and Mottoes, xi — Inti'oduction, xiii. 

CHAPTER I. (Pages 1-9.) 

Origin of the Scotch Name of Allisox. 

Various theories as to the origin of the name of Allison, 1-4 — The 
meaning and origin of the name of the Scotch Alisons, or Allisons, 
4, 5 — Orthography of the name, 5 — Early prominent Allisons, 5 — The 
Arms, 5 — Most frequent Scottish names, 6 — Old divisions of Scot- 
land and England, G, 7 — The true Scotland, 7 — Thomas Carlyle's 
statement, 8. 

CHAPTER II. (Pages 9-17.) 

The Scotch-Irish — Who Were They ? 

They were not Celts, they were people of Scottish lineage who dwelt on 
Irish soil, 9-10 — Localities whei'e dwelt the Scotch-Irish, 10 — State- 
ments of Macaulay, 10-11 — The transplanting of the Scotch-Irish to 
American shores, and the survival of the Lowland Scotch dialect, 
11, 12— rBooks relating to this race, 12 — Quotations from the eloquent 
addresses of Rev. John S. Macintosh, D. D., at the Scotch-Irish Con- 
gress, 12-15 — The Scotch-Irish of New Hampshire, 11, 12, 15. 

CHAPTER III. (Pages 17-39.) 

The Allisoxs of Scotland and Australia. 

Antiquity of the family in Avondale, Scotland — Descent from the Mac- 
Alisters of Loupe, 17 — John MacAlister and followers located at 
Cairnduff, 18 — The parish of Avondale, the home of the fam- 
ily in 1310 — The Alisons in Newton of Ayr, 19, 20 — Descent of the 
Alisons, 20 — Their dispersion, 21-24 — Great similarity of names in 
Cairnduff, Scotland, with those in Aghadowey, Ireland, and in the 
Scotch-Irish settlements in New Hampshire and other parts of the 
United States, 24 — Persecution of Claverhouse, 25 — The Alisons of 
Avondale, 27-39. 


CHAPTER IV. (Pages 39-42.) 

Eakly Allisons in America. 

The Ellisons, 41 — Other facts relating to the Ellisons in this book will be 
found on pages 5, 39-42, 242-252. 

CHAPTER V. (Pages 42-121.) 

Allisons of New Hampshibe. 

Samuel Allison of Londonderry, and his descendants from 1690 to 1893, 
including those in the families of Atwood, Holmes, McAfee, Moore, 
Morrison, Shepard, Stinson, and other names — Emigration of Samuel 
Allison; his Scotch dialect, his will, and death, 42-46 — His daughter, 
Martha Allison; her eai-ly death, and monument of memorial, with 
that of her husband, Lieut. Samuel Morison, founder of the Morrison 
family of Windham, 45-47 — Janet Allison and her husband, Samuel 
Morison of Londonderry, 59-61; Capt. Samuel Allison and his wife, 
Janet MacFarland, 61-63— Allisons or Ellisons, 119-121. 

CHAPTER VI. (Pages 121-144.) 

Allisons of Pennsylvania. 

Allisons of Allen Township ; same Scotch names in Pennsylvania as in 
the New Hampshire settlements; the Scotch-Irish emigrate from 
Maine to Pennsylvania, 121-123 — Rev. Francis Alison and his de- 
scendants, 122-126— Other Allisons of Pennsylvania, 126-128, 134-136 
— Allisons of Indiana, a branch of the Pennsylvania family, 127-129 — 
Hon. William B. Allison of Iowa, 129-135 — Allisons from the county 
of Londonderry, Ireland, 135 — Hon. Joseph Allison of Philadelphia 
and his relations, 136-138 — Allisons of Ramelton, county of Donegal, 
Ire., Middletown, Penn., and Trenton, N. J., 137-144. 

CHAPTER VII. (Pages 144-161.) 

Various Families of Allisons. 

Allisons of North Carolina — Five branches — Allisons of Glasgow, Scot- 
land, North Carolina, and Virginia. 

CHAPTER VIII. (Pages 161-170.) 

Other Branches. 

Allisons of Virginia and Kentucky, 161-165 — Allisons of Tennessee and 
Louisiana, 164-166— Allisons of Lifford, County of Donegal, Ireland, 
and of Tennessee, 165-170— Alexander Porter of Lifford, and of Ten- 
nessee, with his relatives, 165. 


CHAPTER IX. (Pages 170-lSO.) 

Allisons fkom Exgland. 

Joseiih Allison, of Cumberland county, Eng., and liis descendants in Illi- 
nois, 170-174 — Joseph Allison, of Halifax, England, and his descend- 
ants in the United States, 174-176 — William Allison of Kentucky 
and his descendants, 175-177 — Allisons of New Jersey, Connecticut, 
Maryland, and Lawrence, Mass., 177-180. 

CHAPTER X. (Pages 180-203.) 

Allisons of County of Londondekry, Ire. 

John Allison of Drumnaha, Magilligan, County of Londonderry, Ire., 
and his descendants in Ireland and Nova Scotia, 180-200 — Allisons of 
Evish Hill and of Limavady, County of Londonderry, Ire., and later 
of New Brunswick, 201 — The Morrisons, Allisons, Hunters, and 
Crooks of County of Londonderry, Ire., 201-203. 

CHAPTER XI. (Pages 203-208.) 
Allisons of Holland and Rockland County, N. Y., 203-208. 

CHAPTER XII. (Pages 208-247.) 

Allisons of Orange County, New York. 

Joseph Allison, John Allison, and Richard Allison, early settlers of 
Orange County, and their descendants, 208-240 — Goshen, N. Y., rec- 
ords, 240 — Allisons and Allistons, 241 — References from the colonial 
history of New York, 241-243— The Ellisons, unassigned records 
relating to them, 243-247. 

CHAPTER XIII. (Pages 247-292.) 

Allisons of Rockland County, New York. 

Lawrence Ellison (or Allison) of New York and his descendants, 247-290 
— Robert Allison of Ohio and his descendants, 290-292 — Ex-Governor 
Allison of Florida, 291. 

INDEX I. (Pages 293, 294.) 
Alisons of Scotland and Australia. 

INDEX II. (Pages 295-312.) 
Allisons of Canada and the United States. 



From Faikbairn's Book of Crests of the FAiMiLiE*^ of Great 
Britain and Ireland. A new edition, revised and brought down to 
1892. (This book contains illustrations of crests here described.) 

Alison, Scotland, a tree ppr., with a bell hung on the branches on 
each side. Crescit sub pondere virtus. 

Alison, Scotland, an oak tree ppr., with a weight hanging on each 
side. Crescit sub pondere virtus. 

Alison, Scotland, an eagle's head erased ppr. Vincit Veritas. 

Alison, Rev. A., Scotland, an eagle's head erased ppr. Vincit Veri- 

Alison, Major-General Sir Archibald, K. C. B. 2nd Bart., same crest 
and motto. 

Alison and Allison, a falcon's head erased ppr. Vincit Veritas. 

Allison, Scotland, a falcon's head erased. Vincit Veritas. 

Allison, a pheasant holding in the dexter claw a key, and in the beak 
an ear of barley ppr. 

Allison, Scotland, an eagle's head erased ppr. Vincit Veritas. 

Allison, Colonel James John, D. L., J. P., of " Beaufront," Roker, 
Siinderland, uses a peacock in pride ppr, Vincit Veritas. 

From Burke's General Armory. 

Allison, Sa., a feese engr. betw. three talbots pass. ar. Crest — An 

eagle's head erased ppr. Motto : Vincit Veritas. 
Allison, Ar., an inescutcheon gu. Crest — A pheasant holding in the 

dexter foot a key, and in his beak an ear of barley ppr. 
Allison, Sa., a fesse engr. betw. three talbots pass. ar. surmounted by 

a bend sinister. 
Allison (described in the Visitations as having been settled for five 

generations at Yardsley Hall, co. Cambridge). Ar., a fesse gu. 

betw. three blackbirds within a bordure of the second. Crest — 

A peacock ppr. 


Allison (Roker Sunderland, co. Durham ; Col. John James Allison, 
commanding 2nd Durham militia, J. P., D. L., eldest son of 
James Allison, esquire of Undereliff, same co.). Ar., a fesse gu. 
betw. three blackbirds ppr. a bordure of the second. Crest — A 
peacock in his pride ppr. Motto — Vincit Veritas. 

The motto Vbicit Veritas means " Truth prevails." 

Crescit sub pondere virtiis means " Virtue thrives under oppression." 

In addition to what is here given relating to Arms, see p. 5. 


From Fairbairn's Book of Crests. 

Ellison, a griffin's head erased ppr., collared or. 

EUison, Scotland, a cross crosslet fitched gu. 

Ellison, a lion passant gardant, holding in his dexter paw an anchor. 

Ellison, a greyhound sa. 

Ellison — Macartney, John "William, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, J. P. of 
the Palace, Clogher co., Tyrone, Ireland: (1) A cubit arm erect, 
the hand grasping a rose-branch in flower all ppr. (for Macartney); 
(2) A buck's head erased ppr., charged on the neck with a trefoil 
slipped vert (for Ellison) Stimulat, sed ornat, — Spe gaicdeo. 

Ellison, Durh., an eagle's head erased or. 

EUison, an eagle's head erased per fess or and gu., muraUy gorged az. 

Ellison, Carr, — Ralph, Esquire of Hedgeley, Northumb., and Dun- 
stanhill, Durh. : (1) An eagle's head erased or, gorged with a 
collar vair, holding in the beak a branch of three roses gu., 
leaved and slipped ppr. (for Ellison) ; (2) A lion's head erased 
or, in front thereof a demi-Catherine wheel az. (for Carr.) Nee 
te quaesiveris extra. 

From Burke's General Armory. 

Ellison, per pale gu. and vert an eagle displ. or. Crest, An eagle's 

head erased per fesse or and gu. gorged with a mural coronet az. 
Ellison, Ar., a chev. gu. betw. three griffins' heads ; erased sa. Crest, 

a greyhound sa. 
Ellison (Boultham Hall, co. Lincoln). Gu. a chev. or betw. three 

gTiffins' heads ar. Crest, a griffin's head erased ppr. collared or. 

Motto : Spem sequimur. 


Ellison (Scotland). Per bend gu. and or a fleur-de-lis in bend sinis- 
ter counterchanged. 

Ellison (Hebburn, co. Durham). Gu. a cbev. or betw. three eagles' 
heads erased ar. Crest, an eagle's head erased or. 

Ellison (Rotherham, co. York.) Gu. a chev. betw. three eagles' heads 
erased or. 

Ellison (Carr-EUison, exemplified to Ralph Carr, Esq., of Hedgeley, 
CO. Northumberland and Dunstanhill, co. pal. Durham, upon his 
assuming the additional name of Ellison by royal license, 1871). 
Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. a chev. vair cottised or ^etw. three 
eagles' heads erased of the last, for Ellison 2nd and 3d ar. within 
two bendlets az. an estoile betw. two lions' heads sa. the whole 
betw. three Cornish Choughs ppr. for Carr, Crests, Ellison. An 
eagle's head erased or gorged with a collar vair, holding in the 
beak a branch of three roses gu. leaved and slipped ppr. Carr : 
A lion's head erased or, in front thereof a demi-Catherine wheel 
az. Motto : Nee te quaesiveris extra. 


Stimulat, sed ornat. " It stimulates, but it adorns." 

Spe gaudeo. " I rejoice in hope." 

Nee te quaesiveris extra. " Do not seek thyself outside of thyself." 

Spem sequimur. " "We follow hope." . 

In addition to what is printed here relating to the EUisons, see pp. 
5, 39-42, 120-122, 242-252. 


This work is vastly more comprehensive in its scope than was 
intended at the commencement of its preparation. The stream has 
been traced to its fountain, the river to its source, and the Allisons to 
their homes in Scotland of many centiunes ago. There, among its 
moors, its mountains, and its glens, they have lived till the present, 
while collateral lines of this ancient stock, about whom lingers the 
love of the freedom of Scotland's mountains, struck out into other 
lands, have enlarged and become strong, numerous, prosperous, 
and vigorous. The Allisons have won homes and reputations not 
only in Scotland, but in England, Ireland, Australia, South America, 
Canada, and in nearly every state of the great American common- 
wealth, the United States. 

A fascination, deep and abiding, clings to the ancient home of 
the family at Loupe, Argyleshire, and at Cairnduff, Avondale, Lan- 
arkshire, Scotland. The matter relating to those homes and to those 
lines of the family are of preeminent value and absorbing interest. By 
the publication of this volume kll of this information and history is 
permanently preserved. 

The Allison family, taken as a whole, is strong and intellectual. 
In the Fatherland some of its members were martyrs for the "Solemn 
League and Covenant," and elsewhere contended, even unto death, for 
religious freedom, while others continued the struggle in Ireland, and 
later crossed the ocean and maintained the finally successful battle on 
American soil. 

This family has loved church and state and learning. They helped 
found a government of, and for, and by the people. There have been 
many college graduates. The name Allison is found frequently in 
the catalogues of both European and American universities. Lawyers, 
physicians, ministers of the Gospel, senators, and other men high in 
the civil or military service of the state are among those of this stock. 

This is mentioned, not in a spirit of miwise laudation of a family but 
as a historical fact, and that in the future, when those of other genera- 
tions shall read this and see that their predecessors and relatives, who 
will then belong to '• a buried generation," loved the school, the church, 


the state, it may stimulate them to higher deeds, influence them to 
nobler lives. 

This work was undertaken to gratify my own curiosity to know all 
the accessible facts relating to the origin, history, and life and death 
of my ancestor. Charter Samuel AUison, of Scotch blood, of London- 
derry, New Hampshire, together with that of his widely scattered de- 
scendants. The place selected for his abode in the New World became 
widely noted as the home of a stalwart people. 

There is no locality, in New Hampshire, whose early local history has 
so deep an interest, or about which clings so much of fascination, as that 
of the original township of Londonderry, embracing the present towns 
of Windham, Derry, Londonderry, and a part of Hudson and Salem. 
Not that its soil was fertile, or that dormant riches lay in ground, 
forest, rock, or waters, for in none of these was the secret of its strong 
hold on the minds and in the hearts of antiquarians, scholars, and the 
general public. It was in a higher source, in an element of greater 
value, power, and influence, than in any or in all of these combined. 
It was in the inhabitants themselves. The first settlers were a peculiar 
people, and they, or their fathers, were twice exiles ; first, from Scot- 
land, their Fatherland, to the " green fields of Erin," which at London- 
derry and the Boyne water they helped to save to King William and 
Protestantism in 1688-'89 ; second, to the wilderness wilds of London- 
dei'ry, N. H., in 1719. They were of Scotch blood, some of them 
were of Scotch birth, some were " accidentally born " in Ireland. 
Strong and rugged in their mental characteristics, having great cour- 
age and tenacity of purpose, they were valiant colonists of a frontier, 
capable of subduing a wilderness, of founding and building a state, 
and leaving the impress of their willing hands, strong minds, and 
valiant deeds, in the settlement they founded, the state they benefited, 
and in illustrious descendants who have worthily filled the higher 
positions in the community, the state, and the nation. Sixteen men 
with their families composed the advance guard of the infant colony. 
In 1718 they came from the north of Ireland, part if not aU from the 
parish of Aghadowey, county of Londonderry, some eight miles from 
Coleraine, and forty miles from the city of Londonderry. Samuel 
Allison, previously mentioned, was one of that stalwart company. 

This work, as such labor always does, fascinated me. It expanded 
greatly. In my investigations other important, equally large, and 
equally respectable branches of Alisons or AUisons were found, their his- 
tory and genealogy procured. This includes the lines of Allisons in 
Orange and Rockland counties. New York, with those numerous ones in 



Various Theories. — True Origin of the Name of the Scotch 
Allisons. — Its Orthography. — Most Frequent Scottish Names. 
Old Divisions of Scotland and England. — Thomas Carlyle's 


Robert Ferguson, M. P., F. S. A., and F. S. A. Scotland, 
in his "Surnames as a Science," London: 1883, pp. 204- 
206, is Women's Names, "Alice, Alicia, Eliza, Adeliza, Alison. 
Alice properly a man's name, and Eliza its proper feminine." 

He derives these names from Anglo-Saxon Adelgis (mas- 
culine) and Adelgisa (feminine), whence come Aliza, Eliza, 
but not Eizabeth (the Latin form), the Hebrew form being 

He cites for this the Liher Vitce of Durham, "in which 
we can trace the changes that have taken place in Adelgisa 
since the first noble lady of that name laid her gift upon the 
altar. First we find it contracted into Adeliza, and then, 
from about the twelfth century, into Aaliza and Aliza, the 
latter name being henceforward rather a common one. The 
former of these two contracted forms, Adeliza, though not a 
name in common use, is one still given to the daughters of 
certain of our noble families ; the latter form, Aliza, I take 
to be the origin of our Eliza. (The initial vowel is of no 
account, the ancient name beginning indifferently with A or 
E, and Alice in some families appearing as Ellice)." 

"About the beginning of the fifteenth century another 
Christian name for women, Alison, begins to make its appear- 
ance in the Liber Vitce. This name, however, I take to be 
from an entirely different origin. There is an old Frankish 
woman's name, Alesinda, Elesind, Alesint, of the eighth cen- 


tury, from which, dropping the final d, it would naturally 
come, and which is derived from Grimm from Gothic Alja^ 
Alius (in the probable sense of stranger or foreigner), and 
Sind in the sense of companion or attendant." 

From the foregoing, if the theories of Mr. Ferguson are cor- 
rect, it cannot but strike the reader with what exceeding ease 
(the initial vowel being of "no account ") the same name 
could be written Alison, Elison, Allison, Ellison. 

Charles W. Bardsley, M. A., in his choice work, " Our Eng- 
lish Surnames, their Sources and Significations," London, 
cites these instances: ^ 

Alan (v. Allen) Alan fil. Warin. 

Alanson (v. Allinson), William Alynson, Thomas Allason. 
Alison, Ric. fil. Alise, A. Goselin fil. Alice, A. 
Alisceon de Tuxforth, W. 2. Alison Gelyot, H. 

These with other instances are cited. 

In the text he says, — " Out of many forms to be found in 
every early roll, those of ' Ellis,' ' Elys,' ' Elice,' ' EUice,' 
'Elyas,' 'Helyas,' and the diminutive 'Eliot,* or 'Elliot,' 
seem to have been the most familiar. Numberless are the 
surnames sprung from it. It is thus that we get our ' Ellises ' 
and ' Ellices,' our ' Ellsons ' and ' Ellisons,' our ' Elkins ' and 
'Elkinsons,' our 'Elcocks' and ' Ellcocks,' and our ' Ellicots,' 
' Elliots,' and ' Elliotsons.' In the North 'Alls ' seems to have 
gained the supremacy. Thus it is we have our many 'Alli- 
sons ' or 'Alisons.' " In a note he says, — "We cannot but 
believe, however, that in many instances these two are but 
the offspring of 'Alice,' at this period one of tlie most popu- 
lar of female names. Nor must we forget that Allison was 
itself used as a personal name, that being the Norman-French 
pet name of Alise, after the fashion of Marion, Louison, 
Beaton," &c. 

We are all acquainted with the "Alison " of the " Canter- 
bury Tales," — 

" This Alison answered ; Who is there 
That knocketh so ? I warrant him a thef e." 

And again he says, — " With regard to 'Alls ' and ' Elis,' and 
Alison and Elison recorded in the text, I may remind the 
reader that A and E were all but convertible names with 
the Normans." 

Judge Nathaniel Holmes, of Cambridge, Mass., who has 
given the subject attention, says, — " I have little doubt that 


this use of A and E is a mere variation in the spelling con- 
sequent upon a difference of pronunciation. Further, I am in- 
clined to think that the two names 'Allan,' 'Allenson,' Allin- 
son, Allison, ' Ellis,' 'Alice,'' Ellison,' ' Elison,' and perhaps 
'Alison,' arose in two or more different places, among distinct 
and unrelated families, though originating as surnames in the 
same manner, viz., by adding so^n. to the former Christian or 
'personal' name, as Allen'son, Alan'son, and Alice's or 
Ellis'son. This is shown in the instances cited by Mr. 
Bardsley, Ric-fil. Alise, Goselin lil. Alice. So, also, in Alan- 
son (v. Allinson) we have Brien fil. Alan, as also Allen'sson, 
perhaps, whence probably Alanson, Allinson, Alynson, 
Allason, Allison." 

Henry Brougham Guppy, M. B., Edinburgh, F. R. S. E., 
F. R., Scottish Geographical Soc, &c., London, 1890, says in 
his " Homes of Family Names in Great Britain," that "Allen, 
— from Alan, a common personal name at the time of the 
Norman Conquest. Widely distributed, but excepting 
Northumberland, rare in the Northern counties beyond the 
Humber and the Mersey, and infrequent also in the four 
south-western counties of England ; and the principal centres 
of the name seem at present to be in Derbyshire, Hants, 
Leicestershire, Rutlandshire, Lincolnshire, and Suffolk. 
Allan is a frequent form across the Scottish borders, and is 
especially characteristic of the south of Scotland ; it extends 
into Northumberland, where Allen also occurs." Page 23. 

The derivation of the name might be thus : Allen, Allen- 
son, Allinson, Allison. He says, — " Allinson was a name 
well known in York (county) in the 17th century. William 
Allenson, draper, who received the honor of knighthood and 
represented that city in Parliament, was Lord Mayor of York 
in 1633 and 1655." 

Rev. Archibald Alison writes, Oct. 23, 1892 : "In a 'His- 
tory of the Norman People and their Descendants in the 
British Dominions and the United States of America,' pub- 
lished in London, 1874, the writer derives the Allisons from 
Bernard de Alencon, who held several Lordships from Her- 
vey de Bourges, Suffolk, in England. He alludes to a castle 
of this name, viz.. Castle Alenccm, which belonged to one of 
the sons of Alan, Duke of Brittany of the 8th century, a 
castle which is still to be seen, although now in ruins. The 
origin of these Allisons shows that they are AUansons, or 
sons of Alan. These Allisons are quite different from those 
of Avondale, Scotland, for the Allisons there were originally 
Allisters or Alexanders of Loupe, Scotland." 




The studied and plausible theories of different and able 
writers, as expressed in the preceding pages, in relation to 
the origin of the name Alison, are interesting and instructive 
to the student and general reader. But while fascinating, 
they fail utterly in giving the correct origin of the Scotch 
Alison name, as will be shown at length in a following 
chapter on the Allisons of Scotland. It is a fact beyond 
doubt that Alisoti comes from Alister, ox Alexander^ and that 
the Alisons are off-shoots of the famous clan of MacAlister. 
(See chapter III.) 

The following is from Rev. Archibald Alison, of Prestwick, 
Scotland : 


" There are some who maintain that almost all the roots of 
the Celtic and Saxon Languages are from the Hebrew. These 
are inclined to believe that this is the case with the name 
Alison. Deriving it from the Hebrew, then it signifies ' Son 
of my God.' But there are others who take a different view, 
and maintain that the name merely signifies ' Son of Alex.' 
Among the Highlanders of Scotland it has been common from 
very ancient times to denominate the descendants of any 
noted chief by the prefix ' Mac,' a prefix which signifies 
' Son.' Hence we read of the McDonalds or descendants of 
Donald, the McArthurs or descendants of Arthur, and 
McAlisters or descendants of Alister. On the other hand, 
amid the Lowlanders of Scotland, it has been common to use 
an affix instead of a prefix to denominate the descendants of 
any chief. Hence we have the Donaldsons or descendants of 
Donald, the Williamsons or descendants of William, and the 
Cuthbertsons or descendants of Cuthbert. 

This we think is the origin of the Alisons or descendants 
of Alister. 

In ancient times, among the Scotch Highlanders, it was 
customary to have only one name. We read, for example, 
of Somerled, the king of the isles, of Dugald of Lorn, and of 
Alexander of Loupe. And who was Dugald but the chief of 
the Macdougalds, and who was Alexander but the chief of 
the McAlisters? Here it maybe mentioned that Alister is 
the same with Alexander ; and in the history of the High- 


land clans the one name is often given in the room of the 
otlier. Indeed, the name of Alexander is frequently men- 
tioned as Ales, Aless, Alles, Alex, Alick, Alister, Alistaer, 
and even the Scotch Elshender is the same. Hales in Ger- 
many is the same also. Alison, therefore, signifies Alleson 
or Alexson, in the same way as Allanson signifies the son of 
Allan, a name vi^hich is of Norman origin, and sometimes 
found in England, but not much in Scotland." 


The names Alison, Allison, Alinsoa, Allinson, and of 
Elison, Ellison, Elissen, Ellissen, Ellysen, are found thus 
spelled in the early history of some branches of the present 
Allison family. They are interchangeably mixed. The name 
was often spelled Ellison, and Allison, when referring to the 
same individual. Allison seems to have been more accepta- 
ble, and the descendants of some of the early Ellisons now 
write their name Allison. 

In ancient records names were often spelled phonetically, 
or according to their sound, and also, according to the taste, 
knowledge, or lack of knowledge of the writer. It has been 
found spelled Allison, Alison, Aleson, Alleson, Alason, Alla- 
son, Allisone, besides in the manner previously given. Alison 
seems to be the earlier form adopted, and the more correct 

In a letter from Rev. Archibald Alison, of Prestwick, Scot- 
land, dated August 11, 1892, he says, — "The spelling of 
Alison differs in various families that are nearly related. We 
have it Alison, Allison, Ellison, Allason, and even Allanson, 
but the last among none of our relatives." 


Robert Allison was member of Parliament from Jedburgh, 
Scotland, in 1585, and his supposed father, William Allison, 
was a representative in Parliament in 1542. 


The armorial bearings, as given by William Allison, of 
Bowmanville, Can. (for which I will not vouch), are a demi- 
god with a drawn sword on the crest, with the words encir- 
cled, " Ready aye Ready." 



In the list of homes of English and Welsh names is the 
following, given by Henry B. Guppy : "Allinson, Allison, 
Durham, 20 ; Yorkshire, North and East Riding, 25." 

"Ellison, Lancashire, 13; Wiltshire, 22; Yorkshire, West 
Riding, 10." 

In his list of most frequent Scottish names, "Allan 32, 
most characteristic of Southern Scotland." The foregoing 
numbers represent the frequency of occurrence in every ten 
thousand of the population in all Scotland ; in England the 
numbers represent the relative frequency of occurrence in 
tlie several counties in each ten thousand of the population. 


" Up to the 10th century, Scotland, as we know it, was 
divided into three parts : North of the Forth and the Clyde 
lay a hostile and foreign land, the abode of the Picts and 
Scots under an independent prince. South of these bounda- 
ries were the kingdoms of Cumbria and Northumbria, the 
former including a part of the ancient kingdom of Strath- 
Clyde, extending from the Clyde to the Morecombe Bay, and 
including the whole south-west of the present Scotland, with 
Cumberland and Westmoreland, the latter extending from 
the Forth to the Humber, and including the south-east quar- 
ter of the present Scotland, with Northumberland, Durham, 
Yorkshire (Eng.). We observe, therefore, that in these early 
times there was a middle or neutral region between the Eng- 
lish and the Scots, a region which was for the most part 
claimed by the Southern king, more particularly Northum- 
bria, which was English in its speech and laws. In the 10th 
or 11th century Scotland acknowledged the English supre- 
mac}^ and in return received Cumbria in fief as well as 
Lothian, that part of Northumbria between the Forth and 
the Tweed, though it is said by some that this last was held 
by right of conquest. But Lothian remained English in laws, 
language, and manners. And the result of the cession was 
the great extension of the English influence. The strength 
of the Scottish kings lay in the English part of their domin- 
ions. Lothian, once on the border land, now became the 
centre of Scotland, and Edinburgh, its capital, became the 
northern focus of the Anglo-Norman civilization. 

" In the latter part of the 12th century Cumbria was divided, 
England receiving the present shires of Cumberland and 


Westmoreland. Since that time the boundary between the 
kingdoms has experienced but little change." 


Again, Mr. Guppy says, — " But the broad fact we have to 
deal with is this, that true Scotland, as indicated by the 
names, begins at the Forth and the Clyde. South of these 
limits, and extending across the English border as far as 
Yorkshire and Lancashire, lies a ' middle land,' neither 
purely English nor purely Scottish, and possessing its char- 
acteristic names, of which the most frequent are those termi- 
nating in son, and the names of the border tribes. In this 
' middle land,' throng the Wilsons, the Thompsons and 
Thomsons, the Johnsons and Johnstons, the Gibsons, the 
Bells, the Grahams, the Elliots and Elliotts, the Turnbulls, 
the Robsons, the Richardsons, the Blairs, the Crawfords, the 
Dunlaps, the Douglases, the Armstrongs, the Findlays, and 
many others. The explanation of the origin of this middle* 
or neutral region between England and Scotland is to be 
found in the histor}^ of the changes which have affected the 
boundaries between these two nations." 

Upon this matter Judge Nathaniel Holmes, of Cambridge, 
Mass., says, — " Dr. Guppy does not notice that the earlier 
history of the races shows that this region of Scotland was 
occupied by the Anglo-Saxons and Danish invasions as far 
north as the Forth and the Clyde, at about the same dates as 
the north, east, and south-east parts of England were. This 
history, beginning with the 10th centur}^ does indeed explain 
much, but it is not all, nor quite enough. First, the Roman 
dominion of the time of Agricola, in Britain, extended to 
the Forth and the Clyde, or, at least, the conquest of Roman 
armies ; and, second, the Anglo-Saxon and Danish invasions 
and settlements in their time, about the 5th or 6th century, 
occupied that region, as they did the north of England. This 
fact, of course, and the succession of descent, may help to 
explain the identity of names in some measure, as well as the 
identity of race, with Anglo-Saxon England. But it is true 
that surnames did not come much into use anywhere in 
Great Britain till about the year A. D. 1000. It helps to 
explain how it was that, prior to the 10th century, English 
rule or English claim reached to the Forth and the Clyde. 
The Lowland people are, of course, in the main, Anglo- 
Saxon and Norman in race as well as in language. They 
are not Celtic." 



A letter of Thomas Carlyle, on July 19, 1841, in Reid's 
Life of Milnes (Lord Houghton), London, 1891, Vol. I, page 
265, to R. M. Milnes, gives an account of his visit to Tyne- 
mouth, and says that he " admired the rugged energy of that 
population, and how completely Annandale Scotch they are. 
From the Humber to the Forth, still more from the Tyne to 
the Forth, I find no real distinction at all, except what John 
Knox introduced ; it is all Scotch — Scotch in features and 
face, in character, in dialect and speech. You, too, if yon 
behave yourselves, shall be accounted Scotch ! They are all 
Danes, these people ; stalwart Normans, terrible sea-kings ; 
are now terrible drainers of morasses, terrible spinners of 
yarn, coal borers, removers of mountains ; a people terrible 
from the beginning. The windy Celts of Galloway, you see, 
not many miles from this, in the edge of Nithesdale." 

The foregoing in relation to the derivation, significance, 
and orthograj)hy of the Allison name, together with the copi- 
ous extracts from the admirable work of Henry Brougham 
Guppy, and quotations from other able writers, taken in con- 
nection with the following chapter — '•'■ The Scotch-Irish : Who 
Were They?" — shows conclusively the blood to which the 
Scotch Allisons belonged who lived in Scotland, then in Ire- 
land and England, and later in America. They were Scotch 
always, and of the Anglo-Saxon-Norman race. 

So many of these Allisons originated in Scotland, then 
emigrated to the province of Ulster in Ireland, and removed 
later to the United States and Canada, that it is appropriate 
that a fuller account of their origin, blood, and race should 
be given in order to correct misapprehension in relation to 
the term Scotch-Irish. It is applied to a people wholly of 
Scotch blood. Important facts are included in the following 
chapter, ''The Scotch-Irish: Who Were They?" 



Many centuries had passed in the building of the Scottish 
as in the building of the English nation ; in each, different 
peoples helped to make the completed nation, and in blood 
they were substantially the same. The blending of these 
races in Scotland, and the sharp stamping of religious and 
political ideas, had developed and made the Scotch race a 
distinctive and sharply defined people ; in their intellectual, 
mental, and moral characteristics different from all others a 
century before, and as we find them at the time of their set- 
tlement in the Emerald Isle. Thus they have still remained 
since their settlement in Ireland. They were Scotch in all 
their characteristics, though dwelling upon Irish soil. This 
fact has given rise to the supposition by some and the asser- 
tion by others — to whom the wish was father to the state- 
ment — that in the veins of the Scotch-Irish flowed com- 
mingled the blood of the stalwart Scotch and the blood of 
the Celtic-Irish. Never was mistake greater. 

Hon. Charles H. Bell, ex-governor of New Hampshire, in 
his eloquent address at the celebration of the one hundred 
and fiftieth anniversarv of the settlement of the Londonderry 
(N. H.) Colony, in 1869, said of the term " Scotch-Irish " : 
" It is not inappropriate, as descriptive of their origin and 
prior abode, though it has given rise to not a little misappre- 
hension. It has been supposed by some WTiters that the 
name denotes a mixed nationality of Scotch and Irish descent; 
and in order to adapt the facts to their theory, they have 
fancied that they could detect in the Londonderry settlers 
tbe traits derived from each ancestry. But history fails to 
bear out the ingenious hypothesis ; for it is certain that there 
was no mixture of blood in the little band who cast their 
fortunes here ; they were of Scottish lineage, pure and sim- 

»From Among the Scotch-Irish; and A Tour in Seven Countries, with 
History of Dinsmoor Family, by Leonard Allison Morrison, A. M. Pub- 
lished 1891: Damrell, Upham & Co., Boston, Mass. 


The Scotch-Irish were people of Scottish lineage who 
dwelt upon Irish soil. 

The locality about Coleraine, Aghadowey, and Crocken- 
dolge, and in fact in many places in the province of Ulster, 
Ireland, is inhabited by people almost wholly of Scotch origin. 
They are the " Scotch-Irish," i. e., Scotch people living upon 
or born upon Irish soil, but not mixed with the native people. 
Their ancestors, some of them, came to Ireland nearly two 
hundred and fifty years ago. They came in a body, they 
kept in a body, and they remain in a body, or class by them- 
selves, largely to-day. The Scotch are called clannish, and 
ivere clannish ; and the Scotch who settled in Ireland, and 
their descendants, were clannish. They stuck together, and 
kept aloof from the native Celtic-Irish. They were sundered 
by the sharp dividing lines of religious faith and by keen 
differences of race. 

Macaulay says : " They sprang from different stocks. They 
spoke different languages. They had different national char- 
acters, as strongly opposed as any two national characters in 
Europe. They were in widely different stages of civiliza- 
tion. Between two such populations there could be little 
sympathy, and centuries of calamities and wrongs had gen- 
erated a strong antipathy. The relation in which the minor- 
ity stood to the majority resembled the relation in which the 
followers of William the Conqueror stood to the Saxon 
churls, or the relation in which the followers of Cortez stood 
to the Indians of Mexico. The appellation of Irish was then 
given exclusively to the Celts, and to those families which, 
though not of Celtic origin, had in the course of ages degen- 
erated into Celtic manners. These people, probably about a 
million in number, had, with few exceptions, adhered to the 
Church of Rome. Among them resided about two hundred 
thousand colonists, proud of their Saxon blood and of their 
Protestant faith."! 

And again, in speaking of the early Scotch and English 
settlers, he says : " One half of the settlers belonged to the 
Established Church and the other half were Dissenters. But 
in Ireland Scot and Southron were strongly bound together 
by their common Saxon origin ; Churchman and Presbyterian 
were strongly bound together by their common Protestantism. 
All the colonists had a common language and a common 
pecuniar}' interest. They were surrounded by common ene- 
mies, and could be safe only by means of common precau- 
tions and exertions." ^ 

1 Macaulay' s History of England. 


In speaking of the differences between the races, he says: 
"Much, however, must still have been left to the healing 
influence of time. The native race would still have had to 
learn from the colonists industry and forethought, the arts 
of civilized life, and the language of England. There could 
not be equality between men who lived in houses and men 
who lived in sties ; between men who were fed on bread and 
men who were fed on potatoes ; between men who spoke the 
noble tongue of great philosophers and poets and men who, 
with perverted pride, boasted that they could not writhe 
their mouths into chattering such a jargon as that in which 
the 'Advancement of Learning' and the 'Paradise Lost' were 
written." ^ 

And again, speaking of Scotland, from which the Scotch 
of Ireland came, he says: "The population of Scotland, with 
the exception of the Celtic tribes, which were thinly scattered 
over the Hebrides and over the mountainous shires, was of 
the same blood with the population of England, and spoke a 
tongue which did not differ from the purest English more 
than the dialects of Somersetshire and Lancastershire differ 
from each other." ^ 

Such being the relative condition of the two classes, as elo- 
quently described by the great English historian, it is the 
height of absurdity to claim that the blood of the distinct 
races was commingled except in isolated cases. Tliey did 
not commingle. The Scotch, planted upon Irish soil, were 
Scotch still, and the Irish were Irish still. The Scotch took 
their language with them, and the dialect of the Lowlands 
fell upon the startled air and disturbed the mists arising from 
the peat-fields of the Emerald Isle. Their dialect liveAl in 
Ireland, was transplanted to American shores, and in all the 
New Hampshire and American settlements was understood 
and spoken for more than a hundred years after their settle- 
ment upon American soil. Letters were written in it ; and 
many poems by Robert Dinsmoor, " The Rustic Bard," in a 
printed volume, are written in the Lowland-Scotch dialect. 

Though it has now almost entirely disappeared, being sup- 
planted by the purer English tongue, yet I have heard the 
rich brogue in the Scotch settlement in New Hampshire, and 
in the older Scotch settlements in Ireland, and know numer- 
ous families in New Hampshire, of Scotch blood, who since 
their coming to these shores one hundred and seventy-five 
years ago have not intermarried save with people of the same 
race, and they are of as pure Scotch blood and descent as 

1 Macaulay's History of England. 


can be fonncl in the Fatherland. The sterling traits of char- 
acter of the Scotch in Ireland, their frugality, tenacity of 
purpose, indomitable will, must ever be an honor to their 
character. Their glorious achievements upon American 
soil will ever add lustre to their name, and the mighty men 
produced of this race in all parts of the American Union will 
give enduring fame to that Scotch race, pure and unmixed, 
which, through great tribulation, passed in mighty phalanxes 
from Scotland to Ireland, there ^recruited its strength, and 
then swept across the stormy Atlantic into the American 
wilderness, subdued forests, founded might}'' states, and has 
been foremost in the onward march of civilization. They 
are proud to stand alone. Scotch in blood, living or born 
upon Ireland's soil, the honor is theirs, and theirs alone, and 
none can deprive them of their glorious fame ! 

Rev. John S. Macintosh, D. D., in an eloquent historical 
address at the Scotch-Irish Congress, at Columbia, Tenn.,^ in 
1889, says of the Scotch and the Scotch-Irish : 

" Peculiar and royal race ; yes, that indeed is our race ! I 
shrink not from magnifying my house and blood with a deep 
thanksgiving to that Almighty God who himself made us to 
differ, and sent His great messenger to fit us for our earth- 
task, — task as peculiar and royal as is the race itself. I 
shame me not because of the Lowland thistle and the. Ulster 
gorse, of the Covenanter's banner or the Ulsterman's pike. 
If we be not the very peculiar people, we Scotch-Irish are a 
most peculiar people, who have ever left our own broad, dis- 

1 Lovers of the Scotch race, whether living in Scotland, Australia, Ire- 
land, the United States, or Canada, will find much of interest on "The 
Scotcli-Irisli in America," and in Europe, in the published "Proceedings 
of the Scotcli-Irish Congresses," — 4 vols. The first two were published 
by Jiobert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, O. All can be obtained of Hon. A. 
C. Floyd, secretary, Columbia, Tenn. A large amount of facts, and 
family Jiistory not to be found anywiicre else, is included m the pub- 
lished histories of the towns of Londonderry, N. H., by Kev. E. L. 
Parker; of Anti'im, N. H., by Rev. Warren R. Cochrane; of Bedfoi'd, N. 
H., of Acworth and Gilmanton, N. H., of Peterborough, N. H., by Dr. 
Albert Smith; of Windham, N. H. ; and "Supplement to the History of 
Windham in New Hampshire;" in " Rambles in Europe, with Historical 
Facts Relating to Scotch-American Families, gathered in Scotland and 
the North of Ireland;" in "Among the Scotch-Irish, a Tour in Seven 
Countries, with History of the Uinsmoor Family;" in " History and Pro- 
ceedings of the Celebration of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniver- 
sary of the Incorporation of the Scotch Settlement of Windham in New 
Hampshire, held .Tune D, 1892;" and in "History of the Morison or Mor- 
rison Family." The last six books are by Leonard A. Morrison, A. M., 
Windliam. N. H. P. O., Canobic Lake, N. H., and all except the "His- 
tory of Windham" can be obtained of hirn. "The Exercises at the Cel- 
ebi-ation of the One i I undred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement 
of Lond(mderry, N. H., held June 10, 18Gi»," by Robert C. Mack, Esq., 
Londonderry, N. H. 


tinct mark wherever we have come, and have it in us still to 
do the same, even our critics being judges. To-day we stand 
out sharply distinguished in a score of points from English, 
Dutch, German, and Swede. We have our distinctive marks, 
and, like ourselves, they are strong and stubborn. Years 
change them not, seas wash them not out, varying hopes 
alter them not, clash and contact with new forms of life and 
fresh forces of society blur them not. Every one knows the 
almost laughably dogged persistency of the family likeness 
in us Scotch-Irish all the world over. Go where you may, 
know it once, then you know it — aj^e, feel it — forever. The- 
typal face, the typal modes of thought, the typal habits of 
work, tough faiths, unyielding grit, granitic hardness, close- 
mouthed self-repression, clear, firm speech when the truth is 
to be told. God-fearing honesty, loyalty to friendship, defiant 
of death, conscience and knee-bending only to God — these 
are our marks. And they meet and greet you on the hills, 
of Tennessee and Georgia ; you may trace them down the 
valleys of Virginia and Pennsylvania ; cross the prairies of 
the West and the savannahs of the South, you may plow the 
seas to refiud them in the western bays of Sligo, and beneath 
the beetling rocks of Donegal ; thence you may follow them 
to the maiden walls of Derry, and among the winding banks 
of the silvery Bann; onward you may trace them to the roll- 
ing hills of Down, and the busy shores of Antrim ; and sail- 
ing over the narrow lough, you will face them in our fore- 
fathers' collier homes and gray keeps of Galloway and Dum- 
fries, of the Ayrshire hills and the Grampian slopes. 

" These racial marks are birth-marks, and birth-marks are 
indelible. And well for us and the world is it that they are 
indelible. They are great soul-features, these marks. They 
are principles. The principles are the same everywhere ; and 
these principles are of four classes, — religious, moral, intel- 
lectual, and political." 

The Rev. John S. Macintosh says again, in his eloquent, 
and almost classical, address on "• The Making of the Ulster- 
man," at the second congress of " The Scotch-Irish in Amer- 
ica," held in Pittsburg, Penn., in May and June, 1890: 

" In this study I have drawn very largely upon the labors 
of two friends of former years, — Dr. William D. Killen of the 
Assembly's college, one of the most learned and accurate of 
historians, and the Rev. George Hill, once librarian of Queen's 
college, Belfast, Ireland, than whom never was there more 
ardent student of old annals and reliable antiquarians ; but 
more largely still have I drawn on my own personal watch 


and study of this Ulster-folk in their homes, their markets, 
and their churches. From Deny to Down I have lived with 
them. Every town, village, and hamlet from the Causeway 
to Carlingford is familiar to me. Knowing the Lowlander 
and the Scotch-Irish of this land, I have studied the Ulster- 
man, and his story of rights and wrongs, and that eagerly, 
for years. I speak that which I have seen, and testify what 
I have heard from their own lips, read from old family books, 
church records, and many a tombstone in Kirkyards." 

The Scotch settlers in Ulster were a picked class, as he 
proves from official and state papers. In a letter of Sir 
Arthur Chichester, deputy for Ireland, he says: ''The Scot- 
tishmen came with better port (i. e., manifest character), they 
are better accompanied and attended than even the English 
settlers. Just as to these western shores came the stronger 
souls, the more daring and select, so to Ulster from the best 
parts of Lower Scotland came the picked men to be Britain's 
favored colonists." 

Speaking of the race conflicts between the Scotch and 
native Irish, he says : " But these proud and haughty stran- 
gers, with their high heads and new ways, were held as aliens 
and harried from the beginning b}^ 'the wild Irish.' The 
scorn of the Scot was met by the curse of the Celt." 

And again : "It has been said that the Ulster settlers min- 
gled and married with the Irish Celt. The Ulsterman did 
not mingle with the Celt." Great care Avas taken by the 
government that the Ulster colonists should be so settled 
that they "may not mix nor intermarry" with the native 

Dr. Macintosh says again; "The Ulster settlers mingled 
freely with the English Puritans and with the refugee Hu- 
guenots ; but so far as my search of state papers, old manu- 
scripts, examination of old parish registers, and years of per- 
sonal talk with, and study of, Ulster-folk, the Scots did not 
mingle to any appreciable extent with the natives. 
With all its dark sides, as well as light, the fact remains that 
Ulsterman and Celt were aliens and foes. ... It is use- 
less for Prendergast, Gilbert, and others to deny the massa- 
cres of 1641. Reid and Hickson and Froude, the evidence 
sworn to before the Long Parliament, and the memories of 
the people, prove the dark facts. . . . In both Low- 
lander and Ulsterman is the same strong racial pride, the 
same hauteur and self-assertion, the same self-reliance, the 
same close mouth, and the same firm will, — 'The stiff heart 
for the steek brae.' They are both of the very Scotch, 

"we're no eerish, but scoatch." 15 

Scotch. To this very hour, in the remoter and more un- 
changed parts of Antrim and Down, the country-folk will 
tell you: 'We're no Eerish, but Scoatch.' All their folk- 
lore, all their tales, their traditions, their songs, their poetry, 
their heroes and heroines, and their home-speech, is of the 
oldest Lowland types and times." 

In continuation of this subject, I will say, that in the 
Scotch settlements of New Hampshire, after a residence of 
one hundred and seventy-five years, there are families of as 
pure Scotch lineage as can be found in the Scotch settle- 
ments of Ireland or in the interior of the Scottish Lowlands. 
In no instance since their coming to America have they inter- 
married with any save those of Scottish blood. 

They retain in a marked degree the mental characteristics 
of the race; there are the same lofty adherence to principle, 
the same pride of race, the same tenacity of purpose, the 
same manifestations of unbending and inflexible will-power 
and devotion to duty, as were shown by their forefathers at 
the "Siege of Derry," or by their Covenanting ancestors, 
who, among the moors, the glens, and the cold mountains of 
Scotland, amid sufferings numberless, upheld loftily the ban- 
ner of the Cross, while some sealed their deathless devotion 
to the faith of their souls by sacrificing the bright red blood 
of their hearts. 

In my veins flows, equally commingled, the blood of 
Scot and Puritan; but I speak what I do know, and 
declare, with all the force and emphasis v/hich language is 
capable of expressing, that after many years of careful his- 
torical and genealogical research, relating to Scotch-American 
families ; after tracing them from America to the Emerald 
Isle, thence across the narrow belt of sea to the Fatherland, 
Scotland ; that only in exceptional cases has there been an 
intermixture by marriage of the Scot with the Irish Celt. 

I am somewhat familiar with the Scotch settlements in 
Ulster, have met and talked and am acquainted with many 
of her people of Scotch descent, and they declare with par- 
ticular emphasis that the mixture of Scot and Irish Celt has 
been of the slightest kind. 

The love of Scotchmen, and the descendants of Scotch- 
men, in Ulster and elsewhere for the Fatherland and its his- 
tory is phenomenal, and in America has existed for genera- 
tions. It is as sweet, as strong, and enduring as that of 
Burns for the object of his affections as expressed in the fol- 
lowing lines, and which all of our race can apply to Scot- 


" An' I will love thee still, my dear, 
TUl a' the seas gang dry. 

" Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear, 
And the rocks melt wi' the sun ; 
I will love thee still, my dear. 
While the sands of life shall run." 



The family of Alison is of very old date (583 years^ in 
the parish of Avondale, count}' of Lanark, Scotland, where 
they live in 1893. 

" Macalister, the name of a clan that inhabited the South 
of Knapdale and the North of Kintyre in Argyleshire. The}'' 
are traced to Alister or Alexander, a son of Angus Mor, of 
the clan Donald. Exposed to the encroachments of the Camp- 
bells, their principal possessions became, ere long, absorbed 
by different branches of that powerful clan ; clan badge, the 
five-leafed heather. The chief of this sept of the Macdonalds 
is Somerville Macalester of Loupe in Kintyre and Kennox in 
Ayrshire. In 1805, Charles Somerville Macalester, Esq., of 
Loupe, assumed the name and arms of Somerville in addition 
to his own, in right of his wife, Janet Somerville, inheritrix 
of the entailed estate of Kennox, whom he had married in 
1792." 1 

The Highland name of the Alisons was Alester, or McAles- 
ter, and was changed into the Lowland name Alison when this 
branch of the family was driven from Loupe, near Oban, in 
Argyleshire by the followers of King Robert the Bruce. 

"From their descent from Alexander (Macalester), eldest 
son of Angus Mor, Lord of the Isles and Kintyre in 1284, the 
grandson of Somerled, the thane of Argyle. the Macalesters 
claim to be the representatives, after MacDonell, of Glengarry, 
of the ancient lords of the Isles, as heirs male of Donald, 
grandson of Somerled." ^ 

Alexander MacAlister, of Loupe, last mentioned, took the 
side of Baliol, the competitor for the Scottish throne, and 
was attacked by King Robert the Bruce in his chief Castle 
Sweyn in Knapdale. This was not a great distance from 
Oban. He was overcome, compelled to fiee, was taken pris- 
oner on his way to Ayrshire, was confined in the Dundonald 
Castle, where he died in 1309. This castle is in parish of 
Dundonald, Ayrshire, four miles from Prestwick, four miles 

1 Anderson's Scottish Nation, Vol. 2, p. 708. 


from Kilmarnock, and seven from Ayr, His two sous and ^ 
few of tlieir followers escaped to Sir Winter de Hamelton, 
the ancestor of the dukes of this name, who also at first took 
the side of Baliol. To preserve them from the wrath of the 
followers of Bruce, Sir Winter de Hamelton placed them in 
a moorish district in the parish of Avondale, in Lanarkshire, 
with Cairnduff as their central home, and changed their name 
from the Highland Alister to the Lowland Alison. This was 
in 1310, or the Allisons were in Cairnduff in that year. The 
estate of Cairnduff was then the property of John Hamilton, 
a relative of the Hamilton family ; so that the MacAlesters, or 
Alisons, were placed on that portion of the estate that 
required to be reclaimed from the moors and waste lands 
around. There they have continued for 588 years, and at 
the present day a great many of the farms or small estates in 
that neighborhood are owned by Alisons, and the wilderness 
has now become to a great extent a fruitful field. 

The original estate of Loupe, near Oban, was confiscated and 
given to the crown, but was later conferred upon Alexan- 
der Mac Alls ter's younger brother, Angus Oig, who remained 
faithful to Bruce. There the clan has retained the ancient 
name of McAlester to the present day, and the chief of the 
clan is now Lieutenant-colonel Charles Somerville McAlister, 
of Kennox, in Ayrshire. Some of the descendants of Alex- 
ander McAlister, of Loupe, who died in Dundonald Castle in 
1309, are still to be found in Ayrshire. 

When King Robert the Bruce landed in Ayrshire he drank 
of a well in Prestwick, which is called "-Prince's Well" 
at the present day, and was greatly recovered of a cutaneous 
disease like to leprosy, of which, however, he ultimately died. 

The very ruins of the Prestwick hospital for lepers are still 
to be seen. In consequence of his betterness, he conferred 
freedoms on all the families that were in Prestwick. Free- 
doms which originally consisted of sixteen acres of land. 
Hence, in the old charter conferred by King Robert the 
Bruce, various of the thirty-six freemen were of the name of 
Alison, doubtless followers of their master, who died in Dun- 
donald Castle, which is nigh at hand. 

It is even maintained that a large portion of the lands in 
the south of Aj^r was given to this clan ; but in consequence 
of the commotions of those eventful times, those lands have 
long since passed into the possession of the well-known fam- 
ily of Kennedy, of whom the Marquis of Ailsa is chief. 

It was John MacAlister, the second son of Alexander 
MacAlister, of Loupe, that was placed with a few of his fol- 


lowers in the estate of Cairnduff in Avondale. For a con- 
siderable time there we have no authentic history on which 
to depend to continue our account of the Alisons of Cairn- 
duff; but, according to the traditions of the family, the estate 
was owned by a John Alison and an Alexander Alison almost 
alternatel}' ; the Johns being named after the Johns of the 
Isles, their ancestors, and the Alexanders after their great 
progenitor, Alexander MacAlister of Loupe. But, although 
history is silent for a little, yet again during the eventful 
times of Charles the First, the Alisons -of Cairnduif gradu- 
ally came into historical notice. 


My informant says, — " The parish of Avondale is situ- 
ated in the Middle Ward of Lanarkshire. Its greatest 
length is fourteen miles and its greatest breadth is eight 
miles. It is nearly sixty-four square miles in extent, and 
contains about 32,000 acres. It is bounded by the following 
parishes, viz. : Kilbride, Glassford, Stonehouse, Lesmaha- 
gow, Muirkirk, London, Galston, and Sorn." 

In the days of Bruce and Baliol the Bairds were the most 
powerful family in Avondale, but, taking the side of Baliol, 
they were rooted out by the followers of Bruce. 

After the Bairds, several ancient families succeeded in 
holding important positions in the parish, such as the Craw- 
"fords, the Sinclairs, the Stewarts, the Murrays, and the 
Douglasses ; but gradually these have disappeared, and now 
the Hamilton family are the largest proprietors in the parish. 
There is perhaps, however, no district in Scotland where the 
land is divided more abundantly among its farmers, and 
these are called Lairds in Scotland. 

During these early times of commotion, Avondale could 
boast of three lords called by this name. The first Lord 
Avondale was an Andrew Stewart, who married into the 
Hamelton family and became the Lord Chancellor of Scot- 
land. The second Lord Avondale was his nephew. Sir 
Andrew Stewart, and the third Lord Avondale was his son 
Andrew. With him the title ceased, till it was revived in 
the name of the late heir to the British throne who was called 
the " Duke of Clarence and Avondale." 



Near to Prestwick, is Newton, although it is now a part of 
Ayr Town, yet, in the day of Bruce and of Baliol it was a 
village containing forty-eight families. The well still known 
as Bruces well was at that time very much in the centre 
between Prestwick and Newton, so that Newton shared of the 
same priyileges which Bruce conferred upon Prestwick. At 
the present day there are still forty-eight freedoms that were 
conferred upon the fort3'^-eight families then resident in 
Newton. At that time there were several Alisons in this. 
place, as well as in Prestwick, who had freedoms conferred 
upon them, evidently the followers also of Alexander of 
Loupe, who died in Dundonald Castle in 1309, a castle which 
is nigh at hand. But such are the changes that are con- 
stantly occurring in human society, that none are now left 
remaining ; the onl}'- remembrance of the fact is the same 
name given to a street, a quarry, and a park in the village. 
The present inhabitants still remember Alison's Park and 
Alison's Quarry, although the park and the quarry have 
been gradually absorbed by that street which is still called 
by the name of Alison. 

A recapitulation in tabular form is as follows : 
Somerled (which is the same as the Gallic name Somhairle 
and the Hebrew name Samuel), Thane of Argyle and Lord 
of the Isles, married in 1135 a daughter of the King of Man,, 
and had three sons ; namely : 

Dugald, who obtained possession of the islands of Mull, Coll, and Jura, 
From liim are the McDugalds of Lorn or Argyle. He had a son Ewen, 
or John, but he died, and his isles went to his brother Ronald, or 
Reginald, the second son of Somerled. 
Ronald, or Reginald, got Isla and Cantyre. He had two sons, — 
AngusMore got Bute and Arran. For his descendants, see the History of 

the Lords of the Isles. 
Donald, son of Ronald or Reginald, and grandson of Somerled. From 
him are the McDonalds. He had a son, — 
AngusMore. ~~ ~ 

Roderick, son of Ronald or Reginald, and grandson of Somerled. From 

him are the McCroyes of Scottish history. 
AngusMore, son of Donald, son of Ronald or Reginald, sou of Soniei-- 
led, had two sons, — 

Alexander or Alister, (see below.) 

Angus. The latter in those troublous times remained faithful to 
Robert the Bruce, .and on him wei"e conferred the lands of liis 
brother which were conliscated. He became tlie head of the 
MacAlisters, and his descendants arc often mentioned in Scottish 

' Allison and Alison are often employed by families nearly related as 
synonomous. In the Martyr's roll, Edinburgh, the name is sjielled Alisone. 


And to elaborate this subject more fully I will say, — 
Alister, or Alexander of Loupe, the elder of the two sons 
of AugusMore (Donald, Ronald or Reginald, Souierled), mar- 
ried a daughter of John or Ewen of Lorn, but joined the Lord 
of Lorn against Robert the Bruce. He surrendered to the 
king, and died a prisoner in Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire, in 
1309. He had several sons. His second son, John Mac- 
Alister, with a few followers, fled to Sir Winter de Hamilton 
of Hamilton. He and the}" were placed in Cairnduff, Avon- 
dale, where his name was changed from the Highland Alister 
to the Lowland name Alison. He was settled in Cairnduff, 
Avondale, in 1310. Upon this estate one could have walked 
for five miles. From 1310 to 1630, or thereabouts, there is 
but little reliable information. But in the Covenanting times 
we find from published documents that there were Alisons 
on the farms previously mentioned, and the Alisons of Cairn- 
duff" gradually came into historical prominence. About 1630 
these Alisons became greatly dispersed, caused by the perse- 
cutions of Charles the First, the intolerance of Archbishop 
Laud, the introduction of the English Liturgy into the Scot- 
tish Church, and the formation of the Solemn League and 
Covenant, with the attending consequences. 

After James VI of Scotland fell heir to the English throne 
and was accepted as king under the title of James I, the 
Presbyterian Church became unpopular with the Royal Court. 
During his reign and that of the Charleses that succeeded 
him, the great design of Parliament was to abolish Presby- 
terianism in Scotland and establish Prelacy in its stead. By 
making the religions of England and Scotland the same they 
imagined that they would unite the two countries more 
closely together. So oppressively did they pnsh this meas- 
ure that a revolution took place and Cromwell seized the 
reins of goverimient, and so conquered the Royalists that he 
was crowned as Protector of Great Britain. During the 
reign of the Charleses the whole Scottish nation was greatly 
moved, and was often on the brink of revolution. This was 
more especially the case in Avondale and many of the sur- 
rounding parishes. It was about 1630 that the Alisons of 
Cairnduff in Avondale were disturbed in their homes. It 
was then that the threatenings of Archbishop Laud and his 
coadjutors began to be realized. It was then that William 
and Michael Alison escaped to England and found their way 
to America, the land of the Pilgrim Fathers It was then 
that Thomas Alison, when a mere youth, went to the sea as 
a sailor, and in 1645 sailed to America in the ship called 


Adventvre} It was then that Cairnduff, the original seat of 
the Alisons, passed from them to the Cochranes, Mungo 
Cochrane having married an Alison, the owner of tlie 

After the death of Cromwell, his son Richard succeeded, 
but soon after he was compelled to abdicate, and Charles II, 
who had fled to the continent, returned again in 1660. Then, 
if persecution existed before, it was increased ten fold now. 
The acts he soon after passed testify to the severity of his 
reign. By the Corporation act every individual v/ho did not 
conform to the religion of the state was dismissed from his- 
office, whether civil or sacred. By the Uniformity act 2,000 
ministers in England and 400 in Scotland were ejected from 
their churches and condemned as rebels to the state. By the 
Conventicle act the Puritans of England and the Covenant- 
ers of Scotland were forbidden to assemble in the house or 
in the field under the penalty of death. Then it was that 
Claverhouse scoured the moors and mountains of Scotland, 
slaying with his sword or shooting with his gun all who 
refused to abjure the Covenant and take the oath of alle- 
giance. These acts awakened a painful commotion in Avon- 
dale and surrounding parishes, where the adherents of the 
Solemn League and Covenant were numerous and powerful. 
It was in 1664 that a considerable number in Avondale, Kil- 
bride, and Carmunock were banished from their parishes. 
Among these were James Alison and Archibald Alison, pre- 
viously of Cairnduff. They refused to attend the Prelatic 
Church and otherwise aroused the indignation of the curates, 
hence they were expelled from the parish of Avondale. James 
Alison escaped to Renfrewshire, and ^became proprietor of a 
farm called Kerrs, in the parish of Lochwinnoch. This James 
Alison remained faithful to the Covenant in his new home. 
In reading Crookshank's " History of the Church of Scot- 
land," we find this James Alison, along with forty others, 
compelled to walk through wind and snow to Stirling, where 
they were imprisoned. We find the very same parties sent 
to the Canongate prison, in Edinburgh, and after a mock 

1 Michael Alison and William Alison went to Enj^land to escape to 
America, that was then described as the "Land of Freedom." 

The other brother that followed in 1645 was Thomas Alison. He was 
born about the time the others left Scotland; but he left America, went 
to Archangel, and there under the government of Russia commenced a 
voyage to explore the North Pole. His journal of every day was pub- 
lished in 1699. He describes his visit to the Northern seas, but ulti- 
mately he reached the 71st degree of north latitude. He had numerous. 
Scotchmen for companions, and his voyage was finished in 1697. He 
was tlien an old man, and for thirty-eight years had followed the seas. 


trial conderaiied and consigned to the prison in Dunottar 
Castle. After remaining there for a time, this James Alison 
returned to his home and farm in Kerrs of Lochwinnoch. 
He is supposed to be the ancestor of a considerable number 
of Alisons that still reside in Paisley, Langbank, and Mearns, 
in the county of Renfrew. 

"The other Alison alluded to, and brother of James, was 
Archibald Alison. He, along with a few others, was banished 
to Elgin, whilst others were sent to Inverness and other 
northern counties. This Archibald Alison and his exiled 
companions did not cease to adhere to their adopted princi- 
ples, for we find in Crookshank's 'History of the Church of 
Scotland ' that Bishop Ross, in whose diocese they lived, 
wrote Archbishop Sharpe of St. Andrews to the effect " that 
these Covenanting exiles expelled from the south were 
doing more harm in the north than they could possibly do 
in their own homes, and begged of him to recall them that 
the}^ might spread the contagion no further." It was a 
daughter of the same Archibald Alison, one Isabel Alison, 
that was seized at Perth, when residing at St. Johnston's 
there, and was condemned and executed in the Grass Market 
of Edinburgh merely for conversing with rebels such as Don- 
ald Cargil and Hackston of Rathillet, and for adhering to the 
Solemn League and Covenant. Hence Archibald Alison of 
Windyedge, who was taken prisoner at Airsmoss and suffered 
martyrdom the same year, was a cousin of Isabel Alison. 
And it is not a little remarkable to notice that in the Roll of 
Martyrs still kept in Edinburgh there are only four or five 
names between them. They were separated from each other 
in life because of their faithful adherence to Christ's crown 
and covenant, but in death they were not separate, for they 
died at the same place, for the same cause, and in the same 
year; and now through union to the same Redeemer they 
are together before the throne, where there are neither curses 
nor crosses, sins nor sorrows, griefs nor graves, but where 
they have met to part no more." 

From Elgin, Archibald Alison is supposed to have come 
southward to Perth and afterward settled in Forfairshire. 

But although there was a scattering of the Alisons of 
Cairndiiff during these persecuting times, yet there was a 
gradual extension of them in the neighborhood around. For 
in the days of the Covenanters that soon followed, we 
find in historical reminiscences one in Goslington in the 
Parish of Lesmahagow, another in iMuirhead, a farm in Avon- 
dale, County Lanark; a third in Crewburn, in Avondale; a 


fourth in Bent in Avonclale ; a fifth in Allarstocks, in Avon- 
dale ; and some as far west as Cessnock, Cumnock, and 
Ochiltree, in Ayrshire ; all of whom are mentioned as suffer- 
ers for tlieir faithfulness to the Covenanting cause. 

Even Cairnduff itself passed from Alison to Cochrane, 
because the female proprietor of the estate from 1620 to 1630 
married Mungo Cochrane, a son of Cochrane of the Craig.^ 
Cairnduff was then and is now divided into a great many 
farms, and in 1893 a Cochrane lives on one of them. The 
Cochrans of Cray and Brownside claim to be the oldest 
family in Avondale, and the name is still very common. The 
Cochranes and the Alisons of Avondale are well known to 
each other still, and have been for three hundred years.^ 

The history of the Alisons now becomes transferred from 
Cairnduff to Windyedge, which was one of the farms belong- 
ing to the original estate of Cairnduff. Windyedge, in 
Avondale. County Lanark included then the farms of Windy- 
edge, Couplaw, Heuk, and Heuklaw, all of which in 1893 
belong to Alisons, together with the farms of Muirhead, 
Letham, and Blackmoss. It was there that Sir Robert Ham- 
ilton, Balfour of Burleigh, Hackstone of Rathellet, Brown- 
lee of Torfoot, and several others met after the victory of 
Drumcloy, to consult as to their future procedure. It M'as 
then that they resolved to continue the fortunes of war 
which ended in their sad discomfiture at the battle of Both- 

1 That same Mungo Cochrane is frequently mentioned in these perse- 
cuting times as a zealous Covenanter. 

"' In tracing the history of the Alisons of Cairnduff, it is an interesting 
fact to notice their allied families. The Alisons came from the McAllis- 
ters, and are united by marriage with the Cochranes, the Morrisons, the 
Steeles, the Jamiosons: most of these families are reproduced in the 
Scotch settlement of Aghadowey, county of Londonderry, Ireland, and 
all are dupli( ated in the Scotch settlements of Londonderry, and Wind- 
ham, New Hampshire, United States. We have seen that Michael 
Alison fled to Londonderry, Ireland, after the light at Airsmoss, Scot- 
land, where he remained many years, and left several children. The fam- 
ily of McKeen, the Morrisons, and the Alisons, and others of Agadowey 
and adjacent parishes, settled there about the same time, and for the 
same cause, and later came to Londonderry, and Windham, N. H. In 
the latter settlements are the McAlistcrs with their kinsmen, 
the Alisons, with the Morrisons, the Cochranes, the Stceles, the 
.Jamesons, and the Wilsons, with many of the Scotch families with the 
same christian names wliicli are found in the Scotch settlements of 
Pennsylvania and in the states farther south, found also in the Scotch 
settlements in Ireland, and tracing them again across tlie narrow belt of 
sea to the fatherland, Scotland, we find them there in the old liomes. All 
are of the same blood, witli the same characteristics, and all are Scotch 
still. They are not yet Aveaued from " the land of brown lieath and 
shaggy wood," although more than two centuries have passed since their 
ancestors lied from jiersecution there. 


"well Bridge. Annie Swan in one of her novels called " Adam 
Hepburn's Vow," alludes to Windyedge as their place of 
meeting, and in " Old Mortality," by Sir Walter Scott, we 
find that it was there that Graham of Claverhouse obtained 
refreshments as he fled from his defeat at Drumcloy, and 
received them, too, from a widow who had three sons 
•engaged in the battle. In the account given of the engage- 
ment at Drumcloy, Archibald Alison is mentioned by name, 
the same that was seized as a prisoner at Airsnioss, and suf- 
fered martyrdom at the Grass Market in Edinburgh, and 
whose dying testimony is recorded at great length in the 
volume called " The Cloud of Witnesses." 

In a letter, dated Oct. 8, 1892, my informant says, — " I 
think almost all the Alisons of Scotland and Ireland are de- 
scendants of Cairnduff Alisons planted there in 1310." 

In Scott, it is Lord Evandale who is mentioned as the per- 
son who received refreshments, yet the traditions of the 
Alisons say it was Claverhouse, and although two of her sons 
are only said to have been at Drumcloy, yet three were with 
the Covenanters at the time, namely, John Alison banished 
to Virginia, Michael Alison of Londonderry, Ire., and Archi- 
bald Alison, the martyr. 

On the farm of Kilwakening, owned by Matthew Alison, 
1893, occurred some incidents connected with the Covenant- 
ing times, which are worthy of notice. On this farm was 
killed the horse of the notorious Claverhouse, and where he 
narrowly escaped. At the head of Capernaum Park there is 
a bush planted on the spot where a small cottage once stood 
called by this name. It is about a mile from the battlefield 
of Drumcloy, where Claverhouse retreated with his men. He 
was passing this little cottage where several of the Cove- 
nanters were standing, who, seeing Claverhouse, wounded his 
liorse with a scythe, hoping thereby to capture the defeated 
persecutor, but the horse continued to run for two hundred 
yards, and fell at the garden of Kilwakening. Claverhouse 
instantly dismounted his trumpeter, and mounted his horse 
and continued his flight. 

By Sir Walter Scott, the trumpeter is described as fleeing 
away on foot through the Gill and Beemoss, marshy places 
where cavalry could not go, but localities now drained and 
made fertile, though still known by these names. In en- 
deavoring to join the retreating army of Claverhouse he came 
npon the Covenanting victors returning from the pursuit, 
and there near the house of Joseph Alison of Hillhead, in 
Avondale, Lanarkshire, he was killed and buried, while over 


his remains a heap of stones is still to be seen, and nigh to 
the grave there is a rich spring of water which is well known 
at the present day as " the Trumpeter's well." ^ 

Akciiibald Alison. It is believed by many that this Archil)akl Alison 
was the grandfather of another Alison who became a successful mer- 
chant in Edinburgh, and was elected Lord Provost of the city. From 
him an illustrious race of Alisons are descended, viz., the Rev. Dr. Ali- 
son, of Edinburgh, author of the well known treatise on "Taste;" and 
from the reverend author of "Taste" have s^jrung Dr. Alison, of Edin- 
burgh, of medical fame, and Sheriff Alison, of Glasgow, the historian, 
whose son is the present General Sir Archibald Alison of Crimean renown. 
Although we cannot vouch for the correctness of this connection, yet 
here we add the following extract of that branch of the Alisons from the 
volume called the "Scottish Nation." 

Alison is the name of a family possessing a baronetcy of the United 
Kingdom, conferred in 18-52 on Sir Archibald Alison, LL. D., D. C. L., 
r. R. S. He was born at Kinley, Salop, on the 29th of December, 1792. 
His father, the Rev. Archibald Alison, author of "Essays on Taste," was- 
a scion of the family of Alison of Xewhall, in the parish of Kettens, in 

By the mother's side, he is descended lineally from Edward I and 
Robert the Bruce. Sir Archibald Alison was educated at the University 
of Edinburgh, and admitted an advocate in 1814. He was advocat^ 
depute from 1828 to 1830. He was appointed Sheriff of Lanarkshire in 
18.35. The following works issued from his pen: 

Principles of the Criminal Law of Scotland, 1832. 

Practice of the Criminal Law. 

History of Europe, 20 voumes, published in 1833. 

Essays Contributed to Blackwood's Magazine. 

Principles of Population, 1840. 

England in 1815 and 1845, or a Sufficient and Conferacted Currency. 

Life of the Duke of Marlborough, 1847. 

Sir Archibald Alison married, in 1825, Elizabeth Glencairn, youngest 
daughter of Lieut. Col. Patrick Tytler, second son of William Tytler, 
Esq., of Woodhouselee. 

Issue: Archibald Alison, born January 21, 1826. Lieutenant-colonel 
in the army; military secretary to Lord Clyde when commander-in-chief 
in India. Lost an arm at Lucknow, and has a medal and clasps for his 
services in the Crimea. (He is now General Sir Archibald Alison.) 

Frederick Montague Alison, the second son of Sir Archibald Alison, 
was born May 11, 1835; is a captain in the army and aid-de-camp to the 
same commander. 

His only daughter is Ellen Frances Catherine, married to Cutlar Fer- 
guson of Craigdarroch. 

Sir Archibald Alison's brother, William Pulteney Alison, M. D., LL. D., 
F. R. S., was professor of practice of physic in the University of Edin- 
burgh and first physician to the Queen in Scotland. He retired from his 
chair in 1855 and died in 1859. 

i" Man Las sometimes been described as a child of circumstances. We 
see this truth verified very strikingly in the history of the McAllisters of 
Loupe, from whom the Alisons are descended. The estate of Loupe was 
confiscated by the crown, but was afterward restored to the younger 
brother. His descendants long continued to be chiefs of the McAllister 
clan, and some of them instead of espousing the Covenanting cause, 
fought on the side of Claverhouse at Killiecrankie and finally fell at the 
battle of the Boyne." 


The following is also an extract from the " Scottish Nation," upon the 
Rev. Archibald Alison, D. D. : 

The reverend author of "Essays on the Nature and Principles of 
Taste" was the second son of a magistrate of Edinburgh, and sometime 
lord provost of the city, whei*e he was born in 1757. 

In 1772 he went to the University of Glasgow, and afterwards became 
an exhibitioner at Baliol college, Oxford, where he took the degrees of 
A. M. and LL. B. Entering into Holy Orders, he obtained the curacy of 
Brancepeth, county of Durham, and was subsequently made prebendary 
of Sarum. Having acquired the friendship of the late Sir William Pul- 
teney, he was indebted to him for preferment in the church. 

In 1784 he married, at Edinburgh, the eldest daughter of the celebrated 
Dr. John Gregory, by whom he had six children. 

In 1800, on the invitation of Sir William Forbes, baronet, and the ves- 
try of the Episcopal chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh, he became senior min- 
ister of that place of worship. The congregation having removed to St. 
Paul's church, York place, in the same city, he continued to officiate 
there until a severe illness in 1831 compelled him to relinquish all public 
duties. He was one of the early Fellows of the Royal Society of Edin- 
burgh, and the intimate friend of many of its most distinguished mem- 
bers. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society of London. His prin- 
cipal work, the "Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste," pub- 
lished in 1790, has passed through several editions, and was translated 
into French. He died on the 17th of May, 1839. His works are,— 

Essay on the Nature and Principles of Taste, 1790. 

A Discourse on the Fast Day, 1809. 

A Thanksgiving Sermon, 1814. 

Sermons, chiefly on particular occasions, 1814. 

Life and Writings of the Hon. Alexander Eraser Tytler, Lord Wood- 
houselee, 1818. 

Rev. Alexander Alison, formerly of Philadelphia, Pa., now (1893) of 
Seattle, Wash., was from Fife, Scotland, where some of the Alisons of 
Cairnduif or vicinity went about 1630. 

Rev. Dr. Alison, of Edinburgh, Scotland, and his brother, Arthur Ali- 
son, the advocate, are from Eagles Law, next parish to Avondale, and 
probable descendants of an early Alison who went to Paisley. 


1. James Alison ^ is the first ancestor of this immediate 
branch of the Alisons at Cairnduff, Avondale, county of 
Lanark, Scotland, whose Christian name is definitely known, 
after the family again emerged into historic prominence. 
The name of his father is not known, but it was probably 
John or Alexander Alison, as those Christian names seemed 
to alternately prevail during the long historical obscurity iu 
which the Alisons rested. 

James Alison was born at Cairnduff in 1621. and resided 
on the farm at Windyedge, where he died about 1670. He 
married Jean, daughter of Samuel Wilson, of Rigfoot, East 
Kilbride. She survived her husband, and it was from his 
cottage at Windyedge that the notorious Claverhouse, the 
persecutor of the Covenanters, received refreshments while 
on his flight, after his defeat at the battle of Drumcloy, iu 
1679. The date of his death is unknown. 



2. Jean Alisons, ni. James Torrance. Kes. at Dead waters, parish of Les- 

mahagow, county of Lanark, Scotland. 
S. John Alison^ (7), b. 1652. He was one of the 1,200 prisoners taken at 

Bothwell Bridge, and was banished to Virginia. His sword is 

still in jjossession of relatives. 

4. Michael Alison' (8), b. 16.54, a sturdy Covenanter, was at the siege of 

Londonderry. Ireland. 

5. Archibald Alison'', b. 16o6, and suffered martyrdom at the Grassmar- 

ket, Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1680. He was in the battles of Drum- 
cloy, Bothwell Bridge, and at Airsmoss battle was taken pris- 
oner. His dying testimony is published at great length in "A 
Cloud of Witnesses," a book formerly, and now greatly, read in 

6. Margaret Alison^, m. James Steele. Res. Lesmahagow, county of 

Lanark, Scotland. 

7. John Alison 2 [3] (James ^). He was born, in 1652, at 
Windyedge, which was one of the farms belonging to the 
original estate of Cairnduff, in Avondale, county of Lanark, 
Scotland. With his two brothers, Michael and Archibald 
Alison, he was a stiff and zealous Covenanter, and fought at 
Bothwell Bridge, where the Covenanters were sorely defeated. 
He was one of the 1,200 prisoners taken; was tried at Edin- 
burgh, and banished to Virginia in America. His name is 
recorded in the well known Porteous Roll, a roll which con- 
tained the names of the criminals who were imprisoned in 
those days, most of whom were pious Covenanters. After 
his term of exile came to an end, he joined the settlement of 
the Pilgrim Fathers in Massachusetts, and there was consid- 
erable communication between him and his friends in Avon- 
dale, for they were accustomed to hear that the heat in Vir- 
ginia was so great that people could boil an egg upon the 
sand, and how, in New England, they had to climb trees to 
escape from the wild beasts ; how they were caught in gin 
set for deer; how the Indians formed their houses by bend- 
ing branches and matting them over like an arbor; how their 
graves were filled with bows and arrows and other instru- 
ments of warfare ; and how they caused the forests to reecho 
by the discharge of their muskets. These and many such 
reminiscences have been handed down from father to son 
among the relatives who remained in Scotland, to the present 
time. His sword is still in the possession of his relative, 
William Allison, of Hawbank, East Kilbride, near Strathavon, 
county of Lanark, Scotland. 

If !^Ir. Alison left any descendants in America, they are 
unknown to the relatives in Scotland. 

8. Michael Alison^ [4] (James ^). He was born at Win- 


dyedge, Scotland, in 1664. This was a part of the original 
estate of Cairnduff, in Avondale, Lanarkshire, Scotland. 
Like his brothers and family, he was a zealous and enthu- 
siastic Covenanter, and battled bravely for his religious faith. 
With his brothers, Archibald and John Alison, he was in 
the battles at Drumcloy, Bothwell Bridge, and at the skir- 
mish at Airsmoss, and participated in the siege of London- 
derry, Ireland, in 1688-'89. At the skirmish at Airsmoss, 
where his brother, Archibald Alison, was taken prisoner, he 
fled so quickly that he reached Port Patrick and crossed 
over to Ireland before the news of the disaster to the Cov- 
enanters reached the Irish shore. Although he was ques- 
tioned severely by their enemies, yet he escaped suspicion, 
and resided many years in the neighborhood of Londonderry, 
and was present at the famous siege in 1688-89. 

He either leased or bought a farm near Londonderry, for 
there he married and had a large family. From 1681 to the 
Restoration in 1690, the lands of Windyedge, his old home, 
and many others, were forfeited in consequence of their pro- 
prietors joining in so-called treasonable rising of Bothwell 
Bridge. So long as this decree of the Lords of Justiciary 
remained, Michael Alison could not return to Windyedge, 
where his widowed mother was still living. At the Restora- 
tion, after the battle of the Boyne, he returned to Windy- 
edge with four members of his family, and the other mem- 
bers of his large family of children remained in or near Lon- 
donderry. He seems to have gone back and forth consid- 
erably between his two homes, living a part of the time at 
Windyedge and sometimes in Londonderry. He died at 
Windyedge and was buried in the burying-place of the fam- 
ily in Strathavon church-yard, leaving his eldest son, James 
Alison, the laird of the farm. Michael Alison's wife was 
Elizabeth Cooper, and the initials of her name, E. C, were 
engraved into the lintel of the old house at Windyedge. 
Mr. Alison married his own cousin for his second wife, and 
had a large family. 

The sword of Michael Alison, with which he fought at 
Drumcloy, Bothwell Bridge, Airsmoss, and the siege of Lon- 
donderry, is still in existence, a precious memento, and is in 
the possession of Rev. George Alison, of Kilbarchan. 


{). James Alison^ (13), b. Londonderry, Ireland, in 1690; returned with 
his father to Windyedge, Scothvnd, where he resided. He ni. 
Margaret Semple. He was called "Cooper" Alison and was 
well known in Avondale. 


10. Alexander Alison^ (18), b. near Londonderry, Ireland. He became 
laird of Letham, near Windyedge, Scotland. 

IL John Alison^ (28). b. at Windyedge, Scotland, in 1708; went to Foul- 
popple, London, Ayrshire, Scotland, in 17o9. 

12. William Alison' (27), b. at Windyedge, Scotland, in 1710; res. Dyke- 
head, East Kilbride, county Lanark, Scotland. The latter 
place is near Cairnduff, Avondale, county Lanark, Scotland. 

13. James Alison^ [9], (Michael,^ James i). He was 
born near Londonderry, Ireland, in 1689. He returned to 
Windyedge, Scotland, with his father, and married, in 1720, 
Margaret, daughter of William Semple, of Nethershields, 
Glassford Parish, Braehead, and Nettlyhole, and became heir 
to these two last farms. The two latter places are names of 
farms in Avondale, county Lanark. 


14. John Alison* (^9)^ born at Windyedge, Scotland, in 
1760 ; married Helen, daughter of Matthew Lawson, of Kil- 
wakening, county of Lanark. 

15. Margaret Alison ^ born, 1762, at Windyedge ; married 
William Torrance, of Glasgow, and died in Glasgow. 


1. Jane Torrance ^, m. Malcolm McLaren, of Glasgow, and her children 

were, — 

Margaret McLaren," b. 1817; d. without children. William Mc- 
Laren," b. 1819; d. without children. Jane McLaren," b. 1820; m. 
James Dodds. Child: Jane Dodds.' Marrion McLaren," m. Will- 
iam Cross, of South Lodgeayr, a merchant in Glasgow. He, with 
his brother, David Cross, constituted the well known firm of Alex- 
ander Cross & Sons, seed, grain, and chemical merchants. 

■Children : Alexander Cross,' is member of i^arliament for Glasgow, 
Scotland. He m. Jessie, daughter of Sir Peter Coats, of Auchen- 
drane, so deservedly known as a thread manufacturer in Paisley 
and the United States, but still more honorably known for his lib- 
erality to every religious and benevolent cause, and whose mem- 
ory will never be forgotten so long as Paisley lasts and the United 
Presbyterian Church continues. Alexander Cross owns a large 
tract of land in one of the states of the United States. Jane. T. 
Cross,' m. John R. Cassells, of Motherwell, Ironworks, in 1872, 
in Motherwell, county of Lanark. William Cross,' m. Jean Mar- 
shall, of London, in 1880. Marion Cross,' m. Robert Cassells, of 
Motherwell Ironworks. Jessie Low Cross.' Malcolm Cross,' m. 
daughter of Archibald Walker, of Vauxhall Distillery. Helen 
Cross,' m. Walter McFarlane, of the Saracon Foundry, Glasgow, 
Scotland. John Cross.' Maggie Ferguson Cross.' Agnes Cross.' 

2. William Torrance, ° went to Australia, and d. childless. 

3. Margaret Torrance," m. Charles Porteous, of Glasgow. Children: 

Charles Porteous," d. childless. William Porteous," d. childless. 
Margaret Porteous," m. Peter Ferguson, of Glasgow, Scotland. 
No children. a 


16. Catharine Alison,* born at Windyedge, Scotland, in 
1764. She married Alexander Morrison, of Corneygroats, in 
Avondale, county of Lanark. 


16 a. Alexander Morrison,^ born at Corneygroats in 
Avondale in 1785; m., in 1806, Jean, daughter of John Ali- 
son, of Windyedge. His grandson in 1893 is proprietor of 
that place.  


1. Helen Lawson Morrison," b. at Corneygroats in 1808; m. James Stru- 

thers. Children: Jennie Struthers,^ b. 1830. James Struthers,' 
b. 1833. Annie Struthers,' b. 1838. Helen Struthers/ b. 1841. 
Jennie Struthers,' b. 1849. 

2. James Morrison," b. at Corneygroats in 1810; m. Annie, daughter of 

John Lombie, of Hallburn, Avondale, Scotland. Children: 
Alexander Morrison,' b. 1836; d. young. Katherine Morrison,' b. 
18:38. Jane Morrison,' b. 1840. Alexander Morrison,' b. 1842. 
In 1893 he was proprietor of Corneygroa's, and had a son, James 
Morrison. 8 Anne Morrison,' b. 1845. John Lambie Morrison,' b. 
1849. Helen Morrison,' b. 1852. Mary Morrison,' b. 1855. Mar- 
garet Morrison,' b. 1859. 

3. Eliza Morrison," b. at Corneygroats, and is deceased. 

4. Katherine Morrison," b. Corneygroats; m. Robert Letham, of Glas- 

gow, Scotland. Children: Robei-t Letham,' Jeanie Letham.? 
Isabella Letham.' 

■5. Jean Mon-ison," b. at Corneygroats, 1821; m. William Kirkland, of 
Glasgow, Children: William Kirkland,' res. Brisbane, Austra- 
lia. Alexander Kirkland,' res. Canada. James Kirkland,' d. 
aged 21 years. John Kirkland,' d. aged 19 years. 

<). John Morrison," b, at Corneygroats in 1824, and died, aged about 16 

7. Margaret Morrison," b, at Corneygroats in 1825; m. John Donald, of 
Coulton, Children: Gavin Donald.' Jeanie Donald,' Alexan- 
der Donald,' Catherine Donald.' Margaret Donald,' is deceased. 
Margaret Donald.' Helen Donald.' John Donald.' 

17. Margaret Morrison,^ born at Corneygroats in 1787 ; 
married James Turnbull, of Boghall, a farm near the town of 
Tollcross in the Barony Parish, Glasgow, Scotland. 


1. Catherine Turnbull," m. John French, of Tollcross, Barony Parish, 

of Glasgow. 

2. John Turnbull," m. J, Buchanan; res. Boghall, 

3. Jennie Turnbull," m, David Spencer, merchant; res. London, Eng- 


4. Janet Turnbull," m. John Bogle, of Tollcross. 

18. Alexander Alison^ [10] (Michael,^ James ^). He was 
born near Londonderry, Ireland ; returned to Windyedge, 
Scotland, with his father, and became laird of Letham, near 


Windyedge. Letliam is composed of three farms — Couplaw^ 
Hookhead, and Letliam. According to my informant. Rev. 
Archibald Alison, of Prestwick, he had the following chil- 
dren : 


17. Alexander Alison* (34), b. at Letliam, Avondale, county of Lanark,. 


18. Thomas Alison* (39), b. at Letliam, Scotland, and became laird of 


19. Alison,* b. at Letliam; m. Mr. Currie, of Frynlaw, near 

Stratliavon. It has been the home of the Curries for two 

20. Alison,* b. at Letham ; m. Mr. Tennant, of Strathavon, 


21. John Alison* went to Fyfeshire, or Forfarshire — the probable ances- 

tor of Rev. Alexander Alison, D. D., of Seattle, Washington. 

22. Alison,* a daughter, who died young. 

23. John Alison 3 [11] (Michael,^ James 1). He was born 
at Windyedge, Scotland, in 1708 ; went to Foulpopple, Lon- 
don, Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1739, and had three sons and 

several daughters. 


24. John Alison,* b. at Foulpopple. Children : 1, John Alison,^ b. Hun- 
gryhill, Salston. Is m., but no children. 2, James Alison,^ b. 
at Foulpopple in 1804; went to Harperscroft, Dundonald; m. 
Annie Cray, of Galston, Ayrshire. Children: William Alison, » 
b. at Harperscroft, Parish of Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; 
m. Mary Smith. Child: Annie Cray Alison.^ John Alison « 
went to Canada. Isabella Alison," m. Reginald Bruce; res. 
Langholm, Scotland. Annie Alison." Eliza Alison." 3, Will- 
iam Alison," res. Fairfield, Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland; is m. 
but has no family. 

2.5. James Alison,* born at Muirhead, Avondale. His descendants are 
still in Muirhead. 

26. Andrew Alison,* of Goslington. His descendants are still there. 

27. William Alison ^ [12] (Michael,^ James i). He was 
born at Windyedge, Scotland, in 1710; went to Dykehead, 
East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, and had only one son that had 
children. East Kilbride is some two miles from Cairnduff 
and Windyedge. 


28. William Alison,* b. at Dykehead, East Kilbride, near Cairnduff, 
Avondale, in 1747. lie resided in Hawbank, East Kilbride, 
Lanarksliire, Scotland, and d. there, aged 93 years. He ni. 
Elizabetli Reed, of Castleton, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, and 
had children: 1, William Alison," m. Janet Findlay, and res. 
in Windlaw, parish of Carmunnock, Lanarkshire. Two sons: 
William Alison," m. Isabella Dick; res. Turnlaw, parish of East 
Kilbride, and is factor for James Campbell, of Strathcarthro. 
Thomas Alison" died unmarried. 2, Janet Alison," m. John 


Spiers, of Glasgow, Scotland. 3, Elizabeth Alison,^ m. Alexan- 
der Leggot, of Glasgow. 4, David Alison,^ m. Margaret Reid, 
and res. in Hawbank. Children: Margaret Alison,'' m. K. 
Steven; res. Newlands, East Kilbride. William Alison," Lan- 
arkshire, m. Janet Gilmour, of Fieldhead. Rev. James Ali- 
son,8 m. Catherine Mcintosh, of Glasgow.' John Alison.s m. 
Eliza Ballantine. Hugh Alison," d. at Hawbank. Alexander 
Alison," d. in infancy. Elizabeth Alison," m. Alexander War- 
nock, of Glasgow. 

29. John Alison 4 [14] (James,3 Michael,2 James 1). He 
was born at Winclyedge, Scotland, in 1760. He married 
Helen, daughter of Matthew Lawson, of Kilwakening, and 
became heir to that estate, and which in 1893 was owned by 
his grandson, Matthew Alison. 


30. Margaret Alison,^ b. at Windyedge in 1783; m. Archibald Thomson, 

of Strathavon, Scotland, in 1810. Children born at Strathavon, 
Scotland: 1, Helen Thomson," b. 1810: m. WilHam Wiseman, 
of Strathavon. No children living. 2, Margaret Thomson," b. 
1812 ; m. William Houston; res. in Australia. 3, Robert Thom- 
son," b. 1814. 4, John Thomson," b. 1816. 5, Jean Thomson," 
b. 1819; res. Otayo, New Zealand. 

31. Jean Alison,^ born at Windyedge in 1785; m. Alexander Morrison, 

of Cornevgroats, in Avondale, in 1806. His grandson was pro- 
prietor of the place in 1893. He was an own cousin. (See 
Catherine Alison'' s record, No. 16.) 

32. James Alison = [44], born at Windyedge in 1791; d, in Fieldhead cot- 

tage in Stratliavon, Scotland, in 1861. 

33. Matthew Alison,« born at Windyedge in 1793; ordained at Kilbar- 

chan in Renfrewshire, Scotland, in 1818; installed at Muffling- 
ton, Juniata county, Penn., in 1842, and d. when minister there. 
He married Agnes, daughter of William Gemmell, of Frank- 
ville, Ayi-. His only surviving son is William M. Alison,6 who is 
the editor and proprietor of the paper in that town where his 
father was minister. 

34. Alexander Alison ^ [17] (Alexander,^ Michael,^ 
James ^). He was born at Letham, Avondale, Lanarkshire, 
Scotland. He had the estate at Letham, comprising three 
farms, which originally belonged to Cairnduff. 

» Rev. James Allison," of Alexandria, Dumbartonshire, was educated in 
the University of Glasgow. After being licensed by the Hamilton Pres- 
bytery, he received calls from the congregations of Newburgh, Wolver- 
hampton, and Oxenden Presbyterian church, London. In 1866 he was 
ordained as minister of Oxenden Chapel, London, a church which had as 
his predecessors several eminent men, such as the Rev. Dr. Jerment, the 
Rev. Dr. Broadfoot, and the Rev. Dr. Archer. There, in consequence 
of his health breaking down, he resigned his charge. After a few 
months' recreation, he was inducted minister of the Boston United Pres- 
byterian church, Cupar-Fife. From Cupar he was translated to the 
United Presbyterian church, Alexandria, in the vale of Leven, county of 
Dumbarton. There he still ministers to a large and prosperous congre- 




35. Alexander Alison,^ b. at Latham, Avondale, Lanarkshire, and res. 

there; m. Marrion Hamilton, daughter of William Hamilton, 
of Greathill. Children: Alexander Alison," who died young. 
James Alison," M. D., went to New Zealand. Joseph Alison'', 
went to New Zealand. Thomas Alison," d. at Letham, without 

36. Joseph Alison,'' of Hillhead, b. at Letham; m. Ann, daughter of 

David Paterson, of Strathavon, Scotland. Children: Margaret 
Alison." Joseph Alison." James Alison." David Alison." Ann 
Alison." Jane Alison." Matthew Alison." Alexander Ali- 

37. Margaret Alison," b. at Letham; m. Mungo Cochran, of Strathavon, 


38. James Alison,'' of Tardoes, parish of Muirkirk, Ayrshire, and is a 

J. P.; was b. at Letham; m. Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew 
Hamilton, of Longridge. Children: James Alison," of Tar- 
does; Elizabeth Alison," m. Mr. Pearson, of Muirkirk. An- 
drew Alison" is a farmer; res. in the Isle of Man. 

39. Thomas Alison 4 [18] (Alexander,^ Michael,^ James ^ ) 
was b. at Letham, Avondale, Scotland, and became Laird of 


40. Thomas Alison,^ b. at Calderbank; m. Mary, daughter of William 

Hamilton, of Crummach. He m. second, Margaret, daughter 
of John Flemming, of Hawkwood, and had eight children. 

41. James Alison,'^ of the Grange, a farm in Avondale, Lanarkshire, and 

near Strathavon; m. Janet Hamilton, of Halls. James Ali- 
son's^ children: 1, Alexander Alison," res. Melbourne, Australia. 
2, Thomas Alison," is a prosperous business man; res. Bridge of 
Allan, near Sterling, Scotland. 3, James Alison," res. South 
America. 4, John Alison," res. Glasgow, Scotland. 5, George 
Alison," res. Glasgow, Scotland. 6, Marion Alison," d. young. 

42. Marion Alison,^ m. William Scott, of Breconrig, a farm in Avondale, 

and afterwards of Netherton, Carnwath Parish. 

43. Alexander Alison.^ He is ancestor of the Letham Alisons. 

44. James Alison ^ [32] (John,* James,^ Michael,^ 
James^). He was born at VVindyedge, Scotland, in 1791 ; 
married Jean, daughter of William Jamieson, of Middlecroft, 
Avondale, who was born at Auchenbart, Galston, A3^rshire, 
Scotland, July, 1788. Mr. Alison died in Fieldhead Cottage, 
Strathavon, in 1861. 


45. John Alison," b. at Windyedge, Scotland, August, 1814, and was 
laird of that farm, and d. there in 1840. He m. Ann, daughter 
of William Young, of Eyland, Avondale, Scotland. Children : 
1, James Alison,' d. without children. 2, Janet Alison,' d. 
without children. 3, Jean Alison,' b. at Windyedge in 1841; 
m. in 1870 John Hamilton, of Colinhill, Avondale, Strathavon, 
county of Lanark, Scotland. He is tlie eldest son of the late 
James Hamilton, of Colinhill, tlic founder of the town known 
as "Hamilton Brothers," Strathavon, On the death of his 


father he became the proprietor of Colinhill farm, and through 
his marriage, the farm of Winclyedge, which lias been in the 
hands of the Alisons for nearly 600 years, will now pass into 
the name of Hamilton. 

James Hamilton' d. young. John Hamilton' d. young. 
Anne Hamilton' b. 1873. Helen Fleming Hamilton' b. 1875. 
Jeanie Hamilton' b. 1876. James Hamilton' b. 1879. Janet 
Hamilton' b. 1881. Maggie Hamilton' b. 1883. John Hamil- 
ton' b. 1885. 

46. William Alison" (.55), b. at Windyedge, Scotland, in 1815; m. Eliza 

Thomson; res. Dunavon, Scotland. 

47. Matthew Alison'' (64), b. at Kilwakening, Avondale, county of Lan- 

ark, Scotland, in 1817; res. Sydney Villa, Strathavon, Scotland; 

48. George Alison^ (65), b. at Kilwakening in 1819; m. Agnes Jamieson; 

clergyman; res. Kilbarchan, Scotland. 

49. James Alison,* b. Kilwakening in 1821 ; d. there in 183-5. 

50. Alexander Alison" (68), b. at Kilwakening in 1822; m. Helen Hamil- 

ton, and, second, Isabella Murray; res. Blackmoss, Strathavon, 
county of Lanark, Scotland. 

51. Archibald Alison" (76), b. at Kilwakening in 1825; m. Mary Kobert- 

son; clergyman; res. Prestwick, Scotland. 

52. Christina Alison," b. at Kilwakening in 1827; m. Hugh Wyllie, of 

Brigland, Mauchline, in 1849; res. Cessnock, Prestwick, Ayr- 
shire, Scotland. Children: William Wyllie,' b. at Brigland in 
18.53; d. 1870. James Wyllie,' b. at Brigland in 1853; res. Brae- 
head, Shieldhill, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. Jane Jamieson 

Richmond Wyllie,' b. at Brigland in 1855; d. 1862. 

Wyllie.' Wyllie.' John Wyllie,' b. at Brigland in 

1858; res. Park, Mayfield, Sussex. Matthew Alison Wyllie,' b. 
at Brigland in 1861; d. 1862. Christina Wyllie,' b. at Brigland 
in 1864; res. Prestwick, Scotland. Jane Wyllie,' b. at Brig- 
land in 1873; res. Prestwick, Scotland. 

53. Eobert Alison," b. at Kilwakening in 1829; m. Margaret, daughter of 

Thomas Scoular, of Strathavon, Scotland; res. Kilwakening, 
Strathavon, Scotland. Children: Eliza Alison,' b. at Kil- 
wakening in 1876; at home. Jeanie Alison,' b. at Kilwakening 
in 1880; at home. 

54. Andrew Alison," b. at Kilwakening in 1831 ; d. in 1832. 

55. William Alison^ [46] (James,^ John,* James,^ Mich- 
ael,2 James ^). He was born at Windyedge, in 1815, and in 
1842 he married Eliza, daughter of William Thomson, of 
Boness. At the age of 21 he went to New South Wales, 
where he became one of the largest and most successful 
stockholders in Australia. He resided sometimes in Sydney, 
Australia, and sometimes in Dunavon, Avondale, Scotland. 
He was proprietor of several farms in Avondale, and in the 
parish of Ocheltree in Ayrshire. He was proprietor of Bon- 
nytown estate, which included the farms of Bonnytown, 
Drumboy, Auchengee, Ravenscroft, and Waberton. He was 
a justice of the peace for Lanarkshire. His largest estate in 
Australia was Canonbar, and, consists of 1,100,000 acres. It 
is grazed by 400,000 sheep. Three of Mr. Alison's sons are 
members of the legislative assembly of New South Wales. 
Mr. Alison is now deceased. 



56. Ellen Alison,' b. in New Sovitli Wales, Australia, in 1843; m. in 1870 

at Dunavon, Stratliavon, Scotland, to George Russell, of Syd- 
ney, Australia; res. Dunside, Stratliavon, county of Lanark, 
Scotland. The father of George Russell, late of Sydney, left 
Kirkcaldy, Fife, about 1814, and emigrated with his family 
first to Tasmania and then to Sydney, Australia. In Sydney 
he commenced a foundry and engineering business. Three of 
his sons succeeded him, and have come out of the fii-m with 
fortunes. Children: Eliza Alison Russell,* b. in 1872. Sydney 
Alison Russell, 8 b. in 1873. William Alison Russell,' b. in 1875. 
Leonard Alison Russell, 8 b. 1876; deceased. 

57. Jennie Alison,' b. in New South Wales in 1845; res. at Dunside, 

Stratliavon, Scotland. 

58. Christina Alison,' b. in New South Wales in 1849; res. at Dunavon, 

Stratliavon, Scotland, and owns the old family home. 

59. Eliza Alison, 7 b. in New South Wales in 1852; m. Walter Vivian, 

member of the legislative assembly at Sydney, Australia; P. O. 
Parliament House, Sydney, Australia. Children: Alison Viv- 
ian,' b. in 1877. Isabel Josephine Alison Vivian,' b. in 1879; 
Edith Christine Alison Vivian, « b. in 1881 ; Winnifred Annetto 
Vivian,' b. in 1881; Violet Alison Vivian,' b. in 1883. Muriel 
Alison Vivian,' b. in 1885. 

60. James Alison,' b. in Springbank, Stratliavon, county of Lanark, Scot- 

land, in 1853. At the death of his father, he succeeded to the 
estate of Bonnytown, county of Ayr, Scotland. That estate he 
sold for £20,000, and proceeded to Australia, where he became 
a stockholder in Queensland and New South Wales. He was 
educated in Bury St. Edmunds, England. He has held the 
office of justice of the peace, and is a member of the legislative 
assembly of New South Wales. His P. O. address is Union 
Club, Sydney, Australia. 

61. William Alison,' b. in Springbank, Stratliavon, county of Lanark, 

Scotland, and was educated in Bury St. Edmunds, England. 
He m. Ellen, daughter of James Wilson. Mr. Alison inherited 
his father's great estate of 1,100,100 acres at Canonbar, Aus- 
ti-alia, and is the second largest land-owner in Australia. He 
is a justice of the peace, and a member of the legislative 
assembly of New South Wales, Australia. 

62. Charles Alison,' b. in 1859; m. in 1890, Constance, daughter of Di*. 

Cox, of Sydney, Australia. He is a barrister, and a member 
of the legislative assembly of New South Wales, Australia; 
res. Sydney. P. O. address, Hawkesbury, New South Wales, 

63. Adaline Alison,' b. in 1864; m. Arthur Rowan. 

64. Matthew Alison ^ [47] (James,^ John,* James,^ Mich- 
ael,^ James i). He was born at Kil wakening, Scotland, in 
1817. At the age of 21 he went to Australia, where he be- 
came a large and successful squatter. After amassing what 
he considered a sufficient fortune, he returned to his native 
parish and built a house, which is called Sydney Villa, in 
Strathavon. There he resides in peace, plenty, and retire- 
ment, producing happiness to others by his generosity and 
kindness. He is unmarried. 

65. George Alison^ [48] (James,^ John,* James,^ Michael,^ 


James ^). He was born at Kilwakeiiing, Scotland, in 1819. 
He was educated at the College of Glasgow, and is a mem- 
ber of the University Court. He was ordained as minister 
of the United Presbyterian church at Kilbarchaii, in Renfrew- 
shire, in 1842, and there he has had a very long and success- 
ful ministry. At his jubilee in 1891, he was presented by 
his congregation with a check for upwards of £400, together 
with many other valuable gifts from distant members of this 
church. He married Agnes, daughter of William Jamieson, 
of Glasgow, Scotland. 


6Q, Isabel Alison," b. at Kilbarchan in 1S57; ni. John Gardner; res. 

Bunaw, near Oban, Arfjyleshire, Scotland. 
67. George J. Alison,' b. at Kilbarchan in 1864; m. 1892, his cousin, 

.Jane McEwen Alison, davighter of Rev. Archibald Alison, of 

Prestwick, Scotland. He is a merchant, 95 St. John's Park, 

Blackheath, London, England. 

68. Alexander Alison ^ [50] (James,^ John,^ James,^ 
Michael,^ James ^). He was born at Kil wakening, Scotland, 
in 1822; married Helen, daughter of William Hamilton, of 
Brownside; he married, second, Isabella, daughter of Will- 
iam Murray, of Fleckfield, East Kilbride, county of Lanark, 
Scotland. Mr. Alison is proprietor of Blackmoss, a farm, 
and a portion of the original farm of Cairnduff, where the 
Alisons first settled centuries ago. 


■69. James Alison,' b. in 1848 at Hallfield, Scotland; m. Jean, daughter 
of William Wiseman, of Hookhead. 

70. John Alison,' b. at Blackmoss, Avondale, county of Lanark, Scot- 

land, in 1850. 

71. Alexander Alison,' b. at Blackmoss in 1852; m. Helen, daughter of 

James Hamilton, of Drumcloy, Scotland. 

72. Isabella Alison,' b. at Blackmoss, in 1871. 

73. Jeanie Alison,' b. at Blackmoss in 1872. 

74. Eliza Alison,' b. at Blackmoss in 1874. 

75. Christina Alison,' b. at Blackmoss in 1876. 

76. Archibald Alison^ [51] (James,^ John,* James,^ Mich- 
ael,^ James ^). Rev. Archibald Alison was born at Kil waken- 
ing, Scotland, in 1825; married, in 1861, Mary, daughter of 
Capt. J. H. Robertson, of Leith, Scotland. He was educated 
in Glasgow college, and is a member of the University 
Court. After receiving calls from the congregations of Les- 
lie, Largo, and Baillieston. he was ordained in 1849 as min- 
ister of the West United Presbvterian church in Leslie. In 


1882 he was installed over the United Presbyterian church 
in Prestwick, county of Ayr, Scotland, where he remains in 
1893. He believes that the Britons are descended from the 
ten tribes of Israel. Every month for a considerable period 
he furnished articles to periodicals and magazines in proof of 
this position. Several of these articles have been published 
separately. The chief of these publications are the follow- 

" Who are the Britons, and What is their Destiny ? " 
"Jacob's Stone of Bethel, the British Coronation Stone in 
Westminster Abbey." 

"The British, the Stone Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar's 


77. James Alison,^ b. at Leslie, Scotland, in 1862; m. in 1890 Mary- 

Jack, of Watsonville, Queensland, Australia. He is connected 
with the Queensland National Bank, Mount Albion, Herberton, 
Queensland, Australia. 

78. Jane McEwen Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1864; m. in 1892 her cousin, 

George Alison, son of Rev. George Alison. He is a merchant, 
95 St. John's Park, Blackheath, London, England. 

79. John R. Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1865. He is a merchant; res. Zan- 

zibar. He is of the firm of Bonstead, Ridley & Co. 

80. Maggie Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1867 ; at home ; res. Prestwick, Scotland. 

81. Mary Jane Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1869; at home; res. Prestwick, 


82. Matthew Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1873; res. Prestwick, Scotland. 

83. Thomas Clark Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1874; res. Px-estwick, Scotland. 

84. Christine J. Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1874; d. in 1875. 

85. Williamina Alison,' b. at Leslie in 1881 ; at home. 

86. Archibald Leslie Alison,' b. at Prestwick, Scotland, in 1883; at home. 

87. James Alison, of St. David's street, Edinburgh, is a soli- 
citor and notary public in excellent standing. His father was 
a house and estate agent in Edinburgh : was b. in 1807, d. 
1855. He was son of James Alison, of Alexandria, Dumbar- 
tonshire, who was b. 1784, and who m. Henrietta Crichton, 
The father of Mr. Alison was James Alison, of Renfrew, who 
m. Agnes Colquhoun. The father of James (No. 25) was 
John Alison (No. 23), of Muirhead, Avondale. The father 
of John was Michael Alison (see No. 8), of Wiudyedge, Scot- 
land, and Londonderry, Ireland. 



William Allison, aged 25, left London July 27, 1635, and 
lived in Virginia. 

Lawrence Allison was in Windsor, Conn., in 1643 ; was 
living in Deerfield, Mass., in 1704, at the age of 84 years ; 
wife unknown; had child, Richard Allison. 

James Allison was in Boston, Mass., in 1644. He had a 
wife. Christian. They had a son, James Allison, born Oct. 
20, 1650, and John Allison, who died April 2, 1653. 

James Allison, of Boston, Mass. (perhaps the same as the 
above, son of James), married. May 26, 1674, Elizabeth 
Vasey, of Braintree, Mass. 

Richard Allison, or Ellison, was of Braintree, Mass. He 
had a wife, Thomasin. Record of their children as taken 
from the Neiv England Historical Register^ born Brantrey^ 
Mass. : 

Mary Ellison, daughter of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 15 : 6, 1646. 
Hannah Ellison, daughter of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 24 : 5, 1648. 
John Ellison, son of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 20 : 6, 1650. 
Sarah Ellison, daughter of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 4 : 10, 1652. 
Thomas Ellison, son of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 1 : 1, 1655. 
Experience Ellison, daughter of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 2 : 6 

mo, 1657. 
Richard Ellison, son of Richard and Thomasin Allison, b. 7. 2m. 1660. 

It "will be noticed that in the ancient record the parents 
are called Allison, while the names of their children are 
spelled Allison. 

Thomas Allison in 1645 went to America in the ship Ad- 
venture^ and located in Virginia, 

J. Allison owned a warehouse in Charlestown, Mass. In 
1657 his estate was sold by R. Arrington. 

One Lawrence Allison (or Ellison) removed to Hamp- 
stead, N. Y., and died there in 1665. His sons, Richard, 
Thomas, and John, administered on his estate. 

iln the parish records of Kingston-on-Thames, England, is an item of 
thirteen shillings, four pence, paid in 1608, to James Allison and four 
others, for carrying the armour at Coronation. — N. E. Historical Eegis- 
ter, 1882. 


Ralph Allison was of Scarborough, Me., in 1673, and was 
a great lundholder.— Savage^ s Genealogical Dictionary . 

Thomas Alison, on June 14, 1679, had tickets granted to 
him from Barbadoes, for Jamaica, in the ship Johns Adventure, 
Edward Winslow, commander. 

Thomas Allison came from Windsor, Conn., and settled in 
Deerfield, Mass. ; was constable in 1692; called shoemaker 
that year, and trader in 1711 ; sold his home lot there in 
1711 to Rev. John Williams. Thomas Allison was an inhab- 
itant of Colchester, Mass., in 1713, — perhaps the Thomas of 

Joseph Allison was a resident of Southold, Long Island, 
N. Y., in 1721, and was in Goshen, N. Y., in 1726. 

Thomas Allison, of Deerfield, Mass., lived at Wapping in 
1710, and in his old age was cared for by the town. 

John Allison, of Deerfield, Mass., 1698 ; married, Aug. 4, 
1698, Alice, daughter of George Jeffries, who died Dec. 31, 
1730, aged 61 years. No children in 1704. He was em- 
ployed in 1712 to sweep the meeting-house. — Sheldon's His- 
tory of Deerfield^ Mass. 

William Allison was of Windsor previous to 1700. 

Samuel Allison came from the county of Londonderry, 
Ireland, to America in 1718, and to Londonderry, N. H., in 

John Alliston, of Hartford, Conn., purchased land there of 
Samuel Graham in 1726. — Hinman's Settlers of Connecticut, 
2d ed., pp. 47, 48. 

Elizabeth Allison, Comfort Allison, and Ann Allison, 
spinsters, of Boston, Mass., nieces of Madame Susannah 
Thatcher, of Milton, Mass., late deceased, received certain 
sums left by her will, of Rev. Peter Thatcher, May 24, 1725. 
— Suffolk County, 3Iass., Records, Bostoti, Mass. On the same 
records Andrew Allison, or Ellison (spelled each way), 
deeded land May 22, 1733. 

"Thomas Allison, of Southampton, in Great Britain, Gen- 
tleman, and Susannah, wife of the said Thomas Allison, 
heretofore Susannah Caswall," and other heirs of Henry Cas- 
wall, late of Boston, Mass., sold property there July 24, 1749. 
Thomas Allison was late of London. — Suffolk County, Mass., 

'From the church records of the parish of Templemore, Londonderry, 
Ireland, which are kept in the ancient cathedral in that city, I took this 
record: "William Allison had his son Thomas Allison baptized, Feb. 9, 



Under the name of Ellison appears the following, and it 
may have a material bearing upon the history of the Allison 
family : 

From John C. Hotten's lists of emigrants to America, 
1600-1700 : 

John Ellison, living at Anchor's Hope, James City, Vir- 
ginia, came in the Prosperous in 1623. Ellen, his wife, came 
in the Charitie. 

George Ellison, a child, died at Anchor's Hope, Virginia, 
in 1623. 

William Ellison, servant, aged 44 ; at Elizabeth City, 1624 ; 
came in the Sivan. 

The first settlers of Virginia were largely of English 

From the Suffolk county, Mass., unpublished records : On 
Sept. 4, 1654, John Ellisons gave a receipt to Robert Willis. 
On March 25, 1698, Mary Ellison and others sold property. 

Those who spell this name Ellison appear to have come 
entirely from England. The larger part of those who spell 
their name JLllison are from Scotland or the Scotch settle- 
ments in Ireland. 

The names Ellison and Allison in America have been con- 
fused sometimes through the carelessness or ignorance of 
early transcribers, or by the choice of persons who bore them 
in later days. Some of those who spelled theirs Alison have 
changed it to Allison. Never, to my knowledge, has a single 
Allison or his descendants changed the orthography of his 
name to J/llison. 


Samuel Allison, of Londonderry, I^. H., and His Descendants 


wooD, Holmes, McAfee, Moore, Morrison, Shepard, Stinson, 

AND other names. 


The ancient residents had heroic souls. They "conquered wood and 
savage, frost and flame, and made us what we are." 

1. Samuel Allison,^ of sturdy form and Presbyterian faith, 
was the progenitor of the Allisons of New Hampshire, the 
honored founder of their house. He was of Scotch blood, a 
descendant, and probably a son of one of those men and 
one of those women of heroic mould who fled from reli- 
gious persecution in Covenanting times in Scotland, from the 
military and barbarous executions of Claverhouse, from other 
fierce and persecuting adherents of Catholicism and of the 
English Established Church, to the Plantation of Ulster in 
Ireland. These persecutions and the scattering of the Scot- 
tish Allisons are given in chapter 3, pp. 21-25. The speech of 
Mr. Allison, like that of "all his tribe," was the rich brogue 
of the Lowland Scotch dialect. His people took that with 
them from Scotland to Ireland, and he brought it to the 
new settlement in Londonderry, New Hampshire. He 
brought his Scotch traits of character with him, — frugality^ 
industry, persistence, integrity, and elevation of sentiment 
and purpose. He was in the splendid strength of his young 
manhood when he settled in the Granite State. He was a 
member of a peerless company of emigrants who, with their 
descendants, helped to develop, mould, and fashion the laws 
and institutions of this state. All honor to that noble band ! 

Mr. Allison was born in 1690, probably in the parish of 
Aghadowey, county of Londonderry, Ireland, and in 1718 
he with others accompanied Rev. James McGregor (who 
was pastor of that parish from 1701 to 1718) to America, 
and landed in Boston in August of 1718. In the succeeding 
April he with others went to Nuffield, now Londonderry, 
N. H., where he was one of the first sixteen settlers, and one 


of the original grantees of land, or those to whom the char- 
ter of the town was given June 22, 1722, so he is called 
Charter Samuel Allison, and many of the name in Vermont 
and Massachusetts, as well as nearly all in New Hampshire, 
are descended from him. 

Fourteen of the settlers of Londonderry, of which he was 
one, received a grant of five hundred and ninety-four acres of 
land, bounding on Corbett's Pond, in the Range, in that por- 
tion of Londonderry which is now Windham, on May 22, 
1728. This Amendment land, which fell to Mr. Allison, he 
sold to Alexander Park, the emigrant ancestor of the Park 
family of Windham, Oct. 8, 1734, and it is, in 1893, the 
homestead farm of George Franklin Armstrong. 

In 1758 he and his only son signed a memorial asking the 
number of taverns to be restricted. His home farm was sit- 
uated about one half mile south-east of the church on the 
hill in East Derry, N. H., and between the farms of two 
other emigrants, John Morison and Thomas Steele. It is, in 
1893, included in the large and spacious farm of Col. George 
W. Lane. It was situated upon that elevated ridge and 
swell of land which can be seen from distant points. He 
married, in Ireland, Katherine Steele, presumably a sister of 
his neighbor, Thomas Steele, who had married Martha Mor- 
ison, a sister of John and James Morison, his neighbors. 
UjDon that high elevation, commanding a magnificent view 
of the country for miles around, for many years Mr. Allison 
and these allied families lived in the closest intimacy and 
neighborly communion. There he and his wife died. His 
will was made Aug. 15, 1760, he being then very sick, and 
proven Sept. 10, 1760. Fac-simile of his autograph as shown 
in his will : 

The ancient cemetery on the hill in East Derry, near 
where the first church stood, is holy ground to descendants 
of the first settlers of Londonderry. Its memorial stones are 
very rich in historic and family lore. A few rods from the 
main entrance, on the north side of the principal walk and 
near thereto, Samuel Allison, and his wife, Katherine Steele, 
lie sleeping. Near them rest James and John Morison, Jus- 
tice James McKean, David Steele, Rev. James McGregor, 
who were their friends, relatives, neighbors, and pastor, in 

44 SAMUEL Allison's will. 

two settlements in different hemispheres, in Aghadowey, Ire- 
land, and Londonderry, New Hampshire. Over them is a 
dark slate stone tablet bearing this inscription : 

"Here lies thebodys of Mr. Samuel Alison & Mrs. Katlierine Alison his 
wife. He departed this life 6th Sept. AD. 1760, in ye 70th year of his 
age. She departed this life 13th Jany AD. 1760, in ye 77th year of her 


*John Morison was the ancestor of many of the Morisons of Peterbor- 
ough, N. H., while .James Morison was the ancestor of the Morrisons of 
Windham, being the father of the author's great-grandfather, Lieut. 
Samuel Morison, in this line: James,' Lieut. Samuel,' Samuel,* Jere- 
miah,* Leonard Allison Morrison.s 


2. Janet Allison 2 (6), b. probably in Aghadowey, Ireland, in 1712 or 

1713; m. Samuel, son of John Morison, who d. in 1736; res. 
Londonderry, N. H., and d. Jan. 8, 1800, aged 87 years. 

3. Rebecca Allison,^ b. about 1717; m. Robert Gray. They apparently 

removed to Biddeford, county of York, Me. On Oct. 10, 1757, 
Robert and Rebecca Gray, of Biddeford, sold land in London- 
derry, N. H., to James Paul, of Londonderry.^ 

4. Martha Allison ^ (1.5), b. Londonderry, N. IL, March 31, 1720; m. 

Lieut. Samuel Morison, of Windham, N. H., and d. there Dec. 
3, 1761, aged 41 years, 8 months, 4 days. 

5. Samuel Allison' (21), b. in Londonderry, N. H.,in 1722; m. Jennette, 

daughter of Andrew and Betty (Christy) McFarland; res. Lon- 
donderry, N. H., and d. June 5, 1792. 

John Gray, of Londonderry, N. H., was one of the original proprie- 
tors. His home lot Avas in the English Range, near the west end of 
Beaver pond, and between the lots of Joseph Kidder and Benjamin Kid- 
der. Some of his descendants are supposed to be in Worcester county, 

There is a tradition in the New Hampshire family that there were 
three brothers of the name of Allison who landed in 1718. According to 
this aiithority, Samuel Allison located in Londonderry, N. H., while, 
later, his brothers went to Jamestown, Va. One of them went to Savan- 
nah, Ga., and there died childless. The other remained in Jamestown, 
Va., and is the ancestor of many of the Allison name in Virginia, Ten- 
nessee, Kentucky, and Oliio. 

1. The memorial stones to Thomas Steele and his wife record that he 

d. Feb. 22, 1748, and that she d. Oct. 9, 1759, aged 73 years. 

2. John Morison,^ with his family, removed to Peterborough, N. H., in 

1750 or 1751, and was one of its first settlers. He d. there June 
14, 1770, aged 98 years. His wife, Margaret Wallace, d. April 
18, 1769, aged 82 years. 

Aghadowey is near Coleraine, and at the present time the Morrisons, 
the Steeles, and Allisons are living as neighbors. , 


In the name of God amen the fifteen Day of August one thousand 
seven hundred and sixty I Samuell Allison of Londonderry within his 
Maj"' provance of New liampshir in Newingland Yoman being very sick 
and weak in boday — but perflte Mind and Memery thanks be given to 


God therfore Calling to Mind to Mortality of ray bodey and Knowing 
that it is appointed for all men once to Die Do make and ordain this my 
last will and Tastament that is to say princapally and first of all I Give 
and Recommend my soul unto the hands of God that Give it and my 
bodey I Recommend to the Earth to be burid in a Desent Cristen burill 
at the Discraition of my Exac" Nothing Doubting but at the generall 
Resurrection I shall Recive the same again by the mighty power of God 
and as Touching such worldly estat wherewith it hath plesed God to 
bliss me in this life with I Give Demise and dispose of the same in the 
following Maner and form 

Imprimesis after my Debts and funerall charges is payd I Give and 
bequeth unto my Grand child Susanna Allison one single Johanna 
which is six and thorty shillings starling 

I tam I Give and bequeth unto my Daughter in Law Janet Allison my 

Itam I Give and bequeth unto my Daughter Jannet Morison for hir 
own use one single Johana of Gold 

Itam I Give and bequeth unto my Daughter Marth Morrison for hir 
own use one single Johana of Gold. 

Itam I Give and bequeth unto my Daughter Rebecca Gray for hir own 
use one single Johanna of Gold. 

Itam I Give and bequeth unto my son Samuell Alleson what farming 
utenshels I am possesed of with my Great bible and Grate pote 

Itam I allow a tombston in Good order to be put over my wife and me 
out of my Estat in Equell shares amoungst my four Children (viz) Samll 
Allison Janet Moreson Martha Moreson and Rebecca Gray and my will 
is for them to to Destrebute it Equilly amoungst their children and I 
leekwise Constute make and ordeain my three sons (viz) Samll Alleson 
Samll Moreson of Windham and Samll Moreson of Derry to be my sole 
Exacutors of this my last will and Tastament and my will is for them to 
give the Revt Will" Davidson Six DoUers out of my estat and I do here- 
by uterly Disallow Revock and DisanuU all and Every other Tastaments 
wills legeces and bequeths and Exac" by me in any wise before nameed 
willed or bequethed Reatefying and Confirming this and no other to be 
my last will and Tastament in witness whereof I have hereunto sate my 
hand and sale the Day and year above writeu signed sealed Published 
Pronounced and Declaired by me the sd Samll Alleson as my last will 
and Tastament in the presence of us the Subscribers 

Samuel Allison (l s) 
David Steel 

David Craige Proved by the oath of Moses 

Mo' Barnett Barnett in Common form the 

10'^ Day of Sept. 1760. 

15. Martha Allison ^ [4] (Samuel i). She was born on 
the home farm in Londonderry, N. H. (now Derry), March 
31, 1720, and was the first female child of European extrac- 
tion born in that town. She married Lieut. Samuel Mor- 
ison^ (son of James,^ and grandson of John Morison i). He 
was born (in Aghadowey, Ireland, probably) in 1704 ; came 
to Londonderry, N. H., in 1719, and his early home was 
under the hill, on the farm owned by W. O. Noyes in 1893, 
and which was near the house of Martha Allison. They 
lived in Windham, on the Morison homestead now occupied 
by their great-grandson, where Mrs. Morison died in her 
comparative youth, Dec. 3, 1761. She was a person of good 


mind and many lovable qualities, Mr. Morison was a lieu- 
tenant in actual service at Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia, 
in 1760 ; an elder in the church, the first moderator, and on 
the first board of selectmen of Windham in 1743. He died 
Feb. 11, 1776, aged 72 years. In the ancient burial-place, at 
the head of Windham Range, near where the first church 
stood, and overlooking the clear, bright, sparkling waters of 
Corbett's pond, he and his dearly-loved wife, Martha Alli- 
son, rest together. The old headstones were nearly covered 
with moss, and time had nearly obliterated the record upon 

Albert A. Morrison, Esq., his great-grandson, who occupies 
the Morrison homestead in Windham, originated the plan of 
having a new monument erected to their memory, and was 
one of the efficient managers in carrying it into execution. 
So, on Dec. 19, 1892, the ancient headstones, which for more 
than a century had withstood the buffeting storms of winter 
and the blasting heat of summer, were taken out, and four 
stone posts, so as to be below the frost, were sunk into the 
ground four feet. Between them, and fiat upon the ground, 
were placed the ancient stones, and covered with earth. On 
these firmly-planted posts was placed by their descendants 
a heavy, substantial monument of Concord granite. It was 
finished in the early part of 1893. On the base, in raised 
letters, is the name Morison. Above is this inscription: 


Born in 1704; 

Died in Windham, Feb. 11, 1776. 

An inhabitant of two hemispheres, he became one of the Pioneers and 
Founders of Windham. A citizen of two governments; — a lieutenant in 
the French and Indian War, he was faithful to his king; on the abolition 
of Royal authority, he became an adherent of Popular Government. An 
elder in the Presbyterian church, he was a loyal subject of the King of 


His beloved wife, is here buried by his side. She was born March 31, 
1720, being the first female child of European extraction born in London- 
derry, N. H. She died Dec. 3, 1761. 

They rest together till the day of the great awakening. 

(On the reverse side.) 

" I am the resurrection and the life." 
Erected 1893. 



1(5. Jolin Morison,^ b. May 18, 1743; m., June 22, 1781, Jennet, daughter 
of William, and sister of the elder Gov. Dinsmoor, of Wind- 
ham. She was b. March 8, 1756; d. March 13, 1807, aged 51 
years. He d. Oct. 24, 1824, aged 81 years. He was in the 
French war, and War of the Revolution; was town-clerk for 
thirteen years; had strong mental powers; was a great reader, 
and a good talker. Children b. in Windliam, N. H.: 1, 

I. Samuel Morrison,* b. Nov. 15,1784; d. Feb. 1, 1831; farmer; res. 
Windham, on Morrison homestead; was selectman two years. 
He m. Betsey, daughter of James Dinsmoor, of Windham; b. 
Aug. 12, 1796; d. July 7, 1845. Children b. in Windham, N. H. : 

1. Catherine Morrison,^ b. Dec. 21, 1818; teacher. She m., Sept. 27, 

1847, Charles L. Haseltine, of Windham, and d. Julv 4, 1849. 
He was b. Nov. 26, 1820; d. June 29, 1881. Children b. in 
Windham, N. H. : Catherine Haseltine," b. July 3, 1848; d, Sept. 

14, 1848. Charles Haseltine," b. July 3, 1848; d. Sept. 14, 1848. 

II. James Dinsmoor Morrison," b. Nov. 22, 1820; d. Sept. 7, 1877; car- 

penter; res. Boston, Mass. He m., Dec. 27, 1848, Elizabeth M., 
daughter of Ebenezer Stevens, of Boston, Mass. Mrs. Mor- 
rison res. Boston, Mass. Children: James Thornton Mor- 
rison, « b. Jan. 10, 18.50; d. Aug. 14, 1864. Minnehaha Elisabeth 
Morrison," b. Feb. 4, 1856. 

III. William Allison Morrison," b. Sept. 3, 1822; d. Knight's Ferry, Cal., 

Nov. 19,1887; miner and farmer; went to California in 1849. 
He m., June 10, 1854, S. Garnier, who d. Feb 8, 1870; he m., 
2d, Jan. 14, 1871, Fanny Jeffers, who d. Jan. 16, 1882. Chil- 
dren: Charles A. Morrison," b. Sept. 10, 1855; res. Camp Har- 
ney, Oregon; farmer. Augusta Morrison," b. March 11, 1857; 
m. Edward Kenney; res. Modesto, Cal. Three children. Will- 
iam H. Morrison," b. Sept. 19, 1859; res. Camp Harney, Oregon; 
farmer. Frank P. Morrison," b. March 24, 1861; d. April 15, 
1865. James A. Morrison," b. Nov. 15, 1862; res. Knight's 
Ferry, Cal.; farmer; m. Child: Albert Allison MoiTison,^ b. 
April 21, 1889. George F. Morrison,e b. Dec. 11, 1864; res. 
Modesto, Cal. Edwin L. Morrison," b. Nov. 10, 1866; res. Mo- 
desto, Cal. Fred G. Morrison," b. Aug. 10, 1868; on home farm 
at Knight's Ferry, Cal. Thomas J. Morrison," b. April 8, 1872; 
at home, Knight's Ferry, Cal. Anna Belle Morrison," b. Dec. 
11, 1874; res. Modesto, Cal. 

IV. Hannah Aurelia Morrison," b. Jan. 1, 1825; educated at Derry, N. H. ; 

teacher in early life. She m., Oct. 3, 1850, Joseph Thornton 
Greeley, of Nashua, N. H., where they resided. He was b. 
Nov. 19, 1823; d. June 3, 1881. She res. in Nashua. Children 
b. in Nashua, N. H. : Joseph Greeley," b. Nov. 21, 1852; d. Nov. 
10, 1864. Frederick Thornton Greeley," b. Dec. 10, 1859; d. 
April 5, 1870. Ellen Dana Greeley," b. July 20, 1862; m. June 

15, 1887, Edward Jones Cutter, physician; res. Leominster, 
Mass. Katherine Morrison Greeley," b. July 7, 1864; m.,Oct. 7, 
1885, Henry Arthur Cutter, lawyer; res. Nashua, N. H. Child: 
Janet Cutter,' b. Jan. 20, 1889. 

V. Albert Augustine Morrison," b. Sept. 14, 1827. He occupies the Mor- 

rison homestead in Windham, on which lived Martha Allison 
and Lieut. Samuel Morison, member of the choir for forty 
years; member of the legislature in 1871 and 1872. He m., 
June 7, 1877, Clarissa, daughter of Robert Park and Sally 
(Gi-egg) Dinsmoor, of Windham. She was b. Jan. 25, 1849; d. 
Aug. 13, 1878. One child b. and d. Aug. 11, 1878. 

VI. Martha Morrison," b. Feb., 1830; d. Julv 11, 18.30. 

2. William Morrison,* b. Oct. 18, 1786; d. Jan. 23, 1812. 

3. Hannah Morrison,* b. Nov. 8, 1788; d. March 21, 1825. 


4. Allison Morrison,* b. Jan. 31, 1792; d. May 7, 1830. 

5. Naomi Morrison,* b. Oct. 12, 1794. "Aunt Naomi" resided on the 

bomestead until her death in Dec, 1886. Her life was quiet 
and full of good works. 

0. Tennant Morrison,-* b. June 24, 1797; d. April 27, 1833. 

7. Eliza Morrison,* b. Nov. 24, 1799; a teacher in early life. She m., 
Oct. 4, 1827, Dea. Theodore Dinsmoor, of Windham, N. H., and 
there resided. He was b. April 22, 1798; d. Aug. 26, 1870; 
-farmer. Children b. in Windham, N. H. : 

1. Samviel Morrison Dinsmoor,'^ b. May 31, 1831; carpenter; res. Yon- 

kers, N. Y. He m. Adelia H, Banta, of New York, N. Y. 
Child: Theodora Belle Dinsmoor," b. April 11, 1872. 

II. Edwin Orville Dinsmoor,^ b. Sept. 23, 1834; farmer and musician; 

res. on homestead in Windham ; was organist in church and 
member of choir for about forty years; has been auditor, 
supervisor, and representative, 1887-'89; single. 

III. Martha Amanda Dinsmoor,' b. Oct. 16, 1839; m., July 5, 1877, Hor- 

ace Anderson; res. Windham, N. H., where she d. July 19, 
1880; she was much beloved, and at her departure was much 

IV. Aurelia Jennette Dinsmoor,6 b. May 10, 1844; res. on the homestead 

in Windham, N. H. ; single. 

17. Catherine Morison,^ b. Sept. 20, 1745; d. May 5, 1815; m. Benjamin, 
son of William Thom, the emigrant; res. in Windham, N. H., 
on farm owned in 1890 by Joseph W. Dinsmoor in the Range. 
He was b. in Windham in 1747; d. June 2, 1811. Children b. 
in Windham, N. H. : 

1. Samuel Thom,* b. Aug. 29, 1775; d. Denmark, Iowa, Nov, 22,1865. 
Removed to Ohio in 1816, to Denmark, Iowa, in 1840; sjiip- 
builder and farmer; m., 1801, Elizabeth, daughter of William, 
and sister of the elder Gov. Dinsmoor; she was b. Dec, 1778. 
She was strong and vigorous, and retained her faculties until 
her death, Jan. 17, 1868, aged 90 years. Children b. Salem, 
Mass. : 

I. Catherine Thom,^ d. young. 

II, Eliza Thom,';b. June 2, 1802; m., Jan. 15, 1820, Dr. Joseph P. Stev- 

enson, of Meigs county, Ohio; removed to Denmark, Iowa, 
where he died. She d. there Oct. 22, 1842. Children: 
Samuel T. Stevenson,« b. Oct. 11, 1821; m., April 26, 1842, Theresa 
Guthrie, b. Dec. 14, 1822; res. near Oneida, Kansas. Children 
b. Denmark, Iowa: Charles G. Stevenson,^ b. March 16, 1844; 
res. Oneida, Kansas; m., July 21, 1868, Eliza J. Porter, b. Dec. 
6, 1843. Children: Amelia A. Stevenson,' b. Oct. 10, 1870: 
Charles H. Stevenson,^ b. Nov, 7, 1871; Hanasy J. Stevenson,8 b. 
April 19, 1873; Therese S. Stevenson,' b. May 28, 1877. Eliza 
Thom Stevenson,' b. July 16, 1845; m., Dec. 31, 1865, Nathaniel 
M. Fox, of Denmark, Iowa; res. in Denmark until 1881, since 
then in Seneca and Oneida, Kansas. Children b. Denmark, 
Iowa: Charles W. Fox,' b. March 18, 1867; teller in bank; res. 
Oneida, Kansas. Luella F, Fox,' b. Sept. 17, 1868; m., Oct. 8, 
1889, William Allison Fox; res. Hinsdale, 111.; he was b. July 
1, 1864. Samuel E. M. Stevenson,' b. April 28, 1848; m., 1872,, 
Celia Allen, b, 1854; res. near Oneida, Kansas, Children b. 
Denmark, Iowa: Dora Stevenson,' b. Jan., 1873. Celia Steven- 
son,' b. Dec, 1874; d. Jan., 1875. Timothy Stevenson,' b. Dec, 
1875. Nannie E. Stevenson,' b. Nov. 23, 1849; d. Jan. 20, 1877. 
Seldon Stevenson,' b. Aug. 5, 1862; d. Aug. IS, 1862. George 
E. Stevenson," b. Dec. 8, 1822; res. near Oneida, Kansas, m., 
March 20, 1844, Julia A. Rice, b. Aug. 31, 1824, Children b, 
Denmark, Iowa: Joseph P, Stevenson,' b. June 26, 1845; m,, 
Feb. 3, 1870, Sarah Fox, b, Jan. 7, 1844; George W. Stevenson',, 
b. April 8, 1860. 


John Dinsmpor Stevenson," b. July 11, 1825; m., Sept. 24, 1S4G, Celia 
A. Kice, b. Aug. 30, 182t>; res. near Oneida, Kansas. Chil- 
dren b. Denmark, Iowa: Amanda E. Stevenson,' b. Aug. 24, 
1847; d. Oct. 14, 186:3. Jonas R. Stevenscm,' b. Feb. 1, 1849; 
m., June 17, 1880, Lizzie Priest. Child : Mvrta P. Stevenson,^ b. 
Oct. 4, 1882. Eliza J. Stevenson,' b. Jan. 18, 18.51; m., May 11, 
1871, Charles B. Humphrey, b. July 1, 1847. Children: Selden 
D. Humphrey,' b. Feb. 25, 1872. Sarah L. Humphrey,' b. Aug. 
4, 1875. Lewis E. Humphrey,' b. June 25, 1878. Augusta C, 
Humphrey,' b. Sept. 18, 1881 ; d. Dec. 30, 1882. Julia A. Steven- 
son,' b. Nov. 4, 1852; m. Joseph Alter. Clara D. Stevenson,' b. 
Feb. 11, 1855; d. Nov. 2(5, 1857. John D. Stevenson,' b. May 2:3. 
1857; m., Dec. 18, 1878, Eliza B. De Lashmutt, b. Nov. 3, 1854. 
Children: Cornelia D. Stevenson,' b. Sept. 21, 1879. Walter P. 
Stevenson,' b. June 28, 1881. Alma G. Stevenson, s b. April 30, 
1885. Lewis E. Stevenson,' b. July 1, 18.59. Sherman E. Stev- 
enson,' b. Xov. 25, 1861; m., Sept. 11, 1886, Abbie H. Woolman, 
b. Oct. 18, 1867. Children: Koy Stevenson,' b. April 4, 1887. 
Herman A. .Stevenson,' b. Oct. 29, 1889. Clai-a E. Stevenson,' b. 
Nov. 21, 1864: m., Aug. 23, 1885, Edwin J. Humphrey, b. Nov. 
26, 1863. Cliildren: George S. Humphrey,' b. Aug. 11, 1886. 
Everett E. Humphrey,' b. Nov. 11, 1889. Ada B. Stevenson,' b. 
Oct. 27, 1866. Nellie I. Stevenson,' b. Feb. 7, 1870. Sumner S, 
Stevenson,' 1). June 19, 1876. 

Joseph E. Stevenson," b. Feb. 11, 1828; m.. May 5, 1849, Eva C. Bolin; 
res. Fort Madison, Iowa. Childi-en: George E. Stevenson,' b. 
Jan. 24, 1851 ; d. Jan. 20, 1860. John P. Stevenson,' b. March 
25, 1852; m., Oct. 15, 1878, Laura B. Bush: res. Fort Madison, 
Iowa. Child: Omillie E. Stevenson,' b. April 7, 1880. Eva W. 
Stevenson,' b. Nov. 24, 1854; m., Feb. 25, 1874, William L. Bruce. 
Children: .John E. Bruce,' b. Jan. 28, 1877. JIabel J. Steven- 
son,' b. March 7, 1880. Glen N. Stevenson,' b. March 24, 1886. 

2. William Wear Thom,^ b. Dec. 29, 1777; d., Dec. 16, 1870, at Mt. Des- 

ert, Me.; ship-builder and farmer; served five terms in Maine 
legislature; m., Sept. 10, 1807, Eliza Sotnes, of Mt. Desert, Me., 
b. Jan. 31, 1771; d. May 27, 1862. Cliildren: 

I. Catherine Morrison Thom,5 b. Julv 3, 1809; d. Aug. 8, 1833. 

II. Ann Somes Thom,= b. May 9, 1811 : d. April 7, 18l2. 

III. Ann Somes Thom,« b. July 3, 1813: m., Jan. 12, 1834, Elisha Was- 

gatt, of Mt. Desert, Me. 

IV. Julia Maria Thom,= b. Feb. 28, 1816; m. Thomas Mavo, Oct. 4, 1839; 

d. Dec. 22, 1855. 

V. Benjamin Thom.= b. April 9, 1819; res. Mt. Desert, Me.; d. 1889; 

m., April 23, 1850, Emeline Smith, of tliat place, b. Jan. 21, 
1833; nine children. 

VI. William Wear Thom,^ b. Dec. 9, 1824; d. Dec. 19, 1824. 

VII. Charlotte S. L. Thom,^ b. Aug. 1, 1826; m.. May, 1871, Daniel G. 

Somes, b. Sept. 15, 1825; res. Compton, Los Angeles county, 
Cal. ; four children. 

3. Isaac Thom,^ b. Jan. 31, 1780; d. Jan. 29, 1832, at South Boston, Mas?;. ; 

manufacturer; member of city council; m., April 16, 180'», 
Sophia Senter, of Windham, N. H., b. Feb. 29, 1789; d. March 
3, 1849. Children: 

I. Eliza Tlionij-^ b. March 3, 1810; m.,Dec. 6, 1831, Franklin F. Blood, b. 

June 28, 1852. She died Julv 16, 1839. Child : Clarinda Blood, 
b. Sept. 29, 1832; m. D. E. Fifield, of Janesville City, Wis. 

II. George Senter Thorn, f^ b. Dec. 14, 1811; res. Boston, Mass.; 

charge of the electric machinery in the tire-alarm department, 
and is deceased; m., Nov. 25, 1841, Mary B. Blaney. Children: 
Mary Frances Thorn," b. Oct. 10, 1842; "m., Aug. 29, 1859, Will- 
iam C. Babbitt, who d. 1890; res. Dighton, Mass. Four chil- 


dren: Caroline E. Thorn," b. July 5, 1845; d. Jan. 31, 1859. 
George PI. Thorn." 

III. Mary Pinkerton Thom,'^ b. Sept. 28, 1813; m., Dec. 3, 1834, William 

Aiken, b. Deering, N. H., Jan. 4, 1805; d. Worcester, Mass., 
April IS, 18(58; she died at Newton, Mass., June 28, 1859. Chil- 
dren: James S. Aiken," b. Dec. 4, 1S35. Marv F. Aiken," b. 
Sept. 10, 1839. William H. Aiken," b. May IG, 1849; graduated 
at Harvard college ; res. Somerville, Mass. 

IV. Catherine Morrison Thom,"^ b. Aug. 30, 1820; m. Lucius Greenslit, 

b. April ](■), 1834; res. Hampton, Conn. Child: Edward Green- 
slit," b. April 3, 1843. Winslow Lewis Thom," b. June, 1823; 
d. Dec. 21, 1824. Isaac Thom,'^ b. Aug. 6, 1825; d. Aug. 4, 1830. 
Sophia Tliom,«b. Sept. 20, 1827; d. Oct. 7, 1828. Artemus S. 
Thorn/' b. Feb. 5, 1830; d. Jan. 5, 1832. 

4. Benjamin Thom,* b. June 14, 1782; m., and lived in Charlestown, 

Mass. He lost his wife and two children. He soon afterward 
went West and was never heard from. 

5. Elizabeth Thom,^ b. Feb. 20, 1785; d. in Windham, N. H., February, 

1839; m., 1807, John Hughes, of Windham, b. August, 1781; d, 
March 31, 1851. Children b. Windham, N. H.: 

I. Olivia Grey Hughes,= b. June 20, 1808; m., May ], 1834, David Jones, 

of Lunenburg, Mass., and d. July 4, 18.52. He d. July 31, 1839. 
Children: Mary Elizabeth Jones," m. Enoch Merrill, of Xew- 
buryport, Mass. Four children: Charles Moulton Jones ;^ res. 
Dover, N. IL; m., Sept. 11, 18G7, Lydia Blaisdell. Frances Ann 
Jones," b. Sept. 15, 1857; d. aged i8 years. 

II. William Campbell Hughes,^ b-. Jan. 12, 1810; m. Lettice Merri- 

weather Smith, of Dunnsville, Va. ; res. Windham, N. H. He 
d. Sept. 23, 1875; she d. July 11, 1880. 

III. Martha Ann Hughes,'^ b. Jan. 20, 1812; m. Nathaniel Pillsbury, of 

Newburyport, Mass. She m., second, Caleb Pike, of Salisbury, 
Mass., who d. February, 1882. Children: Emily Wood Pills- 
bury," Harry Hughes IMllsbury," Mary Evelyn Pillsbury.*' 

IV. Benjamin Harvey Hughes,='b. Aug'. 10, 1814; res. Wiiidham, N. H.; 

m., Nov. 29, 1838, Betsev Jane Cochran; was selectman in 
1860-'61 ; d. about 1888. " Children b. Windham, N. H. : Ella 
Frances Hughes," b. Jan. 27, 1845; m., June 19, 1867, John B. 
Pike ; res. East Salisburv, Mass. ; several children. Kate 
Elizabeth Hughes," b. July 23, 1847; m. Granville E. Plum- 
mer; res. Londonderry, N. H. ; no children. Charles Harry 
Hughes," b. Jan. 30, 18b3; d. March 14, 1864. Florence Ardelle 
Hughes," b. Feb. 20, 18.57; d. Oct. 1, 1871. 

V. John Milton Hughes," b. Aug. 10, 1814; d. 1831. 

VI. Hannah Patterson Hughes,« b. Aug. 11, 1816; m., April 26, 1848, 

William S. Jones, of Lunenburg, Mass., b. Dec. 5, 1813. Chil- 
dren: Herbert Mortimer Jones/' b. Feb. 13, 1849. Nellie Ger- 
trude Jones," b. Aug. 3, 1851. Clara Adalaide Jones," b. March 
10, 1853. Martha Eldora Jones," b. March 12, 1855. Lizzie 
Frances Jones," b. March 11, 1859. 

VII. Jacob Nesmith Hughes," b. April 20, 1818; d. Dec. 3, 1837. 

VIII. Catherine Hughes, ^ b. April 20, 1818; d. in infancy. 

IX. Elizabeth Thorn Hughes," b. Nov. 8, 1821; m., April 27, 1852, Sam- 

uel Ilartwell, of Lunenburg, Mass., b. Concord, Mass., 1820. 
Children: Hattie Ann Ilartwell," b. September, 1877; d. aged 
24 years. Arthur Clarence Hartwell," d. 1857. Kate Alice 
Ilartwell," d. January, 1881. Cliarlottc Elizabeth Hartwell." 

X. Sarah Adelaide Hughes," b. March 23, 1824; m., Oct. 8, 1846, James 

Cochran; res. Windham, N. H. He wash. July 4, 1820; farmer; 
has been clerk, ])ost-mastcr, and member of the constitutional 
convention. Children: James A. Cochran," b. June 27, 1847; 
m., January, 1873, Ella Lowd, of Plymouth, Mass.; merchant; 
res. East Boston, Mass. ; several children. Mary Alice Coch- 


ran," b. Nov. 11, 1848; m., January, 1878, Leroy A. Barker; res. 
Windliam, N. H. Several children. John B. Cochran," b. 
Jan. 29, 1850; res. Boston, Mass. ; merchant. William B. Coch- 
ran," b. Sept. 5, 18o2; res. East Boston, Mass. Sarah A. Coch- 
ran,*^ b. March 16, 1854; m. Joseph Currier; res. Salisbury, 
Mass. Clara A. Cochran," b. July 26, 1856; d. Oct. 3, 1859. 
Emma M. Cochran," b. March 8, 1858. Ellen R. Cochran," b. 
Sept. 16, ]8()0. Charles H. Cochran," b. Oct. 10, 1865. 

XI, Samuel Orlando Husrhes,'^ b. Oct. 23, 1865; m. Eunice Heckles; res. 

California. Children: Henry Hughes," Mattie Hughes." 

XII, Isaac AVinslow Hughes," b. Dec'. 25, 1829; m., Sept. 7, 1858, Mary 

Merrill, of Newburyport, Mass.; res. Merri mac, Mass. Chil- 
dren: John Williarn Hughes," b. Oct. 25, 1860; Hattie Little 
Hughes," b. Aug. 28, 1862. Martha Ann Hughes," b. Aug. 24, 
1864. Charles Harvey Hughes," b. Dec. 14, 1866. Henry Mer- 
rill Hughes," b. Feb. 16, 1869. 

XIII, James Barnet Ilughes,^ b. Nov. 27, 1832; res. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
6. Martha Tliom,^ b. Sept. 24, 1787; m. Robert Boyd Dinsmoor; res. 

Windliam, N. H. Tliey died soon after marriage. 
18. Samuel Morisou-^* b. Sept. 28', 1748; d. Jan. 2, 1816; res. on the farm 
in Windliam, N. II., owned in 1890 by his grandson, Leonard 
Allison Morrison. He was a soldier of the Revolution, an elder 
in the church; was modei'ator, town-clerk, selectman, and 
representative. He m., May 20, 1779, Sarah, daughter of Rob- 
ert Park, of Windham, b. Sept. 4, 1757; d. Dec. 27, 1789; six 
children. He m., Aug. 31, 1792, second, Mrs. Margaret (Dins- 
moor) Armor, daughter of William Dinsmoor, and sister of the 
elder Gov. Samuel Dinsmoor, and widow of John Armoi', of 
Windham. She was b. Oct. 14, 1759; d. Sept. 18, 1837. Chil- 
dren b. Windham. N. H. : 

1. Martha Morrison,* b. Feb. 14, 1780; m. Dea. Jesse Anderson, b. 

Windliam, July 7, 1777; res. Windham, and d. Aug. 10, 1859. 
She d. Jan. 23, 1859, after an active and useful life. No chil- 

2. Jane Morrison,* b. Oct. 22, 1781; m. Joseph Thom, of Salem, N. H., 

where she d. Aug. 24, 1810. 

3. Samuel Morrison,* b. March 21, 1783; d. April 27, 1827. 

4. Robert Morrisoji,* b. May 22, 1785; d. Nov. 3, 1860; res. Windham, 

N. H.; farmer. He was an intelligent and strong-minded man. 
He m. Nancv McClearv, b. April 21, 1792; d. Oct. 14, 1876. 
Children b. Windham, N. H. : 

I. Kobert Park Morrison,'' b. Dec. 27, 1828; lived on the liome farm till 
1873; since then in Lawrence, Mass.; grain merchant. He 
was clerk and selectman. He m., Nov. 24, 1859, Harriet Ann 
Kelley, of Windham, b. May 21, 18:35. Children b. Windham, 
N. H. : Hattie .Frances MoVrison," b. July 2, 1862; res. Law- 
rence, Mass. Sherman Howard Morrison," b. Dec. 4, 1864; d. 
Aug. 24, 1876. 

IT. Rev. Samuel Morrison,^ b. April 22, 1830; clergyman; res. Cliarkon, 
Mass. ; graduated at Amherst college in 1859 and Bangor Theo- 
logical Seminary in 1864. He is an author of music, " Car- 
mina Centum," "published in 1882. He m., Sept. 17, 1884, Mrs. 
Rachel Frances (Hughes) Collins, widow of William Thomas 
Collins. She was b. at Ncu-th Truro, Mass., Sept. 17, 18:34. 

III. Rufus Anderson Morrison," b. March 10, 18:34; res. Washington, 

D. C. ; graduated at Amlierst college in 1859, and at Princeton 
Theological Seminary in 1862. His health failed, and he 
entered business life; is now an examiner in the Patent Office 
at Washington, D. C. ; single. 

IV. John Morrison,' b. Oct. 22, 18:37; res. Washington, D. C. ; prepared 

for college; then gave his attention to music for several years; 
member of 22d Regiment N. J. Vols., and is, in 1893, in the 


second auditor's office, Treasury Department, Washington, 

D. C. He m. Belvidere Dodge, at Mount Joy, Penn. Chil- 
dren: Helen Dodge Morrison," b. Mount Joy, Penn., Dec. 14, 
1873. Bertha Morrison," b. Washington, D. C, Jan. .5, 1877. 

5. James Morrison,* b. Nov. 17, 178(5; d. Aug. 1, 1871; res. Plymouth, 

N. H. ; farmer, elder in the church, and selectman of the town. 
H(! m. Miriam, daugliter of Nath'in Bean, of Candia, N. H. ; 
she d. Sept. 6, 1845. He m., second, in 1850, Mrs. Betsey 
Brown, of Orford, N. H. Children b. Plymouth, N. H. : 

I. Hannah Morrison, "^ b. March 20, 1810; m. Chester F. Ellis. She d. in 

Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 14, 188(i. Children: Sarah L. Ellis." Otis 
C. Ellis;" res. Michigan. Albert O. Ellis;" res. Haverhill, 
Mass. John M. Ellis;" res. Haverhill, Mass. 

II. Sarah Mori-ison,^ b. Nov. 4, 1812; m., George, who d. Jan. 1, 

1849. She m., second, Lewis L. Hill; res. Plymouth, N. H. 
Three children: Amanda J. Hill," Henry Hill," Amanda N. 

III. Miriam Jane Morrison," b. Nov. 29, 1814; d. in Haverhill, Mass., 

March 6, 1886. 

IV. James Otis Morrison,^ b. July 18, 1818; d. Oct. 23, 1824. 

V. Martha Anderson Morrison, = b. December, 1819; m., Feb. 18, 1842, 

Charles L. Hobart, who d. July 4, 18(52; res. Plymouth, N. H. 
Four children: Abbie Adams Hobart," Emma Jane Hobart," 
Willie C. Hobart," Julia Eliza Hobart." 

VI. John Jay Morrison,'^- b. March 22, 1822; d. Nov. 6, 1840. 

VII. Maria M. Morrison,r. b. Feb. 23, 1825; m., Nov. 28, 1853, Damon G. 

Deai-born, who d. Jan. 2, 1857; res. Plymouth, N. H. Child: 
Annie M. Dearborn." 

VIII. Cyrena Morrison,' b. May 14, 1827; d. Nov. 3, 1840. 

IX. Eliza Ann Morrison," b. April 14, 18;30; res. Haverhill, Mass. 

X. James Morrison," b. April 14, 1830; res. De Smet, South Dakota; 

was in 3r)th Regiment la. Vols. He m., Sept. 29, 1852, Amanda 
Shaw, b. Salisbury, N. H., May 28, 1833. Children: Edward 
A. Morrison," b. June 13, 1853. Clara A. Morrison," b. May 9, 
1856. John A. Morrison," b. Aug. 18, 1858; d. in California 
August, 1890. George A. Morrison" and Mary A. Morrison," b. 
Feb. 8, 1860. Everett A. Morrison," b. Oct. 5, 1863. James W. 
Morrison," b. Jan. 17, 1865. Estelle A. Morrison," b. July 22, 
1866. Sidney A. Morrison," b. Feb. 22, 1868. Joseph G. Moi*- 
rison," b. March 27, 1871. 

6. Stephen Morrison,* b. July 26, 1788; d. at Saugatuck, Mich., abotit 

1884. He res. at Barre, Vt. ; m., March 31, 1812, Euridice 
Earle, b. 1806; d. Oct. 27, 1867. Children: 

I. Stephen Augustus Moriison," b. May 18, 1815; res. Saugatuck, Mich.; 

m., May 7, 1842, M. E. Parkm'an, who d. 1880. Children: Julia 

E. Morrison," b. July 2, 1845; m. John Francis, April 13, 1870. 
Jessie S. Morrison," b. Oct. 23, 1853; m., Dec. 6, 1875, T. W. 
Leland; res. Saugatuck, Mich. Martlia Morrison," b. Oct. 28, 
1848; d. Jan. 15, 1849. Stephen Morrison," b. Dec. 3, 1849; d. 
1849. Hattie Moirison," 1). Sept. 5, 1856; d. Dec. 10, 18.56. 

II. Samuel Morrison," b. Sept. 28,1818; d. in Topeka, Kan., in 1881. 

He m., Anril 28, 1845, Lucia Harrington, who d. Nov. 15, 1854. 
He m., second, Mrs. Delia W. (Trowbridge) Wliite, of Chicago, 
111., who d. Dec. 6, 187(5. Children: Lowson II. Itlorriscm," b. 
June 2(5, 1847; Jn. Daidcc Cowan, of Topeka, Kan. Martha E. 
Morrison." b. Nov. 21, 18.50. Lulu Morrison," b. November, 
1857; d. Jan. 1, 1862. Annie L. Morrison," b. Jan. 10, 1862. 

ill. Cyrus Morrison," b. June 29, 1820; d. April 4, 1821. 

IV. Miles Morrison," b. April 18, 1822; farmer; res. Barre, Vt. He m., 
Jan. 25, iS47, Sabrina E. Gale, who d. Sept. 19, 18G2. He m., 
second, Feb. 25, 1864, Emma M. Taft. (Jhildrcn b. Barre, Vt.: 
M. Eugene Morrison," b. Nov. 22, 1847; m. Minerva Allen. 

^€^J^T^mAJi/l (^^cM^H^d^^^ 


John Gale Morrison," b. Nov. 7, 1854; res. Barre, Vt. Maud 

Myra Morrison,'' b. Aug. 28, 1871. 
V. Martha Morrison,'^ b. March 2, 1824; d. Sept. 22, 1847; m. Jan. 7, 

1847, Isaiah C. Little. 
YI. Myra Morrison,'^ b. March 2, 1824; m. Jan. 7, 1847, L. B. Walker; 

res. Chicago, 111. Cliildren: Stephen L. Walker," b. Dec. 6, 

1851. Ida M. Walker," b. Sept. 4, 1855; m. F. Dennis; res. 

Chicago, 111. Willis P. Walker," b. April 12, 1862. George L. 

Walker,"* b. April 7, 1865. 

7. Margaret Morrison,* b. Aug. 11, 1793; d. April 14, 1864; res. Belfast, 

Me. She m., Nov. 10, 1823, Capt. Andrew W. Park, b. Wind- 
ham, N. H., June 11, 1785, and d. in Belfast, Sept. 4, 1864. She 
was a person of superior mind and conversational powers, and 
was held in high regard. Children b. Belfast, Me. : 

I. Agnes Park,.^ b. Dec. 22, 1824; d. Dec. 29, 1824. 

II. Agnes Park,5 b. Jan. 8, 1826; d. Nov. 23, 1832. 

III. Margaret Mary Park,r. b. Jan. 11, 1828; m. Sept. 19, 1852, Isaiah 

Dinsmoor of Windham, N. H., who was b. Sept. 19, 1824; res. 
Windham, where he d. Sept. 20, 1881. She has been a writer 
for the Youth's Coinpanion and other periodicals. Children b. 
Windham, N. H.: Arthur Wallace Dinsmoor," b. Jan. -zii, 1854; 
m. May 13, 1876, Anne Donegan, of Reading, Mass. ; cabinet- 
maker; res. Boston, Mass; he d. Nov. 27, 1892. Children: 
Florence Edith Dinsmoor,' b. Aug. 26, 1877 ; Wallace Park Dins- 
moor,' b. Feb. 20, 1881; Jennie Louise Dinsmoor,' b. Dec. 28, 
1883; Lillie May Dinsmoor,' b. July 22, 1886; d. October, 1886; 
Arthur Dinsmoor,' b. June, 1887. William Weare Dins- 
moor," b. Sept. 14, 1859; res. Boston, Mass. He m., Sept. 14, 
1883, Anne Maria Macdonald, daughter of John Macdonald, of 
Jamaica Plain, Mass.; res. Boston, Mass. Children: Willie 
Bell Dinsmoor,' b. July 29, 1886; Clarence Macdonald Dins- 
moor,' d. March 3, 1891. Allen Park Dinsmoor,' b. Jan. 5, 
1890; d. Aug. 11, 1890. Charles Henry Dinsmoor," b. March 
21,1862; artist; res. Windham, N. H. Horace Park Dinsmoor,* 
b. May 3, 1863; res. Windham, N. H. He m. HelAi Louise 
Wheeler, daughter of Charles and Adaline (Gregg) Wheeler of 
y^lndham, N. H. She was b. Derry, N. H., April 22, 1864. 
Children: Sybil Louise Dinsmoor,' b. Jan. 1, 1889; d. Febru- 
ary, 1890. Sylvia Dinsmoor,' b. Dec. IS, 1890. 

lY. Martha Jane Park,5 b. May 17, 1832; res. Windham, N. H. 

Y. Lcuise Park,6 b. Sept. 24, 1834; res. Windham, N. H. 

YI. Horace Park,= b. Feb. 20, 1837; m., Jan. 29, 1868, Margaret Eliza- 
beth Morrison, daughter of Jeremiah Morrison of Windham, 
N. H. He is a farmer, and res. on home farm in Belfast, Me. ; 
has been a member of the city council. She was b. in Wind- 
ham, Dec. 25, 1838, educated at academy in Bradford, Mass. ; 
teacher. Children b. Belfast, Me. : Mabel Agnes Park,^ b. 
July IS, 1875. Edward Horace Park," b. Aug. 9, 1877. 

8. Jeremiah Morrison,* b. April 20, 1795; d. Nov. 24, 1862. He m., Jan. 

27, 1836, at Bradford, Mass., Eleanor Reed, daughter of Job 
and Elizabeth Reed Kimball, of Peacham, Yt. She was b. Jan. 
8, ISOS; d. of consumption, at Windham, Aug. 5, 1866. Her 
life of gentleness was crowded with denial of self, full of good 
works. Mr. Morrison possessed excellent judgment and an 
untarnished reputation; was active in the church, town, and 
religious society; was a justice of the peace many years, select- 
man, representative, member of constitutional convention, and 
filled other offices. He res. Windham, N. H., and d. there 
Nov. 24, 1862. Children b. Windham, N. H. : 
I. Christopher Merrill Morrison," b. Dec. 2, 1836; fitted for college, and 
while life was full of brightnes-* and hope, lie d. of consump- 
tion Dec. 22, 1857, aged 21 years, 20 days. 


II. Margaret Elizabeth Morrison," b. Dec. 25, 1838; m., Jan. 28^, 1868, 

Horace Park; res. Belfast, Me. (See Park family, p .53.) 

III. Edward Payson Morrison," b. Jan. 28, 1840; fitted for college at six- 

teen years of age; was a teacher; liis powers of mind'were the 
best. Wliile life had so much apparently awaiting him, con- 
sumption laid its wasting hand upon liim, and he died at 
Peacham, Vt., Aug. 5, 1858, aged 18 years, 6 months, 8 days. 
Ill a. Roderick Donald Morrison," b. Aug. 21, 1841; d. Sept. 19, 1841. 

IV. Hon. Leonard Allison Morrison,*^^ b. Feb. 21 , 1843 ; educated at Tilton, 

N. H. Seminary; has served as moderator lifteen years, and 
selectman of bis town, representative 1885-'87, state senator 
1887-89, chairman of committee on education in both branches; 
traveled in Europe in 1884 and in 1889. Is author of " History 
of the Morison or Morrison family," published in 1880; "His- 
tory of Windham in New Harnpshire," published in 1883; 
"Rambles in Europe, with historical facts relating to Scotch- 
American Families gathered in Scotland and the Nortli of Ire- 
land," published in 1887; "Amon'j the Scotch-Irish and through 
Seven Countries," published in 1891; " Biography and Lineage 
of the Norris Family," published in 1892; the "History of the 
Kimball Family " in preparation, and this "History of the 
Allison F.araily," also " Supplement to the History of Wind- 
ham in New Hampshire," and "History and Proceedings of 
the Celebration of tlie 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation 
of AVindham, N. H., held June 9, 1892," published 1892; de- 
gree of A. M. from Dartmouth college in 1884. Res. Wind- 
ham, N. H. 

9. John Morrison,^ b. June 19, 171)6; d. Sept. 12, 1865; res. Danvers and 

Lawrence, Mass. He d. in the latter place, Sept. 12, 1865. He 
m.. May 24, 1826, Mary Ann Nutting, of Danvers, Mass., who 
d. in Lawrence, Nov. — , 1880. Children: 

I. Mary Elizabeth Morrison," b. July 18, 1827; res. Lawrence, Mass.; d. 


II. Dennison Wallis Morrison," b. March 8, 1830; treasurer of Warren's 

^j Chemical Manufacturing Co., New York city. He m., Nov. 4, 
' 1857, Mary Jane, daughter of Luke Whitney, of Ashland, Mass.: 
^ res. New Rochelle, N. Y. ; no children. 

III. Sarah Marcia Morrison," b. March 24, 1834; teacher. She m.. May 

21, 1857, Dr. A. D. Blanchard, b. Medford, Mass., March 4, 
1823; res. Melrose, Mass. Children b. Lawrence, Mass.: Lucy 
Stanwood Blanchard,'' b. March 4, 1858; artist; m. L. J. Bridg- 
man, an artist; res. Melrose, Mass. She d. Jan. 26, 1862. Chil- 
dren: Blancliard Bridgman,' Neal Bridgman.' Andrew Den- 
man Blanchard, 6 b. June 17, 1860; cashier of bank; res. Mel- 
rose, Mass. He m. Lucy Nutting, of Lynn, Mass. ; one child. 
Mary Anna Blanchard," b. Aug. 21, 1864. Annie Rea Blanch- 
ard," b. .July 29,1869. 

IV. Anna Wallis Mojrison," b. March 8, 1837; teacher in public schools 

of Lawrence, Mass. 

V. Susan Coftran Morrison," b. Nov. 8, 1839; teacher in public schools 

of Lawrence, Mass. 

VI. John Henry Morrison,'^ b. June 6, 1844; d. July 14, 1845. 

10. Christopher Morrison,* b. Feb. 10, 1798; res. Plymouth, Salem, and 

Windliam, N. IL; represented Salem in the legislature; filled 
offices in Windliam, where he died Jan. 17, 18.59; single. 

11. Sarah Morrison,* b. Oct. 7, 1800; m. Dr. Milton Ward, May 7, 18-32. 

He was b. Plymouth, N. H., Sept. 1808; d. Del;i-oit, Mich., 
March 2, 1874; was an Episcopal clergyman. Slie had one 
child: Sarah .Jane Morrison Ward," b. Windham, N. H., May 
12, 18;W; was a teaclicr in the public schools at Lawrence, 
Mass. ; res. Lawrence, Mass. 
19. Robert Morrison," b. Feb. 6, 1758; d. April, 1808; m., Feb. 6, 1783, 


Agnes, daughter of James Bettoii. She was b. June 20, 17G0; 
d. July 1, 1792. Five children. He m., second, April 19, 1794, 
Eunice Dow, b. Oct. 20, 1770; d. Feb. 7, 1854. Children: 
1. Elizabeth Morrison,* b. Dec. 12, 1783; m. Abel Dow, and died in 
Windham, X. H., Sept. 28, 18G5. He d. Oct. 23, 1824. Chil- 
dren : 

I. AlvaDow,'^b. Feb. 13, 1812; d. Nov, 7, 1877; m., Nov. 30, 187t), Sarah 

Eumncv, of Biddeford, Me.; res. Marseilles, 111. Children: 
Vermeiia C. Dow," b. May 19, 18:^8; d. July 28, 1878; m. Nelson 
Rhines, of Marseilles. Children: Ella Mary Rhines,' Sadie 
Bell Rhines,' Alva Dow Rhines.' Oilman Corning Dow,^ b. 
Jan. 4, 1840; res. Lynn, Mass.; m., Dec. 16, 180.5, Hannah Jane 
Kelley. Children: Alva N. Dow,' Willie C. Dow,' Frank H. 
Dow,' Lillian A. Dow.' Sarah E. Dow,« b. Feb. 18, 1844; m., 
Nov. 7, 1808, W. J. Burnett, of Marseilles, 111. Children : Aleda 

B. Burnett,' William T. Burnett,' Lizzie M. Burnett.' Charles 
A. Dow,« b. Sept. 21, 1840; d. April 30, 1850. Emma F. Dow,» b. 
July 6, 1855; d. July 19, 1855. 

II. Robert M. Dow," b. Sept. 3, 1813; res. Bellevue, Sarpy Co., Neb. 

He m., Oct. 3, 1841, Ann W. Bennett, of Salem, N. H., b. Aug. 
19, 1813; d. June 10, 1850. He m., second. May 4, 1855, Emily 
R. Lane, b. March 2, 1827. Children: Olive H. Dow," b. July 
12, 1842; Robert H. Dow,", b. May 19, 1844; d. April 11, 1805; 
Willard W. Dow,^ b. July 20, 1840. Infant son d. July 10, 1850. 
Lizzie J. Dow,6 b. Aug] 31, 1850. Jessie F. Dow," b. Jan. 13, 
1858; .d. Oct. 30, 1865. Cora L. Dow,6 b. Aug. 13, 1860. Nellie 

C. Dow," b. July 18, 1802. Infant daughter," b. Dec. 13, 1863. 
Jessie L. Dow," b. Aug. 13, 1805. 

III. Nancy Eetton Dow,5 b. Mar -h 30, 1815; m., Dec. 31, 1835, Jonathan 

Massey, of Salem, N. H.; res. Morris, 111. She d. April 18, 
1875. 'He d. June 10, 1800. Children: Stillman E. Massey,^ b. 
Oct. 28, 18:30; res. Morris, 111; m., July 31, 1872, Miriam R. Bar- 
stow. Adeline B. Massey," b. June 12, 1841; m., Oct. 18, 1801, 
J.N. Raymond; res. Morris, 111. Children: Edward S. Ray- 
mond,' Howard Raymond.' Mvra S. Massey,"!). June, 1844; m., 
Jan. 30, 1873, Joseph H. Petti'tt; res. Morris, 111. Child: Mur- 
rell Pettitt.' Horace S. Massey," b. Aug. 16, 1851. Lizzie H. 
Massey," b. Sept. 24, 1852. 

IV. Lucinda Doav,"^ b. Oct. 22, 1810; m , Dec. 27, 18.38, Oilman Corning, 

of Salem, N. H. ; res. Haverhill, Mass., where she died in 1889. 
He res. Salem, N. H., 1893. Child: Albian James Corning," b. 
Nov. 7, 1841; an apothecary; res. Baltimore, Md. ; m., Nov. 12, 
1871, Margaret Shepard Woodside, of Baltimore. Children: 
John Woodside Corning' and Charles Francis Corning,' b. Dec. 
10, 1872. Abram James Corning,' b. July 27, 1870. 

V. Betsey Dow," b. June 20, 1818; d. Dec. 27, 1854; m. (second Avife), 

Aug. 29, 1849, Ebenezer T. Abbott, of Windham, N. H., b. May 
27, 1804; d. March 2, 1853. Child: Jacob Abbott," b. June 17, 
1850; d. Sept. 20, 1857. 

VI. Philena Dow,-' b. Sept. 8, 1820; m., Dec. 26, 1839, Samuel Carter 

Jordan, of Kennebunk, Me., b. Jan. 20, 1818; res. Morris, 111. 
Shed. Sept. 7, 1880. Children: Elizabeth Hannah Jordan," b. 
May 15, 1841; d. Jan. 11, 1844. Alvah Reynolds Jordan," b, 
Dec. 13, 1842; m., June 18, 1809, Sarah D. Parmelie; lawyer; 
res. Morris, 111. 

VII. Hannah Dow,= b. Dec. 27, 1822; d. Sept. 1842. 

VIII. Abel Dow,= b. Dec. 12, 1824; m., Sept. 28, 1849, Rhoda Ann, 

daughter of Samuel Plummer, of Salem, N. H. ; res. Windham, 
N. H. ; the owner and manager of Granite State Grove and 
boats on Canobie lake ; was representative in 1877, and again 
in 1879 and 1880. Children b. Windham, N. H. : Martha Mor- 
rison Dow," 1). Dec. 15, 1850; d. Aug. 27, 1852. George Plum- 



mer Dow/ b. Nov. 2S, 18.52; res. Windham, N. H. Charles 
Allison Dow," b. Dec. 24, 18.54; m., Dec. 24, 1878, Ada Dow, 
daughter of William Colby, of Salem, N. H. ; res. Windham, 
N. H. Children: Charles Abel Dow,' b. March 15, 1880. Lura 
Edna Dow,' b. April 24, 1881. Willard Elbridge Dow,« b. Oct. 
6, 1850; m.. Dec. 14, 1880, Alice Heath, daughter of Lorenzo 
and Sarah Elizabeth (Heath) Fairbanks, of Boston, Mass., b. 
July 11, 18()1; is in electric light business; re?. Braintree, 
Mass. Children: Alice Rebecca Dow,' b. Dec. 8, 1881, Alvah 
Morrison Dow,' Clarence Dow.' Lizzie Lucinda I)ow,6 b. .July 
27, 1859; m., Dec. 30, 1880, Albert Onslow Alexander, of Wind- 
ham, N. H., where he was b. May 22, 1857; store-keeper, post- 
master, and station-agent at Canobie Lake, N. H. She d. Feb. 
17, 1898. Children: Hannah May Alexander,' b. Dec. 14, 1892. 
George Alexander.' Marion Louise Dow," b. Aug. 13, 1876. 

2. Martha Morrison,* b. April 24, 178-5; d. Oct. S, 1802. 

3. Silas Morrison,* b. March 4, 1787; d. April 7, 1814. 

4. Samuel Morrison,* b. July 1, 1789; d. aged 10 months. 

5. Robert Morrison, < b. June 5, 1791; d. aged 4 months. 

6. Asa Morrison,* b. Feb. 10, 1795; d. June :3, 1871. He m., Feb. 18, 

1820, Lydia Allen, b. Salem, N. H., Jan. 28, 1828. He m., sec- 
ond, Nancy Scully, in 1838; res. Hopkinton, N. H., and Poka- 
gon, Mich. Children: 

I. Martha Ann Morrison,^ b. Aug. 12, 1821; m., Nov. 7, 1838, B. F. Sil- 

ver, b. Hopkinton, N. H., Nov. 8, 1808; res. Pokagon, Mich. 
Child: Helen Adalaide Silver, b. Sept. 3, 1845; d. May 27, 1874; 
m. A. .1. Sammon; res. Pokagon, Mich. 

II. Nancy Morrison, = b. Aug. 22, 1823; m., 1842, James Sullivan, grand- 

son of Gen. John Sullivan, of Revolutionary fame, b. Exeter, 
N. H., Dec. 6, 1811; lawver; d. at Dowagiac, Cass Co., Mich. 
She d. May 6, 1848. Child: Clara Sullivan,'' b. April, 1843; d. 
Sept. 22, 1802. 

III. Lydia A. M()rrison,« b. Jan. 21, 1828; m., Nov. 13, 1847, Henry Lind- 

sey Iludd. She is dead. Res., 1882, Peoria, Oregon. Children: 
Ellen N. Rudd,' b. June 17, 1855; d. Oct. 21, 1857. Lura Allen 
Rudd,' b. May 9, 1860. Harry Z. Rudd,' b. Aug. 27, 1862. 

7. Nancy Morrison,* b. Aug. 17, 1796; m. Rev. Abraham Dow Merrill, 

Feb. 14, 1817. She d. Jan. 29, 1860. She possessed brilliancy 
of thouglit and expression, and with remarkable fidelity per- 
formed the arduous duties of a Methodist clergyman's wife. 
He was b. March 7, 1896, and was one of the noted men of his 
denomination. He d. April 29, 1878. Children: 

I. Martha Mehitable Merrill, '^ b. Salem, N. H., 1817; m., 18:39, Samuel 

Richardson Allen, who d. in Somcrville, Mass., .Ian. 22, 1852. 
She d. there May 13, 18.50. Children: Susan Amelie Allen," b. 
1840: d. Feb. 8, 1860. Benjamin Franklin Allen," b. 1842; d. 
March 8, 1860. Edward Everett Allen," b. Aug. 5, 1845; m., 
June 6, 1872, Fannie, daughter of Isaac Robbins, of Watertown, 
Mass. Is connected with Downer Kerosene Oil Works, Water- 
town, Mass. ; res. Boston, Mass. 

II. John Milton Merrill,^ b. Salem, N. H., 1819; m, Mary Bassett Par- 

tridge Hills, of HoUiston, Mass., b. Dec. 15, 1810. He was a 
clergyman, 15 years in the ministry; liis health failing, he 
entered business life, andd. March 17, 1881. Children: Martha 
R. Merrill," b. April 20, 1843. Mary S. Merrill," b. Dec. 25, 
1844; m., April 26, 1871, Frederick Ernest Boden, of Corry 
Plain. Children: John Merrill Boden,' h. Nov. 25, 1872; Fred- 
erick Jirncst Boden, Jr.,' b. Aug. 4, 1874. Abraham D. Mer- 
rill," b. July 15, 1847; d. Aug. 12, 1847. Abram D. Merrill," 2d, 
d. in infancy. John J. Merrill," 1>. Nov. ;W, 1848; m., Nov. 20, 
1875, Alice RatclitTe. of Belmont, N. Y. He d. April 25, 1876, 
Child: Jolm Joshua Merrill,' b. Sept. 1, 1876. Rufus B. Mer- 


rill," b. March 16, 1852. Alva Morrison Merrill," b. May 15, 
1854. Nathaniel C. Merrill,* b. June 17, 1855. Wilhelmina 
Arabella Merrill," b. Jan. 23, 1861; m., July 18, 1881, Nathan 
Bushnell, of Bradford, Penn. Child: Rosalia Bushnell,' b. Jan. 
13, 1883. 

III. Jacob S. Merrill,= b. Oct. 17, 1821 ; m. Harriet D. Barnes, of Boston, 

Mass., Sept. 1, 1842, who d. in Cambrido;e, Mass., Nov. 15, 1873, 
and was b. in Newton, Mass., Sept. 23, 1814; res. Waketield, 
Mass. Children: George A. B. Merrill, ^ b. Boston, Mass., Jan. 
6, 1844; m. Eliza Isabel Peabody, of Salem, Mass.,b. June 17, 
1862; res. Wakefield, Mass. Child: Morrison Merrill,' b. Dec. 
8, 1881. Harriet E. Merrill," b. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 31, 
1847. Martha E. Merrill," b. Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 23, 1849. 
Caroline F. Merrill," b. April 20, 1851 ; d. Jan. 2U, 1860. 

IV. Diantha F. Merrill,-^ b. Oct. 2, 1824; d. March 2, 1827, in Barre, Vt. 
\. William B. Merrill,^ b. Barre, Vt., Aug. 15, 1826; m., June 9, 1853, 

Mary B. Dyer, of Boston, Mass., b. Oct. 8, 1830. He is a direc- 
tor and partner in the Downer Kerosene Oil Co., of Boston, 
Mass.; res. 147 West Concord St., of that city. Child: Ade- 
laide Snow Merrill, eh. June 22, 1854; m., June 26, 1876, Thomas 
E. Tuttle; res. Boston, Mass. Children: William Merrill Tut- 
tle,7 b. April 15, 1879. Lizzie Holmes Tuttle,' b. Nov. 12, 

VI. Joshua Merrill, 5 b. Duxbury, Mass., in 1828; m. Amelia S. Grigg, 

of Boston, Mass., June 13, 1849, b. Boston, Dec. 25, 1830. Is 
permanently connected with Downer Kerosene Oil Co. : res. 
East Chester Park, Boston, Mass. Children: Isabella Morri- 
son Merrill," b. April 10, 1850; m., Feb. 10, 1868, George H. 
Richards, Jr., of Boston, merchant; res. Boston, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Herbert Wilder Richards,' and George H. Richards,' d. 
in infancy. Joshua Merrill Richards,' b. Jan. 12, 1883. Will- 
iam Bradley Merrill,^ b. Dec. 10, 1852; d. Oct. 9, 1853. Amelia 
Grigg Merrill," b. March 17, 1854; m., June 2, 1875, Mark Hol- 
lingsworth; res. Boston, Mass. Nellie G. Merrill,* b. Sept. 22, 
1858; d. Sept. 19, 1863. Gertrude B. Merrill," b. Dec. 11, 1862. 
Joshua Merrill," b. June 21, 1871. 

VII. Abraham H. Merrill," b. in Lynn, Mass., March 8, 1831; m. Martha 

A. B. Forbes, of Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 25, 1851, b. July 4, 
18:34; farmer, literateur, artist; res. Salem, N. H. Children: 
Alice E. Merrill," b. Feb. 21, 1858. Annie M. Merrill," b. March 
28, 1864; d. June 19, 18(54. 

VIII. Rufus S. Merrill," b. Lowell, Mass., July 5, 18:33; m. Mary A. 

Stoddard, of Boston, Oct. 7, 1851; connected witli the Downer 
Kerosene Oil Co., and has made many noted inventions; res. 
Arlington Heights, Boston, Mass. Children: Charles S. Mer- 
rill," b. March 27, 1853; n^, June 27. 1878, Emma J. Abbot, of 
Hyde Park. Child: Mary Augusta Merrill.' Rufus F. Mer- 
rill," b. Dec. 31, 1855; m., Oct. 16, 1869, Cora E., daughter of 
Horatio H. Hubbard, of Hyde Park, Mass. Willis C. Mer- 
rill," b. May 27, 1861. Walter E. Merrill," b. July 23, 1866. 
Mary A. Merrill," b. April 29, 1869. Nancy Merrill," b. Dec. 30, 
8. Ira Morrison,* b. July 18, 1798; d. March 10, 1870; res. Ripley, Me., 
Salem, N. H., and d. in Braintree, Mass. He m. Sophia Colby, 
of Hopkinton, N. H., b. March 3, 1801; res. Braintree. She d. 
Oct. 16, 1891. Ciiildren: 

I. Catherine Colby Morrison,' b. Jan. 10, 1825; m. John Whittaker, 

April 3, 1850; res. Braintree, Mass. Children: Horace F. 
Whittaker," b. May 31, 1851; d. March 30, 1881. Luella E. 
Whittaker," b. Nov. 29, 1853 ; m., Jan. 16, 1876, Francis French, 
of Bi-ockton, Mass. She d. Feb. 2, 1883. 

II. Benjamin Lyman Morrison,'' b. March 28, 1828; m., Nov. 22, 1855, 


Lydia Pennimau; woollen manufacturer; res. Braintree^ 
Mass. ; d. Oct. 1886. Children: Lyman AVillard Morrison/ b. 
Nov. 2, 1858 ; m. Cora I. Bates, of Braintree, i[, Nov. 20, 
1883. Helen Maria Morrison," b. Sept. 7, 1867 ; res. Braintree, 

III. Nancie Todd Morrison, = b. Dec. 26, 1836; teacher and artist; res. 

Rowley, Mass. 

IV. IraPlummer Morrison," b. April 22, 1842; m., May 16, 1871. Mary 

Smith, of Weymouth, Mass.; res. Braintree, Mass. Children: 
Fninklin Morrison," b. May 17, 1872; d. May 16, 1877. Grace 
Morrison," b. Jim. 20, 1875. 

9. Mary Morrison,* b. March 25, 1800 ; m. Dea. Jonathan Cochran ; res. 

Windham, N. H., and after 1842, in Melrose, Mass., where she 
d. March 18. 1885. He was b. June 9, 1781, and d. in Mel- 
rose, Mass., Jan. 6, 1885. Children b. Windham, N. H. : 

I. Silas Morris Cochran,'^ b. June 24, 1819; d. Dec. 16, 1866; lawyer; 

res. Baltimore, Md., and was an associate •justice of the court 
of appeals. He m. Mary Needham, of Baltimore. She d., and 
he m., second, Dec. 28, 1859, Charlotte llockwood, of Cam- 
bridge, Mass., who res. at Newton, Mass. Children: Arthur 
Cochran," b. Aug. 27, 1864. Agnes Langdon Cochran," b. July 
4, 1866. 

II. Linus Cochran,5 b. Jan. 8, 1821 ; d. Aug. 25, 184.3. 

III. Nelson Cochran,^ b. Feb. 3, 1824; m., Jan. 24, 1850, Emily Green, b. 

Maiden, Mass., May 24, 1829. He d. in Melrose, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Maurice G. Cochran," b. Feb. 8, 185G. Clarence Coch- 
ran," b. Feb. 26, 1858. Mary E. Cochran," b. March 18, 1868. 

IV. Isaac Augustus Cochran,^ b. Nov. 21, 1826; d. May 24, 1841. 

V. Emily Jane Cochran," b. Aug. 29, 1832 ; m. Asa Dow, a business 

man; res. Chicago, 111. Children: Alice Cochran, s Harold 

10. Benjamin Morrison,* b. July 22, 1802; d. March 31, 1815. • 

11. Leonard Morrison,* b. May 4, 1804; d. April 26, 1875; a woollen 

manufactvirer, and a man of much excellence of character ; res. 
Salem, N. H., Lawrence, Mass., and Byfield, Mass.; d. in lat- 
ter place. He m., April 8, 1827, Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur 
Bennett, of South Middleboro, Mass. She d. in 1882, in Brain- 
tree, Mass. Children: 

I. Maria Elizabeth Morrispn,"^ b. Nov. 16, 1828; m., April 26, 1849, Amos 

Dow; res. Salem, N. H. She d. Dec. 22, 1859. He d. Sept. 22, 
1855. Children: Alvin Edson Dow," b. March 15, 1852 ; d. Sept. 
11, 18.52. Maria Lizzie Dow," b. Nov. 10, 1853; m., Sept. 19, 
1875, George W. Adams, of Newbury, Mass. Child: Raymond 
Morris Adams,' b. Oct. 30, 1876. Lura Amanda Dow," b. March 
15, 1856. 

II. Leonard Almy Morrison,"^ b. Oqt. 29, 1835; m., April .5, 1857, Amanda 

Regina Huse, of Manchester, N. H. He d. July 2, 1872. She 
married again. Children: Almy Edson Morrison," b. June 11, 
1858. William Huse Morrison,' b. May 5, 1861. Ina Blanche 
Morrison," b. May 8, 1871. 
12. Hon. Alva Morrison,* b. May 13, 1806; d. May 28, 1879. He was a 
woollen manufacturer; res. Braintree, Mass. He possessed 
g]-eat energy of chitracter and business capacity ; was a member 
of the Massachusetts house and senate. lie m., July 11, 1830, 
Myra Soutlnvorth, of Stoughton, Mass., b. Nov. 3, 1810, and 
she d. (18<)0) in Braintree, Mass. He d. theie. Children: 

I. M. Lurette Morrison,"* b. Dec. 4, 1833; m., April 15, 1853, Horace 

Abercrombie; res. Braintree, Mass. Children: Helen M. 
Abcrcrombie," b. June 13, 18.55. Elmer Ellsworth .Vbercrom- 
bie," b. April 27, 1861 ; m., June 6, 1889, Annie L. Coleman, of 
Boston, Mass. 

II. Alva S. Morrison," b. Nov. 9, 1835; m., Nov. 9, 1857, Lizzie A. Cur- 


tis, of Weymouth, Mass., who d. Jan. 7, 1874. He m., second, 
Rebecca Hulyoke, of Marlborough, Mass., June 13, 1875. He 
is the senior member of the firm of A. 8. Morrison & Bros., 
manufacturers ; was a member of the legislature in 1883 ; res. 
Braintree, Mass. Children: Frank Russell Morrison," b. April 
6, 1800 ; d. Aug. 10, 1800. Anna Gertrude Morrison," b. Sept. 
23, 1802; m., Oct. 29, 1884, Aubry Hilliard; res. Braintree, 
Mass. Children: Carrie G. Hilliard,' b. Sept. 7, 1885. Curtis 
M. Hilliard,' b. Aug. 5, 1887. Ruth Hilliard,' b. May 25, 1888; 
d. Dec. It), 1889. Walter Ellis Morrison," b. May 10, 1804; m, 
June 14, 1887, Edith A. Follansbee, of Brookline, Mass. ; res. 
Braintree, Mass. Child: Ibrahim Morrison,' b. Feb. 9, 1889. 
Fred (Tilbert Morrison," b. April 20, 1800; m. Anna Isabella 
Johnson, of Boston, Mass., Feb. 2, 1888; res. Braintree, Mass. 
Children: Norma Grace Morrison,' b. Oct. 16, 1888. Blanche 
Morrison,' b. Feb. 24, 1890. Mira Isabel Morrison," b. Nov. 14, 
1S07; m., June 25, 1890, Albert E. Kingsbury, of Holbrook, 
Mass. Grace Curtis Morrison," b. Dec. 30, 1870 ; d. Sept. 27, 
1872. Alice Southworth Morrison," b. May 20, 1878. 

III. Mary C. Morrison,^ b. March 10, 18:38; d, Dec. 29, 1839. 

IV. E. Adelaide Morrison,' b. Dec. 29, 1839; m., Jan. 15, 1802, Lewis 

Bass, Jr., of Quincy, Mass; res. Quincy, Mass. Children: 
Lewis Morrison Bass," b. May 4, 1803; d. Aug. 26, 1803. Lewis 
Bass," b. May 27, 1871. Alva M. Bass," b. July 12, 1874. 

V. Robert Elmer Morrison,' b. May 12, 1843 ; res. Braintree, Mass. ; firm 

of A. S. Morrison & Bros. He m., Jan. 5, 1870, Sarah It. 
Gregg, of Quincy, Mass. Cliildren b. Braintree, Mass. : Mabel 
S. Morrison," b. Sept. 3, 1871. Lizzie Curtis Morrison," b. Jan. 
14, 1875. Joseph Gregg Morrison," b. Feb. 24, 1880. 

VI. Augustus M. Morrison,' b.'^Dec. 7, 1840; d. Nov. 17, 1875. 

VII. Ibrahim Morrison,' b. Oct. 21, 1848; res. Braintree, Mass. ; woollen 

manufacturer of the firm of A. S. Morrison & Bros. He m., 
Jan. 20, 1870, Mary L. Rodgers, of East Marshfield, Mass. 
20. Martha Morrison,^' b. Nov. 17, 1761 ; d. in Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 
23, 1830; m. Rev. Gilbert Tennent Williams. He d. in Fnv 
mingham, Mass. Childi-en: 

1. Simon Tennent Williams,* b. May 20, 1790 ; res. Boston, Mass. 

2. Martha Williams,^ b. July 29, 1792 ; m. Alfred W. Pike. Four chil- 

dren: Martha L. Pike,' Alfred W. Pike,' Samuel J. Pike,' Jo- 
seph G. W. Pike.' 

3. Samuel Morrison Williams,* b. Nov. 24, 1797 ; res. Lowell, Mass ; d. 

about 1890. 

4. John Adams Williams,* b. Oct. 17, 1799; d. Aug. 9, 1805, in Boston, 

ivr 1 s s 

5. Constant Floyd Williams,* b. Nov. 11, 1801 ; d. Albany, N. Y., in 18;!2. 

6. Janet Alison^ [2] Samuel.^ She was b., probably, in 
the parish of Aghadowey, county of Londonderry, Ireland, in 
1712, and came to America in 1718, and settled in the town- 
ship of Londonderry, N. H., in 1719, with her father's family. 
She m. Samuel Morison,^ son by a late marriage, of John 
Morison^ and Janet Steele, the patriarchal ancestor of the 
Morisons of Peterborough, the Morrisons of Windham, and 
many of the Morrisons of Derry and Londonderry, N. H., and 
Londonderry, Nova Scotia. This Samuel Morison was a 
half uncle of Lieut. Samuel Morison of Windham, who m. 


Martha Alison, the sister of the subject of this sketch. Sam- 
uel Morison^ was b., probably, in the parish of Aghadowey, 
Ireland (from which came Rev. James McGregor, and a por- 
tion of his flock, who settled in Londonderry, N. H.), in 
1719, and came with his father previous to 1723 (but not in 
1719) and settled on the farm which had been deeded to 
their "honored father," John Morison,i by Charter James 
Morisou,^ ancestor of the Morrisons of Windham, and Char- 
ter John Morison,^ ancestor of the Morisons of Peterborough, 
N. H., and of Londonderry, Nova Scotia. On this farm, 
Samuel Morison^ and his wife, Janet Allison, spent their 
lives. It is an exceedingly pleasant farm and locality, in 
Derry (Dock), N. H., owned by Charles Day. They lived 
to a rare old age, she dying Jan. 8, 1800, at 87 yrs. He d. 
June 21, 1802, at 92 yrs. 

[For fuller record of Janet Allison's descendants, see pp. 246-254, " His- 
tory of the Morison or Morrison Family."] 


7. Joseph Morrison,^ b. 1742; single; lived on the homestead in London- 

derry, N. H., where he died April 16, 1814, at 72 yrs. 

8. Samuel Morison,^ moved to Walpole, N. H., and d. there Dec. 8, 



1. Jane Morrison,* b. April 10, 1780; m. John Cooper in 1808, vv^ho vras 
b. Dec. 28, 1775, and d. in Alstead, N. H., April 1, 1854. She d. 
there July 12, 1857. Children: 

1. Charles Lewis (Jooper," b. March 5, 1809; d. June 8, 1868. 

II. Laura A. Cooper,'* b. June 30, 1810; d. Aug. 22, 1847; m. in Lang- 

don, N. H., Esdras Smith. 

III. George W. Cooper,' b. Oct. 21, 1818; m. Katherine Buchanan; res. 

St. James, N. B.; d. Dec. 18, 1878. Four children. 

IV. James S. Cooper,"* b. Oct. 18, 1820; res. St. James, N. B. ; m. Janet 

Cameron. Nine children. 

V. Mary Ann Cooper,"* b. Nov. 15, 1820; m. William F. Kennedy; res. 

St. James, N. B. Eight children. 

VI. Margaret E. Cooper,' b. Nov. 23, 1823; m. William Barbour; res. St. 

James, N. B. She d. April 12, 18.57. Three children. 

VII. Robert C. Cooper," b. Dec. 8, 1828; m. Sarah J. Allen; res. St. 

James, N. B. Ten children. 

2. Samuel Morrison,* lived and d. in Walpole, N. II. ; single. 

3. Robert Morrison,* b. Londonderry, N. H., Jan. 27, 1786; d. Alstead, 

N. H., in 1S47; m. Sally Prouty. She d. Somerville, Mass., 

Aug. .30, 1856. Children: 
I. Solon D. Morrison,' b. June 30, 1816; res. Alstead, N. H. 
ir. Samuel J. Morrison,'!). Oct. 27, 1817; d. Boston, Mass. 

III. Sarah Ann Morrison,' b. Dec. 28, 1818; m. John S. Winn; d. Bos- 

ton, Aug. 2, 1870. 

IV. Joseph H. Morrison,' b. Jan. 14, 1820; res. San Francisco, Cal. 


V. Fanny Morrison/ b. Sept. 13,1821; m. George Case; res. San Fran- 

cisco, Cal. 

VI. Milton D. Morrison,' b. Dec. 21, 1822; d. Aug. 20, 1824. 

VII. Mary D. Morrison," b. Dec. 21, 1822; d. Jan. 19, 1823. 

VIII. Margaret E. Morrison,""' b. Dec. 28, 1823; d. Dec. 24, 1824. 

IX. Charles W. Morrison,-"' b. Dec. 23, 1824; d. Jan. 11), 1870, in San 

Francisco, Cal. 

X. Caroline N. Morrison,'' b. Dec. 23, 1824; m. L. K. Whitcomb; res. 

Boston, Mass. 

XI. Margaret C. Morrison, s b. May 16, 1827; d. Dec. 28, 1867, in San 

Francisco, Cal. 

XII. Betsey J. Morrison,^ b. April 10, 1829; d. 1849. 

4. Mary H. Morrison,^ b. March 7, 1789; m. James C. Christie of New 

Boston, N. H. ; res. St. James, N. B. where she d., Aug. 29, 

5. Joseph Morrison,^ d. in Wisconsin. 

6. John Morrison,* d. in Walpole, N. H. 

7. Betsey Morrison,^ b. 1795; m. Luther Fay, who d., and she m., second, 

Calvin Chapman, of Keene, N. H., and d. Oct. 18, 1878. 

9. Thomas Morison,^ b. 1747; d. April 2, 1804, in Londonderry, N. H. ; 


10. Catherine Morison.' She m. John Reed, of Londonderry, N. H. 

She d. April 14, 1820. Seven children. 

11. William Morison,* b. 1745; removed to Walpole, N. H., and d. in 

Reading, Vt., in 1833, at 88 yrs. He m. Margaret Thompson, 
of Alstead, N. H., who d. Dec. 27, 1864, in Reading, Vt. Chil- 
dren : 

1. Priscilla Morrison,* b. June 27, 1802; m. Hii'am Rice; res. Reading, 


2. Calvin Morrison,* b. Jan. 29, 1803; d. Cavendish, Vt., April 25, 1854. 

Four children. 

3. Prudy Morrison,* b. Nov. 21, 1805; d. July 21, 1821. 

4. Mary Morrison,* b. Jan. 21, 1807; d. Rockingham, Vt., June, 1881. 

5. Sherburne Morrison,* b. 1809; res. Boston, Mass. 

6. George W. Morrison,* b. June 11, 1811; a prominent business man; 

res. Rockingham, Vt. He m. Betsey Emery, b. July 23, 1812; 
d. April 15, 1871. Three children: George W. Morrison,= b. 
Sept. 7, 1846; res. Rockingham, Vt. ; m. Hattie Wetherbee; 
Three children. Mary J. Morrison, = b. Aug. 20, 1850; m. 
Norman G. Gould, who d. July 31, 1874. Child: Melissa B. 
Gould. Sherburne C. Morrison,^ b. Sept. 1, 1854; res. Mabel- 
ton, la. 

7. WilHam L. Morrison,* b. 1813; m., April 11, 1843, Sarah Hatch; res. 

Cavendish, Vt. 

8. Jane H. Mo)rison,*b. 1810; m. John Monroe, of Boston, Mass., and 

d. Sept. 10, 18.54. 

12. John Morison,^ b. and d. in Waljiole, N. H. ; single. 

13. Jane Morison,' b. Oct. 20, 1755; single; d. Londonderry, Dec. 9, 


14. Mary Morrison,'* b. 1757; lived on the homestead in Londonderrv, 

N. IL, and d. Nov. 13, 1835, aged 78 yrs. 

21. Capt. Samuel Allison^ [5], SainueP. He was born 
in Londonderry, N. If., in 1722 ; married Janet, daughter of 
Andrew and Betty (Christy) McFailand.^ She was born in 

' Andrew and Betty (Christy) McFarland fled from the troubles in Scot- 
land to Londonderry (county or city), Ireland, and emigrated later to 
America, landing al Bost(m, Mass., probably betv.ecu 1718 'and 1722, 
where they were married. She is said to have been very beautiful, antl 
those of her descendants who possess that charming quality, attribute it 


Rowley, Mass., in 1724 ; d. Oct. 16, 1809, in Weathersfield, 
Vt. (at the home of her son, James Allison, where she lived 
the latter part of her life), at 85 years, and is buried there; 
there is no stone at Weathersfield to mark her grave. Cap- 
tain Allison died in Londonderry, June 5, 1792. He suc- 
ceeded his father upon the home farm near Derry, East 
Village, and was prominent and active in town affairs ; was 
intelligent and intellectual, and one of the best extempore 
speakers reared in that town. In their town meeting he was 
sure to be pitted against Jonathan Morison, an equally fluent 
speaker and ready talker. After one of their wordy encoun- 
ters, when Morison had been rather worsted in the intel- 
lectual combat, he turned to Allison with the pithy remark, 
spoken in his rich Scotch brogue, "-Ye are a braw speaker, 
but ye dinna tell the truth." When a young man of twenty 
two years, on July 3, 1744, he was one of the "Londonderry 
troopers " in Capt. John Mitchell's company raised for 
defence against the French and Indians ; he served again in 
August, 1745. He served on the board of selectmen 1752, 
'53, '54, '55, '56, '57, 58, and '75, and was a signer of the 
Association Test in 1776, and was appointed coroner for 
Rockingham county in the latter year. His name appears 

as a le<?acy from lier. They removed to Kowley, Mass., and it is sup- 
posed that at a later date they settled in Londonderry, N. H. Their son, 
Andrew McFarland, b. 1734, d. 1754, and is buried near the tablets of the 
Allisons, in the old cemetery on the hill, at East Derry. Major Moses 
McFarland, with his wife, left their home in Londonderry, N. H., before 
1769, and lived in Haverhill, Mass., and it is thought kept a tavern 
there. Their children, Robert McFarland, Nancy McFarland, Katherine 
McFarland, were left in charge of the home in Londonderry. Eunice 
McFarland, daughter of Major Moses McFarland, married in 1787 at eigh- 
teen years of age, and lived in Cambridge, Vt. Slie was the grandmother 
of Mrs. James Little of Tottenville, Richmond county, N. Y., who, 
in February, 1893, had collected material relating to the McFarlands. 
The clan McFarland once occujiieil Loch Sloy, on the north-western 
shore of Loch Lomcmd, in Scotland, and were neighbors of the " Rob 
Roy" McGregors of its soutli-castern shores. 

The pro})rietors of Suncook, now Pembroke, N. H., chose, in 1748, 
Andrew McFarland one of a board of commissioners to settle certain 
claims of the toAvn of Bow. It is probable that this Andrew is the same 
as the settler of Rowley and Londonderry. 

Rev. Asa IVfcFarlanci, D. D., of (Joncord, N. IT., was son of .James, of 
Worcester, Mass., who was a son of Andrew. About tlie time the 
Londonderry, N. II., settlers emigrated to America, xVndrew was a mem- 
ber of tllfe Scotch colony in Ulstei-, Ireland. (N. H. Hist. Col., vol. 1, p. 
19.').) It looks as though these tlirec Andrews were one and the same 
person, but it is not proven. 


upon several petitions. He was buried in the cemetery at 
East Derry, N. H., by the side of friends and kindred. 


22. Katherine Allison,^ b. Xovember, 1747; d. Feb. 1, 1848, aged 3 

2.3. Samuel Allisons (.34), b. April 2, 1749; m. Mollj- Barr; res. Dunbar- 

ton, N. H., and d. there Au^. 27, 1800. 

24. Janet Allison' (46), b. July 13, 17.52; m. .James Stinson; res. Dun- 

barton, N. H.. and d. there Dec. 10, 184.3, at 92 yrs. 

25. Andrew Allison" (.54), b. Feb. 20, 17-54; m. Sarah, dau. of Dea. Eli 

Moore, who d. 1801. He m. second, 1802, Mrs. Betsey Evans, 
of Dublin, N. H., Avhere he d. May 28, 1841. 

26. Margaret Allison " (60), b. April 1, 1756; m. David Quinton, of Wal- 

pole, N. H. 

27. Susannah Allison, s b. Aug. 5, 1758; d. Aug. 6, 1758. 

28. Susannah ALison" (63), b. Oct. 13,1759; m. Lieut. John Moore, of 

Londonderry, X. H. She d. in Londonderry, April 28, 1809. 

29. Kathreen Allison ' (71), b. April 1, 1762; m., 1785, Nathaniel Holmes, 

of Peterborough, N. H., where she d. April 9, 1831, aged 69 

30. John'Allison' (81), b. Aug. 15, 1704; d. before Sept. 24, 1800; res. 

Londonderry, N. H. 

31. James Allison" (86), b. Feb. 22, 1767; removed to Weathersfield, Vt., 

and d. there Feb. 23, 1805. 

32. Sarah Allison = (90), b. Dec. 17, 1769 or 1770; m., July 5, 1788, Daniel 

Abbot, of Peterborough, N. H. She d. in Xew York, N. Y., 
Nov. 22, 1837. 

33. Stephen Allison," b. July 10, 1772; m. his cousin, Betsey McFarlaud. 

It was not a happy marriage and they separated, and he went 
to North Caiolina, where he d. at the age of 30 yrs. Child: 
Fanny Allison. ■» 

34. Samuel Allison ^ [23], (Captain Samuel,^ Samuel i). 
He was born in Londonderry, N. H., April 27, 1749 ; m. 
Molly Barr, and removed to Dunbarton, N. H. ; became one 
of its first settlers, residing upon a farm a mile from the cen- 
ter of the said town, and said farm was owned in 1892 by 
John Ireland. Going there when a young man, he became 
thoroughly identified with the interests of the place and com- 
munity. On March 14, 1775, he and several others entered 
their jjrotest on the town book against the proceedings of a 
town meeting, believed by them to be illegal. When the 
Revolutionary war was calling for earnest effort on the part 
of the patriotic people, he was chosen, in 1777, one of a town's 
committee to hire soldiers for the war. He was interested 
in the religious matters of the town, and on May 26, 1789, he 
paid £1 : 2s for pew number 22, in the gallery of the meeting- 
house "to be built." He died, in the prime of life, Aug. 27, 


1800, and is buried in the cemetery at Dunbartou. He was 
51 years 4 months of age. 


35. Samuel Allison,* d. young. 

36. John Allison* (95), b. March 23, 1776; res. Peterborough, N". H., and 

d. there Aug. 13, 1764, aged 88 yrs., 4 mo. 

37. William Davidson Allison* (103), b. December, 1777; ra. Amey 

Adlington; res. Boston, Mass., and d. 1842. 

38. Elizabeth Allison* (113), b. Aug. 3, 1780; d. Manchester, N. H., 

Aug. 29, 1850; res. Manchester, N. H. She m. Daniel Hall. 

39. Andrew Allison* (123), b. Sept. 18, 1782; d. Feb. 12, 1822; res. Dun- 

bartou, X. H. ; m. Sarah Bronson. 

40. Polly May Allison,* m. David Culver; res. Weathersfield, Yt. They 

had children: one was named Eliza Culver.' 

41. James Allison* (130), b. May 24, 1784; d. Feb. 2, 1867; res. Dunbar- 

ton, N. H. 

42. David Clinton Allison* (146), b. April 27, 1787; m. Mary Bronson, a 

sister to Andrew's wife; res. Concord, N. H., and d. there 
July 1, 1851. 

43. Margaret Barr Allison* (158), b. 1789; m. Samuel Evans, and d. 

Sept. 25, 1823. 

44. Jane Allison.* She was never married, but lived to an advanced 

age, and d. in Warner, N. H., and is there buried. Her home 
was with her brother, .James Allison. 

45. Walter Harris Allison < (162), b. Dec. 30, 1792; m. Sarah Allen; re«. 

Brookfield and Boston, Mass. He d. June 13, 1854. 

46. Janet Allison ^ [24], (Captain Samuel,^ SamueP). 
She was born in Londonderry, N. H., July 13, 1751. She 
married, about 1782, James Stinson, of Dunbarton, N. H., 
born March 21, 1745. He was of Scotch descent, and his lan- 
guage clearly indicated his descent "from the land of Wal- 
lace, Bruce, and the bonny Dundee." He was noted for his 
honesty, uprightness, and integrity. He was a farmer, and 
the farm which he cleared, and in which he delighted, wit- 
nessed his closing days. He died April 5, 1827. Mrs. Stin- 
son located with her husband in Dunbarton about 1775, and 
survived him some sixteen years, and received a pension for 
his Revolutionary services, which were rendered under Gen- 
eral Stark at the battle of Bunker Hill. She was a strong- 
minded and sensible woman, had a remarkably retentive 
memory, and her conversational powers were good. She 
retained her mind to the last of life, and died in Dunbarton, 
N. H., Dec. 10, 1843. 


47. William Stinson,* b. Oct. 6, 1783; d. when about 23 yrs. of age; single. 

48. Mary Stinson,* b. Nov. 30, 1785; d. Dunbarton, N. H., 1865. 


49. Samuel Stinson,* b. Sept. 17, 1787; d. when a youns man; single. 
.50. John Stinson* (10(3), b. Nov. 13, 1789; res. Dunbarton, N. H. 

51. Archibald Stinson ^(170), b. March 14, 1791; res. Hammond, St. 

Lawrence county. 

52. James Stinson* (181), b. July 20, 1794; res. Harbour Creek, Penn. 

53. Jeremiah Page Stinson* (189), b. July 20, 1798; d. Sept. .5, 1827. 

54. Andrew Allison^ [25] (Captain Samuel,^ SamueF). 
He was born in what is now East Derry, N. H. (then Lon- 
donderry), on Feb. 26, 1754. He married, Feb. 5, 1784, 
Sarah, daughter of Dea. Eli and Sarah (Chenery) Morse, of 
Dublin, N. H. She was born in 1769, and died July 2, 
1799. In 1783, he located in that town on lots Nos. 16 and 
17, in the Sixth range, which had been purchased by his 
father, Samuel Allison. The home first established was on 
lot 16. Mr. Allison's second wife was Mrs. Betsey (Carter) 
Evans, of Peterborough, N. H., whom he married in Octo- 
ber, 1802. In early life, in his father's home in London- 
derry, Mr. Allison listened with delight to the stories and 
anecdotes told by Dr. Matthew Thornton, who was a visitor 
there, and he recounted them to his Dublin friends in the 
years of his mature life. He was large in size, fleet of foot, 
hot tempered, quick to take offence. In the town of his 
adoption he became a prominent actor, and frequently filled 
public positions; was moderator of the annual meetings in 
1802 and 1810 ; town clerk in 1794, '95, '96, and '97, and 
selectman in 1795, 1802, 1803, and 1808 ; representative in 
1808 and 1818. His death occurred in Dublin, May 28, 


55. Sarah Allison,* b. March 13, 1787; d. May 5, 1878, aged 91 yrs., 2 

mos., 8 days. In young womanhood she engaged to marry a 
young man, a neighbor. Her household goods were ready; 
but consumption seized her lover. She tenderly cared for hi'm 
during his sickness; she was faithful to her early love, and 
during a long life she waited in the joyous hope of meeting 
him in a land where there is no more death, and where part- 
ings are unknown. 

56. Ebenezer Allison* (192), b. March 18, 1789; m. Phebe Phelps, in 

1816; res. Brownville, N. Y. ; son, Harlow Allison,8 res. Lan- 
ark, Jefferson county, N. Y. 

57. Eli Allison* (204), b. Dec. 25, 1791; res. Dublin, N. H.; d. March 25, 


58. Samuel Allison,* b. March 20, 1795; m., Jan. 28, 1857, Mrs. Maria 

Piper, widow of Artemus Piper, dau. of Benjamin and Phebe 


(Norcross) Mason, of Dublin, N. H. She was b. Marcli 6, 1804. 
He was selectman of Dublin in 1842, '43, '44; removed to Marl- 
borouyh, N", H., and d. there July 81, 1880; no children. 
59. Abigail Allison,^ b. April 20, 1804; m., Nov. 25, 1823, Cyrus Mason, 
son of Benjamin Mason, of Dublin, and was his second wife. 
He was b. Oct. 18, 1795; she d. Jan. 4, 1888. Children: 

1. Betsey Evans Mason,' b. Aug. 22, 1824; m., Feb. 8, 1849, Silas Pierce 

Frost, of Dublin, N. H.; son of Benjamin, and b. Feb. 9, 1820; 
res. Dublin, N. H. She d. April 3, 1887. Children: Walter 
Clarence P'rost," b. March 11, 1851; res. Colorado Si>rings, Col.; 
m., July 3, 1878, Maiy Ella, dau. of John Caldwell liildreth. 
She was b. New Ipswich, N. H., Oct. 7, 18.33. He graduated at 
Dartmouth college in 1876, taught at Woodstock, Vermont, 
and at Newton, Mass. ; organized Globe Investment Co. ; went 
to Colorado Springs, Col., in 1888, to regain his health, where 
he noAv resides. His wife was a teacher in Newton, Mass. 
Children born in Newton, Mass. : Hildreth Frost,' b. Jan. 2, 
1880; Hester Frost,' b. June 9, 1884. Alfred Clinton Frost,o b. 
March 28, 18.52; res. Dublin, N. H. He m. Heiiretta Frances, 
dau. of Alonzo Patterson, of Henniker. Children: Edith C. 
Frost,' b. Dublin, N. H., July 20, 1884; Henry Walter Frost,' b. 
Dublin, N. H., May ]6, 188G. Charles Mason Frost," b. Sept. 
24, 1858; d. May 28, 1879. He was a young man of fine quali- 
ities of mind and heart; He had just commenced his career as 
a teacher when he d. of pneumonia. 

2. David Mason,'^ b. Jan. 23, 1826; single; farmer. He served three 

years in a New Hampshire regiment in the late war, and was a 
highly respected soldier and man; is now in Concord, N. H. 

3. Charles Mason,= b. Nov. 5, 1836; d. Dec. 25, 1856. 

4. Allison Zeman Mason,'* b. Aug. 13, 18.39; res. Boston, Mass., busi- 

ness office, 19 Milk St. He m., Nov. 28, 1867, Emeline Sophia 
Learned, b. Dec. 31, 1842; d. Jan. 16, 1883. She was dau. of 
Calvin Learned, of Dublin, N. H. He m. second, June 17, 

1885, Mary Frances, dau. of James Brown, of Boston, Mass.; 
b. June 17, 1851. Children: Lucelia Learned Mason,'' b. July 
9, 1870; Irene Elizabeth Whitney, b. and adopted March 14, 

1886. She was the only child of Mrs. Allison's youngest sister. 
Her parents d. at the time of her birth. 

5. Henry Clay Mason,** b. Feb. 22, 1842; d. Sept. 9, 1843. 

6. John Henry Mason,'* b. Aug. 25, 1846; m., April 9, 1867, Abbie Smith, 

of Marlborough, N. H.; res. Dublin, N. H. Children: Fred 
Leslie Mason," b. March 29, 1868. Fannie Evalina Mason," b. 
Dec. 20, 1869; d. Oct. 24, 1880. 

60. Margaret Allison^ [26] (Captain Samuel,^ SamueP). 
She was born in Londonderry (now Derry"), N. H., near the 
church in the East Village, and on the land now included in 
the farm of George W. Lane. Her date of birth was April 1, 
1756. She married David Quinton, of Walpole, N. H., where 
they a long time resided, but she died in Ohio. 


61. Betsey Quinton,* d. unmarried. 

62. Samuel Quinton* (211), 


63. Susanna Allison ^ [28] (Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel i). 
She was born Oct. 13, 1759, and married, as his second wife, 
Lieut. John Holmes, eldest son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth 
(Moore)^ Holmes, of Londonderrjs N. H. He succeeded to 
the home farm in Derry Lower Village. He was born in 
i747, and died Nov. 2, 1794. She died April 28, 1809. His 
first wife was hi^ own cousin, Martha, daughter of Col. Rob- 
ert Moore. (See p. 77.) She died Sept. 5, 1778, leaving a son 
who died young, and a daughter, Molly Holmes, who mar- 
ried ■* t' ' " " " ,'tiving somewhere in Hillsborough Cfer, N. H. 


64. Martha Holmes,* b. in 1781; d. Dec. 2.5, 1834, aged 53 years; m., 
about 1798, Col. William Moore » (Col. Daniel Moore, = of Bed- 
ford, N. H.), who was first cousin of her father on the Moore 
side. He ci. March 2.5, 1839, and was b. in Bedford, Sept. 12, 
1773. He and his first wife were married at Bedford Centi-e, 
N. H. He was a brick manufactui-er in Bedford; was a farmer 
and a colonel in the militia; selectman in 1833 and 1835, rep- 
resentative in 1832 and 1833. He m., second, Susan, ^fta^bt©*'- 
of Thomas Wallace, of Goffstown, in May, 1835. She d. at 
Henniker, Feb. 14, 1880, and is buried beside her first husband 
at Goffstown, N. H. Their children were, — 

1. Daniel Moore,"^ b. Bedford, N. H., Feb. 23, 1801; m., April 1, 1828, 
Mary Shirley McQuesten, of Litchfield. She was his cousin. 
He d. Aug. 13, 1850. She d. Feb. 29, 1840, and he m., second, 
April 1, 1841, Sarah Stevens, of New Boston, N. H., who d. 
Jan. 13, 1855, aged 39 years. They are buried at Bedford Cen- 
tre, N. H. He was selectman of Bedford, 1832, 1837, 1838, and 
1839. clerk 1835, and clerk of Merrimack, N. H., in 1850, at 
time of his death. Children b. Bedford. N. H., except Ervin J. 
Moore : 

I. "William Clinton Moore,'' b. Jan. 3, 1829; m., March 25, 1854, Martha 

Jane, daughter of William Moore. She was his cousin. He 
d. Aug. 16, 1854, aged 25 years, 7 months, 13 days. 

II. James Clifton Moore,^ b. April 8, 1830; m., Nov. 16, 1852, Mary A. 

Hodgman, of Bedford, N. II. He removed to Scranton, Penn., 
in 1860, and manufactured brick. He enlisted, Feb. 13, 1864, 
in the 5th N. Y. Heavy Artillery ; was taken prisoner, Oct. 19, 
1864, at the battle of Cedar Rapids, Va., and d. in Libby Prison, 
Richmond, Va,, Dec. 25, 1864. His wife returned to Bedford, 
N. H. ; m., second, William H. Gage, who d. July, 1879. Chil- 
dren: Mary Emeline Moore,' b. Bedford, N. H., Oct. 9. 18-53: 
m., Oct. 24, 1872, George A. Powers, of Milford, N. H.; res. 
Milford, N. H. Child: Frederick E. Powers.* George Leroy 
Moore,' b. Jan. 16, 1858; d. at Pittston, Penn., Nov. 7, 1863. 
Sadie Jane Moore,' b. Scranton, Penn., June 30, 1861. 

III. Martha Jane Moore," b. June, 1832; d. Jan. 5, 1834. 

IV. Daniel Leroy Moore," b. Nov. 27, 18:W; m., Sarah F. Chadwick, of 

Nashua, N. H. They lived in Nashua, and Wheeling, W. Va. 
Res. Cleveland, Ohio. She d. at Cleveland, March 2, 1872. 

^ She was the daughter of John i and Janet Moore, who came in 1723- 
'24 from county Antrim, Ireland, to Londonderry, N. H. 


He was a barid-master in the late wai". Children b. Cleveland, 
Ohio: Helen Leon Moore. "Walter Leroy Moore/ b. 1866. 
Mildred Moore,' b. 1868. Alton Clifton Moore,' b. 1871. 

Y. George Burnham Moore, o b. in Bedford, N. H., Nov. 29, 1837; was a 
soldier in the Union Army; enlisted and served three enlist- 
ments; taken prisoner, confined in Libby Prison, never recov- 
ered from the starvation process inflicted by the rebels. He 
d. at the Soldiers' Home at Togus, Me., March 7, 1886, aged 48. 

YI. Joseph Harrison Moore," b. Feb. 4, 1840; m., July 15, 1875, Georgi- 
anna Ansell, of Manchester, N. H. ; no children. He served 
through the war, and is now an engineer on the Boston & 
Maine Railroad. 

YII. Ervin Jay Moore, ^ b. ISTov. 24, 1844, in Merrimack, N. H. ; m., March 
28, 1872, Lydia Quimby, of Concord, N. H. Children: Frank 
Ervin Moore,' b. March 14, 1873, at Concord, N. H. Walter H. 
Moore,' b. Concord, N. H., Dec. 16, 1875; d. Oct. 22, 1878. 
Sarah Florence Moore,' b. Charlestown, Mass., March 27, 1879; 
d. Dec. 2, 1880. Mr. Moore served through the war; was taken 
prisoner, and escaped; returned to Weare, N. H., after his 
term had expired; then was in Concord, N. H., an engineer on 
Concord and B. & M. railroads. Three of these four broth- 
ers were wounded in the war (all save Daniel L. Moore). They 
were great-grandsons of Col. Daniel Moore, of Bedford, N. H., 
who was a captain at Bunker Hill under Gen. Stark and col- 
onel of a New Hampshire regiment through the Revolutionary 
War, and was at Saratoga under Gen. Gates and in Rhode 
Island under Gen. Sullivan. 

2. Nancy Cox Moore, "^ b. Feb. 19, 1803; m. her cousin, Thomas W. 

Moore, of Litchfield, N. H. She d. Feb. 8, 1869. He was b. 
April 12, '1792. He d. in Nashua on Feb. 10, 1878. He was 
representative from Bedford in 1853, selectman in 1844. Chil- 
dren : 

I. William Moore," b. Bedford, N. H., Oct. 19, 1824; d. Aug. 20, 1882; 

m., Nov. 27, Caroline A. Gage, of Bedford; no children. He 
was a captain in the militia and lieutenant in an independent 
company in Bedford during the war. 

II. Martha Jane Moore," b. Feb. 21, 1830; d. Sept. 11, 1882. 

III. Annis Jane Moore," b. April 15, 1834: d. March, 1836. 

lY. Thomas Wallace Moore," b. Bedford, N. H., Oct. 19, 1837; m., Feb. 
19, 1861, Lura Smith, of New Boston, N. H. They were divorced 
in 1870, and she m., second. May 15, 1871, Nathaniel H. Weston, 
He m., second. May 6, 1880, Ella C. Edwards, of Dorchester, 
N. H.; res. Bedford, N. H. Child: Clara Ann Moore,' b. Bed- 
ford, N. II., Dec. 27, 1866; went to Michigan with her mother, 
and m., Dec. 25, 1885, Fred B. Dusett, of New Haven, Mich. 
They res. at Armada, Mich., in 1891. Children: Margie Moore 
Dusett,' b. New Haven, Mich., June 6, 1886. Harry Smith 
Dusett,' b. Armada, Mich., Aug. 6, 1890. 

Y. Margaret Ann Moore," b. Oct. 10, 1839, in Bedford, N. H. ; m., June 
27, 1861, Luther Kittridge, of Merrimack, N. H., and lived in 
Nashua, N. H., till 1885; since then, at Reed's Ferry, Merri- 
mack; no children. 

YI. Olive Wallace Moore," b. Nov. 2, 1841; d. Aug. 28, 1843. 

3. Joseph Colby Moore,'> b. April 7, 1805; d. Nov. 21, 1887. He m., 18.32, 

Martha McQuesten, his cousin, of Litchfield, N. H. She d. in 
Goffstown, N. H., April 30, 1887, aged 75 years. Children: 
I. Mary Shirley Moore," b. Bedford, N. H., Dec. 16, 1833; m., April 
10, 1851, Ziba A. Hoyt, of Goffstown, N. H. ; res. Goffstown, 
N. H. Cliildren: Martha A. Hoyt,' b. Merrimack, N. H., 
Aug. 13, 1853; m., April 10, 1871, Edward Gove, of Weare, 
N. H. Children b. at Weare, N. H. : Charles A. Gove,' b. 


March 9, 1877; Gussie E. Gove," b. June 28, 1880. Ella J. 
Hoyt,7 b. Weare, N. H., Aug:. 24, 1857; m., Aug. 29, 1877, Charles 
S. Parker, of Gottstown, N. II., and d. Feb. 3, 1878, at Goffs- 
town, aged 21 years; no children. Frank Iloyt,' b. at Weare, 
N. H., Jan. 9, 1862; is a physician; res. Manchester, N". H., 
and in 1891 in New York city. Belle M. Hoyt,' b. Sept. 4, 1867, 
in Weare, N. H. ; m., June 4, 1890, George F. Bartlett, of Weare, 
N. H. ; res. GofEstown West Village, ]sr. H. Adelie L. Hoyt,' b. 
at Weare, X. H., April 1, 1872; d. Jan. 10, 1888. 

II. Susan Jane Moore,« b. Aug, 22, 1836; d. 1838. 

III. Martha Ann Moore," b. Aug. 22, 1836; m., June 29, 1861, Nathan F. 

Hunkins, of Plaistow, N. H. Child: Mary Ella Hunkins,' b. 
April 29, 186.5. He d. at Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 21, 1886, aged 
21 years. Mrs. Hunkins and daughter reside on Jackson St., 
Haverhill, Mass. Mary Ella Hunkins,' m., June 4, 1890, Fred 
Kumery Moore, of Haverhill. 

IV. Abel Fletcher Moore," b. June 12, 1837; m., Aug. 4, 1861, Eliza A. 

Simons, of Weare, N. H. ; moved to Concord, N. H. He was 
roadmaster of the Concord Railroad from 1866 to 1877; 
resigned, and is now at Minneapolis, Minn. Children b. at 
Concord: Marietta Moore,' b. Aug. 25, 1864; m., Dec. 26, 
18S3, Frederic B. Luscomb, of Portland, Me. Children: Sadie 
Baker Luscomb,' b. Oct. 21, 1884. Horace Simons Luscomb,* b. 
Aug. 28, 1888. The family reside at Goffstown, N. H. Lena 
May Moore,' b. Aug. 2, 1868; d. March 30, 1871. Helen Frank 
Moore,' b, Oct. 30, 1872. 

V. David Eollins Moore,6 b. Feb. 4, 1843; m., Oct. 16, 1880, Margaret 

Heskett, of Boston, Mass. They res. Amherst, N. H. Chil- 
dren: Joseph Harrison Moore,' b. Goffstown. N. H., Oct. 29, 
1882; d. April 19, 1883. Martha Ann Moore,' b. Aug. 31, 1884, 
Infant son,' b. and d. Feb. 16, 1886. Jenny Frances Moore,' b. 
Sept. 16, 1887. Carrie Belle Moore,' b. New Boston, N. H., 
Feb. 4, 1891. Mr. Moore was a member of Co. E, 4th Regt. 
N. H. Vols.; was in many battles; severely wounded; re- 
enlisted; was in the service 4 years, 7 months, and 14 days; 
is a pensioner; res. New Boston, N. H. 

4. Susannah Moore,5b. Feb. 3, 1806; d. April 23, 1807. 

5. John Holmes Moore,'^ b. June 15, 1807; d. Jan. 23, 1812. 

6. Timothy Fuller Moore,^ b. Bedford, N. H., June 16, 1809; m., Clar- 

issa E. Emery, of Newbury, N. H., Jan. 9, 1838. She d. Oct. 
14, 1885. He d. Jan. 28, 1889; res. Bedford, N. H. Children 
b. Bedford, N. II. : 

I. William Wilson Moore,8 b. Bedford, N. H., June 17, 1839; m., Jan. 1, 

1874, Sophia H. Babcock, of Groton, Mass., b. in Wilmot, N. H., 
May 1, 1851. They res. in Scranton, Perm. He is superinten- 
dent of B. Sweetser's brickyard. He is the compiler and 
author of this genealogical record of the Moore family. Cliild: 
Marian Moore,' b. Concord, N. H., April 10, 1875; d. Bed- 
ford, N. H., Dec. 1, 1888, aged 13 years, 7 months, 21 days. 

II. Sarah Jane Moore,o b. May 22, 1841; in., Feb. 17, 1873, Charles H. 

Wheeler; res. 20 Dunster St., Cambridge, Mass. Children: 
Charles Perley Wheeler,' b. July 17, 1874. Carrie N. Wheeler,' 
b. Marcli 18, 1876. 

III. Charlotte Ann Moore," b. Oct. 13, 1842; m., Aug. 12, 1873, Edward 

E. Priest, of Cambridge, Mass.; res. 96 Winthrop St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Cliild: Clarissa A. M. Priest,' b. Cambridge, 
Mass., Nov. 23, 1874; m., Nov. 23, 1892, Everett Percy Ireland, 
of Corinna, Me. ; res. Cambridge. Mass. 

IV. Phillips Quincy Moore," b. Sept. 1. 1844; d. July 4, 1846. 

V. Amos Harvey Moore," b. April 16, 1846; d. June 15, 1848. 

7. Elizabeth Moore,^ b. Dec. 2!>, 1810; m., Sept. 27, 1831, Lancey Weston, 

of Antrim, N. H. He d. at Mt. Clemens, Mich., Dec. 9, 1877, 


aged 77 years. She res. Mt. Clemens, now at Kichmond, 
Mich. Children b. Antrim, N. H. : 

I. Nathaniel Holmes Weston," b. Antrim, N. H., July 21, 1833; m., Dec. 

29, 1854, Hannah Hoit, of Weare, N. H. Child: Willie Holmes 
Weston,' b. Goffstown, N. H., April 16, 1860; m., Feb. 29, 1888, 
Eva A. Fuller, of Chesterfield, Mich., and res. Pdchmond, Mich. 
They res. Jan., 1891, at Osceola, Mich. Child: Jessie May 
• Weston,' b. July 19, 1889; d. July 28, 1890. Mr. N. H. Weston 
removed to Detroit, where Mrs. Weston d. June 30, 1862. He 
m., second, 1871, Mrs. Lura (Smith) Moore, the divorced wife 
of Thomas W. Moore, Jr. She d. Marcli 19, 1889. Child by 
second marriage, Harvey Weston,' b. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 19, 

II. Leonard C. Weston,6 b. Dec. 13, 1834; d. Oct. 14, 1839. 

III. Harrison C. Weston,« b. Doc. 7, 1839; m.. May 4, 1872, Mattie A. 

Ketchum. He res. at La Crosse, Wis. Children: Fred Wes- 
ton,' Frank Weston,' b. in Michigan, Feb. 10, 1874. 

IV. Clark W. W^eston," b. Dec. 8, 1842; d. Dec. 4, 1861. He was a soldier 

in Co. I, 9th Eegt. Mich. Vols., and d. of typhoid fever at West 
Point, Ky. 

V. George W. Weston,^ b. Aug. 4, 1846; m., Dec. 29, 1875, Jenny Bow- 

man, of Chesterfield, Mich. Children: Charles C. Weston,' b. 
March 2, 1881; d. Oct. 18, 1881. Winifred J. Weston,' July 2, 
1882. Clinton C. Weston,' b. Feb. 23, 1887. Mr. Weston res. 
Eichmond, Mich. ; a sash and blind manufacturer. 

8. jSTathaniel Holmes Moore,^ b. Bedford, N. H., Dec. 24, 1812; m.. May 

9, 1837, Jane Smith, at Bedford, N. H., and in 1846 removed to 
Cambridge, Mass., where she d. Jan. 0, 1847. He m., second, 
July 28, 1852, Susan E. Spencer, of Cambridge, Mass. He d, 
Nov. 25, 1880, at Manchester, N. H., to which he removed in 
1876, and is buried in Cambridge. Children b. Cambridge, 
Mass. : 

I. Henry Holmes Moore," b. Feb. 23, 1856; m., Jemima Stewart, of 

Boston, Mass. Children: Elizabetli Marion Moore,' b. Man- 
chester, N. H., July 1, 1885. Walter Alexander Moore,' b. 
March 9, 1887. Lillian Stewart Moore,' b. Dec. 11, 1888; d. 
April 18, 1889. They res. in Manchester, N. H. 

II. Lizzie Spencer Moore," b. June 29, 1853; d. Dec. 1, 1863. 

III. Adelaide Frothingham Moore," b. Sept. 9, 1860; d. March 28, 1862. 

IV. Ida Weston Moore," b. March 6, 1863; m., June 15, 1887, Alpheus 

Gray, of Dover, N. H. ; res. Manchester, N. H. 

V. Ada White Moore,« b. March 6, 1863; m., June 10, 1888, William F. 

Brent, of Manchester, N. H. Children : Ford Spencer Brent,' b. 
Dec. 21, 1888. Percy Gray Brent,' b. March 12, 1890. Arthur 
Thompson Brent,' b. Dec. 8, 1891. 

9. William Moore,'^ b. May 20, 1815; d. Oct. 20, 1880. He m. in 1836, 

Mary A. Kendall, of Merrimack, N. H. ; res. Bedford, N. H. ; 
was selectman in 1849, and a brick manufacturer. She d. Jan. 
15, 1892, aged 77 years, 7 months, 22 days. Children b. Bedford : 

I. Martha Jane Moore," b. July 1, 1836; m. her cousin, William C, son 

of Daniel, who d. Aug. 16, 1854. She m., second, 1860, Aaron 
Q. Gage of Bedford, N. H. Children b. Bedford, N. H. : Car- 
rie E. Gage,'b. Feb. 26, 1861; m., Oct 14, 1885, Andrew Mc- 
Dougall; res. Manchester, N. H. Cliild: Roy Gage McDou- 
gall," b. Feb. 3, 1891. Annie Gertrude Gage,' b. March 14, 1868. 
Mary Jane Gage,' b. July 28, 1870. Mr. Gage is superintendent 
of the Horse Railway Co. ; res. Manchester, N. H. 

II. Elizabeth Marion Moore," b. March 14, 18:^9; d. Dec. 20, 1841. 

III. Sarah Elizabeth Moore," b. Dec. 9, 1849; m., Dec. 24, 1873, George 

F. Barnard, of Bedford, N. H. ; res. Bedford, N. H. He has 
been selectman and representative. Children: Henry George 
Barnard,' b. Sept. 18, 1878. Alice Leone Barnard,' b. Oct, 7, 


IV. Estella M, Moore,o b. Dec. 15, 1854; m., Dec. 24, 1875, John W. 
Hoitt, of Golfstown, N. H. ; res. Goffstown, N. H. Child: 
Ralph Henry Hoitt,' b. June 26, 1888. 

10. Martha Jane Moore,^ b. 1817; d. March 30, 1821. 

11. Margaret Morrison Moore,« b. May 20, 1820; m., Dec. 29, 1842, 
Ephraim Wliite, of Londonderry, N. H. He was a brick maker 
in Plaistow, X. H., where he d. April 12, 1854, aged 51 years. 
Mrs. White m., second, May 2, 1865, Gamaliel Gleason, of 
Andover, Mass., and res. in Andover, Mass. He d. March 24, 
1879. She d. Dec. 21, 1890, aged 70 years, 7 months, 1 day. 

I. Moores Ephraim White,'' b. Bedford, N. H., Oct. 26, 1845; was a sol- 
dier in 1st N. H. Battery; res. Andover, Mass. 

II. George G. White," b. Plaistow, N. H., March, 1849; d. Jan. 5, 1851. 

III. Mary Ella White," b. Plaistow, N. H., Feb. 6, 18.}4; d. Cambridge, 
Mass., July 5, 1862. 

12. Robert Cox Moore,^ b. May 20, 182:3; m. ISTov. 20, 1845, Jane Sweet- 
ser, of Ilooksett, N. H. She d. Sept. 9, 1887, aged 62 years. 
He lived in Plaistow and Manchester, N. IT., till 1851; res. 
Scranton, Penn. He d. Aug. 25, 1890. Children: 

I. Georgianna Moore," b. Plaistow, N. H., July 28, 1850; m., July 4, 

1871, Levi S. Hackett, of Scranton, Penn., and res. there. Chil- 
dren: Burton Corbin Hackett,' b. Plymouth, Penn., June 25, 

1872. Frank Day Hackett,' b. at Scranton, Penn., Feb. 26, 1874. 

II. Joseph Addison Moore," b. at Scranton, Penn., Dec. 29, 18.52; m., 
July 5, 1876, Josephine A. Snow, of Hartford, Penn.; res. 
Scranton, Penn., and removed to Binghamton, N". Y., April 
1, 1891. Children b. Scranton, Penn.: Jessie M. Moore,' b. 
Feb. 27, 1877. Harry B. Moore,' b. March 15, 1880. Hattie 
Irene Moore, b. Sept. 25, 1892. 

III. Edward A. Moore,«b. Jan. 10, 1855; d. March 20, 1855. 

IV. Harry G. Moore," b. Jan. 20, 1869; d. June 15, 1869. 

V. Jennie Ruth Moore," b. Feb. 21, 1870; m.. May, 1888, Louis S. Ship- 
man, of Scranton, Penn., and res. there. He is superintendent 
of a button manufactory. 

13. David McGregor Moore," b. July 20, 1825; m., Aug. 9, 1851, Char- 
lotte E. Questen, of Amesbury, Mass.; res. Lawrence, Mass. 

I. Edward S. Moore," b. Bedford, N. H., Dec. 2, 1853; he m. Laura Anna 
Clark, of Lawrence, Mass., Sept 16, 1874; res. Lawi-ence, Mass. ; 
no children. 

II. Frank E. Moore," b. Bedford, Aug. 18, 18.55; d. Sept. 27, 1856. 

III. Marian Elizabeth Moore," b. Bedford, Aug. 13, 1857; m., 1880, 
George H. Chandler, of Manchester, N. H. ; res. Manchester, 
N. H. Child: Jenny Maud Chandler,' b. Nov. 24, 1884. 

IV. Ellen Gertrude Moore," b. Bedford, N. H.. Sept. 14, 1859; m., Nov. 
4, 1886, Oscar Brown, of Lawrence, Mass. Children: Earnest 
Brown,7 b. July 21, 1887, at Lawrence, Mass. Elmer Ray 
Brown,' b. Aug. 28, 1889, at Lawrence, Mass. 

V. Elma A. Moore," b. Manchester, N. H., Sept. 5, 1863; d. July 4, 1865. 

VI. Martha Ann Moore," b. Manchester, N. H., Nov. 10, 1865. 

VII. Bertha Isabella Mopre," b. Manchester, N. IL, Aug. 26, 1873. 

14. Albert' WaUacfe Moore, ^ res. Wasbiogton, D. C. ; the son by the S(^c- 
/ ond wife of his father, Mrs. ^usan (Bowman) Wallace, widow 

of Thomas Wallace, She d. in Henniker in ISS.). 

65. Janet Holmes,* daiigJiter of Susanna AHison and Lieiit. John 
Holmes, was b. 1782 or 1783; m. her cousin, Robert Holmes, son 
of Jonathan and Mary (Moore) Holmes of Londonderry, N. H. 
They went to Louisville, Ky., where they lived and died. She 
became insane in her last years. Children (two daughters died 
young) : 

1. Robert Holmes, Jr." He was adopted by his great uncle, Robert 




Holmes, of Elmgi-ove, near Georgetown, Scott Co., Ky., and at 
his death received a sum of money and a considerable estate. 
He m. Matilda Jenkins, of Kentucky, and died at Natchez, 
Miss., leaving an only child: Edwin Augustus Holmes," now a 
prosperous trader at Mt. Sterling, Ky. He was b. in 1845 ; m. 
Eliza Tarleton Bowman, of that state. Children: Edwin A. 
Holmes," Mabel Holmes,' Mary J. Holmes,' George B. Holmes,' 
 Eliza T. Holmes,' Anna G. Holmes.' 
66. Elizabeth Holmes,* daughter of Susannah (Allison) and Lieut. John 
Holmes, was b. May 11, 1788; m.. May 16, 1811, Thomas Shep- 
ard, of Bedford, and res. in Bedford. She d. Oct. IS, 1853, 
aged 65 years. He d. Feb. 23, 1857, aged 77 years, and they 
are buried at Bedford Center. Children b. Bedford, N. H. : 

1. John Holmes Shepard,= b. March 11, 1812 ; d. May 13, 1859; m., Dec. 

21, 1841, Lucy Piersons, of Tewksbury, Mass. She d. April 9, 
1845. He m., second, her sister, Sarah A. Piersons, who d. 
July 20, 1870. Children b. Bedford, N. H. : 

L John P. Shepard," b. Nov. 21, 1844; d. Jan. 23, 1861. 

IL William P. Shepard," b. June 21, 1847, m., Nov. 21, 1871, Sophronia 
J. Farley, of Bedford, and res. there. Children: Jennie Louise 
Shepard,' b. Nov. 25, 1872. Florence May Shepard,' b. March 
11, 1889. 

III. Lucy A. Shepard," b. May 21, 1849; d. Sept. 21, 1853. 

IV. Lizzie A. Shepard," b. May 5, 1851; m., Jan. 30, 1868, Charles P. 

Farley, of Bedford, N. H. She d. Aug. 9, 1887, aged 36 years, 
3 months, 4 days. Children: John Hurlbert Farley,' b. Nov. 
20, 1868; d. July 10, 1870. Annie Mabel Farley,' b. Oct. 12, 
1871. Gracie Natalie Farley,' b. April 30, 1873. 

Y. Henrietta Shepard," b. ; d. June 20, 1853. 

VL Arthur M. Shepard," b. ; d. Dec. 13, 1885. 

2. Charles Franklin Shepard,'^ b. Oct. 17, 1813; m., Feb. 20, 1838, Louisa 

A. Perry, of Amherst, N. H. Children : 

I. Charlotte A. P. Shepard," b. Dec. 27, 1838; d. March 21, 1849. 

II. Nancy J. Shepard," b. June 11, 1842 ; d. Sept. 30, 1842. 

III. George F. Shepard," b. April 20, 1845; m., Dec. 1, 1869, Delphina 

Jane Edwards Smith, of North Wayne, Me. She d, April 18, 
1889, aged 43 years, 9 months, 20 davs. He was selectman of 
Bedford, N. H., 1889-'90. Children 'b. Bedford, N. H. : Edith 
L. Shepard,' b. June 21, 1874. Hattie C. Shepard,' b. Nov. 14, 
1875. Charles F. Shepard,' b. Feb. 24, 1878. Nellie F. Shep- 
ard,' b. Aug. 7, 1880. 

3. George Shepard, i"' b. Jan. 20, 1816 ; d. Sept. 21, 1845 ; single. 

4. James S. Shepard, = b. Sept. 24, 1818; d. Sept. 28, 1866; m., July 14, 

1842, at Nasliua, Gratia A. Moore, of Hancock, N. H. He d. at 
Huntsville, Ala. Children: 

I. Gratia Eloda Shepard," b. Nashua, N. H., Jan. 11, 1845; d. Aug. 2, 


II. Ann Jane Shepard,8 b. Nashua, N. H., Dec. 21, 1846 ; d. Dec. 31, 1846. 

III. James Albert Shepard," b. Nashua, N. IL, Nov. 22, 1848; m., Jan. 

1, 1872, Annie Gove, of Winchester, Mass.; res. Charlestown, 
Mass. Children: Annie Lois Shepard,' b. Oct. 8, 1874. Guy 
Albert Shepard,' b. Jan. 19, 1876. Ralph Myrick Shepard,' b. 
Feb. 1, 1878. 

IV. William Monroe Shepard," b. Nashua, June 25, 1851 ; m., Nov. 4, 

1885, at Winchester, Mass., Abbie De Forrest, of Sand Lake, 
Rensselaer Co., N. Y. ; res. Boston, Mass. ; no children. 

V. Eugene Everett Shepard," b. Mancliester, N. IL, June 2, 1854; m., 

Dec. 4, 1877, at AVinchestcr, Mass., Carrie Holton ; res. 21 Bos- 
ton ave., Medford, Mass. Child: Everett Holton Shepard,' b. 
Nov. 1, 1881. 

VI. Frederick Carroll Shepard," b. Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 18, 1856; m., 

Nov. 27, 1878, Clara Antoinette Pratt, b. Chelsea, Mass. ; res. 


Chelsea, Mass. Children: Frederick Stanley Shepardj b. Feb. 

27. 1880. Marion ShepardJ b. Dec. 23, 1881. Charles Gordon 

Shepard,' b. Aug. 28, 1886. Helen Antoinette Shepard,' b. Jan. 

2, 1889. 
VII. Judson Shepard," b. Lawrence, Mass., May 25, 1859; d. Dec. 12, 

Till. Harry Elmer Shepard," b. Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 15. 1862; m., 

Sept. 14, 1881, Nellie Gertrude Teele, of Arlington, Mass. ; res. 

Arlington, Mass. Children: Elmer Shepai^l,' b. June 5, 1883; 

d. June 14, 1883. Marion Leslie Shepard,' b. Oct. 16, 1886. 
IX. Lillie Winnie Bell Shepard,6 b. Feb. .3, 1865 ; d. Sept. 8, 1865. 

5. Mary Jane Shepard," b. Nov. 9, 1820; d. Oct. 22, 1864; m., Oct. 27, 

1842, Hugh R. French. She d. Oct. 22, 1864. He was m. three 
times after her death, and d. Dec. 9, 1888. They had one son. 
I. George M. French." b. Jan. 6, 1846, in Bedford. N. H. ; m., Oct. 16, 
1867, Mary F. Gillis, of Hudson. N. H. Children: Ervin E. 
French,' b. Sept. 16, 1869. Lizzie E. French," b. Sept. 25, 1870. 
Leon F. French,' b. July 27, 1883. Mr. French d. Aug. 2, 1886, 
aged 40 years, 6 months, 27 days. 

6. Nancy P. B. Shepard,'"' b. Aug. 15, 1822; d. June 19, 1880. She m., 

November, 1850 (see below), Alfred McAfee, her first cousin. 

7. Thomas S. Shepard,'^ b, Aug. 5, 1826; m., Aug. 6, 1845, M. A. Moore, 

of Hancock, N. H. She d. Oct. 4, 1850^ aged 25 years. He m. 
second, Mary H. Fames, of Lowell, Mass. ; res. Winchester, 
Mass. Child: James Shepard,'^ b. 18.50; d. 1850. 

8. William M. Shepard,'^ b. Oct. 15, 1828 ; d. some years since. He was 

m. but had no children. His widow lives in Manchester, N. H. 

9. Nancy P. B. (Shepard) McAfee. Her husband was Alfred McAfee, 

of Bedford, N. H. She d. June 9, 1880, at .57 years, 10 months, 
4 days. He d. April 8, 1887, aged 71 years. Children b. Bed- 
ford, N. H. 

I. Emma Jane 3IcAfee,« b. Dec. 11, 1851; d. . She m., Jan. 1, 1874, 

Georae Chapman, and went to Point de Butte, New Bruns- 
wick. She is deceased. Children: Ellen Amelia Chapman,' b. 
Sept. 14, 1876. Charles Alfred Chapman,' b. Sept. 26, 1877. 
George William Chapman,' b. May 16, 1880. 

II. Charles A. McAfee," b. April 7, 1855; m., Nov. 27, 1879, Susie E. 

Drucker, of Amherst, X. H. ; res. Londonderry, N. H. Chil- 
dren: Alfred H. McAfee,' b. Nashua, N. H., June 4, 1882. 
Lizzie M. McAfee,' b. Londonderrv, N. H., April 18, 1884. 
Carl A. McAfee,' b. Londonderry, N. H., May 14, 1887. 

III. John A. McAfee," b. May 4, 1861 ; single ; res. Bedford, N. H. 

IV. Thomas E. McAfee," b. March 2, 1863 ; m., April 23, 1885, Mary A. 

Pate, of St. John, N. B. ; res. Nashua, N. H. Children: Wil- 
liam Shepard McAfee,' b. Nashua, N. H., Aug. 28, 1887; d. 
Aug. 20, 1888. Hazel May McAfee,' b. Nashua, N. H., Sept. 2, 

67. Susannah Holmes* [dau. Susannah (Allison), and Lieut. John 
Holmes], was b. in Londonderry, N. H., March 11, 1790; m., 
1808, Thomas Atwood, who was b. in Bedford, N. H., July 22, 
1786. After marriage they resided in Worcester, Mass., until 
1819, then moved to Bedford, N. H., and in 1840 removed to 
Nunda, N. Y., and in 1860 he removed to Canasaraga, N. Y., 
and d. there Jan. 19, 1865, aged 79 years, montlis. After his 
death, jNIrs. Atwood moved to Hornellsville, N. Y., and d. there 
April 25, 1800. Children: 

1. Albert Atwood,*^ b. Worcester, Mass., June 23, 1810; m., August, 
1833, Ann J. I). Collev, of Bedford, N. H. He d. Aug. 31, 
183.5. She res. Beloit, Wis. Children: 

1. Atwood," a dau., b. 1833; d. in Beloit, Wis., in 1841, aged 8 years. 

II. Atwood," b. 1835 ; d. 1838, aged 3 years. 

2. Alvira Atwood,^ b. at Worcester, Mass., May 22, 1812; m., 1836, 


Humphrey Peabody. She d. at Canasaraga, N. T. Chil- 
dren : 

I. Charles A. Peabody." 

II. Harriet Peabody," d. August, 1866. 

III. Atwood Peabody." 

3. Susan H. Atwood,^ b. at Worcester, Mass., Aug. IS, 1815; m., June 

21, 1838, Lewis F. Rider. They removed to Nunda, ?f. Y., and 
afterwards to Hornellsville, N. Y. He d. Dec. 1,1885. Ske d. 
Aug. 21, 1889, aged 74 years, 3 days. Children: 

I. Mary L. Rider," b. at Rochester, N. Y., April 27, IS-IO; m,, May 17, 

1887, S. P. Wilcox, of Canasaraga, N. Y., and resides there; no 

II. John A. Rider,*' b. Xunda, I^. Y., Jan 10, 1843; m., Xov. 2, 1869, 

Georgiana Davenport, and res. Wellsville, N. Y. He is a pho- 
tographer, book-seller, and dealer in fancy goods and engrav- 
ings. Children b. Wellsville, N. Y. : Lerov D. Rider,' b. 
Feb. 13, 1876. Albert L. Rider,^ b. Jan. 10, 1878. Bessie A. 
Rider,^ b. Dec. 8, 1879. 

III. Francis A. Rider,« b. Xunda, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1849. 

4. Harriet Atwood," b. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 22, 1817; moved to 

Nunda, N. Y., with her parents, and m., Aug. 10, 1840, Dr. Bar- 
nabas Wright, who d. at Rochester, N. Y., May 10, 1861. She 
m. second, Feb. 13, 1866, Augustus Comstock, wlio d. 1886. 
She res. Dansville, N. Y, Child: 
I. Everett Wright," b. July 20, 1842 ; m., Sept. 24, 1867, Mary Squires, of 
Akron, Ohio. He d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1887, aged 45 
years; no childi'en. 

5. Sarah D. Atwood,'* b. Bedford, N. H., June 14, 1820; m., 1838, 

John D. Armstrong, and res. in Bedford, N. H. She d. August, 
1849. He m., second, Jane M. Wells, of Bedford. He d. 
Nov. 14, 1868, aged 54 years, 1 month, 6 days. Childreii b. Bed- 
ford, N. H. : 

I. William H. Armstrong," b, Nov. 29, 1840 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sam- 

uel Armstrong, Windham, N. H., who is deceased ; res. Wind- 
ham, N. H. Children b. Windham, N. H: Urvin S. Arm- 
strong,' b. March 24, 1862. Eugene W. Armstrong,? b. Dec. 23, 
1865. Ednah M. Armstrong,' b. Aug. 30, 1872. Almay A. 
Armstrong,' b. April 19, 1876. 

II. John A. Armstrong," b. Oct. 28, 1842. He was a member of Co. 

K, Third N. H. Vols., enlisted Aug. 23, 1861, and killed at 
Drury's Bluff, Va., May 13, 1864. By Mi*. Armstrong's second 
marriage there were five children, George D., Edward F., 
Sarali j., Clara Almay, and Elmer E. Armstrong. 

6. Martha J. M. Atwood," b. July 7, 1822, moved with her parents to 

Nunda, N. Y. ; m., at Grand Rapids, Mich., Charles Baker. 
She d. at Grand Rapids, Dec. 18, 1862. He d. Feb. 7, 1881. 
Children b. Nunda, N. Y. 

I. Susan J. Baker," b. July 21, 1849: m., Nov. 19, 1868, Henry C. Green; 

res. Wakawsa, Shawnee Co., Kansas; farmer. Children: 
Edward O. Green,' b. July 17, 1870. Fannie L. Green,' b. 
July 3, 1872; d. Oct. 6, 1883. Florence L. Green,' b. Dec. 22, 
1878. Grace B. Green,' b. Aug. 29, 1884. Ina Green,' b. 
May 26, 1887. 

II. Laura E. Baker," b. May 6, 1853; m., Feb. 28, 1878, Charles H. 

Sandford ; res. Dansville, N. Y. Children: Ray B. Sandford,' b. 
Dansville, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1879. Katie M. Sanford,' b. Dans- 
ville, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1881; d. March 16, 1882. Archie B. 
Sandford,' b. Dec. 23, 1885. 

III. Charles A. Baker." b. May 22, 1854; m., Nov. 22, 1881, Marietta 

Percival, of Topeka, Kansas, b. in Indiana, Jan. 9, 1861. He 
is a carpenter and builder; res. No. 425 North 2d St., Arkansas 


city, Kansas. Children: Zella Baker,' b. July 18, 1883. Zona 
Baker,' b. Feb. 27, 1885. ISTewell Baker,' b. Sept. 27, 1888. 

7. Thomas Atwood,= b. Bedford, N. H., Nov. 25, 1824; m., Oct. 14, 1846, 

Clarissa M. Clongh, of Nunda, N. Y., b. Jan. 1, 1827, who, on 
April 1, 1891, was living in Avoca, N. Y. Mr. Atwood, while 
engaged in Ypsilanti, Mich., in erecting some shafting in a new 
building, lost his balance on the scaffolding, and fell, pulling 
the shafting with him, one end of which struck him upon the 
temple, pinning him to the floor below, and killing him 
instantly. Children: • 

I. DeLisle Atwood," b. at Nashua, N. H., Sept. 5, 1848; m., Sept. 26, 

1883, Mary A. McCord, of Big Flats, N. Y., b. March 27, 1861; 
res. Avoca, N. Y. Children b. Avoca, N. Y. : Albert Lewis 
Atwood,' b. Dec. 27, 1884. Carrie May Atwood,' b. Sept. 15, 
1886. Minnie Maud Atwood,' b. May 3, 1888. 

II. Fred. M. Atwood," b. at Nunda, N. Y., May 26, 1852; m., March 13, 

1870, Frances Taft, of Addison, N. Y., b. July 18, 1854; res. 
Avoca, N. Y, Children: Fred A. Atwood,' b. at Wyalushing, 
N. Y., Jan. 3, 1871. Edward T. Atwood,' b. at Addison, N. Y., - 
Nov. 19, 1873. 

III. Charles T. Atwood," b. at Pike, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1861 ; m., Sept. 24, 

1890, Leda E. Shults, b. at Wheeler, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1867. They 
reside at Avoca, N. Y. 

8. Catherine McAfee Atwood, s b. Bedford, N. H._, Feb. 2, 1827. She 

went with her parents to Nunda, N. Y., in 1840; m., Sept. 7, 
1850, Jacob Smith, who d. Oct. 15, 1863, at Galesburg, 111, 
She m. second, Dec. 13, 1865, Seymour M. Arnold, and res. at 
Galesburg, 111. Child b. Galesburg, 111. : 
I. Jane B. Arnold," b. July 21, 1870. 

9. Charles G. Atwood,^ b. Bedford. N. H., April 7, 1829; m. Marcelia E. 

Bradley; no children. He learned the printer's trade in 
Amherst, N. H. Left there in 1848, and was in Boston on the 
Boston Daily Bee for one year, then joined his parents in 
Nunda, N. Y., and for two years was editor and proprietor of 
the Nunda Telefjraph ; later was in Syracuse, N. Y., in charge 
of the Daily Star; went to Baltimore, Md., in 1853, and was 
employed on different papers till 1S55, when he went to Chi- 
cago, 111., and in 1856 to Mt. Morris, 111., and started the 
North Westei-n Bejniblican, which he sold after the defeat of 
General Fremont for the presidency ; was then in Galesburg, 
la. ; run a newspaper, and was in the grocery and coal busi- 
ness, employing one hundred and fifty men. There, for a 
year, he bought and shipped horses to the principal cities in 
the country. Later he went to Quincy, 111., built a horse rail- 
road, managed it for one year, tlien sold it and went to Red 
Oak, la., in 1875, where he engaged in farming till July, 1890, 
when he sold liis property, pvirchased an extensive oi'ange 
ranch (paying $21,000) in Riverside, Cal., where he resided in 

1891, and where he expects to end his days. 

10. Ann Elizabeth Atwood,5 b. July 7, 1831, at Bedford, N. H. ; went 

with her parents to Nunda, N. Y. ; m. W^illiam Wirt and res. 
at Hornellsville, N. Y. She d. Sept. 6, 1884. He d. April 14, 

1886. Children : 

I. Katie Wirt," b. Canasaraga, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1859; m., April 27, 1889, 
Charles W. Ricliardson, and res. at Dansville, N. Y. Child, 
b. Dansville, N. Y. : Mary Jenette Richardson,' b. Feb. 23, 

11. Charles Wirt," b. Sept. 20, 1861, at Canaseraga, N. Y. He is m., and 

res. at No. 10 Washington St., Hornellsville, N. Y. 
III. Susan Wirt," b. at Canaseraga, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1864; m., April 28, 

1887, Fred H. Cowen; res. No. 88 Cypress St., Rochester, 
N. Y. ; no children. 


IV. Anna Bell Wirt," b. April 15, 1870; d. June 24, 1885. 

11. Hannah F. Atwood,^ b. Bedford, N. H., Aug-. 24, 1833; m., May 7, 

1859, A. H. Lemon, and res. in Dansville, N. Y. Children b. 

Dansville, N. Y. : 

I. William H. Lemon,^ b. Sept. 8, 1860. 

II. Minnie Allison Lemon," b. July 22, 1864; m., Dec. 1, 1886, Miller M. 

Fowler; res. Dansville, N. Y. Child: Harold G. Fowler,^ b. 
April, 1889. 

III. Charles T. Lemon,G b. ,Jan. 29, 1868. 

68. Catherine Holmes ^ [daughter of Susannah (Allison) and Lieut. John 
Holmes], b. in Londonderry, N. H., in 1792; m. Samuel Mc- 
Afee, of Bedford, N. H. He d. Nov. 5, 1855, aged 72 years, 7 
months. She d. Feb. 18, 1871, aged 78 years. Children: 

1. Alfred McAfee," b. 1815 ; d. April 8, 1887. He m. his cousin, Nancy 

P. B. Shepard.' (See her record.) 

2. William McAfee,^ b. Dec. 20, 1816; m., March 16, 1865, Orline M, 

Flint, of Bedford, N. H. ; res. in Merrimack, removed to Bed- 
ford, where they are now living. Child b. Merrimack, N. H. : 
I. Ella Darrah McAfee," b. Dec. 11, 1866; m., Dec. 23, 1884, George L. 
Walsh, of Bedford, N. H. ; res. Bedford, N. H. Child b. Bed- 
ford, N. H. : Wayland Flint Walsh,- b. Nov. 25, 1888. 

3. Adam McAfee," b. Bedford, N. H., Sept. 29, 1818; m., 1847, Elizabeth 

E. Brooks, of Putney, Vt., and lived in Newburyport, Mass., 
and Boston, Mass. She d. at East Boston, Feb. 10, 1858. He 
m., second, Sept. 10, 1865, Helen F. Gilmore, of Bedford, N. H., 
and in 1869 or 1870 removed to Bedford, N. H. He d. Sept. 23, 
1881. She d. Dec. 22, 1880, aged 37 years, 3 months, 23 days. 
Children by first wife, b. Newburyport, Mass. : 

I. Franklin B. McAfee,'' b. July 2, 1848; m., Jan. 1, 1880, Maria Fisher, 

of Merrimack, N. H., and in Jan., 1891, resided in Grafton, 
Mass. Children: Emma Jane McAfee,^ b. Bedford, N. H,, 
Feb. 18, 1881. Adam Franklin McAfee,' b. Oct. 12, 1882. Mary 
Elizabeth McAfee,' b. Merrimack, N. H., March 20, 1886. 

II. Elizabeth M. McAfee," b. July 2, 1853. 

III. Ida Jane McAfee," b. East Boston, Mass., July 6, 1866; d. Dec. 2, 


IV. Nellie F. McAfee," b. East Boston, Mass., Sept. 28, 1868 ; d. Nov. 2, 


V. Annie L. McAfee," b. Bedford, N. H., June 16, 1870. 

4. John Holmes McAfee," b. Bedford, N. H., Sept. 27, 1820; m., about 

1852, Sophia R. Kittredge, of Merrimack, N. H., resided and 
died in Bedford, N. H., June 19, 1878, aged 57 years, 8 months, 
22 days. She d. June 17, 1878, aged 47 years, 9 montlis, 14 days. 

5. Jane McAfee,^ b. Bedford, N. H., July 2, 1823; m., Nov. 11, 1852, 

Eri Kittredge, of Merrimack, N. H. ; res. Merrimack, N. H., 
where he d. of pneumonia, Felj. 19, 1891. Child: 
I. William F. McAfee," b. Sept. 8, 1855 ; d. of pneumonia in Merrimack, 
Feb. 16, 1891. 

6. Catherine McAfee," b. in Bedford, May 22, 1825; m., Nov. 14, 1850, 

Joseph Kittredge, of Merrimack, N. IL, and res. in Merri- 
mack, N.H. He d. Nov., 1891, aged 67 years, 10 months. Chil- 
dren : 

I. Joseph W. A. Kittredge," b, in Merrimack, N. H., Sept. 3, 1859; m. 

June, 1879, Ella L. S. Fuller, of Merrimack. He d. Oct. 29, 
1881, aged 22 years, 1 month, 23 days. Children: Harry Kit- 
tredge,' b. 1880. Ella Isabel Kittredge,' b. Sept., 1881. 

II. Katie Louise Kittredge," b. May 11, 1855; 'm., March 10, 1880, James 

F. C. Hodgman, of Bedford, N. H. ; res. Merrimack, N. H., 
where he was selectman in 1887, '88, '89. Child: Frederick 
J. Hodgman,' b. Dec. 12, 1881. 

7. Samuel Holmes McAfee," b. Jan. 7, 1828; d. July 7, 1847. 

8. Ira J. Holmes McAfee," b. Aug. 2, 1829 ; d. Jan. 2, 1835. 


9. Achsah Holmes McAfee,^ b. Dec. 12, 1832, in Bedford, X. H. ; m., 
July 2, 1864, Charles A. Snell, of Boston, Mass., where they 
resided for a time, then lived in Bedford, N. H., and now live 
in Manchester, N. H., 25 Arlington St. Children b. Boston, 
Mass. : 

I. Sarah Elizabeth Snell,« b. May .5, 1865 ; m.. May 5, 1885, at Manches- 

ter, N. H., David Conners, b. in Ossipee, N. H., Oct. .3, 1859. 
They res. in Nashua, N. H. Child b. Manchester, N. H. : Mabel 
Etta Conners,' b. Aug. 10, 1886. 

II. Katie E. Snell,« b. May 24, 1867 ; m., April 9, 1888, Clinton A. Moore, 

of Manchester, N. H., and res. Manchester, N. H. 

III. Charles A. Snell," b. June 29, 1871 ; d. Oct. 19, 1891. 

69. Samuel Holmes,* b. ; d. when a child, in 1786, in Londonderry, 

N. H. 

70. John Holmes,* b. 1786. By the will of his father, he received the 

home farm in Londonderry, N. H. He was a student in Dart- 
mouth college, class of 1814, and d. while a junior, June 1, 1813. 

From Notes by Judge Nathaniel Holmes, Cambridge, Mass. 

He was appointed lieutenant-colonel of Col. Samuel Ho- 
bart's second regiment of "Minute Men," being one of the 
" four recriments of Minute Men " that were formed out of 
the previous sixteen regiments of militia, on the 1st of Sep- 
tember, 1775, and was taken out of "that of Colonel Bart- 
lett," that " lately of Col. Matthew Thornton," that " lately 
of Colonel Lutwyche," and that "lately of Colonel Kid- 
der," whereof Samuel Philbrick was first major and Tim- 
othy Farrar second major (N. H. Prov. Papers, vol. 7, p. 
608). He is called Col. Robert Moore upon his grave- 
stone at Derry, and died in 1778. He was the great-grand- 
father of the Hon. O. C. Moore, of Nashua, N. H., an ex- 
member of congress, and a brother of Elizabeth Moore, who 
married Nathaniel Holmes, 2d, of Londonderry, N. H. In 
1777, on the death of his father, he removed to the farm 
of his parents, John and Janet Moore, who, in 1723 or 
1724, came from county of Antrim, Ireland, and in 1727 
or 1728 settled on the farm where they lived and died, the 
place more recently known as the " Jenness place," on the 
Chester road, a little northwest of Beaver pond, in the Eng- 
lish Range, and now owned by Mr. C. W. True. (See His- 
tory of Bedford, N. H., for partial account of this family.) 

Mary Holmes, of Londonderry, married Joseph Morison ^ 
(son of John i), and they were the parents of Abraham Mor- 
ison. She was, probably, the daughter of Abraham Holmes, 
of the West Parish, and thus perpetuated the Christian name 
of her father in that of her sou. 

Mary Holmes, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth 


(Moore) Holmes, of Londonderry (their second child), mar- 
ried Abraham Morison, and was born about 1746. 

They quitclaimed, in a deed, all interest in the estate of 
her "-honored father, Nathaniel Holmes, deceased," to his 
eldest son, Lieut. John Holmes, who bought out all the heirs, 
and succeeded to the home farm. Date May 13, 1771, 
acknowledged and recorded in 1776 (Book 107, p. 398 of 
County Records). They had a son, Nathaniel^ named for 
her father. 

71. Kathreen Allison ^ [29] (Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel i). 
She was born at Londonderry, N. H., April 1, 1762, and mar- 
ried, in 1785, Nathaniel Holmes,^ of Peterborough, N. H., son 
of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Moore) Holmes,'^ of London- 
derry, grandson of Nathaniel and Jane (Hunter) Holmes,^ of 
Coleraine, Ireland. This Nathaniel Holmes,^ after the death 
of his wife in Ireland, emigrated in 1740 to the Scotch set- 
tlement in Londonderry, N. H., where so many of his Scotch 
neighbors and kindred had gone before, being accompanied 
by his four sons, Nathaniel,^ John,^ William,^ and Andrew 
Holmes.^ Traditions say that he left his eldest son, Nathan- 
iel Holmes,^ in Londonderry, while he and his other- three 
sons (who were then minors) went to Carlisle, Penn., and 
settled, and where he probably died. The three sous lived 
and had families at Carlisle, Penn. 

Dea. Nathaniel Holmes was born at Londonderry, N. H., 
Sept. 5, 1759, and died at Peterborough, N. H., Sept. 10, 


72. Jane Holmes,^ b. Feb. 24, 1786; d. Marcli 2, 1786. 

73. Nathaniel Holmes,* b. May 4, 1787; m., Jan. 11, 1809, Sally, daugliter 

of Maj. Jotham Hoar, b. June 24, 1787; d. June 14, 1887, with- 
in ten days of a century in age. He d. Jan. 2.3, 1840; res. at 
East Jaffrey, Meredith Bridge, and Tilton, N. H. ; machinist 
and manufacturer. Children: 
1. Katherine Allison Holmes,^ b. Oct. 1, 1809; m., Nov. .5, 1835, Col. 
Zenas Clement, of Claremont, N. H. She I'es. Stamford, Ct. 

1. Sarah Clement," b. May 8, 1840; m. Frank Kimball, Esq., attorney, 

who d. 1872. Child: Mary H. Kimball,' res. with her mother 
and grandmother in Stamford, Ct. 
II. Nathaniel Holmes Clement," of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. March 23, 
1841; m., Oct. 24, 1871, Amelia C. Piper. Children: Erminia 
Augusta Clement,' b. Oct. 14, 1872. Arthur Wilford Clem- 
ent,' b. March 17, 1878. Clara Louise Clement,' b. Jan. 26, 
1880; d July 6, 1882. George Nathaniel Clement,' b. Sept. 17, 

2. Artemus Lawrence Holmes," b. East Jaffrey, N. H., July 9, 1814. 

Graduated at Dartmouth college, 1835; attorney-at-law and 



merchant at Galena, 111., St. Louis, Mo., New York city; m. 
Eliza Bloomer, of Galena, 111., who d. leaving a daughter. He 
m., second, Mary M. Bloomer, of Galena. Children: 

I. Eliza Augusta Holmes,^ b. April 1, 1S40 ; m. George H. Adams, attorney- 

at-iaw in New Y^ork city. 

II. Artemus 11. Holmes," b. Galena, 111., May 16, 1819. Graduated at Har- 

vard college, 1870; attorney-at-law in New Y'ork city. He m. 
Elizabeth Allen, of Boston, Mass., who d. 1876. He m., second. 
May 20, 1880, Lillian, daughter of Henry Stokes, of New Y^ork 
city. Children: Artemus Holmes,' b. Oct. 16, 1881; Lillian 
Stokes Holmes,' b. May 6, 1884; Hilda Holmes,' b. March 11, 
1890. Mr. Holmes d. in New Y'ork city, Nov. 29, 1891, leaving 
a large estate. 

III. Robert Bloomer Holmes," b. June 8, 1854. Broker in New York city ; 

member New Y'ork exchange. He m., Nov. 1, 1S77, Kate Rosa- 
line, daughter of Setli W. Hale, of New Y^ork city. Children: 
Kate Hale Holmes,' b. Oct. 18, 1878; d. Feb. 4, 1881; Andres 
Holmes,' h. Feb. 2, 1882; Robert B. Holmes, Jr.,' b. March 3, 
1S84; Natalie Ilolmes,^ b. June 2, 1885. 

3. Abigail Evans Holmes,^ b. Oct. 22, 1816; m. Edward A. Damon, mer- 

chant at St. Louis, Mo. She d. Aug. 30, 1857. He d. March 11, 
1874. Children: 

I. Edward Orne Damon,® b. Feb. 23, 1852; m. Florence R. Simpson, of 

Newburyport, Mass. Children: Edward Orne Holmes,' b. Sept. 
24, 1878; Lucille Simpson Holmes,' b. March 7, 1879. 

II. Henrietta Frances Damon," b. March 24, 1854; m., June 13, 1877, 

Walker Gill Wylie, M. D., of New Y'ork city. Children: Juliet 
Agnes Wylie,' b. March 26, 1878; Luella Damon Wylie,' b. Aug. 
3, 1879; Louis Gill Wylie,' b. March 27, 1882; Edward Alexan- 
der Wylie,' b. Feb. 27, 1887. 

4. Edith Augusta Holmes," b. Oct. 9, 1821; m. Hon. Samuel Swasey, of 

Haverhill, N. H., speaker of the New Hampshire house of rep- 
resentatives. Removed to Illinois; d. June 20, 1887. She d. 
Oct. 17, 1887, at Belvidere, 111. Children: 

I. Franklin Holmes Swasey," b. Haverhill, N. H., Jan. 31, 1845; drowned 

in a mill pond June 30, 1853. 

II. Charles James Swasey," b. Haverhill, N. H., Sept. 3, 1847. 

III. Katherine Swasey," b. Dec. 29, 1849; d. March 5, 1852. 

IV. Samuel Swasev," b. Haverhill, N. H., March 8, 1852; d. at Fort 

Worth, Tex., Aug. 31, 1877. 

V. Edith Augusta Swasey," b. Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 21, 1854; m. Al- 

son Keeler, of Belvidere, 111., Sept. 23, 1880. Child: Lawrence 
Swasey Keeler,' b. Dec. 23, 1882. 

VI. Edward Holmes Swasey," b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 17, 1800. 

5. Nathaniel Moore Holmes,^ b. Feb. 20, 1823; d. May 2, 1828. 

6. Daniel Avery Holmes,'^ b. at Meredith, N. H., Jan. 17, 1826; merchant 

at Galena, 111. ; m. Elizabeth A. Mackey, who d. March 1, 1874. 
L Avery Nathaniel Holmes," b. May 24, 18.50; m. Eunice Brown, June, 
1887; res. Union City, Wis. 

II. Willie Mackey Holmes," b. July 15, 1852; m., July 19, 1883, Miss J. H. 

Perley, of Galena, 111. Child : Sherman Holmes,' b. April 12, 

III. Albertine Merrick Holmes," b. Nov. 8, 1855; m. E. C. Riplev, April 

28, 1881, and d. Mav 15, 1884. Children: Albert Enos Ripley,' 
b. Feb. 5, 1882; Walter Ford Ripley.' Nathaniel Holmes 
Ripley,' b. Aug. 8, 1863. 

IV. Abbie Damon Holmes," b. Sept. 30, 1857; m. R. Martin, Oct. 8, 1884, 

Children: Abbie Mabel Martin,' b. June 8, 1886; Hazel Mar- 
tin,' b. Oct. 20, 1887. 

V. Isabel Holmes,^ b. May 20, 1860. 


VL Lizzie Lecompte Holmes,* b. Jan. 27, 1864; m. Oct. 8, 1885, Q. Bixby. 

VIL Henry Hooper Holmes,« b. Nov. 11, 1878. 

7. Henry Greenleaf Holmes,'^ b. Jan. 11, 1834. Merchant in St. Louis, 
Mo., and now of New York city; m. Georgie Kulm. No chil- 

74. Samuel Holmes,^ b. Dec. 19, 1789; res. Peterborough, N. H., and 
then in Springfield, Vt., later in Peterborough, where he died. 
A manufacturer, machinist, and farmer. He m. Mary, daugh- 
ter of Eev. David Annan, March 81, 1813. She d. at Spring- 
field, Vt., Feb. 9, 1828, aged 38 years, 5 months. He m., sec- 
ond, Mrs. Fannie Moore Priest, widow of Dr. J. B. Priest. She 
d. Jan. 6, 1876, aged 85 years. He d. July 8, 1868. Children: 
Hon. Nathaniel Holmes,' b. Peterborough, N. H., July 2, 1814. Hon. 
Nathaniel Holmes graduated at Harvard university in 1837. 
Eeceived the degree of M. A. in 1859; was admitted to the bar 
in Boston, Mass., in 1839, and immediately commenced the 
practice of law in St. Louis, Mo. Was circuit attorney for the 
county of St. Louis in 1846. From 1853 to 1855 was counsellor 
of the board of public schools of St. Louis, and from 1862 to 
1865 was counsellor of the North Missouri Railroad company.. 
In June, 1865, he was appointed one of the judges of the su- 
preme court of Missouri by Gov. Thomas C. Fletcher. He 
resigned in 1868 and accepted the Royall professorship of law 
in Harvard university, which he resigned in 1872 and resumed 
his profession in St. Louis. He published in 1866 " The Author- 
ship of Shakespeare," which has passed through several edi- 
tions. He was never married. Res. 7 Holyoke Place, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

2. David Annan Holmes,' b. Peterborough, N. H., April 1, 1816; farmer; 

res. Bronson, Mich., where he d. Jan. 7, 1868; m. Nancy Tag- 
gart. Children: 

I. Mary Elizabeth Holmes,* b. Sept. 6, 1842; m. M. B. Moore; divorced 

in 1871. She m., second, Capt. Frank M. Bissell, of Coldwater, 
Mich., June 10, 1872, Children: Edith L. Bissell,' b. June 27, 
1873; Mabel Frankie Bissell,' b. June 13, 1876; Gertrude Bis- 
sell,' b. April 26, 1879. Mr. Bissell was wounded in the late 
war, and is a pensioner; res. Greencastle, Ind. 

II. Samuel Holmes," b. Nov. 31, 1844; res. with his mother in Bronson^ 


III. Frederick J. Holmes," b. Nov. 1, 1846; d. May 18, 1847. 

3. Elizabeth Holmes,' b. Peterborough, N. H., Oct. 29, 1820; d. at Nashua, 

N. IL, Aug. 3], 1861; m., 1846, Joliii Leach, of Nashua, who d. 
Dec. 30, 1879, aged 71 years. Children: 

I. John Holmes Leach," b. Oct. 22, 1847. Graduated at Dartmouth col- 

lege in 1870; M. D. of Bellevue Medical college, N. Y., in 1874; 
city physician at Keene, N. H., and examining surgeon on the 
board of pensions; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1885. He 
m., Oct. 25, 1876, Emily M. Crossfield, daughter of Captain 
Crossfield, of Keene, N. H., who was killed at Gettysburg. She 
is a music teacher; was b. Dec. 31, 1854; res. Watertown, Mass. 
Children: Nathaniel Plolmes Leach,' b. Oct. 28, 1882; John 
Clark Leach.' b. Aug. 11, 1884. 

II. Anne Frances Leach," b. at Nashua, N. H., May 2, 1851; res. San 

Francisco, Cal. 

4. Samuel Allison Holmes,' b. at Springfield, Vt., Feb. 23, 1823; was 

fitted for college at Phillips Exeter academy (class of '38); 
entered the Sojihomore class of Dartmouth college in 1841; 
left in his Junior year; studied law, and was admitted to the 
bar at St. Louis, Mo., in 1844. He was first lieutenant and 
adjutant of Lieutenant-Colonel Euston's St. Louis battalion in 
the Mexican war (1845-'47), and colonel of the 10th and 40th 


Regiments of Missouri Volunteers in tlie late, and com- 
manded the 2d Brigade, Ttli Div. of the 17th Corps in General 
Grant's campaign against Vicksburg; was engaged in the 
battles at Corinth under General Rosecrans, and at Jitbra, 
Jackson, and Champion Hills, and with the 40th Missouri 
Regiment was in the battles at Franklin and Nashville, under 
General Thomas, and was afterwards sent to Mobile, and, 
after the capture of that city, was stationed at Montgomery, 
Ala., at the close of the war. At Champion Hills he received 
an injury on the left knee from the kick of a horse, which gave 
rise, some years afterwards, to a tumorous growth of bone in 
the joint, which was removed bv a surgical operation in May, 
1889, but had not healed up before the 16th of February, 1890, 
when the leg had to be amputated above the knee, and he 
recovered his health; he received a pension. After the war 
he was appointed judge of the land commissioner's court of 
the city of St. Louis, Mo., having jurisdiction of tlie condemna- 
tion of land for public streets, and held the place till 1872. 
He spent much time in reading and study, and indulged in 
writing. He d. of apoplexy in St. Louis, Jan. 5, 1892, and was 
buried with his relatives in Peterborough, N. H. 

5. Sarah Smith Holmes, ° b. at Springfield, Vt., Sept. 4, 1825; m. Horatio 

Kimball, of Nashua and Keene, N. H., Sept. 16, 1847. Child: 

1. Samuel Holmes Kimball," b. at Nashua, N. H., May 28, 1848; enlisted 

at sixteen in the N. H. Cavalry, and served a campaign in Vir- 
ginia; res. Keene, N. H. 

2. Edward Perry Kimball, ' b. at Keene, Oct. 21, 1855; printer; res, 

Keene N. H. 

6. Frances Sophia Holmes,' b. Oct. 20, 1829; d. Febrviary, 18.31. She 

was an only child by second wife, Fanny (Moore), widow of 
Dr. Jabez B. Priest, of Peterborough. 
75. Jane Holmes,^ b. July 14, 1792; d. July 9, 1882; m., Dec. 25, 1815, 
Bei'nard Whittemore, mercliant. He d. at Nashua, Aug. 8, 
1846, aged 58 years, 11 months. Children: 

1. Bernard Bemus Whittemore, ° b. in Boston, May 15, 1817; fitted for 

college at Phillips Exeter academy (class of '82), and gradu- 
ated; Harvard College in 1839; studied law in the Harvard 
Law School in 1840-'41, and was admitted to the Bar in Hills- 
borough County, N. H. ; practised at Palmer, Amherst, and 
Nashua, and in 1846 became, with his brother, F. P. Whitte- 
more, proprietor and editor of the Nashua Gazette^ imtil 1890. 
He was a member of the state senate in 1852-53, alderman of 
the city of Nashua in 1860, and city treasurer in 1801. He d. 
in 1893. 

2. Katherine Holmes Whittemore,^ b. July 12, 1819; m., Oct. 8, 1840, 

General Israel Hunt, of Nashua; he d. Jan. 11, 1889. Children: 

I. Israel Thorndike Hunt," b. Oct. 12, 1841 ; M. D. of Harvard Medical 

College in 1870, and medical examiner for insurance companies 
in Boston; m. Evangeline Foisee, of Nashua, in 1883. Child: 
Katherine Evangeline Hunt,' b. Aug. 13, 1886; res. Chelsea, 

II. Frank Whittemore Hunt,« b. April 26, 1849; res. Nashua. 

3. Eloise C. Whittemore,'^ b. Aug. 28, 1822; m., June 8, 184:^, David F. 

McGilvrav; merchant, of Boston. He d. Aug. 30, 1871. Children: 

I. Alice E. McGilvray," b. Jan. 26, 1845; d. Feb. 22, 1869. 

II. Jacob Bernard McGilvray," b. Aug. 13, 1850. 

III. Katherine Holmes McGilvray,* b. May 19, 18.55; d. Nov. 7, 1879. 

IV. David F. McGilvray," b. Oct, 5, 1858. Two sons and one dau, d, in 


4. Francis Parkman Whittemore, s b, March 29, 1825; printer; m., Jan, 

27, 1851, Angeline H. Parks, of Palmer, Children: 



I. Helen A. Whittemore," b. Nov. 5, 1851. 

II. Alice F. Whittemore," b. 1853; d. young. 

III. Frederick Parks Whittemore/ b. Oct. 25, 1855. 

5. Mary Jane Whittemore," b. July 29, 1827; principal of a ladies' school 

at Kome, N. Y., and lately resident at San Miguel, Cal. 

6. Nathaniel Holmes Whittemore,^ b. Jan. 11, 1830; res. Marslifield 

(Brant Rock), Mass. 

7. Ann Frances Whittemore,'' b. Aug 16, 1834; m., Feb. 22, 1864, Bloom- 

field J. Beach, Esq., of Rome, N. Y., where she d. Oct. 18, 
1867. Child: 
I. John B. Beach," b. May 5, 1866; now res. at Indian River, Fla. 

76. Andrew Holmes,^ b. Nov. 24, 1794; m. Jane Taggart, Feb. 12, 1818; 

she d. ; he m. second, Abigail Phillips, of Derry. In 

early life he lost an arm in a cotton picker, and became a ped- 
dler of fancy articles, and d. at Turner's Falls in 1877. Chil- 
dren by first wife : 

1. Caroline Holmes," b. Oct. 28,1818; m. Joel Bruce. He d. ; two chil- 

dren d. young. 

2. Stephen Holmes,cb. Dec. 2, 1820; m. Calista Dustan. Child: Charles 

Hustan,*" d. young, in Wilton. She d. Greenfield, June 18, 
1877. He d. in Peterborough, N. H., Nov., 1886 or 1887. He 
served as a soldier in the late war, and received a pension. 

3. Margaret Holmes,'^ b. March 6, 1823; m. Geo. Dickey, both d. 

4. Jane Holmes,^ b. Dec. 14, 1825; m. Urick A. Hall, of Derry; bed.; 

one child. 

5. Mary A. Holmes,^ b. Aug. 11, 1828; d. April 16, 1846. 

6. Nathaniel Holmes,6b. July 30, 1830; m. Angelia S. Mower, of Jaffrey, 

N. H., b. in 1829, and res. at Turner's Falls', Mass. Children: 
T. Elizabeth Josephine Holmes," b. in 1854; m. George Starbush. Chil- 
dren: Amelia Angeline Starbush,' b. in 1878. Joseph Nathan- 
iel Starbush,'^ b. in 1880. George William Star.busli,^ b. in 

II. Julian Augustus Holmes," b. in 1858; a commercial traveller. 

III. Coi'a Roxana Holmes, e b. in 1860; school teacher. 

77. Elizabeth IIolmes,4 b. March 23, 1797; m., Oct. 28, 1828, Daniel 

Adams (his second wife), of Jaffrey, b. May 22, 1798; moved 
to Springfield, Vt. She d. Nov. 10, 1836. He d. Dec. 15, 1851. 
Children : 
1. Elizabeth Adams,""' b. June 6, 1831; m., in 1853, Maj. G. Peabody, b. 
in Littleton, N. IL, in 1825; d. in 1868. He was a commis- 
sary for volunteers from Kansas in the late war. She m. 
second, Hon. Lawrence D. Bailey, of Lawrence, Kan. He was 
formerly a judge of the supreme court of Kansas. Children: 

1. Richard Adams Peabody," b. 1854; d. 1855. 

II. Frederick A. Peabody,'" b. 1856; d. 1866. 

III. Alice Hubbard Peabody," b. June 22, 1857; m., June 25, 1884, Wil- 

liam Henry Sears, of Chillicothe, O., b. March 7, 1858. 

IV. Carrie H. Peabody," b. 1862; d. 1863. 

V. Elizabeth H. Peabody," b. 1864; d. 1865. • 

2. Helen Marr Adams," d. young. 

78. Enos Holmes, 4 b. at Peterborough, N. II., Dec. 14, 1799; m. Louisa, 

dau. of Daniel Adams, of Jaffrey, b. Dee. 14, 1806; moved to 
Springfield, Vt., and with his brothers Samuel and John, and 
brother-in-law, Daniel Adams, engaged in the manufacture of 
cotton for some years. After living in the state of New York, 
he removed to i3uchanan, Mich., in 184(), where he bought a 
tract of land and made a farm. He d. there JNIay 23, 1869. He 
was a man of clear intelligence, fond of reading, and a noted 
free thinker. She d. tliere Jan. 25, 1876. Children: 
1. Kathei'ine Holmes," b. at Springfield, Vt., October, 1826; m. John C. 
Marble, of Buchanan, Mich., and d. Oct. 2, 1872; no children. 


2. Daniel Holmes,'' b. Springfield, Yt., May 28, 1829; m., Oct. 14, 1852, 

Sarah J. Baker, b. in Chautauqua countj% N. Y., July 24, 1S32. 

I. Frank Holmes,o b. July 27, 1853; d. Dec. 1, 1853. 

II. George Holmes," b. June 16, 185G. 

III. Nathaniel Holmes," b. Aug. IT, 1857; d. March 7, 1863. 

IV. John Holmes," b. Dec. 24, 1858; d. Jan 1, 1875. 

Y. Mary Louise Holmes,* b. July 24, 1860; d. March 10, 1872. 
YI. Patrick Henry Holmes,^ b. Nov. 2, 1861. 

YII. Katherine Allison Holmes,^ b. Jan. 4, 1864; d. Feb. 20, 1864. 
YIII. Jane Holmes," b. March 16, 1865. 

IX. Twin girls,6 b. Feb. 22, 1866; d. 1866. 

X. Louisa Holmes," b. Feb. 14, 1867. 
XL Enos Holmes," b. Aug. 1, 1869. 

XII. Katherine Holmes," b. Sept. 22, 1870. 

XIII. Harriet Holmes," b. May 9, 1871; d. Sept. 15, 1872. 

3. Louisa Adams Holmes." b. May 4, 1831 ; m. Orson Marble, of Michi- 

gan, Dec. 25, 1851. He d. Children: 

I. Willard B. Marble," b. Sept. 25, 1852; m., May 8, 1879, Sadie L. Grose. 

Children: Katie Grose,' b. Feb. 20, 1880. Lemon Grose,' b. 
Oct. 10, 1881. Elsie Grose,' b. Oct. 20, 1883. 

II. Enos Marble,6 b. July 29, 1854; m. Yerne Anderson, June 2, 1881. 

Child: Orson Leonard Anderson,' b. May 3, 1883. 

III. Sarah Katherine Marble," b. Sept. 26, 1856; m. Nathaniel Swan, 

June 27, 1880. Child: Carrie Mabel Swan,' b. September, 

lY. Mary Eloise Marble," b. April 23, 1859; m. Charles Matthews, Dec. 

12, 1878. Children: Alonzo Matthew^s,' b. Sept. 8, 1879. 

Bertha Matthews,' b. Nov. 5, 1881. Maud S. Matthews,' b. 

May 11, 1884. 
Y. Clarissa Myers Marble," b. Aug. 6, 1861; m. John B. Letchford, 

Nov. 18, 1880, of Frankville, Iowa. 
YI. Harriet Augusta Marble," b. June 4, 1863. 
YII. Fanny Louisa Marble." b. March 7, 1865. 
YIII. David Orson Marble," b. Aug. 12, 1867. 

IX. (John Clarence Marble," b. May 8, 1870. 

X. (Jessie Florence Marble," b. May 8, 1870. 

She m. second, John C. Marble, Oct. 12, 1873. 

4. Mary A. Holmes,^ b. Jan. 16, 1834; d. July 19, 1834. 

5. Charles A. Holmes,^ b. Sept. 11, 1835; d. March 15, 1836. 

6. John A. Holmes," b. June 4, 1838; d. Feb. 25, 1845. 

7. Enos Holmes,^ b. Aug. 11, 1841; m. Martha Barrows. Child: 
I. Alma Holmes," b. Feb. 2, lli^Sl; res. Buchanan, Mich. 

8. Harriet A. Holmes,^ b. Feb. 14, 1844; d. Aug. 23, 1844. 

9. John G. Holmes,^ b. Oct. 4, 1852; m. Juliette Scidmore, Dec. 27, 

1876. Children: 

I. Grace Scidmore," b. Aug. 14, 1878. 

II. Clara Scidmore," b. June 11, 1881. 

He is editor and proprietor of the Buchanan Becord, news- 
paper, Buchanan, Mich. 

79. John Holmes,* of Springfield, Yt., b. at Peterborough, N. H., May 8, 
1802; m., June 30, 1825, Hepsibeth Cutter, dau. of John Cutter, 
of Jaffrey, N. H., b. Dec. 2, 1803, who d. at Springfield, Yt., 
Sept. 5, 1854; m., second, Emeline W., dau. of Nathaniel 
Cutter, of Jaffrey, Sept. 17, 1855, b. Sept. 7, 1828, and d. Spring- 
field, Feb. 8, 1857; m., third, Sybil Eliza Gates, dau. of Samuel 
Gates, of Peterborough, June 15, 1858; b. at Peterborough, 
April 14, 1819, and d. Springfield, April 3, 1863. He d. at 
Springfield, Sept. 24, 1874. Children: 

I. John Cutter Holmes,^ b. April 22, 1827; m. Marcia A., dau. of 
George Kimball, of Springfield, June 4, 1850, b. June 14, 1827; 
d. June 4, 1858. He m., second, Eebecca, dau. of Noah Saf- 


ford, of Springfield, Vt., March 9, 1859. She was b. March 28, 
1838. Children by first marriage : 

1. Otto K. Holmes,^ b. June 2, 1854; d. Oct. 27, 1863. 

II. Frank H. Holmes,^ b. Feb. 27, 1858. 

Children by second marriage: 

III. Abbie Holmes," b. April 29, 1851. 

IV. Henry Bigelow Holmes,8 b. March 12, 1868. 

2. Emeline Duncan Holmes," b. March 7, 1830; d. Sept. 20, 1851. 

3. Abigail Holmes," b. Aug. 21, 1836; d. April 20, 1854. 

4. Nathajiiel Cutter Holmes," b. Jan. 26, 1857; m., in 1881, Mary B. 

Smart, of Springfield. He was educated in the agricultural 
department of Dartmouth College, B. S. in 1879; studied law 
with Judge Nathaniel Holmes, and in 1883 was admitted to 
the bar in St. Louis, Mo., and Massachusetts in 1884, and began 
the practice of law at Gardiner, Mass., and d. of consumption 
at the home of his uncle, Lucius A. Cutter, at Jaffrey, N. H., 
June 24, 1887. He was a young man of much promise. Child: 
I. Laura Rebecca Holmes,^ b. Gardner, Mass., 1886. 

5. George Gates Holmes,^ b. July 15, 18.57 ; d. Sept. 15, 1860. 

80. Jonathan Holmes,* b. Peterborough, N. H., June 8, 1807; m. Jane, 
dau. of Dea. Nathaniel Moore, of Peterborough, Feb. 4, 1830. 
She was b. Feb. 8, 1810; d. Aug. 19, 1831. He m., second, in 
1831, Mary (Taggart) Robbe, widow of Cicero Robbe, of Peter- 
borough, and dau. of John Taggart, of Dublin. He owned and 
lived till 1838 on the homestead in Peterborough, when he sold 
it, and removed to Bronson, Mich., where he established a 
large farm and acquired a large property. - He was a bank 
director at Coldwater. He d. at Bronson, Dec. 11, 1884. Chil- 
dren : 

1. Mary Jane Holmes," b. at Peterborough, N. H., in 1832; m. Freeman 
Lurdaw (?), of Bronson. She m., second, William Dougherty, 
of Winona, Minn. Children by first marriage: 

1. Ellen A. Lurdaw" (?), b. 1857; m. Mr. Cornell in 1878. 

II. Emma Lurdaw" (?), b. 1861; m. Mr. Hensley in 1878. 

Children by second marriage: 

III. William Dougherty," b. 1869. 

IV. Jenny Dougherty,8 b. 1873. 

2. John Taggart Holmes," b. in 18.36; m. Helen M. McMellon. He xxi., 

second, Sarah Van Aestine, in 1878. Children: 

I. Nathaniel L. Holmes," b. 1872. 

II. Mary Louise Holmes, « b. 1874. 

III. Jonathan Allison Holmes," b. 1881. 

IV. Grace Holmes," b. 1884; res. Coldwater, Mich. 

3. Cicero Jonathan Holmes," b. Nov. 13, 1844; m. Mary A. Strehlin in 

1883; res. Bronson, Mich. Children: 

I. Mary Jane Holmes," b. Aug. 7, 1884. 

II. Cicero Jonathan Holmes," b. April 11, 1887. 

III. Warren C. Holmes," b. October, 1888; d. Sept. 28, 1889. 

4. Florence Holmes," b. 1853; m. Ezra E. Beardsley, in 1874; res. Bron- 

son, Mich. Children: 

I. Walton H. Beardsley," b. 1875. 

II. Jessie Beardsley," b. 1877. 

81. John Allison 3 [30] (Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel O- He 
was born in Londonderry, N. H., in what is now Deny, near 
Derry east meeting-house. His father's homestead is in- 
cluded in the farm of George W. Lane, and he succeeded his 
father upon the home farm, and was a farmer and tavern- 
keeper. He died in the prime of early manhood or middle 


life, before Sept. 24, 1800, and probably in 1799. He mar- 
ried Betsey Abbott, of Kingston, N. H., who died Nov. 8, 
1799, aged 33 years. He and his family are buried in the 
cemetery at East Derry, near the burial-place of his father 
and grandfather and Rev. James McGregor, in the centre of 
the old yard. The administration of his estate was granted 
to Alexander McGregor, Sept. 24, 1800, and John Pinkerton 
was appointed guardian of his children. 


82. Betsey Abbott Allison* (214), b. April 3, 1788; m. Josiah Abbott, Jr., 

of Worcester, Mass., Dec. 30, 1808; d. April 30, 1830, in Lunen- 
burg, Vt. 

83. Sukey Prentice Allison, -i b. Dec. 17, 1789. She became a governess 

in Boston, Mass. She was winning in looks, attractive in man- 
ners, and much beloved. She d. unmarried, April 12, 1844. 

84. Naomi Pinkerton Allison,* b. March 28, 179G; d. June 15, 1799. 

85. John Samuel Allison,* b. Sept. 3, 1788: d. March 30, 1799. 

86. James Allison 3 [31] (Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel^). He 
was born in Londonderry, N. H. (in the portion which is 
now Derry), Feb. 22, 1767. He married Anna Moore. He 
occupied a part of the homestead in Derry, and later removed 
to Weathersfield, Vt., and owned a farm near the southern 
foot of Ascutney mountain, where he died Feb. 23, 1805, 
aged 38 years, 1 day. Mrs. Allison was born April 23, 1765, 
in Londonderry, N. H., and died in Weathersfield, Vt., Oct. 
26, 1834, aged 69 years, 6 months, 3 days. 


87. Janet Allison,* b. Feb. 3, 1789; d. June 20, 1825, aged 36 years, 4 

months, 17 days. 

88. John Allison* (2G), b. Feb. 20, 1790; m. Jerusha Swett, and, second, 

Anna Porter; res. Weathersfield, Vt., and d. there July 29, 

89. Samuel Allison* (225), b. Aug. 12, 1791; res. Painesville, Ohio. 

90. Sarah Allison s [32] (Capt. Samuel.2 Samuel i). She 
was born in Londonderry, N. H., Dec. 17, 1766, and married 
July 5, 1795 or 1798, Daniel Abbot, of Peterborough, N. H., a 
trader, who was born in Lj'ndeborough, N. H., Juh^ 31, 1769. 
He was a carpenter in early life. Removed to Newbury- 
port, Mass., and spent about five years ; returned to Peter- 
borough, which he left in 1834. He died in VVestford, Mass., 
Jan. 27, 1854, aged 84 years, 5 months. j\lrs. Abbot died in 
New York, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1737. She was a great reader, 
with a strong, active, and logical mind, and she and her hus- 
band attended the Unitarian church. 



91. Jane Abbot,* b. Peterborough, jST. H., Sept. .30, ISOO; d. in Brooklyn, 

N. Y., Sept., 1880. She m. John Scott, of Peterborough, N. H., 
Aug. 24, 1842, as his second wife. (He was b. Feb. 18, 1797, 
son of William and grandson of William Scott, of Peterbor- 
ough.) They removed to Detroit, Mich. He d. Sept. 1, 1846; 
She had no children. 

92. Sally Allison Abbot,* b, Newburyport, Mass., Nov. 3, 1806; d. in 

Rutherford, N. J., Oct. 13, 1887. She m.,3Iay6, 1830, Jeffer- 
son Fletcher, a grocer in New York, N. Y. He d. at Westford, 
Mass., July 17, 1852. Children: 

1. Sarah Jane Fletcher,'^ b. June 11, 1831; d. at Peterborough, N. H., 

March 2, 1834. 

2. Mary Louise Fletcher,^ b. at New York, N. Y., Oct. 1.5, 18.3.5; m., 

Aug., 1866, Robert B. Hallock, who d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
March, 1878. Child: 
I. Julian Abbot Hallock," b. Feb. 3, 1868, and is employed on the N. Y. 
Tribune in the city of New York. 

3. Sarah Allison Fletcher,' b. July 26, 1841; single; res. Rutherford, 

N. J.; business, typewriter; office, 3 Union square. New York, 
N, Y. She was a teacher for eleven years in Peterborough, 
N. H., Illinois, and Leominster, Mass. 

4. Edmund Abbot Fletcher,'^ b. Oct. 15, 1849; single; res. Rutherford, 

N. J., and is connected with the N. Y. Tribune, being at the 
head of the proof-reading depai-tment. In early life he was 
for several years in the office of the Peterborough, N. H., 

93. Daniel Abbot, Jr.,* b. April 11, 1808; m., Feb. 15, 18.38, Dorothy 

Evans Cutter, b. Sept. 20, 1809, and who d. in New Y^ork city 
Nov. 19, 1842. He was in the grocery business in New York, 
and removed there about 1833. He died in New York city Nov. 
2, 18.54. Children: 

1. Clara Jane Abbot,^ b. June 2, 1840; d. Sept. 2, 1840. 

2. Laura Jane Abbot,= b. Nov. 7, 1842; m., June 5, 1802, Albert Stevens, 

of Peterborough, N. H. ; res. Leominster, Mass. Child: 
I. Ida Mabel Stevens," b. Aug. 17, 1866. 

94. John Abbot,* b. Peterborough, N. IL, June 24, 1810; m., Jan. 2, 

1834, in Michigan, town of Monroe, Pamelia Beach. He was a 
farmer, and d. there Nov. 30, 1834, aged 24 years, 5 months. 

95. John Allison * [36] (Samuel,-^ Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel i). 
He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., March 23, 1776, and died 
in Peterborough, N. H., Aug. 13, 1864, aged 88 years, 4 
months. He married Rachel Ladd, of Dunbarton, in 1805, 
who was born June 9, 1780, and died Sept. 3, 1824, aged 
44 years. He married, second, Abigail Perry, of Rindge, 
N. H., who was born May 15, 1791, and died at Sioux City, 
Iowa, Feb. 13, 1873, aged 81 years, 8 months. 

Mr. Allison located in Peterborough, Sept. 25, 1801, where 
he spent the remainder of his life. He was a wood work- 
man and turner, and for a long time was in the employ of 
the proprietors of the factories in that town. As a man, he 
was honest, upright, and respected. 



96. Ira Allison, 5 b. June 11, 1806; graduated at Dartmouth college; was 

an expert writing-master; m. Catherine Gillis, who was b. 
Nov. 12, 1812. He res. in state of New York, and d. at Sara- 
toga Springs. Mrs. Allison res. 1890, at North Argyle, N. Y. 

97. Fanny Ladd Allison,^ b. March 4, 1811; d. Feb. 24, 1847, aged 35 

years, 11 months. 

98. Mary B. Allison," b. Jan. 31, 1813; m. Eev. Zebvilon Jones, April 18, 

1843. He is deceased. Children: 

1. Maria Frances Jones," m. Hurlburt; res. New Haven, Vt. 

2. Ella Carrie Jones." 

3. Willie Allison Jones." 

4. Frank Irvim;- Jones." 

99. Caroline P. Allison,^ b. Sept. 9, 1817; m. Moses Wilkins, in Peter- 

borough, N. H., Sept. 5, 186G; d. July 29, 1867, in Peterbor- 
ough, aged 49 years, 10 months. Mr. Wilkins is deceased, and 
they left no children. 

100. Abigail Maria Allison,'^ b. Sept. 22, 1827; d. Dec. 23, 1835, aged 8 

years, 3 months. 

101. Elizabeth Sarah Allison," b. July 5, 1829; d. Dec. 21, 1864, aged 35 

years, 5 months. 

102. John Perry Allison, ^ b. July 28, 1831; m,. May 20, 1858, Lizzie Ann 

Thing, of Exeter, N. H. He prepared for college at Phillips 
academy in Exeter, and graduated in 1854, at Cambridge, Mass. 
After his admission to the bar, he commenced the practice of 
his profession at Sioux City, Iowa, which became his home in 
April, 1857. Mrs. Allison was b. in Exeter, N. H., May 8, 1833; 
res. Sioux City, la. Children: 

1. Fannie Allison," b. July 31, 1859; m., Sept. 16, 1885, Edward Myron 

Ferris. He is a real estate operator. They res. at Bozeman, 

2. Mary Olive Allison,« b. July 2, 1861; d. Sept. 21, 1862, aged 1 year, 2 


3. Hattie Allison, e b. May 6, 1863; res. at home. 

4. Mabel Allison,^ b. Aug. 11, 1867; m., May 20, 1886, Arthur J. More, 

of the firm of Harwich, Hess & More, wholesale druggists; 
res. Sioux City, Iowa. 

103. William Davidson Allison^ [37] (Samuel,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel i). He was born Dec. 29, 1777, in Dimbar- 
ton, N. H. He married Araey Adlington, April 19, 1801, 
who was born June 18, 1787, and was a daughter of Elisha 
and Amey Adlington, of Boston, Mass. He was a furni- 
ture manufacturer, and lived in Castine, Me., while his 
brother was there. He removed to Boston, Mass., living in 
Temple St., where he died. He and his wife were attendants 
of the Baptist church, of which she was a member. His 
death occurred in 1842. His complexion was light with 
brown hair. 


104. Amey Allison,^ b. March 25, 1805; d. July 20, 1806. 

105. William Francis Allison,5 b. Sept. 9, 1806; d. Jan. 26, 1831. He was 

a seaman. 

106. Amey Allison,'^ b. March 17, 1809: m. Fletcher; res. Boston, 

Mass. She d. April 12, 1860. 


107. David Allison = (236), b. June 13, 1812; d. June 20, 1850; m. Mary 

Kelley; res. Boston, Mass. 

108. Walter Harris Allison = (242), b. Oct. 31, 1S14; d. Sept. 9, 1856. 

109. M. Q. Allison,5 b. Jan. 26, 1817; d. Jan. 23, 1817. 

110. Frederick P. Allison,' b. Jan. 20, 1817; d. Jan. 22, 1817. 

111. Sally S. Allison,' b. Jan. 15, 1818; d. Jan. 17, 1818. 

112. Mary Allison,' b. July 1, 1823; m., Nov. 3, 18.50, William Warren, 

son of Willard and Catherine (Cheney) Warren, of Dedham, 
Mass. He was b. in Roxbury, Mass., April 30, 1824. They 
" lived after marriage in Rochester, N. H. He carried on an ex- 
tensive business as a leather manufacturer; removed to Brook- 
line, Mass., in 18.55, and lived there twenty-four years, and 
while there suffered many financial losses. He is now em- 
ployed in New York, N. Y. Mrs. Warren, who is in feeble 
health, resides at 11 Hanson St., Boston, Mass. Child: 
1. Ella Frances Warren," b. Rochester, N. H., Sept. 12. 18.52. She grad- 
uated from tlie Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital Training 
School for Nurses in Boston, Dec. 31, 1887, and is now a pro- 
fessional nurse; res. 11 Hanson St., Boston, Mass. 

113. Elizabeth Allison ^ [38] (Samuel,^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
SamueP). She was born in Dunbarton, N. H., Aug. 3, 1780. 
She was a communicant of the Presbyterian church. Her 
complexion was light, with sandy hair. She died in Man- 
chester, N. H., where her married life was spent, Aug. 29, 
1850. She married Daniel Hall (son of Daniel, or John, 
Hall and Jane Barr), of Manchester, N. H., where he was 
born April 6, 1780. He was a farmer, lived in his native 
town, and died there Aug. 8, 1853. 


114. Jane B. Hall,' b. Oct. 13, 1806; m. Jesse Poore" (Samuel,' Joseph,* 

Samuel,^ Henry,^ John '), of Goffstown, N. H. He was b. Oct. 
10, 1796; farmer; d. May 7, 1836, in Goffstown, in the part now 
included in Mancliester, N. H. After his decease, she m., sec- 
ond, Enoch Ela, by whom she had a daugliter. She d. July 12, 
1888, aged 81 years, 8 months, 30 days. Children: 

1. Charles Hall,« b. Oct. 9, 1833; d., single, Dec. 19, 18.58. 

2. Harris Jesse Hall,8 b. Feb. 23, 1836; m., June 17, 1869, Lizzie Rogers, 

daughter of Joshua Phippens and Mary Ellery (Rogei-s) Trask, 
of Hampden, Me. His married life lias been spent in Manches- 
ter. Was a grocer until 1875, then an undertaker; res. corner 
Maple and Hanover Sts. ; d. about 1885. Widow res. in Man- 
chester. Child: Mary Rogers Hall,' b. May 11, 1872; d, April 
14, 1877. 

3. Mary Jane Hall." 

115. Maria A. Hall,^ b. Jan. 6, 1808; single; res. Manchester, N. H. 

116. Daniel Hall,' b. Nov. 12, 1810; dealer in real estate; res. Manches- 

ter, N. H.; d. Dec. 28, 1871. 

117. Harris Allison Hall,' b. Feb. 14, 1812; res. 170 Bellevue St., Boston, 

Mass. He went to Boston in JNfarch, 1832, where he has ever 
since resided. For more than forty years he did business in 
Faneuil Hall market; retired from business about 1880; is a 
Republican in politics; an attendant of the Orthodox Congre- 
gational church. He m., Jan. 9, 1844, Louise Wells, b. Sedg- 
wick, Me., April 29, 1812; d. Feb. 13, 1885. Children b. Bos- 
ton, Mass. : 
1. Mary Louise Hall," b. Oct. 20, 1844; d. June 23, 1849. 


IL William Harris Hall.e b. Sept. 4, 1846; single; res. 170 Bellevue St., 
Boston, Mass. 

III. Charles Wells Hall,« b. Feb. 22, 18.51 ; m., March 21, 1877, Lottie How- 

land Smith, daughter of Barney and Betsey (Snow) Smith, of 
New Bedford, Mass., where she was b. Dec. 30, 1854; removed 
to Boston witli her parents when three years of age. She and 
her husband were educated in the public schools of that city, 
and both are members of the Orthodox church. He is a com- 
mercial traveller; res. 170 Bellevue St., Boston, Mass. Chil- 
dren, b. in that city: Clara Sumner Hall,' b. Dec. 20, 1879; Gor- 
don Hall,' b. July 17, 1883. 

IV. Louise Clara Hall," b. July 10, 1854; d. May 17, 1857. 

118. Margaret E. Hall,'^ b. April 17, 1814; m. Varnum Greeley, who died 

many years since. He was a giocer in Manchester, N. H. She 
d. there, June 24, 1877. Children: 

I. Celesta Greeley," m. Dr. Carvelle; res. Manchester, N. H. 

II. Alexander (?) Greeley,6 res. Manchester, X. H. 

119. Robert Hall,« b. Sept. 15, 181(3; single; res. Manchester, N. H. He 

was held in the highest regard by his acquaintances; d. March 
29 1883 

120. Julia Ann Hall,= b. Oct. 19, 1820; m. Dr. Guilford, of Thornton, K H. ; 

she d. Aug. 29, 1860. Child: 
I. Robert Guilford," farmer; res. Hooksett, N. H. ; single. 

121. Charles A. UaW,^ b. April 21, 1822; m. Susan Webster, of Manches- 

ter, N. H., who is deceased; farmer; resided at Manchester, 
N. H.; d. June 28, 1870. Children: 

I. Frederick Hall." res. in Manchester, then removed to Denver, Col. ; 

m., but his wife is deceased. 

II. Charles Hall,'= d. when a youth. 

III. William Hall," d. when a youth. 

122. McGregor Hall,^ b. March 25, 1825; farmer; res. on the liome farm 

in Manchester, N. H.; m. Lizzie, daughter of Israel Webster 
and sister of Charles A. Hall's wife. They were of Manches- 
ter. Child : 
I. Kate Hall,* d. young. 

123. Andrew Allison ^ [39] (Samuel,-^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
Samuel ^). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., Sept. 18, 1782. 
Married Sarah Carter Bronson. He died in Nortbport, Me., 
Feb. 12, 1822. She was born in Boston, Mass., June 15, 1789; 
died in Concord, N. H., May 1, 1865. He left his native town 
when a young man. He was a merchant in Castine, Me., as 
early as 1810, and there the most of his active life was spent, 
but he removed to Nortbport, Me., in the latter part of his 
life. He and his wife were Congregatioualists in their 
church preferences and affiliations. After Mr. Allison's 
death, his widow and family went to Dunbarton, N. H., and 
lived eight years, and then settled in Concord, N. H. 


124. Sarah Catherine Allison,^ b. Castine, Me., Nov. 22, 1810; m., April 
9, 1839, Rev. Henry S. Gerrish French, of Boscawen, N. H., and 
went to Bankok, Siam, as missionaries. They entered the mis- 
sionary work in 1839, and Mr. French d. in Siam in 1842, leav- 
She returned to the United states, and d. in Greeley, 


Col., April 9, 1882. She was a member of the North Congrega- 
tional church in Concord, N. H., as well as her mother, sister, 
and son. Child : 
L Henry Allison French," b. Bankok, Siam, May 10, 1841. Came to the 
United States with his mother when three years of age. Lived 
in Concord, N. H. He was a printer, and worked in the States- 
man and Patriot offices until 1873, when his health failed; went 
to Greeley, Col., in the fall of 1873, purchased the Colorado 
Sun, published it for ten years, and d. in Greeley, Col., April 
26, 1889. He m., in 1883, Ellen M. Taylor, of Rutherford, N. J. 
She still lives in Greeley, Col. Children b. Gi-eeley, Col.: 
Sarah Taylor French,^ b. Aug. 24, 1884; Allison Taylor French,' 
b. Oct. 9, 1885. 

125. Mary Anne Allison,^ b. Sept. 1.5, 1812; single. She was a very suc- 

cessful school teacher in Concord, N. H., and Montreal, Canada. 
She was a literary person, wrote and published several works, 
was active in all benevolent societies, and her life abounded in 
good works. She was a most excellent, estimable, and beauti- 
ful woman, a devoted Christian, and considered by her friends 
as one of the saints of the earth. She d. July 16, 1873. 

126. Andrew Allison, ^ b. Dec. 28, 1814; was a painter; single; d. in 

Concord, N. H., April 12, 1845. 

127. Frederick Allison,^ b. Castine, Me., May 11, 1817; farmer, book- 

binder, and gardener; res. 93 N. State St., Concord. N. H. ; m., 
Aug. 29, 1874, Mrs. Hannah Gove (Clark) Savory, b. July 18, 
1826, in Weare, N. H.; d. Jan. .30, 1882. He m., second, July 
28, 1883, Miss Jeannette Clark, daughter of Edward Gove and 
Mehitable (Philbrick) Clark, of Henniker, N. H., where she 
was b. Feb. 3, 1837, and was a sister of the first Mrs. Allison. 
No children. 

128. Harriet Allison,^ b. Castine, Me., Sept. 18, 1819; d. Northport, Me., 

Sept. 19, 1821. 

129. Harriet Adaline Allison, « b. Northport, Me., July 12, 1822; single. 

She d. in young womanhood, in Concord, N. H., March 17, 

130. James Allison * [41] (Samuel,^ Capt. Samuel,^ Sam- 
ueP). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., May 24, 1784. 
He married, Aug. 11, 1810, Mary, daughter of George and 
Nancy (Fish) Holt, of Andover, Mass., Goffstown, and Dun- 
barton, N. H. She was born in Andover, July 7, 1791 ; 
resided in Andover, Mass., before marriage, and in Dunbar- 
ton, N. H., afterward, \vhere she died Nov. 28, 1835, aged 44 
years, 4 months, 21 days. Mr. Allison married, second, 
March 8, 1837, Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Molly (Mal- 
let) Ireland, of Amesbury, Mass., and Dunbarton, N. H. 
She was born in Salem, Mass., Aug. 4, 1798. Before mar- 
riage she resided in Salem, Mass., and Dunbarton, N. H. 
She died October 29, 1870, in Concord, N. H., aged 72 years, 
2 months, 25 days. Mr. Allison resided in Dunbarton until 
1840; then in Warner, N. H., until 1846; then in Manches- 
ter, N. H., until 1853, and then in Goffstown, N. H., until 
his death there, Feb. 2, 1867, aged 82 years, 9 months, 9 

Mr. Allison was an active, energetic, and influential per- 


sonage in his native town of Dunbarton, where the best 
years of his life were spent. He for many years kept a 
country store near the meeting-house ; and, being a justice 
of the peace and post-master, he did a large part of the pub- 
lic business of the town. He also kept a hotel. He was 
town-clerk from 1819 to 1823, and from 1825 to 1832; select- 
man in 1822, 1823, 1825, 1826, 1830, and 1831, and repre- 
sented Dunbarton in the legislature in 1827 and 1828. His 
home was a hospitable one. His memory was very retentive ; 
his views were clear, and forcibly expressed ; his mind was 
strong, as were his prejudices. He early espoused the tem- 
perance and anti-slavery causes, and upon the formation of 
the Republican party he forsook the Free Soil party and 
allied himself with its succeeding, and the successful, party of 
freedom, to which he ever after adhered. He was an attend- 
ant of the Congregational church. 




131. Mary Ann Allison,^ b. Salem, Mass., Sept. 7, 1811; res. Dunbartom 

N. H., where she d. May 23, 1828. 

132. Caroline Brown Allison ° (249), b. Aug. 27, 1813; m., Nov. 12, 1840, 

Jonathan L. Allen; res. Hopkinton, N. H. She died there 
Aug. 24, 18G3. 

133. James Madison Allison,B b. Nov. 9, 1814; was a merchant in Bos- 

ton, Mass., where he d. single, Sept. 30, 1875. aged 60 years, 10 
months, 21 days. 

134. William Henry Allison" (252), b, Sept. 18, 1816; m., Sept. 8, 1841, 

Mary Amelia Brown; res. Concord, N. H., and d. there May 15, 

135. John Allison" (257), b. June 26, 1818; m.. May 10, 1845, Sarah Jane 

Eichards; res. Boston, Mass., and d. there May 29, 1865. 

136. Lavinia Holt Allison'^ (260), b. Jan. 15, 1820; m., Jan. 7, 1841, John 

L. Weeks; res. Hopkinton, N. H. In 1890 she res. in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

137. Margaret Jane Allison," b. Dec. 8, 1821. She was a teacher for 

many years in the public schools of Manchester, N. H., New 
Haven, Conn., and Boston, Mass. She was an excellent teacher, 
and a good elocutionist. She d. of typhoid fever, in Stone- 
ham, Mass., Oct. 5, 1876. 

138. Andrew Allison" (262), b. March 12, 1824; m., Feb. 2, 1858, Martha 

Tozier; res. Wincliestei", Mass. 

139. Elizabeth Hall Allison" (269), b. March 24, 1S25; m., Sept. 30, 1874, 

Rev. Cyrus Washington Wallace; res. Manchester, N. H. 

140. Sarah Evans Allison," b. Nov. 13, 1827; d. in Warner, N. II., July 

27, 1842, aged 14 years, 8 months, 14 days. 

141. Mary Ann Uamon Allison," b. Jan. 1, 1830; a teacher in the public 

schools of Manchester, N. H., for several years; res. Manches- 
ter, N. H. 

142. Ignatius Allison," b. June 20, 1832; m., Sept. 15, 1880, Mrs. Eliza 

Ann McNaughten, who d. Sept. 7, 1890. He was a jjainter in 
the shops of the Union Pacific Railway Co. for several years; 
res. Manchester, N. H., in 1892; no children. 


143. Franklin Allison,^ b. July 3, 1835. He was a merchant; res. Bos- 

ton, Mass.; d. in New York, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1881, aged 46 
years, 5 months, 26 days. He m. Elizabeth Favor, who is 
deceased; no cliildren. 

144. Susan Dickenson Allison, s b. July 31, 1838; d. in Warner, N. H., 

March 1, 1842, aoed 3 years, 7 months, 1 day. 

145. George Augustus Allison" (269 A), b. Sept. 14, 1843, in Warner, 

N. H. ; m., Nov. 12, 1864, Julia Powers; res. Cambridge, Mass. 

146. David Clinton Allison* [43] (Samuel,^ Capt. Sam- 
uel,2 Samuel^). He was born in Dunbarton,N. H., April 27, 
1787 ; married, Aug. 24, 1810, Mary Jackson Bronson, who 
was born in Boston, Mass., Feb. 8, 1891, and was a sister of 
Mrs. Andrew Allison. She died in Concord, N. H., June 10, 

1842. Mr. Allison was a hatter ; he learned his trade in 
Charlestown, Mass. For a time he lived in Castine, Me., but 
returned to his native state, and lived in Concord, where he 
died July 1, 1851, and is buried there. He was a person of 
great excellence of character. He married, second, about 

1843, Mrs. Rider, who died July, 1892, in Dunbarton, N. H. 


147. David Barr Allison,'^ b. Salem, Mass., April 8, 1813. He was a 

printer, and can-ied on business at Sanbornton Square, Laconia, 
and Concord, N. H. ; m. Pauline Moulton Lane, daughter of 
Joseph H. Lane, of Sanbornton, N. H., who was b. Feb. 28, 
1822; d. 1850, aged 28 years. He m., second, Mrs. Elvira Tracy, 
in Claremont, N. H., 1851. He was a man of fine character. 
His death occurred at Bath, Me., July 16, 1866, aged 53 years, 
3 montlis. Child : 
I. Clara Elvira Allison,* b. Concord, N. H., Aug. 15, 1854; m., Jan. 15, 
1871, Benjamin Kimball Chase; farmer; res. Cornish, N. H. 
Cliild, b. Cornish, N. H., Everett Kimball Cliase,' b. June 29, 

148. Mary Bronson Allison,^ b. Salem, Mass., Aug. 16, 1814. Much of 

her life was spent in Concord, N. H. ; res. (1890) Norwood 
Park, 111.; single. 

149. Sarah Ann Allison,^' b. Peterborough, N. H., July 24, 1816; m., Feb. 

15, 1843, William Thayer; res. Manchester, N. H. She d. in 
Peterborough, N. H., June 18, 1846, aged 29 years, 10 months, 
24 days; no children. 

150. Eliza .Jane Allison," b. Peterborough, N. H., March 13, 1818; m., 

Dec. 31, 1840, Newell Abbott Foster, of Portland, Me., where 
she d. June 18, 1854. He was a publisher. Children: 

I. Leroy Allison Foster," b. Portland, Me., March 15, 1843; d. at Den- 

ver, Col., March 29, 1882. He was a publisher. He m., Aug. 
25, 1874, Emma S. Eastman, at Worcester, Mass. Children: 
Clifford Eastman Foster,' b. Aug. 29, 1877. Cornelia Chase 
Foster,' b. May 5, 1879. 

II. Adelaide Eliza Foster," b. Portland, Me., Jan. 16, 1853; m. Austin 

Brainard, Oct. 23, 1886; res. Hartford, Conn., 15 Kenyon St. 
Child: Helen Allison Brainard,' b. Dec. 5, 1889. 

151. Henrietta White Allison, "> b. Concord, N. IL, Jan. 24, 1820; m., 

Jan. 14, 1846, Kollin Fletcher, at Portland, Me., where they 
resided. He was a tailor, and d. at Morris, 111., May 3, 1885. 
Mrs. Fletcher lives (1892) at Morris. Children: 


I. Eugene Bronson Fletcher,8 b. Portland, Me., April 28, 1847; m., at 

Circleville, 0., Nov. 29, 1809, Mary Rebecca Harris. Chil- 
dren: Lucy Harris Fletcher,' b. Jan. 5, 1871; d. Jan. 18, 1871. 
Inez Blanchard Fletcher,' b. Ashland, Ky., July 8, 1873. Will- 
iam Condit Fletcher,' b. Morris, 111., Dec. 1, 1875. 

II. Sarah Elizabeth Fletcher,8 b. Portland, Me., Jan. 19, 1849: d. Aug. 

18, 1851. 

152. Henry Alexander Allison,^ b. Concord, N. H., Sept. 30, 1822: d. 

there June, 1824. 

153. George Allison" (270), b. Concord, N. H., July 30, 18_24; m. Esther 

Noyes; res. Merrimacport, Mass.; d. Feb. 5, 1807. 

154. Francis Augustus Allison,^ b. Concord, N. II., Sept. 10, 1820; m., 

Dec. 31, 1855, at Circleville, O., J. G. Mclntire. She d. April 
0. 1850. 

155. Henry Allison = (281), b. Concord, N. H., Nov. 7, 1828; m., Nov. 21, 

1851, Mary L. Gallishun; m., second, Mary Garbet; res. 
Aurora, 111. 

156. Emeline Allison,^ b. Concord, N. H., April 21, 1832; m., in Strat- 

ham, N. H., July 2, 1857, Charles Edwin Gilman. He is a 
blacksmith and farmer; was b. in Exeter, N. H., May 10, 1830. 
They lived in Merrimacport, Mass.; went to Wheeling, West 
Va., in the fall of 1800, to Illinois in 1861, and to Kansas in the 
spring of 1875. He d. Aug. 1, 1887. He was a son of Abijah 
and Harriet (Burley) Gilman, of Exeter, N. H. ; res. Pittsburg, 
Kan. Child : 
I. Mary Ellen Gilman," b. July 13, 1863, near Orange, Iroquois Co., 111. 
She is a physician; res. Pittsburg, Kan., in January, 1891. 

157. Ellen Maria Allison,^ b. July 16, 1834; m.. May 22, 1860, Dr. Asa F. 

Pettee, and d. March 16, 1863. He res. Boston, Mass, 

158. Margaret Barr Allison^ [43] (Samuel,^ Capt. Sam- 
iiel,^ Samuel 1). She was born in Dunbarton, N. H., in 
1789; died Sept. 25, 1823. She married Samuel Evans, of 
Peterborough, N. H., son of Asa and Dorothy (Bass) Evans, 
of that tovs^n. He was born May 2, 1786 ; died in Hopkin- 
ton, N. H., Jan. 27, 1868, aged 81 years, 8 months, 25 days. 
Mrs. Evans died in Concord, N. H., Sept. 23, 1823, leaving 
three children. Mr. Evans married, second, Sarah Chase, 
November, 1824, who was a devoted mother to the mother- 
less children. She died Aug. 28, 1888; no children by 
second marriage. 


159. Samuel Evans, Jr.,= b. October, 1811; d. Feb. 27, 1884, in Nashua, 

N. H., aged 72 years, 4 months. 

160. Andrew Allison Evans,** b. Sept. 5, 1815; d. May 31, 1888, in Brook- 

line, Mass., aged 72 years, 8 months, 26 days. He m. Agnes 
Kelt, of Boston, Mass., Sept. 15, 1845, who d. February, 1853. 
He m. second, November, 1802, Eliza Estabrook, who survives 
him; no children. 
101. Susan Carlton Evans," b. Sept. 10, 1817; ni., April, 1851, John M. 
Kelt; res. Concord, N. H. He left for California in November, 
1854, and she never heard from him after a year's time. In 
1858 she was divorced, and resumed her maiden name. 

162. Walter Harris Allison^ [46] (Samuel,^ Capt. Sam- 
uel,2 Samuel^). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., Dec. 


30, 1792 ; married, Sept. 26, 1817, Anna, daughter of John 
and Annie (Hamilton) Allen, of Brookfield, Mass., where 
she was born Jan. 13, 1793. She died in Boston, Mass., 
Aug. 28, 1868, aged 75 years, 7 months. She was living with 
her married daughter, Mrs. Lamb. Mr. Allison was a hatter ; 
learned his trade in Charlestown, Mass. ; went to Brookfield, 
Mass., in 1817, and there he made his home for thirty-two 
years ; removed to Boston, Mass., where he was killed by the 
bursting of a boiler, dying in the Massachusetts General 
Hosi^ital June 13, 1854. He and his wife were members of 
the Orthodox Congregational church. 


163. Walter Edwin Allison/ b. Nov. 27, 1818: d. March 4, 1819. 

164. Sarah Stone Allison/ b. March 29, 1821; m., Oct. 1, 1843, Charles 

Churchill Lamb. He was b. in Phillips ton, Mass., April 23, 
1808, and is son of Jonas- and Hannah (Sawyer) Lamb, of 
Phillipston, and grandson of Israel and Lucy (Wheeler) Lamb, 
of Templeton, Mass. Mr. Lamb was a book-keeper for more 
than fifty years, and retired Oct. 1, 1889; res. No. 125 Wai-ren 
Ave., Boston, Mass. Children, b. Boston, Mass^: 

I. Sarah Anna Lamb,« b. Avig. 7, 1844; m., Nov. 19, 1872, Charles Fred- 

erick Wise, of Boston, Mass., b. October, 1844; clerk with 
Devoe & Co., paints and oils. New York city; res.- No. 826 
Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Child: Lester Drummond Wise,^ 
b. Oct. 8, 1879. 

II. Charles Allison Lamb,« b. Dec. 30, 1846; m., Sept. 17, 1874, Martha L., 

dau. of Joel Pike, of Boston, Mass. She was b. Dec. 25, 1848, 
in Philadelphia, Penn., but lived in Boston after her twelfth 
year. He is general manager of the National Tube Works, 
corner of Clinton St., Chicago, 111.; res. No. 497 West .lackson 
St., Chicago, 111. Children: Charles Holmes Lamb,' b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Sept. 7, 1876. Mabel Howard Lamb,' b. Boston, 
Mass., Sept. 26, 1877. 

III. Edward Wlieeler Lamb," b. Nov. 23, 1849; d. March 14, 1850. 

IV. Frank Hooker Lamb," b. Sept. 2, 1851 ; res. No. 495 West Jackson 

St., Chicago, 111. He is a book-keeper and cashier of the 
National Tvibe Works, corner of Clinton St., Chicago. He m., 
June 9, 1879, Clara Jane, dau. of William and Jane (Allen) 
Dane, of West Brookfield, Mass., where she was b. in 1853. 
Child, b. Chicago, 111.: Roy Dane Lamb,' b. July, 1882; d. 
July, 1882. 

V. Nellie Florence Lamb," b. Nov. 13, 1859; res. No. 125 Warren Ave., 

Boston, Mass. 

165. Walter Harris Allison," b. May 15, 1832; single; was a soldier from 

Ciiicago, in an Illinois regiment, and served during the war; 
was disabled in the service, and never recovered; is in the 
Soldier's Home, Chelsea, Mass. Before his enlistment he was 
in "Long John Wcntworth's" printing office for nine years. 

166. JohnStinson* [50] (Janet Allison,^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
Samuel^). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., Nov. 13, 1789 ; 
died Aug. 13, 1875. He married, Feb. 18, 1819, Betsey, 
daughter of David and Mary (Stark) Stinson, of New Bos- 


ton, N. H., and his third cousin. He resided on the home 
farm in Diinbartou ; was appointed a colonel in the militia 
in 1820, and often filled offices of trust in his native town. 
He was town clerk in 1824, 1833-44; selectman in 1846 and 
1847; was appointed justice of the peace in 1830. He was 
an intelligent and public spirited man. 


167. Mary Jane Stinson,^' b. Feb. 11, 1820; m., 1815, David Story, and d. 

in Dunbarton, N. H., 1851. He is a farmer, and res. Dunbar- 
ton, N. H. Children: 

I. Mary Louise Story," d. younj^. 

II. Warren Story," b. July, 1854; res. San Bernardino, county of San 

Bernardino, Cal. ; one child. 

168. Nancy Chase Stinson,^ b. April 3, 1826; m., 1857, David Story, who 

had previously married her sister, and d. 1865, leaving one son. 

I. Lafayette Story,*^ b. July, 1865; res. Nashua, N. H., near Hollis line. 

He m. Frances Helena Ryder; no children; farmer. 
David Storv m., third, his cousin, Sarah Ann Stinson. Children: 

II. David Story," b. 1871. 

III. Charles Frederick Story," b. 1877. 

169. John Chase Stinson,=> b. Sept. 4, 1834; m.. May 2, 1867, Alice Beaty 

Coghill, at Gloucester City, N. J. ; in 1855 removed to Chico- 
pee, Mass., and lived two years; removed to Gloucester City, 
N. J., April 15, 1857, and has been in coal, lumber, and hard- 
ware business ever since that time; a Democrat in politics; an 
Episcopalian; was five years a freeholder, for fourteen years 
a member of the board of education, and has been superin- 
tendent of city schools since 1885. Children: 

I. Abbie E. Stinson," b. Nov. 7, 1869. 

II. Charles Albert Stinson," b. Dec, 1871; d. July 4, 1872. 

III. Mary Stinson," b. June, 1873; d. August, 1873. 

IV. Ellen Augusta Stinson," b. April 22, 1875. 

Y. Henry Chase Stinson," b. Aug., 1877; d. Sept., 1877. 

170. Archibald Stinson * [51] (Janet Allison,^ Capt. 
Samuel," SamueP). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., 
March 14, 1791. While in his young manhood, in 1817, 
he went to Hammond, St. Lawrence county, N. Y., where 
he was a school teacher. He married, in 1819, Sally Bar- 
ker, daughter of Jeduthan (of Connecticut) and Lucy A. 
(Pond) Barker, of Vergennes, Vt., born at Ogdensburg, 
N. Y., Feb. 28, 1802. He owned a small farm w^here he 
lived till about 1840, when he sold it and removed to Rossie, 
St. Lawrence county, N. Y., where he lived for twenty years, 
when he removed to the beautiful village of Gouverneur, St. 
Lawrence county, N. Y. He attained a competence, was an 
attendant of the Episcopal church, and a Democrat in his 
politics. He died of small-pox, Jan. 24, 1872. He was a 
soldier of the 1812-'15 war. Mrs. Stinson was a member of 
the Episcopal church, and after the death of her husband 
lived with her daughters. She was a strong-minded, ener- 


getic woman, and died with her daughter, Mrs. Stone, in 
Theresa, Jefferson county, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1882, and was 
buried with her husband at Gouverneur, N. Y. 



171. Janet Eliza Stinson,^ (285) b. March 2, 1820; m. Feb. 29, 1846, Loren 

Stone ; res. Theresa, Jefferson county, X. Y. 

172. Mary Stinson," b. June 3, 1822; m. Feb. 25, John Wright; res. Can- 

ton, N. Y. ; cl. Aug. 29, 1873. Children: 

I. Luther L. Wright," b. 1855 ; m. Nellie Corning, April 21, 1881. Chil- 

dren: Annie Corning Wright,' b. April 24, 1882; Luther 
McVichie Wright,' b. Feb. 4, 1890. 

II. Lucy L. Wright," d. Dec. 6, 18G3. 

III. Kate Emogene Wright,'' b. March 2, 1859 ; d. June 8, 1887 ; m. Josepli 

Polacheck, June 17, 1885. Child: Kate Wright Polacheck,7 b. 
June 8, 1880. 
lY. John Wright, Jr.,' d. Dec. 14, 1863. 

V. Morris Wright,'^ b. 1866 ; m. Susie L. Chappelle, Oct. 25, 1888. 

VI. Harry Wright," b. 1868. 

173. Lucy Stinson,^ d. in infancy. 

174. Eleanor Hoag Stinson^ (293) b. June 25, 1825; m. Dec. 21, 1853, 

Thomas Miller ; res. Jersey City, N. J. 

175. Lucy Pond Stinson,""' b. June 1.3, 1827; m. Feb. 11, 18.52, Thomas 

Ormiston; res. Kelseyville, Cal. He d. April 5, 1889. Children: 

I. Sarah Blanche Ormiston," m. Dec. 3, 1873, John Griifitts ; res. Kelsey- 

ville, Cal. Children: Lucy Rebecca Griffitts,' b. Xov; 13, 1874; 
Jessie Esther Griffitts,' b. March .30, 1877; Edward Stinson 
Griffitts,' b. April 19, 1879; Maud Melendy Griffitts,' b. Oct. 
4, 1883 ; Loren Keithly Griffitts,' b. July 20, 1888. 

II. Ann Eliza Ormiston," b. Jan. 31, 1862; m. D. H. Kirk, of Yuba 

county, Cal., Dec. 26, 1882. Children: Hazel Thomas Kirk,' b. 
Oct. 11, 1883; Harvey Daniel Kirk,' b. Oct. 11, 1883; Willie 
Archibald Kirk,' b. May 16, 1886 ; George Augustus Kirk,' b. 
Feb. 2, 1889; Blanche T. Kirk,' b. Jan. 19, 1891. 

III. Jettie Stinson Ormiston," b. Oct. 11, 1867 ; student at a medical col- 

lege, San Francisco, Cal. 

IV. Archie McGregor Ormiston," b. May 28, 1870; is pursuing a collegi- 

ate course at Oakland, Cal. 

176. Esther Blake Stinson," b. Oct. 1, 18.30; m. Dec. 28, 1864, William N. 

Buck; res. Waukegan, Wis. Children: 

I. Dora Buck." 

II. Hershel W. Buck." 

III. Estella Amanda Buck." 

177. Sylvanus Barker Stinson,^ b. April 8, 1833; m. Dec. 2, 1862, Mary 

Ann Rogers ; res. Gouverneur, N. Y. They are members of the 
Presbyterian church. 'He is a Democrat in politics. Children: 

I. Frank Archibald Stinson," b. Jan. 1, 1865; is a merchant tailor; res. 

Gouverneur, N. Y, 

II. Henry S. Stinson," b. March 22, 1867 ; d. Jan. 26, 1889. 

III. Clarence L. Stinson," b. July 16, 1869; shipping clerk in marble 

works ; res. Gouverneur, N. Y. 

IV. Lena B. Stinson,o b. April 7, 1872. 

V. Roger B. Stinson," b. April 13, 1875. 

VI. Glenn E. Stinson," b. July 19, 1878. 

VII. Lynn M. Stinson," b. Jan. 12, 1882. 

178. Sarah Elizabeth Stinson," b. Feb. 19, 1836; teacher; single; res. 

Lakeport, Cal. 


179. Louise Antoinette Stinson,= b. March 22, 1839; m. Feb. 1.3, 18-59, 

George Clark; res. Springfield, Ohio. She d. July 6, 1878. 
He is deceased, liaving d. Sept. 16, 1879. Child: 
I. Madge M. Clark," b. May 10, 1861 ; in. April 6, 1882, Eev. Fred P. 
Sutherland, of White Plains, N. Y. They are missionaries; 
res. Saygang, Burmah, India. Children: Clark Stinson Suth- 
erland '; Elinore Miller Sutherland.' 

180. Emogene Maligna Stinson, ° b. Rossie, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1846; m. Oct. 

8, 1866, Clarence E. Dickinson. He is a druggist, a Republican, 
and city clerk; res. New London, Wis. Children: 

L Clarke Jones Dickinson," b. Oct. 7, 1867; d. Aug. 23, 1879. 

IL Archie Stinson Dickinson," b. Nov. 24, 1868; d. Sept. 9, 1869. 

III. Louise Dickinson," b. April 19, 1870; d. Oct. 8, 1870, 

IV. Arnold Hayden Dickinson," b. Oct. 8, 1871 ; d. Sept. 2, 1879. 

V. Roy Vene Dickinson," b. Dec. 21, 1873. 

VI. Alice May Dickinson," b. May 29, 1877. 

VIL Baby Dickinson," b. June 19, 1879 ; d. Sept. 2, 1879. 

VIII. Harry John Dickinson," b. July 31, 1881. 

IX. Claire Rogers Dickinson," b. Dec. 16, 1882. 

X. Emogene Susie Dickinson," b. Xov. 19, 1885. 

181. James Stinson * [52] (Janet Allison,^ Capt. Sarauel,^ 
Samuel^). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., Nov. 6, 1794; 
married Jan. 25, 1818, Melissa, daughter of Abner Curtis, 
born in the state of New York, Oct. 29, 1800, resided North 
East, Penn., and died Jan. 7, 1832, at Harbour Creek, Penn. 
He married, second, March 31, 1835, Mary, daughter of 
Thomas and Dorcas Bell (Taylor) Greenwood, and grand- 
daughter of Joseph Greenwood, born in England, and resid- 
ing in Philadelphia. She was born in Paxton, Dauphin 
county, Penn., Feb. 6, 1797, and died in Harbour Creek, 
Penn., Nov. 3, 1878. He was a carpenter, and resided in 
North East, Penn., from 1816 to 1819, and from the latter 
date to his death, April 29, 1845, in Harbour Creek, Penn. 


182. William Stark Stinson,'^ b. North East, Penn., Feb. 27, 1819; Demo- 

crat; attends the Presbyterian church, and with his sisters res. 
on the old homestead in Harbour Creek, Penn. ; was in business 
for some years as a farmer and blacksmith, but is now retired ; 

183. Erastus Sheldon Stinson,^ b. Harbour Creek, Penn., Feb. 3, 1822 ; m. 

Dec. 19, 18.">4, Ann Walker Carpenter; res. Dai'tford, Wis., 
where d. Dec. 21, 1860. Children: 

I. Frank Stinson," b. Nov. 14, 18.5.5. 

II. Clara Stinson," b. June 3, 18.58 ; m. Bert Morris, Dec. 17, 1879. Chil- 

dren: Julia Ward Morris,' b. June 28, 1881; Harold Leigh 
Morris,' b. Aug. 29, 1883 ; Earl Morris,' b. April 16, 1889. 

184. Mary Jane Stinson," b. Oct. 18, 1824; res. Harbour Creek, Penn., 

where she died June 29, 1846. 

185. Jeremiah Page Stinson,"^ b. Oct. 9, 1827; m. Dec. 2, 18.57, Irene 

Whitney, b. Nov. 17, 1831. He is a carpenter, and res. West- 
field, Wis. Children: 
I. Charilla Stinson," b. Sept. 6, 1858 ; d. Oct. 12, 1864. 


II. Mary E. Stinson,' b. April IS, 1865; m. April 8, 1889, George W. 


III. Clara Stinson," b. Aug. 16, 1869. 

186. Ciiarilla Twitchell Stinson," b. Feb. 17, 1831 ; res. on tlie homestead 

at Harbour Creek, Penn. 

187. Sarah Elizabeth Stinson,' b. Feb. 24, 1836. She is post-mistress, 

and res. on the homestead at Harbour Creek, Penn. 

188. Joseph Greenwood Stinson,^ b. May 24, 1839; m. June 9, 1868, 

Catherine Tapper. He is a mechanic, and res. Harbour Creek, 
Penn. Children: 

I. Marv G. Stinson," b. Oct. 25, 1869. 

II. Albert E. Stin.son,« b. June 23, 1871. 

III. Margaret Stinson," b. March 5, 1875; d. Jan. 9, 1885. 

IV. James Stinson," b. June 19, 1878. 

V. Fred A. Stinson," b. July 13, 1879. 
YI. Ethel C. Stinson," b. Aug. 20, 1885. 

189. Jeremiah Page Stinson* [53] (Janet Allison,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ SamueP). He was boru in Dunbarton, N. H., 
July 20, 1798, and died Sept. 5, 1827. He was a carpenter 
and liouse builder. He raarxied Nancy Clark, who was born 
in Londonderry, N. H., Oct. 29, 1796. They resided in Hue- 
vel, seven miles from and in Ogdensburg, N. Y., in 1823, 
with Archibald his brother, and in Pictou, and Smith's 
Falls, Ontario, Canada. She died in the latter place, Dec. 
19, 1881, in her 89th year. 


190. Helen Mar Stinson," m. Abraham Edwin Dixon, a civil engineer; 

no children. 

191. Janette Clark Stinson," m., in 18.58, James Trussel Frost, a foundry 

man or manufacturer. She d. Feb., 1805; res. Smith's I alls, 
Ontario, Canada. Children: 

I. Helen Elvira Frost," b. Feb. 18, 1859; m. George Frederick McKin- 

non, Jan. 30, 1889. Cliild: Charles Harvard McKinnon,' b. 
Feb. 14, 1890. 

II. Caroline Lydia Frost," b. Jan. 15, 1861. 

III. James Edwin Frost," b. July 15, 1863; res. Smith's Falls, Ontario. 

192. Ebenezer Allison* [56] (Andrew,^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
SamueP). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., March 18, 
1789; married, in 1816, Phebe Phelps; carpenter and farmer. 
He resided at Brownsville, N. Y. Mrs. Allison was born 
March 16, 1797, and died P^eb. 14, 1880. He died April 23, 


193. Sally Allison," b. July 1, 1817; m. Lloyd Sanford; res. Limerick, 

Jefferson Co., N. Y. She d. in Brownville, N. Y. 

194. Samuel Allison," b. Nov. 22, 1818; drowned at Limerick, N. Y.. 

Sept. 6, 1826. 


195. Polly Allison," (316), b. Jan. 11, 1820, at Brownville, N. Y.; m. 

Henry Gibbs. who d. Oct. 30, 1890. She d. Sept. 3, 1890; res. 
Pelatuma, Saline Co., Col. 

196. Esther Allison "* (324), b. March 8, 1822; res. 501 Reed St., Milwau- 

197. Julia Allison'^ (328), b. April 19, 1824; m. Edward Williston. She 

d. at Chicago, 111. 

198. Lavinia Jemima Allison" (330), b. June 25, 1826; m. Jacob Ellis 

Harmon; res. Watertown, N. Y. 
190. Harlow Allison" (335), b. Oct. 21, 1828; res. Limerick, N. Y. 

200. Jane Allison," b. Oct. 3, 1830; m., March 17, 1856, Adam Hagan. 

He is a carpenter and farmer; res. Perch River, N.Y.; no 

201. Simeon Allison," b. Aug. 20, 1832; m., at Clayton, N. Y., Jan. 24, 

1861, Helen Gloyd; farmer; res. Limerick, X. Y. ; no children. 

202. Hannah Allison," b. May 21, 1836; m., Feb. 2, 1860, at Watertown, 

N. Y., Edward Spiccr, a farmer. She d. at Perch River, N. Y., 
April 26, 1870. Child: 
I. Jessie Spicer," b. Oct. 17, 1865; d. Sept. 11, 1879. 

203. William Henry Allison" (335), b. July 10, 1844; res. Limerick, N. Y. 

204. Eli Allison 4 [57] (Anclrew,^ Capt. Samuel,^ Sam- 
iieP). He was born in Dublin, N. H., Dec. 25, 1791; mar- 
ried, Dec. 30, 1817, Persis, daughter of John W. and Han- 
nah (Wight) Learnard, of Dublin, N. H., who was born Dec. 
3, 1797. They resided in- their native town. 


205. Andrew Allison," b. May 16, 1821; d. Jan. 17, 1850. 

206. John Wilson Allison" (343), b. March 15, 1823; res. Boston, 121 Blue 

Hill ave., Roxburv district. 

207. Samuel Allison," b. June 1, 1825; d. Dec. 10, 1834. 

208. Webster Allison," b. July 12, 1827; d. Dec. 21, 1834. 

209. James Allison" (351), b. March 13, 1830; m., March 19, 1854, Sarah 

Jane, daughter of William and Julia (Johnson) Darracott, of 
Dublin, N. H. 

210. Sarah Jane Alliscm," b. Jan. 21, 1835; d. July 16, 1841. 

211. Persis J. Allison," b. Nov. 15, 1837; d. July 16, 1841. 

212. Samuel Quinton'* [62] (Margaret Allison,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel^). The name of his wife was not given. 


213. Royal Bellows Quinton" (361); res. Denmark, Iowa. 

214. Betsey Abbott Allison ^ [82] (John,^ Capt. Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel^). She was born in Londonderry (now Derry), 
N. H., April 3, 1788; married Josiah Abbott, Jr., of Wor- 
cester, Mass., Dec. 30, 1808, and died April 13, 1830, in 
Lunenburg, Essex Co., Vt. Mr. Abbott was born in New 
Boston, N. H., July 1, 1784, and died in Newark, Caledonia 


Co., Vt., May 5, 1871. He was a son of Josiah Abbott, of 
Amherst, N. H., born in 1757 and died in 1830, and whose 
wife was Margaret Carr. She was his distant relative. 


214a. A son b. Oct. 2, 1809; d. before being named. 

215. John Allison Abbott," b. March 5, 1811, in Koxbuiy, Mass. He is a 
painter and surveyor. He lived in Wliitefield, N. H., from 
184.5 to 1850; since 1850 in Newark, Caledonia Co., Vt. He m., 
Dec. 3, 1845, Betsey Woodice Ordway, daughter of Nathaniel 
(b. Sept., 1791) and Olive (Willey) Ordway. His father d. in 
Newark, Vt., Aug. 16, 1853. His grandparents were John and 
Hannah Ordway, of llopkinton, N. H. Mr. Abbott is a Dem- 
ocrat in politics. Child: 

I. Betsey Allison Abbott,* b. Newark, Vt., July 11, 18.56; m. Alvin Pariss 
Drown, son of William and Sarah Jane (Allard) Drown, Feb. 
26, 1876, a farmer. They res. in Newark, Vt. He was b. in 
Sutton, Vt., July 22, 18.57. Children: Ella Jane Drown,' b. 
Sept. 7, 1877. Caroline Winch Drown,' b. May 4, 1882. 

216. John Allison* [88] (James,^ Capt. Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel i). He was born in Weathersfield, Vt., Feb. 26, 1790, 
and died July 29, 1863, of heart disease, aged 73 years, 5 
months, 3 days. He lived and died upon the home farm of 
his father in Weathersfield, Vt., which was in 1890 owned 
by his son, De Forrest Allison. Mr. Allison married, Jan. 
1, 1824, Jerusha Swett, of Hanover, N. H., who died July 23, 
1829, aged 34 years. She was born in Hanover in 1795. 
He married, second, in Feb., 1832, Mrs. Anna Porter, of 
Bradford, Vt., who was born Dec. 16, 1800, and died Feb. 20, 
1845, aged 45 years, 2 months, 4 days. 


217. Bolivar Allison,^ b. Sept. 19, 1825; d. of croup, Aug. 12, 1830, aged 

4 years, 10 months. 

218. James Stockman Allison « (.36.3), b. April 10, 1827; d. Newton, Mass., 

May 1, 1881, aged 54 years. 

219. Jerusha Allison," b. Julv 23, 1829; m., Dec. 22, 1863, Cyrus Piper, 

Jr., of Keene, N. H., b. Nov. 23, 1819. He d. Jan. 10, 1888; 
res. Northampton, Mass. Children: 

I. Mabel Elizabeth Piper," b. Feb. 12, 1865; d. Oct. 17, 1875. 

II. Louis Allison Piper," b. Oct. 14, 1866; res. Keene, N. H. 

220. Letitia Allison," b. Jan. 10, 18:«; d. Jan. 19, 1833. 

221. John Quinton Allison," b. Sept. 23, 1834; m., April 3, 1860, Mrs. 

Lutheria Bixby, of Denmark, Iowa; res. TJakota. Children: 

I. Carrie Allison," m. Mr. Maxwell; res. Ballard, Washington. 

II. Carroll De Forrest Allison." 

222. Almira Allison," b. Nov. 23, 1836; m., Nov. 4, 1855, Albert Weston, 

a farmer, of Windsor, Vt. He was b. at Springfield, Vt., Aug. 
19,1830; res. Windsor. Child: 
I. John Albert Weston," b. Dec. 31, 1856; d. Aug. 30, 1870, aged 13 
years, 8 months. 


223. De Forrest Allison/ b. Dec. 2, 1838; res. Kiowa, Barber Co., Kan., 

in 1890. He lived 32 years in Weatliersfield, Vt., 7 years in 
Newton, Mass., 3 years in Topeka, Kan., and has lived in 
Kiowa, Kan., since 1882. 

224. Cynthia Ann Allison,= b. Oct. 16, 1840; m., Feb. 3, 1873, David Fish, 

of St. Paul, Minn., who d. Aug. 21, 1874, aged .5(5 years, 6 
months, 9 days. She m., second, July 22, 1880, John H. Bry- 
ant; res. St. Paul, Minn., and in 1890, Los Angeles, Cal. Chil- 
dren : 

I. Almira Weston Fish," b. Nov. 13, 1873; res. Los Angeles, Cal. 

II. Anna Allison Fish," b. March 29, 1875; d. April 13, 1876, aged 1 year, 

14 days. 

225. Samuel Allison ^ [89] (James,^ Capt. Samuel,^ Sam- 
iieP). He was born in Weatliersfield, Vt., Aug. 12, 1791. 
He resided in his native town until 1831, when he removed 
to Paiuesville, Ohio, where he died May 14, 1850, aged 58 
years, 9 months, 2 days. He married, June 1, 1820, Mary 
Hulett, who died Nov. 20, 1854, in Painesville, Ohio. She 
was the mother of ten children. He was a Whig in politics. 


226. Hannah Williams Allison, = b. Oct. 27, 1822; d. Aug. 1, 1848, in 

Perry, Lake Co., Ohio; single. 

227. Clinton James Allison^ {S()S), b. April 24, 1824; res. Olnev, 111. 

228. Henry Allison « (374), b. Feb. 9, 1826; res. Hardinsburg, Ind. 

229. Ann Moore Allison = (380), b. Nov. 14, 1827; m., Dec. 4, 18-31, Carlos 

Mason, of Perry, Ohio; res. Painesville, Ohio. 

230. Rodnev Esbel Allison^ (383), b. July 16, 1829; res. Perry, Lake Co., 


231. Orman Dutton Allison^ (387), b. Feb. 3, 1831; res. Eight Mile, Ore- 


232. Walter Scott Allison » (394), b. July 9, 1832; d. Nashville, Tenn., 

July 27, 1864, aged 32 years, 17 days. 

233. Oscar I'lulett Allison,'^ b. April 15, 1834; d. Dec. 18, 1854, in Perry, 

Lake Co., Ohio. 

234. Roland Hill Allison'^ (397), b. July 5, 1836; res. Clinton, Mo.; was a 

major in 63d IJegt. 111. Vols. 

235. Lucian Osborne Allison,' b. Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, Oct. 

30, 1840; res. Eight Mile, Oregon; single; was living in In- 
diana when the war broke out, where he enlisted in 82d Indi- 
ana Vols., and served to its close. He was wounded in the 
service; is a Republican, and for 15 years a member of the 
Christian church. 

236. David Allison ^ [107] (William Davidson,* Samuel 
Capt. Samuel,"-^ Samuel^). He was born in Boston, Mass., 
June 13, 1812; married in 1837, Mary Ann Kelley, who died 
in Boston, June 21, 1849. She was born in 1813. He was 
a stage driver from Hingham to Boston. He lived in the 
West End, and died June 20, 1850, aged 38 years, 7 days. 



237. Mary Ann Allison,^ b. July 19, 1839; res, Brockton, Mass. She m. 

Charles Bacon. He was a soldier, and is deceased ; no chil- 

238. Laurinda Allison,* b. July 28, 1S43; m. Calvin Hilton, who was b. 

in Bowdoinham, Me., Jan. 9, 1834. He is a ship carpenter; 
• res. Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: 

I. Annie Laura Hilton," b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1803; m., Feb. 26, 

1889, in Brooklyn, James Blair Bateman, who was b. in Balti- 
more, Md., Feb. 26, 1864; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

II. George William Hilton,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 10, 1865; d. July 

31, 1865. 

III. Lovina Abbie Hilton,' b. Bowdoin, Me., Jan. 9, 1867; res. Brook- 

lyn, N, Y. 

IV. Lizzie Debanfa Hilton,' b. New York, N. Y"., Dec. 6, 1869; d. July 

31, 1870. 

V. Albert Calvin Hilton,' b. New Y^ork, N. Y., June 13, 1877; d. Nov. 

25, 1879. 

VI. Mabel Eleanora Hilton,' b. Weld, Franklin Co., Me., June 29, 1882. 

VII. Alice Merrill Hilton,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1885; d. Jan. 23, 


239. Alice Bartlett Allison," b. July 5, 1845; m., June 25, 1868, William 

Henry Weld, b. Boston, Mass. She d. in Boston, June 2, 1888. 
They res. Boston, Mass. Child: 
I. William Weld,' b. May 22, 1880. 

240. Cornelia K. Allison^" b. July 5, 1845; m., in Boston, Mass., July 8, 

1879, Winslow B. Morton, b. in that city, and who d. Jan. 7, 
1882. She d. in Boston, Mass., July 8, 1887. 

241. Caroline E. Allison," b. June 1, 1848; d. Aug. 9, 1849. 

242. Walter Harris Allison ^ [108] (William Davidson,* 
Samuel,^ Capt. Sarauel,^ Samuel^). He was born in Boston, 
Mass., Oct. 31, 1814; married, Feb. 7, 1836, Mary Whit- 
marsh, who was born in Weymouth, Mass., Oct. 4, 1813. 
He was a merchant tailor, and lived in Boston, Braintree, 
Lexington, Wayland, and Weymouth, Mass., living for fif- 
teen years in the latter place, where he died Sept. 9, 1856, 
aged 41 years, 11 months, 22 days. 


243. Caroline Allison,* b. Braintree, Mass., Aug. 21, 1836; m., May, 1858, 

Luther .Tosiah Copeland; res. Weymouth, Mass., where she d. 
June 28, 1800. He d. May 19, 1859. Cliild, b. Weymouth, Mass. : 
I. Anna Harris Copeland,' b. June 19, 1859; m., Dec. 10, 1885, Rev. John 
Loring Crane, of Braintree, Mass., b. Oct. 18, 1850. He is a 
Baptist clergyman, and preaches at Slieldonville, AVrentham, 
Mass. He graduated at Brown University in 1880, and from 
Newton Theological Seminary in 1883. Child: Florence Bin- 
ney Crane, «b. Sheldtjnvillo, Mass., June 8, 1890. 

244. Amey Allison," b. Weymouth, Mass., July 2, is;^8; m., Nov. 22, 

i855, Samuel Frances Newcomb, wiio wash, in Braintree Neck 
(now (^uiiu-y), Mass., Feb. 3, 1831. He is tlie eiglitli genera- 
tion in descent from John Alden, and grandson of Samuel 
Newcomb, of Braintree Neck, a soldier of the Revolution, and 


fought at Lexington and Bunker Hill. Mr. Newcomb has 
been in tlie grocery business for thirty-live years; res. Quincy, 
Mass. Children b. Quincy Neck, Quincy, Mass. : 

I. Amey Frances Newcomb,' b. Aug. 16, 18")7; res. Quincy, Mass. 

II. Arthur Wilbur Newcomb,' b. Aug. 31, 1862; res. Quincy, Mass. 

III. Herbei't Harris Newcomb,' b. May 3, 1856; res. Quincy, Mass. 

245. Mary Eliza Allison,« b. Dec. 26, 1839, in Boston, Mass. ; m., Feb. 10, 
1873, Elezar Bourk, of Weymouth, Mass. He was b. March 30, 
1833, at St. Gregoire, Quebec, Canada. He does an express 
and livery business; res. Weymouth, Mass. Children, b. Wey- 
mouth, Mass. : 

I. Lila Mary Bourk,7b. July 13, 18T4; d. July 25, 1875. 

II. Frank Eleazar Bourk,' b. Oct. 11, 1876; d. March 6, 1877. 

III. Hattie Evelyn Bourk,' b. Sept. 21, 1881. 

216. Harriet Kent Allison," b. Wayland, Mass., Oct. 26, 1844; m., April 
15, 1863, Simeon Waldo Gutterson, of Weymouth, Mass., b. 
Milford, N. H., Aug. 26, 1832. He is a deacon in the Baptist 
church and Sunday-school superintendent at Weymouth Land- 
ing, Weymouth, Mass., where he resides. Children b. in Wey- 
mouth, Mass. : 

I. John Harris Gutterson,' b. Oct. 14, 1864; organist in South Baptist 

church. Boston, Mass. 

II. Angle Mary Gutterson,' b. May 26, 1873. 

III. Charles Francis Gutterson,' b. May 14, 1876. 

247. William Allison," b. Nov. 13, 1846; d. Nov. 14, 1846. 

248. Walter Balfour Allison," b. Oct. 6, 1847; d. Quincy, Msss., Aug. 17, 


249. Caroline Brown Allison ^ [132] (James,^ Samuel,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel^). She was born in Dunbarton, 
N. H., Aug. 27, 1813; married, Nov. 12, 1840, Jonathan 
Leach Allen; residence, Hopkinton, N. H. He was a son 
of David Allen, and grandson of Jonathan and Sarah 
(Dodge) Allen, of Manchester. She died in Hopldnton, 
Aug. 20, 1863, aged fifty years lacking seven days. ]\Ir. 
Allen married, second, Mrs. D. J. Danielson. The date of 
his death was June 1, 1868, in Goffstown, N. H., where he 
had lived for four years. 


250. James Franklin Allen," b. Aug. 13, 1841; res. Rockville. Iiid. He 
graduated at Dartmoutii college in 1862, at Columbian Law 
School, Washington, 1). C, June 11, ISfUl; appointed to a clerk- 
ship in Treasury Department, Wa.shington, I). C.,Dec. 23, 1863; 
resigned Jrm. 1, 187f); prnctised law until March, 1881, then 
was appointed to a clerkship in War Department, and resigned 
Feb. 14, 1882, to accept a clerkship in tlie Indian Olfice, In- 
terior Department, which lie held Oct., 1890. He is a member 
of St. Paul's Lutheran chur.di, and promiicnt in Masonic cir- 
cles. He m., Oct. 25, 1866, Julia An<justa Dow; res. Rockville, 
Montgomery Co., Md. Miss Dow was b. Dec. 21, 1837, in 
Thompson, Conn., and d. Nov. 10, 1886. Slie was a daughter 
of Jesse E. and Eliza (Stetson) Dow. He m., second, Aug. 28, 
1888, Lilabel, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Greer) Mans. She 
was b. in Jlontgomcry Co., Md., Oct. 20, 1853; no children. 


251. Henry Allison Allen," b. Hopkinfcon, N. H., May 8, 1849. He is a 
hotel manager, and now clerk in the Gault House in Chicago, 
where he has resided twenty years. He is a Republican, and 
an attendant of the Congregational church; single. 

252. William Henry Allison ^ [134] (James,* Samuel,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel i). He was born, Sept. 17, 1816, in 
Dunbarton, N. H. ; married, Sept. 8, 1841, Mary Amelia, 
daughter of Dea. Philip and Lavinia (Currier) Brown, of 
Hopkinton, N. H., and granddaughter of Abram Brown. 
She was born in Hopkinton, N. H., April 19, 1820, and 
resides in 1892, in Concord, N. H. Mr. Allison was edu- 
cated at the town schools in his native town and at the 
academy at Lyndon, Vt., and was a teacher in early life in 
Dunbarton and Hopkinton, N. H., Lyndon, Vt., and, in 1838, 
in South Carolina. In 1841 he engaged in the drug busi- 
ness, in which he continued until 1865, when ill health com- 
pelled him to relinquish it. He was tax collector from 1868 
to 1875, when he engaged in the insurance business for three 
years. He was a member of the South Congregational 
church for more than fifty years, and was a deacon for sev- 
eral years ; was superintendent of its Sunday-school from 
1859 to 1863 ; residence, Concord, N. H., where he died May 
15, 1887. 


253. Mary Lavinia Allison,^ b. Dec. 16, 1843; d. Aug. 8, 1844. 

254. Philip Henry Allison," b. Nov. 3, 1846; m., Oct. 7, 1880, Sarah Jen- 

nie Sloan. He is a book-keeper; res. Anniston, Ala, Chil- 
dren : 

I. Mary Abbie Allison,' b. Xov. 29, 1881 ; d. Nov. 17, 1886. 

II. PhiliD Arthur Allison,' b. Oct. 10, 1883. 

255. Everett Brown Allison," b. Oct. 23, 18.52; d. Dec. 7, 1857. 

256. James Edward Allison," b. May 16, 18.54; m., Dec. 1, 1876, Emma 

W. Curtis, daughter of George Henry and Harriet Kimball 
(Lougee) Curtis. Her parents were born in East Concord, 
N. H. House painter; res. Concord, N. H. Children: 

I. Everett Curtis Allison,' b, July 16, 1877; d. May 13, 1884. 

II. Henry Wallace Allison,' b. Oct. 23, 1878. 

III. Edward Philip Allison,' b. June 30, 1881. 

IV. William Bleckley Allison,' b. Aug. 20, 1882. 

257. John Allison ^ [135] (James,* Samuel,^ Capt. Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel 0- He was born in Dunbarton, N. H., June 
26, 1818 ; married. May 10, 1845, Sarah Jane, daughter of 
Eliphalet and Sarah (McQueston) Richards, of Goffstown, 
N. H., where she was born July 13, 1820. She died in Bos- 
ton, Mass., April 22, 1852. Mr. Allison resided in Boston, 
Mass. He was connected with the firm of Claflin, Saville & 
Co. His business faculties were of a high order, and he 


acquired wealth. He was a Republican, and was a member 
of the common council for several terms. He took a deep 
interest in religious matters, and was a member of the Park 
street church. He died in Boston, May 29, 1865. 


258. Anna Josephine Allison," b. at Amoskeag, N. H., Oct. 27, 1848; m. 

Mr. Stirling, who is now deceased. She res. Plainfield, N. J. 

259. Emma Jane Allison,'^ b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 15, 1852; m., March 19, 

1872, Samuel W. Nettletou, b. Fulton, N. Y., March IS, 1841; 
merchant; res. Toledo, Ohio. Children b. Toledo, Ohio: 

I. Edward Allison Nettleton,' b. Nov. 23, 1875. 

II. Roy Healey Nettleton,' b. Feb. 10, 1877; d. June 22, 1880. 

III. Florence Bowen Nettleton,' b. Aug. 31, 1886. 

260. Lavinia Holt Allison ^ [136] (James,* Samuel,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ SamueP). She was born in Dunbarton, N. H., 
Jan. 15, 1820; married, Jan. 7, 1811, John Langdon Weeks, 
son of Maj. William Weeks, who was born March 26, 1819. 
They resided in Hopkinton, N. H. He died Sept. 9, 1843. 
She resides in Cambridge, Mass. 


261. Sarah Lavinia Weeks," b. Aug. 14, 1843 ; m. William Franklin Stark, 
of Goffstown, N. H., b. Aug. 31, 1843; res. Cambridge, Mass. 
Children : 

I. Alice Holman Stark,' b. March 1, 1869; d. Jan. 20, 1881. 

II. EUzabeth Allison Stark,' b. Feb. 12, 1871. 

III. William Everett Stark,' b. Feb. 12, 1873. 

IV. Wallace Weeks Stark,' b. April 27, 1877. 

V. Mary Lavinia Stark,' b. April 20, 1879; d. May 14, 1884. 

VI. Margaret Allison Stark,' b. Oct. 12, 1880. 

262. Andrew Allison ^ [138] (James,* Samuel,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ SamueU). He was born in Dunbarton, N. H,, 
March 12, 1824; married, April 24, 1848, Meiinda W., 
daughter of Hazen and Susan (Austin) Batchelder, of North- 
field, N. H. She was born jNlay 16, 1825, and died Jan. 3, 
1857, in Boston, Mass. He married, second, Feb. 2, 1858, 
Martha, daughter of Stephen and Joanna Tozier, of Water- 
ville. Me., who is now living. She was born May 11, 1831. 
Mr. Allison left Dunbarton with his parents in 1840, and 
lived in Warner, N. H., three years. On March 9, 1843, he 
commenced his individual lifework ; went to what is now 
Manchester, N. H., and for five years was a clerk in a store ; 
then carried on a dry goods and grocery business, which he 
sold out, and then moved to Boston, Mass., in 1853, where 


he has been since that date. He was of the firm of Claflin» 
Allison & Co., wholesale grocers ; sold in 1886, and has been 
in the employ of Wiuslow, Rand & Watson, teas and coffees^ 
197 and 199 State St. They reside in Winchester, Mass. 


263. Frank Allison,6 b. Lowell, Mass., May 10, 1853; d. Aug. 20, 18.54. 

264. Walter Irving Allison," b. Cambridge, Mass., .June 20, 1860; clerk 

in the New York Dispatch Co., Summer St., Boston, Mass.; 
res. Winchester, Mass. ; single ; Kepublican. 
26.5. Carrie Allison'' b. Boston, Mass., April 16, 1862; d. Aug. 20, 1864. 

266. Stephen Tozier Allison," b. Boston, Mass., April 19, 1868; single; 

Congregationalist, and Republican; res. Winchester, Mass. 

267. Fred Bird Allison," b. Cambridge, Mass., May 12, 1869; d. July 26, 

1888. He was a young man of rare qualities of mind and heart. 

268. Herbert Allison," b. Cambridge, Mass., Jan., 1872; d. July, 1872. 

269a. Elizabeth Hall Allison ^ [139] (Jaraes,^ Samuel,* 
Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel^). She was born in Dunbarton, 
N. H., March 24, 1825. She was the first graduate of the 
high school in the city of Manchester, N. H., and received 
the first diploma. This was in December, 1848. She always 
was an energetic teacher, and followed her profession with 
marked success for a long period. She taught in Concord, 
N. H., for three years ; in the Pinkerton academy .at Derry, 
N. H., for three years ; in the Ohio Female college. College 
Hill, Hamilton Co., Ohio, for thirteen years, the last three 
years of which she was the principal. In the Bennet Sem- 
inary for young ladies in Minneapolis, Minn., she was an 
instructor for three years, leaving there in 1874. On Sept. 
30, 1874. she married Rev. Cyrus Washington Wallace, D.D., 
of Manchester, N. H.. who was of the same Scotch race as 
herself, and whose Scotch ancestors had found a temporary 
hom.e and abiding-place in Ireland before the settlement in 
Londonderry. He was a descendant of John Wallace, and 
his wife, Annis Barnett, who came in 1719 or 1720 from 
the county of Antrim, Ireland, and they were said to be the 
first couple married in Londonderry, N. H., May 18, 1721. 
He died in Manchester, N. H., Oct. 21, 1889. He was pastor 
of the First Congregational church for thirty-four years and 
preached his first and last sermon in that church edifice, 
just forty years apart, the first being in 1840, the last in 1880. 

269. George Augustus Allison^ [145] (James,^ Samuel,'^ 
Capt. Samuel,''^ SamueP). He was born in Warner, N. IL, 
Sept. 14, 1843; married, Nov. 12, 1864, Julia L. Powers, 
daughter of Alanson Powers, of Berlin Heiglits, Erie County, 
O. She was born at Freedom, Portage County, O., June 17, 

Bp"^" J^ 


1842. Mr. Powers was a native of Woodstock, Vt. He 
married Sarepta Martin, a native of Rocliester, Vt. Mr. 
Allison was educated in the public schools of Manchester, N. 
H., and at the academy at Pembroke, N. H. When about 
to enter college, he decided to engage in mercantile pursuits, 
and spent several years as a clerk in Concord, N. H. ; in Jan., 
1865, became a salesman in a wholesale establishment in Bos- 
ton, Mass., and in January, 1869, became a partner. Since 
then he has been identified with Boston's business interests. 
For many years he was a member of the Boston board of 
trade, Boston commercial exchange, and a member of the 
Boston chamber of commerce since its organization ; was a 
director of the last for five years, and its elegant building 
was built during that period. Cambridge, Mass., became 
his home in 1865, and there he has since lived. In the 
social, religious, and political circles of that city he has been 
active. He is a member of the North Avenue Baptist 
church, aided in establishing the Young Men's Christian 
association, and has been a member of the Cambridge and 
Colonial clubs since their formation. He was a member of 
the common council of his adopted city in 1881-'82, of the 
board of aldermen in 1885-'86, was twice elected for a term 
of three years each on the school board but after four years 
service by the pressure of other duties he resigned his 
position. His business office is in the Chamber of Commerce 
building, Boston, Mass. Residence, Cambridge, Mass. 


1. Caroline Josephine Allison," b. Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 2, 1SG5; 

teacher; res. Cambridge, Mass. 

2. Susan Allison," b. Cambridge, Mass., April 9, 1S6S; teacher in the 

public schools of Cambridge. 

3. William Henry Allison," b. Somerville, jNIass., Aug. 17, 1870. He 

entered Harvard University in 1889, in the class of 1893, where 
lie expects to graduate. 

270. George Allison s [153] (David,^ Samuel,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ SamueP). He was born July 30, 1824, in Con- 
cord, N. H., where his life was mainly spent until his eigh- 
teenth year, when he went to Boscawen, N. H., to learn the 
trade of carriage maker. He completed hrs apprenticeship in 
Merrimacport, Mass., then went to West Amesbury, where 
he lived the remainder of his life. He married, in Boscawen, 
N. H., Nov. 27, 1846, Esther Jane, daughter of Jeremiah and 
Martha (Jackman) Noyes of that town, where she was born 
Jan. 6, 1823, and who now lives a widow in Merrimacport, 


Mass. Mr. Allison was a Republican in politics. He had 
light hair, sandy complexion and blue eyes. He and his 
wife were members of the Baptist church. He died of con- 
sumption in Merrimacport, Feb. 5, 1867, aged 42 years, 6 
months, 6 days. 


271. Clifton Orion Allison, « b. Jan. 31, 1848; machinist in Blood's Loco- 

motive "Works, Manchester, N. H. ; has resided in Manchester 
twenty-seven years, going there in 1866. He m., Nov. 26, 1872, 
Alice A., daughter of Henry and Sally (Baker) Shultz, of Ellen- 
borough, Clinton Co., N. T., where she was b. Aug. 8, 1853; 
no children. 

272. Roger Oilman Allison,'' b. Feb. 10, 1850; m. Annie Hicks, of Gran- 

ville, Nova Scotia; painter; res. Lowell, Mass.; no children. 

273. Irving Russell Allison," b. Oct. 19, 18.53; single; painter; res. with 

his mother in Merrimacport, Mass. 

274. Emma Frances Allison, "^ b. Jan. 17, 1855; d. June 17, 1855. 

275. Willard Sumner Allison,® b. April 27, 1856; single; carriage trim- 

mer; res. with his mother in Merrimacjiort, Mass. 

276. Lawrence Edward Allison," b. Sept. 7, 1857; m. Hannah Edminster, 

who lives a widow in Merrimacport, Mass. He d. May 22, 
1886, aged 28 years, 8 months, 15 days. Child: 
I. Alice Allison.' 

277. Mary Esther Allison," b. Oct. .30, 1851; m., Sept. -Sa, 1879, Roswell 

Eaton, a silver-plater; res. Merrimacport, Mass. Children: 

I. Sarah Elizabeth Eaton ;7 d. when young. 

II. Nellie Eaton,' b. June 5, 1881. 
HI. George Eaton,' b. March 18, 1883. 

IV. Robert Irving Eaton,' b. May 11, 1884; d. young. 

V. Lizzie Eaton,' b. March 11, 1886. 

278. Frederick Allison," b. June 5, 1861: d. Aug. 31, 1861. 

279. Clarence Thayer Allison," b. Nov. 2, 1862; m. Bell, daughter of J, 

W. and Albert Preble; res. 19 Bromfleld St., Newburyport, 
Mass. Slie was b. in Newton, N. H., Jan. 24, 1865. Child: 
I. Clara Izora Allison,' b. Aug. 5, 1884, in Merrimacport, Mass. 

280. Sarah Ellen Allison," b. Sept. 10, 1864; m. George F. Mason; res. 

Merrimacport, Mass. Children: 

I. Fred Davis Allison Mason,' lives with his grandmother. 

II. Frank Allison Mason.' 

281. Henry Allison ^ [155] (David Clinton,^ SamueP, 
Capt. Samuel,'^ Samuel^). He was born in Concord, N. H., 
Nov. 7, 1828, married, Nov. 20, 1851, Mary Little Gallishan, 
daughter of George K. W. and Elizabeth (Atkinson) Galli- 
shan of Andover, Mass., where she was born Oct. 30, 1832. 
She died 1865. He married 2nd, Sept. 12, 1867, Mary 
Garbett, daughter of John Garbett, and born in England, 
May 2, 1846. Mr. Allison is a carriage maker. He lived 
in Concord, N. H., thirteen years, in Boston, Mass., two 
years, in Ohio eight years, in Chicago, 111., eight years, and 
in Aurora, 111., for several years. Residence, 114 South Lake 
St., Aurora, 111. He enlisted Aug. 11, 1862, in the 114th 
Regt. Ohio Vols., mustered as third sergeant, promoted to 


first lieutenant March, 1864, and afterward commanded the 
company, till he was mustered out of the service in Aug., 
186.5. He is a member of the New England Congregational 
church in Aurora, 111. 


282. Mary Lizzie Allison/ b. Sept. 1, 1852; m., in 1879, Frank R. Harris, 

who is a clerk, and they res. Norwood Park, 111. 

283. Edward Clarence Allison," b. April .30, 18.56; d. July 8, 1856. 

284. Fannie Allison," b. Jan. 29, 1858; d. July 27, 18.59. 

285. Janet Eliza Stinson ^ [171] (Archibald Stinson,* 
Janet Allison--, Capt. Samuel,^ SamueP). She was born in 
Hammond, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., March 2, 1820 ; 
married, Sept. 29, 1846, Loren Stone. He is a retired 
farmer and they reside in the village of Theresa, Jefferson 
County, N. Y. 


286. James Archibald Stone," b. Sept. 16, 1847; d. Feb. 1, 1869. 

287. John Wellington Stone," b. June 29, 1849; res. Silver City, New 

Mexico; broker; single. 

288. Norris Stone," b. April 26, 18.52; res. Theresa, N. Y., some three 

miles from the village, on his father's homestead. He m. Rox- 
ina Butler. Children: 

I. Howard Stone,' b. April 13, 1878. 

II. Blanche Stone,' b. April 13, 1878. 

289. Morris Stone," b. April 26, 1852; res. Forrest River, North Dakota; 

blacksmith; single. 

290. Sarah Jane Stone," b. June 14, 1854; m. George Wilson Augsbury; 

merchant; res. Plessis, N. Y. Children: 
I. Earl Stone Augsbury,' b. Sept. 10, 1878. 
IL Reid Wilson Augsbury,' b. July 12, 1883. 

291. Nellie Louise Stone," b. Oct. 24, 18.59; m. Dr. David Coe. He is a 

dentist; res. Theresa, N. Y. Children: 

I. Annie Jenet Coe,' b. Sept. 24, 1881. 

II. Pauline Belle Coe,' b. Sept. 10, 1883; d. Aug. 24, 1884. 

III. Harper Allison Coe.' b. Aug. 14, 1887. 

292. AdaEmogeneStone,"b. March 22, 1865; single; res. Theresa, N. Y. 

293. Eleanor Hoag Stinson 5 [174] (Archibald Stinson*, 
Janet Allison-^ Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel^). She was born in 
Hammond, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., June 25, 1825; 
married, Dec. 21, 1853, Thomas Miller, born May 5, 1822, in 
Baltimore, Md. Is an engineer. Residence, 59 Atlantic 
St., Jersey City, N. J. She died April 14, 1891, at 65 years. 


294. Archibald Stinson Miller," b. Oct. 30, 1854; d. Aug. 15, 18.55. 

295. Sylvanus Edward Miller," b. June 4, 18.56; m., Aug. 27, 1879, Isa- 

bella H. Riley. He graduated at Packard's college, New York, 
N. Y. ; is an electrician. Children: 


I. Sylvia Edna Miller,' b. Jan. 8, 1881; d. Feb. 23, 1S90. 

II. Frank Eleanor Mabel Miller,« b Jan. 8, 1883. 

III. Hazel Stinson Miller,' b. May 20, 1888. 

29G. Archie Woodworth Miller,« b. Aug. 3, 1863; m., Dec. 16, 1885, Eve- 
lyn C. Grattan. He graduated at Hasbrouck Institute, in Jer- 
sey City, N. J.; is an electrician; res. Cordova, S. A. 

297. "Willie Grant Miller,' b. Jan. 11, 1865; d. Dec. 18, 1875. 

298. Sally Allison & [193] (Ebenezer,* Andrew,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ SamueP ). She was born in Limerick, N. Y., July 
1, 1817; married Loyal Sanford. He was a farmer. Resi- 
dence Limerick, N. Y., and died there March 13, 1890. She 
died there Dec. 17, 1887. 


299. Lucinda Sanford," b. July 31, 1835. 

300. Louisa Sanford,'' b. Aug. 17, 1836. 

301. Arvilla Sanford," b. May 24, 1838. 

302. Phebe Sanford," b. Oct. 17, 1839. 

303. Henry Sanford," b. 1840. 

304. Ebenezer Sanford," b. Jan. 15, 1842. 

305. Sarah Sanford," b. July 25, 1844. ' 

306. Mary Sanford," b. 1846. 

307. Andrew Sanford," b. Jan. 2, 1848: m., jSTov. 4, 1872, Libbie Mabey, 

of Ontario, Canada, b. there Aug. 12, 1857; d. Watertovra, 
K Y., Aug. 16, 1883. Children: 

I. Irvin Sanford,' b. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1873; d. there Feb. 15, 


II. Maud Sanford,' b. Brownville, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1874; d. there Oct. 10, 


III. Jennie Sanford,' b. Brownville, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1876. 

IV. Grace Sanford,' b. April 1, 1879. 

V. Ida Sanford,' b. June 1, 1882. 

He m., second, Sept. 3, 1884, Maggie Clemens. She was b. 
March 7, 1858; no children. He is a farmer. 

308. Carey Sanford," b. June 17, 1850. 
.309. George Sanford," b. March 20, 1852. 
310. Adellaralette Sanford," b. Oct. 7, 1853. 
;311. Simeon Sanford," b. Dec. 6, 1854. 

312. Helen Sanford," b. July 17, 1856. 

313. Lydia Sanford," b. Feb. 16, 1858. 

314. Robertus Sanford," b. June 7, 1859. 

315. Loyal Sanford," b. July 17, 1860. 

316. Polly Allison 5 [195] (Ebenezer,* Andrew,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel i). She was born in Brownsville, N. Y., 
June 11, 1820 ; married, Dec. 2, 1840, Henry Gibbs. They 
lived in New York, Wisconsin, and Trinity County, Cal., for 
fifteen years ; they located on a farm in Petaluma, Sonoma 
County, Cal., where she died of dropsy, Sept. 3, 1890. He 
died there, at the age of 75 years, Oct. 30, 1890. 


317. Amelia Ann Gibbs," b. Jefferson Co., K Y., April 5, 1842; m., Feb. 
12, 1860, Joseph Wooden, who d. in Portland, Oregon, Dec. 25, 
1888. She res. Portland, Oregon. 


•318. Orcelia Jane Gibbs," b. Jefferson, Wis., Nov. 19, 1845; m., Sept. 22, 
1867, Joseph C. Purvine; res. Petaluma, Sonoma Co., Cal. 

310. Edward Gibbs," b. Jefferson, Wis., March 18, 1847; m., April 11, 
1888, Writta A. Sevedge. Is a teacher; res. Petulama, Cal. 

320. Mary Catherine Gibbs," b. Jefferson, Wis., Sept. 17, 1849; m., Dec. 

28, 1878, George P. Manley; teaclier; res. Petaluma, Cal. 

321. Elbert Clark Gibbs,-^ b. Somona Co., Cal., April 9, 1860; m., Oct. 

22, 1884, Ella D. Light. Farmer; res. Petulama, Cal. 

322. Frederick Henry Gibbs," b. Somona Co., Cal., May 18, 1861; m., 

Aug. 17, 1887, Silva N. Doss. Farmer; res. Petaluma, Cal. 

323. Carrie Elizabeth Gibbs,'' b. Somona Co., Cal., July 16, 1863; ra., 

Jan. 18, 1889, .John B. Meloche. He is a book-keeper; res. 
Maderia, Fresno Co., Cal. 

324. Esther Allison5[196] (Ebeuezer,* Aiidrew,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ SamueP). She was born in Limerick, N. Y., 
March 8, 1822; married, 1841, Zeva M. Way. He was a 
paper manufacturer, who died March 25, 1860, at Water- 
town, N. Y. Three children. She married, second, Jan. 7, 
1864, at Pulaski, Capt. Lewis W. Litts. He was a boat 
owner and captain on the lakes, and died at Milwaukee, Wis. 


325. Emma Gertrude Way,^ b. at Watertown, K Y., Aug. 4, 1842 ; m. at 

Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 13, 1880, Orson A. Thayer, a railway 
conductor; he died in Milwaukee, March 22, 1878. She m., 
second, at Columbus, Wis., Adolphus W. Ingalabe, Nov. 24, 
1880, farmer. Child by first marriage: 
I. Gertrude Esther Tiiayer,' b. at Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 21, 1871. 

326. Kittle Esther Way," b. Pulaski, Dec. 8, 1847; m. at Watertown, N. 

Y., June 27, 1871, John H. l^oberts, merchant. Child: 
I. Lou-Lou Wav Roberts,' b. Grand Rapids, Mich., June 28, 1872; d. 
Aug. 20, 1872. 

327. George Z. Way," b. Pulaski, July 5, 1854; d. there Sept. 2, 1855. 

328. Julia Allison '5 [197] (Ebenezer,* Andrew,3 Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel^). She was born at Limerick, N. Y., 
April 19, 1824 ; m. Edward Williston, at Limerick, N. Y. He 
was a farmer. She died at Chicago, 111., many years ago, and 
her daughter was brought up by her graudparents, the 


329. Isabel Williston," b. Jan. 25, 1848; m. at Watertown, N. Y., Sept. 
25, 1871, Linus Monson, farmer. Children: 

I. Julia Monson,' b. Oct. 10, 1872. 

II. Jessie Monson,' b. March 8, 1874. 

III. Eddie Monson,' b. Nov. 9, 1875. 

IV. Bruce Monson,' b. June 14, 1878. 

V. Lillian Monson,' b. Jan. 14, 1880. 

VI. Jan Monson,' b. Nov. 2, 1882. 

VII. George Monson,' b. March 14, 1890. 

330. Lavinia Jemima Allison^ [1^8] (Ebenezer,* Andrew,^ 


Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel ^ ). She was born in Limerick, N. Y., 
June 25, 1826 ; married, Feb. 21, 1850, Jacob Ellis Harmon, 
son of James Harmon. He was born at Pulaski, N. Y., Jan. 
6, 1826, where he resided about twenty-five years, and in 
Watertown, N. Y., the rest of his life, and where he died 
Aug. 20, 1881 ; machinist. Mrs. Harmon died at Utica, N. 
Y., Dec. 16, 1888. They resided at Watertown, N. Y. 


331. De Witt Clinton Harnion,^ b. Pulaski, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1852; m. 

April 29, 1880, Margaret E. Richardson; was proprietor of ma- 
chine shop. Res. Watertown, N. Y., where he d. Dec. 10, 
1888. No children. 

332. Herbert Edgar narmon,« b. Adams, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1854; m., Oct. 

24, 1883, Helen J. Haven, clerk, res. Watertown, N. Y. No 

333. Charles A. Harmon,* b. Watertown, N. Y., July 27, 1856; m. Nov. 

23, 1881, Clara E. Kenyon; locomotive engineer; res. Benson 
Mills, N. Y. Children: 

I. Ella J. Harmon,' b. Watertown, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1882. 

II. Don K. Harmon,' b. Watertown, N. Y. Dec. 25, 1884. 

334. George Allison Harmon," b. Watertown, N. Y., March 1, 1866; in 

railroad employ ; res. Milwaukee, Wis. 

335. Harlow Allison 5 [199] (Ebenezer,* Andrew,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel^). He was born in Limerick, N. Y., Oct. 
21, 1828 ; residence. Limerick. He married Sarah Ann 
Allen. He died at Limerick, Jan. 7, 1889. 


336. Wayne Allison," b. April 20, 18.58; m., at Dexter, N. Y., Dec. 26, 

1883, Lillian E. Randall, who was b. Oct. 12, 1865. She d. Jan. 
15, 1889. He m. second, Anna Eva Darr, b. Germany, March 15, 
1870. They were m. at Brownsville, N. Y,, Jan. 28, 1889. 

I. Everet Allison,' b. Oct. 25, 1885. 

II. Clara Elizabeth Allison,' b. June 30, 1887. 

337. Elizabeth Allison," b. Sept. 22, 1863; m., April 11, 1888, Luna Zim- 

merman, b. April 14, 1865. No children. 

338. William Henry Allison 5 [203] (Ebenezer,* Andre w,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel i). He was born iu Limerick, N. Y., 
July 10, 1844; married Mary Jackson June 30, 1864; 
farmer; residence. Limerick, N. Y. 


.339. Frank Allison," b. Aug. 16, 1866. 

340. Etta L. Allison," b. March 20, 1808; m., June 25, 1885, Wallace J. 

Patrick, farmer; child, b. Limerick, N. Y. : 
I. Ruth Esther Patrick,' b. Dec. 25, 1888. 

341. William Allison," b. Dec. 30, 1872, 

342. Adelbert Allison," b. May 22, 1875. 


343. John Wilson Allison 5 [206] (EH,* Andrew,^ Capt. 
Samuel,- SamueP )• He was born in Dublin, N. H., March 
15, 1823. On attaining his majority he left his native town, 
and in 1849 he joined the great flood of emigration to the 
gold fields of California, A few months' stay amid the hard- 
ships to which all were subjected, and the bad influence of 
the climate, brought on a severe sickness, compelling the 
abandonment of his plans and his return to New England. 
From that illness his system has never fully recovered. For 
three years he was connected with the postoffice in Boston, 
Mass. Since then he has been in active business life for 
others or for himself, and in 1893 was in the ships' stores 
and ships' chandlery business, of the firm of Allison & 
Mason, No.- 1 and 2 Russia wharf, 270 Congress St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. Is a Republican in politics. 


344. Fred Lincoln Allison," b. Dec. 31, 1854; d., of typhoid fever, Sept. 

3, 1890. He res. Magnolia St., Roxbury Dist., Boston, Mass. 
He m. Emma Basset of Roxbury, who is still living. He was 
travelling salesman. Child b. Boston, Mass. : 
I. Chester Thorp Allison,' b. March 12, 188(3. 

345. Edwin Charles Allison," b., 1856; d. at 6 mos. 

346. Lillie Frances Allison," b. June, 1858. Single. Lives at home. 

347. Sadie Persis Allison," b. Nov., 1861. Single. Res. at home, Bos- 

ton, Mass. 

348. Nellie Hope Allison," b. May, 1865. Res. at home, Boston, Mass. 

349. John Wilson Allison, Jr.," b. Sept. 1, 1868. Res. Boston, Mass. 

350. Charles Morrison Allison," b. Sept., 1868; d. at 8 yrs. of age. 

351. James Allison ^ [209] (Eli,* Andre w,^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
Samuel^). He was born in Dublin, N. H., March 13, 
1830, where he has always lived. He married, March 9, 
1854, Sarah Jane, daughter of William and Julia (Johnson) 
Darracott, who was born in Dublin, May 27, 1837; died 
there May 1, 1878. Her father was born in Shrewsbury, Vt., 
Feb. 17, 1804; died in Dublin, Aug. 28, 1884. Mr. Allison 
married, second, Dec. 3, 1878, Bessie Maria Darracott, a sis- 
ter of his first wife. She was born in Dublin, April 29, 1839 ; 
and died in Dublin July 10, 1880. Mr. Allison was educa- 
ted in the common schools and in early manhood taught 
school for several winters, and then settled on the homestead 
to care for his parents in their declining years. For nineteen 
years he has served as agent to invest and care for the trust 
funds of the town of Dublin, being elected in 1872. For 
twenty-eight years he has served as a trustee of the Appleton 
school fund, and has been a member of the school board for five 
years. A large amount of probate business is entrusted to him, 


and many estates are settled, and he acts repeatedly as guardian 
for minors. Since 1874 he has held a commission as justice 
of the peace, was a selectman in 1870, '71, '72, '73, '75, '78, 
'80, '81, '82, '85, '86, and, represented his town in the legis- 
lature in 1873, '74. In politics, he is a Republican ; in 
religion, of the Unitarian faith, having been a deacon of the 
Unitarian church in Dublin more than twent}^ years, 
and agent for the care and investment of the trust funds of 
the First Congregational (Unitarian) society, of which he is 
a member. Residence, Dublin, N. H. 


352. William Andrew Allison,8 b. May 4, 1855; d. Dublin, N. H., Oct. 5, 


353. Annie Maria Allison," b. March 7, 1859; teacher. Res. Dublin, N. H. 

354. Flora Gerti'ude Allison,o b. April 2, 1860 ; teacher. She graduated, 

June, 1882, at State Normal school, Plymouth, N. H. Res. 
Revere, Mass. 

355. John Learned Allison,* b. Aug. 2, 1861; m., Nov. 1, 1886, Myrtie 

Aurilla Pratt, dau. of Ira and (Putney) Pratt. She was 

b. Feb. 3, 1867, in Marlborough, N. H. He is a carpenter in 
Colorado Springs, Colorado. Child: 
I. Gertrude Mabel Allison,' b. Sept. 5, 1891. 

356. Emma Jane Allison,* b. Jan. 24, 1864; teacher; res. Dublin, N. H. 

Educated at the State Normal school, Plymouth, N. H. 

357. James Francis Allison," b. March 29, 1865. He is a teacher; gradua- 

ted at Gushing Academy, Ashburnham, Mass., June, 1886, and 
at Dartmouth college in 1891, and in 1892 is principal of Sher- 
born academy at Sherborn, Mass. 

358. Henry Darracott Allison," b. Feb. 2, 1869. He is a bookkeeper and 

postoffice clerk. Educated at Bryant & Stratton's business 
college, Boston, Mass. Res. Dublin, N. H. He m., Feb. 3, 
1891, Florence Gowing Mason, dau. of Milton D. Mason; she 
was b. Dec. 16, 1871. 

359. Edwin Sherman Allison," b. Aug. 19, 1871; carpenter; res. Colorado 

Springs, Colorado. 

360. Mabel Persis Allison," b. March 26, 1874; at home. 

361. Royal Bellows Quinton^ [213] [(SamueV Margaret 
Allison,^ Capt. Samuel,^ SamueP). Residence, Denmark, 
Iowa; married, 


362. Alfred Bixby Quinton" (398), b. Jan. 26, 1865; res. Topeka, Kan. 

363, James Stockman Allison^ [218] (John,* James,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ SamueP). He was born in Weathersfield, 
Vt., April 10, 1827 ; married, Jan. 1, 1860, Sophronia Cole 
Butler, of Watertown, Mass., who died June 11, 1890, aged 
62 years, 9 months, 15 days. She was born in Leominster, 
Mass., Aug. 27, 1827. Early in life he removed to Newton, 


Mass., where the larger part of his time was spent. At one 
time he was in business in Faueuil Hall market, nnder the 
firm name of Porter & Allison. He was one of the leading 
business men of Newton, and was located in the provision 
business, on the spot now occupied by the Union Market 
National Bank, under the firm name of Allison & Bond. 
He w^as one of the directors of the Union Market National 
Bank for three years. He was a devoted member of the Con- 
gregational church, and by his courteous manners and up- 
right Christian life won the confidence and love of many. 
He died at his home on California street, Newton, Mass., 
May 1, 1881, aged 5-4 years. 


364. Edward Porter Allison/ b. Dec. 17, 1860; d. Sept. 14, 1872, aged 11 
years, 8 months, 28 days. 

305. Albert Butler Allison,* b. March 6, 1864; m., June 3, 1890, Mira 
Alma Graves, of Ludlow, Vt., b. Ascutneyville, Vt., Dec. 1.5, 
1867. He was educated in the grammar and high schools of 
Newton, Mass., and received his musical education under 
teachers of note in Boston, Mass., and now devotes all his time 
to instruction in music. He is organist at the First Universal- 
ist church in Roxbury, Mass., and is a member of the Congre- «i 

gational church in Newtonville; res. 201 California ave., New- 
ton, Mass. 

366. Mary Allison,' b. Jan. 9, 1865; d. Jan. 9, 1865. 

367. James Stockman Allison, Jr., « b. Feb. 19,1870; d. Aug. 19, 1872, 

aged 2 years, 6 months. 

368. Clinton James Allison^ [227] (Samuel,* James,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ SamueP). He was born in Weathersfield, 
Vt., April 2-1:, 1824. When thirteen years of age, he went 
with his parents to Conneaut, Ohio, where he lived eight 
years ; was in Indiana fourteen years ; resides at Olney, 111., 
and has resided there for thirty-one years. Manufacturer 
and farmer. He married, May 22, 1850, Hannah, daughter 
of Samuel and Chloe (Prather) Campbell. Her father was a 
native of Pennsylvania, born in 1775, removed with his 
father to Kentucky in 1784, and settled near Lexington, and 
removed to Jenning Co., Indiana, in 1816, and died there in 
1856. She was born in Queensville, Ind., Nov. 29, 1830, and 
died in Jonesville, Ind., Dec. 25, 1855. He married, second, 
Nov. 25, 1858, Mrs. Sarah D. Webster, widow of Edward Web- 
ster, and daughter of Barnes Hubbard, of Massachusetts, 
who died in Conneaut, Ohio. She was born in Conneaut, 
June 29, 1824, and died in Olney, 111., May 14, 1883. He 
married, third, May 1, 1887, Mary E. Whorf, who was born 
at Brownsville, Penn., April 14, 1847. She was the daughter 


of James W. Whorf, who came from Yorkshire, Eng., when 
a child, settled at or near Brownsville, Penn., and married 
Mary Willis; resides at Olnej', 111. Mr. Allison is a Repub- 
lican in politics, and a Baptist. 


369. Walter Campbell Allison," b. Queensville, Bartholomew Co., Ind., 

April 15, 1852; d. Joiiesville, Ind., March 20, 1856. 

370. Eugene Hulett Allison,'' b. Jonesville, Ind., March 11, 18.54. He is 

in the real estate and insurance business; res. New Decatur, 
Ala. He went to Olney, 111., with his father, in 1858; removed 
to New Decatur in 1887. He m. Mrs. Mary Par. 

371. Adelia Hannah Allison," b. Jonesville, lud., Nov. 26, 1855; res. 

Olney, 111. ; m., Sept. 8, 1875, James E. Whorf, and has had five 
children, two deceased. 

372. Clinton Lincoln Allison," b. Olney, 111., May 11, 1860; res. Trout 

Lake, Wash. ; is a printer, and editor of a newspaper. 

373. Edward Roland Allison,« b. Olney, 111., June 11, 1864; res. Trout 

Lake, Wash. 

374. Henry Allison ^ [228] (Samuel,* James,^ Capt. Sam- 
uel,2 Samuel 1). He was born in Weathersfield, Vt., Feb. 9, 
1826; married, Nov. 2, 1851, Sarah McConnell, who was 
born January 22, 1832, in Hardenburg, Ind. Mr. Allison 
resided in Weathersfield eleven years, in Conneaut, Ohio, 
eight years, and in Hardenburg, Ind., forty-five' years; res. 
Hardenburg, Jennings Co., Ind. 


375. Mary Allison," b. Aug. 28, 1853; m., Nov. 26, 1870, Harvey Graves, 

farmer; res. Hardenburg, Ind. Children: 

I. Rose Graves,' b. Hardenburg, Jennings Co., Ind., April 10, 1872. 

II. Carl Graves,' b. Morocco, Newton Co., Ind., June 14, 1873. 

III. Ward Graves,' b. Morocco, Newton Co., Ind., Dec. 16, 1874. 

IV. Boyd Graves,' b. Hardenburg, Jennings Co., Ind., June 24, 1876. 

376. Ora May Allison," b. Nov. 11, 1858; d. Sept. 27, 1861. 

377. Delia Allison," b. Sept. 5, 1862; m., April 23, 1889, Joel Wilson, 

farmer; res. Hardenburg, Ind. Child: 
I, Edith Wilson,' b. Elizabethtown, Bartholomew Co., Ind., Dec. 2, 1890. 

378. Edith Allison," b. Oct, 6, 1866; m., April 14, 1887, Hugh Berkshire, 

telegraph operator; res. Rising Sun, Ind. 

379. Hoy t Allison," b. Feb. 28, 1870; farmer; res. Hardenburg, Ind. 

380. Ann Moore Allison ^ [229] (Samuel,* James,^ Capt, 
Samuel,^ SamueP). She was born in Weathersfield, Vt., 
Nov. 14, 1827, where she lived ten years, then in Conneaut, 
Ohio, nine years, in Perry, Ohio, five years, and for thirty- 
nine years has been a resident of Painesville, Ohio, which is 
still her home. She is a member of the M. E. church. She 
married, Dec. 4, 1851, Carlos, son of John and Dameras 


Bolles) Mason, of Perry, Lake Co., Ohio, and grandson of Eli- 
jah Mason. He was born in Perry, Nov. 26, 1822, where he 
lived twenty-nine years, and since then in Painesville, Ohio. 
He is a farmer, and a Republican in politics. He resides 
some three miles from the village, in Painesville. 


SSL Katie Mary Mason," b. Nov. 9, 1854; m., Jan. 17, 1884, Henry Neil; 

res. Painesville, Oliio. 
382, Jessie Allison Mason," b. Dec. 27, 1869; res. Painesville, Ohio. 

383. Rodney Esbel Allison ^ [230] (Samuel,* James,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel^). He was born in Weathersfield, 
Vt., July 16, 1829; married, Dec. 1, 1853, Malvina Tyler, 
daughter of Ralph and Maria (Gordon) Tyler. Her father 
was born in Marcellus, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1810, and died Nov. 
17, 1871. She was born in Mayfield, Ohio, June 16, 1833, 
and was residing in Perry, Lake Co., when married, Mr. 
Allison lived in Weathersfield eight years, in Conneaut, 
Ohio, ten years, and in Perry, Ohio, forty-three years. 
P. ()., Painesville, Ohio. In earl}^ life he was a teacher; is 
now a farmer and a justice of the peace ; does public busi- 
ness to some extent, and settles many estates ; residence, 
Perry, Lake Co., Ohio. 


384. Genevieve Maria Allison," b. Dec. 28, 1864; m., July 18, 1889, Harry 

Graves, b. March 24, 1866; merchant; res. Geneva, Ashtabula 
Co., Ohio. 

385. John Tyler Allison," b. May 8, 1870; d. May 17, 1872. 

386. Gertrude Mary Allison," b. Jan. 23, 1872. 

387. Orman Button Allison ^ [231] (Samuel,* James,^ 
Capt. Samuel,^ Samuel^). He was bori], Feb. 3, 1831, in 
Weathersfield, Windsor Co., Vt. ; married, April 15, 1857, 
Mary Elnora Hause, daughter of Harris E. and Lucinda 
(Mavnard) Hause. Her father was born in New York, Jan. 
15, 1816 ; died, Feb, 12, 1879, at Six Mile, Jenning Co., Ind. 
Mrs, Allison was born at the latter place, April 8, 1840. Mr. 
Allison lived in Perry, O., for seven years ; twelve in Spencer, 
Jennings Co., Ind, ; two in Noble, Richland Co,, 111. ; eight 
in Frankfort, Kan.; four in Montrose, Henry Co., Missouri; 
one year in Live Oak, Sutter Co., Cal. Farmer. Residence, 
Eight Mile, Morrow Co., Oregon, which has been his home 
for eight years. 



388. Carrie Bell Allison,* b. Perry, Lake Co., Ohio, June 4, 1858 ; m., 

Oct. 6, 1874, Franklin P. Vauglian, farmer. Members of Chris- 
tian church. Res., Frankfort, Kansas, and res., 1890, Eight 
Mile, Morrow Co., Oregon. Children: 

I. Mertie M. Vaughan,' b. Sept. 15, 1875 ; d. May 4, 1880. 

II. NeUie G. Vaughan,' b. Sept. 9, 1877. 

III. John Vaughan,' b. June 18, 1883. 

IV. Charles Vaughan,' b. Feb. 24, 1887. 

389. William Orman Allison," b. Madison, Lake Co., Ohio, Jan. 7, 1860 ; 

m., Dec. 1, 1880, Aurilla Snow. Farmer ; res. Montrose, Mo. 
They res., 1890, Eight Mile, Morrow Co., Oregon. Children: 

I. Walter Allison,' b. Nov. 10, 1881. 

II. Pearl Allison,' b. Nov. 12, 1883. 

390. Emma Ann Allison," b. Six Mile, Ind., Sept, 27, 1862 ; m., Jan. 10, 

1882, Alfred Doolittle. He is a carpenter. Children: 

I. Elmer Allison Doolittle,' b. April 22, 1883. 

II. Ermie Doolittle,' b. Oct. 9, 1885. 

III. Lester Doolittle,' b. Jan. 10, 1887. Mr. Doolittle res. North Bend, 

King Co., Washington. 

391. Gertrude Allison," b. Six Mile, Ind., March 28, 1864 ; d. there May 

4, 1864. 

392. Oscar Hause Allison," b. Noble, Richland Co., 111., Oct. 13, 1867 ; 

farmer ; res. Eight Mile, Morrow Co., Oregon. 

393. Cora Lucinda Allison," b. Frankfort, Kansas, June 25, 1873 ; res. 

Eight Mile, Morrow Co., Oregon. 

394. Walter Scott Allison & [232] (Samuel,* James,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel^). He was born in Weatliersfield, Vt., 
July 9, 1832 ; married, Oct. 9, 1857, Rebecca McConnell, 
born at Hardenburg, Ind. He went to Ohio when eiglit years 
of age, where he lived fifteen years, and in Vernon, Jennings 
Co., Ind., nine years. Machinist. He was a soldier in the 
Union ami}'' in Sixth Regiment Indiana volunteers, and died 
at Nashville, Tenn., July 27, 186-4. 


395. Frank Ellsworth Allison," b. June 9, 1861 ; farmer ; res. Pittsburgh, 

Kan. ; m. Clara Ann Hoffman, b. Jersey Co., 111., Nov. 8, 
186L They were married at Gerard, Kansas, Aug. 16, 1882. 

I. Bessie Blanche Allison,' b. Pittsburgh, Kan., Jan. 16, 1884. 

II. Ellsworth George Allison,' b. Leon, Butler Co., Kan., Aug. 21, 1885. 

III. Walter M. Allison,' b. Leon, Kan., Oct. 10, 1886. 

396. Flora Dell Allison," b. June 2, 1863 ; m., Oct. 10, 1882, at Harden- 

burg, Ind., Morton Oathout, b, Hardenburg, Ind., Oct. 2, 
1861. Res. Ewing, Jackson Co., Ind. Children: 

I. Walter Oathout,' b. Queensville, Jennings Co., Ind., June 12, 1883. 

II. Ralph Logan Oathout,' b. Queensville, Ind., March 21, 1888. 

III. Hazel May Oathout,' b. Ewing, Jackson Co., Ind., Oct. 5, 1890. 

397. Roland Hill x\llison 5 [234] (Sam uel,* James,^ Capt. 
Samuel,^ Samuel^). He was born in Weatliersfield, Vt., 
July 5, 1836 ; married, Oct. 5, 1862, Theodocia W., daughter 


of Rev. Martin E. and Clarissa (Toiisley) Cook, and grand- 
daughter of Josiah Cook of Windham, Vt. Her family lived 
in Massachusetts, Bellville, N. Y., Dayton, O., and her father 
died in Streetsboro', O., Oct. 4, 1841. She was born at Day- 
ton, O., Dec. 27, 1837. Mr. Allison left Ohio in 1854, and 
lived in Jennings Co., Ind., with his brother, Clinton J., until 
1856; removed to St. Louis, Mo., living there until '59; then 
was in trade in Ottawa, 111., until Aug., 1861, when he en- 
listed in Company B., Fifty-third regiment, Illinois volun- 
teers ; was promoted to first lieutenant, then to captain, and 
two years later was commissioned major of the same regi- 
ment, and resigned in 1865. He participated in the siege of 
Corinth, Miss., of Vicksburg and of Atlanta, and was in 
Sherman's March to the Sea, ending at Savannah, Ga., in 
Dec, 1864. He is a Republican in politics, is engaged in the 
sale of machinery and agricultural implements, and he and 
his family are Baptists in their religious faith ; res. Clinton, 
Henry Co., Mo. No children. 

398. Alfred Bixby Quinton^ [362] (Royal Bellows Quin- 
tou,^ Samuel Quinton,^ Margaret Allison,^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
Samuel 1). He v/as born in Denmark, Iowa, Jan. 26, 1865; 
married, Jan. 25, 1882, Georgie Helen, daughter of George 
A. and Helen M. (Crane) Hoffman, of Topeka. Her father 
was born in Lyons, N. Y., in 1830, a son of Charles Ogden 
Hoffman, who died in New York city, in 1885, and grand- 
son of Ogden Hoffman. She was born in Rochester, N. Y., 
Sept. 9, 1867. Mr. Quinton graduated at Michigan Uni- 
versity, at Ann Arbor, in 1876. He then located in Topeka, 
Kan., and has been in the active practice of his profession as 
an attorney. He has been county judge for four years; 
resides at Topeka, Kan. 


399. Helen Hoffman Qninton,^ b. April 5, 1882. 

400. Georgie Fay Quinton,' b. Oct. 24, 1885. 

401. Eugenie Quinton,' b. Jan. 1.5, 1888. 

402. Alfred Bixby Quinton, Jr.,' b. Aug. 17, 1890. 


408. Mrs. Mary Allison (or probably Ellison), of Notting- 
ham, N. H., died Jan. 17, 1869, in the 109th year of her age. 
She was born in Lee, N. H., May 20, 1750. She, at her 
death, had eight daughters living. The youngest was sixty 
years of age, three of them were over eighty years of age. 


and the eldest was in her eighty-sixth year. (N. E. Hist. 
Reg., 1859, vol. 13.) 

404. Richard Allison (or Ellison), of New Hampshire, 
was arrested on suspicion of conspiring against the state dur- 
ing the War of the Revolution. On June 9, 1777, a com- 
mittee of the General Assembly was chosen to investigate, 
and they reported in favor of sending him to jail for safe 
keeping. (N. H. Town Papers, vol. 8, p. 580.) 

405. Joseph Allison enlisted April 26, 1781, for three 
years, or for the war, in the army of the Revolution. 

405a. Ebenezer Allison, (or Ellison), of Deerfield, N. H., 
refused to sign the Association List, in 1776. 



The name Allison occurs quite frequently among the 
Scotch-Irish who settled in the south-western part of Chester 
county, Pennsylvania, from 1718 to 1740, at about the same 
dates as the emigrations from the same localities in the 
north of Ireland occurred to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, 
and to Maine. (See Futhey & Cope's Hist, of Chester Co., 
Penn.) The surnames, with the same Christian names of 
the early Scotch-blooded settlers in New Hampshire, were 
often duplicated at the same dates in the Scotch settlements 
in Pennsylvania, and among them are Allison, Park, Morri- 
son, Cochran, Boyd, Dickey, McAllister, Stewart, Wilson, 
Mitchell, Steele, Campbell, and others. Nor is this strange 
when we remember " that as early as 1718 no less than five 
vessels of immigrants from the north of Ireland arrived on 
the coast of New England, but, forbidden to land at Boston 
by the intolerant Puritans, the immigrants moved up the 
Kennebec and there settled. The winter of 1718-'19 being 
one of unusual severity, the great majority of these settlers 
left the Kennebec and came overland into Pennsylvania, set- 
tling in Northampton count}'." — Letter of Wm. H. Egle, 
M. b., of Harrisburg, Penn., dated April 13, 1878. He is 
the author of the "• Illustrated History of the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania," published in 1876. 


406. James Allison, Sr., in 1780, lived in the Scotch-Irish 
settlement of Allen toivnship^ Northampton county, Penn., 
and was there taxed. He lived on the property owned a few 
years ago by Daniel Saegar. This settlement included 
Weaversville and the adjacent localities. In relation to this 
settlement, Rev. J. C. Clyde, D. D., in his ''History of the 
Allen Township Presbyterian Church, Northampton County, 
Penn.," says, that "as early as 1717 [it was 1718] no less 


than five vessels of immi'grauts from the north of Ireland 
arrived on the coast of New England, but forbidden to land 
at Boston by the intolerant Puritans, the emigrants moved 
up the Kennebec and there settled. The winter of 1717-18, 
being one of unusual severity, the great majority of these 
settlers left the Kennebec, and came overland into Pennsyl- 
vania, settling in Northampton county." (See p. 44, note 
to Samuel Allison, No. 1, of Londonderry, N. H.) It was at 
this very time that one portion of those emigrants went from 
the Kennebec, and founded the Scotch settlement of London- 
derry, N. H. 

In the Scotch settlement of Allen township were the fol- 
lowing Allisons, all presumably the children of James Alli- 
son, Sr. Mr. Allison was a farmer. 


407. James Allison. Jr. He was a farmer; res. in Allen townsliip, and 

was taxed in 1780. 

408. John Allison. He was a farmer; a resident of Allen townsliip, and 

was taxed in 1780. 

409. Sarah Allison, m. Joseph Horner. 

410. Mary Allison, m. Joseph Hays. 

411. Jeannie Allison, m. William Scott. 

412. Margaret Allison. 

413. Ann Allison, m. James Wilson. 


414. Rev. Francis Alison, D. D., was perhaps the most 
influential person of this family name in Chester county at 
that early period. He was born in 1705, in the parish of 
Leck,i county of Donegal, Ireland ; educated at the Univer- 
sity at Glasgow, Scotland; emigrated to America in 1735; 
licensed as a Presbyterian minister in 1736 or 1737 ; installed 
over the church in New London, Chester county. May 25, 
1736, and remained fifteen years ; went to Philadelphia in 
1752, took charge of the academy there, and became vice- 
provost of the college of Pennsylvania, afterwards University 
of Pennsylvania, on its establishment in 1755. He was pro- 
fessor of moral philosophy and assistant pastor of the First 
Presbyterian church in Philadelphia, Penn. In 1756 the 
degree of A. M. was given him by Yale college, and in 1758 
the degree of D. D. was conferred upon him by the Univer- 
sity of Glasgow, Scotland. It is asserted that he was the 

' Leek is a parish on the direct road between Letter Kenney and Raphel, 
and some three miles from Letter Kenney. There is a church there, and 
Rev. A. W. Smyth was the incumbent in 1892. 


first clergyman in tliis country to receive the degree of D. D. 
He married Hannah, daughter of James Armitage, of New- 
castle, Delaware, and died Nov. 28, 1779, in his 74th year. 
The father of Mrs. Alison was a son of Benjamin and j\Iary 
Armitage, who came from Holmfirth Parish, Yorkshire, Eng., 
and resided near Bristol, Penn. 


415. Francis Alison, 2 d. in infancy. 

416. Ezekiel Alison,^ d. in infancy. 

417. Benjamin Alison,^ d. unman-ied about 1782. 

418. Frances Alison, Jr. 2 (421), b. in 1751; res. Chatham, Chester Co., 

Penn., May 11, 1813. He m. Mary Mackey. 

419. Mary Alison,- d, unmarried. 
(See foot note.') 

421. Francis Alison, Jr.,^ [418] (Francis i). He was 
born in Chester county, Penn., in 1751 ; married Mary 
Mackey, who was born in Chester county, Penn., in 1757. 
She died in Chatham, Penn., in 1827.^ Mr. Alison was grad- 
uated in arts from the University of Pennsylvania (then the 
college of Philadelphia) in 1770 ; studied medicine, and was 
a surgeon during the Revolution. He was a physician of 
eminence, and died in Chatham, Chester county, Penn., 
where he resided May 11, 1813. 


422. Francis Alison,' d. 1794, aged 14 years. 

423. Rachel Alison,' d. April 13, 1843, aged 62 years ; single. 

424. Sarah Alison' ('^•^2), m. Alexander Adams; res. Chester Co., Penn. ; 

d. June, 1843, aged 60 years. 

425. Horatio Tates Alison,3 d. 1808, aged 25 years; single. 

426. Agnes Alison,' d. 1800, aged 13 years. 

427. Oliver Alison,3 d. Oct. 14", 1855, aged 66 years; single. 

428. Robert Alison ^ (435), b. 1789; m., May 27, 1839, Elizabeth Aitken. 

He d. May 4, 1854. 

429. Maria Alison,' m. William Hesson; res. Chester Co., Penn., and d. 

in 1811, aged 21 years. They had a son, Horatio Hesson,^ who 
married Margaret Downing. They had children who went 
west and married there, namely, — 

1 Other Allisons. 420. Anne Allison, of Donegal, Penn. ; m. Thomas 
Anderson, Nov. 30, 1774. 420 a. Miss Allison, of Bemis's Valley, Penn. ; 
m. Oct. 30, 1879, Frank Stewart, a. in Bellefonte, Penn. 420 b. Robert 
Alison was made a lieutenant in a Pennsylvania regiment, Feb. 8, 1747- 
'48. He was a nephew of Rev. Francis Alison, on the authority of Dr. 
Robert S. Alison, of Ardmore, Penn. 420 c. James Allison was a res- 
ident of Pennsylvania, June 6, 17.58. 

2 She was the daughter of John and Rachel (Elder) Mackey, who lived 
near New London, of Chester county, Penn., and granddaughter of Rob- 
ert Mackey, of the same place. Pier grandfather was lieutenant of the 
Provincial forces of 1747-"48, and her fatlier, John Mackey, was a mem- 
ber of the constitutional convention in 1776. 


I. William Hesson.s 

II. Jeanette Hesson,^ 

III. AVright Hesson.5 

IV. Madge Hesson." 

430. Louisa Alison,^ d. , aged 70 years; single. 

43L Julia Alison, « d. June 27, 1854, aged 49 years; single. 

432. Sarah Alison^ [424] (Francis,^ Francis, i). She 
was born in Chester county, Penn., and married Alexander 


433. Thomas Adams,* (439) b. Feb. 24, 1810, in Londonderry, Chester 

Co., Penn.; m., 1835, Ruth A. England. 
4.34. Mary Adams,^ b. Feb. 24, 1810; m. Samuel Ramsey. Children: 

I. Margaret Ramsey.^ 

II. Adams Ramsey.^ 

III. Francis Ramsey.^ 

IV. Horatio Ramsey. = 

V. Lucetta Ramsey." 

435. Robert Alison ^ [428] (Francis,^ Francis i). Dr. 
Alison was born in Chester county in 1789. He graduated 
in medicine at the Universit}^ of Pennsylvania in 1819, 
and practised his profession until his death. May 4, 1854. 
He resided in Chatham, and Jennerville, Chester county, 
Penn. He married, May 27, 1839, Elizabeth Aitken, daugh- 
ter of John and Jane Aitken, of Chester county. Jane 
Aitken was the daughter of Capt. James and Sarah (Gettys) 
McDowell of Chester county, Penn. (See Futhey & Cope's 
history of Chester county, Penn.). She was born in 1807; 
died Aug. 21, 1851, in Wilmington, Delaware. 


436. Louisa Jane Alison,^ b. 1841; d. Aug. 21, 1850. 

437. Francis John Alison,^ (446) b. May 16, 1843; lawyer; res. Philadel- 

phia, Penn. 

438. Robert Henry Alison,* (450) b. June 8, 1845; physician; res. Ard- 

more, Penn. 

439. Thomas Adams ^ [433] (Sarah Alison,^ Francis,^ 
Francis 1). He was born in Londonderry, Chester county, 
Penn., Feb. 24, 1810. He married, 1835, Ruth A. England. 


440. Sarah Adams.e 

441. Mary Adams,"' m. Joseph Pratt. Children: 

I. Nathaniel Pratt." 

II. Adams Pratt." 

442. Robert Adams,'' m. Elizabeth Strawbridge. Children: 

I. Anna Adams." 

II. Sarah Adams." 


III. Louisa Adams.' 

IV. Robert Adams.» 

V. Edwin Adams." 

443. Louisa Adams, ^ m. Andrew J. Young; res. 1330 Spring Garden St., 

Philadelphia, Penn. Children: 

I. Edwin Stanton Young." 

II. James Thomas Young." 

444. Oliver Adams. ^ 

445. Emmeline Adams. s 

446. Francis John Alison * [437] (Robert,^ Francis,^ 
Francis^). He was born in Jennerville, Chester county, 
Penn., May 16, 1843 ; married, Sept. 6, 1877, Sophia Dallas 
Dixon, who was born in Philadelphia, Penn., Dec. 28, 1853. 
She was the daughter of Fitz Eugene and Catherine Chew 
(Dallas) Dixon. Her father was born in Amsterdam, Sept. 
4, 1820 ; resided in Farley, Bucks county, Penn., and died in 
Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 22, 1880. He was the son of 
Thomas Dixon, Jr., and his wife, Mary B. Dixon, who was 
born Jan. 26, 1781, in Westminster, London, Eng. ; resided 
in Boston, Mass , where he died Sept. 15, 1849. He was the 
son of Thomas Dickson (or Dixon), born Nov. 6, 1739, in 
Perthshire, Scotland ; resided in Amsterdam ; married Eliz- 
abeth Mann, and died in Amsterdam, Oct. 25, 1824. 

Mr. Alison graduated from the academic department of Har- 
vard University, Cambridge, Mass., in 1865 ; was admitted to 
the bar of the city of Philadelphia, Penn., June 7, 1875, and 
practises his profession as a lawyer at 216 South 4th St., of 
that city ; resides at 327 South 18th St., Philadelphia, Penn. 


447. Catherine Dallas Alison,^ b. June 11, 1878. 

448. Mary Elizabeth Alison,^ b. June 17, 1880. 

449. Frances Armitage Alison,*^ b. March 27, 1889. 

450. Robert Henry Alison ^ [438] (Robert,-^ Francis,^ Fran- 
cis^). He was born in Jennerville, Chester county, Penn., 
June 8, 1845. He graduated in arts at Yale College, New 
Haven, Conn., in 1867, and in medicine, from the University 
of Pennsylvania, in 1869. He is a physician. From May, 1871, 
to Oct., 1872, he was a resident physician of the Pennsyl- 
vania Hospital in Philadelphia. From Feb., 1883, to Nov., 
1884, when he resigned, he was port physician of the port 
of Philadelphia. He removed to Ardmore, Montgomery 
county, Penn., Nov. 4, 1884; unmarried; resides at Ard- 
more, Penn. 



Rev. James Allison, of Pittsburgh, Penn., in a personal let- 
ter, Dec. 17, 1890, says: "Part of the Allison family, to 
which I belong, went to Mecklenburg count}^. North Carolina, 
nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. Many of the 
descendants are still there (see sketch of Allisons of North 
Carolina, No. 579). Another part went to Virginia, and 
thence passed on into Indiana (see Allisons of Indiana, No. 
463). One family of the part that went to North Carolina 
returned to Cecil county, Maryland, and afterwards removed 
to Washington county, Pennsylvania. One of its number 
(Hon. James Allison, No. 485), afterward going to Beaver 
county, Pennsylvania, served in the Eighteenth congress and 
was reelected to the Nineteenth, but declined on account of 
ill-health. The late Hon. John Allison, register of the United 
States Treasury, was his son (see sketches of Hon. James 
Allison, and of his son, Hon. John Allison, No. 486). The 
father of Hon. William B. Allison, United States senator 
from Iowa, removed from the Cumberland valley, Pennsyl- 
vania, to Bellafonta, Pennsylvania, and then to- the Western 
Reserve, Ohio, where William B. Allison was born (see 
sketch of Hon. William B. Allison, No. 489). One of my 
grandfather's brothers went from the Cumberland valley to 
Erie, Pennsylvania, where his descendants still live (James 
Allison and his descendants of Lake Pleasant, Erie county, 
Pennsylvania, may be of this family. See notice of them. 
No. 490). Another went to Butler ; and my grandfather 
himself removed to the south side of the Monongahela river, 
near this city, in 1810, and afterward to a place ten miles 
north of this city, where he resided until his death." 

460. James Allison* (James,'5 George,^ Allison i).i 

Rev. James Allison was born in Pittsburgh, Penn., Sep- 
tember 27, 1823 ; married, August 6, 1851, Mary Jane, 
daughter of Robert Anderson, who was born in Lancaster 
county, Penn., and who lived in Washington, Washington 
county, and in Sewickley, Alleghany county, Penn. Mrs. 
Allison was born and died in the latter place. He married, 
second, November 6, 1855, Caroline, daughter of Hon. Jolui 
M. Snowden. She was born in Pittsburgh, Penn. Mr. Alli- 
son graduated at Jefferson College, Penn., in the class of 
1845, taking the first honor. He studied theology in the 

*He is the son of .James and Elizabeth (Brickett) Allison, grandson of 

George and Susan (McKoberts) Allison, son of Allison, an emigrant 

from the north of Ireland. 


Western Theological Seminary, Alleghany, Penn. In 1848 
he took charge of the Presbyterian church at Sewickley, 
Penn., fourteen miles from Pittsburgh, where he continued 
to be pastor until 1864. During his pastorate the church 
had grown to be the strongest in the county outside of Pitts- 
burgh. In 1864 he resigned, and became editor and pro- 
prietor, in connection with the late Robert Patterson, of The 
Presbyterian Banner^ at Pittsburgh, of which from 1856 to 
1861 he had been one of the editors and proprietors. This 
paper was started in Chillicothe, Ohio, July 5, 1814, — one of 
the very first religious newspapers of its kind, — and is very 
widely circulated. Mr. Allison is its editor in 1891. He 
was one of the original signers of the memorial on the sub- 
ject of the reunion between the old and new school Presby- 
terian churches in 1864, and was the author in 1868 of the 
platform by which the union was effected in 1869. Much 
of the time during the War of the Rebellion he was in 
the field with the Pennsylvania troops, though not a soldier. 
From 1865 to 1890 he served on the General Assembly's 
Board for Freedmen, acting as treasurer, without salary, from 
1870 to 1889. 


461. Lizzie Allison, = b. in 1852; m., in 1875, S. W. Reinliart; res. Brook- 

line, Mass. 

462. John M. S. Allison,^ b. in 1857; m. Miss M. B. Lauglilin; was an 

editor; res. Pittsburgh, Penn.; d. Dec. 27, 1877. 



The account of the Allisons as furnished by this family is 
that there were six brothers : 

463. George Allison^ settled in Iredell Co., N. C. 

464. William Allison i settled in Charlotte, N. C. 

465. John Allison* settled in North Carolina. 

466. Thomas Allison ' settled in North Carolina; was a teacher. 

467. Robert Allison * settled in North Carolina; see sketch of North 

Carolina Allisons. 

468. James Allison, ' (46y) m. Miss Young; res. Donegal, Penn. 

469. James Allison 1(468). He settled in Donegal town- 
ship, Penn., near where Harrisburg now stands. He was an 
elder in the Presbyterian church. He married Miss Young. 
He had three sons, and perhaps other children. 



470. "William Allison! (473). Settled near Staunton, Va. 

471. John Allison.^ He was a colonel in the Kevolution, it is said. 

472. James Allison.^ 

William Allison 2 [470] (James i)- He left his fa,tlier's 
home ill township of Donegal, Penn., and settled near Staun- 
ton, Va. In the Revolutionary army he was a lieutenant, 
and was with General Washington in his retreat through 
New Jersey. After his settlement in Virginia he was for 
many years an elder in the Presbyterian church, for like most 
of the Allisons he was a pronounced adherent of that church. 


474. James Allison' (470). Deceased. 

475. John Allison. ' Deceased. 

476. James Allison ^ [474] (William,2 James i). He 
went West, and married, near Cincinnati, O., Sarah Cox, a 
lady of German descent, who died before Mr. Allison. He 
had several children. Among them were : 


477. William Allison.^ Ees. Toledo, Ohio. 

478. Mary Ann Allison, < m. James Shevoel; res. Lawrenceburg, Ind. 

479. James Young Allison,* (480) b. in Jefferson Co., Ind.; res. Madison, 


480. James Young Allison * [479] (James,^ William,2 
James ^). Hon. James Y. Allison was born in Jefferson 
county, Ind., Aug. 20, 1823 ; married Antoinette Mclntire. 
He was educated at Hanover college, Jefferson county, Ind.; 
studied law with Joseph G. Marshall, of Madison, Ind.; was 
admitted to the bar in Sept., 1847; served three terms as 
prosecuting attorney, one term as a state senator, and was 
elected judge of the fifth judicial circuit in Oct., 1873, for six 
years, and was reelected for six years more in 1878. He 
resided in Madison, Ind., in that year. 


48L Edward Allison.B 

482. James Graham Allison.^ 

483. Antoinette M. Alliscm.'' 

484. Charles B. Allison.^ 

485. Hon. James Allison. He was born in Cecil county, 
Maryland, Oct. 14, 1772; lawyer. Acquired a high legal 
position in western Pennsylvania, was elected to 18th con- 




gress from Pennsylvania, reelected to 19th. After practising 
his profession for fifty years he died in June, 1854. 

486. Hon. John Allison, son of the foregoing James 
Allison, was born in Pennsylvania Aug. 5, 1812. Studied 
law but never practiced. Was elected to the assembly of 
Pennsylvania in 1846-'47 and '49, and was a member of the 
33d and 34th congresses, house of representatives, from 
Pennsylvania. He was appointed registrar of the treasury 
of the United States in 1869; and died while in office, March 
23, 1873. 

487. John Allison, his son, is living on a ranch in Mon- 
tana. (See letter of Rev. James Allison, preceding No. 460.) 

488. Hon. Robert Allison was born in Pennsylvania, and 
was a representative to congress from that state from 1831- 
'33. (From Charles Lanman's "Biographical Annals of the 
United States Government." The sketch of W. B. Allison 
is from Harper's Weekly, March 17, 1888). 

489. Hon. William B. Allison,^ United States senator from 
Iowa. He was born in Perry, Wayne county, Ohio, March 2, 
1829, and is the son of John Allison,^ who was born in Belle- 
fonte (or its neighborhood), Penn., in 1798, and who re- 
moved to Ohio about 1824, and resided on a farm in Perry. 
John Allison^ was the son of Archibald Allison^ who migra- 
ted from the county of Monaghan, Ireland, in 1783, and 
settled in Centre county, Penn. 

Senator Allison spent his early years upon a farm and was 
educated at Allegheny college, Penn., and at Western 
Reserve college, Ohio. He studied law, and practiced in 
Ohio till 1857, when he located in Dubuque, la., which has 
been his home since April, 1857. He began his public career 
when the war broke out as a member of the staff of the gov- 
ernor, and his first task was to aid in the organization of the 
volunteer regiments that were destined to serve in the War 
of the Rebellion. He was sent to congress while the war was 
going on, and has been representative and senator from that 
time to the present, except between 1871 and 1873, when he 
declined an election, so that he has participated in all the 
legislation that has been enacted during and since the great 
conflict. He has done his full share in it all, and his impress 
is on the statutes which have framed and modified our fiscal 
and banking systems, our methods of taxation, as it was on 
the laws which gave to Mr. Lincoln the power to put down 
the rebellion, and which readjusted their relations to the 
Union of the once insurrectionary states. His biography is 


part of the history of the times in which he has lived. 
Through them Mr. Allison has accurately represented the 
sentiments and opinions of his section and of his party. He 
has performed the duties imposed upon him with calmness 
and caution. He was one of the congressmen depended upon 
by the president and secretar}'- of the treasury to devise ways 
and means needed for the support of the government. After 
the war he continued to be a radical Republican, always act- 
ing with his party, opposed to Johnson, and a believer in the 
reconstruction measures which were intended to revolutionize 
the political complexion of the conquered South, and to make 
the freedman a citizen and a voter. 

Senator Allison is one of the safe men of the Republican 
party. He is without passion, prejudice, or very strong 
friendships. He has not made the mistake, so common of 
recent j^ears, of allying himself to a faction. He is not weak, 
nor a trimmer, nor a man of undecided views. It is not for 
any one of these qualities that he fails to make enemies ; it is 
because he is never carried away by the passions of the 
moment, but is so moved and dominated by his judgment 
that the public men who know him and have been associated 
with him realize that his action is always the result of his 
matured opinion. 

There are very few men who have been so long in public 
life as he who are so scrupulously devoted to their work. 
Men like him are oftener found in the British parliament, 
where tenure of place is more secure. Practically, Mr. 
Allison's tenure has been as strong as theirs, and his familiar- 
ity with the business of legislation is as accurate and thorough 
as that of the under-secretaries of the British cabinet. This 
is especially true of his acquaintance with fiscal matters. On 
his first entrance into congressional life he came to the front 
in the consideration of all questions affecting the treasury, 
the banks, and taxation. He was a member of the ways and 
means committee of the house of representatives very early, 
if we take into consideration the very large majority which 
his party had in congress at the time, and the number of able 
men in both houses. The reputation that he then made for 
himself for accurate information and sound judgment has not 
been lost. He has not been tempted to endeavor to shine 
in the discussion of other questions. He has been content 
to be easily the first authority on all bills relating to expen- 
ditures. Some of his short speeches have indicated that he 
might have been a leading debater on questions of constitu- 
tional law and on taxation and bank policy. So far as the 


last two subjects are concerned, he has been prominent, and 
there are very few public men of his party whose opinions on 
all fiscal matters are more respected than Mr. Allison's ; but 
of recent years he has been chairman of the appropriations 
committee, and none but the most reckless undertake to 
question his statements of fact concerning the expenditures 
of the government. 

As chairman of the appropriations committee he has been 
of very important service to the cause of sound administra- 
tion. He is a wise economist. This means judicious lib- 
erality as opposed to an extravagant saving. The modern 
deficiency bill, and the urgency bill, which has only recently 
become one of the appropriation bills to be reckoned with at 
every session of congress, would not exist, or would involve 
inconsiderable amounts of money, if Mr. Allison's views about 
the regular and stated bills always prevailed. The chairman 
of the senate appropriations committee knows what each 
branch of the public service needs for its proper maintenance, 
and is willing to take the responsibility of advocating its 
appropriation. The spirit in which he . performs this vital 
public function is directly opposed to that which moves very 
many members of congress, who do not appreciate their 
responsibilities to refuse appropriations, and thus lower the 
aggregate, when the refusal will not attract public attention 
and arouse popular protest. Not many years ago the mem- 
ber of the house committee who had charge of the diplomatic 
appropriation bill refused to allow the secretary of state any 
money for postage or cable charges, and thus threatened to 
cut off the state department from all correspondence with 
our representatives in foreign countries. This incident illus- 
trates the tendency and attitude of certain persons who seek 
to figure before the country as savers of the people's money, 
and who have wider reputations as economists than Mr. 
Allison ; but Mr. Allison is neither sordid nor extravagant. 
He does not advocate loose and unguarded expenditure, and 
he is always desirous that every department and division of 
the government shall have all that it needs. It is not exag- 
gerating to say that when he is ready to sign a report of his 
committee on an appropriation bill he knows as much of the 
requirements of the objects for which the proposed expendi- 
tures are to be made as the executive officer who is at the 
head of the department. And in all the years during which 
he has acted in his present capacity there has not been a 
whisper injuriously affecting his reputation. 

Mr. Allison's influence on general legislation has been felt 


because he insists on havint;^ a reason for his votes. He is 
largely influenced by the feeling and opinions of his section 
of the country. This has made him an advocate of lower 
rates of tariff duties, and a consistent friend of the land-grant 
railroads. In 1870, after he had declined a reelection to the 
house of representatives, and just before he was chosen to be 
Senator Harlan's successor, he took a very prominent part in 
the debate on Mr. Schenck's tariff bill. In the course of a 
speech on that measure, he said, — " The tariff of 1846, 
although confessedly and professedly a tariff for revenue, 
was, so far as regards all the great interests of the country, 
as perfect a tariff as any that we have ever had." 

Perhaps the following extract from the same speech will 
best illustrate his tariff views of that time : " Our policy 
should be so to cheapen manufactured products that we can 
revive our export trade, now swept away because we cannot 
compete with other nations in the markets of the world. If 
we could restore what we have lost, and in addition greatly 
enlarge our exportations of manufactures, we would then 
have an enlarged home market for our agricultural products 
in a concentrated form, in exchange for other commodities 
which we do not and cannot produce." 

He is really the author of the existing silver law, although 
he did not bring forward and advocate the measure as an 
original proposition. As tlie Bland bill passed the house of 
representatives it was a free coinage measure, and the senate 
finance committee was equally divided for and against it, 
Mr. Allison neither approving nor opposing it. Some silver 
legislation was inevitable, and Mr. Allison suggested the 
measure which was adopted. He is a bimetallist, but not of 
the Bland kind, and the law as it stands to-day (1888) 
ought to bear Mr. Allison's rather than Mr. Bland's name. 
The measure was probably the most conservative that could 
have been adopted at the time it became a law. 

Mr. Allison's friendship for the land-grant roads, which 
came into existence during the beginning of his service in 
the house, was shown by his opposition to the Thurman act. 
There was no question as to the sincerity of his position, 
however. He voted and spoke against the bill because he 
believed that it would be injurious to the interests of the 
roads which had done very much for the building up of the 
material interests of his state. 

For the rest he has always been a strong friend of the 
national bank system, and the treasury has leaned upon him 
as one of its wisest and most influential friends in congress. 


It is one of his excellent traits that he never deals with the 
public business in a partisan spirit. As a legislator he is pre- 
eminently a man of affairs. He manages the subjects en- 
trusted to him with the view of doing the best that is ijossible 
for the government. It is because he is determined to do 
the best that is in his power that he confines himself so close- 
ly to one class of subjects. He is not brilliant. He does not 
address the galleries nor the country, and while his speeches 
are not works of art, they are very earnest, and very interest- 
ing and informing to those who desire to obtain a thorough 
knowledge of the question under discussion. Perhaps the 
most popular speech that he ever made in congress was that 
on the tariff, from which excerpts have been given. His 
argument on the silver question was full of learning. The 
pa'rt he has taken in the political debates which have been 
made in the senate, especially those of the special session in 
1879, when both houses of congress were controlled by the 
Democrats, and when there was a bitter conflict between 
them and President Hayes, has been that of a questioner and 
suggester; and in that way he has had more influence upon 
legislation than many a senator whose appearance upon the 
fxoor has furnished entertainment for the idlers of the capitol. 

While he has not filled any executive office, his Republican 
colleagues regard him as a man of exceptional executive 
capacfty. When Mr. Garfield was elected president, Mr. 
Allison might have been secretary of the treasury. There 
was then a general consensus of opinion that, next to Mr. 
Sherman, he was the best equipped of his party for that office. 
The relations between the president and himself were very 
close. They had served together in the house, and they had 
acted together on almost every question of public policy, 
with the exception, perhaps, of that involved in the silver 
bill. Mr. Garfield was desirous that the Iowa senator should 
be his finance minister, but the latter was unwilling to quit 
the senate, and Mr. Windom was appointed. 

In the interesting and exciting times that followed the in- 
auguration of his friend, he never permicted himself to turn 
from the duties with which he was charged to take part in 
the factional strife. He was consulted by both sides in the 
confident belief, which was never disappointed, that he would 
not betray the councils of either. He is too thoroughly 
devoted to the public business to permit party politics to in- 
terfere with it, and too strongly devoted to his party to do 
anything to divide it into factions. 

He is as quiet in his social life as he is in the senate, and 


yet he is a man who loves society. For many years, while 
Mrs. Allison was alive, his comfortable house on Vermont 
avenue was one of the social centres of the capital. His 
hospitality was generous, but not profuse. He is a kindly, 
agreeable man, an excellent listener, and a general favorite. 
His fortune is ample, his tastes are refined, and those who 
know him best like him most. He has a repose and restful- 
ness which make him a pleasant comrade, and many a ner- 
vous man finds it a great comfort to be with him, even if he 
does n't say a word. 

He has a sturdy frame and a fine face. He comes from 
strong Scotch-Irish stock. His ancestors settled in Pennsyl- 
vania, where his father was born. When he began his profes- 
sional and public life he had the vigor which has kept him 
young, for his sixty-four years sit lightly upon him. He has 
been a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for 
the Presidency. He married Annie Carter; married second, 
Mary Heall3^ Resides Dubuque, Iowa. 


490. James Allison ^ (see letter of Rev. James Allison 
previous to No. 460), born in Pennsylvania ; lived in Mary- 

490 a. William Allison,^ his son, born Baltimore, Md.; 
resided at Lake Pleasant, Erie county, Penn.; married Nancy 
Gilchrist of Harrisburg, who died March 27, 1846. He died 
at Lake Pleasant, Nov. 25, 1825. His sou, 

490 b. William Allison,^ b. in Erie county, Penn., Jan. 
18, 1808; resided at Lake Pleasant, Erie county, Penn.; mar- 
ried Harriet H. Carson, who was born at Wattsburgh, Erie 
county, Penn., Oct. 2, 1805. Mr. Allison died at Lake Pleas- 
ant, Dec. 29, 1889. 


491. John Allison/ b. 1837; '1. Lake Pleasant, April 4, 1843. 

492. Catherine Pv. Allison,* b. 1839; d. Lake Pleasant, April 6, 1843. 

493. Infant son,* b. 1840; d. 1840. 

494. Mary Amelia Allison,* b. 1842; m. Martin Van Buren Gifford ; res. 

Cassewa^o, Penn., and Erie, Penn. 

495. Rachel II. Allison,* b. 1843; m. George W. Gifford; res. Madison, 


496. James Wallace Allison,* b. 1846; m., Sept. 15, 1874, Clarissa Adell 

Frith; res. Erie, Penn. 

497. George Allison ^ located in Philadelphia, Penn., and 
was a blacksmith. 


498. Matthew Allison,^ his brother, is thought to have lo- 
cated in the state of New York. 
George Allison,^ above-named, had 


500. George Allison,^ never married. 

501. Matthew Allison,' removed to Maryland; m!j,rried, and had a large 


502. Elijah Allison,^ married in Pennsylvania, res. there several years; 

then removed to Kentucky, thence to Ohio, thence to Indiana, 
thence to Illinois, where he died, aged 97 years. The maiden 
name of his wife was Margaret Shepherd. 


503. Solomon Allison,^ m., at Cincinnati, Ohio, Elizabeth, dau. of Philip 

Sloat, a Revolutionary soldier. She was b. in N. Y. Children: 

504. George Allison,* m., went to Iowa, and died there. 

505. Amanda Allison,* m. Hon. E. R. Allen, an influential man in Pike 

Co., Ohio. No cliildren. 

506. Sarah E. Allison,'' m. William Hammauer, a farmer, who d. with- 

out issue. 

507. Mary xVllison,* m. William Rotroff, farmer. Two children. 

508. William L. Allison,* m., in Washington, D. C, Mary Sypherd; 

was recorder of deeds for Pike Co., Ohio. Res. Waverley, Pike 
Co., Ohio. 


There landed in Philadelphia, Penn., about the first of 
July, 1750, three emigrants of Scotch blood and Presbyterian 
faith. They came from the County of Londonderry, Ireland. 
They were brothers, named Andrew Allison, Robert Allison, 
James Allison. From them have sprung many descendants, 
who are widely scattered, residing in Pennsylvania and many 
of the western states. They are mostly Presbyterians. As a 
family they have been healthy and long lived ; the earlier gen- 
erations were mostly farmers. Many professional men were 
in the later generations. 

\ 509. James Allison,^ one of the three brothers, settled in 

!. Franklin county, Penn. 

\ 510. Andrew Allison ^ settled in Lancaster county, Penn. 

511. Robert Allison ^ resided in Cumberland county, 
Penn., for some years; then removed to Indiana county where 
he passed the remainder of his days, and died in 1805. He 
married, in 1752, Rebecca Beard, who came in the same ship 
with him across "the deep blue sea." She was a grand- 
daughter of one Charles Stewart (or Stuart), a soldier, who 
was wounded in the hand at the '' Battle of the Boyiie.'' 

512. John B.Allison,''' grandson of Robert, died in 1878, 


aged eighty-two years. He lived on the farm on which he 
was born till he was seventy years of age, when he moved to 
Indiana, the county seat of Indiana county, Penn., where he 
died. His 


512. Rebecca A. Allison,* res. Indiana, Indiana Co., Penn. 


513. Mr. Allison, of Scotch blood, lived in a double cabin 
some three miles from Londonderry, Ireland. He had rela- 
tives of the name of Knox and Mclllvaine, who lived there 
in 1867. He had several children. Among them were three 
daughters, names not known to the compiler, who lived and 
died in Ireland. 

514. His son, Joseph Allison,^ lived at the old home near 
Londonderr}^ Ireland, and died there about 187Q. 

515. William Allison,^ another son, emigrated to Amer- 
ica when eighteen years of age ; lauded at Wilmington, Del., 
and immediately joined his relatives by name of Mac Beth, 
or MacBeg, near Harrisburg, Penn. He had no known Alli- 
son connections in this country. He became a successful 
hardware merchant in Harrisburg, where he spent the active 
years of his life. He finally joined his son, Judge Joseph 
Allison,^ in Philadelphia, and lived the life of a retired busi- 
ness man, and died there. He married, in Harrisburg, Penn., 
Mary Andrews, who when a child was brought to this 
countr}' from Armagh, Ireland, by her parents. She died in 
Harrisburg about 1818. She had a sister who married Mr. 
Irwin, of Scotch blood, and they lived in Winchester, Va., 
where she died, and her large family later went to Missouri. 
Her brother, in early life, settled in the city of New York. 
William Allison^ had six sons and one daughter, all deceased 
except Judge Allison, of Philadelphia. Among them were : 

510. Robert Henderson Allison,^ a physician, who died 
about 1855, in Charleston, Coles county, Illinois. 

517. James Irwin Allison^ was for many years a magistrate 
in Philadelphia, Penn. 

518. Arthur David Allison^ was a merchant in Philadel- 
phia, Penn. 

519. Joseph Allison,'^ born August 31, 1819 ; named for 
his uncle. He studied law in Harrisburg, Penn. ; admitted 
to the bar of Dauphin county in 1813 ; elected solicitor of 























■■'. '^^-^J^^i^'iS-v. ■^Cv 


Spring Garden in 1846, and held the office many years, till 
he was elected an associate law judge of the court of common 
pleas of the first judicial district of Pennsylvania. In 1865 
he succeeded to the presidency of the court, and has to the 
present (1892) held that position — a period of forty years. 
Has been five times elected, the last two times without oppo- 
sition, receiving at the last election 145,000 votes with none 
against him. He married in 1843, and has a family. Resi- 
dence Philadelphia, Penn.^ 

520. Samuel Allison^ was born in Northumberland county, 
Penn., about 1785, and it is said his father was a chaplain in 
the Revolutionary army. INIr. Allison v/as in the 1812-'15 war. 
He married Annie Caldwell, of Northumberland county, 
Penn., and about 1816 he took up military lands in Greene 
county, Ohio. 

nis SON. 

521. James Allison,' born about 1817, was a prosperous mei-cliant and 

banker; was prominent in constructing the first railroad in that 
locality, and built the first gasworks in Xenia, Ohio. He m. 
Anne, dau. of Captain Matthew Corey. He d. June, 1864. 
They had but one child. 

522. Matthew Corey Allison,'^ b. in Xenia, Ohio, Dec. 18, 1840; manu- 

facturer and banker, at Xenia, Ohio; educated at Wittemburg; 
and m. Frances, dau. of Rev. John Elkin, d. d. He d. May 2, 
1888. Children: 

523. James Ekin Allison,^ b. Xenia, Ohio, May 10, 1865; graduated at 

Hai'vard University in 18S7. Eemoved to Nashville, Tenn., 
in 1888, and resides there in 1893. He is a member of the Her- 
mitage Club. 

524. Frederica Lee Allison,* b. Xenia, Ohio, July 30, 1860; m. George Gill 

Whitaker, of St. Louis, Mo., in 1889. 

525. Matthew Herbert Allison,* b. Xenia, Ohio, Oct, 30, 1867; m. in 1886, 

Mary Pettengill, of Ithaca, Mich. 


These Allisons descended from a Scotch family who came 
over from Scotland at the time of the Plantation of Ulster ; 
they left their native land during the religious persecution. 
There was one woman of the Allison family, called Isabella 
Allison, who with another, called Marion Harvey, was put 
to death. They were chained out in the sea till the tide 
came in, and when it was surging into their mouths, were 

iThis unsatisfactory record is as full as the information furnished me 
after repeated requests. L. A. M. 


asked, " Will you recant now, and kiss the pope ? " They 
held up their hands, saying : 

" For Zion's King, and Zion's cause, 
And Scotland's covenanted laws." 

and died.i 

526. Robert Allison ^ came first to Ramelton from Scotland, 
and took a farm called Louchras (?), but lost the same 
through some chicanery. Ramelton is fifteen miles west of 
the city of Londonderry, a town of considerable note, and 
was peopled by the Scotch and English. The Lough Swilly 
river flows into the town. 


527. Sam-nel Allison^ (528) lived and died in Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ire- 
land, He m. Lydia Curran. 

528. Samuel Allison^ [527] (Robert^). He was born in 
Ramelton, count}^ Donegal, Ireland ; lived in that place, where 
he and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church. 
They were excellent people, and gave their children the best 
possible education. He married Lydia Curran, a cousin of 
the brave John P. Curran. Mr. and Mrs. Allison died in 
Ramelton, and are buried in the churchyard there. 


529. William Allison'' (536), b. Sept. IS, 1777; res. Middletown, Peun. 

530. Robert Allison* (545), res. Ramelton, Ireland; m. Nancy, dau. of 

Ricbard McConnell. Sbe bad a brotber, Ricbard MeConnell. 
53L Jobn Allison^ emigrated to America some years after bis brotber, 
William Allison. 

532. Samuel Allison,^ res. New Mill, Ramelton, Ireland. He m. Eliza- 

betli Lockliart. He bad a son, William Allison, wbo was in tbe 
Britisb army and went abroad, and of wliom tbere is no knowl- 
edge. Anotber son emigrated to America; and daugbters Ellen 
Matilda Allison,^ Eliza Ann Allison,* wbo m. Frank Anderson, 
res. Glasgow, Scotland, and had son, Frank Anderson,^ res. Aus- 
tralia, and Isabella Allison.* 

533. Lydia Allison,* m. Robert Jackson, and emigrated to America, 

Settled in New York city, and bad sons Jobn Jackson,* Robert 
Jackson,* and Samuel Jackson.* 

534. Isabella Allison,' m. McNaugbt. He d. in Ireland. Sbe emigrated 

to Pbiladelpbia, Penn. Cbildren: 

I, Samuel McNaugbt;* res. Pbiladelpbia, Penn. 

II. Mary Ann McNaugbt;* res. Philadelpliia, Penn. 

535. Mary Ann Allison,'' m. Jobn Jackson. Sbe d. in Ireland. He with 

bis family emigrated to America, be dying upon tbe passage, 
Tbe family settled in New York city, 

iFrom letter of Jobn Allison, Clooney Cottage, Ramelton, Ireland, Jan, 
14, 1892, An old gentleman of 86 years of age. 


536. William Allison^ (529) (Samuel,2Roberti). He was 
born ill Ramelton, county of Donegal, Ireland, where lie 
received a fine education. He was a friend and correspondent 
of the celebrated and unfortunate Emmet. Mr. Allison came 
to America about 1800 — at about 23 3.-ears of age, as he was 
born Sept. 18, 1777. He settled in Middletown, Penn., and 
he said that he was of the same stock as the Allisons who, at 
an early date, settled in Pennsylvania, and traditions are in 
the family of their descent from Scottish ancestors. As he was 
acquainted with the then secret art of blistering steel, he 
went into partnership with Thomas Stubbs, in Middletown, 
Dauphin county, Penn. It was claimed that they manufac- 
tured the first steel in America. He was a man of consequence 
in his locality, and was a director in the Saratoga bank. He 
married, Sept. 26, 1801, Ruth, daughter of Thomas and Eliza- 
beth Stubbs, a granddaughter of Thomas Stubbs, born March 
9, 1784; died March 25, 1818. He married, second, Juliana, 
daughter of Charles and Mary Brandon, March 14, 1819. 
He died Nov. 2, 1825, and is buried in a private burial lot on 
the Fisher estate. Mrs. Allison was born March 6, 1785 ; 
died March 21, 1870, at Wheeling, W. Va. 


5.^,7. Elizabeth Allison,* b. Sept. 29, 1802; d. Oct. 7, 1805. 

538. Samuel Stubbs Allison," b. July 29, 1804; d. Oct. 7, 180.5. 

539. Sarah Ann Allison,* b. Aug. 7, 1808; died Sept. 9, 1810, at Middle- 

town, Penn. 

540. Thomas Stubbs Allison* (5-50), b. May 21, 1810; d. Feb., 1871. 

541. Lydia Curran Allison,* b. July 29, 1812. 

542. Phebe Caroline Allison,* b. Oct. 15, 1814. 

543. William Wiutield Scott Allison,* b. Feb. 11, 1817; d. July 17, 1817, 

at Middletown, Penn. 
.544. Charles William Brandon Allison* (55S), b. Dec. 12, 1820; d. at 
Wheeling, W. Ya., Dec. 5, 1876. 

545. Robert Allison 3 [530] (Samuel,^ Robert i ). He was 
born at or near Ramelton, county of Donegal, Ireland ; 

married Nancy , and died in 1870; she died in 1858. 

They were Presbyterians and lived in Ramelton, Ireland. 


546. John Allison* (.504), b. Dec. 25, 1806; res. Clooney cottage, Ramel- 

ton, county of Donegal, Ireland. 

547. Elizabeth Allison,* m. Richey Gallagher, and lived in Londonderry, 

Ireland; she is deceased; three sons and two daughters. 

548. Isabella Allison,* lives with her brother at Clooney cottage, Ram- 

elton, Ireland. 

549. Nancy Allison,* m. William Gallagher and is deceased; her husband 

subsequently came to America. 


550. Thomas Stiibbs Allison * [540] (William,^ Samuel,^ 
Robert^). He was born in Micldletown, Dauphin county, 
Penn., May 21, 1810; married, Dec. 19, 1833, Margaret, 
daughter of Henry Sigismund Gatzmer, who was born, 1729, 
in Berlin, German3% and who with his wife, Agnes Schutz 
lived in Bound Brook, N. J., where he died Dec. 24, 1844. 
He was the son of Frederick Ernest Gatzmer, of Berlin, Ger- 
many. Mrs. Allison was born in Bound Brook, N. J., July 
16, 1811 ; resided in Trenton, N. J., with her family, where she 
died May 21, 1864. Mr. Allison lived in Somerville, N. J., 
from 1831 to 1851, and then in Trenton, N. J. He was an 
editor, then secretary of state for the state of New Jersey. 
He was made a paymaster in the United States army, and 
died in Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 1, 1871. 


551. Mary Elizabeth Allison,= m., Oct. 2.5, 1867, William G. Cook; res. 

Trenton, N. J. ; an officer in two banks. lie is dead. No chil- 

552. Augusta Allison,"^ res. 222 West State Street, Trenton, N. J. 

55o. Margaret Gatzmer Allison," m., March 14, 1867, Ferdinand W. Eobel- 
ing, a native of Saxonburg, Penn. He was a son of John A. 
Roi)eling, the architect of the Brooklyn bridge'. Mr. Kobeling 
is an engineer and lars^ely engaged in the iron works of Tren- 
ton, N. ,j. Ees. 222 West State street, Trenton, N. J. Chif- 
dren b. Trenton, N. J : 

I. Margaret J. Eobeling," b. July 22, 1868. 

II. Charles G. Robeling,« b. July 7, 1873. 

III. Augusta Henrietta Robeling," b. Sept. 20, 1875. 
lY. Ferdinand William Robeling, Jr.,« b. Sept. 30, 1879. 

554. Ellen McGowan Allison,^ in., Jan. 26, 1871, Dr. A. K. Smith. He 
was from Hartford, Conn., and b. there, Feb., 1826. He was 
an army surgeon, and retired, on account of age, Feb., 1889. 
His rank was that of a colonel. Res. Dobbs' Ferry, N. Y. 

I. Thomas Allison Smith, ^ b. July, 1872. He is a cadet at West Point 
Military academy. 

5.55. William Allison," d. May 27, 1845. 

550. Florence Allison," m., Aug. 26, 1809, Harry R. Anderson, son of 
William Marshall Anderson, of Circleville, Ohio. He is a 
nephew of Gen. Robert Anderson of Fort Sumter fame. Mr. 
Anderson is a first lieutenant in 4tli Artillery, U. S. regular 
army. Children: 

I. William Allison Anderson," b. June, 1871; res. Trenton, N. J. He is 

in the iron works with his uncle, Mr. Robeling. 

II. Davis Catlin Anderson," b. Jan., 1873. Student. 

III. Duncan Mc Arthur Anderson," b. Jan., 1874. 
lY. Margaret Allison Anderson," b. Oct., 1877. 

557. Emily Allison, b m., Sept. 30, 1874, Frank A. Briggs, son of Hon. 
James F. Briggs of Manchester, X. H. Mr. Briggs was a 
graduate of West Point Military academy. He is treasui'er of 
iron works of John A. Robeling' s sons. Res. Trenton, N. J. 
Cliild : 

I. Frankland Briggs," b., Trenton, K J., June 4, 1877. 


558. Charles William Brandon Allison * [544] (William,^ 
Samuel,^ Robert^). He was son of Major William Allison 
and was born, Dec. 12, 1820, in Middletown, Dauphin county, 
Penn.; removed to Ohio in 1831. He was raised upon a 
farm ; was placed at hard work there, and later was a 
mechanic. During this time he attended the district school, 
and studied at night, preparing himself for his lifework. In 
1839 he commenced the study of law, and was admitted to 
the bar in Columbus, O., in Dec, 1841. He formed a partner- 
ship with Hon. Augustus Hall, late member of congress from 
Iowa and chief justice of Nebraska, and later with Otway 
Curry. In 1851 he removed to Bellefontaine, O., and formed 
a partnership with Congressman Benjamin Stanton. Was a 
Whig, and then a Republican, in politics. In May, 1862, he 
enlisted for three months in the army, and was made captain 
of Company E, Eighty-sixth regiment, Ohio volunteers, and 
a few days afterwards, was commissioned as colonel of the 
Eighty-fifth regiment Ohio volunteers, and his company was 
transferred to that regiment. In October, 1862, he was ap- 
pointed colonel of the rendezvous for drafted men at Camp 
Dennison, where he remained in command until that service 
was closed, Jan. 1, 1863. He was a member of the Ohio house 
of representatives convened January, 1864, and was chairman 
of the committee on military affairs, and a member of the judi- 
ciary committee. He was elected a member of the Ohio state 
senate, and was chosen its president. In 1866 he with Mr. 
Stanton opened an office in Wheeling, West Va., and removed 
there with their families April 1, 1867, where they carried on 
a most extensive and lucrative practice. Mr. Stanton died 
June 2, 1872. Mr. Allison continued in practice till his 
death, Dec. 5, 1876, He was a self-made man. He preferred 
to follow the convictions of his judgment rather than to act 
from considerations of policy. He had a discriminating and 
investigating mind, and ranked high as a lawyer. He mar- 
ried, Nov. 6, 1844, Sophronia, daughter of Dr. Elisha S. and 
Elizabeth Lee, of Marysville, O., who died Aug. 26, 1848. 
She was born in Knox count}'^, O., Oct. 24, 1825. He mar- 
ried, second. May 21, 1851, Mary, daughter of Hon. Benjamin 
Stanton, son of Elias and Martha (Wilson) Stanton, grand- 
son of Benjamin and Mary Stanton, his law partner of Belle- 
fontaine, O. Mrs. Allison was born at Mount Pleasant, O., 
Dec. 27, 1830, and now lives at No. 36 15th St. Wheeling, 
West Va. 



559. Julia Sophrouia Allison, = b. Marysville, O., Aug. 15, 1845; m., Feb. 

24, 1865, Owen J. Hopkins, b. Belief ontaine, Logan Co., O., 
June 14, 1844; was son of Daniel and .Sarah (Carter) Hopkins. 
His grandfather is said to have been killed at Ft. Meigs, O., 
1813, and his great grandfather was Stephen Hopkins of Rhode 
Island, b. March, 1707; d. 1785; a signer of the Declaration of 
Independence. Mr. Hopkins was four years in the army. Is 
now a bookkeeper. Res. 1330 Huron St., Toledo, O. Childi'en 
b. Toledo, O. : 

I. Annie Allison Hopkins," b, 1806; res. Toledo, O. 

II. Oliver Perry Hopkins,^ b. 1868; res. Toledo, O. 

III. Frederick Livingstone Hopkins," b. 1870; d. 1872 in Toledo, O. 

IV. Cordelia Oswald Hopkins,'' b. 1873; res. Toledo, O. 

V. Charles Benjamin Hopkins," b. 1882. 

VI. Julia S. Hopkins," b. 1887. 

560. Otway Allison,^ b. Marysville, O., April 2, 1848: d. there Oct. 5, 


561. Kate Allison,^ b. Belief ontaine, O., May 29, 1852; res. No. 36 15th 

St., Wheeling, West Va. 

562. Benjamin Stanton Allison," b. Bellefontaine, O., Dec. 18, 1854; res. 

No. 36 15th St., Wheeling, West Va., and is not married. He 
graduated at the University atWooster, O., in June, 1876, at the 
law school at Albany, N. Y., in May, 1878, and the same month 
he was admitted to the bar in Wheeling, W. Va. He then 
formed a law partnershij) with William Erskine, and is now 
engaged in the active practice of the law. He is a Republican 
in politics and has been the candidate of his party for mayor of 
the city. 

563. Ann B. Allison,^ b. Bellefontaine, O., Jan. 10, 1858; d. there Aug. 

16, 1863. 

564. John Allison * [546] (Robert,3 Samuel,^ Robert i ). 
He was born in Ramelton, county of Donegal, Ireland, Dec. 
25, 1806; resided Clooney cottage, Ramelton, Ireland, on Jan. 
14, 1892. He and his family are all Presbyterians. Mr. 
Allison is a farmer, having sixty acres near Ramelton. 


565. Robert Allison,^ b. Dec. 29, 1838; emigrated to Melbourne, Aus- 

tralia. Single. 

566. Thomas William Allison," b. Jan. 18, 1840; emigrated to America, 

and died in Wisconsin. He married Jane McClure ; no children. 

567. John Allison," b. April 21, 1844; emigrated to America, and died. 

He was married, but left no children. 

568. James Allison," (570) b. Feb. 23, 1846; residence Ramelton, Ireland. 

569. Joseph Allison," b. May 4, 1S48; has for twenty years been a mem- 

ber of that splendid body of men, the Royal Irish Constabulary, 
and has been promoted. He is loyal to his queen, and is re- 
spected by his acquaintances. Ho lives in the county of Wex- 
ford, Ireland, in town of Crohan. 

570. James Allison ^ [568] (John,^ Robert,^ Samuel,^ 
Robert 1). He was born in Ramelton, Ireland; resides at 


Clooney cottage, Rameltou, Ireland. He married Mary Jane 
Malseed ; they have seven daughters. 


571. John Allison, s b. Aug. 28, 1876; res. Rameltou, Ireland. 

572. Bella Allison," b. April, 28, 1878. 

573. Jean Ann Allison,'' b. Feb. 12, 1880. 

574. Mary Elizabeth Allison," b. April 28, 1882. 

575. Margaret Allison," b. April 28, 1884. 
57(3. Agnes Allison," b. June 28, 1H86. 

577. Martha Allison," b. Nov. 3, 1888. 

578. Josephine Allison," b. Jan. 17, 1891. 


Allisons of Nokth Carolina — Five Branches — Allisons of Glas- 
gow, Scotland, Noktu Carolina, and Virginia.* 

Five brothers by name of Allison, born in Pennsylvania^ 
(one account says in Ireland), lived on the Yellowstone river 
in that state, and between 1760 and 1770, and before the 
War of the Revolution, they moved to North Carolina, while 
their brother, James Allison, remained in Pennsylvania. 
They were of that strong Scotch stock which went from Scot- 
land to Ireland, and later to Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, 
and the southern states, and who have been such magnificent 
builders of states and commonwealths. They settled in Iredell 
and Mecklenburgh counties, where the name to-day is very 
common. The names of these emigrants to North Carolina 
were : 

579. William Allison^ (586), who resides at Bethany 
Church, N. C. 

580. John Allison,^ married, first, a sister of Colonel Rich- 
ard Allison, of Iredell county, N. C. The relationship between 
them is not known. There was no issue by this marriage. 
He married a second time. 

581. Polly Anderson,^ his daughter, married her cousin, 

582. James Allison,^ son of Robert Allison.^ Mr. Allison 
lived at Poplar Tent, Mecklenburgh county, N. C. 

583. George Allison,^ settled in Mecklenburgh or Iredell 
county, N. C. 

584. Thomas Allison,^ born 1743, was never married. He 
was a school teacher of renown, and was widely known as 
"Master Allison." He died in Nov., 1811, aged 68 years. 
A sister of these five Allisons married a Mr. Todd, settled 
in Mecklenburgh, N. C, and their descendants live in that 
count}^ today. 

585. Robert Allison^ (588), born in 1750 ; married Sarah 
Graham ; resided on Clark's Creek, Cabarrus county, N. C. ; 
died in 1804, aged 54 years. 

'See notice in account of the Allisons of Pennsylvania, in letter of Rev. 
James Allison, which precedes No. 460. 



586. • William Allison^ [579], one of the five emigrants 
from Pennsylvania, and a brother of Robert Allison, as stated 
in a record by Robert Washington Allison, of Concord, N. C, 
April, 1887. He was born in Pennsylvania, and his people 
from Ireland, like all of the residents in Ulster, were weavers. 
He resided in Pennsylvania, removed to North Carolina with 
his brothers, and was one of the earliest settlers in Iredell 
county, and one of its first purchasers of land. He owned a 
plantation which has been in possession of his descendants 
for more than one hundred years. Residence at Bethany 
Church, N. C, where he died. 


587. Thomas Allison' (597); res. Bethany Church, N. C. 

588. Robert Allison^ [585], one of the five brothers who 
went south from Pennsylvania, between 1760 and 1770, prob- 
ably, was born in 1750, and settled near Charlotte, N. C, and 
married Sarah Graham. ^ Mrs. Allison was a sister of Joseph 
Graham, the father of Hon. William A. Graham, once gov- 
ernor of North Carolina, and candidate for vice-president of 
the United States on the ticket with General Winfield Scott, 
in 1852. Mrs. Allison was the aunt of Miss Graham, sister 
of Hon. William A.Graham, who married Rev. Hall Morrison, 
D. D., and one of their daughters married General D. H. Hill, 
and another married General Thomas J. Jackson, known as 
"Stonewall" Jackson. In 1790, Mr. Allison removed to 
Poplar Tent on Clark's creek, in what is now Cabarrus county, 
and was a ruling elder in the church there. He died in 1804, 
aged 54 years. Mrs. Allison was delicate in appearance, had 
great energy, and was a fine manager and a strong Presby- 


589. "William Allison^ (599), born Oct. 7, 1780; m. Peggy Young; res. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

590. James Allison,^ m. his cousin, Polly, dau. of Uncle .John Allison. » 

591. Mary Allison,^ m. James Young, a brother of Mrs. Thomas and 

Mrs. William Allison. Their sons 

I. John Y"oung,2 lived in Concord, N. C, in 1887. 

II. Joseph Y'oung,a lived in Concord, N. C, in 1887.-. 

'She was a daughter of Widow Graham, of Pennsylvania, who, with 
slender means and five small children, John Graham, George Graham, 
Joseph Graham, Sarah Graham, and Ann Graham, removed to Mecklen- 
burgh, N. C, about 17(55. 

'The Youngs were of the same Scotch blood who came from Ireland to 
Pennsylvania, and later to North Carolina. 


592. Thomas Allison= (605), born March 5, 1785; m. Sarah Young, a sis- 

ter of his bi'other William's wife; res. Poplar Tent, Cabarrus 
Co., N. C. 

593. Anne Allison,^ m. Sandy McKinley, of Rocky River, N. C, and d. 

young. Child : 
I. Fanny McKinley,^ who m. Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell. 

594. John Graham Allison,^ m. Almira, dau. of John Johnston. They 

died without children. 

595. Sarah Allison,' m. W. C. Johnston, son of John Johnston. Their son, 

596. Robert Allison Johnston,^ m. a Miss Reeves. 

597. Thomas Allison^ [587] (William^). He was a farmer 
and tanner. Residence at Bethany Church, N. C. Married 
Miss Kerr ; married, second, Miss Matthews. He died at 
Bethany Church, N. C, in 1844. 


598. William M. Allison^ (620), b. June 28, 1816; res. Bethany Church, 

N. C. 

599. William Allison2 [589] (Roberti). He was born Oct. 
7, 1780, and was a merchant in Charlotte, N. C. He married, 
Nov. 7, 1805, Peggy Young ; born July 13, 1784. He died 
Feb. 25, 1816, and she married second Mr. Gillespie, and had 
two children. She died Oct. 30, 1850. 


600. Sarah Maria Allison,'' b. 1806; d. 1834. She m. Mr. Erwin, and lived 

in Kentucky. They left three children. 

601. Robert Washington Allison" (622), born April 24, 1809. 

602. Margaret Allison,' born ISll; m. David Kistler. She d. in 1868, 

leaving three married daughters. 

603. Jane Allison,'b. 1813; m. Henry C. Owens. She d. 1867. Children: 

I. William A. Owens,* lawyer; res. Charlotte, N. C. 

II. James Henry Owens* was another son. 

604. Anne Allison,' b. July 4, 1815; m., in 1836, Charles Overman; d. in 

1874, leaving three daughters and two sons. Children: 

I. Margaret Eliza Overman,* m. A. H. Tate; has had eight children. 

One only living. 

II. Mary Cornelia Overman,* m. Thomas R. Tate, who d. in 1872. 

Two children. 

III. William W. Overman* is a shoe merchant; res. Newark, N. J. 

IV. Hamilton Overman* is a merchant in Reidsville, N. C. 

605. Thomas Allison 2 [592] (Robert i). He was born 
March 5, 1785 ; was a farmer, and a person of moral and in- 
dustrious habits, and accumulated a considerable pro])erty. 
He married, in May, 1810, Sarah Young, who died Sept. 16, 
1847. They were members of the Poplar Tent Presbyterian 
church, in Cabarrus county, N. C, and lived within the limits 
of that congregation. 



606. Sarah Caroline Allison,-' b. April 27, 1811; m., Dec, 1S;33, William 

Yoiins:, wlio d., and she ni., second, David G. Holbrooks. She 
d. Dec, ISGl. 

607. Mary Ann Allison,' b. Jan. 17, 1813 ; m. Henry Farr in Jan., 1834, 

and d. in Oct., 1S47. 

60S. Margarette Allison,' b. Jan. 5, 1815; d. Oct., 1815. 

609. Robert Allison,-' b. Sept. 19, 1816; d. Auu., 1824. 

610. Thomas Franklin Allison,^ b. Nov. 29, 1818; d. Nov., 1845. 

611. Elizabeth Jemima Allison,^ b. Jan. 15, 1821; d. Feb. 9, 1885. 

612. James Allison,' (632) b. April 29, 1823; res. Davidson College, N. C. 

613. Martha .Jane AlHson,-' b. Dec. 27, 1825; m., Dec, 1859, John F. 

Sloan, and d. in June, 1885. Two children — one living — Mrs. 
Margarette .Johnston.* 

614. John Graham Allison,^ b. April 27, 1828; d. in Aug., 1854. 

615. Ruth Minerva Allison,^ b. June 8, 1830; m., in May, 1862, W. F. Stilll, 

who is deceased. She still lives at Davidson College, N. C. 

616. Aanes Henrietta Allison,' b. Oct. 1, 1832; m., Jan., 18.51, J. Fisher. 

She d. June 12, 1853. 

617. Robert William Allison,' b. Nov. 9, 1834; d. in California in May, 


618. Silas Young Allison,'' b. Jan. 23, 1837; m. Harriet Moore; d. Dec, 


619. Allison,' b. Jan. 23, 1837; d. Feb. 15, 1837. 

620. William M. Allison 3 [598] (Thomas,^ William i). 
He was born at Bethany Church, N. C, June 28, 1816. He 
owned and lived upon the homestead of his father at 
Bethany Church, or Turnersburg, N. C, and was a farmer, 
who also carried on the tanning business. He married Eliz- 
abeth B. Johnston, and died at Turnersburg, N. C, Jane 20, 


621. Thomas .Johnston Allison,* (636) b., Feb. 2, 1849, at Bethany Church, 
N. C. ; res. Statesville, N. C. 

622. Robert Washington Allison 3 [601] ( William,2 
Robert 1). He was born in Charlotte, Mecklenburgh county, 
N. C, April 24, 1809 ; married, May 31, 1842, Sarah Ann 
Phifer of Cabarrus county, N. C; resided at Concord, N. C. 
In 1823, Mr. Allison left Charlotte, N. C, his native place, 
and entered the store of his uncle, Joseph Young, in Concord, 
N. C, where he ever afterwards lived. He was a farmer and 
merchant, and filled public positions of trust and importance. 
He was a delegate to the state constitutional convention, a 
member of the state legislature, clerk and master of the court 
of equity for a number of years, a justice of the peace, and 
chairman of the board of county commissioners, which posi- 
tion he held in 1878. Like most of the Allisons he was a 
Presbyterian — an elder in that church. His wife was a 
daughter of a prominent citizen of Mecklenburgh county. In 


a letter dated Dec. 9, 1878, he said: "• I have never regretted 
my name ; have always been thankful that my lot has been 
cast in this country ; that my forefathers emigrated to Amer- 
ica, and that they settled in this beautiful country between 
the Yadkin and Catawba rivers, where we have good land, 
fine water, a healthy and delightful climate, peaceable and 
quiet citizens ; where we can worship God according to the 
dictates of our own consciences, with none to molest or make 
us afraid." 


623. Esther Phifer Allison,* b. 1843; m., in 1866, Capt. Samuel E. "White 

of South Carolina. 

624. Joseph Young Allison,"* b. 1846. He was educated at Davidson col- 

lege, N. C., and at the University of Virginia, and became a 
lawyer ; practised three years, disliked tlie profession, studied 
for the ministry at Columbia, S. C, graduated in 1876, and 
became a clergyman; in 1887 was i^astor of a church in Baton 
Rouge, La. He m. Carrie Davant, of South Carolina, in 1876. 
He was a delegate to the General Assembly of the church at 
Knoxville, Tenn., in 1878. 

625. John Phifer Allison,^ b. 1848 ; m., 1880, Annie Craige, of Salisbury, 

N. C; merciiant. He succeeded his father in business in Con- 
cord, N. C. . 

626. Mary Louise Allison,"i b. 18."J0 ; d. 1879. 

627. E. Adaline Allison,* b. 18.52; m., in 1875, Col. John M. White of 

Soutli Carolina, who d. in 1877. 

628. William Henry Allison,* b. 1854 ; d. 1854. 
()29. Caroline Jane Allison,* b. 1855 ; d. 1857. 

630. Ann Susan Allison,* b. 1857; d. 18.59. 

631. Robert Washington Allison,* b. 1862 ; d. 1865. 

632. James Allison 3 [612] (Thomas,^ Robert i ). He was 
born April 29, 1823, at Poplar Tent, Cabarrus county, N. C; 
married, Aug. 3, 1847, Mary Clarissa Johnston. He settled 
on a farm in Cabarrus county, eleven miles northeast of Con- 
cord, N. C. Mrs. Allison and her husband were members of 
the Bethpage church. She was fond of Sunday-school work, 
and was a teacher of a large class of ladies in that church. 
She was a strong-minded and pious woman. She died Jan. 
17, 1860, and is buried in the cemetery at Poplar Tent 
church. He surrendered with Lee at Appomattox, walked 
to his home, and on April 26, 1865, married Mary L. N. 
Kilpatrick. She died in June, 1887, and he married, third, 
in Aug., 1890, Mary S. Scott, of Taylorsville, N. C. Since 
the fall of 1868 he has been a merchant at Davidson College, 
N. C, where he resides. 


633. Thomas Johnston Allison* (643), b. May 30, 1849; clergyman; res. 
at Way Cross, Ga. 

634. Allison.* b. .Julv 9, 18.54; d. July 9, 18.54. 

635. Victor Alexander Allison,* b. July 14, 'l856; d. Dec. 25, 18.56. 
635a. Minnie Louisa Allison,* b. Nov. 17, 18.58; d. Oct. 12, 1863. 



636. Thomas Johnston Allison^ [621] (William M.,^ 
Thomas,^ William i). He was born at Bethany Church, N. C, 
some ten miles north of vStatesville, Feb. 2, 1849 ; married, 
Nov. 23, 1870, Bettie Crawford Chunn, daughter of Matthew 
Lock and Caroline (Foard ) Chunn, and granddaughter of 
William and Mary (Lock) Chunn, of near China Grove, 
Rowan county, N. C. Mrs. Allison was born Aug. 31, 1853, 
near Salisbury, N. C. Mr. Allison was born on the plantation 
where his great-grandfather settled more than a century ago, 
and which was owned by his grandfather and his father. The 
Allisons were the first to acquire land in the opening of the 
settlement, and the first deeds given in the county were given 
to Allisons. They were large real estate owners, often buy- 
ing and rarely selling land. Mr. Allison received a portion 
of his education at Davidson college, N. C. He was a farmer 
and tanner, the same as his predecessors. He added the man- 
ufacture of harness and saddlery to his business, and dealt in 
saddlery and hardware till 1884. He has served as county 
commissioner ; was elected sheriff of Iredell county, N. C, 
in 1884, and held the position till he was appointed by Pres- 
ident Cleveland, in 1893, United States marshal for the 
Western District of North Carolina. Residence, Statesville, 
N. C. 


637. Carrie Allison/ b. Jan. 1, 1874. 

638. William Lock Allison,^ b. March 20, 1876. 

639. Edgar Matthews Allison,= b. June 5, 1880. 

640. Lizzie Allison/ b. March 23, 1885. 

641. Kayraond Allison,^ b. Sept. 2, 1886. 

642. Mary Allison, "^ b. Nov. 20, 1888. 

643. Thomas Johnston Allison'^ [633] (James,^ Thomas,^ 
Robert^). He was born at the homestead in Cabarrus county, 
N. C, May 30, 1849, and lived there till his father's removal 
to Davidson College, N. C, in 1868. He entered Davidson col- 
lege in 1867, and was graduated in 1871, with the degree of 
A. B., and received the degree of A. m. in 1874, and in the 
spring of 1868 united with the Davidson College Presbyterian 
church. In 1871 he entered the Union Theological seminary 
at Hampden Sidney, Va., and graduated in 1874 ; was licensed 
by the Concord, N. C, presbytery in 1874, and in August 
accepted a call to the Presbyterian church at Tarboro, N. C. 
He was ordained and installed on Nov. 8, 1875, preaching 
once a month at Kingston, and at Rocky Mount. On Sept. 
12, 1876, he married Jeannette, daughter of Rev. John Tillett. 
Resigning his charge in 1877, he preached at Rockingham and 
Lumberton, N. C. In 1879 he was installed over the church 


at Mebaneville, N. C, and continued there eight years. His 
work there, as at his former parishes, was greatly blessed. 
Resigning in 1887, his next pastorate was over the Third 
Creek and Fifth Creek churches, his home being at Elmwood, 
N. C. He labored there till April, 1891, when he resigned, 
and is now engaged in evangelistic work in the Savannah 
(Ga.) presbytery, and resides at Waycross, Ga. 


644. Minnie Laura Allison/ b. Aug. -S, 1877; d. Feb. 1. 1885. 

645. Thomas Tillett Allison/ b. April 26, 1870. 

646. James Gumming- Allison/ b. April 0, 1881. 

647. Charles Walter Allison/ b. Feb. 4, 188.3. 

648. Wilbur Graham Allison/ b. Oct. 30, 1888. 

649. Julius Kartell Allison/ b. Oct. 14, 1890. 

650. Henry Johnston Allison,^ b. Aug. 11, 1892. 


651. Thomas Allison ^ went south to North Carolina about 
1750, from Pennsylvania. He was born April 14, 1722 ; died 
May 5, 1794, at Statesville, N. C. He married Magdaline 
Neil, who was born Aug. 31, 1725. He was of the Allisons 
of Scotland, his ancestors going to Ireland, and emigrating 
from Ireland to America. 


652. Theophilus Allison,^ b. Feb. 1, 1748; d. early. 

653. Alexander Allison," b. Nov. 27, 1749; d. May, 1781. 

654. Magdaline Allison,- b. Dec. 28, 1751 ; m. Knox, and d. Nov. 27, 


655. Theophilus Allison,- b. May 30, 1754; d. Nov., 1805. 

656. Margaret Allison, == b. Aug. 29, 1756; d. Sept. 24, 1779. 

657. Thomas Allison- (662), b. Jan. 18, 17.59; d. Nov., 1799. 

658. Richard Allison ^ (668), b. Sept. 20, 1761; d. June 14, 1823. 

659. Mary Allison,^ b. Sept., 1764; m. Kerr; d. Aug. 24, 1839. 

660. John Allison,^ b. Feb., 1767; d. June 26, 1804. 

661. Ann Allison," b. ; m. Neill. She d. Feb. 11, 1809. 

662. Thomas AllisonS [657] (Thomas i). Ne was born 
Jan. 18, 1759; married, March 11, 1790, Esther Neill. He 
died Nov., 1799. Farmer. 


663. Roxannah Allison," b. Mav 10, 1791. 

664. Magdaline Allison,' b. Sept. 12, 1792; m., Jan. 13, 1813, James Ram- 

sey. She d. Oct. 13, 1821. 

665. Thomas Alexander Allison = (081), b. Dec. 19, 1794; d. June 8, 1879, 

at Statesville, N. C. 

666. Estlier Allison,' b. Jan. 23, 1797. 

667. Margaret Allison,' b. April 12, 1799. 


668. Richard Allison 2 [658] (Thomas i). He was born 
Feb. 20, 1761; died June 14,1823. He married, July 24,  
1785, Lettice Neill, born Feb. 9, 1766 ; died Oct. 13, 1824. 


669. Thomas Allison,^ b. Jan. 1, 1787; d. Sept. 1.3, 1830. 

670. Roxaunah Allison,-' b. Aug. 23, 178S; m. Matthews. She d. 

Dec. 29, 1844. 

671. Andrew N^-ill Allison,^ b. July 23, 1790; d. .Tan. 28, 1867. 

672. Magdaline Simonton Allison,^ b. Dec. 24, 1792; d. Dec. 29, 1858. 

673. Margaret Allison,-' b. Dec. 18, 1794; d. April 9, 179-5. 

674. Lettice Allison,'' b. Jan. 19, 1790; m. ; d. Oct. 18, 1877. 

675. Margaret Allison,-' b. Jan. 6, 1798. 

676. Richard Allison,'' b. March 25, 1800; d. Jan. 20, 1832. 

677. Sarah Adaline Allison," b. April 10. 1802; d. June 29, 1829. 

678. John Allison," b. Aug. 16. 1804. 

679. Jenny Lucinda Allison,^ b. Nov. 13, 1806. 

680. Mary Allison," b. Mav 25, 1809; m. Davis. Her child, Elnathan 

"Hayne Davis," b." Nov. 25, 1833. Mrs. Davis d. Jan. 14, 1838. 

681. Thomas Alexander Allison ^ [665] (Thomas,^ 
Thomas 1). He was born Dec. 19, 1794; died Feb. 24. 1854. 
He married, Sept. 19, 1816, Lettice, daughter of Richard 
Allison, and his own cousin. She was born June 19, 1796 ; 
died June 8, 1879, at Statesville, N. C. Before the war he 
was one of the largest land owners and farmers in Iredell 
county. For a number of years he was a member of the state 
legislature, an elder in the Presbyterian church, and noted 
for his piety and strong character. 


682. Evaline Allison," b. July 26, 1817; m., Nov. 12, 1833, Miles M. 

Bailey. She d. July 17, 18.52. 

683. Esther Selina Allison," b. May 25, 1819; m. Rev. Thnddcus C. Craw- 

ford. Sept. 1, 1847, and d'. May 23, 1848. No children. 

684. Richard Monroe Allison* (691), b. April 22, 1821; m., Oct. 27, 1842, 

Elizabeth C, Hampton; res. Statesville, N. C. 

685. Letitia Allison," m. Dr. Richard Carson. 

686. Margaret Adaline Allison,* b. Oct. 29, 1826; m., Sept. 1, 1848, Augus- 

tus C. Houston, and d. Aug. 13, 18-50. He d. Feb. 20, 18-50. One 
son, John Augustus Houston,'^ b. June 11, 1848. 

687. John Andrew Allison," b. July 26, 1828; d. Sept. 13, 1830. 

688. Andrew John Amos x\llison" (609), b. Oct. 10, 1830; physician; res. 

Mississippi; m. Mary Loclce; m., seccmd, Laura Matthews. 

689. Roxannah Allison," b. Aug. 4, 1833; d. Aug. 11, 1833. 

690. Joseph Cornelius Allison," b. Sept. 28, 1834; d. Dec. 15, 1836. 
690a. Thomas Alexander Allison, .Jr. He was killed by a falling tree. 

691. Richard Monroe Allison * [684] (Thomas Alexander,^ 
Thomas,'^ Thomas \). He was born April 22, 1821, in Iredell 
county, N. C. Married, Oct. 27, 1852, Elizabeth Carmichael 
Hampton, born Jan. 14, 1835, at Cedar Hill, near Jonesville, 
Yadkin county, N. C, and daughter of Henry Gray and 
Charlotte Temple (Doby) Hampton, of Cedar Hill. Her 


father was son of Thomas, and grandson of Henry Hampton. 
Mr. Allison was educated at the state university at Chapel 
Hill, N. C, studied law under Chief Justice Pearson, and 
was admitted to the bar in Jan., 1852. He was a practicing 
lawyer, county attorney for Iredell county, and died, after a 
brief illness, at Statesville, N. C, April 30, 1884. He was 
cast in a heroic mould, a man of most positive convictions, 
and was never false to friend or client, and no one was more 
unswerving in adherence to principle. He was buried with 
Masonic honors. 


692. Thomas Hampton Allison,^ b. Sept. 4, 1854; m., Nov. .30, 1881, Nannie 

Gaines; tobacco manufacturer; res. Mooresville, N. C. 

693. Andrew John Allison,"' b. June 16, 1856; m. Colie Baggette; farmer; 

res. Era, Ark. 

694. Letitia Evaline Allison,"^ b. Dec. 11, 1858; m., Sept. 12, 1882, David 

Francis Stevenson; res. Statesville, N. C. 

695. Eichard Monroe Allison,^ b. July 8, 1861; d. Sept. 15, 1861. 

696. Wade Hampton Allison," b. July 3, 1865; merchant; res. States- 

ville, N. C. 

697. Mary Selina Allison,« b. Dec. 7, 1867; m., Oct. 12, 1889, John B. Gill; 

res. Statesville, N. C. 

698. Eichard Preston Allison,^ b. June 24, 1870; res. Statesville, N. C. 

699. Andrew John Amos Allison * [688] (Thomas Alex- 
ander," Thomas,^ Thomas^). He was born Oct. 10, 1830. 
Married, Oct. 21, 1856, Mary E. Locke, of Alabama; she 
died Feb. 12, 1863. He married second, in Tuscaloosa, Ala., 
Laura Matthews, Dec. 14, 1865, who died about 1880. He 
entered Davidson college, N. C, in 1851, graduated in 1854; 
received the degree of M. D. from Jefferson Medical college, 
in Philadelphia ; was a physician in Lowndes county, Miss., 
till 1861, when he returned to Philadelphia and took a special 
course in surgery. During the war he practiced at home, and 
in the hospitals in Virginia. In 1864 he opened a hospital 
for the sick and wounded soldiers at Statesville. Residence, 
Statesville, N. C. 



700. Margaret Torrence Allison," b. April 20, 1867; m. Walter PI. Tor- 

rence, who died in May, 1891; i^hysician ; res. Statesville, N. C. 

701. John Matthew Allison,'^ b. May 20, 1869. 

702. Eobertllugh Allison,'' b. March 11, 1871. 

703. Mary Allison,'' b. Sept. 4, 1873. 

704. Charles Allison, = b. 1874. 

Andrew John Allison Richard Preston Allison Thomas Hampton Allison 

Mary Selina Allison Evalina Allison Stevenson 



Wade Hampton Allison Elizabeth Carmichael Allison Richard Monroe Ain-on 




The emigrant ancestor of this family, of Scotch blood. 
Christian name not known, came from the north of Ireland 
and settled in Pennsylvania or Maryland. His son, 

705. William Allison,^ according to my information, was 
born in Maryland, lived in Wilkes county, N. C, where he 
raised a large family, which remained there till each member 
arrived to mature age, and soon after that period became 
scattered. He was a Revolutionary soldier. 

706. Epliraim Allison/ (713) ni. Elizabeth Coffee; d., 1845, in Cooper Co., 


707. Hugh Allison^ (721). He was b. Feb. 11, 1771; res. Cooper Co., 


708. Benjamin Allison,^ rem. to Miller Co., Mo. 

709. Samuel Allison.^ 

710. Daniel Allison. ^ 

711. William Allison.^ 

712. Thomas Allison, 3 rem. to Cooper Co., Mo. 
7l2a. Allison,'' his dau. m. Mr. Petty. 

7l2b. Allison,' his dau. m. Mr. Perkins; had 18 children and 

their descendants are numerous in Central Illinois. 

713. Ephraim Allison ^ [706] (William,^ Allison i ). 

He was born in Wilkes county, N. C; married Elizabeth Cof- 
fee. Upon arriving at manhood he removed to a spot near 
Booneville, Cooper county, Mo., where he spent his life, and 
died about March, 1845. His first halting place in Missouri 
(to which he and his two brothers removed in 1815), was at 
New Franklin, Howard county. 


714. Thomas Allison,* (727) b. Oct. 24, 1800; d. Feb., 1845, in Saline Co., 


715. Lucy Allison,* b. — ; m. Yincent Johnson. They are deceased. 

I. Elizabeth Johnson,'' m. Mr. Kirkpatrick; res. Butler, Mo. 

716. Nancy Allison,^ m. James Harvey; res. Sedalia, Mo. 

717. Rebecca Allis(m,* m. Thomas Jones. They are deceased. 

718. Elizabeth Allison,* m. John Chambers. They are deceased. 

Joseph Chambers," Boimeville, Mo., is a grandson. Frank 
Chambers,' county clerk, Booneville, Mo., is a great grandson. 
William H. Allison," of Clinton, Henry Co., Mo., is a grandson, 

719. Matilda Allison,* m. Thomas L, Johnson, and both are dead. 

720. William Allison,* d., unmarried, of yellow fever at New Orleans, La. 

721. Hugh Allisons [707] (William,^ Allison i). 

He was born near Jacksboro', Wilkes connty, North Carolina, 
Feb. 11, 1771 ; i-esided at Ft. Boonesborough, Madison county, 


Ky., after 1797, and lived in Cooper county, Mo., after March^ 
1821, where he died April 25, 1846. He married, Nov. 5, 
1788, Rebecca Sanders Hartt. Hugh Allison was a fair bus- 
iness man. Was elected coroner of Cooper county, Mo.» 
August, 1824, and again in 1828, serving eight years in all. 
As a military man he served three years in Colonel Whitley's 
regiment of volunteers in 1812-'13-'14, and was in Harrison's^ 
army, was at the battle of Lundy's Lane. After his dis- 
charge he was commissioned a captain in the Kentuck}'- 
militia. He always declared that he would gladly have 
fought three years longer rather than to have let Great Brit- 
ain have one foot of ground in America. He was a fiery 
patriot and was ever ready to serve his country. He was a 
believer in a sound national currency that was worth one 
hundred cents on a dollar anywhere on earth. In 1840, by 
appointment, he met and spent a short time with Gen. W. H. 
Harrison, the AVhig candidate for president, at Vincennes, In- 
diana. On July 4, 1840, he was present at the grand Whig 
rally at Rochefort, Mo., it being one of the largest political 
gatherings ever held in the state. There are said to have 
been 17 steamboats loaded with people who came to attend. 
Mr. Allison was a great friend and admirer of President Har- 
rison, and wasgreatl}' overcome when the news reached him 
in 1841 of the death of his old commander. He was a farmer, 
and a dealer in fat cattle and hogs. Was a Baptist.- Was 
an uncompromising Whig. He took an active part in the 
election of General Harrison to the presidency in 1840. He 
favored the extension of the charter of the U. S. bank; he' 
also favored a protective tariff. 


721a. Eebecca Allison,^ b. about 1791; m. James Pearce, and after the 
close of tlie war of 1812-'lij, they settled in Illinois, and some of 
this family lived in Alhambra, Madison county, 111. 

722. Jesse Allison,"* b. Sept. 29, 1791; m. Mary Snodgrass, in 1809; 
served in the U. IS. army in 1812-18-14. Went to Illinois- 
in 1821, Co. Madison; rem. to Cooper Co., Mo., in 1840, and 
later to Arrow Kock, Saline Co., in fall of 18.59, and d. there 
about March 1, 1860. James Allison, Yuba Dam, Yuba Co.^ 
Cal., and Dr. John L. Allison, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., Mo., 
are of that branch of the family. 

72.3. Lucinda Allison/ is deceased; she was b. Feb. 6, 1798. 

724. Thomas Allison,^ 1). in North Carolina, Sept. 4, 1795. lies. Wilkes 
Co., N. C, Madison Co., Ky., and in St. Charles Co., Cooper 
Co., Pettis Co., and Lawrence Co., Mo. He enlisted in the 
militia against the rebels in 18(58, beinfj over (50 years of age, 
and was killed near Mount Vernon, in Lawrence Co., Mo., 
about May, 18(58. He m. Koxanna Snyder in 181(5. He m. 
second, Nancy Orr, in 18.5(5. Children: Nathaniel T. Alllison,'' 
Greene P. Allison,'^ Martin S. Allison,*^ Hugh Allison,'* Elizabetli 


Allison,'^ Rebecca Allison"^, Lucinda Allison^ John L. Allison^ 
(was a soldier in the state militia during the war), Thomas 
F. Allison/ Frances Allison, = Mary Allison,'^ Louisa Allison,* 
Henry C. Allison^ Roxanna Allisou^ who m. Fi-ank Payne, 
Hughesville, Mo. Mrs. Absalom McVey was of this family; 

res. Sedalia, Mo. Allison,^ his dan., m. James Lapsley; 

res. Diamond Grove, Newton Co., Mo. Monroe Allison,® 
grandson of Thomas Allison,* lives in Silverton, Colorado. 

725. Nathaniel Thompson Allison,* (73.")) b. Ft. Boonesborough, Madison 

Co., Ky., April 29, 1798; m. Ruth Goodrich, and d. March 18, 

726. John L. Allison,* b. in North Carolina, Aug. 22, 1801. He lived in 

Wilkes Co., N. C, Madison Co., Ky., St. Charles Co. and 

Cooper Co., Mo. Farmer. He d. about 1844. Children: 
L Shelton R. Allison,^ went to Richmond, Ft. Bend Co., Texas, about 

II. Lucinda Allison' removed to Richmond, Ft. Bend Co., Texas, about 


727. Thomas Allison * [714] (Ephraim,^ William,^ 

Allison 1 ). He was born in North Carolina Oct. 24, 1800, 
and emigrated with his parents to Missouri when fifteen years 
of age. He married Lydia Jones; resided in Henry county. 
Mo., and died in Saline county, in Feb., 1865, 


728. Josephine Allison," m. William Claycomb, and lives at Herndon, 

iSaline Co., Mo. 

729. Selinda Allison,' m. William Adkisson. and died at Warrensburg, 

Mo., in 1885. 

730. Alfred J. Allison," lives near Marshall, Saline Co., Mo. 

731. Sarah Allison,' m. Thomas Dysart, and lives in Granbury, Hood Co., 


732. Ephraim Allison,' b. Saline Co., Mo., Nov. 27, 1835; m. May 28, 

1868, Ruth, dau. of Edward Cresop and Mary E. (Brown) 
McCarty of Virginia. She was b. in Saline Co., Mo., April 7, 
1842. Siie was granddaughter of P. and Ruth (Cresop) McCarty, 
and great granddaughter of Edward and Ann (Miller) McCarty, 
of Virginia. Mr. Allison is a merchant, and res. Clinton, Mo. 
Children b. Clinton, Mo.: 

I. Charles S. Allison," b. Mav 15, 1869, 

II. Thomas E. Allison,*^ b. May 8, 1871; d. Sept. 6, 1872, 

III. Mary L. Allison," b. July 6, 1873. 

IV. William B. Allison," b. July 18. 1875; d. Sept. 12, 1876. 

V. Anna M. Allison," b. Feb. 7, 1877. 

VI. Nellie B. Allison," b. Aug. 3, 1878. 

733. Matilda Allison,' m. Thomas Ferry; and d. about 1882, in Clinton, 


734. William H. Allison.' res. Clinton, Mo. 

_ 735, Nathaniel Thompson Allison * [724] (Hugh,3 Wil- 

liam,2 Allison i). He was born in Fort Boonesborough, 

Madison county, Ky., April 29, 1798. Married, May 19, 1822, 
Ruth Goodrich, who was born in St. Charles county. Mo,, 
Feb. 6, 1806, and was daughter of Elijah (or Elisha) Good- 
rich, aliberall}^ educated man, and a native of Hartford, Conn. 
Mr. Allison had a good education ; was a farmer and stock 


raiser, and at the commencement of tlie war was in good 
circumstances. He resided in Cooper county, Mo., and was 
a justice of the peace ; assessor in Cooper count}^ in 1858. 
He had a fine memory, and was a good conversationalist. He 
was a Whig, then a Republican in politics, and a Baptist in 
his religious faith. He lived a blameless life. He was a staunch 
Unionist during the war. He kept open house for his neigh- 
bors and strangers for fifty-five years. He was a great hunter, 
and could use his rifle almost to perfection. He was six feet 
two and one half inches in height and weighed 185 pounds. 
He died March 18, 1877, at his son's in Pilot Grove, Mo. 


735a. Ann Eliza Allison," b. Dec. 27, 1823; d. April 30, 1844. 

735b. Elizabeth Allison,« b. Dec. 23, 1825; d. Dec. 21, 1838. 

735c. Mary Ann Allison," born Jan. 7, 1828; m., July 8, 1847, Lewis 

Feck Evans, and d. Oct. 8, 1851. He was b. in Baltimore, Md., 

Dec. 25, 1823. He was a farmer in Saline Co., Mo., and d. March 

13, 187G. Child: 
1. Eliza Evans,' b. Aug. 20, 1849; m. James Thornton; res. Arrow Keck, 

Saline Co., Mo. 
735d. Huo-li Allison," b. July 25, 1829; d. Sept. 12, 1829. 
735e. Lucinda Allison," b. Sept. 7, 1830; d. Aug. 21, 1839. 
735f. Margaret Allison," b. Sept. 23, 1833; m., Nov. 18, 1855, William 

G. Hindman; b. Oct. 8, 1828; farmer; res. Napton, Saline Co., 

Mo. Children: 

I. Nathaniel Thomas Hindman,' b. Jan. 24, 1857; d. April 14, 1863. 

II. Kuth Goodrich Hindman,^ b. Feb. 21, 1868. 

III. William Rea Hindman', b. Oct. 22, 1872. 

735g. Pauiina Allison," b. Oct. 27, 1835; m. Jan. 19, 1858, James M. 
Morton; b. in Madison Co., Ky., April 26, 1835; res. Iconium, 
St. Clair Co., Mo. ; farmer. Children: 

I. William Henry Morton,' b. May 28, 1859; d. Aug. 9, 1878. 

II. James Quinn Morton,' b. Sept. 18, 1861; m., June 22, 1885, Elizabeth 


III. Mattie Morton', b. July 26, 1868; m., July 26, 1891, Harrison Grant 


735h. Nancy Jane Allison," b. March 19, 1838; m., Sept. 17, 1857, Thomas 
J. Morton. He was born March 30, 1834; d. in Alton, HI., 
Dec, 1864. She m., second, May 17, 1868, AVilliam F. Fore- 
man. Slie d. Feb. 22, 1874. Thomas Jefferson Morton's chil- 
dren, b. Cooper Co., JMo. : 

I. Marietta Margaret Morton,' b. Oct. 4, 1859 ; m. ,Nov., 1878, RobertBaise. 

IL Matilda Maud Morton,' b. Oct. 13,1861; m., Oct. 27, 1878, Joseph 
Crawford . 

III. Mary Madora Morton', b. Dec. 24, 1862; m., Oct. 3, 1887, Joseph 

Tuttle; res. Booneville, Mo. 

IV. Nannie Thomas Morton,' b. Jan. 8,1865; m.. May 5, 1884, James 

Campbell. She d. Aug. 10, 1886. 
735i. Matilda Caroline Allison," b. April 4, 1840; m., Nov. 10, 1870, 
Andrew J. Howard; res. Iconium, St. Clair Co., Mo. Children: 

I. Florence Mary Howard,' b. Aug. 23, 1871 ; m., March 13, 1890, Martin 


II. Alice May Howard,' b. Jan. 25, 1874. 

III. Howard', 1). Aug. 1, 1877; d. Aug. 1, 1877. 

IV. John Allison Howard,' b. Oct. 5, 1878. 



Ruth R, Allison. Hugh N. Allison. Fletcher J. Allison. 


735j. William Henry Harrison Allison," b. Nov. 18, 1842, in Cooper 
count3% Mo.; m., April 18, 1873, Mae Amanda Williams, 
daughter of (Samuel K. Williams, of Fairfield county, Ohio, 
and McDonald county, 3Io., who died Feb., 1886. She was 
born Aug. 2, 1852, in Lancaster, Fairfield county, Ohio. Mr. 
Allison was educated in the common schools and two years in 
an academy. Was a teacher, then a lawyer. He was assistant 
United States marshal for taking the Jiinth census in the north 
half of Cooper county, Mo. He was deputy assessor and dep- 
uty collector in the same county in 1868- (59. Justice of the 
peace for four years, and in Nov., 1870, was elected superin- 
tendent of registration of voters for Cooper county on the Re- 
publican ticket, but did not qualify. He went to Neosho, 
Newton county, Mo., in Aug., 1871, and practised law. Went 
to Colorado in 1876, and engaged in business, as the state of 
liis health demanded active life. He removed to New Mexico 
in 1870, which is now his home, and is in business. He served 
in the home guard, in Col. Parker's regiment, in the fall of 
1864, at Sedalia, Mo., and thinks that "treason should be 
made odious." He voted for Lincoln in 1864. He is a Rejiub- 
lican in iJolitics, a Methodist in religion. Has served as super- 
intendent of Sabbath scliool, and class leader. Residence, 
Albuquerque, New Mexico. Children : 

735k. Hugh Nathaniel Allison,' b. Feb. 21, 1874. He is a steam 

736. Nannie Kate Allison,^ b. July 4, 1876; d. Oct. 12, 1876. 

737. Fletcher James Allison,' b. March 20, 1878. In school. 

738. Ruth Goodrich Allison,' b. June 7, 1880. In school. 

739. Seldon Coke Allison,' b. Jan. 20, 1882; d. June 29, 1884. 

740. Nathaniel Thompson Allison,'^ b. Cooper county. Mo., Jan. 24, 1846. 

Printer and teacher. He served a year in the 2Sth Regiment 
Illinois Volunteers in the late war. He enlisted March 13, 
1865; was discharged March 13, 1866. He has the degrees of 
A. B. and A. M. He is one of the publishers of the Colum- 
bus Star-Courier. Resides Columbus, Kansas. Is a Demo- 
crat in politics. He married, November, 1868, Nannie, daugh- 
ter of Guinn and Artamasia (Ellison) Morton. Her father was 
a native of Kentucky. She was born in Cooper county, Mo., 
May 16, 1848; died iii Bolivar, Mo., Nov. 20, 1879. He married, 
second, Mrs. ]N annette (Martin) Cook, daughter of James Mar- 
tin, a native of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., a resident of St. Louis, 
Mo., and his wife, Anna Mayfield (Waton) Martin. Mrs. Alli- 
son was born in Cole county. Mo., Oct. 2, 1845. Resided in 
Clinton, Mo., and now in Columbus, Kan. Children: 


741. Lou Ella Allison,' b. April 13, 1870; d. May 25, 1872. 

742. Olive Allison,' b. Feb. 20. 1874. 

743. Ruth Allison,' b. 3Iay 8, 1876; d. June 12, 1878. 

744. Hortense Allison,' b. Bolivar, Mo., Nov. 10, 1879. 

745. Harriet Ann Allison," b. Oct. 18, 1848; m.. May 31, 1868, George 

Rothwell Potter, b. July 30, 1846. Res. Blackwater, Cooper 
Co., Mo. Cliildren: 

I. William Allison Potter,' b. March 3, 1860; m., Oct. 5, 1890, Mary Ann 


II. Webster Greene Potter,' b. Dec. 5, 1870; d. Oct. 14, 1871. 

III. Edward Louis Potter,' b. Sept. 10, 1874; d. April 27, 1875. 

IV. Eva Leona Potter,' b. Dec. 28, 1876. 



746. David Allison^ of Glasgow, Scotland, said to be a 
brother of the noted William Allison of that city, emigrated 
to Ashe county, North Carolina His wife was Nancy Black. 
He was a farmer and stock raiser ; a member of the Masonic 
order. Their son, 

747. Samuel Allisou,^ born in Glasgow, Scotland, married 
Rebecca Scott ; lived and died in Ashe county. North Caro- 
lina ; was a farmer and stock raiser. His death was a tragic 
one — an insane man stole into his room in the dead of night 
and cut his head off with a corn cutter. His son, 

748. Robert Allison,^ removed to Broad Ford, Smythe 
county, Va., where he lived in 1892. He married, in 1847, 
Anna Mary Reedy, daughter of Samuel and Susan Reedy, 
of Grayson county, Virginia. He purchased a farm of 300 
acres, and raised a family of eight sons and a daughter. Mr. 
Allison has held many public offices, and was collector of 
internal revenue for the second district of Virginia, in 1892. 


749. William Jefferson Allison/ b. Sept. 22, 1848; m., April 5, 1868, Jane 

Hill of Ashe Co., N. C. ; removed to Ohio in 1871; became a 
student of medicine; gi-aduated in 1876 from the school of 
physicians and surgeons in Cincinnati, and successfully prac- 
tised his profession. Mrs. Allison died in 1881. Mr. Allison is a 
member of the " Churcli of Christ, <u- Disciples." He became a 
minister, traveled over fourteen states and one tei-ritory, preach- 
ing tlie gospel, and received many into the church. In 1887 he 
married, near Marion, Va., Susan Messer, and in Oct., 1890, 
settled iu or near Ileber, Cleburne, Co., Ark., and resided there 
in 1892 — a practising physician and preacher. His express office 
is Searcy, White Co., Ark. Children: 

750. Arley Spencer Allison." 

751. Christopher Columbus Allison. s 

752. John Fielden Allison, ° m. Jane Bastie near Charleston, W. Va. ; 

and has six children; farmer; res. Charleston, Kanawha Co., 
W. Va. 

753. David Jesse Allison, b teacher of music; m. Lizzie Brown, of Chil- 

licothe, O. ; he is in the mercantile business at Greenfield, Ohio. 

754. James Noah Allison'"'; m. Susan, dau. of Maxie Gofte, Knawha Co., 

W. Va; farmer; res. Charleston, W. Va. 

755. Zilpha Catherine Allison," m. Rev. Millard Fillmore Marsh, son of 

William Marsli, attorney, Wythe Co., Va., a Methodist clergy- 
man; res. Blaine, Marsliall Co., Kan. 

756. Samuel Frederick Allison, ' sjient several years as teacher of vocal 

and instrumental music; m. Miss Harmon, and is now a far- 
mer in the hue blue-grass region of Baptist Valley, Tazewell 
Co., Va. ; lias held several public offices. 

757. Thomas Madison Allison," farmer; res. on tlie home farm at Broad 

Ford, Va. ; single. 


•758. Addison Alexander AUison.s m. Joanna Wilkinson, of Charleston, 

W. Va. He is a machinist in railroad employ; res. Charleston, 

W. Va. 

'759. Robert Franklin Allison" is principal of a business college at Wav- 

erly, O., and Point Pleasant, W.Va. ; res. Jackson Court House, 

W. Va. 


760. Andrew Allison ^ had a son, 

761. Theophilus Allison ^ who was born in 1747 ; settled in 
Iredell county, N. C. There is a tradition that lie was born 
in Scotland, that he first settled in Pennsylvania, lived for a 
time in Georgia, and then made North Carolina his home. 
He married Sarah Simon ton, and died Oct. 5, 1815. 


'762. Thomas .Jefferson Allison => (765), b. Oct. 25, 1801; d. Jan. 28, 1839; 

res. in North Carolina. 
763. Robert Allison,^ b. in Georgia ; is deceased. His son, 
I. 764. John A. Allison, res. Granite Hill, N. C. 

765. Thomas Jefferson Allison ^ [762] (Theophilus,2 
Andrew 1). He was born in North Carolina, Oct. 25, 1801 ; 
resided at Troutman's, Iredell county, N. C. He was prom- 
inent in his locality, was a member of the Associate Reformed 
Presbj'terian church, and was an elder in one of the oldest 
churches in that section of North Carolina. He married Jane, 
daughter of William and Ann (Allison) Neill, of Lincoln coun- 
ty, N. C. Her grandfather was Andrew Neill, of Rowan coun- 
ty, N. C. Mrs. Allison was born Oct. 17, 1803; died June 
9, 1860. He died Jan. 28, 1839. 


766. Theophilus Washington Allison,^ b. Nov. 6, 1827; res. Salisbury, 

N. C. 

767. William Lafayette Allison,* b. June 8, 1826; m., July 25, 1861, Ase- 

nath Cavin, and is still living; res. Troutman's, N. C. Chil- 
dren : 

I. John Washington Allison,' b. June 3,1868; ra. Laura Cornelia Sher- 

rill, Dec. 22, 1889. She was b. March 12, 1865. 

II. Thomas Young Allison,*^ b. Feb. 3, 1867. 

III. William Elmore Allison," b. Jan. 12, 1868; res. Leesburg, Fla. 

IV. Cordelia Allison, "> b. Aug. 1, 1869. 

768. Andrew Neill Allison,* b. May 11,1829; m., Aug. 21, 1861, Jane 

Elizabetli Wiiite; res. Ir<'dell Co., N. C. 

769. Richard Allison*; is deceased. 

770. Tliomas Jefferson Allison'' ; is deceased. 

771. Julia Ann Allison,* b. May 31, 1833; d. of consumption, June 5, 

1861. Slie and her sister were devoted Christians, and noted for 
their kindness and pliilanthropic principles. 

772. Sarali Keziali Alliscm,* b. Oct. 4, 1838; d. Oct. 16, 1858. 


773. Andrew Neill Allison * [768] (Thomas JefPerson,^ 
Theophilus,^ Andrew^). He was born May 11, 1829 ; mar- 
ried, Aug. 21, 1861, his cousin, Elizabeth White. His parents 
were wealthy, and his early life passed in ease and luxury. 
He attended the public school, but the educational facilities- 
in the south were very limited, and received so little appro- 
bation that his education was quite limited. The war freed 
the slaves belonging to the family, so that when it closed 
he was compelled to work on the farm ; but work did not 
go as hard with him as with many, and he became a suc- 
cessful and prominent farmer. He still lives on the Allison 
homestead. He is prominent in county politics ; an elder in 
the Associate Reformed Presbyterian church ; a man of good 
judgment and spotless character ; residence, Troutman's^ 
Iredell county, N. C. 


774. Thomas Calvin Allison,'^ b. June 9, 1862 ; d. June 12, 186.3. 

775. Maggie Ann Allison/ b. April 23, IS64; d. Jan. 29, 1887. 

776. Sarah Jane Allison,'^ b. Oct. 19, 1865 ; d. May 29, 1871. 

777. Mary Etta Allison,^ b. April 19, 1867; d. in infancy. 

778. James White Allison,^ b. Dec. 11, 1868 ; railroad employe. 

779. William Theophilus Allison,"^ b. Sept. 25, 1870; student. 

780. Julia Bell Allison,'^ b. Aug. 7, 1872; d. Nov. 4, 1874. 

781. Elver Lorannah Allison,^ b. April 14, 1874 ; student. 

782. Frances Cremiler Allison,^ b. Sept. 4, 1870; student. 

783. Andrew Neill Allison," b. Oct. 26, 1878 ; d. Oct. 15, 1879. 


Allisons of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana 
— Allisons of Liffokd, County Donegal, Ireland, and Ten- 
nessee, U. S. 

784. Robert Allison.^ He was born about 1730, and was 
was living in Iredell count}', N. C, in 1757. In the year 
1781 he removed to the eastern part of Washington county, 
Va., one and one half miles from Glade Spring. There he 
reared three sons and two daughters. About 1811 he and 
his two sons, Robert and James Allison, removed to Logan 
county, Ky., leaving his son William and his two daughters 
in Washington county, Va. He resided in Logan county, 
Ky., the last of his life, and died there. 


785. William Allison » (790), b. in Iredell Co., N. C, in 1757; d., 1818, in 

Washington Co., Va. 

786. Robert Allison, 2 res. in Logan Co., Ky. 

787. Mary Allison,^ m. William Beattie, of Washington Co., Va. They 

reared a large family, and many of them located in the great 

788. Elizabeth Allison, 2 m. Ezra Hayter in Washington Co., Va. They 

reared a large family, and their descendants are mostly in the 

789. James Allison,^ res. in Logan Co., Ky. 

790. William Allison 2 [785] (Robert^). He was born 
in 1757, in Iredell county, N. C. ; resided in Washington 
county, Va., where he died in 1818, having emigrated to Vir- 
ginia with his father in 1781. He married Susannah Hayter, 
born in Washington county, Va., and died there in 1835. 


791. William Beattie Allison^ (799), b. March, 1800, in Washington Co., 

Va., where he d., 1849. 

792. Elizabeth Allison, Mn. William Hayter b. Washington Co., Va. ; 

they removed to Tennessee, and later to Missouri. They are 

793. Robert Allison,'' d. in Washington county, Va., when comparatively 

young; his family moved to Missouri, in 1839. His wife's 
name was Lucy Scott, of Washington Co., Va. 

794. Josiah Allison. 3 lie never married; Uved in Washington Co., Va., 

and d. when an old man. 

795. Hiram Allison,^ m. Ellen Thomas. They had one daughter who is 




796. James Allison,^ m. Sarah Williams, removed to soutli-west Missouri, 

and reared a family. 

797. Abram Hayter Allison,^ m. Susie Meek, of Washington Co., Va., 

reared a large family, and in 1844 removed to north-veest Mis- 
souri. They are deceased. 

798. Israel Allison,' d. unmarried. 

799. William Beattie Allison 3 [791] (Williara,^ Robert i ). 
He was born in Washington county, Va., March, 1800; re- 
sided Washington county, Va., where he died May 7, 1849. 
He married, March, 1827, Mary, daughter of Robert and 
Martha (Harvey) Clarke, of Argyleshire, Scotland. Her 
parents died in Washington county, Va. She was born in 
Argyleshire, and died in Washington county, Va., Nov. 23, 
1863. He was a farmer and dealer in live stock. 


800. Eobert Clark Allison* (805), b. W^ashington Co., Va., Feb. 23, 1828; 
res. Glade Spring, Washington Co., Va. 

801. William White Allison* (8r2), b. Dec. 14, 1829, in Washington Co., 

Va. ; res. Washington Co,, Va. 

802. Martha Harvey Allison,* b. July 3, 1834; m., Dec, 1858, Benjamin 

D. Ligon; res. Glade Spring, Washington Co., Va. No cliildren. 

803. Samuel Duane Allison M820), b. Jan. 6, 1839, in Washington Co., 

Va. ; res, Glade Spring, Va. 

804. John Beattie Allison* (824), b. June 6, 1841; d. Jan. 21, 1879. 

805. Robert Clark Allison * [800] (William Beattie,^ Wil- 
liam,^ Robert ^ ). He resides at Glade Spring, Washington 
county, Virginia. He was born, Feb. 23, 1828, in Washing- 
ton county, Virginia. He was educated, but did not grad- 
uate, at Emory and Henry college, and is a surveyor and 
teacher. Has served as county supervisor. He married, 
Aug. 29, 1867, Rebecca Jane Clark, daughter of Andrew 
Jackson and Margaret (Rains) Clark, of Wythe county, Va. 
She was born June 18, 1844. 


806. Mollie Clark Allison,"^ b. July 23, 1868; m., March 27, 1889, George 

W. Gilliam. 

807. Rose Stribling Allison,^ b. Jan. 28, 1870. 

808. Robert Hamilton Allison," b. Aug. 8, 1871. 

809. Jennie Kate Allison,"* b. Feb. 21, 1873. 

810. William Andrew Allison," b. Nov. 16, 1875. 

811. Freddie Allison," b. July 4, 1882. 

812. William White Allison * [801] (William-Beattie,^ 
William,^ Robert 1 ). He was born in Washington county, 
Va., Dec. 14, 1829, and still lives there ; farmer. He mar- 
ried, Feb., 1867, Mary Jane Ayres, daughter of John Preston 
and Mary (Whitaker) Ayres, of Washington county, Va. 


She was born in Saltville, Smythe county, Va., March 11, 
1845. Residence, Glade Spring, Va. 


813. William Beattie Allison,'^ b. Nov. .30, 1867. 

814. Mary Rachel Allison/ b. Feb. 13, 1871. She graduated at Sullins's 

college, June, 1891, and is now a teacher of music in Wartburg 
Female seminary, at Graham, Ya. 
81.5. Martha Harvey Allison, = b. Feb. 4, 1874; she is a student at Sulliu's 

816. Bettie Avres Allison,'' b. Jan. 12, 1S76. 

817. liavinia Allison.^ b. Oct. 23, 1877. 

818. Susanna Virginia Allison,^ b. Dec. 31, ISSO. 

819. Janie Jacques Allison," b. Aug. 20, 1884. 

820. Samuel Dunn Allison* [803] (William-Beattie,^ 
Williara,^-^ Robert ^ ). He was born in Washington county, 
Va., Jan. 6, 1839. Resides at Glade Spring, Washington 
county, Va. He is a farmer and trader. He married, Jan., 
1861, Susan Gate Stevens, born Aug. 22, 1839, daughter of 
Thomas Hity and Jane (Wade) Stevens. 


821. Charles Edward Allison,^ b. Aug. 18, 1865. 

822. Benjamin Curtis Allison,^ b. Feb. 23, 1868. 

823. Martha Wilmouth Allison,^ b. July 19, 1871. 

824. John Beattie Allison * [804] {William-Beattie,^ Wil- 
liam,2 Robert ^ ). He was born, June 6, 1841, in Washington 
count}^ Va. He was a farmer and trader, and died Jan. 21, 
1879. He married, 1865, Sarah Ellen Wright, daughter of 
James Edward and Sarah INIariah (Thompson) Wright. She 
was born Dec. 31, 1841. Resides at Glade Spring, Va. 


825. Abraham Greenfield Allison,^ b. Feb. 26, 1867; m., Nov., 1887, 

Mattie Lee Taylor. 

826. Lelia Blanche Allison,^ b. Oct. 20, 1869; m., March 25, 1885, Roland 

P. Johnson. He is a railroad conductor. 

827. Nellie Grant Allison,^ b. Dec. 13, 1872. 

828. James Clinton Allison,' b. Jan. 15, 1874. 

829. Gordon Hampton Allison," b. Oct. 26, 1876. 


830. James Allison,^ born, 1770, in Wythe county, Va. ; 
residence in the east end of that county. He married Jane 
Craig, born in 1779, who died in 1840. He died in 1845. 

831. Halbert McClure AUison,^ born Oct. 3, 1800, in 
Wythe county, Va. ; residence in the east end of that county ; 
married Mary Beattie Sayers,born April 5, 1805, in Virginia, 


and died in Wytheville, Va., June 9, 1882. He died Aug. 
31, 1866, in his native county. Their son, 

832. John Craig Allison,^ born in Wythe county, Va., 
Oct. 5, 1828 ; married Minerva, daughter of William and 
Jane (Rayburn) Guthrie, of Dublin, Pulaski county, Va. 
She was born there Sept. 28, 1831 ; died in Wytheville, Va., 
Jan. 13, 1885. [She was granddaughter of Richard and Eliza- 
beth (Mcintosh) Guthrie, of Maryland. He VN^as born April 
2, 1767 ; died in 1840, in Dublin, Va. ; and was grandson of 
James Guthrie, born in Ireland, lived in Maryland, who mar- 
ried Esther Giles, and died in Rockbridge county, Va.] Mr. 
Allison married, second, Matilda Ann Sanders, daughter of 
Stephen and Mary Craig (Allison) Sanders, born in Wythe 
county, Va., Jan. 26, 1840. Mr. Allison was a farmer before 
the war ; was severely wounded the day General Lee surren- 
dered. He was elected county treasurer of Wythe count3% Va., 
and served for fourteen years ; residence, Wytheville, Wythe 
county, Va. Mrs. Minerva (Guthrie) Allison died a tragic 
death by a kerosene explosion. She was true to her Scotch 
blood and was proud of her people. A noble Christian 
woman, "she died a triumphant Christian death ; her voice- 
less lips are sealed in silence by the words, 'I am the resur- 
rection and the life.' " 


833. John Lee Allison,* b. Pulaski Co., town of Dublin, Virginia, Sept. 

5, 1863. He was educated in the high school at Wytheville, 
Va. ; graduated at King college, Bristol, Tenn., at twenty years 
of age, and from the Union Theological seminary at Hampden, 
Sidney, Prince Edward Co., Va. Is a Presbyterian clergyman, 
and is settled over a Presbyterian churcli at Radford City, Va., 
where he resides. He m., Feb. 28, 1888, Laura B. Stanley. 
Children, b. at Wytheville, Va. : 

834. Mattie Lee Allison,'' b. Aug. 7, 1889. 

835. Laura B. McCiure Allison,''' b. Oct. 10, 1890. 


836. Thomas Allison.^ According to my information, he 
was from Philadelphia, Penn., and his forefathers were living 
in Pennsylvania before the Revolution. Mr. Allison lived in 
South Carolina, then in Smith county, Tenn. He had two 
brothers ; one was Samuel Allison, of Carthage, Tenn., who 
at different times was a member of the legislature, sheriff, 
and clerk of the court for Smith county. 


837. Joseph B. Allison" (838), b. May 28, 1800; res. Smith county, Tenn. 


838. Joseph B. Allison2 [837] (Thomas^). He was born 
in South Carolina, May 28, 1800 ; married Sarah, daughter 
of Joseph Reasonover, and emigrated to Smith county, Ten- 
nessee, where he was reared. 


839. Daniel Brown Allisons (840), b. April 28, 1844 ; res. Morgan City, La. 

840. Daniel Brown Allison ^ [839] (Joseph B.,^ Thomas i). 
He was born April 28, 1814, in Panola, Miss. He left his 
native state, and located at Franklin, parish of St. Marj^ La. 
He was elected sheriff, and served in 1872; was elected clerk 
of the court, and served in that capacity. Later he removed 
to Morgan City, La., and was for three years assistant col- 
lector of United States customs. He married, Jan. 14, 1870, 
at Pine Prairie, parish of St. Laudry, Mary Adelia Adams, 
born in the parish of St. Martin, La., Nov. 8, 1852. Residence, 
Morgan City, La. 


841. Melissa Emma Allison,* b. March 8, 1871. 

842. Adelia Alice Allison,* b. Jan. 26, 1880. 

843. Sarah Gertrude Allison,* b. ]\^ov. 17, 1881. 

844. Edna Clarina Allison,* b. Oct. 24, 1SS3. 

845. Andrew Calvin Allison,* b. Sept. 25, 188-5. 

846. Rupert Lester Allison.* b. Nov. 19, 1887. 

847. Opal Ruth Allison,* b. July 20, 1890. 


848. Andrew Allison,^ of Scotch blood, lived at Church- 
minster, near Ballandreat, in the parish of Lifford, county of 
Donegal, Ireland. This parish is a few miles southwest of 
the city of Londonderr}--, on the border of the county of 
Tyrone, and in the province of Ulster, so noted for its settle- 
ment by Scotch and English 'colonists more than two centu- 
ries ago. Lord Lifford owns much landed property at this 
place, and is its chief inhabitant. From the small railway 
station we can see on a high, ledgy adjacent hill a flagstaff, 
which is flagless when his lordship is absent, but from which 
a flag flutters in the breeze when his lordship is at home. 
In this locality lived Mr. Allison and his family .^ 

'Alexander Porter, of Churchminster, near Ballandreat, parish of Lif- 
ford, county of Donegal, Ireland, was of the Scotcli Presbyterians, that 
strong, sturdy race, whicli leaves its imprint and influence on men and in- 
stitutions wherever planted. He had a daughter, Matilda Porter, who 



849. Andrew Allison^ (850), b. Dec. 26, 1775 ; d. at Carthage, Tenn., Sept. 
29, 1818. He married Matilda Porter, of Lifford, Ireland. 

850. Andrew Allison ^ [849] (Andrew ^ ). He was born 
in the parish of Lifford, county of Donegal, Ireland, Dec. 26, 
1775. He married, about 1798, Matilda, daughter of Alexan- 
der Porter, of Churchminster, near Ballandreat, parish of 
Lifford, Ireland ; who was some six years his junior. It is to 
be presumed that Mr. Allison was not fully satisfied with his 
home locality, nor with the prospect of reaping great harvests 
from the rocky and sterile soil of Lifford, for in his young 
manhood, somewhere about 1802, he settled in Hartsville, 
Tenn. He died at Carthage, Tenn., Sept. 29, 1818. He 
was a merchant. He organized the first lodge of Masons in 
that section, and was master of the lodge at his death. 


851. Alexander Allison,' b. in Lifford, Ireland, about 1800. Res. Nashville, 

Tenn., where he was a successful wholesale dry goods merchant, 
and was prominent in all its public enterprises. For three terms 
he was mayor of that city, and d. in 1862, leaving no issue. He 
m., in 1824, Cynthia Hart, daughter of James Hart. Alexander 
Allison, after the death of liis wife, Cynthia Hart, m. Madeline 
Allcom. He had one son, by his first wife, who was killed at 
the battle of Monterey, Mexico, and one son by his last wife, 
who d. about 1845. Mrs. Allison d. about 1878. 

852. Andrew Allison « (855), b. in Hartsville, Tenn., Sept. 24, 1805; d. in 

Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1860. He m. Rebecca Greer Allen in 

married Andrew Allison, and in 1798 (see his record). His son, Rev. James 
Porter, a Pi-esbyterian clergyman, distinguished for his learning, ability, 
and zeal, was a'patriot in the troubles of 1798, and was condemned to an 
ignominious death, and executed before his church door by the unjust 
decision of a court-martial. His two sons were cared for by his uncle in 
Tennessee. One became an able jurist in Louisiana. The other sons of 
Mr. Porter, of Lifford, were Alexander Porter, Robert Porter, and William 
Porter, who came to the United States in August, 1798, with their sister, 
Mrs. Andrew Allison. Alexander first settled in Wilmington, Del., and 
finally in Nashville, Tenn., and was a successful merchant. He d. of 
Asiatic cholera, at Dresden, Tenn., in April, 1833. His wife was Susan 
Massingill, of East Tennessee. Their son, Dr. James Armstrong Porter, 
was born in Nashville, Tenn., in 1800; married Sally Ann Murphy. Re- 
sided at Nashville, where he died in 1853. He was a man of distinguished 
ability, and held a professorship in tlie university at Nashville. His son, 
Alexander James Porter, was born in Nashville, Tenn., June 6, 1822, 
residence, Nashville, where he died Feb. 11, 1888. He married Martha 
Watson. Their daughter, Mary Amanda Porter, b. Jan. 14, 1851, m. 
Joseph Webster Allison, her relative, June 12, 1872 (see his record), their 
marriage thus reuniting the branches of this family in the fourth and 
fiftli generations. Their son, Alexander Porter Allison, born Memphis, 
Tenn., July 13, 1876, revives the name and blood of the common ancestor 
of his parents in Ireland, who died more than a hundred years before. 


853. James Porter Allison,^ b. about 1807. He graduated at West Point 

military academy, but resigned his commission after a short 
term of service in the army. He studied Liw and commenced 
its practice in Nashville, Tenn., then removed to Bowling 
Green, Ky., where he d., without issue, about 1834. He m. 
in 1830, Elizabeth Gkrnet of Clarksville, Tenn. He was a 
merchant and planter. 

854. Eobert Porter Allison 3 (862), b. at Hartsville, Tenn., July 25, 1809; 

res. Lebanon, Tenn. He m. Alithea Sanders. 

855. Andrew Allison 3 [852] (Andre w,2 Andrew 1 ). He 
was born in Hartsville, Tenn., Sept. 24, 1805 ; married, May 
24, 1832, Rebecca Greer Allen, daughter of Robert Allen of 
Carthage, Tenn. He was a dry goods merchant, and suc- 
ceeded to his father's business. Later he removed to Car- 
thage, Tenn., and engaged in the manufacture of cotton 
goods. He erected a large factory, which was destroyed by 
fire in 1850, rebuilt and again destroyed in 1852. He then 
removed to Nashville, and engaged in the wholesale dry goods 
business, being of the firm of Allison, Anderson & Co. He 
died in Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1860. 


856. Dixon Allen Allison.* 

857. Kebecca Allison,* m. Alexander J. Porter; res. Nashville, Tenn. 

He d. about 1884. She res. in Nashville, and three children. 

858. Robert Allen Allison* (870), b. Carthage, Tenn., Nov. 28, 1836; m. 

Isabel Kilso; res. Jackson, Tenn. 

859. Alexander Allison.* 

860. Andrew Allison.* 

861. Joseph Webster Allison * (873), b. Lebanon, Tenn., May 24, 1848; m. 

Mary Amanda Porter; res. Memphis, Tenn. 

862. Robert Porter Allison ^ [854] (Andrew,' Andrew i ). 
He was born in Hartsville, Tenn., July 25, 1809, He was a 
student of medicine, and graduated at Jefferson college, Phil- 
adelphia, Penn. After practising his profession in Sumner 
county, he removed to Lebanon, Tenn., and became a drug- 
gist. He married, in 1839, Alithea, daughter of James 
Sanders, of Sunnier county, Tenn.; resided at Lebanon, Tenn., 
in 1892, and is retired from business. 


863. Alexander Allison,* b. May 15, 1840; druggist; res. Knoxville, Tenn. 

He married and has three children. 

864. Andrew Allison,* b. Feb. 6, 1842. In 1865 he graduated at the law 

school at Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass., and became an 
attorney of the tirm of Smith, Baxter & Allison in Nashville, 
Tenn. ; was judge of the chancery court in 1892. He m. Nettie, 
daughter of Dr. Granville P. and Leonora (Cheney) Smith, Dec. 
13, 1867; res. Knoxville, Tenn. Children: 

865. Granville S. Allison," b. Sept. 13, 1868; lawyer; res. Nashville, Tenn. 
"  ' Mary Allison,"^ b. Nov. 25, 1873. 


867. James Porter Allison/ b. 1852. He is a druggist; res. Huntsville, 

Alabama. He m. Mattie Higins (?) of Huntsville, Ala. 

868. Madeline Allison,* m. Mr. Humphreys. She res. with her father in 

Lebanon, Tenn. She has one son: 
Allison B. Humphreys,^ aged 16 years in 1892. 

869. Sallie Allison,* m. H. H. Buckman, a lawyer; res. Jacksonville, 

Fla. Three children. 

870. Robert Allen Allison ^ [858] (Andrew,^ Andrew,^ 
Andrew ^ ). He was born in Carthage, Smith county, Tenn., 
Nov. 28, 1836. His home was in Lebanon, Tenn., from 1838 
-56, in Nashville from 1856-'66 ; in Memphis from 1866-'76 ; 
in St. Louis, Mo., from 1876-'81 ; and Jackson, Tenn., from 
1881 to the present time. In 1857 he graduated at Cumber- 
land university at Lebanon, Tenn., and the same year entered 
his father's store as bookkeeper and cashier ; in 1860 formed 
a partnership in the wholesale hat business. After the war, 
which had divested him of his property, he opened a cotton 
commission house with his brother Alexander as partner, in 
Nashville, and was successful ; removed to Memphis, and 
with three brothers engaged in the wholesale hardware bus- 
iness; and was for a time successful. In 1873 the firm lost 
heavily, and he gave up the business later and engaged in 
other business in St. Louis. He is now in business, and re- 
sides in Jackson, Tenn., where he is an elder in the First 
Presbyterian church. He married, Feb. 14, 1861, Isabel 
Kelso, born at Fayetteville, Lincoln county, Tenn., Feb. 1, 
1840. She was daughter of Henry and Rebecca (Rutledge) 
Kelso. Her father was born Sept., 1818; died June, 1866. 
He was a son of Henry Kelso, who was born near Kelso, in 
Scotland, who married Ruth Wells of Kentucky, and he died 
in 1831, in Lincoln county, Tenn. 


871. Isabel Kelso Allison,°b. Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1862; m., 1889, 

Charles Hunter Raines, a bankei*. They res. in Memphis, 

872. Anne Dixon Allison, •> b. Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 2, 1867; d. in Jack- 

son, Tenn., Feb., 1S82. 

873. Rebekah Rutledge Allison," b. Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1871; res. 

Jackson, Tenn. 

874. Joseph Webster Allison 4 [861] (Andrew,^ Andrew,^ 
Andrew 1). He was born in Lebanon, Wilson county, Tenn., 
May 24, 1848. He lived in his native town seven years ; in 
Nashville, thirteen years; in Jackson, seven years; and for 
fourteen years has been a resident of Memphis, Tenn. The 
war interfered with his early opportunities for education. 
He attended a boarding school, and upon the occupation of 





Nashville by the United. States troops he returned to his home, 
and soon secured a clerkship in a hardware store in Nashville, 
v^hich he retained till the close of the war. He then returned 
to the university at Lexington, Va,, graduated after a four 
years course, and then united himself for the next nine years 
at Memphis, Tenn., in the wholesale hardware business with 
his brothers, who were established there. He then engaged 
in the cotton-seed oil manufacture at Jackson, Tenn., and in 
1886 sold his business to the American Cotton Oil Trust, 
and returned to Memphis to assume control of the company's 
oil business in that locality, a position he still holds. Resi- 
dence, Memphis, Tenn. He married Mary Amanda, daughter 
of Alexander James Porter. She was born in Nashville, 
Tenn., Jan. 14, 1851, and is still living. 


875. Eebekah Allison/ b. Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 27, 1873; res. Memphis, 


876. Alexander Porter Allison,^ b. Memphis, Tenn., July 13, 1S76. At 


877. Andrew Allison," b. Jackson, Tenn., April 23, 1S70. At home. 

878. Joseph Webster Allison,'^ Jr., b. Memphis, Tenn., March 20, 1890. 

At home. 


Allisons from Cumberlanb County, England, and Elkhoen 
Gkove, Illinois.— Allisons of Halifax, County of York, Eng- 
land, AND of Philadelphia, Penn. — Allisons of Illinois, New 
Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and of Lawrence, Mass. 

879. Joseph Allison.^ He was born about 1747, in Cum- 
berland county, England. He resided in Moser, Cumberland 
county, England. He married Miss Jane Fisher, daughter 
of Joseph Fisher, about 1775. Her father was a country 
squire, and a noted fox hunter, who owned three estates. 
Joseph Allison's children are unknown to the compiler, except 
one son. It is said that Mr. Allison had three half brothers, 

880. Peter Allison .i 

881. John (?) Alhson.! 

882. Henry Allison.^ 

Joseph Allison^ had a child 

883. John Allison ^ (884), b. at Brigliam, Cumberland Co., Eng., 1777; 
d. at Goat, near Cockermouth, Cumberland Co., about 1845. 

884. John Allison2 [883] (Joseph i). He was born in 
Brigham, Cumberland county, England, in 1777 ; married 
Jane Shaw, July 19, 1803. They lived in Moser, and he died 
near Cockermouth, Cumberland county, England, about 1845. 
He held the position of clerk of the parish of Moser Chapel. 
Mrs. Allison was born in " Lowerby Water of Ayr, Scot- 
land," in 1779, and died at Goat, near Cockermouth, England, 
about 1850. She had one sister, and three half brothers, 
namely: John Shaw, James Shaw, William Shaw, and Mary 


885. Joseph Allison,' b. Aug. 5, 1804; emigrated to America in 1835. 

886. Grace Allison," b. Oct. 17, 1805. 

887. John Allison," b. May 4, 1807; d. Feb. 25, 1830. 

888. Peter Allison," b. April 26, 1809. lie is said to have emigrated to 

America, and to have settled in one of the Eastern states. 
Histoiy not known. 


889. Lsaac Allison,' b, April 14, 1811. 

890. William Allison,' b. Jan. 25, 1813; d, April 27, 1831. 

891. Fisher Allison' (895), b. Ang. 13, 1815, at Keswick, Cumberland Co., 

England ; m. Jane Gelleland Van Buskisk. 

892. Sarah Allison,' b. June 10, 1818. 

893. Jacob Allison,' b. Dec. 6, 1823, 

894. Henry Allison,' b. March 7, 1827; d. July 14, 1831. 

895. Fisaer Allison 3 [891] ( John, 2 Joseph i). He was 
born in Keswick, Cumberland county, England, Aug. 13, 
1815 ; married, Oct, 25, 1837, Jane Gelleland, daughter of Isaac 
Van Buskisk. She was born June 7, 1816, in Fairview, 
Guernsey county, Ohio, and still lives, in Jan., 1892 ; her 
father was born in Virginia : her people were originally from 
Holland. He worked upon a farm near Moser, England, 
until his 19th year, when he emigrated from Keswick to 
Vaughan, a place near Toronto, Canada, in 1835. He removed 
to Dixon, 111., in 1840, and on September 6 of that year he 
removed to Elkhorn Grove, Carroll county. 111., where he 
resided till his death, March 8, 1878, He was chairman of 
the board of supervisors of Carroll county. 111,, for a number 
of years. In the early days of Carroll county, churches 
were few, and ministers regularly installed were scarce. Mr. 
Allison often officiated as a local Methodist minister in a 
gratuitous manner to appreciative congregations. He raised 
a family of thirteen children. Four of his sons went into 
the Union army ; two were killed and another seriously 
wounded in the service. 


896, Joseph Fisher Allison * (909), born in Toronto, Canada, Oct, 19, 1838; 

res. Mount Carroll, Carroll Co., Ill, 

897, Henry Allison,* b, Toronto, Can., Feb. 27, 1840. He was a soldier 

of the Union army, and was a member of Company K, 15th 
regiment, Illinois infantry. He enlisted May 24, 1861. After- 
ward he was in railroad employ. His wife died April 20, 1878, 
leaving a daughter five years of age. Mr. Allison is now a car- 
penter, and resides at Fort Worth, Texas. He is a member of 
the Masonic fraternity, and other orders, 

898, John Huss Allison,' b. at Milledgeville, 111,, Dec, 3, 1841, He was 

a soldier of the Union, in Company G, 39th regiment, Illinois 
infantry, and was killed at Suffolk, Va., Sept. 15, 1862. 

899, William Allison,* b, at Milledgeville, 111,, July 10, 1843. He was a 

member of Company H, 55th regiment, Illinois infantry. He 
was not married, and was killed in a railroad accident at Dixon, 
111., in March, 1865. 

900, Sarah Ann Allison,* b. in a little log cabin, on the prairie at Elkhorn 

Grove, 111., March 26, 1845, and remembers vividly all the scenes 
and incidents of pioneer life in that then new and undeveloped 
country. She was educated at Milledgeville, 111., and at the 
seminary at Rock River. Then she commenced a new life as a 
school teacher, which occuiJation she followed till her mar- 


riage. Early in life she united with the Methodist Episcopal 
church, and has been a consistent and active member. She is 
positive in her convictions, and l)elieves that there should be 
no sex in citizenship, and believes that the surest method for 
the suppression of the liquor traffic and kindred evils is to 
place the ballot in the hands of women. For more than twenty- 
seven years she has shared with her husband all tlie joys and 
sorrows of life. She m., Oct. 11, 1865, George T. Eick. Mr. 
Eick was b. Jan. lU, 1841, in Middlebush, Summerset Co., N. J. 
Went with his father to Illinois in 1856, and in 1859 settled in 
Jordan, 111., where he was married. In 1874 he removed with 
his family to Adams Co., la.; and in 1881 sold his farm; and 
in Feb., 1882, settled in Diller, Gage Co., Nebraska, where he 
has since resided. He has won the high regard of all by his 
consistent Christian life. He is an elder in the Presbyterian 
church, and has at heart the best interests of church and 
community. He is an upright citizen, and worthy officer of 
the church. Children: 

I. William Milton Eick,= b. Jordan, 111., June 14, 18G7; farmer; res. 

Diller, Nebraska. 

II. George Francis Eick,= b. Jordan, 111., Aug. 29, 1868; farmer; res. 

Diller, Nebraska. 

III. Allison Alphonso Eick,"^ b. Jordan, 111., April 1, 1873; at school. 

IV. Sarah Elizabeth Eick,'^ b. Grant, Adams Co., la., Jan. 11, 1876; at 


901. Mary Allison,^ b. Milledgeville, 111., in 1847; m., Dec 7, 1870, How- 

ard O. Barber, a merchant; res. Milledgeville, 111. Children: 

I. Cora Barber,5 aged IS years. 

II. Frank F. Barber,^ aged 13 years. 

III. Harry Barber,'^ aged 10 years. 

IV. Price Barber,^ aged 6 years. 

902. Charles Wesley Allison ^ (914), b. Milledgeville, 111., in 1849; res. 

Milledgeville ; farmer. 

903. Jacob L. Allison,^ b. Milledgeville, 111.; res. Milledgeville, 111. 

Unmarried. Since his father's death he has lived, the larger 
part of the time, with his mother. 

904. Isaac Allison,'' b. Dec. 7, 1852, at Milledgeville, 111. ; res. Milledge- 

ville, 111. He m., April 30, 1878, Sarah E. Vandusen. Child: 
I. Eav Allison, nged 13 years. 

905. Maria Elizabeth Ailisou,4 b. March 27, 1853, at Milledgeville, 111. ; 

res. Milledgeville, 111.; m., March 20, 1880, Joseph Newton 
Musser; b., Jan. 1, 1854, in Jefferson, Wis.; farmer; res. Rock 
Grove, 111. Children: 

I. Joseph Newton Musser,*^ b. Feb. 2, 1881. 

II. Violet Musser,= b. Feb. 12, 1882. 

lit Jane Allison Musser," b. Sept. 4, 1883. 

IV. Grace Leilah Musser, i^ b. Jan. 21, 1886; d. Sept. 21, 1886. 

V. Fisher Allison Musser, '^ b. Feb. 11, 1890. 

906. Susanna Allistm,^ b. Milledgeville, 111. ; d. there in 1862. 

907. James Allison,* b. Milledgeville. 111. ; d. there in Dec, 1860. 

908. Frances Allison,* b. Milledgeville, 111.; d. there in Dec, 1860. 

909. Joseph Fisher Allison * [896] (Fisher,^ John,2 Jos- 
eph^). He was born in Toronto, Canada, Oct. 19, 1838. 
Married, Sept. 28, 1866, Hariet Adaline, daughter of Darius 
and Martha Ann (Foster) Dodge, of Rockford, Winnebago 
county. 111. Mr. Dodge was born in 1816, and was son of Eli- 
jah and Laurena (Thayer) Dodge. His father was born in 
Vermont in 1790. Mrs. Allison was born in Perkins, Ohio, 


June 27, 1846. Mr. Allison worked till his majority upon 
his father's farm. In 1859 he entered the Mount Morris 
seminary of Ogle county, 111., intending to prepare himself 
for the legal profession. The war, breaking out in 1861, broke 
up his life plan. He entered the military service as an en- 
listed man, eight days after the attack on Fort Sumter, en- 
listing April 22, 1861, in Company H, Fifteenth regiment, 
Illinois infantry. He was wounded in both hands at the 
battle of Hatcher's River, Oct. 5, 1862, losing his left hand 
and third and fourth fingers of the right, and again in the 
right ankle at Champion Hills, Miss., Feb. 4, 1864. He 
served six years, seven months, and seven days, and was hon- 
orably discharged as a first lieutenant, Jan. 1, 1868. He was an 
officer of the Freedmen's Bureau, North Carolina, after the 
war. He has held the office of special examiner of the 
United States pension office. He has been circuit clerk and 
recorder, and county clerk of Carroll county, 111., for thirteen 
years, and was first assistant clerk of the House of Represen- 
tatives of Illinois for the twenty-eighth and thirty-third Gen- 
eral Assembly. He resided at Toronto, Canada, till April, 
1840, then in Milledgeville, Carroll county, 111., till 1868 ; 
since 1868, in Mount Carroll, Carroll county, 111. He receives 
a pension of $30 per month, and is a Republican, having cast 
his first vote for Abraham Lincoln. 


910. Frances Cora Allison/ b. June 15, 1870; res. Mount Carroll, 111. 


911. Waite Fisher Allison,^ b. Aug. 10, 1872; res. Mount Carroll, 111. 


912. Martha Allison,^ b. Feb. 27, 1882, at home. 

913. Joseph Foster Allison,^ b. April 21, 1884, at home. 

914. Charles Wesley Allison * [902] (Fisher,^ John,2 
Joseph 1). He was born in Milledgeville, 111., March 26, 
1850. Married, Oct. 19, 1875, Mary Emma Horning, born 
Dec. 13, 1855, in Collegeville, Montgomery county, Penn.; 
lived at Malvern, Whitesides county, 111. She was daughter 
of Samuel Eisenburg, and Elizabeth (Grater) Horning, and 
grand-daughter of Henry and Hannah (Eisenburg) Horning 
of Montgomery county, Penn. Mr. Allison has lived in 
Mount Carroll, 111., and Wymore, Nebraska. He is a teacher 
and farmer; resides Milledgeville, 111. 



915. Charles Horner Allison,'^ b. April 2, 187T, in Milledgeville, Carroll 

county, 111. 

916. Frank Fisher Allison/' b. Milledgeville, 111., Dec. 20, 1888. 

917. Olive Emma Allison,^ b. Milledgeville, 111., April 20, 1881. 

918. John Earle Allison,^ b. Wymore, Gage Co., Neb., July 19, 1883. 

919. Edna Derr Allison," b. Milledgeville, 111., Oct. 6, 1887. 


920. Joseph Allison,^ born in Halifax, England, about 
1778. Married Elizabeth Shaw. They lived and died iu 
Halifax, England, and their sons were all brought up iu the 
cotton and woollen manufacturing business. 


921. William Allison.^ 

922. Joseph Allison.^ 

923. Elizabeth Allison.^" 

924. Martha Allison.^ 

925. John Shaw Allison,' b. Halifax, Eng., June 29, 1808; emigrated to 

America in 1827; m. Elizabeth Clark; res. in Pliiladelphia, 
Penn., and there died Nov. 22, 1888. Was engaged in the cotton 
and woollen manufacturing business. Mrs. Allison was b. in 
Wigton Co., Cumberland, England, Nov. 29, 1808, and was 
daughter of an officer in English army who was in garrison in 
St. Helena at the period of Napoleon's imprisonment. He sold 
his commission, and with his family came to America in 1818. 
Mrs. Allison was an Episcopalian, while lier husband was a 
Presbyterian. The remarkable aggregate height of Mr, Alli- 
son and his five sons was 36 ft. 6 in. 


926. Joseph Allison,3 m. Louisa Hines. Children: 

927. William Niles Allison,* d. in infancy. 

928. Jesse Virginia Allison,* d. in infancy, 

929. Thomas Nixon Allison.* 

930. Albert Henry Allison.* 

931. Frank Niblo Allison.* 

932. Jane Allison Ms deceased. 

934. Jane Elizabeth Allison^ is deceased. 

935. Jolm Smick Allison' is deceased. 

936. William Henry Allison^ was a Union soldier. He m. Catherine 

Riemshart; one child living. 

937. Elizabeth Allison.* 

938. John Allison,* deceased. 

939. Jennie Allison,* deceased. 

940. Ellen Allison' is deceased. 

941. Albei't Clark Allison^ was a Union soldier. He m. Millie Ann Mc- 

Clennan. Children: 

942. Willie May Allison.* 

943. Walter Allison.* 

944. Douglass Allison' was a Union soldier. He m. Catherine Hoffman. 

Children : 


945. Blanche E. Allison.* 

946. Eleanor H. Allison,* deceased. 

947. Artlmr Algernon Allison,' b. Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 29, 1849; 

m., Sept. 22, 1881, Ellen Toon Maslin, of London, England; b. 
there June 9, 1853. Slie is dau. of Charles and Harriet (Salter) 
Maslin, of Leicester, England, and later of Montreal, Canada. 
He was son of John Maslin of Leicester, England. Mr. Allison 
is a printer and clerk. Res. Washington, D. C. He has lived 
in Philadelphia, Penn., and College Green, Md. Children b. 
Washington, D. C. : 

948. Albert Childs Allison,* b. July 9, 1881. 

949. John Franklyn Allison,* b. Sept. 16, 1886. 


950. William Allison ^ (or John), an offshoot of the Penn- 
sylvania famil}^ lived in Kentucky, and married, in Grayson 
county, a Miss Huntress, or Montrose (?); and after the 
birth of his two sons, he went further south, joined the army, 
and was in the battle of New Orleans, under General Jackson, 
He was seldom heard from after that date. He had a brother, 
Samuel Allison, who lived in Pennsylvania. Mrs. Allison 
died about this time, and the children were brought up by 
her relatives. 


951. William Allison = (953), b. Grayson Co., Ky., in 1794; res. Coles Co., 

111., and d. there in 1854. 

952. John Allison,- res. in Hardin Co., Ky., and raised a family. He 

visited his brother's family about 1832, after which the families 
seldom or never saw one another. He d. about 1872 ; P. C, 
Horse Valley, Ky. He was a person of much inteUigence, 
weighed some 20U pounds, was muscular, and a model of phys- 
ical manhood, with a ruddy complexion. He was a lover of the 
military profession in old militia days. He had two sons who 
were Democratic and Secessionist in their sympathies. 

953. William Allison 2 [951] (William 1). He was born 
in Grayson county, Ky., in 1794 ; married, Oct. 17, 1818, in 
Hancock county, Ky., Eliza B. Lewis. He was an itinerant 
Methodist preacher for six or eight years, and was three times 
a delegate to the general conference at New York city ; then 
he studied medicine, became a physician, and practised his 
profession till his death ; commenced his practice in 1832. 
When Illinois was comparatively a wilderness, he moved to 
Etna, Coles county, in that state, in May, 1833. She died 
in 1870. He died in 1854. He was muscular, weighed some 
200 pounds, and physically was a model of manhood. At 
his death he had nine children living. 



954. William L. Allison,' res. Neoga, Cumberland Co., 111.; m. Emily 

955. John L. Allison,' m. Deborah ; res. at Mattoon, Coles Co., 111.; 

he was killed near Vicksburg, Miss., in 1864. 

956. Joseph L. Allison' (963), b. Oct. 7, 1823, in Hancock Co., Ky. ; lawyer; 

res. Marshall, Clark Co., 111. 

957. Francis A. Allison ' (970), b. in Ky., Feb. 11, 1825 ; lawyer and farmer; 

res. Mattoon, Coles Co., 111. He m. Zippora . 

9.58. Susan E. Allison,^ m. John Miller ; res. Nashville, Tenn. 

959. Eliza B. Allison,' m. Capt. James Hart ; both deceased, leaving four 


960. Alfred E. Allison' was killed in the battle of Perryville, Ky., in 1862; 

res. Paradise, Coles Co., 111. He m. Martha , and they had 

one child. His widow was again married to AVilliam Gi'een 
Vault; res. Etna, Coles Co., 111. 

961. Charles W. Allison ' was a private in Company I, 123d regiment, Illi- 

nois Volunteers, and served three years; is a justice of the 
jjeace; res. Etna, Coles Co., 111. 

962. Ann Mary Allison,' m. Walter Hadley; res. Bell Air, Crawford Co., 


963. Joseph L. Allison 3 [956] (William,2 William i). He 
was born in Hancock county, Ky., Oct. 7, 1823; married, 
March 1, 1847, Harriet A. Easton, in Clark county. 111. He 
lived there in April, 1855 ; removed to Marshall, Clark county, 
111.; residence, Marshall, 111., in 1878. 


964. Annie E. Allison.* 

965. Joseph L. Allison,* photographer. 

966. Sarah M. Allison,* school teacher. 

967. Charles C. Allison,* printer. 

968. Edgar L. Allison.* 

969. Laura Mary Allison.* 


970. Francis A. Allison 3 [957] (William,2 William i). 
He was born in Kentucky, Feb. 10, 1825, and in the following 
year was taken by his parents to Indiana, and in the spring 
of 1834 went with his parents to Etna, Coles county. He 
has lived in or in the vicinity of Mattoon, Coles county, 
for many years. Lawyer and farmer. He is said to be a 
second or more remote cousin to Judge James Young Allison, 
of Madison, Ind. (See Allisons of Indiana). Mr. Allison 
is a strong Republican, and made a warm canvass for Lincoln, 
in 1860. He and his brothers were very active politicians, 
good speakers, and able organizers ; all Republicans. The 
Allisons of this family are mostly Presbyterians, and Meth- 
odists. They are muscular, have broad shoulders, fair com- 
plexions, with light brown or black hair and blue eyes, and 
are peaceable and law-abiding people. 



97L John S. Allison,* m. Sarah E. ; res. Mattoon, 111. 

972. Eliza B. Allison,* m. Dr. J. W. Weis; res. Mattoon, 111. 

973. Alice A. Allison.* 

974. A. F. Allison.^ 

975. J. W. Allison.* 


976. Burgess Allison, born in Bordentown, N. J., Aug. 
17, 1753 ; died in Washington, D. C, Feb. 20, 1827. Clergy- 
man ; Baptist ; studied in what is now Brown University, 
Providence, R. I., in 1777, and had charge of a small parish 
in Bordentown, N. J., where he established a classical board- 
ing-school, which attained great repute. In 1796, he gave 
his attention to inventions, and several improvements in the 
steam engine, and its application to navigation are due to his 
efforts. " In 1801, he resumed his school, and soon afterward 
his pastorate, but ill health compelled him to relinquish both. 
In 1816, he was elected chaplain of the house of representatives, 
and later became chaplain of the navy yard at Washington, 
D. C, where he remained till his death. He was at one time 
one of the secretaries of the American Philosophical society, 
and was a constant contributor to periodical literature." 
(From Appleton's Encyclopedia of American Biography, 
Vol. I, p. 58.) 


977. William Allison^ was an emigrant from Ireland, and 
bis native place was near Omagh, in the county of Tyrone, 
and was of the Scotch stock. He came to America soon 
after the close of the Revolution, locating in Hartford, Conn. ; 
later, he removed to Holland Patent in western New York, 
took up land, and lived upon it till his death, about 1830. 


978. Margaret Allison,^ m. Duprea, and went south. 

979. Sallie Allison,^' m. Winslow, of Holland Patent. 

980. Jane Allison,^ m. Tarwood, of Holland Patent. 

981. Nancy Allison,- m. Mildrum, of Middletown, Conn. 

982. Andrew Allison,^ never married ; lived and died at his father's home. 

983. Samuel Allison^ (984), res. Middletown, Conn. 

984. Samuel Allison 2 [983] (William i). He served his 
time as soap- and candle-maker with a JNIr. Nichols, of Hart- 


ford, Conn., till 1807. Then he removed to Middletown, 
Conn., and established the soap and candle manufactory, 
which has ever since been successfully carried on by himself 
and his descendants. He managed the business till 1828, 
when he died, aged 42 years. 


985. William P. Allison,^ b. March 15, 1S06; liarchvare manufacturer; 

res. Cromwell, Conn. ; d. in 1874. 

986. J. D. Allison,* his son, is a hardware manufacturer; b. in 1833; res. 

Cromwell, Conn. Another son, res. Georgetown, Col. ; editor 
of Georgetown Courier. 

987. Samuel S. Allison,^ b. Sept., 1809; res. Middletown, Conn.; carried 

on the soap manufacturing business till 1856, and retired, giving 
place to his sons, Samuel and Abel Allison. He was living 
in 1879. Children: 

988. Samuel Allison,* res. Middletown, Conn. 

989. Abel C. Allison,* res. Middletown, Conn. Two other sons, res. Mid- 

dletown, Conn. Three daughters, res. Middletown, Conn. 
Two sons in California; farmers. 


989a. James Allison was a lieutenant in the third Mary- 
land regiment, and signed a flattering memorial to General 
John Sullivan, Oct. 18, 1777. 


990. Samuel Allison ^ (Samuel,* James,^ Capt. Samuel,^ 
SamueP). He was related to the Whittemores by his mother, 
Polly, a member of that family. He was born in Weathers- 
field, Vt., Oct. 7, 1812 ; married, Dec. 11, 1836, Mary Ann, 
daughter of Clark and Martha (Reed) Preston, of Weath- 
ersfield, Vt. (The Reeds were .of Westford, Mass., and 
the Prestons of Mansfield, Conn.) Mrs. Allison was born, 
Dec. 2, 1815, at Weathersfield, and now lives at No. 60 New- 
bury street, Lawrence, Mass. In May, 1850, they removed 
to Lawrence, Mass., where Mr. Allison died Sept. 5, 1879. 
He was buried in Weathersfield, Vt. His age was 66 years, 
10 months, 28 days. 


991. Charles Allison,* b. Bridgewater, Vt., Feb. 24, 1838; enlisted in the 
4th Massachusetts regiment, and died of disease at Baton Rouge, 
La., April 16, 1863, aged 25 years, 1 month, 23 days. 


992. Martha Ann Allison,^ b. Bridge water, Vt, Feb. 27, 1840; m. Jason 

Wright, of Walthara, Mass.; merchant; res. San Jose, Cal. 

993. Jason Allison Wright.' 

994. Ellen Maria Allison,^ b. Cavendish, Vt., Jan. 16, 1847; d. March 27, 

1847, aged 11 weeks, 5 days. 

995. George Henry Allison," b. Cavendish, Yt., May 29, 1849; m., July 

5, 1871, Ellen C, dau. of Jotham Sewell and Maria Bugbee 
(Stoddard) Preston, of Edmunds, Me., where she was b. Jan. 21, 
1851. Mr. Allison is la " commercial tourist," and res. at No. 
60 Newbury street, Lawrence, Mass. Child : 

996. Mabel Preston Allison,' b. Lawrence, Mass., June 24, 1875. 


The Allisons of Magillegan and Limavady, County of London- 
DEEKY, Ireland, and of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

997. John Allison ^ was bbrn in 1652, and lived, at Drum- 
naha, Magillegan, near Newton-Limavady, in county of Lon- 
donderry ; in and near also the waters of Lough Foyle, some 
twenty miles distant from the city of Londonderry, and about 
equidistant between that place and the parish of Aghadowey 
in the same county. From the latter evidently emigrated, in 
1718, Samuel Allison, the progenitor of the New Hampshire 
Allisons, together with the first settlers of Londonderry, N. H. 
Limavady is a place of great antiquity, is well built, and 
has a population of several thousand. At Drumnaha, Magil- 
legan, Mr. John Allison was a prominent citizen, and died in 
1736. He is buried in Magillegan, in the family burying- 
ground. This place is in county of Londonderry, about eight 
miles from Limavady, and situated in the angle made by the 
junction of Lough Foyle and the Atlantic ocean. There sev- 
eral generations of this family of Allisons are buried, and there 
their living connections, as well as being the connections of 
the numerous Allisons of this branch in Nova Scotia, are liv- 
ing in 1893. On Mr. AUison'^s tombstone is this inscription : 
" Here lieth the body of John Allison, who departed this life 
on the 19th of November, 1736, aged 84 years ; here also lieth 
the body of Jane Clarke, first wife of the above John Allison, 
who departed this life 10 th May, 1684, aged 24 years. Also 
lieth the body of Mary Fleming, second wife to the aforesaid 
John, who departed this life 17th March, 1733, aged 78 


998. William Allison^ (999), b. in Drumnaha, Ireland, in 1680; resided 
there, and d. there June 20, 1766. 

999. William Allison 2 [998] (Johni). He was born in 
Drumnaha, county of Londonderry, Ireland, where he lived 
and died. In the family cemetery there he is buried, and 


above him is this inscription : " Also here lieth the body of 
William Allison, son to the above John, who departed this 
life on the 20th June, 1766, aged 86 years. Here also lieth 
the body of Rebecca Caldwell, wife of the above William, 
who departed this life 11th March, 1751, aged QQ years." 
William and Rebecca (Caldwell) Allison had several child- 
ren, among them were, — 


1000. Joseph Allison^ (1002), b. about 1720; emigrated to Horton, Kings 

Co., Nova Scotia, and d. in 1794. 

1001. William Allison^ (1009), b. in 1724; m. Mary Lawrence, lived in 

Drumnaha, and d. there Nov. 24, 179S. 

1002. Joseph Allison 3 [1000] (William,2 Johni). He was 
born in Drumnaha, near Limavady, Ireland, about 1720, and 
when he reached manhood's estate, he rented a farm belonging 
to a London corporation, paying yearly rates, which were col- 
lected by an agent in Ireland. On one of these visits of the 
agent he was invited by Mr. Allison to dine with him. The 
best the house afforded was given to him as an honored 
guest. On that day silver spoons v/ere used. Turning to 
Mr. Allison the agent said, — 

"I see that you can afford to have silver on your table. If 
you can afford this, you can afford to pay more rent. Your 
next year's rent will be increased." 

"I will pay no more rent," said Allison. "I will go to 
America first." 

The agent increased the rent, which Mr. Allison would not 
pay. He sold all his property, and, with his family and six 
children, in 1769 left the home of his fathers and the graves 
of his kindred, and embarked from Londonderry for the New 
World, intending to land at Philadelphia. He had relatives 
in Pennsylvania with whom he had corresponded, who had 
urged him to come to them in that state and bring his family. 
Their names were Pollock, the children of Mrs. Allison by 
her first marriage; they settled in Pennsylvania about 176(5. 
Their passage was rough, and the vessel was wrecked on 
Sable Island, and he and his famil}^ were taken to Halifax, 
Nova Scotia. It was then diJfticult and expensive to journey 
from one section of the country to another. A few years 
previous to the arrival of Mr. Allison in Halifax, the French 
people had been most cruelly expelled from their Acadian 
homes, and their lands thrown open to settlement. Through 
the persuasion of Admiral Cochrane, then admiral on that 


coast and station, and by the liberal offers made to them by 
the authorities, these sturdy people of Scotch blood were in- 
duced to go in and occupy. Of those who came with the 
Allisons, the McHeffys settled in Falmouth, N. S., the Ma- 
gees in Aylesford, the McCormicks in Annapolis, and Mr. 
Allison purchased a farm in Horton, Kings county. Nova 
Scotia, on the border of the historic Grand Pre, where he 
lived till his death in 1794. He was a Presbyterian, though 
many of his descendants have departed from the ancient faith, 
and belong to other denominations. He married in Limav- 
ady, county of Londonderry, Ireland, Mrs. Alice Polk (or 
Pollock) Caldwell, who survived him for several years. She 
gave the historic silver spoons to her youngest child, a 
daughter who lived to be ninety years old. They are now in 
the possession of her great-grandson, Hon. Leonard Shannon, 
of Halifax, N. S. 


1003. Kebecca Allison* (1020), b. in 1751, d. in 1842. She m. Col. Jona- 

than Crane; res. Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia. 

1004. William Allison* (1026), b. in 1752; d. about 1815. 

1005. John Allison* (1081), b. in 1753; d. March 1, 1821; res. Newport, 

Hants Co., N. S. 

1006. Joseph Allison* (1044), m. Alice, dau. of Israel Harding, a 

Loyalist in the Revolution; res. Horton, N, S. 

1007. James Allison* (1054), b. in 1765; d. in 1849; m. Margaret Hutch- 


1008. Nancy Allison,* b. 1768; d. in 1858. She was less than a year old 

when brought to Nova Scotia. She m. Major Samuel Leonard, 
but left no children. Her husband was a native of New Jersey, 
espoused the Loyalist side during the Revolutionary War, and 
was a captain in the New Jersey volunteers. He was a major 
of the militia in Nova Scotia, in 1807-1808, which garrisoned the 
forts at Halifax when the regulars were withdrawn to the aid 
of Wellington in the peninsula. 

1009. William Allison 3 [1001] (William,2 John 1). He 
was born in Drumnaha, county of Londonderry, Ireland, in 
1724, lived in his native town, and died Nov. 24, 1798, at 74 
years. He married Mary Lawrence, " who departed this life 
8th July, 1796, aged 62 years." They are buried in Drum- 
naha, Ireland. The tombstone above them records these 
facts : "• They lived united in the honourable state of matri- 
mony 43 years, and brought up a numerous family in the 
principles of religion, morality, and truth. He was a man of 
the strictest integrity. She possessed all the amiable quali- 
ties that are the best ornaments of her sex." 


1010. Samuel Allison* (1063), lived in Drumnaha, Ireland; b. 1755; d. 

Dec. 3, 1818, " in the 64th year of his age." 

1011. William Allison* obtained a large fortune, lived privately at No. 

3 Edward iSt., Bath, England. He was a surgeon, and attained 
high rank in the East India company's service. Res. Bath, 
Eng., and d. there in 1850. His nephew, Samuel Allison of 
Magillegan, Ireland, wrote a letter Oct. 2, 1819, stating that his 
uncle William Allison had two childi-en. Children: 

1012. Mary Allison.^ 

1013. John Allison." 

1014. Rebecca Allison* m. a farmer, and lived in Ireland. Was living 

in 1819. 

1015. Elizabeth Allison* was unmarried Oct. 2, 1819. 

1016. Ann Allison* was m. and lived in Ireland in 1819. 

1017. Eleanor Allison* was m. and lived in Ireland in 1819. 

1018. Esther Allison* was deceased on Oct. 2, 1819. 

1019. Mary Allison * was deceased on Oct. 2, 1819. 

1020. Rebecca Allison ^ [1003] (Joseph,^ William,2 
Jolin^). She was born in Liraavady, Ireland, in 1751, and 
was in the bright flush of young womanhood when she with 
her father's family emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1769. She 
married Col. Jonathan Crane, and resided in Horton, Kings 
county, N. S., where she died in 1842. She was the first 
of the Allison family in Nova Scotia to join the Wesleyan 
Methodist church. Colonel Crane for nearly forty years 
represented Kings in the provincial assembly. They had a 
large family. 


1021. William Crane, e res. in Sackville, New Brunswick, where he d. in 

1851. He possessed brilliant parts, accumulated a large fort- 
une, and became one of the wealthiest men in the province. He 
entei-ed politics, was a member of the legislature of that 
province, and was chosen to the speakership. 

1022. James N. Crane," farmer; he lived and died at Horton, N. S. 

1023. Silas Crane," merchant; res. Economy, N. S. 

1024. Crane," m. Mr. Dennison. 

1025. Crane," m. Mr. Taylor. 

1026. William Allison* [1004] (Joseph,^ William,2 
John ^). He was born in Drumnaha, near Limavady, Ire- 
land, in 1752, and died in Pleasant River, Digb}'' county, N. 
S., in 1834. He married Humility Rathbun, of Horton, N. S., 
and had issue by this marriage. He married, secondly, Mrs. 
Eliphal Lee. His life was mostly spent in Horton, N. S. 


1027. Elizabeth Allison,^ m. Rev. William Bennett, a missionary of the 
Wesleyan Methodist church, and moved from place to place. 


They had a large family of children. He settled in Newport, 
N. S., where he lived some twenty years. The last years of his 
life were passed in Halifax, N. S. Mrs. Bennett died soon after 
they settled in Newport. Children: 

I. AVilliam Allison Bennett,^ b. 1812; farmer; res. 1892, in Newport, N, S. 

II. Martha Bennett," m. Eobert, second son of John Allison. She d. 


III. Joseph B. Bennett,' merchant; res. Halifax, N. S., and d. years ago. 

IV. Jane Bennett,* m. William Coffin; i-es. Barrington, N. S. 

1028. William Allison,^ d. young. 

1029. Amos Allison," d. young. 

1030. Nancy Allison = (1074), m. James Noble Shannon; res. Halifax, 

N. S. 

1031. John Allison 4 [1005] (Joseph,^ William,^ John i). 
He was born near Limavady, Ireland, in 1753, and came to 
America with his father's family when he was sixteen years 
of age, and settled on the shores of Acadia, bringing with 
him the loyalty and religion of his ancestors. From 1769 to 
1804 he lived in Horton, N. S., where he successfully conten- 
ded with all the privations and difficulties incident to a new 
settlement, and while there, and later in life, by great perse- 
verance, industry, frugality, and integrity, secured for him- 
self and family a respectable competency. In 1804, he re- 
moved to Newport, Hants count}^, N. S., which was his home 
the remainder of his life. He was a trader, and later on be- 
came one of the most successful farmers in Nova Scotia. 
He was a man of solid virtues, of good sense, excellent judg- 
ment, and a pleasant conversationalist. Being a magistrate, 
he exerted his powers oftentimes successfully for the settle- 
ment of differences. Brought up a Presbyterian, in his later 
years he was an active member of the Methodist church. He 
was a friend of God, and delighted in the duties of religion. 
For many years he represented Newport in the provincial 
parliament. By his efforts the Hants Branch Bible society 
was reorganized, and new life infused into the organization. 
This was his last public work. He told his family that the 
fear of death was past, and died in peace March 1, 1821, and 
went over the river to be reunited with many beloved friends, 
and to join "'that great multitude which no man can num- 

Mr. Allison married in 1779, Nancy, daughter of Jt)hn 
Whidden, a leading magistrate in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.^ 

'John Whidden emigrated to Truro, N. S., with the New Hamjishire 
settlers in 1761. He married a Miss Longfellow of Gorham, Me., who 
was closely related to the family of the poet Henry W. Longfellow. Mrs. 
Whidden and her sister, Maria Ltmgfellow, lie buried at Horton, N. S., 
in the very centre of the village of the historic Grand Pre, made forever 
famous by the genius and soul of the great jjoet. 



1032. Sarah Allison,^ b. in 1780, d. 18.37. She m. Charles Eathbun, and 

res. in Fahnouth and Newport, N. S. Children, all deceased : 

I. Joseph Rathbun.6 

II. Charles Rathbun.s 

III. Sarah Rathbun.« 

IV. Agnes Rathbun.* 

V. John Rathbun." 

VI. Allison Rathbun.« 

VII. Mary Rathbun.« 

1033. John Allison' (1080), b. 1782, d. 1865; m. Hannah Smith. 

1034. Joseph Allisons (1082), b. 1785, d. 1839; m. his cousin, Mrs. Anna 

(Pre.scott) O'Brien. 

1035. Elizabeth Allison," b. 1787, d. 1858. She m. John Elder, res. Fal- 

mouth, N. S. They are dead, and no descendants are living. 

I. Rebecca Elder,« d. in 1872. 

II. William Elder,^ d. when 19 years of age. 

III. Bessie Elder,^ d. of consumption in early life. 

IV. Mary Elder,« d. of consumption in early life. 

V. Margaret Elder,* m. J. Brown, of Falmouth, N. S., and d. without 

children at an early age. 

VI. Nancy Elder,* d. of consumption when young. 

VII. Sai-ah Elder,* d. of consumption when young. 

1036. Ann Allison « (1088), b. in 1790, d. in 1866; m. Hon. Hugh Bell; res. 

Halifax, N. S. 

1037. William Allison =^ (1092), b. in 1792 in Newport, N. S.; d. 1851, in 

Boston, Mass. He res. at Woodside, Newj)ort, N. S. 

1038. James Vv'hidden Allison'^ (1114), b. in 1795, d. in 1867; res. New- 

port, N. S. 

1039. Mary Jane Allisons (1122), is deceased. She m. Winthrop Sargent, 

of Barrington, N. S. 

1040. David Allison," b. 1804, d. 18.58. He m. Mary Fairbanks, who is 

still living at the age of 92 years. He was a leading mer- 
chant of Halifax, and a member of the firm of Fairbanks & 
Allison. He had six children; one, a daughter, is living. His 
only son died in eai'ly boyhood. Children: 

1041. Fanny Allison,* m. Dr. S. Wells, of the English navy. She d. many 

years ago in Bermuda. 

1042. Harriet F. Allison,* res. Morris St., Halifax, N. S. 

1043. Joseph Allison,* d. in childhood. 

1044. Joseph Allison * [1006] (Joseph,^ William, 2 John i). 
He was born at Drumnaha, near Limavady, county of Lon- 
donderry, Ireland, sometime before the emigration of his 
parents to Nova Scotia in 1769 ; residence Horton, N. S. He 
married Alice, daughter of Israel Harding, a Loyalist. He 
represented Horton in the provincial legislature from 1808 
to 1815 ; residence, Horton, N. S. 


1045. Samuel Leonard Allisons (1134), res. Queens county, N. S. 

1046. Joseph Allison," m. Amelia Delancy, and had three daughters. 


1047. Rebecca Allison,^ m. Caleb Huntley Rand; res. Kentville, N. S. 


I. Elizabeth Rand,8 m. Charles Allison, son of Jonathan C. Allison. 

II. Jane Rand," deceased. 

III. William Henry Rand,6 deceased. 

IV. Edward Rand," deceased. 

V. Ellen Rand, 8 deceased. 

VI. Rebecca Rand," m. Mather Boyle Almon, of Halifax, N. S. Chil- 

di"en: Ravenal Almon," res. Boston, Mass., with her mother; 
Mather Almon, ^ res. St. John, Can. ; Frank Almon,' res. Ottawa, 
Can. ; John Almon,' res. Montreal, Can. ; Percey Almon,' res. 
Halifax, N. S. ; Eleanor Almon,' pi-obably in England; Muriel 
Almon,' res. Halifax, N. S. ; Louis Almon,' res. Halifax, N. S. 

1048. Israel Allison,'' m. Abbie Dickson. He was high sheriff of the 

county of Colchester. Had three daughters: 

I. Kate Allison," deceased. 

II. Jane Allison," deceased. 

III. Anna Allison," deceased. 

1049. Sarah Allisons (1163), m. Oliver Cogswell. Seven children. She 

res. in Kentville, N. S., and Sackville, N. B. 

1050. Jonathan Ci'ane Allisons (1172), merchant in Halifax. 

1051. William Henry Allison,= m. Eleanor McHefty. He d. early, and 

left one child, a daughter: 
I. Allison," m. Cliarles P^ Tobin; res. Cornwallis, N. S. 

1052. Edward Allison ^ (1180), b. Cornwallis, N. S. ; m. Catherine Henry; 

res. St. John, N. B. 
10.53. Mary Allison," m. Philip Augustus Knaut; res. Liverpool, N. S. 
Child: a dau., who d. in 1888. 

1054. James Allison * [1007] (Josepli,^ William,2 John i). 
He was born in Limavady, county of Londonderry, Ireland, 
in 1765 ; died in 1849. He married Margaret Hutchinson. 
He was a farmer and fruit-grower and merchant, and resided 
at Cornwallis, N. S. He was a magistrate. 


1055. James Thomas Allison,^ b. Oct. 3, 1793. He m. Ann McCalla, and 

left no children ; lived on the homestead at Cornwallis, N. S. 

1056. Charles Frederick Allison = (1187), b. Jan. 25, 1795; d. Nov. 20, 

1858; m. Milcali Trueman, of Point de Bute, New Brunswick; 
res. Sackville, N. B. 

1057. John Hutchinson Allison,' b. Oct. 18, 1796; d. about 1845; m. 

Eliza Beggs, and liad six children; res. Cornwallis, N. S. 

1058. Henry Burbridge Allison •> (1189), b. Sept. 30, 1801; d. Dec. 1, 1890; 

m. Sarah Abrams, of Miramichi, N. B. ; res. Miramichi, N. B., 
and Sackville, N. B. 

1059. William Edward Allison," b. July 23, 1806; d. 1840; m. Eliza 

McKenzie or Ann Wilkinscm, and had .six daughters — one sur- 
vives; res. Cornwallis, N. S. 

1060. Joseph Francis Allison •> (1195), b. July 23, 1806; m. Mary Cogs- 

well; d. May 23, 1863; merchant; res, Sackville, N. B. 

1061. Margaret Ann Allison,* b. Aug. 29, 1808; m. Rev. More Campbell, 

an Episcopalian clergyman. 

1062. George Augustus Allison '^ (1202), b. April 27, 1811; m. Martha 

Prescott; m., second, Mrs. Rigby, of Sydney, Cape Breton; res. 
Halifax, N. S. 


1063. Samuel Allison* [1010] (William,^ William,2 
John 1). He was born in Drumnaha, near Limavady, Ireland, 
in 1755 ; d. Dec. 3, 1818, in his sixty-fourth year. His 
" only brother," William Allison, lived at Bath, Eng. He 
married Miss Jane Flemming, and lived at Drumnaha, where 
he died. She died Sept. 2, 1843, aged 82 years. 


1064. Mary Allison,^ b. July 26, 1790; d. single at Drumnaha, Ireland, 

June 19, 1871. 

1065. Elizabeth Allison,6 b. Jan. 22, 1792; d. young. 

1066. Allison.^ He was an apprentice, and lived in Coleraine, Ire., 

Oct. 2, 1819. 

1067. William Allison,^ b. Aug. 31, 1795. He emigrated to America with 

his uncle, Joseph Flemming, and settled in Petersburg, Va., 
where he lived a number of years. Trade being very much 
depressed, he went to New Orleans, La., and after his removal 
had not been heard from on Oct. 2, 1819. 

1068. Samuel Allison ° (1203), b. Nov. 21, 1797. He lived in Drumnaha, 

near Limavady, Ire., at a place called Magillegan, with the i-est 
of his father's family, on Oct. 2, 1819. It was a place "our 
grandfather possessed " on the above date. He wi'ote a letter to 
his second cousin, Joseph Allison (son of John,* Joseph,3 AVil- 
liam,2 John,' of Nova Scotia), which is now in the possession 
of Mrs. Elizabeth Whidden Doane, of Barrington, N. S. 

1069. Robert Allison,'* b. Nov. 11, 1799; single; merchant in Limavady, 

Ire. ; d. June 9, 1862. 

1070. John Allison,^ b. Feb. 8, 1802; m. Mrs. Laura Sprott, and d. in 

Nova Scotia. 

1071. Elizabeth Allison,«b. Feb. 8, 1802; m. Joseph Conn; res. in Magil- 

legan, Ire., and d. about 1842. 

1072. Anne Allison, b. Aug. 29, 1803; d. 1809. 

1073. Jane Allison,"^ b. July 8, 1804; m. Clarke Stewart; res. Agha^ 

dowey, county of Londonderry, Ire., and d. about 1880. 

1074. Nancy Allison ^ [1030] (William,'* Joseph,3 Wil- 
liam,2 John ^ ) . She was born in Nova Scotia, and married 
James Noble Shannon ; res. Halifax, N. S. He was a promi- 
nent merchant. 


1075. Samuel Leonard Shannon,8 b. in Halifax, N. S., in 1816. For 

several years he was a member of the provincial government; 
at present (1891) he is judge of probate for tlie city and county 
of Halifax. He is owner of the historic silver spoons of his 
gi-eat grandfather, Joseph Allison, the emigrant; res. Hali- 
fax, N. S. 

1076. Elizabeth Shannon," d. of consumption in her youth. 

1077. Mary Shannon,' d. of consumption when young. 

1078. Nancy Shannon," d. of consumption when approaching woman- 


1079. Sophy Shannon,' d. of consumption before aiTiving at maturity. 


1080. John Allisons [1033] (John,* Joseph,^ William,2 
John^). He was born in 1782, and died in 1865. He mar- 
ried Hannah Smith. Mr. Allison was a gentleman of the 
old school, of courtly dignified manners. He was the leading 
magistrate of his township, and his decisions as well as his 
character always commanded respect. They had ten chil- 
dren, two of whom are now living. 


1081. Joseph Allison," was a man of ability; was high sheriff of the 
county of Hants, and Avas considered one of the best authori- 
ties on the early history of Nova Scotia. 

1081a. Eobert Allison/ is a leading farmer. Res. Newport, Nova Scotia. 

1081a. D. Prescott Allison,'' is a prominent business man. Ees. Windsor, 
Nova Scotia. 

1082. Joseph Allison & [1034] (John,* Joseph,^ William,2 
John 1). He was born 1785, and died in 1839. He married 
his cousin on his mother's side, Mrs. Ann (Prescott) O'Brien. 
Mr. Allison was a member of the leading mercantile house of 
the province, " Collins & Allison," and for many years was a 
member of the legislative and executive councils of Nova 
Scotia. Extensively did he travel, and was probably the 
only member of the Allison family in Nova Scotia who was 
on terms of personal intimacy with members of the branches 
of the Allison family remaining in Ireland. He both visited 
and corresponded with his relative. Dr. Allison, of the East 
India Company, who died in Bath, Eng. The subject of this 
sketch resided at Halifax, N. S. He had six children. 
Neither of his two sons left any descendants. 


1083. Elizabeth Allison," m. Dr. D. B. Fraser, of Windsor, N. S., and d. 

several years ago. 

1084. Mary Allison," d. young. 

1085. Charles E. Allison," gradvxated at King's college, N. S., and soon 

after died. 

1086. Frederick Allison,' b. 1835; d. 1879. He was a commission mer- 

chant at Halifax, N. S. 

1087. Anna Allison," m. Eev. J. J. Hill, rector at Newport, N. S., and d. 

many years ago. 

1088. Ann Allison ^ [1036] (John," Joseph,^ William,2 
John ^ ). She was born in 1790 ; died in 1866. She married 
in 1815, Hon. Hugh Bell, b. in county of Fermanagh, Ire , 
in 1780 ; came to Halifax with parents, 1781 or 1782 ; resi- 
ded, Halifax, N. S. He for a long period represented the 


city of Halifax in the local parliament, and in his later years 
was a member of the legislative council. He was an ardent 
philanthropist, and d. in Halifax, 1860, aged 80 years. They 
had nine children. 


1089. Joseph Bell,' was high sheriff of the county and city of Halifax. 

1090. John Allison Bell,* is auditor for the city of Halifax, and is noted 

for his poetic gifts and fine literary taste; res. Halifax, N. S. 

1091. Sarah Bell,^ m. Mr. Bennett. She is a widow, and is still living. 

1092. William Allison ^ [1037] ( Johii,^ Joseph,^ William,^ 
John 1). He was born 1792 ; died March 1, 1851, in Boston, 
Mass. Married Martha Irish, of Falmouth, N. S., who died 
and left eight children. He married, second, Lucy Rath- 
bun, of Horton, N. S., who had five children, and died 
April, 1893. He resided at Woodside, Newport, N. S. 


1093. Margaret Anne Allison," m. William Allison Bennett, of Willow 

Bank, Newport, N. S. Children: 

I. Bessie Bennett,' is deceased. 

II. Martha Bennett.' 

III. William Bennett.T 

1094. Elizabeth Allison, o m. Rev. John McMurray, of Halifax, N. S., who 

d. Dec. 26, 1890, aged 78 years. No children. 

1095. Mai-y Jane Allison," m. Hugh McCallum, of Truro, N. S. Chil- 

dren : 

I. William McCallum.' 

II. Annie McCallum. ' 

III. John A. McCallum.' 

IV. Moreavi McCallum.' 

1096. John Allison" (1215), b. Newport, Hants Co., N. S., May 16, 1821. 

Res. 2503 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
1079. Martha Allison," m. Hugh Chambers, of Newport, N. S. She is 
deceased. Children: 

I. Helen Chambers.' 

II. Frederick Chambers.' 

1098. Maria Allison," d. young. 

1099. William Allison," d. young. 

1100. Henry Allison," d. young. 

1101. Frederick Day Allison,""m. Emily Jost, of Halifax, N. S. He d. 

May, 1886, aged 50 years. No children. 

1102. Louisa DeWolfe Allison,6 b. 1838, at Woodside, Newport, N. S. ; m. 

Thomas I. Harris, of Horton, N. S. ; farmer. No children. 

1103. Joseph Allison," b. Woodside, Newport, N. S., July 1, 1840; m., 

Aug. 3, 1861, Helen Matilda, dau. Joseph Scammell, of St. John, 
N. B. ; b. Aug. 9, 1806, in Wiley, Wiltshire, England, and d. 
May, 1862, in St. John, N. B. He m. Fanny Matilda Chute, b. 
Nov. 10, 1807, at Digby, N. S. Mrs. Allison was b. March 25, 
1847, in St. John, N. B. AVhen nine years of age, he left his 
native place and went to live with his brother. Rev. John Alli- 
son," at Woodstock, N. B., and three years later went to St. 


John, N". B., where he lias ever since resided. When thirteen 
years of age, he went into a store to learn the dry goods busi- 
ness, at which he has eVer since been engaged. In 1866 he 
started on his own account, in partnership with James Man- 
chester and James F. Robertson, under the firm name of Man- 
chester, Robertson & Allison, They are still in trade, and 
have built up the largest wholesale and retail trade business 
ever reached in the maritime provinces. Children, b, St, John, 
N. B, : 

1104. Walter Gushing Allison,' b. April 12, 1873. 

1105. Helen Gertrude Allison,' b. July 15, 1875. 

1106. William Scammell Allison,' b. Aug, 29, 1884, 

1107. Winthrop Sargent Allison,* b. Newport, N, S. ; m. Carrie Cham- 

bers, of that place. Children: 

1108. Lucy Ratlibone Allison,' 

1109. Frank Allison,' dead. 

1110. Louisa Allison.' 

1111. Fannie Allison.' 

1112. Harry Allison.' 

1113. Francis Rathbone Allison,' d. young. 

1114. James Whidden Allison ^ [1038] (John,^ Joseph,^ 
William,^ John i). He was born in Horton, N. S., December 
1, 1795 ; married, July, 1821, Margaret, daughter of Matthew 

and (Jenkins) Elder. She was born in Falmouth, N. S., 

June 12, 1799 ; died in Newport, N. S., March, 1872. Her 
father was a native of county of Donegal, Ireland, and lived 
in Falmouth, N. S. Mr. Allison was a farmer, and resided 
in Horton, N. S., from 1795 to 1804, and in Newport, N. S., 
from 1804 till his death in 1867. He was one of the leading 
magistrates of Newport, and for five years represented that 
township in the provincial parliament. He was Methodist 
in his religious affiliations. 


1115. James Whidden Allison,'' b. Newport, N. S., July 22, 1822; m. 

Margaret Master; merchant; res. Newport, N. S. No chil- 

1116. Allison," a dau., d. in infancy. 

1117. Allison," a dau., d. in infancy. 

1118. Sarah Jane Allison," b. Newport, N. S., March, 1827; res. in Win- 

nipeg, Manitoba. 

1119. John Allison," b. Newport, N. S., Jan. 1, 1834; m. first, Rachel 

Shaw; second, Mary Rathbun. He is a federal government 
homestead inspector; res. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Children: 

I. Leonard Allison, lawyer, Sussex, N. B. 

II. Lewis Allison, civil engineer. 

III. Mary Allison. 

IV. Bessie Allison. 

V. Lily Allison. 

VI. Edith Allison. 

VII. Jennie Allison. 

1120. David Allison" (1219), b. NeAvport, N. S., July 3, 1836. President 

of Mount Allison university; res. Sackville, N. B. 


1121. William Henry Allison,« b. Newport, N. S., June 14, 1838. He 
represented the county of Hants, N. S., in the provincial par- 
liament at Halifax, N. S. Then for ten years he represented 
the same constituency in the federal house of commons at 
Ottawa, Can. He is, in 1S92, homestead inspector for the 
southern district of Manitoba, under the federal government 
of the dominion of Canada. Res. Deloraine, Manitoba. 

1122. Mary Jane Allison ^ [1039] r John,^ Joseph,^ Will- 
iain,2 John^). She was born at Long Island, Horton, N. S., 
October 13, 1798: married, July 17, 1819, Winthrop Sar- 
gent, son of John and Margaret (Barnard) Sargent, and a 
grandson of Col. Epes and Catherine Winthrop, his wife, of 
Salem, Mass. John Sargent moved from Salem, Mass., and 
settled in Harrington, N. S., during the American Revolu- 
tion. He was a Loyalist. She died October 13, 1867. Mr. 
Sargent lived in Harrington, N. S., and was a prominent 
merchant, legislator, and collector of customs. He was born 
at Barrington, N. S., June 6, 1794 ; died October 6, 1866. 


1123. Catherine Winthrop Sargent,® b. June 8, 1822; m. Joseph A. Doane, 

July 23, 1851. Removed to Australia in 1852. She d. July 2, 
1855, at Ballarat, Australia. He is an architect, and res. at Mel- 
bourne, Australia. The Doanes emigrated to Nova Scotia from 
New England shortly before the Revolution, 

1124. Ann Sargent," b. March 5, 1823; m., Feb., 1848, Joseph A. Doane; 

res. Barrington, N. S. ; d. Nov, 24, 1848, at Barrington, N, S. 
I. Ann Sargent Doane,' who died in infancy, 

1125. Epes Winthrop Sargent," b. Sept, 17^ 1824; d. at New York city, 

May 14, 18G9, Commission merchant; res. at Halifax, at the 
island of Cuba, and New York city. Never married. 

1126. Mary Jane Sargent," b. May 14, 1826; m,, July 31, 1849, Capt, Seth 

C, Doane, and accompanied her husband on some of his ocean 
voyages. She spent some years at Ballarat, Australia. Her 
health failing, she visited Sydney, N. S. W., and then left for 
England, hoping to live to reach her old home in Nova Scotia. 
When Cape Horn was reached, its cold and storms were too 
severe for her delicate frame. She sank rapidly, d, April 24, 
1855, and was buried at sea. She was accompanied by her sis- 
ter, Elizabeth Whidden Doane, and her only daughter. Child: 
I. Julia Doane,' b. at Barrington, N. S., Sept. 26, 1850; m, Warren W. 
Atwood, collector of customs at Shelbui-ne, N. S. Child: Anne 
Sargent Atwood.* 

1127. John Allison Sargent,' b, April 6, 1828; d. Oct, 26, 1851, atSaquala 

Grande, Cuba. He never married, 

1128. Elizabeth Whidden Sargent," b. Feb, 20, 1830; m., June 28, 18-52, 

Arthur W. Doane, son of Josiah Payne Doane. She, with her 
husband, went to Melbourne, Australia, soon after their mar- 
riage, touched at the Cape of Good Hope on the voyage, and 
were one hundred and six days at sea. They spent some years 
at Ballarat, Australia, and now (18U2) reside at Barrington, 
N, S, Children: 


I. John Sargent Doane,' b. Australia, and d. there in infancy. 

II. Ann Sargent Doane,^ b. Barrington, N". S., and d. in infancy. 

III. Elizabeth Mary Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S., where she still lives. 

IV. John Allison Sargent Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S., and still lives 


V. Arthur Whidden Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S. ; res. Boston, Mass. ; 

P. O. Box, 2816, Boston, Mass. 

VI. Emma Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S. ; d. young. 

VII. Eobert Duncan Doane,' b. Barrington, jST. S. ; m. Florence Coffin; 

res. Oxford, N. S. Child; Dorothy Allison Doane.* 

VIII. Catherine Sargent Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S. ; d. in infancy. 

IX. Mary Sargent Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S., and res. there in 1892. 

X. Joseph Doane,' b. Barrington, N. S., and res. there in 1892. 

1129. Sarah Harding Sargent," b. June 30, 1832; d. Barrington, N. S., 

June 0, 1838. 

1130. Margaret Sophia Sargent,« b. April 13, 18.34; m. May 27, 1851, James 

H. Doane. He w^as a school teacher. They resided in Bar- 
rington, N. S., until his death, fifteen years after their marriage. 
She res., in 1892, in Truro, N. S. Children were b. in Barring- 
ton, N. S. : 

I. Charlotte Doane,' d. young. 

II. Herbert Lander Doane,' m. Anna Ells; res. Truro, N. S. 

III. Francis Augustus Doane,' res. Truro, N. S. 

IV. Fanny Sargent Doane,' m. Jackson Ricker; res. Argyle, N. S. 

V. John Winthrop Doane,' res. Truro, N. S. 

VI. William Avard Doane,' res. Truro, N. S., and d. there. 

1131. Charles Rathbun Sargent," b. June 17, 1836; m. Sarah Doane, of 

Halifax, N. S., May 27, 1861; d. Halifax, N. S., July 9, 1872. 
He was a book-keeper and bank clerk. JRes. some years at 
Pierre Miquelon, but removed to Halifax, and d. there. His 
widow and children res. at Somerville, Mass. Children: Mary 
Esther Sargent', Charles William Sargent,' James Winthrop Sar- 
gent.' The latter m. Mabel E. Rich, of I3oston. 

1132. Frances Sargent," b. Sept. 4, 1838; d. Barrington, N. S., March 21, 

1863. Always resided at Barrington, N. S. Single. 

1133. William Sargent," b. May 2, 1841; m. Frances Augusta Scott, of 

Windsor, N. S., Aug., 1875; d. Hillsborough, N. S., March 3, 
1877. He was a Methodist clergyman. She res. at Windsor, 
N. S. One child, d. young. 

1134. Samuel Leonard Allison ^ [1045] (Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
William,^ John i). He was born at Horton, Kings county, 
Nova Scotia, July 31, 1789, and died at Kempt, Queen's 
county, Nova Scotia, in Feb., 1875. He married Sophia, 
daughter of Joseph Barss, of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Oct. 6, 
1820. He first settled at Kentville, N. S., where he was 
prothonotary of the supreme court for over twenty years. 
In 1833 he' removed to Liverpool, N. S., and from there to 
Kempt, Queens county, N. S., in March, 1838, where he 


1135. Charles Allison" (1225), b. Sept. 22, 1821; res. Yarmouth, N. S. 

1136. Samuel L. Allison," b. August, 1823; died at sea. 

1137. Joseph Allison," b. April, 1825; d. in California. 

1138. Caroline Allison," b. Cornwallis, N. S., Oct. 26, 1828; m. Sept. 26, 

1853, Dr. EliasN. Payzant. He was b. at Wilmot, N. S., July 27, 
1830; res. Wolfvillc,'N. S., in 1892. Five children. 


1139. Julia Brown Payzant,' b. July 9, 1854; d. May 30, 1858. 

lliO. James Austin Payzaut,' b. Feb. 8, 1856; m. Kate Mann, May 14, 
1886. He is a practising physician at Burlington, Hants Co., 
N. S. Child: Ellen Payzant,* b. Nov., 1889; d. Dec, 1889. 

1141. Archibald Allison Payzant,' b. Dec. 19, 1857; d. Feb. 20, 1858. 

1142. William Payzant,' dentist; res. Wolfville, N. S. 

1143. Sarah Cathella Payzant,' b. March 10, 1859, She m. Capt. William 

J. Forbes; address, Zioii's Ilerald Office, Boston, Mass. 

1144. Charles Earnest Payzant,' b. Aug. 17, 1860; d. Sept. 18, 1883. 

1145. Annie Lois Payzant,' b, Nov, 6, 1861. She m., Aug, 10, 1882, E. 

Sidney Crowley; res. Wolfville, N. S. Four children, 

1146. Elias T. Payzant,' b. May 19, 1863; d. June 18, 1865. 

1147. Carrie Sophia Payzant,' b. Sept. 20, 1864; ni., Nov, 24, 1886, Hilton 

A, Pitt; res. Hamilton, Bermuda. 

1148. William Aubrey Payzant,' b. Oct. 26, 1866; dentist; res. Wolfville, 

N. S. 

1149. Bessie Allison Payzant,' b. Feb. 24, 1868; d. Jan. 15, 1888. 

1150. Florence Rachel Payzant,' b. March 2, 1870; m. Oct., 1887, Clifford 

H. Fielding; res. Halifax, N. S., 57 South street. 

1151. Elizabeth Allison,'' b. Nov., 1830; m. Robert Brown, of Yarmouth, 

N. S., where they live. No family. 

1152. Frances M. Allison," b. Kentville, N. S., April 7, 1832; m., April 14, 

1881, Barnabas Miles, of Greentield, N. S. They have no family. 

1153. James B. Allison,® b. May, 1836; d. young. 

1154. Tryphena Allison," b. July 4, 1838; m. William E. Freeman, of 

Kempt, Queens Co., N. S. Five children. 

1155. Archibald Allison Freeman,' b. Aug. 22, 1866. 

1156. Maurice Urban Freeman,' b. March 29, 1868, 

1157. Emma Freeman,' b. June 3, 1869, 

1158. Mary Alice Freeman,' b. Dec. 13, 1875. 

1159. Janet Freeman,' b. Dec. 5, 1880. 

1160. Annies. Allison,«'b. May 17, 1842; m., Feb. 27, 1868, Edwin Kemp- 

ton, of Kempt, N. S. Two children. 

1161. Laura Kempton,' b. Dec, 6, 1868; m., Jan, 15, 1890, Robert Atkins. 

1162. Fred Kempton,' b, Dec, 21, 1871. 

1163. Sarah Allison ^ [1119] (Joseph,'* Joseph,^ William,2 
Johni). She married Oliver Cogswell, of Keutville, N. S., 
and afterward resided at Dorchester and at Sackville, N. B. 
She died at Dorchester, N. B., July 10, 1883. 


1164. Mary Cogswell," m., 1839, Joseph F. Allison of Sackville, who d. 

1863. She m., second, in 1804, Hon. Amos E. Botsford, senator 
in the Dominion parliament. 

1165. Rebecca Cogswell," m. Thomas B. Campbell, of Kentville, N. S. 

1166. Edward Cogswell," d. in infancv. 

1167. Nancy Cogswell," m. James B. Fitch, of Horton, N. S., and d. 1856. 

1168. Maria Cogswell," m. William C. Campbell, of Kentville, N. S., and 

d. 1869. 

1169. Robert Cogswell,® m. Mary L, Graham, and d. 1864. 

1170. Edward Cogswell," b. 1823; m., 1850, Ruth, dan. of Hon. William 

Crane, of Sackville, N. B. ; m., second, 1877, Sarah, dau. of 
Charles Dixon, of Sackville, N. B. 

1171. Sarah Cogswell," b. 1827; m., 1847, Blair Botsford, who was high 

sheritt' of Westmoreland Co., N. B., for some years, and who is 


1172. Jonathan Crane Allison ^ [1150] (Joseph,* Joseph.^ 
William,2 Johni). He was born April 3, 1798, at Grand 
Pr^, N. S. He was a leading merchant in Halifax, and part- 
ner with David Allison in the firm of Fairbanks & Allisons, 
in their day the largest mercantile house in the maritime 
provinces. He married, October 9, 1824, Jane Boggs, daugh- 
ter of Charles and Marj (Fraser) Boggs, of New Jersey, 
and had seven children. She died June, 1858. He died in 
Halifax, N. S., February, 1872. 


1173. Charles Allison," b. Nov. 14, 1825; on June 30, 1854, he m. Eliza- 

beth Rand of Kentville; merchant; res. in Halifax, N. S., and 
d. Oct., 1863. 

1174. Alice Mary Allison," b. June 14, 1827; m., Aug. 23, 1854, William 

Hare, of Halifax. P. O. address: Bedford, N. S. 

1175. Louisa Allison," b. Aug. 13, 1829; d. April 5, 1845. 

1176. Harriet Allison," b. Dec. 25, 1831; d. in spring of 1839. 

1177. Jane Allison," b. April, 1834; d. May, 1835. 

1178. Augustus Allison," b. April 19, 1837; m., April 28, 1868, Cevilla 

Hill, of Halifax, N. S. He is noted for his interest in litera- 
ture and science ; res. Halifax, N. S. 

1179. Alfred Louis Allison," b. Feb. 27, 1844; d. May, 1846. 

1180. Edward Allison ^ [1152] (Joseph,* "Joseph,^ Wil- 
liam,2 John ^ ). He was born in Cornwallis, N. S., November, 
1803 ; married Catherine Henry ; res. in Halifax, N. S., till 
about 1853, since then chiefly in St. John, N. B. They had 
twelve children : one survives. He died at Halifax, N. S., 
March 7, 1876. 


1181. Lucius Carey Allison," physician; res. St. John, N. B. 

1182. Frank Octavius Allison," b. St. John, N. B., Jan. 29, 1850; m., June 

4, 1873, Mary Ansel Bonsard, b. December, 1852, in St. John, 
He is a deputy shipping-master at that place, and in April, 
1878, was appointed consul there for Portugal, and still holds 
the position. He is an Episcopalian, and active in that denom- 
ination, and has filled several church offices. Children, b. St. 
John, N. B. : 

1183. Ethel K. Allison,' b. May 19, 1874. 

1184. Harold Ansel Allison,' b. Aug. 16, 1876, 

1185. Edmund K. Allison,' b. Sept, 15, 1879. 

1186. Frank Drummond Allison,' b. March 29, 1873. 

1187. Charles Frederick Allison ^ [1056] (James,* Joseph,^ 
William,2 jo^n i ). He was born in 1795 ; died in 1858. He 
married Milcah Freeman. He resided in Sackville, N. B., 
where he carried on an extensive business in partnership 
with his cousin, William Crane. The name of no member 
of the Allison family is so widely known throughout Eastern 


British America as his. He founded the Mount Allison 
educational institutions, consisting of a boys' school, ladies' 
college, and university. They are under the control of the 
Methodist church of Canada, of which Mr. Allison was an 
earnest member. In him the noblest character was associated 
with the most unassuming demeanor. 


1188. Mary Allisone, d. in 1871. 

1189. Henry Burbridge Allison ^ [1058] (James,* Joseph,^ 
William,^ John^). He was born in Cornwallis, N. S., Sep- 
tember 30, 1801 ; married in July, 1839, Sarah Abrams, a 
native of Scotland, and who is still living in 1892. Mr. 
Allison began his business life in Halifax, and after some 
years he went to Miramichi, N. B., and with his partner car- 
ried on an extensive business under the name of Crane & 
Allison. While there he lost heavily by a great fire. In 
1854 he removed to Sackville, N. B., and engaged in business. 
That place ever after was his home. By his integrity and high 
sense of honor he won the respect and esteem of all. He pos- 
sessed courtly manners of the old school. Till within a year 
of his death his health was perfect, with none of the infirmi- 
ties of age. His sight and hearing and mental faculties 
were good to the last. He celebrated his golden wedding in 
July, 1889. He died at 11:30 a. m., on Sunday, December 
1, 1890. 


1190. Jane Clark Allison," b. June 10, 1840; m. Seward S. Paddings, of 

Bermuda, and d. in Bermuda, June 13, 1888. No children. 

1191. Henry Burton Allison,8 b. Oct. IG, 1841; m. Nettie Harrison, of 

Boston; no children; res. Sackville, N. B. 

1192. Margaret Ann Campbell Allison,^ b. Feb. 26, 1843; res. Sackville, 

N. B. 

1193. Sarah Mary Allison,' b. Aug. 12, 1845; d. April 1, 1858. 

1194. Howard Allan Allison," b. Jan. 12, 1848; m. Lizzie Cheney, of 

Boston; res. 66 Inman St., Cambridgeport, Mass. Children: 

I. Henrietta Beatrice Allison,' b. March 14, 1886; d. Sept. 23, 1886. 

II. H. Burbridge Cheney Allison,' b. Aug. 30, 1890. 

1194a. James Walter Allison* (1234 a), b. March 31, 1850; merchant; 

res. Halifax, N. S. 
1194b. Chester Leonard Allison," b. Sept. 26, 1852; d. Nov. 13, 1862. 

1195. Joseph Francis Allison ^ [1060] (James,* Joseph,^ 
William,^ John^). He was born at Cornwallis, N. S., July 
23, 1806, and died at Sackville, N. B., May 29, 1863. He 
married Mary A., daughter of Oliver and Sarah A. Cogs- 
well, at Sackville, N. B., Dec. 17, 1839. She was born at 


Cornwallis, N. S., Feb. 14, 1815. Mr. Allison was a leading 
merchant at Sackville, N. B., and member of the firm of 
Crane & Allison. He was an estimable man. Mrs. Allison 
married, second, in Sept., 1864, Amos Edwin Botsford. 


1196. Susan Alice Allison,-! b. Oct. 22, 1840; m. Dr. William Johnston, 

July 1, 1863. She married, second, Herbert Crosskill. Her 
death occurred Sept. 7, 1889. 

1197. Francis Clifford Allison," b. Feb. 27, 1846; d. Aug. 28, 1848, 

1198. Francis Allison,6 b. July 16, 1848; m., Oct, 12, 1871, Sophia M., 

daughter of Wilson Welden, of Batliurst, N. B. 

1199. James Frederick Allison," b. Oct. 20, 1850; m., Sept. 8, 1881, 

Louisa M., daughter of the late Major William Beverly Robin- 
son, of St. John, N. B. Postmaster at Sackville, N. B. 

1200. Cassie Allison," b. May 10, 1853; m., Feb. 23, 1888, Alfred Temple- 

ton Parsons, 515 Clinton ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. He is proprie- 
tor of extensive stone quarries at Sackville, N. B., where he 
resides in the summer months. 

1201. Grace Allison,8b. Feb. 3, 1850; d. Oct. 1, 1856. 

1202. George Augustus Allison ^ [1062]. (James,^ Jo- 
seph,'^ William,'-^ John^). He was born in 1811; married 
Martha Prescott, by whom he had eight children. He mar- 
ried, second, Mrs. Rigly, of Sydney, Cape Breton. Mr. Alli- 
son dropped dead in his garden June 8th, 1893. He resided 
at Halifax, N. S. 

1203. Samuel Allison ^ [1068] (Sarauel,^ William,^ Will- 
iam,2 John^). He was born in Drumnaha, Ireland, near 
Limavady, Nov. 21, 1797; was a farmer, and resided in 
that place, where he died Sept. 26, 1878. He married, Oct. 
18, 1832, Rachel, daughter of Samuel and Hetty (Steele) 
Hazlett, of Liffock, Dunboe, county of Londonderry, Ireland, 
where she was born April 27, 1813. She was the grand- 
daughter of Isaac and Margaret (Carr) Hazlett. Mrs. Alli- 
son still lives (1892) in Drumnaha, Magillegan, Ireland. 


1204. Samuel Allison," b. Aug. 12, 1833; m., Nov. 14, 1872, Mary Moore. 

Farmer; res. Drumnaha, Ireland, Three sons and three 

1205. William Allison," b. March 19, 18.35; m., Sept., 1863, Mary Brown. 

Physician; res. Claudy, county of Londonderry, Ireland. He 
has four sons and four daughters. 

1206. John Allison," b. Feb. 17, 1837; m., March, 1864, Eleanor Brew- 

ster; res. Brisbane, Australia. One son and one daughter. 

1207. Hetty Ann Allison," b. June 24, 1839; m. William Brewster: res, 

Drumnaha, Magillegan, Ireland. Two sons and three daugh- 


1208. Isaac Allison,o b. June 4, 1841; d. at Drumnaha, Ireland, April 11, 


1209. Jane Allison,« b. June 24, 1843; m., May 9, 1865, James Binns; 

res. Kansas. Three sons and four daughters. 

1210. Robert Allison,^ b. Oct. 28, 184.5; farmer; res. Drumnaha, Ireland. 

1211. Joseph Allison,^ b. March 28, 1848; d. June 17, 1848. 

1212. Hazlett Allison,^ b. April .30, 1851; m., June 25, 1891, Mary Woods. 

Surgeon major; res. Madi'as, India. 

1213. Charles Warke Allison,« b. Oct. 7, 18-53; m., Nov, 29, 1883, Eleanor 

Fleming. Medical doctor; res. Dungiven, county of London- 
derry, Ireland. Two sons and one daughter. 

1214. Hugh Allison,* b. Oct. 13, 18.56; m., Oct. 4, 1889, Mabel Wads- 

worth. Medical doctor; res. London, England. One son. 

1215. Rev. John Allison ^ [1096] (William,* Jolin,^ Joseph,^ 
Johni). jjg ^as born on the Mantua Farm in Newport, 
Hants county, Nova Scotia, May 16, 1821. He was educated 
at Annapolis, N. S., and Dalhousie college in Halifax, N. S. 
In September, 1849, he was ordained to the ministry in 
Fredericton, New Brunswick. He afterward graduated as 
A. B. and A. M. at Syracuse University, N. Y., was pastor of 
the Methodist Episcopal church at Cornwallis, N. S., Wood- 
stock, N. B., St. John, N. B., and was principal of the Mount 
Allison Ladies' academy at Sackville, N. B., for eight years. 
In 1863 he travelled in England, Scotland, Belgium, France, 
Switzerland, and Germany. In 1864-'65 he was pastor of a 
church in Buffalo, N. Y., and later was pastor four years in 
Milwaukee, Wis. In 1872 he established the "Allison Clas- 
sic" academy at Oconomowoc, Wis. Was pastor at Lanes- 
boro', Minn., for three years ; chaplain of the Minnesota state 
senate in 1885 ; lectured for the Minnesota State Teachers' 
Institute for three years. In 1891 he was writing for the 
press and lecturing. He was, in Nova Scotia, considered one 
of the first pulpit orators in the maritime provinces. He mar- 
ried in Fredericton, N. B., Nov. 24, 1847, Martha Louisa, 
daughter of Richard and Mary Davis (Hosier) Knight. Her 
father was of Exeter, England. She was born, Feb. 26, 
1823, in Newfoundland. She was his excellent lielper in his 
life work, and was an A. B. and A. M. of Genesee college, 
Lima, Livingston county, N. Y. She died in 1892. He re- 
sided at Minneapolis, Minn., and d. July 19, 1893. 


1216. Charles Edward Allison,' b. Woodstock, N. B., May 23, 1850; d. 

Dec. 2.5, 18.52. 

1217. William Kichard Allison,' b. Woodstock, N. B., Feb. 26, 18.52; m., 

April 22, 1874, Susie M. Currau. He is a physician ; res. Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Child: 

1218. May Louise Allison,' b. March 10, 1878. 


1219. David Allison 6 [1120] (James Whidden,^ John^, 
Josepb,^ William,^ John^). Prof. Allison was born at New- 
port, Hants county, Nova Scotia, July 3, 1836. He was edu- 
cated at Halifax academy, and by a four 5^ears course at tbe 
academy at Sackville, N. B., where he took the highest stand 
as a student, at the Wesleyan university at Middletown, 
Conn., where he pursued his collegiate course and graduated 
in 1859 at the head of a large and brilliant class. For a short 
time he taught at Stanstead, Quebec, then he returned to 
Sackville, N, B., and was a teacher of the classics in the acad- 
emy, and was made professor of the classics on the establish- 
ment of the college. In 1869 he succeeded Dr. Pickard in 
the ijresidency, which he resigned in 1878 to take the super- 
intendency of education for the province of Nova Scotia. 
That position he held until Oct. 31, 1891. He was reap- 
pointed president of the university at Sackville in June, 1891, 
and entered upon the duties of the position in November, ] 891. 
The eminent ability with which he filled these various posi- 
tions furnishes an ample guaranty that there lies before him, 
as president of Mount Allison university for the second time, 
an administration of a most satisfactory nature. Among the 
accepted and cherished traditions of that college are his excep- 
tional capacity as an instructor, and his power to impress him- 
self for good on the heads and hearts of those under his 
charge and influence. As a classical scholar he has rare 
acquirements, and is noted for broad and tolerant views on 
matters of ecclesiastical and political dispute. His power as 
a preacher must not be omitted in enumerating the elements 
which go to make up his educational and life record. Stu- 
dents are unanimous in speaking with admiration of the 
manly, thoughtful, and weighty discourses which strongly 
impressed the hearts of his hearers, and often turned in the 
right direction forever some young career that might, but for 
those pregnant words, have ended in a lamentable failure. 
Many there are that for these sermons alone, can say to him, 
" It is better with me, it shall be better with me, because I 
have known you." In the history of this branch of the Alli- 
son family he has taken a deep and decided interest and fur- 
nished much information to the author which is gratefully 
acknowledged. He received the degree of A. B. and A. M. 
from Wesleyan university, Middletown, Conn., and of LL. D. 
from Victoria university, Coburg, Ontario, in 1871. He 
married, June 18, 1862, Elizabeth Powell of New Brunswick, 
a lady well qualified to grace the various circles in which her 
husband's various positions have called her to move. She 


was born, March 26, 1839, at Richibucto, N. B., and is great- 
granddaughter of Solomon Powell, a Loyalist in the Amer- 
ican Revolution, who emigrated from Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
in 1784, to Nova Scotia. Her parents were Edmund and 
Ann Powell. 


1220. James Whidden Allison,' b. at Sackville, X. B., Sept. 16, 18G4; d. 

March 21, 1870. 

1221. Edward Powell Allison,' b. at Richibucto, N. B., July 9. 1866; 

graduated at Dalhousie college, Halifax, N. S., in 1890 ; student 
at law, in the same institution, in 1891 and in 1892 ; is with the 
law fii-m of Powell & Bennett, Sackville, N. S. 

1222. Charles Frederick Allison,' b. at Sackville, N. B., Aug. 22, 1868; d. 

Marcli 29, 1885. 

1223. David Allison,' b. at Sackville, N. B., July 22, 1871 ; student in 1892 

at Mount Allison academy, Sackville, N. B. 

1224. Henry Augustus Allison,' b. at Sackville, N. B., Aug. 0, 1877; stu- 

dent in 1892 at Mount Allison academy, Sackville, N. B. 

1225. Charles Allison ^ [1135] (Samuel Leonard,^ Joseph,* 
Joseph,^ William,^ John ^ ). He was born in Kentville, N. S., 
Sept. 22, 1821. In 1858 he was appointed justice of the peace 
for Queens county, N. S. ; in 1861 was elected to the Nova 
Scotia parliament as representative of North Queens Co. ; in 
1865 was appointed lieutenant-colonel of the militia, and in 
1867 was chosen a member of the provincial government with 
the office of commissioner of mines. In September, 1867, he 
and all his colleagues were defeated at the election, with the 
exception of the attorney-general, Hiram Blan chard. In 
1879 he was appointed inspector of weights and measures for 
the Yarmouth division, a position he still holds. He mar- 
ried, July 19, 1848, Lavinia, daughter of George and Kate 
(Kempton) Freeman, of Milton, Queens county, N. S. She 
was born in the township of Caledonia, Nov. 30, 1828. Re- 
sides Yarmouth, N. S. 


1226. Alice Sophia Allison,' b. Feb. 2.3, 1851; m. Feb. 12, 1879, J. Lewis 

Johnson, of Liverpool, N. S. ; .she is corresponding clerk in 
Fou^/t' .s Cowpajiion office; res. Boston, Mass. One child now 

1227. Charlotte Elizabeth Allison,' b. July S, 1852; m., June, 1870, to 

Richard Lewis, who died at Exploits river, Newfoundlnnd, in 
June, 1890. Res. Kempt, Queens county, N. S. She died at 
New Germany, N. S., Oct., 1880. Children: 

L Leon Lewis,8 res. Boston, Mass. 

IL Letitia Lewis,' res. Maitland, N. S. 

III. Kate Lewis,* res. New Germany, N. S. 


1228. Catharine Allison/ b. Aug. 13, 1854; m., Oct. 12, 1877, Frank H. 

McCoy, of Cambridgepoi-t. Child: 
I. Rosie McCoy.» 

1229. Edith Allison,' b. Nov. 12, 1856; m., Sept. 3, 1883, Sylvester S. Mur- 

ray, of Liverpool, N. S., who d. leaving one child. She m., 
>h'>^e-5 second, George Jolms of Maitland, N. S. They res. at Kempt, 

Queens Co., N. S. Children: 

I. Helen M. Murray." 

II. Johns. 8 

1230. Mary Arabella Allison," b. July 27, 1858; m., Oct. 26, 1877, Howard 

D. Kathrens, of Annapolis, N. S. They res. Seinerville, Mass. 
Four children. -«rA^C -*. ., 

1231. Joseph Leonard Allison,' b. April 4, 1861. He was drov/ned in 

Henry Minard's lake, at Kempt, Queens Co., N. S., July 3, 

1232. Helen Maud Allison,' b. April 24, 1863; m., Sept. 1, 1890, Samuel 

F. Cohoon, of Beverly Farms, Mass. One child. 

1233. Henry Allison,' b. June 28, 1865; d. at Halifax, N. S., Dec. 17, 


1234. Charles Edward Allison,' b. June 11, 1871. 

1234a. James Walter Allison ^ [1194 1194a] (Henry B.,^ 
James,* Joseph,-^ William,^ John i). He was born in New Cas- 
tle, N. B., March 31, 1850. His family removed to Sack- 
ville, N. B., when he was four years of age, and there he was 
educated at Mount Allison academy and college, founded by 
his uncle, Charles F. Allison. In 1871 he became a book- 
keeper for Douall & Miller, a large business house in Hali- 
fax, N. S. There his business faculties unfolded rapidly, and 
later he went into the commission business, and later still into 
partnership with the late John P. Mott, and in 1876 his name 
appeared as a member of the firm of John P. Mott & Co., 
where he has since been an active member. In its interest 
he has travelled throughout the maritime provinces, through 
Quebec and Ontario, and other parts of Canada. Since the 
death of John P. Mott, in 1890, Mr. Allison has been the 
manager and executor of the estate, which is above three 
fourths of a million of dollars in value. He is a director in 
the People's Bank of Halifax ; a director in the Eastern As- 
surance Company (capital 11,000,000) ; a director in the New 
Glasgow Iron, Coal and Railway Co. (capital 81,000,000) ; a 
director in the Nova Scotia Permanent Benefit Building 
Society and Savings Fund, one of the largest monetary in- 
stitutions in the lower provinces; a director in the Ocean 
Mutual JNIarine Insurance Co., and a director in the Nova 
Scotia Steam Packet Co. His various monetary and com- 
mercial responsibilities tax his powers heavily, but not be- 
yond their strength. He married, Oct. 10, 1876, Mary Fres- 
co tt, of Bail Virte, N. B. No children. Resides at Hali- 
fax, N. S. 



1235. Thomas Morrison Allison lived in Liraavady, county 
of Londonderry, Ireland, in 1892, and his family of Allisons 
came from Evish Hill in the immediate vicinity of London- 
derry. Ireland. This Evish Hill is near Enoch Loch, some- 
what off the road leading from Limavady to Londonderry. 

1236. Rev. James Allison, a great uncle of Mr. Allison, 
preached for many years at Breckfield Presbyterian church 
in the same district, but nearer Cumber Cloudy than to Lon- 

The grandfather of T. M. Allison, born in 1768, sold his 
farm at Evish Hill, and with his whole family, except one 
son, the father of T. M. Allison, of Limavady, emigrated to 
Stillwater, Miramichi, New Brunswick, in the early part of 
this century, or about 1825. The names of his sons who 
emigrated with him were, — 

1237. William Allison, who died about 1872. 
1237a. Samuel Allison. 

1238. David Allison. 

1239. Hugh Allison ; and two daughters emigrated. 
This family is probably connected with the Allisons of 

Drumnaha, Ireland, and of Nova Scotia. 


Claggan, county of Londonderry, Ireland, is about equi- 
distant from Londonderry and Aghadowey, and on the road 
between those places. There the Morrisons have lived from 
long before the siege of Derry, 1688-'89, and live there 
still. At one time they were in possession of the greater 
portion of Bally Kilby Highlands. The deed to their farm, 
granted by the Connally family, is dated in 1700. William 
Morrison resided at Claggan in 1892. As early as 1644 it is 
said that Hugh and Robert Morison came from Scotland and 
settled in Dromore, and the Morrisons of Maghera, Claggan, 
and vicinity are their descendants. It is claimed that James 
Morison and Robert Morison, immortalized by Macauley as 
among the brave defenders of Londonderry in 1688-'89, 
were from Claggan. This is possible, but hardly probable. 
The house in which one of the Morisons is said to have 

* From a letter of Thomas Morrison Allison, Esq., dated Nov. 19, 1891. 


lived was pointed out to me in Londonderry in 1884, and I 
met an inhabitant of that city of the same name who claimed 
to be a descendant. 

My relatives, the Morrisons of Windham and Londonderry, 
N. H., together with the founders of the branch at Notting- 
ham, N. H., endured the horrors of the " siege," and shared 
the honors of the final triumph. 

At the time of the siege it is said, — " Lord Antrim's men, 
the Red Shanks, coming through Limavady, every one hur- 
ried for safety to Londonderry, among the rest, Rev. Mr. 
Crooks, the then Presbyterian minister of Bally Kilby, tak- 
ing with him many of his people. Rev. Mr. Crooks was one 
of the Presbyterian clergymen who officiated alternately in 
the cathedral of Derry with their Episcopalian brethren. 
He is buried in Walworth (Bally Kilby) old burying-ground, 
beside the Hunters and Allisons of Claggan." The Allisons 
were old settlers in Claggan, and intermarried with the Mor- 

Another branch of the Allisons lived at Evish Hill, as 
stated, in the immediate vicinity of Londonderry, Ireland. 
Some of them emigrated to Miramichi, New Brunswick, 
about 1825 to 1830, and are yet in that locality. Thomas 
Morrison Allison, of Limavady, L'eland, is as before stated, 
of this latter family. 




JI^Godfrey McAlestor of Loupe, Scotland, adhered to the 
cause of James VII, and was at the Battle of Killiecrankie, 
Scotland ; and also at Croradale, May 1, 1690. Later he 
went to Ireland, and was at the Battle of the Boyne. He 
had three sons : Hector McAlestor, or Alison, as the name is 
alternately called, of Loupe ; Charles, who succeeded his 
brother, and Duncan McAlestor, or Alison, who settled in 
Holland (had a son, who was a general in the Dutch service 
and commanded the Scots brigade) and left many descend- 
ants. It is possible, and very probable, that this branch of 
the Allisons sprang from him. 

1240. Noah Allison ^ was born in Holland, migrated to the 
United States, and died in Rockland county, New York. 
His son 

1241. Thomas Allison ^ was born in New York, N. Y., 
Sept. 9, 1777. He was a sea captain and followed the seas 
for years. He married Catherine Hoffman, who was born 
May 26, 1789, and died June 4, 1828. They resided in New 
York, N. Y. One night the house of Mr. Allison was entered 
by an Irish sailor, who stabbed him eleven times on the head 
and breast, and escaped. Mr. Allison lingered for seven 
years, and died, Nov. 5, 1819, from the effects of the brutal 
assault. He had lived 42 years, 1 month, 27 days. At the 
time of the assault the fiend threw Mrs. Allison and one child 
down into the cellar. After the death of Mr. Allison his 
widow cared for her family for a few years, and died at New- 
burgh, N. Y., aged 39 years, 9 days. 


1242. William Noah Allison' (1247), b. Oct. .30, 1808; m. Ann Eliza Colton, 

March 20, 1830, and died Sept. 2.5, 1872. 

1243. Mary Ann Allison, 3 b. Aug. 18, 1811. She m. Charles Brown, of 

New York, N. Y. They are deceased, but left a large family. 
One son, William H. Brown,^ was clerk in a drug store recently 
and lived in New York citv. 


1244. Caroline Allison,' b. Nov. 27, 1813; m.. May 31, 1828, David Sny- 

daker. They are deceased, but left a large family. One 
daughter, Mrs. E. S. Rhodes,^ lives in Adrian, Mich., and 
another is Mrs. William Rhodes,* Bath Beach, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

1245. Elizabeth Allison,^ b. June 13, 1816, She was several times mar- 

ried. Her last hvisband was William Downs, and she res. 
recently in Summit, N. J. 

1246. Thomas Allison, Jr.,^ b. Aug. 28, 1819 ; d. March 
26, 1820. Mrs. Catherine (Hoffman) Allison m., second^ 
Elias Shipman, and had two children : Charles W. Shipman, 
b. Dec. 5, 1822, Ayuba Shipman, b. Nov. 15, 1825. 

1247. William Noah Allison 3 [1242] (Thomas,^ Noah i ). 
He was born Oct. 30, 1808, married, March 20, 1830, Ann 
Eliza Colton. He served an apprenticeship of seven years 
with Dimond Chandler in the city of New York, as a maker 
of spectacles. This business he followed until his death, 
Sept. 25, 1872, aged 63 years, 10 months, 26 days. He lived 
in Middletown, Conn., and moved to Newburgh, N. Y., about 
1839. Mrs. Allison died in Newburgh, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1841. 
He died at Fruit Hill, R. I., of dropsy. Soon after this the 
home was broken up, and the children were separated and 
went to live in different places. 


1248. Ann Eliza Allison* (1252), b. Albany, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1830; res. 206 

8th Ave., New York, N. Y. She m. William H. Bross, May 25, 

1249. Louisa Amanda Allison* (1265), b. Feb. 18, 1832. She m., Nov. 21, 

1852, Rev. Richard L. Shurter. He was b. Sept. 17, 1832. Res. 
Sing-Sing-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. 

1250. William Francis Allison* (1277), b. New York city, Oct. 26, 1833; 

res. Fruit Hill, R. I.; P. O., Ceutredale, R. L 

1251. CharlesHenry Allison^ (1280), b. Oct. 20, 1826; res. 86 Oak St., 

Springfield, Mass. 

1252. Ann Eliza Allison ^ [1248] (William Noah,3Thoraas,2 
Noahi). She was born in Albany, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1830. 
She married (the second wife). May 25, 1852, William H. 
Bross, who is deceased. She resides 206 8th avenue, New 
York, N. Y. 


12.53. William H. Bross,'' b. April 15, 1854. 

1254. Robert Bross," b. Jan. 17, 1855. 

12.55. Daniel Colton Bross,-' b. .Jan. 11, 1857. 

1256. Charles Allison Bross,^' b. March 4, 1858; d. July 8, 185S. 

1257. John Edmund Bross," b. May 6, 1860; d. July 8, 1800. 
12.58. George Adrian Bross," b. July 23, 1801. 

1259. John Lane Bross," b. Oct. 24, 1862. 


12G0. Charles Allison Bross/ b. July 13, 1863; d. March 7, 1864. 

1261. Frank Bross,^ b. July 30, 1866; d. Feb. 25, 1869. 

1262. Richard Shurter Bross,^ b. March 11, 1868. 

1263. Sarah Louise Bross,= b. Jan. 2, 1870; d. Aug. 30, 1874. 

1264. Allison Bross,^ b. Jan. 2, 1870; d. July 16, 1870. 

1265. Louisa Amanda Allison * [1249] (William Noah,^ 
Thomas,^ Noah ^ ). She was born in Alban3% N. Y., Feb. 18, 
1832 ; married, Nov. 21, 1852, Rev. Richard L. Shurter, born 
Sept. 17, 1832, in Dutchess county, N. Y. They reside 52 
North Malcolm street, Sing-Sing-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. He 
joined the New York Methodist Episcopal conference in 1857, 
and is on his sixteenth pastorate, being now with the North 
Malcolm-street church in Sing Sing. He is son of Felix and 
Mary E. (Carmen) Shurter, who resided at Fishkill, N. Y. 
His father was born Aug., 1784 ; died Aug., 1875 ; and was 
son of Frederick Shurter, born in Switzerland, and died in 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


1266. Eliza Colton Shurter.s b. Newburgh, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1853; m., 

March 5, 1885, Rev. J. W. A. Dodge ; res. Marlborough, X. Y. 

1267. Minnie Louisa Shurter," b. Dec. 19, 1855; m., April 25, 1877, Wil- 

liam G. Fades, b. Shiloh, Ky., Oct. 28, 1856. He is a railroad 
clerk. Res. 88 Broadway, Sing Sing, N. Y. Child. 
I. Wilfred Fades,* b. Dec. 11, 1887. 

1268. Flijah Budd Shurter," b. Highland Mills, K Y., Oct. 7, 1858; m., 

Oct. 7, 1880, Elizabeth Katherine Lawson, b., 1860, West Hur- 
ley, N. Y. Is private secretary to president of Northern & 
Wilmington R. R., and is secretary of the road. Res. Ellsmere 
near Wilmington, Del., P. O. 100 Maryland ave., Wilmington, 
Del. Children: 

I. Willie Bell Shurter,'^ b. Dec. 12, 1882. 

II. Frank Lawson Shurter,* b. Dec. 7, 1884. 

III. Robert Allison Shurter,* b. Sept. 11, 1887. 

1269. Frances Edith Shurter," b. Gardentown, N. Y., July 8, 1860; d. 

Oct. 7, 1866, at Highland Mills, N. Y. 

1270. William Allison Shurter," b. Gardentown, N. Y., March 27, 1862; d. 

Oct. 13, 1866. 

1271. Richard Ward worth Shurter," b. March 10, 1864, at Warwick, N. 

Y.; m., 1890, Vinetta Stewart, b. New York, N. Y., Dec. 18. 
1865. Real estate agent. Res. 151 E. 87th street, New York, 
N. Y. Office in 42nd street. 

1272. Adele Shurter," b. Highland Mills, N. Y., May 13, 1866; d. June 

19, 1866. 

1273. Roberta Allison Shurter,5 b. Highland Mills, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1867; 

m., Aug. 17, 1887, Frederick Buckley, a merchant; res. Liberty, 
N. Y. 

1274. Earnest Shurter," b. Dec. 21, 1870; d. Dec. 31, 1870. 

1275. Willie Bell Shurter," b. April 24, 1872; d. March 4, 1881. 

1276. Nedaline V. M. Shurter," b. Aug. 14, 1874. Student. Res. Sing 

Sing, N. Y. 

1277. William Francis Allison * [1250] (William Noah,» 
Thomas,^ Noah i). He was born in New York city, Oct. 26, 


1833 ; married, May 27, 1855, Mary Ann Sheldon Brown, 
daughter of Dexter and Ann Maria (Sheldon) Brown of Scit- 
uate, R. I. Her father died in North Providence, R. I., in 

1861. He was son of Henry and Mary (Esten) Brown, of 
Scituate, and Henry died there Sept., 1854. Mrs. Allison was 
born in North Providence, R. I., Jan. 27, 1828. Her maternal 
grandfather was John Frazier Sheldon. He was an early and 
wealthy settler in Providence, R. I. ; died there, aged 87 years. 
He was born in Providence, R. I. Mr. Allison served fifteen 
months in the Second regiment, Rhode Island volunteers, in 
"■ the late unpleasantness," and one year and nine months in 
the Second United States cavalr3\ Is a carpenter and mill- 
wright. Resides at Centredale, R. I. 


1278. Frank H. Allison/ b. North Providence, R. L, Sept. .S, 1860. He 

m. May Hutchinson. Farmer; res. Colby, Thomas Co., Kansas, 
for live years, and now (1892) res. The Oxford Club, Colorado 
City, Colorado. 

1279. William Sheldon Allison,'^ b. South Scituate, E. L, May 4, 1868; 

carpenter and builder; res. South Scituate, R. I. 

1280. Charles Henry Allison * [1251] (William- Noah,^ 
Thomas,^ Noah ^ ). He was born in Middletown, Conn., Oct. 
20, 1836 ; married, Nov. 25, 1860, Louisa, daughter of 
Edmund and Mary Ann (Whitney) Smith, who died at West 
Granville, Mass., May 13, 1866. He married, second, Dec. 
24, 1869, Lucy M., daughter of Otis and Ruth (Hopkins) 
Hawkes. She was born March 12, 1838, in Voluntown, Conn., 
and is still living. Her father was born at Smithfield, R. L, 
Sept. 14, 1798, and resided at Centreville, R. I. Her mother, 
Ruth Hopkins, died Oct., 1881, at Hopkins Hollow, R. I. 
She married, first, March 1, 1860, Charles Hyde Rice, born 
Norwich, Ct., Feb. 17, 1836, and died Jan. 20, 1868. He was 
a soldier in Third Rhode Island Light Artillery, from 1862 
till close of the war. Residence, Providence, R. I. He died 
in Massachusetts General hospital at Boston, Mass. Mr. 
Allison, in early life, lived in Sparta and New York, N. Y., 
and at Centredale, R. I. The latter place was the first home 
of his life, and there he spent many years. He then went to 
Allendale, near Providence, R. I., later to Boston and Wor- 
cester, Mass., and to New York city, where he learned the 
trade of an optician. Later removed to Longmeadow, and 
then to Springfield, Mass., where he worked until the out- 
break of the Rebellion. Then he enlisted as a private, Aug., 

1862, in Company F, Twenty -seventh regiment Massachusetts 


volunteers, under Capt. John W. More, and shared the fort- 
unes of the regiment ; was in eighteen engagements. At / 
Petersburg, Va., in a charge, June 18, 1864, he was shot 
through the right thigh, and a few minutes later a bullet 
ploughed its way through his left knee, which ended his 
fighting and made him a cripple for life. Weary months 
were passed in the hospital at Hampton, Va., but he finally 
was carried to his home in Springfield, Mass. He was dis- 
charged at Fort Monroe, Va., Nov. 3, 1864. He is past 
commander of the E. K. Wilcox Grand Army post of Spring- 
field, is a Good Templar, and a member of the Masonic fra- 
ternity. He is employed in the United States armory. Re- 
sides at 86 Oak street, Springfield, Mass. No children. 

MRS. Allison's child by hee first husband. 

Janette Elnora Rice, b. Providence, R. I., Jan. 3, 1S61; m., Oct. 6. 1878, 
Henri E. Jones of Springiield, Mass., who was b. in New Haven, 
Ct, Aug. 17, 18.58. No children. He is a bookbinder. Res. 
New York, N. T. 



The name appears in the records both as Allison and Elli- 
son. Three Allisons, Joseph Allison, John Allison, and 
Richard Allison, settled in Orange connty, N. Y. The first 
mentioned appeared early at Southold, Long Island, N. Y. 
He and the others may have come directly from the old 
world, as Southold was a port of entry, and diligent search 
might fail to reveal his place of origin ; or they may have 
landed in New England, and emigrated later to New York ; 
or, possibly, they may have been offshoots of some Allison or 
Ellison family given in this book, but where the connecting 
lines have not been discovered. The similarity of Christian 
names would argue in favor of the latter proposition. On 
the other hand, there is a tradition in the family that 
Joseph Allison came from or near Edinburgh, Scotland. Dil- 
igent search has been made, in many offices, books, records, 
and places, for some clue to their earlier history and for 
their ancestry, but nothing has been found, and probably 
nothing more will ever be ascertained than what is given in 
this book. These Allisons were probably brothers. 

1281. Joseph Allison,! about 1720, was at Southold, Long 
Island, N. Y., and was a resident there in 1721. He is 
called "yeoman" in various deeds. In 1725 or 1726 he 
went to the town of Goshen, Orange county, as one of the 
first settlers, having previously purchased a large tract of 
land. In the patent this purchase was called " the Allison 
tract," and has since been known by that name, is so desig- 
nated in the Wawayanda patent, and is among the richest 
lands in the county. The home of Mr. Allison was in 
Goshen, where he lived till his death in 1755. He made his 
will in 1752, which is recorded in the surrogate's office in 
New York, N. Y. His daughters. Christian names not 
given, married as follows: one daughter married Mr. 
McNeal, and left a son, William Allison McNeal f another 
married Mr. Edsall, and left a son, William Allison Ed- 
sall ;3 the third daughter married Mr. Jones, and left a 
son, Micah Allison Jones.^ Mr. Allison left a money 


legacy to his granddaughter, Mary Horton,^ with her moth- 
er's wearing apparel. Another legacy was to his grandson, 
Nathan Moore,-^ who was not of age. He left legacies to 
Ann Thompson and Margaret Bradner. The following are 
the known Christian names of his children : 


1282. Elizabeth Allison,^ not of age Oct. 17, 1752. 

1283. Sarah Allisou.^ No record. 

1284. William Allison = (1^07), not of age Oct. 17, 1752. He resided in 

Goshen, Orange Co., N. Y., and d. in 1804. 

1285. Phoebe Allison.^ No record. 

1286. Benjamin Allison.^ No record, 

1287. Cornelius Allison,^ m. Rebecca . 

1288. Richardson Allison- (1312), m. Anna ; d. 1769; res. Goshen^ 

Orange Co., N. Y. 

1289. Joseph Allison.^ He was the eldest son, and was living Nov. 8, 

1757, and was appointed by his brother Thomas one of the ex- 
ecutors of his will. 

1290. Richard Allison.^ He was living Nov. 8, 1757, and was appointed 

by his brother Thomas, one of the executors of his will. 

1291. Thomas Allison^ (1315), m. Margaret , and d. 1757; res. 

Goshen, N. Y. 

1292. Isaac Allison' (1320), not of age Oct. 17, 1752; m. Anna , 

and d. 1793; res. Warwick, near Amity, Orange Co., N. Y. 

1293. John Allison,i one of the three Allisons, and a 
probable brother of Joseph whose history has been given, 
lived near Florida, a precinct of Goshen, Orange county, 
N. Y. He died in the town of Walkill, Orange county, in 
1764. His will was dated Sept. 12, 1763, proven June 11, 
1764, and is recorded in the surrogate's office in the city of 
New York. His brother, Richard Allison, was named as 


1294. John Allison,^ m. Abigail , and in 1776 lived in Orange Co., 

N. Y, 

1295. Henry Allison,' res., in 1776, in Orange Co., N. Y. 

1296. Richard Allison." 

1297. Keziah Allison.' 

1298. Elizabeth Allison.' 

1299. Bridget Allison.' 

1300. Richard Allison,^ another of the three Allisons. 
(The relationship to John Allison is shown by the latter's 

will.) He died in 1767. His wife was Martha . 

Resided in Warwick, Orange county, N. Y., where his death 
occurred. His will is recorded in Goshen, N. Y., and in it 
he mentions his brother-in-law, John Wells; will dated Oct. 
23, 1766 or 1776. 



130L Joseph Allison. = He lived in Goshen, N. Y., made his will June 
6, 1762, proved June 16, 1762. He Avas a resident of Goshen, 
N. Y. He speaks of his lands bounded by those of John and 
William Allison. They must have been his brothers. He m. 

Abigail , and had children : Joseph Allison,^ Richard 

Allison,'' Deborah Allison,^ and Mary Allison.' His brother- 
in-law, Nathaniel Roe, and cousin, James Sawyer, executors. 

1302. John Allison,^ m. . He was living Jan. 19, 1797. 

Children: Elizabeth Allison,' m. Mr. Smith. Child: Wis- 

ner Allison Smith.* John Wisner Allison,^ m. Anne . 

He died in Warwick, N. Y., in 1802. No children. 

1303. William Allison,- m. Martha , lived in New York city, and 

died in 1797. No children. He was a merchant. He was an 
inn-keeper in New York. Had a wife, Martha. He made his 
will Jan, 19, 1797, proven Feb. 5, 1797. His brother, John 
Allison, was then living. Among others mentioned was Wil- 
liam, son of Stephen Sears. 

1304. Martha Allison,- m. Mr. Carpenter. Child: Richard Allison 


1305. Margaret Allison," m. Nathaniel Roe. Child: William Allison 


1306. Elizabeth Allison,^ m. Mr. Carpenter. Child: Benjamin Car- 

penter.' She was living. Jan. 19, 1797. 

1307. Gen. William Allison 2 [1284] (Joseph 1). He was, 
for that period, a very wealthy farmer and land-owner, and 
resided on the Drowned Lands, Goshen, Orange county, 
N. Y. On April 20, 1777, he was a delegate from Orange 
county, to a convention which met at Kingston to frame the 
constitution of New York. He was patriotic, and during the 
Revolutionary War did valiant service as an officer. He was 
then colonel of the militia, and commanded an Orange 
County regiment. Forts Clinton and Montgomery were 
important strongholds on the Hudson river, and garrisoned 
by the American troops. The British desired free passage 
over the Hudson's waters. From early spring till late in the 
fall the militia had been often summoned to the defence of 
the forts. In September, 1777, Col. William Allison (with 
other regimental commanders) was ordered to summon his 
regiment to the defence of Fort Montgomery. The minute 
men assembled, but not in sufficient numbers. Only a por- 
tion of his regiment was present. Thus matters stood on 
Sunday, Oct. 5, 1777. Then the Sabbath's stillness was dis- 
turbed by excited people, who heralded the approach of the 
enemy's ships on the Hudson for the attack upon the strong- 
holds. On the day following (Oct. 6, 1777) the attack was 
made by overpowering numbers, and after a stubborn resist- 
ance the Americans were defeated with loss. Colonel Alli- 
son was taken prisoner, and his son, Micah Allison, was 







killed.^ For several months lie was a prisoner on board a 
prison sliip, and was exchanged during the following winter. 
On his return to his home he brought to Governor Clinton 
two thousand dollars in gold, in aid of the American cause, 
loaned by a patriotic citizen of Long Island. He com- 
manded a division of the troops in the Battle of Long Island. 
In the early history of Orange county he was the most dis- 
tinguished citizen and a prominent military leader. He 
was a member of the first provincial convention of New 
York from 1775 to 1777. On April 4, 1782, William Alli- 
son was brigadier general in the brigade formed by Allison's, 
Woodhull's, and Hathorne's regiments ; state senator from 
1783 to 1786 ; member of the assembly in 1795, and was 
judge of the court of common pleas. He married Mary 
Jackson, and died in 1804. He and his wife are buried 
opposite his old home on Drowned Lands, in Goshen, N. Y. 


1308. Micah Allison.^ He was a soldier, and was killed in the gallant 
defence of Fort Montgomery, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1777, aged 18 years. 

1.S09. Stephen Allison,^ m., June 15, 1786, Susanna Bi'onson, and d. in 
1793. Children: Mary Allison.* Micah Allison.* 

1310. Mary Allisons (1326), b. Nov. 16, 1762; m., June 29, 1779, Dr. Will- 

iam Elmer; res. Goshen. N. Y. 

1311. Sarah Allison » (1331), m., Nov, 2, 1773, William W. Thompson, 

who was sheriff of Orange county in i78.5. 

1312. Richardson Allison ^ [1288] (Joseph i). He mar- 
ried Anne , and died in 1769. He was a house- 
carpenter, and res. at Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. His 
will is recorded in the city of New York ; made Dec. 22, 
1763 ; proven May 11, 1769. 


1313. Pheby Allison.s She m. Abram Gale, of Sparta, N. Y. Children: 

I. Anna Gale.* II. David Gale.* 

1314. James Allison^ (1342). He was under twenty-one, Dec. 22, 1763; 

m. Amy Knapp, of Horseneck, or Norwalk, Conn. He lived 
at Kidgebury, Orange Co., N. Y., and d. about 1822. He 
received his father's dwelling-house and eighty acres of laud. 

1315. Thomas Allison 2 [1291] (Joseph i). He married 
Margaret , and died in 1757. Resided, apparently, 

*Mrs. Mary Thompson Knight, of Monroe, Orange Co., N. Y., great- 
granddaughter of General Allison, has his commission as colonel, and 
an autograph letter of his written when he was in a prison-ship during 
the Revolutionary War. 


in Goshen, N. Y. He made his will Nov. 8, 1757 ; jjroven 
Dec. 5, 1757 ; recorded in surrogate's office. New York, N. Y. 
The following children were mentioned in that document, 
and all under the age of twenty-one years. His beloved broth- 
ers, Joseph and Richard, were appointed executors of the 
will. John Allison was a witness ; also Richard Westcott 
and William Dunn, all of the precinct of Goshen. 


1316. George Allison.^ No record. 

1317. Richard Allison.' No record. 

1318. Mary Allison." No record. 

1319. Thomas Allison,* m. Fannie . 

1320. Isaac Allison 2 [1292] (Joseph i). He and his 
brother, Richard Allison, coming, it is said, from Long Island, 
N. Y., bought land some twenty miles from New York city 
in Orange county, N. Y. The latter settled near Brookfield 
(now called Slate Hill), town of Wawayanda, Orange 
county. Isaac Allison settled about ten miles distant, near 
Amity, in the town of Warwick. The latter was of medium 
size, and with long black hair braided and tied up with a 
ribbon in a cue, according to the fashion of the time. He 
married Anna . 


1321. Julia Allison,* in. Capt. Nathaniel Ketchum, who was captain of 

a vessel. 
1.322. Isaac Allison* (1.383), m. Mary Davis; d. 182.5. 

1323. Nathaniel Allison.* Single. 

1324. Deborah Allison,* m. Mr. Wood. 

1325. Richard Allison* (1391), m. Anna ; d. 1810. 

1326. Mary Allison 3 [1310] (Gen. William,2 Joseph i). 
She was born Nov. 16, 1762 ; married, June 29, 1779, Dr. 
William Eimer,i of Goshen, N. Y. He was born in Florida, 

^The Elmer family is a very ancient one. There are many of the name 
in Switzerland, who claim to be able to trace their descent back to the 
twelfth century, and theorize that before that date the Elmers came from 
Italy or Greece. In 1000 Elmer, a pei-son of great sanctity, was chosen 
abbot of the monastery of St. Augustine, at Canterbury, England, and in 
1022 was made bishop of Sherburne. After the Norman conquest, in 1016, 
Elmer, one of the chiefs of William the Conqueror, was holder of several 
pieces of land, one of which was at Braintree Hundred, county of Essex, 
England, from thii-ty to forty miles east of London. .John Elmer was a 
bishop of London in the time of Queen Elizabeth. Representatives of 
the family are in different countries. Alfred Elmere, a distinguished 
artist, was a member of the Royal Academy, and died a few years since. 


N. Y., Jan. 19, 1758, and died May 24, 1816, aged 58 years, 

4 months, 5 days. She died April 20, 1821, aged 58 years, 

5 months, 4 days. He was a physician ; resided in or near 
Goshen, N. Y., where he and his wife lived and where they 
are buried. Dr. Elmer was the son of Dr. Nathaniel Elmer, 
Sr., and his wife, Ann Thompson. Dr. Nathaniel is said to 
have been "remarkably humorous." Dr. William Elmer 
was always a companionable man ; was cheerful, and pleas- 
ant in his manners, and had a large vein of natural humor. 
Of Mrs. Elmer, his wife, her daughter, Sarah Maria, said, — 
" She was a kind, affectionate, self-denying mother, a woman 
of most correct principles and habits, a decided Christian as 
was also my father." He and his family were Presbyterians. 


1327. Micah Allison Elmer* (139!)), b. May 13, ITSl; m., Feb. 4, 1804, his 

second cousin, Elizabeth Allison. He d. Dec. 31, 1849.* 

1328. Horace Elmer* (1406a), b. Sept. 23, 1783; d. at Morristown, N. J., 

June 1, 1850, and left a family. 

1329. Stephen Allison Elmer,* b. 1785; d. May, 1850; unmarried. 

1330. Sarah Maria Elmer* (1407), b. 1796; d. Dec. 12, 1874; m. Mahlon 


1331. Sarah Allison 3 [1311] (Gen. Williara,2 Joseph i). 
She married, Nov. 2, 1773, William W. Thompson, who was 
sheriff of Orange county, N. Y., in 1785. 

He was born in 1815, at Clonakilty, county of Cork, Ireland. It is on 
tlie southeast coast. 

Edward Elmer, the emigrant ancestor of this American family, was a 
young man, probably not married, when he left England. He was a 
Puritan, and left England to escape the persecution to which that sect 
was subjected, as did those who came with him. It is probable that he 
came from the county of Essex, as did many of his fellow-passengers, 
and likely from Braintree, where Rev. Thomas Hooker preached before 
he came to Xew England. He with 123 passengers came in the ship 
Lion, which arrived in Boston, Mass., Sept. 16, 1632, having been twelve 
weeks on the ship and eight weeks from "Land's End." He settled 
first at Newton, now Cambridge, Mass., with Rev. Thomas Hooker and 
the others, and in June, 1635, he, with Mr. Hooker and his congregation, 
removed to Hartford, Conn., where he settled. Later he removed to 
Northampton, Mass., and returned to Hartford. He owned a farm at 
South Windsor, Conn., where he was killed by the Indians during King 
Philip's War, in 1676. A part of his farm is still owned by his descen- 
dant, Samuel E. Elmore, of Hartford, Conn. The emigrant, Edward 

Elmer, married Mary . Their son, Samuel Elmer,- married 

Elizabeth , and lived in Hartford, Conn. Their son, Dea. Jona- 
than Elmer,^ married Mary , and lived in Norwalk, Conn. Their 

youngest son. Dr. Nathaniel Elmer,* married Anne Thompson. Their 
son. Dr. William Elmer,' married Mary Allison, as mentioned above. 
(From MS. of Samuel E. Elmore, of Hartford, Conn.) 

' In some records he is called Michael. 



1332. William Allison Thompson,* b. Aug. 8, 1775; baptized Sept. 17, 

1775; m. Sarah Bucksbee, of Minisink, Orange Co., N. Y., cler- 
gyman; res. Northern New Jersey. Children: William Henry 
Thompson ;'' res. Pennsylvania. Newton Thompson ;'> res. 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Sarah Thompson,'^ single. 

1333. Julia D. Thompson,* b. Feb. 17, 1778; baptized May 10, 1778; m., 

Mr. Gale; m., second, George Houston. Had nine children, 
and they lived in Orange Co., N. Y. 

1334. Eleanor Thompson,* b. Jan. 18, 1781; baptized June 17, 1781; m. 

James Morrison, whose father emigrated from Scotland or the 
north of Ireland. They had six children. Their son, Rev. 
John Hunter Morrison, I). D.,* b. 1804 or 1805, was a mission- 
ary in North India, and died there, leaving three children 
who were missionaries. One son of Eleanor died young. An- 
other son and three daughters went to Ohio and Northern Ken- 
tucky, where they died. Their old house was in Montgomery, 
now Wallkill, Orange Co., N. Y., in the neighborhood of 
"Honey Pot," two miles from the village of Scotchtown. 

1335. Joseph Thompson,* m. Patty Allison, daughter of James and 

Amy (Knapp) Allison. They had several children. Res. Steu- 
ben Co., N. Y. 

1336. Anthony Dobbin Thompson,* m. Nancy Helme. Child: Sarah 

Thompson,'^ m. John Conklin, of New York, N. Y. Mr. 
Thompson died, and his widow married Meeker Miller, and 
died in the city of New York. 

1337. Henry Thompson,* m. Abigail Thompson and Nancy Bronson. 

Res. Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y. Six children. After his death 
his widow and some of the children went to Illinois. 

1338. Mary Thompson,* d. aged 4 years. 

1.339. Ann Thompson,* m. James Howell. She lived and died in Huber 
Co., N. Y. Seven children. 

1340. Sarah Thompson,* m. John D. Vail, and died near New Windsor 

in 1850 or 1851. They had eiuht children; six died young. 
Their eldest, James Schryler Vail,'' married Catherine Tomp- 
kins, had children, and they lived and died in .New Windsor, 
Orange Co., N. Y. Sarah Jane Tompkins,'^ m. James Potter; 
m., second, her cousin, William Thompson Howell, and d. in 
Michigan. Sidney Tompson," res. Northern Illinois. 

1341. John Jay Thompson* (1417), b. March 26, 1797; d. Jan. 12, 1849. 

His daughter, Mrs. Mary Thompson Knight, lives in Monroe, 
Orange Co., N. Y. 

1342. James Allison ^ [1314] (Ricbardson,^ Joseph i). 

He was born ; and married Amy Keziab, daughter of 

and Amy (Reynolds) Knapp. They first went to 

Long Island, and later settled at Slate Hill, Orange county, 
N. Y. He was in the military service during the Revolution. 
He lived at Slate Hill, Orange county, N. Y., where be owned 
a large tract of land. He also owned land near Turner's, 
Orange county, N. Y. His death occurred about 1822. 
Mrs. Allison was from New England, and after Mr. Alli- 
son's death married James Smith of Oxford, Orange county, 
N. Y., and had a daughter. Amy Smith, who married Mr. 



1343. Jabez Allison.^ He went to Canada and settled there. Upon the 

declarationof war between the United States and Great Britain 
in 1812, he returned to the United States. After his death his 
wife lived in Canada. 

1344. Caleb Allison.* He probably settled in Canada. 

1345. Lydia Allison.* She m. Jason Howell and settled near Slate Hill, 

Orange Co., N. Y. He was a farmer. Walter,^ and James,6 are 
their only children now living. Children: 

1346. Daniel Howell,'* d. unmarried. 

1347. Walter Howell. ^ He was a school teacher at Slate Hill, N. Y. ; m., 

Eliza Pound, sister of Mrs. James Allison, and removed to the 

1348. Gabriel Howell.^ Single. Ees. Binghampton, N". Y. 

1349. Milton Howell." He was drowned when a young man. He was 


1350. James Howell. 5 He married and lived in Pennsylvania. 

1351. Susan Howell. b She d. when about fifteen years of age. 

1352. Amizi Allison.* He settled in Steuben Co., N. Y. Was twice 

married, and his second wife was Grace Davis. Their children: 

1353. William Allison.^ 

1354. Almoda Allison,'; m. Mr. Marsh and had a son, George Marsh. 

1355. Anson Allison. s 

1356. Frances Allison, ^ m. Mr. Van Gelder. 

1357. Fanny Allison,* m. Justus Brooks. After his death removed to 

Ohio, perhaps Norwalk. Children: 

1358. Amy Ann Brooks,' m. Kichard Anderson. Res. Huron Co., Ohio. 

1359. Emeline Brooks,^ m. Josiah Anderson, a brother of Eichard An- 

derson. They res. in Ohio. 

1360. Eliphalet Brooks.s He m. . Ees. in Ohio, probably in 

Newark or Norwalk, Ohio. 

1361. Eldridge Brooks,5 m. ; res. New Y^ork, N. Y. 

1362. Phebe "Brooks, 5 m. George Sanger. Ees. New York, N. Y. 

1363. James Brooks,^ m. Martha Dallinson. Ees. Ohio. 
1.364. Abbv Brooks," m. Richard, son of Isaac Allison. 

1365. William Allison,^ (Col. William) res. Slate Hill, Orange Co., N. Y. 

After his father's death he occupied the homestead. He m. 
Sarah Roe of Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y. His death occurred 
Aug. 30, 1830. Children: 

1366. Elizabeth Allison, ^ m. George Reeves. Res. Michigan. 

1367. Timothy R. Allison,'^ d. in Michigan. 

1.368. Amv Ailison,5 m. DeWitt Hallock, son of Judge Hallock. 

1369. Her"" child, 

1370. Josephine Hallock,B m. Mr. Denton; res. Greenville, Orange Co., 

N. Y. 

1371. Susanna Allison,' d. unmarried. 

1372. James Allison. » His descendants res. in Michigan. 

1373. Gabriel Allison.-' His descendants are in Michigan. 

1374. Henry B. Allison.^ His descendants are in Michigan. 

1375. Sarah Allison, < m. Isaac Allison, Jr., her second cousin. (See his 

record. No. 1425.) 

1376. James Allison,* m. Lottie Anna . His descendants are in 

Chemung Co., N. Y. 

1377. Ambrose Allison,* m. Annie E., daughter of Isaac and Mary Allison. 

He lived near the old homestead in Orange Co., N. Y. Descend- 
ants in Iowa. 

1378. Richardson Allison.* 

1379. Joshua Allison,* m. Elizabeth ; res. Sussex Co., N. J. 

Descendants in western New York and Iowa. 

1380. Patty Allison,* m. Joseph Thompson, son of Sarah (Allison) 






Gabriel Allison, d. unmarried, it is said. (There was a Gabriel 
Ellison, m. Catherine Ellis, Sept. 4, 1772. Recorded in New 
York, N. Y.) 
Perhaps there was a 

John Allison,^ who m. and settled in Penn. 

1383. Isaac Allison ^ [1322] (Isaac,^ Joseph i ). He was 
a soldier of the Eevolution, and served at Fort Stanwix, now 
Rome, N. Y. While there a messmate gave him his powder 
horn, &till most carefully preserved, and (in 1893) in the 
possession of his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Sarah (Vail) 
Divers, of Middletown, N. Y. It is an interesting and hand- 
some relic of that war. Upon it is beautifull}^ engraved a 
picture of the fort with the surrounding houses and the church 
steeple of a village. It bears this inscription (fac-simile): 

While Mr. Allison was in the army, his wife and family 
were at home, in charge of the farm during his absence. 
Often during that trying period the Indians came to the 
home of Mrs. Allison. She treated them with kindness, gave 
them food, won their good will, and their assurance, that to 
her and hers, no harm should come from them. 

He married Mary Davis, whose brother, Benjamin Davis, 
lived near the Allison homestead, near Amity, Orange county, 
N. Y. Mount Adam and Mount Eve rear their summits near 
this old home. Mr. Allison lived on the homestead. He 
was of medium stature, of light complexion with blue eyes 
and dark hair. Following rigidly the style of those early 
years, he did not change with the changing fashion, but 


wore his hair, which was at least two feet in length, braided, 
and tied up with a ribbon, into a cue. This style he fol- 
lowed till his death. The land he owned was extensive. 
He sold portions to Nathan Furraan, Timothy Roe, Jed 
Sears, and John Gardner. He then gave his son Isaac a 
farm, and had enough land remaining for himself. In his 
time there was no church edifice in Amity, and he attended 
public worship in a school-house. He died in 1825, and is 
buried in the family burying ground, near the old farm-house. 
This Cbmetery, which forms part of a knoll, contains about 
three fourths of an acre, which, with the road leading to it, is 
still the property of the Allisons. Mrs. Allison was a very 
energetic woman. After the death of her husband, she 
removed to Ohio with her children, died there, and is buried 
in Newark, or Norwalk, Ohio. 


1384. Isaac Allison * (1425), h. April 10, 1787; m. Sarah Allison. Res. 

Warwick, near Amity, Orange Co., N, Y. He d. Jan. 1, 1835. 

1385. Sallie Allison,* m. Mr. Hopkins. She was a member of the 

Presbyterian church in Amity. Her descendants ai-e in Ohio. 
She m., second, Mr. Mines. 

1386. Xathaniel Allison.'' Single. He was a young man and unmarried 

when the 1812-15 war with Great Britain broke out. He took 
the place in the army of his brother Isaac, and while rendering 
military service contracted a fever of which he died, after his 
return home. He served till the close of the war. His nephew, 
Dr. Nathaniel Allison, of Mexico, Mo., was named for him. 

1387. Samuel Allison * (1436), m. Roe; settled in Ohio. 

1388. Mary Allison,* m. Aaron Hatfield. 

1389. Annie Allison* (1467), m. her second ■cousin, Ambrose Allison, son 

of James and Amy (Knapp) Allison. They removed to Ohio, 
and she d. in Licking Co., and their descendants are in Iowa. 

1390. Richard Allison,* b. Jan. 29, 1799. (1479a.) He sold his farm in 

Orange Co., N. Y., and with his family removed to Ohio. 

1391. Elizabeth Allison * m. Joseph Pound. Their descendants are in 

Ohio. Mr. Pound lived perhaps in Newark, Ohio. 

1392. Richard Allison^ [1325] (Isaac,^ Joseph i). He 

married Anna , and died July 13, 1810. She died 

June 16, 1827, in Stewartstown, N. Y. 


1393. Susan Allison,* m. Mr. Brown. 

1.394. Charlotte Allison,* m. Mr. AVai-ing. 

1395. Rebecca Allison,* m. Mr. Thompson. 

1396. Elizabeth Allison,* b. Oct. 26, 1782 ; m. Micah Allison Elmer. (See 

his record. No. 1399.) 

1397. William Allison « (1480), b. Oct. 28, 1797; m. Lavena Furgerson. 

He lived and d. in Canisteo, N. Y. 

1398. Isaac Allison,* d., unmarried, Nov. 20, 1809. 


1399. Micah Allison Elmer ^ [1327] (Mary Allison,^ Gen. 
William,^ Joseph i). He was born May 13, 1781, at Goshen, 
N. Y., and died at Unionville, Orange connty, N. Y., Dec. 
31, 1849. He married his second cousin, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Richard Allison, Feb. 4, 1804, who died in Unionville, 
and both are buried in Ridgebury, N. Y. He was named 
for his uncle, Micah Allison, who was killed, at the age of 
eighteen, in battle at the capture of Fort Montgomery. 
They were Presbyterians. Some of this family are buried in 
Slate Hill cemetery, Wawayanda, Orange county, N. Y. 


1400. William Allison Elmer/ b. Jan. 1, 1805; d. April 8, 1805. 

1401. Julia Ann Elmer/ b. April 1-3, 1806; d. Nov. 27, 1871, aged 65 

years, 7 months, 14 days. She is buried in the Allison family 
plot in Chester, N. Y. Eev. C. E. Allison says of her, — " The 
memory of her unselfish life is sweet as the fragrance of flow- 
ers." She was unmarried. 

1402. Eichard Allison Elmer'^ (1491), b. Aug. 28, 1808; d. Aug. 8, 1867; 

res. Waverly, IST. Y. 

1403. Isaac Allison Elmer,^ b. Nov. 24, 1810; d. young. 

1404. Henry De Lancy Elmer « (1498), b. Feb. 18, 1812; d. Oct. 17, 1870; 

m. Julia Ann De Kay; res. at Unionville and Chester, N. Y. 

1405. Nathaniel Elmer <> (1514), b. at Wantage, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1816; d. 

July 11, 18S4, in Middletown, N. Y. 

1406. Teresa Amelia Elmer," b. Nov. 6, 1819; d. Sept. 27, 1871. She 

m. Isaac W. Allison. (See his record, No. 1540.) 

1406a. Horace Elmer* [1828] (Mary [Allison] Elmer,^ 
Gen. William,^ Joseph i). He was born in Goshen, N. Y., 
Sept. 23. 1783, and died June 1, 1850, at his home in Morris- 
town, N. J. He married, at Goshen, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1807, 
Susan Stewart, who was born Dec. 30, 1788, and died April 
6, 1842. 


1406b. Catherine Maria Elmer," b. July 22, 1808; m., Sept. 12, 1839, Silas 
H. Axtell, and d. March 15, 1800, without issue. 

1406c. William Stewart Elmer," b. March 29, 1810; d. single. Sept, 15, 
18.34; physician. 

1406d. James Floyd Elmer," b. May 11, 1812; m., March 29, 1837, Ada- 
line Borland. She was b. in Orange Co., N. Y., Aug. 12, 1816; 
d. at Morristown, N. J., Sept. 10, 1878. He d. of typhoid fever 
March 10, 1863. He with his family were Presbyterians. He 
aided in church work, and was active in such matters as per- 
tained to the general good. His children were well educated, 
and lovers of music and literature. Children b. in Morris Co., 
N. J.: 

I. Frances Matilda Elmer," b. Sept., 1838; d. Morristown, N. J., Dec. 

29, 1865, of typhoid fever. 

II. Sarah Elmer," b. Feb. 22, 1841; res. Morristown, N. J. 

III. James Horace Elmer," b. Jan. 5, 1843; res. Morristown, N. J. 


lY. Charles Lewis Elmer,^ b. Sept. 21, 1845; m., March 1, 1869, Mary- 
Day; res. Baltimore, Md. Children: Lizzie Elmer,' b. Jan. 25, 
1869. Carrie Ford Elmer,' b. Oct. 18, 1871. Horace Brown 
Elmer,' b. Nov. 11, 1873. Frank Elmer,' b. Oct. 16, 1876. Will- 
iam Floyd Elmer,' b. Dec. 8, 1885. 

V. Thomas Jefferson Elmer,° b. Oct. 18, ; m., in 1868, Mary Ella 

Wvman; res. Rockaway, N. J.; d. Nov. 21, 1889. Children: 
Rena Viola Elmer,' b. Sept. 24, 1808; d. Jan. 6, 1886. Ella 
Eugenia Elmer,' b. June 25, 1870. Julia Etta Elmer,' b. Aug. 
29, 1872; d. June 6, 1889. Bertha Adaline Elmer,' b. Aug. 5, 

1874. Effie May Elmer,' b. March 10, 1877; d. Dec. 12, 1891. 
Maud Borland Elmer,' b. Feb. 12, 1879. Ida Ames Elmer,' b. 
Sept. 9, 1881. Floyd Lewis Elmer,' b. April 18, 1884; d. Jan, 
24, 1886. Florence Lulu Elmer,' b. April 18, 1884. 

VI. Edwin Stewart Elmer,^ b. March 13, 1851; m.. May 18, 1887, Flor- 

ence Doty; res. Morristown, N. J. Children: Marion Ade- 
^ laide Elmer,' b. July 23, 1890. Harrold Elmer,^ b. April 29, 


VII. Emma Adaline Elmer,« b. Sept. 19, 1853; m., May 11, 1881, Charles 

C. Bedell; res. Madison, N. J. Children: Mabel Adeline Be- 
dell,' b. March 11, 1884. Ernest Elmer Bedell,' b. Nov. 16, 
1886. Lester Raymond Bedell,' b. Nov. 18, 1889. Be- 
dell,' b. Sept. 18, 1891; d. Oct., 1891. 

VIII. Ella Maria Elmer,« b. July 16, 1856; res. Newark, N. J. 

IX. Mary Florence Elmer,^ b. Jan. 31, 1860. She graduated from the 

high school in Baltimore, Md. ; was a teacher, and then for ten 
years was a copyist in the Patent Office, Washington, D. C. 
She m., Oct. 11, 1892, Basil Edgar Murray, and res. 1627 14th 
street, Washington, D. C. 
1406e. Lewis Elmer," b. Goshen, N. T., Sept. 28, 1814; m., Jan. 5, 1837, 
Mary Ann Wickershara. He resided in Morristown, N. J., 
Petersburg, Va., and, after 1852, in Baltimore, Md., where for 
thirty years he was a manufacturer of vinegar, and where he 
died Jan. 19, 1892. Mrs. Elmer was b. in Pittsburg, Va., Jan. 
5, 1816, and d. in Baltimore, Nov. 9, 1871. She was daughter 
of Isaac and Susan (Stone) Wickersham, granddaughter of 
Thomas, of Reading, Penn. Children : 

I. Susan Marian Elmer,* b. Morristown, N. J., Nov. 2, 1837; d. in Wood- 

stock, Va., Aug. 5, 1861. 

II. William Stewart Elmer,* b. Morristown, N. J., Nov. 2, 1840; m., 

April 5, 1865, Mary Elizabeth Addison. He is a vinegar man- 
ufacturer; res. 818 W. North avenue, Baltimore, Md. Chil- 
dren: Minnia Florence Elmer,' b. Feb. 8, 1867. William Addi- 
son Elmer,' b. Sept. 11, 1868; d. Jan. 16, 1870. Mary Estella 
Elmer,' b. Jan. 18, 1870; d. Nov. 6, 1870. Lewis Stewart El- 
mer,' b. Aug. 1, 1872. Elmer,' b. and d. July 1, 1874. 

Ethel Addison Elmer,' b. Aug. 27, 1881. 

III. Walter Floyd Elmer,^ b. Pittsburg, Penn,, Sept. 13, 1845; m., Dec. 

21, 1871, Eliza Edith Ruth, daughter of John and Mary (Ruth) 
Sturgis. He is a vinegar manufacturer; res. Baltimore, Md. 
Children: Mary Ella Elmer,' b. Oct. 12, 1872. Frank Ruth 
Elmer,' b, Jan. 26, 1879; d. July 4, 1879. Charles Wickersham 
Elmer,' b. July 15, 1881. 

IV. Lida Hizby Elmer,' b. Pittsburg, Penn., June 12, 1847; unmarried; 

res. 1122 Mosher street, Baltimore, Md. 

V. George Hizby Elmer,^ b. Pittsburg, Penn., Dec. 2, 1849; m., Dec. 12, 

1872, Henrietta Langrall, ]>. Sept. 8, 1851. He is a vinegar 
manufacturer; res. Baltimore, Md. Children: Mary El;ta 
Elmer,' b. July 7, 1874. Florence Langrall Elmer,' b. Aug. 1, 

1875. Lulu Grace Elmer,' b. May 31, 1877. Percy Womble 
Elmer,' b. March 17, 1879. Eva "Stewart Elmer,' b. Nov. 5, 
1880. Edna Earle Elmer,' b. April 14, 1887. 


VI. Emma Bartlett Elmer," b. Newark, N. J., May 22, 1843; m., Oct. 

25, 1870, Joseph Martin Ashbury. He was a vinegar manufac- 
turer; res. Baltimore, Md., where she died Oct. 25, 1891. Chil- 
dren: Marian Elmer Ashbury,' b. July 31, 1871. Nellie Stew- 
art Ashbury,' b. July 3, 1873. Ida Virginia Ashbury,' b. Dec. 
13, 1876. Lillie Ruth Ashbury,' b. Oct. 25, 1878. Howard 
Elmer Ashbury,' b. April 26, 1880. 

VII. Mary Wickersham Elmer,« b. Baltimore, Md., March 24, 1856, and 

d. there June 25, 1858. 

1406 f. John Carpenter Elmer,^ b. April 7, 1817; m., Sept. 19, 1843, Jane 
R. Stiles. He was a physician; and d. Oct. 17, 1863. His 
daughter, Louise B. Elmer,^ res. Springfield, N. J. William 
Stiles Elmer," d. Nov., 1863. 

1406g. Luther Stewart Elmer,'^ b. Goshen, N. Y., June 24, 1819; m., 
Sept. 22, 1845, Lavinia Grandon Smith, daughter of Major Cad- 
walader and Ann (Wise) Smith, of Hackettstown, N. J. She 
was b. in Hackettstown, June 10, 1824, and in 1892 resides in 
Washington, D. C. Mr. Elmer was a lawyer; res. in Morris- 
town and Newark, N. J., and in Jersey City, N. J., from 1856 
to 1889. He died in Washington, D. C, July 10, 1889. He 
was highly esteemed for his upright Christian life. Chil- 
dren : 

I. Ida T. Elmer," b. Newark, N. J. ; res. Washington, D. C. 

II. Virginia Lavinia Elmer," b. Newark, N. J.; m., May 29, 1873, Will- 

iam Henry Ames, a graduate of Brown University. He was 
formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio. Res. Jersey City, N. J., and is 
deceased. He was b. at New Orleans, La. At the age of 
twenty-three he entered the U. S. service as private in the 165th 
Regt. N. Y. Vols. ; March 15, 1864, made 2d lieut. of Co. B, 87 
U. S. colored infantry stationed at New Orleans, La., and Aug. 
31, 1865, was transferred to 84th Regt. U. S. colored infantry, 
and was aid-de-camp to General Doolittle. Children: Elmer 
Hampstead Ames,' b. Jersey City, N. J., Jan. 23, 1876. Henry 
Olcott Ames,' b. Jersey City, N. J., Jan, 29, 1878. Adele 
Ames,' b. Feb. 1, 1882; d. March 13, 1885. 

III. Lavinia Elmer,^ b. Dec. 15, 1855, in Jersey City, N. J. ; d. there 

July 20, 1857. 

IV. Luther Stewart Elmer," b. Jersey City, N. J., Sept. 24, 1859; res. 

1723 Corcoran street, Washington, D. C. He Avas a member of 
the New York University class of 1881; studied law for three 
years in Jersey City and one year in Washington, and in 1881 
was appointed to a position in the post-office department in 
Washington, D. C. He is now assistant chief clerk. 

1406h. Thomas Evans Elmer,^ b. Dec. 9, 1821; d. Nov. 12, 1827; single. 

14061. Keziah Jane Elmer.o b. June 12, 1824; d. April 18, 1842; single. 

1406 j. Sarah Elizabeth Elmer, "^ b. Feb. 24, 1827; d. Dec. 7, 1848, at South 
Hadley boarding school ; single. 

1407. Sarah Maria Elmer * [1330] (Mary Allison,^ Gen. 
William,^ Joseph ^ ). She was born at Goshen, N. Y., in 
1796 ; died in St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 12, 1874. She married 
Mahlon Ford, who died March 23, 1888. She lived in Newark, 
N. J., till 1870, and then removed to St. Louis, Mo.; is buried 
in Newark, N. J. In a letter written in 1874 she says, " I, 
an only daughter, was loved and indulged all I ought to be ; 
had a ver}^ happy childhood, girlhood, and youth ; hardly 
knew anything about care or sorrow ; had all the necessaries, 
most of the comforts, and many of the luxuries of life. At 


nineteen the first real sorrow of my life occurred in the death 
of my dearly loved father. I had then come into possession 
of the })roperty left me by my Grandfather Allison, who was 
a very extensive, wealthy farmer. Next, to fill ray cup of 
sorrow to the brim, my beloved mother, who was living with 
us, died of apoplexy." 


1408. Mary E. Ford," m. William Ilulme. 

1409. Villiam Elmer Ford,'> d. youiio-. 

1410. J(>lm O. Ford,'* m. Jennie Mills. His son, William Elmer Ford, 

res. New Carthage, Mo. 

1411. Julia F. Ford,' m. Richard Terhune ; d. in Montreal, Canada, Jan. 

25, 18S2. Five children. 

1412. Cornelia M. Ford,' d. young. 

1413. Emmeline C. Ford," m. H. O. Beach. She d. in St. Louis, Mo., 

May 14, 1882. Four children. 

1414. Newton H. Ford," m. Nettie Ackley. Res. San Antonio, Texas. 

Four children. 
141.5. Martha L. Ford,' d. young. 
1416. Silena M. Ford,' m. Gabriel Long. Child: 
I. Elmer Ford Long.'' 

1417. John Jsy Thompson * [1341] (Sarah Allison,^ Gen. 
William,- Joseph ^ ). He was born in Goshen, Orange county, 
N. Y., :\Iarch 26, 1797 ; married, April 4, 1822, Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Sarah (Vail) Webb of Middletown, N. 
Y., and granddaughter of Jonathan Webb. She was born in 
Middletown, Orange county, N. Y., July 12, 1804 ; died 
in Monroe, Orange county, N. Y., March 10, 1888. Mr. 
Thompson was a Presbyterian minister, and lived and 
preached in different places in Orange and Green counties, 
N. Y. He died June 12, 1849, at Bloomingburgh, N. Y. 


1418. Mary Thompson,' b. Goshen, N. Y., Jan. 22, 182.S; m., Sept. 3, 
1844, Chauncey B. Knight. He is a merchant; res. Monroe, 
Orange Co., N. Y. Children: 

I. Charles Thompson Knight," b. July 24, 1847; m., March 22, 1882, 

MariaR.,daughter of James R. and Eliza Jenkins of Newburgh, 
N. Y. Merchant. Res. Monroe, N. Y. 

II. Caroline Knight,** b. June 18, 18.50; m. Oscar Henry Elmer, a rela- 

tive and Presbyterian minister. Res. Crookston, Minn. (See 
Elmer record.) 

III. Frederick Jay Knight,« b. March 11, 18.53; m., Aug. 11, 1891, Emma 

Irene Patterson. Civil engineer. Res. Phenix, Arizona. He 
is a graduate of Cornell university. 

IV. Henry Brooks Knight," b. Dec. 25, 1854; m., June 20,1888, Mary, 

daughter of John and Mary (Thompson) Wallace of Goshen, 
N. Y. Graduated at Cornell university. Res. Goshen, N. Y. 

V. Mary Eugenia Knight," b. Feb. 9, 1857; m., Sept. 8, 1884, George 

Rensalaer Conklin of Monroe, Orange Co., N. Y. 


1419. Howai'd Thompson," b. Middletown, X. Y., Dec. 26, 1824; m., June 

1848, Sarah Jerusha Meigs. Civil engineer. Kes. Port Byron, 
IST. 1'.; d. there Oct., 1862. Children: 

I. Mary Allison Thompson," m. George I. Wliipple of Malone, Franklin 

Co., N. Y. Kes. Tonawanda, X. Y. 

II. Frances Howai'd Thompson. « .Single. 

1420. Sarah Thompson,^ b., Nov. 21, 1826, in Middletown, X". Y.; m., 

March, 18.54, Isaac Shidtz Stickney. Merchant. Res. Wurts- 
boro', Sullivan Co., X. Y. She d. at Versailles, N. Y., Aj^ril, 
1875. One child, d. young. 

1421. Grace Thompson," b. Goshen, X. Y"., Xov. 21, 1830; m.. June, 1855, 

David Felter. Res. Closter, Bergen Co., X. J. Child: 
I. Jessie Howard Felter," m. Moses Webb Reed. Res. Xew York. X. Y. 

1422. Benjamin Webb Thompson," b. Middletown, X. Y., Xov. 5, 1833; 

m. AdelthaTwitchell, Sept., 1805; m., second, Clara Uptegraflf, 
April, 1875. Real estate agent. Res. Minneapolis, Minn. He 
was a lieutenant colonel in the late war. Children: 

I. Howard Benjamin Thompson.'' 

II. Adelbert Thompson." 

III. Katherine A. Thompson." 

IV. Grace Webb Thompson." 

V. Daniel U. Thompson." 

VI. John Allison Thompson." 

1423. Julia Caroline Thompson," b. Monroe, X. Y., Feb. 21, 1838. 

Teacher and editor. . Res. Philadelphia, Penn., and d. there 
Feb. 22, 1883. She was editor of a magazine published by the 
Women's Board of the Presbyterian church. 

1424. Margaret Boyd Thompson," b. Monroe, X. Y., Xov. 5, 1843; m., 

April 13, 1871, Rev. Charles Beattie Xewton, D. D., a Presby- 
terian minister. They are missionaries. Res. Xorth India, 
Children : 

I. John Charles Xewton.a ^ 

II. Frederick J. Xewton." 

III. Edward F. Xewton." 

IV. Francis H. Xewton," 

V. Carrie L. Xewton." 

VI. George V. Xewton." 

1425. Isaac Allison * [1384] (Isaac,'^ Isaac,^ Joseph i). 
He was born in Warwick, near Amity, Orange county, N. Y., 
April 10, 1787 ; died Jan. 1, 1835. He was of medium size, 
with light complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair. His 
heart was full of kindness, and he was fond of merriment 
and wit. He loved children. In morals he was strict, was 
the friend and helper of those less fortunate than himself, 
and was industrious and frugal. About one mile from the 
Allison homestead was built the first Presbyterian church in 
Amity, which he aided in erecting. To this day the Allisons 
own a pew in that church, although there is no one of the 
family living there to occupy it. He, his wife, and his sister 
Sarah were members of that church. All of his sons and 
daughters were Presbyterians, except his daughter Mary, wife 
of Egbert Mills, v/ho was a member of the Calvary Baptist 
church in New York, N. Y. The beloved pastors who min- 
istered to the church in Amity during Mr. Allison's lifetime 


were Rev. Mr. Hopkins and his successor. Rev. William Tim- 1 
low. The latter often held neighborhood prayer-meetings at 
the Allison home. When the pastor came to make a pastoral 
call at the Allison home, the dinner horn was blown, calling 
the workmen from the fields, that they might be present with 
the family at prayers. During the last war with Great Britain, 
Mr. Allison was drafted into the service. He served for a 
time, and then returned home on account of sickness in the 
family, and his place in the army was supplied by his brother, 
Nathaniel Allison. The work of his life was well executed. 
In the strength of the years of his mature manhood (being in 
his forty-eighth year) the summons for his departure came. 
When he was dying he called his children to his bedside, 
laid his hand lovingly on their foreheads, and upon them 
invoked the blessings of God. He married his second cousin, 
Sarah, daughter of James and Amy (Knapp) Allison of 
Ridgbury, Orange county, N. Y. She was born May 13, 
1794. Her father lived on a very large and beautiful 
farm, about ten miles from Amity, town of Wawayanda, 
Orange county, N. Y. Mrs. Allison was an attractive 
woman, of medium stature, light complexioned, with rosy 
cheeks, dark hair, and black eyes. She Avas a devout 
Christian, generous in her nature and acts, and often minis- 
tered to the necessities of the sick and suffering. A great 
bereavement came to her. Within a space of nine days her 
husband and her sons, Gabriel and Andrew, were removed by 
death. She bravely took up life's burden, looking for strength 
to the God of the widow and the fatherless. So carefully 
did she train her sons and daughters, that they in mature 
years called her blessed. When their own locks were 
" whitened with the snow that never melts," tenderly and 
lovingly they spoke of her to their children and grandchil- 
dren, gratefully acknowledging her solicitous care during 
their childhood and youth. 



1426. Amy K. Allison =(151G), b. April 3, 1813; m. Asa Yail. Ees. 28 

Clifton Place, Jersey City, N. J. 

1427. James Allison, = b. Dec. 20, 1815; m. Eleanor Pound. He d. near 

Amity, X. Y. 'No children. 

1428. Nathaniel Allison = (1529) b. June 30, 1818; m., 1844, Martha F. 

Sullinger. Res. Mexico, Mo. Physician. 

1429. Isaac William Allison = (1540), b. Nov. 17, 1820; m. Teresa A. Elmer. 

He d. at Chester, N. Y., Doc. 22, 1881. 
14.30. LydiaE. Allison,'"' b. July 15, 1823; m., Jan. 14, 1886, David W. 
Selleck. He was a farmer. He died June 27, 1893. Ees. Fair 
Oaks, N. Y. No children. 


1431. Frances Jane Allison '(1548), b. Auk. l-"^ 1^25; m., Oct. 15, 1845, 
James H. Tooker. Res. Slate Hill, Wawayanda, X. Y. 

14.32. Mary Allison '■ (15.55), b. March 25, 182S; m., Nov. 1, 184S, Egbert 

1433. William Lewis Allison' (1.568), b. March 22, 1830; m., March 7, 

1855, Ellen R. Lombard. Res. 76 Hancock street, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

1434. Gabriel Allison,' b. 1832; d. in Dec, 1834, or Jan., 1835. 

1435. Andrew Jackson Allison,' b. 1834; d. in Dec, 1834, or Jan., 1835. 

1436.. Samuel Allison* [1387] (Isaac,3 Isaac,2 Josephs- 
He married Roe, and with his family and some twenty 

other Orange county (N. Y.) families, removed to Ohio, 
where he owned a large tract of land, near Newark. His 
mother lived with him, and is buried in the family lot in the 
cemetery near Newark. He died March 29, 1860. 


1437. Harriet Allison,' m. in Ohio, Albert Wilkins. Children: 

14:58. Ella AVilkins.« 

1439. Edward Wilkins." 

1440. Frank Wilkins," 

1441. George Wilkins." 

1442. Rebecca Allison,^ m. in Ohio, George Harris. Children: 

1443. Albert Harris." 

1444. Mary Ann Harris." 

1445. Allison Harris.o 

1446. Ella Harris." 

1447. William Harris.o 

1448. Isaac W. Allison,' m. Wilkins; res. on homestead, near New- 

ark, Ohio. Children: 

1449. Homer Allison,o had child, F. Emmert Allison.' 

1450. George Allison,6 had children. Lulu Allison,' and John Allison.' 

1451. Samuel Allison," had child, Mabel Allison.' 

1452. Cline Allison." 

1453. Charles Allison." 

1454. Susan Allison,' m. Elias Parker. Child: 

1455. Hattie Parker.« 

1456. Samuel Allison,' b. 1827; d. Feb. 26, 1884; m. Rachel Bell, of 

Utica, Ohio. Rem. to Delhi, Delaware Co., la., in 1852; 
had 760 acres of land, and owned Pleasant Valley creamery. 
He was an honorable, upright man, and much respected. Chil- 
dren : 

1457. Cora Arminda Allison," m. Frank Porter; res. Schaller, la. She 

d. Oct. 2, 1889. 

1458. William Roe Allison,6 m. Elba Hancher. He is well educated; 

owns a large farm at De Soto, la. Children: 

1459. Roy H. Allison.' 

1460. Gladys Allison.' 

1461. Mildred Allison.' 

1462. John L. Allison," graduate of Drake university, Des Moines, la, ; 

m, Laura Dewey, of Des Moines, la,; res. on homestead at 
Delhi, la. Child: 

1463. Donald D. Allison.' 

1464. Ella M. Allison," class of '89 in Drake university. 

1465. Alice Allison," an "A. B." of Drake university, 1891. 

1466. Samuel Emmert Allison." student. 


1467. Annie Allison ^ [1389] (Isaac,3 Isaac,2 Joseph i). 
She married her second cousin, Ambrose Allison, son of 
James and Amy (Knapp) Allison, and removed to Ohio, and 
is buried near her brother, Samuel Allison. According to 
tradition Ambrose Allison migrated over the mountains into 
Pennsylvania and was never again heard from. 


1468. Mary Ann Allison.8 

1469. Isaac Allison. s 

1470. Amy Allison.s 

1471. Samuel Allison,6 m. Joanna Harris, and owned 1,000 acres of land 

in Sac Co., la. Children: 

1472. Oscar Allison," res Sac Co., la. 

1473. Annie Allison,* res. Sac Co., la. 

1474. Mary Allison," res. Sac Co., la. 

1475. Minnie Allison," res. Sac Co., la. 

1476. Laura Allison,8 res. Dakota. 

1477. Frank Allison," res. Sac Co., la. 

1478. Eugene Allison," res. Sac Co., la. 

1479. Ida Allison," res. Sac Co., la. 

1479a. Richard Allison * [1390] (Isaac,3 Isaac,^ Joseph i). 
He was born in Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y., Jan. 29, 1799, 
and removed to Peru, Huron Co., Ohio, in 1832 or 1833, and 
removed to Leonidas, St. Joseph Co., Mich., in 1864, and 
died there Jan. 18, 1867. Mrs. Allison was born in Brook- 
field, Orange Co., N. Y., Nov. 6, 1801. They were married 
July 19, 1828. She died in Peru, Huron Co., Mich., May 24, 
1842. Her maiden name was Abigail Brooks, and the maiden 
name of her mother was Allison. They had eight children : 
only three lived to be over two years of age. 


1479b. Amanda Matilda Allison,^ b. March 31, 1831 ; removed with her 
parent? to Ohio from New York when a little more than two 
years of age, and later removed to Michigan. She m. John 
Murray Feb. 1, 1849; removed to Michigan in 1854, and lived 
on a farm two miles southwest of New Buffalo, Mich. ; res. 
New Buffalo, Mich. Children : 

I. Cecelia Murray," b. Jan. 15, 1850; m. William Stites; res. New Carlisle, 

Ind. No children. 

II. Viola Murray," b. May 22, 1860; m. her second cousin, Hosea Slater. 

Four children. 

1479c. Caroline Allison." She d. Jan. 4, 1870. 

1479d. Phebe Jane Allison," b. Jan. 3, 1836, in Peru, Huron Co., Ohio; 
m., Sept. 26, 1861, Thomas Jefferson Downing, b. in Connecti- 
cut, Nov. 14, 1814. They lived in Norwalk, Ohio, until May, 
1864, and then moved to Wakeshma, Kalamazoo Co., Mich., 
and purchased a farm. He d. Oct. 29, 1875. She m., second, 



David Camp. She now lives at Wakeshma, Mich.; P. O. 

Fulton, Mich. Child: 
I. Frank Allison Downing/ b. April 28, 1867; res, with his mother. 
i479e. Emeline Allison," b. Nov. 13, 1838; d. Jan. 4, 1870. 

1480. William Allison * [1397] (Richard,^ Isaac,^ Joseph i). 
He was born Dec. 28, 1797. He lived and died in Canisteo, 
N. Y. On Dec. 10, 1818, he married Levena Fergerson, who 
was born April 22, 1797, and died March 2, 1851. He died 
May 14, 1863. 


1481. Phebe Ann Allison,^ b. Sept. 11, 1819; d, single. 

1482. Charlotte L. Allison,' b. Jan. 31, 1822; m. Wilson W. McHenery; 

res. Decorah, Iowa. 

1483. Kichard F. Allison « (1585), b. Jan, 19, 1824; m. Hannah R, Cook, 

April 22, 1855; res, Hartsville, N, Y, 

1484, Isaac Allison' (1591), b, Nov, 1, 1825; m, Sarah R, Simons, May 23, 

1850; res, Canisteo, N. Y. 

1485. Lawrence F. Allison,' b. Nov. 19, 1828; single; res, Canisteo, N, Y. 

1486, Mortimore Allison' (1593), b, Oct, 15, 1829; m. Jane A, Davis; res, 

1487, Oscar Allison,' b. Nov, 6, 1832; d, Jan, 11, 1889, single. 

1488. Sally Ann Allison,' b. Jan, 24, 1834; m. William C, Adsit; res, 

Cherokee, Iowa, 

1489, Charles W, Allison' (1602), b. Aug, 31, 1839; m, Ella Botheroe; 

res. Decorah, la, 

1490, Adaline Allison,' b. June 3, 1842. 

1491. Richard Allison Elmer ^ [1402] (Micah Allison 
Elmer,^ Elizabeth Allison,* Richard,^ Isaac,^ Joseph^). He 
was born in Sussex Co., N. Y,, Aug. 28, 1808. He was 
grandson of Dr. William Elmer, of Goshen, N. Y., and 
Richard Allison, of Wawayanda, N. Y., and a descendant of 
Edward Elmer, who came to America in 1632, and settled in 
Hartford, Conn., in 1636, and was one of the original propri- 
etors of the site of the city. Thrown upon his own resources 
at an early age, he also had the care and responsibility of the 
education of his brothers and sisters. He was a farmer. 
Under his guidance one brother entered college and became a 
clergyman, and the other engaged in business. Through the 
influence of his brother. Rev. Nathaniel Elmer, pastor of a Pres- 
byterian church in Waverly, N, Y., he, in Nov., 1850, was in- 
duced to locate in that place. His business was insurance and 
real estate. He became closely identified with the interests 
and growth of that town. With its schools and churches, and 
matters pertaining to the advancement of the morals of the com- 
munity, he was always interestedly connected. He was quiet 
and unobtrusive in his manners. He married, Sept. 11, 1832, 
Charlotte, daughter of Col. Jonathan and Catherine (Stew- 


art) Bailey, of Wawayanda, N. Y., who died Sept. 4, 1882. 
He d. Aug. 8, 1867. He and his wife and children were 


1492. Howard Elmer,^ was b. in Wawayanda, Orange Co., N". Y., 
August 2, 1833. He prepared for college at the Ridgebury and 
Goshen academies, but delicate health prevented the taking of 
his course. In November, 1850, his parents moved to Waverly, 
N. T., his father's brother, Nathaniel Elmer, being then the pas- 
tor of the Presbyterian church there. Soon after removing to 
Waverly, then seventeen years of age, he entered the Waverly 
bank, after which he was employed in the Chemung Canal 
bank, and the First National bank of Elmira. In 1864 he 
organized the First National bank, of Waverly, and was its 
cashier until 1868, when he became its president, which posi- 
tion he held until the time of his death. In 1870 he associated 
with him C. L. Anthony, of New York, James Fritcher, and 
his brother Richard, of Waverly, and purchased about 1,000 
acres of land, on which Sayre is now sitviated. On the death of 
Mr. Anthony, a few years later, he induced the Packer family, 
E. P. Wilbur, and Robert Lockhart of South Bethlehem to 
assume the Anthony interest, and this resulted in the location 
of the Lehigh shops at Sayre and the consequent growth and 
development of that village. Mr. Elmer was a potent factor in 
this development, and it was mainly to his faith in the future 
of the village, his planning, his encouragement, and his inde- 
fatigable efforts, that it owes its growth and prosperity. 
Through his encouragement the Cayuga Wheel foundry, the 
Sayre pipe foundry and Sayre steam forge was built. He also 
built the Sayre and Athens water-works. For several years 
past he has been president and active manager of the com- 
panies named, and also of the Sayre Land company. He was 
also the director of the Pennsylvania & New York Railroad 
company and the Geneva & Sayre Railroad company, treasurer 
of the Geneva & Buffalo railroad, and a trustee of the Robert 
Packer hospital at Sayre. He has been a member of the 
board of education of Waverly, but never held political office. 
He was an ardent Republican, but not active in politics, the 
work being distasteful to him. 

Mr. Elmer was a man of cultui'ed literary tastes, unostenta- 
tious, courteous, and honorable. On questions of general welfare 
he was broad-minded, public-spirited, and progi'essive; and in 
his death his locality lost one who labored most assiduously for 
its prosperity: one whose place in the community, church, and 
all good works will not readily be filled. He was one of the 
trustees of the Pi'esbyterian church of this place, of which 
society he has been a member for upwards of twenty years. 
The pastor of the Presbyterian chui-ch at Binghamton, N. Y., 
writes, — "Howard Elmer impressed me as being a very pure, 
thoughtful, and lovable spirit. He spoke of the Saviour as 
One who walked with him, and of the church as an object of 
love and dear desire." He m., Oct. 10, 1865, Sarah P. Perkins, 
dau. of George A. and Julia A. Perkins, of Athens, Penn. No 
children; res. Waverly, N. Y. He d. Sept. 9, 1892. 

1493. Mary Elmer,' b. March 17, 1835; unmarried; res. Wavei'ly, Tioga 

Co., N. Y. 

1494. Sarah Stewart Elmer,' b. April 3, 1838; d. June 10, 1841. 

1495. Emma Antoinette Elmer,' b. June 28, 1840; d. May 29, 1841. 

1496. Richard Allison Elmer' (1605), b. June 16, 1842; d. Oct. 1, 1888. 


1497. Antoinette Elmer,' 1). Feb. 25, 1845; iinmarriecl; i-es. Waverly, 
Tioga Co., N. Y. She takes a large interest in her friends, and 
is the historian of her family. 

1498. Henry DeLancy Elmer ^ [1404] (Micali Allison 
Elmer,* Mary Allison,^ Gen. William,^ Joseph^). He was 
born Feb. 18, 1812 ; d. Oct. 17, 1870 ; m. Julia Ann DeKay. 
He was a harness-maker and a merchant, and died at Ches- 
ter, N. Y. He had resided at Unionville, N. Y,, for many 


1498a. John Elmer.® He graduated at Hamilton college, Clinton, N. Y., 
in 1870; studied law in the law school at Hamilton college, and 
was admitted to the bar. He was drowned in the Red river of 
North Minnesota; unmarried. 

1499. William Wallace Elmer,® b. at Unionville, N. Y., July 15, 1842; 

m. Carrie, dau. of John Knapp, of Sugar Loaf, Orange Co., 
N. Y. He was engaged in mercantile business at that place. 
In 1882, on account of his ill health, they removed to Middle- 
town, N. Y., and in 1887 to West Town, N. Y. There he died 
Nov. 15, 1887. His widow res. at West Town,]Sr. Y. Children 
b. at Sugar Loaf, Orange Co., N. Y. 

1500. Harry S. Elmer,' b. Oct. 14, 1871. 

1501. Grace Elmer,^ b. Jan. 27, 1880. 

1502. Josephine Elmer." She m. J. H. Sharp, and is deceased. He is a 

merchant; res. Morehead, Minn. Children: 

1503. Julia A. Sharp.' 

1504. James H. Sharp.' 

1505. J. Edgar Sharp.' 

1506. Emmett Elmer,® graduated at medical department of Michigan 

university. He was a physician in Cornwall, Monroe, and 
Walden, Orange Co., N. Y. He m. Sarah M., dau. of Morgan 
and Mary A. (Titus) Shuit. Child: 

1507. Morgan Shuit Elmer.' 

1508. Oscar Elmer.® He graduated at Hamilton college, Clinton, N. Y., 

in 1865, at Union Theological seminary in New York in 1868. 
He is a clergyman in the home missionary field. He is now 
pastor at Crookston, Minn., and is very favoi-ably and widely 
known in that state. He m. Carrie Knight, a relative and 
a descendant of Sheriff W. W. Thompson, of Orange Co., N. Y. 

1509. Mary K. Elmer.' 

1510. Julia A. Elmer.' 

1511. Isabel Elmer.' 

1512. Josephine Elmer.' 

1513. Charles K. Elmer.' 

1514. Rev. Nathaniel Elmer ^ [1405] (Elizabeth Allison,* 
Richard,^ Isaac,^ Joseph i). He was born at Wantage, N. J., 
Jan. 31, 1816 ; was graduated at Union college in 1840, and 
at Union Theological seminary in New York in 1843, and 
died at Middletown, N. Y., July 11, 1884. The following 
notice is prepared from an obituary of him by Rev. Charles 


Elmer Allison, of Yonkers-on-the-Hudson : "Among the 
thirty-nine names on the roll of the Hudson, New York, Pres- 
bytery, the name of Rev. Nathaniel Elmer stood the first. 
His name, so long enrolled among God's ministers on earth, 
has been transferred to those pages which carry the names of 
victorious saints. After his life journey of sixty-eight years, 
tiie pilgrim's staff has dropped from his hand, and he is safe 
home. It is a privilege to lay a wreath on his grave, to pay 
a tribute to the memory of one whose words were 'like 
apples of gold in baskets of silver.' His nature was gentle ; 
meekness and kindness dwelt in his heart and spoke through 
his lips. The churches at Stanhope, Circleville, Waverly, 
Avon, Belmont, and Emporium, to which he ministered, 
bear grateful witness that his life was a sermon. He always 
S[)oke of the everlasting truths of the Bible with the accent 
of conviction. With the docility of a child, and with contrite 
heart he listened to the words of Scripture. The closing 
years of his life were spent in retirement in Middletown, 
N. Y., where he looked with thoughtful eyes upon the world's 
affairs, but with profound and loving interest upon his 
Redeemer's growing kingdom. His death was as peaceful 
as his faith was firm. His family, and God's church on earth, 
and the unforgotten friends and beloved Master above were 
the magnets of his loving thought. His life ended with the 
day, and for him ^ at evening time it was light.' He mar- 
ried, in 1845, Caroline, daughter of Rev. John Ford, of Par- 
sippary, Morris county, N. J. She lived but six months 
after marriage. He married second, in 1849, Mary A. Post, 
b. July 26, 1826. She was daughter of James Post, of Middle- 
town, N. Y. His widow and daughter reside in Middletown, 
N. Y." 


1515. Sarah Lizzie Elmer," b. Jan. 27, 1850; res. Middletown, N. Y. She 
graduated at Ingham university, LeRoy, N. Y., in 1870; un- 

1516. Amy K. Allison ^ [1426] (Isaac,* Isaac,^ Isaac,2 
Joseph^). She was born near Amity, Orange county, N. Y., 
April 3, 1813. She married, near Amity, by Rev. William 
Timlow, Asa, son of Absalom and Keziah (Kenuer) Vail. 




1517. Sarah K. Vail,° b. ; m. Jonas E. Divers; res. Middle- 

town, N. Y. He is a dealer in organs and pianos. Children: 

1518. George E. Divers,' res. Newton, N. J. ; m. Ida L. Courter, of 

Newark, N. J., Oct. 19, 1881, by Rev. Charles. E. Allison, of 
Yonkers, N. Y. They res. Freemont St., Jersey City, N. J. 

1519. Emma Divers. ^ 
1.520. Floyd Divers.' 

1521. Isaac Allison Vail." He was of great promise; was connected 

with the Orange Co. press, and had editorial life in view; but 
died in young manhood, in Jersey City, N. J. 

1522. Lydia Jane Vail,° d. in childhood. 

1523. Mary Elizabeth Vail,^ m. William H. Vail. One child d. in 

infancy; res. 61 Bright St., Jersey City, N. J. 

1524. Floyd Vail," son of Amy Knapp Allison (wife of Asa Vail»), was 

b. Feb. 4, 1854, near Amity, town of Warwick, Orange Co., 
N. Y. ; migrated with his parents to Pittsburgh, Penn., thence 
to Jersey City, N. J., where he has since resided. He gradu- 
ated from the public schools of that city ; afterwards attended 
for a short time one in Rockland county. New York; was then 
instructed in private schools in New York city, and finally 
studied with private tutors. He engaged for several years in 
mercantile business, but left it to enter the office of "Wallace's 
Monthly " in New York, as an editorial and general writer. He 
has since contributed to The Mail and Express of New York 
city, and to other periodicals under the nom de plume of 
Flambeau.- He has translated from the French " The Two 
Mottoes," ''The Tattooed King," etc., and he is the author of 
" Courted and Won in the Mountains," " His Choice," etc. In 
1879 he became secretary to the banking house of R. P. Flower 
& Co., in New York city, and ijrivate secretary to Hon. Ros- 
well P. Flower (now governor of New York state),, and in 1885 
was appointed secretary and treasurer of the Kingston and Pem- 
broke Railway Co., whicli position he at present holds. He m., 
Nov. 22, 1876. Sarah J. Crow. She was b. in Jersey City, 
N. J., Oct. 19, 1856. She is dau. of David Johnson and Mary 
(Jones) Crow, of Jersey City. His stately house is finely situ- 
ated in Jersey City Heights, overlooking New York city and 
harbor, and within easy distance of the city hall in New York. 
Children b. Jei-sey City, N. J. : 

1525. Floyd Eugene Vail,' b. Sept. 17, 1877. 

1526. Lillian Vail,' b. Oct. 17, 1879. 

1527. Roswell Flower Vail,' b. March 6, 1882. 

1528. Eleanor Alberta Vail,' b. Oct. 1, 1883. 

1529. Nathaniel Allison ^ [1428] (Isaac,* Isaac,^ Isaac,2 
Joseph 1). He was born in the town of Warwick, near 
Amity, Orange county, N. Y., June 30, 1818 ; married, Jan. 18, 
1844, Martha Frances, daughter of James Sullinger, a native 
of Kentucky. She was born in Boone county, Mo., April 5, 
1825 ; died in Mexico, Mo., Dec. 10, 1884, aged 59 years, 8 
months. She was a faithful Christian, a loving and devoted 
wife and mother. At her death the Audrain County Medi 

>See " Papers of the Vail Family," by Alfred Vail, New York Histori- 
cal Society Library, New York city. 
' See " Pseudonyms — A Book of Literary Disguises." 


cal Society, of which her husband is a member, passed reso- 
lutions of respect and sympathy. Being then in session, they 
attended her funeral in a body, and the pall bearers were 
physicians appointed by the society. Mr. Allison is a physi- 
cian. He resided in Orange county, N. Y., until Nov. 1, 
1839, since then in Missouri. He travelled overland, and in 
May, 1841, located in Boone county and engaged in the prac- 
tice of medicine. He married there, and Dec. 1, 1845, 
removed to Mexico, Mo., where he has lived and practised 
his profession, and where he now resides. This family are 


1529a. James William Allison," b. Boone Co., Mo., Oct. 11, 1844; m., 
Nov. 22, 1870, Addie Sluiltz. She was b. in Grantville, Md., 
.Jan. 1, 1851. She was dan. of Hon. Chauncey Forward Shultz, 
b. May 29, 1824, in Somerset Co., Penn. ; res. St. Louis, Mo. 
Her mother was Hadassah Chambers (Brown) Shultz. Her 
grandparents were Adam and Nancy (Shockey) Shultz. He 
was b. in 1789, in Somerset Co., and was son of Jacob Shultz, 
b. in 1742, in Paultz, Switzerland; emigrated to Somerset Co., 
in 1760, and d. there in 1808. His wife was Mary Howenstein, 
of Stuppensburg, Penn. Mr. Allison res. one year in St. 
Charles, Mo.; now res. No. 3,110 Eades Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
He is in Ihe glass business. Children: 

1530. Chauncev Shultz Allison,' b. Feb. 22, 1872; d. Oct. 13, 1872. 

1531. Martha Frances Allison,' b. Oct. 13, 1873. 

1532. Nathaniel Allison,' b. May 22, 1876. 

1533. Chauncey Llewellyn Allison,' b. Feb. 24, 1878; d. Aug. 1, 1878. 

1534. Giles Sullinger Allison," b. Mexico, Mo., August, 1848; manufac- 

turer; res. New York, N. Y. 

1535. Sarah Malinda Allison," b. Mexico, Mo., Jan. 1, 1853; d. there 

April 18, 1857. 

1536. Mortimer Allison," b. Mexico, Mo., Oct. 8, 1856; d. there March 24, 


1537. Linnie Allison," b. Mexico, Mo., June 17, 18.59; single; res. Mex- 

ico, Mo. 

1538. Mary Emma Allison," b. Mexico, Mo., May 11, 1862; m., Nov. 17, 

1886, James C. Emmons. She d. in Mexico, Mo., Feb. 4, 1888. 

1539. William Nathaniel Emmons,' b. Sept. 10, 1887. 

1540. Isaac William Allison ^ [1429] (Isaac,* Isaac,3 
Isaac,'^ Joseph 1). He was born at the "-old homestead," 
near Amity, in the town of Warwick, Orange county, N. Y., 
Nov. 17, 1820, and was an Orange county farmer and mer- 
chant, and lived at Slate Hill, and at the homestead near Am- 
ity and Edenville, also in Union ville and at Chester, Orange 
county, N. Y. He married, Feb. 6, 1845, Teresa Amelia, the 
youngest daughter of Micah Allison Elmer, a granddaughter 
of Dr. William Elmer, of Goshen, N. Y., and of Richard Alli- 
son, of Wawayanda, Orange county, N. Y. She was great- 
granddaughter of Dr. Nathaniel Elmer, of Florida, N. Y., and 


of Gen. William Allison, of Goshen, N. Y. She was a descen- 
dant of Edward Elmer, a Puritan, who came to America in the 
ship Lion^ in 1632, settled in Hartford, Conn., in 1636, where 
he was one of the early proprietors. She was born Nov. 6, 
1819, and was educated at Chester academy, N. Y. She 
was attractive in person, cheerful, and affectionate in her 
disposition. Her mind was clear and strong and bright, and 
she had a profound interest in all that was good. She was a 
member of the Presbyterian church at Chester, where the 
family lived many years. During the war she was secretary 
of a society of ladies who furnished articles to the Sanitary 
commission for the Union soldiers in hospital and field. 
In her own village the poor knew her as their friend. In all 
her relations as daughter, sister, wife, and mother, she was 
true and faithful. She was a Christian, and her life was 
sweet with tenderness and rich in counsel. Her children 
rise up and call her blessed. She lived to see her two sons 
graduated from Hamilton college, and Howard, the elder, a 
practising lawyer. She died before her son Charles Elmer 
had entered the Union Theological seminary, where he com- 
pleted his preparation for the Christian ministry. She 
entered into rest Sept. 27, 1870, and was -buried in the fam- 
ily lot in the Chester cemetery. 

" Happy he 
With such a mother ! faith in womankind 
Beats with his blood, and trust in all things high 
Comes easy to him." 

Mr. Allison was a person of great industry. He loved 
learning, and by reading the best works supplemented his 
slender early education. He and his wife made many sac- 
rifices that they might give their surviving children a lib- 
eral education. They and their sons were members of the 
Presbyterian church in Chester, N. Y. He Avas a Repub- 
lican in politics, and clerk of his town. 

Mr. Allison married, second, April 3, 1873, Elizabeth 
Adelia, daughter of Samuel and Nancy (Parcel) Gardner, 
who was born near Florida, Orange county, N. Y., and who 
now lives at Oxford Depot, N. Y. Her grandparents were 
Samuel and Hannah (Owen) Gardner, of Long Island, N. Y. 
Mr. Allison died in Chester, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1881, and with 
his first wife and deceased children is buried in the family 
lot in Chester, N. Y. His father and grandfather are buried 
in the family lot near Amity, N. Y., about eight miles from 
Chester, Orange county, N. Y. 



154L Howard Allison* (1609), b. at Slate Hill, town of Wawayanda, 
N. Y., March 4, 1846; m., Jan. 2, 1872, Edith A. Thurber. 
Lawyer; res. Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y. 

1542. Charles Elmer Allison" (161;")), b. at Slate Hill, town of Waway- 

anda, N. Y., July 21, 1847; clergyman; res. Yonkers-on-the- 
Hudson, N. Y. ; single. 

1543. Egbert M. Allison,* b. near Amity, town of Warwick, N. Y., March 

15, 1850; d. Feb. 14, 18.55. 

1544. Willmot L. Allison," b. Feb. 16, 1852, near Amity, N. Y^ ; d. Dec. 

25, 1852. 
1.545. Caroline E. Allison," b. Dec. 13, 1853, near Amity. N. Y. ; d. March 
22, 1857. 

1546. Albert Allison," b. Chester, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1856; d. there Aug. 27, 


1547. Lizzie Elmer Allison," b. June 19, 1862, at Chester, N. Y. ; d. there 

March 16, 1873. 

1548. Frances Jane Allison^ [1431] (Isaac,* Isaac,'^ Isaac,^ 
Joseph 1). She was born near Amity, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1825; 
married, Oct. 15, 1845, James H., son of Charles P. and 
Hannah (Neely) Tooker, of Minisink, Orange county, N. Y., 
and grandson of Samuel and Catherine (Finch) Tooker, of 
Patchogue, Long Island, N. Y. He was born near Slate 
Hill, Orange county, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1821, and has always 
made his home in the place of his birth. Farmer, writer, 
and lecturer; resides at Slate Hill, N. Y. Mrs. Tooker died 
at Slate Hill, Nov. 18, 1881. He married, second, at Mount 
Hope, N. Y., Arminda, daughter of Cyrus Skinner, of Otis- 
ville, N. Y. She was born April 20, 1822, and resided at 
Mount Hope, N. Y. 


1549. Mary Eliza Tooker," b. Nov. 8, 1847; m., Nov., 1870, William H. 

Green, and res. Slate Hill, N. Y. Six children. 

1550. Charles W. Tooker," b. May 4, 18.50; m. Carrie, daughter of Hon. 

John H. Eeeve, of Wawayanda, Orange Co., N. Y. Real estate, 
res. Springfield, Mo. She d. April 10, . Six children. 

1551. Samuel Tooker," b. Sept. 16, 18.54; m. Minnie Welman. Res. Great 

Bend, Penn. Farmer. One child, which is now deceased. 

1552. Lewis Allison Tooker," b. May 16, 18.58; m., Nov., 1881, Fannie 

Reeve. Res. Springfield, Mo. ; carpenter, doing business with 
his two younger brothers. Three children. 

1553. Egbert M. Tooker," b. April 16, 1861 ; m. Lillie Welman. Res. 

Fentonville, N. Y. Farmer. Three children. 
1.5.54. Frank J. Tookex'," b. Sept. 1, 1869; res. Carthage, Jasper Co., Mo.; 


1555. Mary Allison ^ [1432] (Isaac,^ Isaac,'' Isaac,^ Jo- 
seph^). She was born near Amity, Orange county, N. Y., 
March 25, 1828 ; married, Nov. 1, 1848, Egbert Mills, who 


was born Jan. 28, 1820, in Smithtown, L. I. He was a 
builder and carpenter. Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Mills are de- 


1556. Virginia Allison Mills," b. Oct. 23, 1849; d. March 12, 1852. 

1557. Abbott Lawrence Mills," b. Sept. 19, 1851; m., Sept. 19, 1876, Mag- 

gie Ratlibun. Res. Chicago, 111. He was a student of the 
College of the City of New York. He is a broker, and member 
of the board of trade in Chicago. Children: 

1558. Lottie Mills,' b. Feb. 14, 1878. 

1.559. Abbot Lawrence Mills,' b. April 28, 1880. 

1.560. Charles Hutchinson Mills,' b. June 4, 1887. 

1561. Sarah Edna Mills," b. May 25, 1853; res. 174 W. 64th street, New 

York, N. Y; single. 

1562. George Phillips Mills,8 b. April 5, 1855; d. April 4, 1858. 

1563. Frances Aurelia Mills," b. May 21, 1857; m., June 17, 1880, Gus- 

tavus Dallas Dickinson. He is a clerk; res. 174 West 64th 
street, New York, N. Y. No children. 

1564. Egbert Mills," b. May 1, 1859; m., Feb. 10, 1886, Marietta Coffin. 

Clerk in banking house of Kountz Brothers, 120 Broadway, 
N. Y. ; res. .334 West 145th street, New York, N. Y. Children: 

L George Coffin Mills,' b. June 1, 1889. 

II. Egbert Mills, Jr.,' b. May 31, 1891. 

1565. George S. P. Mills," b. June 21, 1865; d. April 8, 1868. 

1566. Edmund S. Mills," b. July 1, 1868; d. Jan. 4, 1870. 

1567. Willmot Allison Mills," b. Dec. 28, 1871 ; d. April -11, 1873. 

1568. William Lewis Allison ^ [1433] (Isaac,* Isaac.^ 
Isaac,^ Joseph i). He was born near Amity, Orange county, 
N. Y., March 22, 1830 ; married Ellen Russell, daughter of 
Loring Livingston Lombard and Ellen Whitman (Russell) 
Lombard of Boston, Mass., March 7, 1855. He was only five 
years of age at his father's death. He was educated at Union- 
ville and at the academy in Chester, N. Y. Before he was 
fourteen he went into the printing office of The True Wliig 
at Goshen, N. Y. Later, this paper was united with The 
Goshen Democrat^ published by Mead and Webb, and was 
the confidential organ of Hon. William H. Seward. In 1851 
Mr. Allison went to the city of New York, and, with Charles 
Mead of the Erie Railroad printing office, in 1852, he pur- 
chased the Newhurgh Gazette^ which he published till 1856. 
In the latter year he became an editor of the New York 
Evening Mirror^ a daily. In 1862 he purchased The 
Working Farmer^ and later united with it The National Agri- 
culturist. This paper he edited for fifteen years and then 
disposed of it. In 1869 he purchased, of James O. Kane, the 
book plant at the corner of Beekman and Nassau streets in 
New York, since which time he has been in the book business 
and has published about two hundred and fifty works. He is 
the author of " Allison's Revision of Webster's Cou 


House Dictionary," which in its several editions has attained 
a circulation of half a million copies. He revised Cushing's 
Manual, "The Arctic Discovery in the Nineteenth Century," 
and edited Plutarch, Cooper, and other works. The home of 
Mr. Allison has been in New York city, Norwalk, Conn., and 
other places. Their residence is now 76 Hancock street, 
Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Allison died there March 4, 1893. 


1569. Loring Lombard Allison,6 b. in New York, X. Y., Jan. 1-i, 1856; d. 


1570. Henry Leeds Allison,6 b. in South Norwalk, Conn., Nov. 5, 1857; 

m'., Jan., 1887, Ellen Russell, daughter of George Piatt, of Lon- 
don, England, and his wife, Mary Catherine (Russell) Piatt of 
Boston, Mass. He lives in Harlem, New York, N. Y. Keeps 
a large bookstore and stationery store. Child : 

1571. Mary Catherine Allison,' b. Feb., 1888; d. Oct., 1888. 

1572. Ellen Russell Allison," wife of Henry L. Allison; d. April 27, 188-^, 

at Yonkers, N. Y. 

1573. George Piatt Allison," b. in South Norwalk, Conn., May 8, 1859; d. 

Oct. 25, 1865. 

1574. William Lewis Allison," b. in South Norwalk, Conn., April 14, 

1861; is in business with his father; m., June 19, 1883, Minnie^ 
daughter of Garrett and Matilda (Van Drew) Ward of Patersou, 
N. J. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: 

1575. Leroy Ward Allison,' b. in Riverside, N. J., June 22, 1884. 

1576. Ethel Allison,' b. in Riverside, N. J., Dec. 23, 1886. He res. 

763 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1577. Grace Livingston Allison," b. "^in Yonkers, N. Y., July 20, 1864, 

Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1578. Sarah Ellen Allison," b. in River Edge, N. J., Dec. 14, 1865; d. April 

12, 1869. 

1579. Emily Lombard Allison," b. in River Edge, N. J., Dec. 5, 1867; m., 

July 22, 1891, Dr. Frank Parker Hudnut. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1580. Daisy Allison," b. in River Edge, N. J., Dec. 5, 1867; d. Dec. 5,. 


1581. Nellie Russell Allison," b. in River Edge, N. J., March 21, 1869. 

Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1582. Phillip Livingston Allison," b. in River Edge, N. J., Nov. 20, 187L 

Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1583. Percy Burchard Allison, 6 b. in Paterson, N. J., March 2, 1875; d. 

Feb. 17, 1878. 

1584. Edith Allison," b. in Paterson, N. J., May 20, 1879. Res. Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 

1585. Richard F. Allison ^ [1483] (William,^ Richard,^ 
Isaac,^ Joseph 1). He was born Jan. 19, 1824; married 
Hannah R. Cook, April 22, 1855, who was born Dec. 5» 
1834. Residence, Hartsville, N. Y. 


1586. Addie Allison," b. Sept. 6, 18.56; m. Ira W. Hall, Dec. 12, 1878. 
She d. Oct. 7, 1885. Res. Canisteo, N. Y. 


1587. Mary Allison, " b. May 21, 1859; m., Sept. 10, 1888, W. J. Darling. 

Res. Canisteo, N". Y. 

1588. Hattie Allison," b. July 6, 1861; d. Sept. .30, 1861. 

1589. KittieAllison,8b. July 31, 1863; m. Ira W. Hall, March 23, 1886. 

T?|ic Ollll S"t"PO "N" 'V 

1590. Phebe Ann Allison,« b. March 2, 1866; m., Sept. 28, 1885, F. D. 

Drake. Res. Canisteo, N. Y. 

1591. Isaac Allison 5 [1484] (William,* Richard.^ Isaac,2 
Joseph 1 ). He was born Nov. 1, 1825 ; married, May 23, 1850, 
Sarah R. Simons. Residence, Canisteo, N. Y. 


1.j92. William S. Allison," b. Jan. 14, 1852; d. Sept. 6, 1853. 

1593. Mortimore Allison ^ [1486] (William,* •Richard,^ 
Isaac,2 Joseph 1 ). He was born Oct. 15, 1829 ; married. May 
10, 1859, Jane A. Davis of Greenwood, N. Y. Residence, 
Canisteo, N. Y. 


1594, Lottie Allison," b. June 10, 1860; m., Sept. 6, 1882, Jackson W. 

Bowdish. Res. Marion, la. 

1595. Vinnie Allison,^ b. May 11, 1863; m. Benjamin T. Ferris. Res. 

Canisteo, N. Y. 

1.596. Clarence Allison," b. Oct. 10, 1865; d. May 29, 1866. 

1.597. Mira L. Allison," b. May 7, 1868; m., Sept. 10, 1890, HobertS. Lent. 

Res. Jasper, N. Y. 

1.598. William Allison," b. July 24, 1870; d. April 20, 1871. 

1599. Mortimore Allison, Jr.," b. Feb. 6, 1872. Res. Canisteo, IST. Y. 

1600. Redmond D. Allison," b. Jan. 24, 1874. 

1601. Isaac Allison," b. Aug, 1, 1876. 

1602. Charles W. Allison ^ [1489] (William,* Richard,^ 
Isaac,^ Joseph ^ ). He was born Aug. 31, 1839 ; married, Jan. 
22, 1863, Ella Botheroe. Residence, Decorah, Iowa. 


1003, jSTellie Irene Allison," b. Nov. 19, 1865. 

1004, Georgianna Allison," b. May 22, 1873. 

1605, Richard Allison Elmer" [1496] (Richard Allison El- 
mer,^ Micah Allison Elmer,'^ Elizabeth Allison,* Richard,^ 
Isaac,^ Joseph ^ ) . He was born at Waway anda, Orange county, 
N. Y., June 16, 1842 ; d. Oct. 1, 1888. He graduated at Ham- 
ilton college in 1864 ; studied law, was admitted to the bar, 
then entered his brother's bank at Waverly, N, Y., where he 
was cashier for twelve years. There he resided till his 
removal to the city of New York. In 1870 he became inter- 
ested in the organization of the Sayre Land company, under 


which was built up that thriving village. He was direc- 
tor of the First National Bank, the Sayre water company, 
the Cayuga wheel fonndry, the Sayre pipe foundry, and the 
Sayre steam forge company. In 1881 he was appointed, by 
President Gartield, second assistant postmaster-general, and 
held this position for three years, where he was a most faith- 
ful and eiificient oiificer. In 1884 he resigned, and organized 
the American Surety company at New York city, became its 
president, and remained such until his death at his home in 
New York, 54 West 20th street. He was a man of high 
character and greatly admired. As a banker and president 
of the American Surety company, he proved that he had 
"a genius for business." He married, June 16, 1870, Sarah 
France, of Middletown, N. Y. She was daughter of J. F. 
and Isabella France. She with her children live in the city 
of New York. 


1606. Robert France Elmer,' b. July 3, 187L He was a member of the 

scientific department of Yale college in 1888, and left college 
on account of liis father's death. 

1607. Richard Allison Elmer,* b. Nov. 10, 1875. He is a student prepar- 

ing for Columbia college. 

1608. Charles Howard Elmer,' b. Jan. 29, 1878. He is a student making 

preparations to enter Columbia college. 

1609. Howard Allison e [1541] (Isaac W.,^ Isaac,* Isaac,3 
Isaac,^ Joseph ^ ). He was born at Slate Hill, town of Wa- 
wayanda, Orange county, N. Y., March 4, 1846. On his 
maternal side he is the eighth generation in descent from 
Edward Elmer, a Puritan, who came from England to Boston, 
Mass., in 1632. His childhood and youth were spent on the 
homestead, and at Chester, N. Y., and early in life at tlie lat- 
ter place he united with the Presbyterian church. He was 
educated at the public schools of Chester, prepared for col- 
lege under Prof. Edward F. B. Orton at Chester academy, 
where he received first prize for superiority in declamation, and 
graduated at Hamilton college, Clinton, N. Y., in 1867, where 
he received the second prize in chemistry. He was principal of 
the academy and general superintendent of schools at Mount 
Morris, N. Y., following his graduation. His law studies 
were pursued with Judge David F. Gedney of Goshen, Orange 
county, N. Y. After he was admitted to the bar, he prac- 
tised at Middletown, Orange county, N. Y., and for a brief 
time in Minnesota. Since 1887 he has been in the law depart- 
ment of the American Surety company at 160 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y., of which company his cousin, Richard Allison 


Elmer, was founder and president. Mr. Allison has a wide 
knowledge of the department of law to which he has given 
his attention. He is a member of the college Greek letter 
society, Delta Kappa Epsilon, and is also a director in the 
Sydenham post-graduate course and hospital of the city of 
New York. He is a director of the New York, Boston, Albany, 
& Schenectady Railway company, and director and president 
of the " Allison Drug Company " of New York city, and of 
Orange, N. J., and director and vice-president of "The Chap- 
paqua Mineral Spring Company." He married, Jan. 2, 1872, 
Edith A., daughter of George and Ellen (Douglass) Thurber, 
who was born, Nov. 14, 1849, at Patchogue, Long Island, 
New York. Residence, Hempstead, Queens county. Long 
Island, N. Y. 


1610. Teresa Allison/ b. Chester, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1872. 

1611. Edna Allison,' b. Middletown, N. Y., Nov. 14; 1874. 

1612. Howard Allison/ b. Middletown, N, Y., Sept. 25, 1879. 

1613. Arthur Allison,' b. Middletown, IS". Y., April 10, 1881. 

1614. Charles Herbert Allison,' b. Middletown, N..Y., Feb. 3, 1884. 

1615. Charles Elmer Allison ^ [1542] (Isaac W.,^ Isaac,* 
Isaac,^ Isaac,^ Joseph^). Rev. Charles E. Allison was born 
at Slate Hill, town of Wawayanda, Orange county, N. Y., 
July 21, 1847. On his maternal side he is the eighth gener- 
ation in descent from Edward Elmer, a Puritan, who came 
from England to Boston, Mass., in 1632, and settled at Hart- 
ford, Conn., in 1636, as one of the original proprietors of 
the site of the city. His childhood was spent at the home- 
stead, near Amity, and at Chester, N. Y. He united with 
the Presbyterian church in Chester, March 5, 1865. His 
preparatory course was received at the Chester academy, 
where he won the first prize for excellence of declamation. 
He entered Hamilton college, Clinton, N. Y., where he was 
graduated in 1870. During his junior year he was appointed 
one of the Clark prize orators of his class. 

His theological studies were pursued at Union Theological 
seminary. New York, N. Y., where he graduated in May, 
1874, and was licensed to preach by the Hudson, N. Y., Pres- 
bytery, April 21, 1875. During his senior year in the sem- 
inary he preached in Yonkers, N. Y., and also after his 
graduation. On April 21, 1879, he assisted in the organiza- 
tion of the Dayspring Presbyterian church in Yonkers, and 
was ordained and installed over that church by the West- 
chester presbytery April 30, 1879. 


Mr. Allison is a member of the Greek letter college frater- 
nity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, of the presbytery of West Chester, 
N. Y., of which he was moderator in 1886, the Pastor's asso- 
<3iation of New York, N. Y., the Soldiers' and Sailors' Mon- 
ument association of Yonkers, the Historical society of 
Yonkers, the Westchester county Historical societjs and 
president of the Yonkers Clerical association in 1892. His 
favorite studies have been belles-lettres, theology, and the 
principles of persuasive public speech. The Yonkers Daily 
Herald^ Dec. 9th, 1891, has the following: 

Rev. Dr. Cole said on Tuesday evening, in accepting the gift of a costly- 
oil portrait from tlie citizens of Yonkers, that they could not have se- 
lected a more acceptable presenter than the Rev. Charles E. Allison; 
and we fvilly endorse the doctor's remarks. Unboundedly popular with 
Tonkers audiences, both young and old, and wonderfully adapted to 
the demands of public speech, he could not have been surpassed as the 
orator of the occasion. His long companionship with the doctor in that 
ministry of which both are such worthy examplai's, gave him opportu- 
nities that a stranger could not have embraced, and the emblematic 
eloquence of his oration was rendered doubly impressive by the tender 
sentiment that characterized the speaker. It was a beautiful address, 
and will be long remembered by those who were privileged to hear it. 

For the press he is a frequent contributor, and is the 
author of the " History of Hamilton College." In politics 
Mr. Allison is a Prohibitionist, and is "a zealous and active 
laborer in the temperance cause, and has given to it his time 
and talents. He takes the high ground that the Bible and 
the ballot are the two best weapons for the overthrow of 
intemperance, and his published utterances indicate that he 
is fixed in purpose and strong in faith in the prayers and 
final triumph of temperance through moral and legal means." 
(From the recent work, " Church and Sunday-School Work 
in Yonkers, N. Y.," by Agnes E. Kirkwood.) 

Rev. David Cole, D. D., of Yonkers, N. Y., said, in a his- 
torical sketch of that city, — " During his ministry in Yon- 
kers Mr. Allison has been a most active, zealous, and popular 
minister, and a most effective and successful worker. In the 
pulpit he is clear, direct, and impressive. All his sermons 
are warm and magnetic. He is a close student and a good 
thinker. And above all, he is noted for a kind heart and for 
a profound interest in all that belongs to the higher needs 
of the people. Too much cannot be said for his devotion to 
his work and its useful results to his own church and the 
city. He is always ready to respond to the calls for service, 
and is especially acceptable as a reader and speaker in every 
social gathering that may be held." The flashes of wit and 


glow of humor which brighten his addresses increase his pop- 
ularity as a speaker. A specimen of his oratory is an ora- 
tion, entitled, ''The Monument's Message," which he deliv- 
ered to a great audience in Music Hall, Yonkers-on-the-Hud- 
son, on Memorial Day. It was published in full in the daily 
papers of that city, May 31, 1893. 

In this " History of the Allison Family," Rev. Mr. Allison 
has taken a deep and active interest, from the moment that 
he knew the work was in progress to its consummation, and 
I am greatly indebted for facts of interest and for aid, espe- 
cially in the preparation of the history of his own branch of 
the family. He is unmarried. Resides at Yonkers, N. Y. 


This information is taken from the oldest personal records 
of the First Presbyterian church of Goshen, Orange county, 
N. Y. The first entry is dated Dec, 1773. These records 
are in the possession of Charles G. Elliott, Esq., of Goshen, 
who is a descendant in the seventh generation from Elliott, 
the early missionary to the Indians. 

The Goshen church was organized evidently as early as 
1721, but the early records were probably burned, as well 
as the town records, as they are not to be found. 

The following records of Allisons and others are not 
woven into the genealogies : 

Joseph Allison, Sept. 4, 1775, was an elder in the Presbyterian church in 
Goshen, N. Y., when a petition for a charter was made. 

Henry Allison, m. Hannah Jackson Nov. IS, 1776. 

Richard Allison, m. Amy Case Sept. 15, 1777. 

Mary Allison, daughter of Richard Allison and Mary Case his wife, b. 
Aug. 21, 1779. 

Margaret Allison was wife of John McNeal. Children: "William Alli- 
son McNeal, baptized Aug. 25, 1776. Thomas McNeal, baptized 
Aug. 25, 1776. Joseph McNeal, baptized Jan. 1, 1778. 

Mary Allison, m. Jolm McNeal Dec. 24, 1760. 

Elizabeth Allison, daughter of John Allison, b. Oct. 21, 1775. 

Michael Allison, son of John Johnes and Hannah Jackson his wife, b. 
April 4, 1779. 

William Allison, m. Mary Graham Jan. 10, 1789. 

Mary Allison, m. Nathaniel Harrison April 26, 1790. 

Hamilton Morrison, m., Nov. 20, 1817, or May 23, 1818, Maria Miller. 


On Jan. 20, 1611, John Allison and Thomasin White were married at 

St. Mary, White Chapel, London, Eng. 
In 1737, John Allison was an attorney in Orange Co., N. Y. In 1748, 

William Allison was a surgeon in New York, N. Y. 


The following Allisons, Allistons, are found on the muster 
rolls of the state of New York. Vol. Ill : 

1616. Van Ransaellaer Allison, IS yrs. old, was in Co< G, 86tli Eeg't, 

N. Y. Vols. ; enlisted at Canisteo, N. Y. 

1617. William Allison, aged 29, was in Co. G, S6tli Eeg't, N. Y. Vols.; 

enlisted at Canisteo, N. Y. 

1618. William I. Allison, aged 20, was in Co. F, 95th Reg't, X. Y. Vols.; 

enlisted at Haverstraw, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

1619. Cornelius Allison, aged 20, was in Co. F, 9.')th Reg't, iST. Y. Vols.; 

enlisted at Haverstraw, Rockland Co., X. Y. 

1620. Joseph Allison was in Co. A, 70th Reg't, N. Y. Vols. This com- 

pany was recruited at Paterson, N. J., and in the city of New 

1621. Frank Alliston, 2.3 yrs, old, was a private in Co. K, 72d Reg't, 

N. Y. Vols. This company was recruited in New York, N. Y. 

" The History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, N. J.," 
has the following : 

1622. John Ellison is named as a witness in court proceedings in 1705. 

1623. Richard Ellison's will was dated March 5, 1719, proven Dec. 23, 


1624. Daniel Ellison was taxed in Freehold, N. J., in 1776, for eighty-six 

acres of land and other property. 
These parties all lived in Monmouth and Ocean counties, N. J. 



From that interesting work published by the state of New 
York, entitled " Documents Relative to Colonial History of 
the State of New York," procured in Holland, England, and 
France by John Romeyer Broadhead, Esq., agent of the legis- 
lature to procure and transcribe documents in Europe rela- 
tive to the colonial history of the state, and edited by E. B. 
O'Callaghan, M. D., LL. D,, the following references are 
taken : 

On Sept. 3, 1664, Sir Robert Carr, at Fort James in New York, was 
ordered to subdue the Dutch at Fort Delaware. The fort was stormed 
and captured Oct. 13, 1664. He reported to Colonel Nichols, and re- 
quested him to send him two men, whose services he needed, in these 
words, — " Lett mee begg ye favor of you to send Mr. Allison and Mr. 
Thompson, the one to ye reedifvingof the fort, ye other to fix our arms." 
—Vol. Ill, p. 74. 

The Christian name of Mr. Allison is not given. 

A number of loyal citizens of New York city, adherents of King Will- 
iam (Prince of Orange) and his wife. Queen Mary (New York was then 
an English province), drew up a document declaring their abhorrence to 
illegal proceedings of certain men in the province. It was to have been 


presented Jan. 25, 16S0, to the mayor's court; but before that date per- 
sons of note were seized, houses broken open, so it was not thought safe 
to proceed in the matter. One of tliese usurpers was Jacob Leystei', a 
captain of a train band. On Aug. 16, lOSl), he captured the fort, and by 
force of arms dragged thereto many persons of note. Among them was 
Mr. Robert Allison, a merchant and considerable trader in the city and 
province of New York. — Vol. Ill, p. 673. (Robert Allison is also indexed 
Robert Allinson.) 

Leyster was arbitrary, and claimed the title of lieutenant-governor. 
Later on, Robert Allison and others assaulted Leyster. On June 6, 1690, 
Robert Allison and about forty others went to the city hall and said it 
was their day to get the prisoners out of the fort. They gave " two or 
three huzzas" (according to depositions taken June 8, 1690), and went 
toward the fort. On the way they met Captain Leyster, Avho claimed to 
be lieutenant-governor, and " there beset him close." Allison seized his 
sword to wrest it from bin. During the scrimmage Leyster was roughly 

On Dec. 30, 1701, the Protestants of New York sent an address to King 
William III expressing their loyalty, and asking to be relieved of evils 
brought upon them by those who were divesting the king's subjects of 
their rights and possessions, and dividing the same among themselves 
and their confedei-ates. This was signed by many citizens. Among the 
signatures were those of Robert Allison, John Ellison, and Thomas Ellis- 

Oct. 2, 1702. Among the chief inhabitants who signed an address 
to Lord Cornbury, governor of New Y^ork, were Robert- Allison, Thomas 
Ellyseen, John Ellison. In a list of the freeholders and inhabitants of 
the county of Albany, N. Y., dated Dec. 30, 1701, is the name of Tennis 


In a letter dated " Cahos, Oct. 20, 1747," the French com- 
mander says, — " We have three Englishmen well treated and 
closely watched — John Hawkes, Matthew Ellison, and John 
Taylor." Hawkes commanded Fort Massachusetts in 1746. 

Lt. Gov. James DeLancey wrote as follows: 

New Y'ork, Jan. 31, 1755. Y'esterday the Lieutenant-Colonels (Robert) 
Ellison and Mercer came to this town. I have ordered horses to be got 
for them to cany them to Connecticut in their way to Boston, for which 
place they will set out as soon as the weather permits. — Vol. VI, p. 935. 

The 44th Reg't of Foot was commanded by Colonel Ellison, 
who was succeeded by James Abercromby March 13, 1756. 

In 1687 complaint was entered by the Royal African Com- 
pany of England against Robert Allison for infringement of 
the charter by importing negroes, elephants' teeth, etc., into 
New York from Africa. In the same year he was charged 
with making a threat that he would " take the Ketch Advent- 
ure.''^ In 1688 he petitioned to retain an Indian slave to be 
purchased in Honduras, which was rejected. 

Robert Allison had license to marry Hannah Bray, Nov. 
29, 1693. 


On Sept. 15, 1704, be made his will; proved July 18, 
1705. He was a resident of New York city, and bad a wife, 
Hannab. He bad a brother, Thomas Allison, apparently 
deceased, who had a sou, 

Robert Allisou, to whom Robert Allison first named gave 
one third of his real estate when twenty-one years of age. In 
case Robert Allison, the younger, dies before that time, the 
property was to go to the "loving sister" of Robert, Sr., 
Sarah Holmes, living in Bridgewater in kingdom of England. 

He also remembered Hannah Allison, daughter of his 
brother, Thomas Allison. This nephew and niece lived at 
his house in New York city. 

Rip Van Dam and William Smith, executors. 

Inventory of this estate taken March 28, 1706. 


The following records were taken in Oct., 1891, by the au- 
thor, from the surrogate's office in the city of New York, and 
from the records of the different counties of New Jersey, pre- 
vious to 1804, which are kept in the office of the secretary of 
state, at Trenton, N, J., and from the records of Suffolk 
county, Mass., at Boston, Mass. 

William Ellison, of Elizabeth, N. J., sold land Feb, 6, 1688. On Oct. 7, 
1695, or Feb. 20, 1696, then of Woodbridge, IST. J., he bought land of 
Capt. Samuel Walker, late of Boston, Mass., merchant, now of Piscat- 
aqua, N". J. On March 27, 1707, he made his will, proven Aug. 19, 1707. 
He had a wife, Maiy Ellison, and children, Enoch Ellison and Emma 

John Ellison, merchant, of the city of Xew Y^ork, bought land of Han- 
nah, widow of William Barton, in Perth Amboy, X. J., Nov. 22, 1699. 
He had, on Nov. 7, 1699, bought land in Middletown, N. J. 

John Ellison, of New Y^ork, N. Y^., made his will Oct. 12, 1718. He 
mentions his wife, Eleanor Ellison, his son, John Ellison, Jr., William 
Ellison, Thomas Ellison, Joseph Ellison, his sister, Elizabeth Finch, and 
his brother, William Ellison in England. 

John Ellison, Jr., of New Y'ork, N. Y'., was a merchant like his father. 
He made his will July 11, 1725. He mentions his wife, Mary Ellison, his 
eldest son, John Ellison, Jr., his daughter, Mary Ellison, and his broth- 
ers, William Ellison, Thomas Ellison, Joseph Ellison. 

In the previous year, March 2, 1724, the three brothers of this John 
Ellison — William Ellison of New Y'ork, N. Y"., a mariner, Thomas Elli- 
son of the county of Ulster, merchant, and Joseph Ellison of the city of 
New York, mariner, — "three of the sons of John Ellison, late of the city 
of New Y'ork, merchant," relinquished all claim to some land in Perth 
Amboy, N. J. This brother John had relin(iuished to them various 
messuages in New Y^ork and elsewhere in that province. 

William Ellison made his will Dec. 18, 1725. He mentions liis wife, 
Mary Ellison, lands, slaves, etc., in Virginia and North Carolina, and 
property in the province of New York. He mentions his brother, 
Thomas Ellison, and gives this property to him at the death of his wife, 
including "two Indian boys named North and South." 


Joseph Ellison made his will Dec. 15, 1732, and mentions his brother, 
John Ellison, his wife, Margaret Ellison, and his brother, Thomas Elli- 

Joseph Ellison, of Shrewsbury, N. J., bought land of Arthur Brown, 
March 1, 1731. 

Joseph Ellison, of New Brunswick, county of Middlesex, N". J., appar- 
ently the same as above, made his will May 9, 1739; proven .June 9, 1739. 
He had wife, Martha Ellison, and children, Anna Ellison, Mary Ellison, 
and daughter-in-law Ann . Thomas JlUison was one of the execu- 

Thomas Ellison, of Hempstead, N. Y., Queen's Co., "on Nassau 
Island," N. Y., bought land in New Jersey, called Havorsneck, of "Walter 
and Mary Newman, one hundred and sixty-four acres, Sept. 4, 1708. 

Thomas Ellison of Shrewsbviry, county of Monmouth, N. J., yeoman, 
bought land in that town of John Lawrence, June 16, 1709. 

Thomas Ellison, of Perth Amboy, N. J., husbandman, on March 20, 
1723, and Seth JLllison, carpenter, passed a legal document in relation to 

Thomas Ellison, of Shrewsbury, N. J., bought land in that place, Jan. 
21, 1739, of Beriah Goddard, of Dartmouth, Mass. 

Thomas Ellison, of Shrewsbury, N. J., on April 13, 1762, bought land 
there of James Towney, of Buck's Co., Penn. He made his will Sept. 
10, 1766; proven Dec. 1, 1770. He had a wife, Margaret Ellison. He had 
a daughter, Anna Ellison, who married Mr. Allen, and had a son, Sam- 
uel Allen. He had daughters, — Elizabeth Ellison, who married Mr. Mor- 
ris, Rebecca Ellison, Hannah Ellison; sons, — Amos Ellison, Lewis Elli- 
son, Thomas Ellison, and granddaughters, — Elizabeth and Mary Ellison. 


Thomas Ellison, Jr., of the city of New York, Merchant. • He married 
Mary Peck, Nov. 10, 1761. He and Vife, Mary (Peck) Ellison, and Hannah 
Peck of the same place, spinster, two of the six daughters of and co- 
heirs of Benjamin Peck, late of the city of New York, deceased, sold 
July 9, 1771, to Jeremiah Leaming, of Norwalk, Conn., their part of 
land and wharfs at Boston, Mass., which belonged to Benjamin Peck, 
which he got from his father, Thomas Peck. 

William Ellison, of Boston, Mass., Oct. 28, 1773, sold land to Thomas 


Thomas Ellison, of New Windsor, Ulster Co., N. Y., made will Sept. 18, 
1789, mention of his sons — Thomas Ellison, John Ellison, William Ellison, 
and daughters — Eleanor Ellison, Mary Ellison, and Margaret (Ellison) 

Thomas Ellison, of New York city; will dated Feb. 1, 1796. He men- 
tions his wife, Mary Ellison, his brothers John and William Ellison, and 
his nephew Thomas Ellison, son of his brother William Ellison. He 
mentions Thomas Ellison Colden, his sister Elizabeth Colden, his sis- 
ter Eleanor Ellison, his sister Mary Ellison, his niece Margaret Ellison, 
and John Inglis, Margaret Inglis, Ann Inglis, children of Charles Inglis, 
the bishop of Nova Scotia, by his niece Margaret Crooke. He mentions 
his sister Elizabeth Colden, his niece Alice Colden, wife of Lewis Antill. 

Mary Ellison, of New York city, had a will dated Oct. 20, 1810. She 
mentions her sister, J^lizabeth Colden, Alice Antill, granddaughter of 
Elizabeth Colden, her sister, Margaret Crooke, widow of John Crooke, 
John Inglis, .son of Charles Inglis, bishop of Nova Scotia, and his 
daughter, Margaret Halliburton, his daughter Ann Pigeon. She speaks 
of her sister Eleanor Ellison, Margaret Miller's daughter, of her brother 


William Ellison, her niece, Elizabeth Floyd. She appointed her brother, 
John Ellison, and nephew, Thomas Ellison, executors. 

John Allison, of Oxford, county of Sussex, X. J. Sarah Allison 
appointed administratrix of his estate, Sept. 1, 1759. 

John Ellison of county of Burlington, X. J. Administration on his 
estate granted June lo, 176L 

John Ellison and wife, llachel Ellison, of the city of New York, sold 
land at Perth Amboy, N. J., to John Griggs, Aug. 21, 1765. He was a 
sail maker. 

John Ellison's will was proven Nov. 17, 17S2, in Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

John Ellison's will, dated Dec. 23, 1784, recorded in surrogate's ofifice. 
New York, N. Y. He mentions his daughter, Martha Dorland, his 
brother, Richard Ellison, his father, Richard Ellison, his brother, Samuel 
Ellison, and his sister, Freelove Piatt. 

James Ellison of Hempstead, N. Y., will dated Feb. 19, 1780. He men- 
tions his wife, Elizabeth Ellison, his son, William Ellison, and his surviv- 
ing daughters, Freelove Ellison, Mary Ellison, Elizabeth Ellison, Hannah 
Ellison ; one of the witnesses was Richard Ellison. 

William Ellison, of New York, N. Y. Cabinet maker. Made a will, 
dated Sept. 3, 1788. He had a- wife, Margaret Ellison, and a daughter, 
Mary Ellison. He married Margaret Brandt, April 19, 1779. 

Seth Ellison, " of the southward of the city of Perth Amboy," N. J., 
made a will March 20, 1770, proven May 24, 1770. He mentions his eldest 
son, Thomas Ellison, daughter, Sarah Lumberson; to son Joseph Ellison 
one half the land the father lived upon was given. His daughter Martha 
Buckalew received land of him in Middletown, county of Monmouth, N. 
J. His son, Samuel Ellison, was deceased, but the sons of the latter, 
Seth Ellison and Samuel Ellison, were remembered in this will. (See pre- 
vious notice of Thomas Ellison and Seth Ellison of Perth Amboy, N. J. 


Cutlibert Ellison ^ was sheriff of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng- 
land, in 1544, and was mayor in 1549 and to 1554. He had 
a grandson, Cuthbert Ellison, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. The 
son of the latter, Christopher Ellison, also a resident of New- 
castle, was born Jan. 26, 1612 ; died 1695. He had a son. 

John Ellison, born 1688, emigrated to America and settled 
in New York, N. Y. The history of Orange county, N. Y., 
p. 214, says that he secured a claim to property in New Wind- 
sor, Webster county, N. Y., in 1718, by an investment of 
£160, and had an additional claim by a loan of £140, in 1721, 
and perfected the "title to the property in May, 1723." ^ 

*In the August number, 1890, Magazine of American History, edited by 
Mrs. Martha J. Lamb, 743 Broadway, New Y'ork, N. Y., is a brief account 
of the Ellisons of New Windsor, N. Y. 

-John Ellison made his will in 1718, but he may not have died till some- 
time later. He had a brother, William Ellison, in England, as appears 
from that document. See former quotations from probate records, 
which give his children. The preceding quotations from probate and 
other records relating to the Ellisons throw great light upon the Ellison 
family of New Windsor and Newburg, N. Y., and corroborate some of 
the information received from a distinct source. The author has not 
made a special studij of the history and genealogy of the Ellisons, but 


When his son Thomas Ellison took possession, he erected a 
stone mansion on the bluff overlooking the river, and a dock 
and storehouse, and founded the freighting business, which 
was continued a century by himself and his descendants. 
His house was occupied by General Washington in 1779 as 
his head-quarters. 

JOHN Ellison's childken. 

I. John Ellison. No record. 

II. Thomas Ellison was a colonel in French and Indian war. 

III. William Ellison. No record. 

IV. Joseph Ellison. No record. 

Col. Thomas Ellison, son of John, married Margaret Garre- 
brant in 1723. He built the homestead that year, the house 
afterwards occupied as Washington's headquarters. He died 


I. Thomas Ellison, d. young. 

II. Elizabeth Ellison, m. Cadwallader Golden. 

III. Margaret Ellison, m. John Crook, and had one daughter. 

IV. Eleanor Ellison, b. 1730. 

V. Thomas Ellison, b. 1732; m. Mary, daughter of Benjamin Peck. See 

notice of them and the Peck family from Suffolk Co., Mass., 
records, p. 244, and Mr. Ellison's will. 

VI. Mary Ellison. Single. 

VII. John Ellison, d. young. 

VIII. John Ellison, m. Catherine Jameson. 

IX. Francis Ellison, d. young. 

X. William Ellison, m. Mary Floyd and had three children. 

If the foregoing account of the origin of this family is cor- 
rect, these Ellisons of Newburgh and New Windsor, N. Y., 
are not related, on this side the ocean, to the Long Island 
Ellisons, who were, and are now, tlie J.l]isons of Rockland 
county, N. Y. But it is not improbable that upon the other 
side the sea they both sprang from a common source, and 
that, the Allisons of Scotland. 

has incorporated what he has himself gleaned, and what has been fur- 
nished by others, so that the information would be preserved, and with 
the hope that it would aid and stimulate the future historian of the Elli- 
son family. 



1625. Lawrence Ellison,^ the progenitor of this branch of 
the Allisons, according to " Thompson's History of Long 
Island, N. Y.," was a Puritan, and came from Watertown, 
Mass., to Weathersfield, Conn. ; removed from there to 
Stamford, thence to Hempstead, L. L, with other emigrants 
who accompanied Rev. Richard Denton in 1644. Most of 
the early families of Hempstead were under his leadership, 
and came from Hemel, Hempstead, England, about twenty 
miles from London. Some, however, came from Halifax, 
County of York, whence Rev. Richard Denton himself emi- 
grated. The latter was for a time minister in Coley Chapel, 
Halifax. These emigrants are supposed to have been a part 
of the colony which came across seas with Robert Winthrop 
and Sir Richard Saltonstall in 1630. 

In June, 1643, Lawrence Ellison obtained a verdict of £4 
damages against Thomas Marshfield, in particular court, 
Connecticut. In 1657 he was taxed in Hempstead for twent}'- 
nine acres. From the Hempstead, L. L, town records in 
1658, Lawrence and John Ellison became sureties for the 
good behavior of Lawrence's son-in-law and John's brother- 
in-law, John Ellington. On Nov. 29, 1658, he had ten acres 

ilam p;reatly. indebted for information to the " History of Rockland 
County, New York," publislied in 1884 by J. B. Beers <k Co., 36 Yesey St., 
New York, N. Y.; edited by Rev. David Cole, D. D. To the "Isaac 
Kool (Cool or Cole)" genealogy, by Rev. David Cole, D. D., of Yonkers, 
N. Y., and especially to the "Family Genealogy of Jonathan Barlow and 
Plain Rogers of Delaware County, New Y'ork; " compiled and edited by 
George Barlow, Esq,, of 40.5 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. From the 
latter work a great deal of my information has, with the permission of 
the author, been obtained and transcribed. 

"From the fact that some of the Hempstead colonists came from York- 
shire, Eng., and from the custom of spelling the name Ellison and Alli- 
son interchangeably, and from knowledge that some of the Allisons in 
this book originated from Halifax, Y'orkshire, Eng. (see No. 920), where 
Rev. Richard Denton officiated before coming to America, and his set- 
tlement at Hempstead, N. Y., it may not be amiss to state that that 
locality imaj have been the place from which came Lawrence Ellison, 
and the parish records in that place or locality might throw light upon 
his early history and that of his ancestry. 


of land allotted him in Hempstead, L. I. Lawrence Ellison 
was chosen townsman in 1659. Not long did this earlj^ set- 
tler of Hempstead continue with the youthful settlement. 
He died in Hempstead, in the North Riding, Yorkshire, Long 
Island, N. Y., in 1664. At the court of sessions, held at 
Hempstead Jan. 2, 1665, letters of administration .on his 
estate were granted to his three sons, Richard, Thomas, and 
John Ellison. This is the oldest record but one recorded in 
the surrogate's office in the city of New York. In legal 
documents he signed his name by "his mark." 


1626. Eichard Ellison' (1629), res. Hempstead, N. Y. He was b., pre- 

sumably, about 1620. 

1627. Thomas Ellison^ (1638), res. Hempstead, N. Y. He wasb., pre- 

sumably, about 1622. 

1628. John Ellison' (1645), res. Hempstead, N. Y. He was b., presum- 

ably, about 1624. 
Ellison m. John Ellington ; res. Hempstead, N. Y. 

1629. Richard Ellison 2 [1626] (Lawrence i). He was 
born, presumably, about 1620. He was evidently at one 
time a resident of Braintree, Mass., and the peculiar and 
unusual name of his wife identifies the man. The record of 
the births of his children appears upon the Braintree records, 
showing that he was a resident there from 1645 to as late a 
date as 1660, and that he appears upon the Hempstead 
records in 1663. The name of his wife, " Thamasin," appears 
on the records of Braintree, and the same is mentioned in his 
will. In 1663 he was of Mad Nan's Neck, L. I., a strip of 
land which was granted that same year to his brothers, John 
and Thomas Ellison, and Thomas Hicks. In 1673 he was 
taxed in Hempstead on sixty acres of land. Land was 
allotted to him in 1677, and the same year more was allotted 
to him on Hempstead Plains; he was living there in 1682. 
He made his will Feb. 14, 1680, which is recorded in the 
surrogate's office in New York city. This was proven June 
13, 1683, showing that he died between those dates. In that 
instrument he gave "unto my loving and well-beloved wife, 
Tamisen Elison, ten pounds," also the "bed with its furni- 
ture she now Lyeth on ; " to his son John he gave one hun- 
dred and fifty acres of land and "one hors ; " to his son 
Thomas he gave twenty-two acres ; and he remembered his 
sons-in-law, Jonathan Smith and Joshua Jannock. In closing, 
he recommended his "Dearly beloved children and wife, 
aforesaid, to the merciful keeping and protection of our most 


blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord." Residence, Hemp- 
stead, N. Y. Tiie family of " Richard and Thomasin Allison 
born Brautrey, Mass.," as found upon the records. 

CHILDBEN. , ^^ ->t<V/^r'"^^ 

1630. Mary Ellison,' b. June 15, 1640. Wo<? ^-^ ^•"^^ ,."5^_^J a ' 

1631. Hauna Ellison,^ b. May 24, 1648. ' /aAy^^fcVMv ^^^^ 

1632. John Ellison, 3 b. June 26, 1650; evidently not married. He left a 

will dated Nov. 8, 1684, proven in the city of New York, in 
which he gave his property to his brother, Thomas Allison; 
res. Hempstead, N. Y. 

1633. Sarah Ellison,^ b. Oct. 4, 1652; perhaps m. Joshua Jannock. 

1634. Thomas Ellison,^ b. Jan. 1, 1655. He was living Jan. 10, 1688, and 

received property by his brother's, John Ellison's, will. 

1635. Experience Ellison,* b. June 2, 1657. 

1636. Richard Ellison,* (1648), b. Feb. 7, 1660. 

1637. Rachael Ellison,* m. Jonathan Smith. 

1638. Thomas Ellison 2 [1627] (Lawrence i). He was 
born, presumably, about 1622. He was a resident of Hemp- 
stead, N. Y., and signed his name by '•' his mark " to a legal 
document in 1656. He had ten acres of land in Hempstead 
allotted to him Nov. 27, 1658 ; in 1662 was chosen a towns- 
man ; in 1663 he became part owner of Mad Nan's Neck ; in 
1677, at a public meeting, land was allotted him in Hemp- 
stead ; in same year land was given at Hempstead Plains ; 
in 1685 he was taxed on sixty acres of land and on two hun- 
dred and seventy acres ; in December, 1696, he conveyed 
lands in Hempstead to Richard Allison. Thomas Ellison, 
Sr., died in summer of 1697. His will was dated April 7, 1697, 
proved at Jamaica, L. L, Dec. 11, 1697. By that document 
he had wife, Martha Ellison, and several 


1630. Thomas Ellison.* He was in East Jersey in 1702. A Thomas 
vlUison and Cornelie Johnson had license of marriage granted 
them July 4, 1098. 

1640. John Ellison.8 

1641. Grace Ellison.* 

1642. Marv Ellison.* 

1643. Elizabeth Ellison.* 

1644. Martha Ellison.* 

1645. John Ellison ^ [1628] (Lawrence^). He was born 
presumably about 1624. John Ellison, then a young man, 
in company with Rev. Richard Denton and his son, Robert 
Coe, John Coe, John Karman, Jerem}^ Wood, Richard Gilder- 
slieve, William Raynor, John Ogden, Jonas Wood, John 
Fordham, Edmund Wood, Thomas Armitage, Simon Selling, 


Henry Pierson, Robert Jackson, Thomas Sherman, and Fran- 
cis Yates, in 1644, composed a colon}^, which, according to 
the history of Stamford, Conn., were aggrieved at the limited 
franchises granted the town of Stamford by the New Haven 
colony, left the jurisdiction of England, and took up land 
under the Dutch government, on the south side of Long 
Island, N. Y. This was in 1644. In 1647 land was 
apportioned to him in Hempstead. In 1656 he signed legal 
documents by " his mark." In 1658 he became one of the 
sureties for the good behavior of his brother-in-law, John 
Ellington. On Nov. 29, 1658, ten acres of land were allotted 
to him in Hempstead. He was chosen townsman in 1662, 
and in 1663 land was granted to him and others at Mad Nan's 
Neck, and this same year he was taxed for thirty acres, and 
on ten acres, two oxen, and four cows. In 1676 he was chosen 
overseer. He was granted four acres of land, for which he 
was required to furnish the town with two gallons of rum to 
drink. At a public meeting in Hempstead, in 1677, land 
was given to him, and also land on Hempstead Plains. In 
1678 he was chosen constable and .real estate valuator. He 
made no will and his property went to relatives. 


1G46. John Ellison, Jr.= (1656). Eps. Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y. 
In 1677, at a public meeting in that town, land was allotted to 

1647. Thomas Ellison,^ jjerhaps his son. (From Family Genealogy Jon- 
athan Barlow and Plain Kogers of Delaware Co., N. Y., by 
George Barlow of Wall street, New York, N. Y. Page 347.) 

1648. Richard Ellison 3 [1636] (Richard,^ Lawrence i )• 
He was born in Braintree, Mass., "• 7-2-1660," and went early 
in life to Hempstead with his parents. He was one of a com- 
mittee to lay out Hempstead Plains in 1685. He then resided 
in Hempstead. On March 17, 1715, as appears from the 
records of Queen's county, Long Island, New York, he con- 
veyed land in Hempstead, and signed his name Richard Elli- 
son, but his name was written Richard Allison in the body of 
the deed. He was called Tlllison by the witnesses and was 
indexed Allison. He probably emigrated to Monmouth 
county, N. J., shortly afterward, as it appears from the 
records of that county previous to 1804, which are in the sec- 
retary of state's office in Trenton, N. J. (as are all other county 
records of that state previous to that date and after that date 
at the county seats) ; he emigrated to Freehold, Monmouth 


county, N. Y., where he made his will March 5, 1719 ; pro- 
bated Dec. 23, 1732. He married Alice, or Elsie , 

who survived him. His son, Daniel Ellison'*, was executor. 
He gave to his three sons and daughter, Sarah, his land on 
Long Island to be divided equally. 


1649. Daniel Ellison,'' who received plantation where he dwelt, and per- 
haps made legal document 1774-' 76. Kecorded Liber L, secre- 
tary of state's office, Trenton, N. J. 

16.50. Richard Ellison.* 

1651. Samuel Ellison,* perhaps made will 1766-'68. Recorded page 154> 

Book I in secretary of state's office, Trenton, N. J. 

1652. Ruth Ellison.* 

1653. Mary Ellison.* 

1654. Susannah Ellison.* 

1655. Sarah Ellison.* 

1656. John Allison, Jr.^ [1646] (John^, Lawrence ^ ). 
The subject of this sketch was the immediate founder of the 
family of Allisons, which for a number of generations, and a 
numerous race, have lived, acted life's part, and slept within 
the soil of Haverstraw, Rockland county, Ncav York. Mr. 
Allison was born in Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y., and was 
one of the company that purchased the north part of the 
Kakiat patent of land in Orange county, the portion which is 
now in Rockland county, in the year 1719, on which they 
founded the settlement of New Hempstead, now Ramapo. 
He became owner of the greater part of De Hart's patent, 
which included the present townships of Haverstraw and 
Grassy Point in Orange county, now in Rockland county. 
In the strength of his manhood and in the hey-day of life, he, 
with his family, removed to New Hempstead and later to 
Haverstraw, and founded his home, which remained such till 
his death. His house stood on the bank of the sparkling 
Hudson river " on the west side of what is called Allison 
street and about eight rods north of j\Iain street" in Haver- 
straw. (History of Rockland county.) From the knowledge 
we have of his business enterprises, he appears to have been a 
man of push and executive abilit3^ In the history of Rock- 
land county he is called of the English settlers, i. e., of English 
descent. He died in 1754, between June 6, when his will was 
made, and Oct. 21, when it was proven in court. He was 
probably buried in the old cemetery on the "• Neck " near the 
Minisceongo creek, or in the old Allison burying-ground, 
some sixty rods east of the former home of Benjamin 



1657. Benjamin Allison* (1G66). Date of birth unknown. Res. Haver- 

straw, N. Y. 

1658. John Allison.^ On Oct. 1, 1773, was made a will by John Allison 

of Havei-straw, X. Y., probably tliis man, proven Nov. 7, 1782, 
wife Amy Allison executor. Children, John x\llison,'^ Elizabeth 
Allison, ° Thomas Allison,'^ Richard Allison," Margaret Allison,^ 
William Allison,^ Joseph Allison,'* Isaac Allison,^ Jeremiah 
Allison,*^ Beniamin Allison,'^ each had one tenth of his estate. 

1659. Josepli Allison^ (1073), b. Au£>-. 3, 1721, or Aug. 4, 1722; d. Jan. 2, 

1706. Res. Haversti-aw, N. Y. 

1660. William Allison,* d. about 1758. He was remembered in the will 

of his father, as was his son, Edward Allison.5 

1661. Elizabeth Allison,* m. Mr. Cuyper. 

1662. Deborah Allison,* m. John Johnson. 

1663. Mary Allison,* m. Mr. De Grough. 

1664. Hannah Allison,* m. John Taylor. 

1665. Richard Allison,^ was a physician and died before his father in 

1749. He made a will Jan. 9, of that year, witnessed by his 
brother, John Allison, and Cornelius C. Cuyper, probably his 
brother-in-law and sister Elizabeth's husband. His father was 
executor. He divided his estate between his brothers and sis- 
ters, who were then all living, and left legacies to his friend, 
Phebe Hubs, and to her children, Richard Hubs and Hannah 
Hubs. These Hubses seem to have been inmates of his father's 
household, relationship, if any, not known. His father remem- 
bered her by liis will in 1754, and mentions her daughter, Pris- 
cilla Hubs. Dr. Allison res. in Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1666. Benjamin Allison* [1657] (John,^ Jolin,^ Law- 
rence ^). He was born probably in New Hempstead, N. Y., 
as his father helped to found that place in 1720. The date 
of his birth is unknown. He resided in Haverstraw, N. Y., 
in a house built in 1754, of brown stone blocks, located at the 
meeting of two roads, the Grassy Point road and the old Ben- 
son road, and north of the First Presbyterian church about 
half a mile. It was standing in 1890 in fair preservation, and 
was an interesting old-time relic. He received this land from 
his father, which originally belonged to Dick Crom and which 
included all the land lying between the Minisceongo creek and 
the Benson farm. His father left him besides, the south part 
of lot No. 7 in Haverstraw, which he in turn left to Hannah 
and Rebecca Allison, daughters of his son, Thomas Allison. 
He was patriotic, and exemplified his love for American free- 
dom, and hatred of British oppression, by furnishing, during 
the Revolutionary struggle, a large amount of supplies to Col- 
onel Hay and his men of the Continental forces, stationed at 
Haverstraw. The Continental bills with which he was paid 
jjroved, eventually, to be a total loss. He was twice married ; 
name of first wife is unknown. He married, second, Leah 
Ackerman, marriage bond dated Nov. 1, 1769, who is men- 
tioned in his will made March 19, 1796. 



1667. John Allison.^ He was born probably between 1725 and 1730. He 

was living at the time his father's will Avas made, March 19, 
1796, and was then not married. There is no evidence that he 
was ever married. He probably died single and was buried in 
the family cemetery. The History of Eockland County is said 
to be in error in giving his name in two marriages instead of 
that of his brother, Thomas Allison. 

1668. Kobert Allisons (1691), b. Haverstraw, N. Y.; m. Elizabeth 

. Res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1669. Peter Allison b (169.5), res. Haverstraw, N. Y, 

1670. Thomas Allison « (1703), res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1671. Samuel Allison M1709). He was living on March 19, 1796, when 

his father made a will, and by it he received a consideration in 
land and personal property. He m. Sarah Phillips. 

1672. Joseph B. Allison^ (1715), b. Dec. 13, 1761; m. Mary Storms. Res. 

Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1673. Capt. Joseph Allison * [1659] (John,^ John,2 Law- 
rence^). He was born probably in New Hampstead, N. Y.» 
Ang. 3, 1721, or Aug. 4, 1722; died, Jan. 2, 1796, at the 
age of 74 years, 4 months, 29 days. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Matthew Benson, March 10, 1743. She died 
Dec. 12, 1767, leaving ten children. He married, second. 
May 4, 1769, Elsie Parcells, who died April 16, 1815, aged 
64 years. Eight children. Resided at Haverstraw, N. Y., 
where he owned a large farm and much landed estate. The 
headstone of Mr. Allison appears in the old Allison burying- 
ground. His remains now rest in Mount Repose cemetery. 


1674. Matthew Allison ^ (1727), b. July 13, 1743; d. before 1795, leaving 

children : Joseph,* Peter,* Cornelius," Hendrick,* Matthew, « and 
Elizabeth Allison.* He res. in Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1675. Elizabeth Allison,^ b. Oct. 2, 1745; m. David Ten Eyck. Res. 

Haverstraw, N. Y. She had a large family of children. Among 
them were Thomas Ten Eyck,* res. Stony Point, N. Y. ; James 
Ten Eyck,* res. Peekskill, N. Y. ; John fen Eyck,* Samuel Ten 
Eyck," Richard Ten Eyck,* Harriet Ten Eyck,* and Hannah 
Ten Eyck.* 

1676. Mary Allison,^ b. Oct. 17, 1747; m. Amos Hutch ings. The mar- 

riage bond -was tiled at Albany, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1764. 

1677. Hannah Allison,^ b. Feb. 14, 1750; m. Adrian Waldron; res. Haver- 

straw, N. Y. She had a large family of children, the most of 
whom lived in their native town. Among them were Abram 
Waldron,* Jacob Waldron,* John Waldron,* Matthew Wal- 
dron,* and Calvin Waldron.* 

1678. Joseph Allison,^ b. May 29, 1752; res. Haverstraw, X. Y. He 

received with his brothers a tract of land from his father; sold 
April 9, 1793. 

1679. John Allison,* b. May 12, 1754. He received with his brothers a 

great tract of land from his father, which they sold April 9, 
1793, situated in Haverstraw. 


1680. William Alli.son,« b. March 11, 1T5G. With his brothers he was 

part owner of a large tract of land in Haversti'aw, given by his 
father. Sold by them April 0, 1793. 

1681. Thomas Allison,^ b. Fel). 11, 17(30; res. Haverstraw, IST. Y. His 

son, Benjamin T. Allison,® res. near Yorktown, N. Y. 

1682. Deborah Allison,^ b. June 29, 1762; m. William Willis. 

1683. Benjamin Allison,^ b. July 3, 1764; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. He 

left a family. 


1684. Peter Allison^ (1734), b. Nov. 19, 1769; m. Margaret Suffern; res. 

Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1685. Amos Allison,'^ b. May 29, 1771. He was a blacksmith, a man of 

great strength and of powerful physique; res. Haverstraw, 

N. Y. He m. , and had several children. Among 

them were Leonard Allison," and Jacob Allison." 

1686. Michael Allison, = b. June 3, 1773; d. unmarried. He was a man 

of wealth, and res. in the city of New York, where he d. at his 
residence, 46 Vesey street, March 25, 1855, and is buried in 
Greenwood cemetery. 

1687. Parcells Allison,^ b. April 25, 1777; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. He 

m., Aug. 5, 1800, Nellie Parcells, his deceased brother's widow. 

1688. Kichard Allison" (1740), b. Oct. 23, 1780; m. Eliza Ruckel. He d. 

Nov. 26, 1825, in the city of New York. 

1689. Elsie Allison'^ (1750), b. Nov. 9, 1783; m. Jacob Archer, in 1801; 

res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1690. Abraham Allison,^ b. Nov. 9, 1783; d. in infancy. 

1691. Robert Allison ^ [1668] (Benjamin,* John,^ John,2 
Lawrence 1). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y.," and by 
Ms father's will, made March 19, 1796, he received consid- 
erable land ; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. He m. Elizabeth 

, who became intemperate and depraved in morals. 

This preyed deeply on his mind. He became disheartened, 
lost ambition, and worked as a common laborer for his 
nephew, William Cosgrove. She survived her husband, and 
forty-five acres of land were given to Christopher Cosgrove 
for her support in her old age. 


1692. Benjamin Allison.® He is said to have lived and died a bachelor. 

He was, named for his grandfather, who in his will left the use 
of a tract of land to his son, Robert, which should be inherited 
by this Benjamin, who was to pay his sisters £5 each, and to 
support his mother. 

1693. Hannah Allison." She m. Benjamin Youmans; res. in Haver- 

straw, N. Y., where he died. She m., second, James Kenney, 
of Sufferns, Rockland Co., N. Y. They had one child: Patty 
Kenney,' m. Mr. Bostwick. He was employed by the Garner 
Print Works, Garnersville, Haverstraw, N. Y., and had a fam- 
ily of children. 

1694. Margaret Allison," m. John Devine. They res. on Long Island 

where he was a farmer, raising produce for the markets. 


1695. Peter Allison ^ [1669] (Benjamin,^ John,^ John,^ 
Lawrence^). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y. He inher- 
ited the homestead from his father, and resided for many 
years in Haverstraw in the old stone honse of Benjamin 
Allison, northeast of the Plrst Presbyterian chnrch, about 
one half mile distant, and at the junction of the old Benson 
and Grassy Point roads. He added to his possessions, and 
was a substantial and prosperous farmer. He ranked high 
among his fellow-citizens, and possessed abilities of no com- 
mon order. He resided near the lime kilns, with his family, 
on the Byron place, in North Haverstraw, which he had pur- 
chased. He was twice married. The name of his first wife 
is not known. They had five children. He married, sec- 
ond, Mrs. Earl, of New York city. He died in 1815. 


1696. Margaret Allison." 

1697. Leah Allison.*" After the death of lier sister, Hannah, she married 

her brother-in-law, Baxter June. They res. in Haverstraw, 
N. Y., in a small frame dwelling, near the foot of the hill, on 
the opposite side of the highway from the old chemical works, 
and near the First Presbyterian church. No children. 

1698. Hannah Allison." She was a smart, enterprising, and fine looking 

woman, a tailoress by trade, and supported herself by her 
needle, working in different families. She m. Baxter June,,a 
man of indolent habits, but of strong build and large frame. 
Her sister, Leah, and brother, John Allison, lived with her in 
Haverstraw, where she died about ten years after her marriage. 
Children: Loretto June,' and a son. 

1699. John Allison." Res. in Haverstraw with his sisters, and d. unmar- 

ried. He was a farmer by occupation, and a prominent man 
in the town. In the militia he was a lieutenant, and held pub- 
lic positions. He was a person of fine ai^pearance and high 
moral character. 

1700. Peter P. Allison « (17r)9). Res. Haverstraw, N. 1^. 

1701. Sarah Allison." She was a dressmaker: res. ISTew Y'ork, N". Y. 

1702. Elizabeth Allison." She m. Lemuel Jvme, who was a justice of 

the peace and held other town offices. He was a person of 
ability. He managed a freight sloop which carried brick and 
plied between Haverstraw and the city of New Y'ork. Chil- 
dren: Baxter June,' Charles June,' and others. 

1703. Thomas Allison ^ [1670] (Benjamin,^ John,3 John,2 
Lawrence 1). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., and by 
his father's will he received in that town a tract of land of 
about one hundred acres. He married Mary Kingsland. ' 


1704. Garret Allison" (1768), b. March 28, 1789; d. June 11, 1848: res. 

Haverstraw, X. Y. 

1705. James Allison" (1780), b. Haverstraw; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 


1T06. Catherine Allison.' She probably d. unmarried. 

1707. Eebecca Allison.'' She m. Lob. Lockwood; removed to Green- 

wich, Conn., and from there to the West. Children: George 
Lockwood,' who m. , and had two sons, now liv- 
ing, and a daughter who is deceased. Lockwood,' a 

daughter, m., and lives in the West. Frederick Lockwood,' a 
sti'eet car conductor, res. Providence, R. I. 

1708. Hannah Allison." Slie m. James Guernsey. He was in the fur 

business in New York city. 

1709. Samuel Allison ^ [1671] (Benjamin,* John,^ John,2 
Lawrence 1). He resided for a time at Haverstraw, N. Y., 
and subsequently removed to the West. He married Sarah 
Phillips, who was born Feb. 11, 1760 ; died Oct. 23, 1841. 


1710. Hannah Allison," b. Oct. 16, 1792; d. March 8, 1885. She m. Seth 

Leonard. Children: Samuel Leonard,' Josejih Leonard, ? Me- 
linda Leonard,' Amasa Leonard,' Betsey Leonard,' Charles 
Leonard/ Clarinda Leonard.' 

1711. David Allison" (1784), b. Sept. 21, 1794; d. at Pontiac, Mich., Oct. 

6, 1883. 

1712. Polly Allison," b. June 19, 179G; d. April 15, 1839; m. Benjamin 

Collins. No children. She subsequently m. Mr. Wilkinson. 

1713. Abigail Allison," b. 1798; m. Luther Sawtelle. -Children: Henry 

Sawtelle,' Emeline Sawtelle,' Luther Sawtelle,' Catherine Saw- 

1714. Samuel Allison," b. 1800; m. Hettie Waterbury. Children: George 

W. Allison,' Jane Allison,' Hannah Allison,' Charles Allison.' 

1715. Joseph B. Allison ^ [1672] (Benjamin,* John,3 
John,2 Lawrence^). He was born at Haverstraw, N. Y., 
Dec. 13, 1760 or 1761, in the old Benjamin Allison brown 
stone house, situated at the junction of the Grassy Point and 
old Benson farm roads, and one half mile northeast of the 
First Presbyterian church. Here he lived, working at farm 
work for his father till the age of manhood. When fifteen 
5^ears of age his father sent him on a perilous journey to 
General Washington's encampment, back of Newburg, with 
a bill for supplies furnished the Continental troops encamped 
at Haverstraw. On reaching Washington's tent he was 
overawed by the majestic bearing of the commander-in-chief. 
The general invited him in, received his message, and, put- 
ting his hand on the young man's head, commended his 
bravery and fidelity. When seventeen years of age he was 
enrolled as a "minute man," one liable to be called out for 
military duty at a minute's notice. While acting as team- 
ster, carrying supplies to the troops, he became well known 
at head-quarters. He was a volunteer at the taking of Stony 
Point. His portion of the trophies were a British cartridge- 


box and a bayonet. These relics are now in the possession 
of the Demarest branch of his descendants. He was of 
medium size, wiry, and active. From his father he received 
a large farm, and he married, and settled down to the duties 
of a farmer and the quarrying of brown stone. His home- 
stead, a large frame dwelling, with a kitchen extension on 
the end, was situated on the west side of Miniscongo creek, 
opposite to the spot where Peck's rolling mill now stands. 
This building was standing recently. 

Some years after the death of his wife he sold eight thou- 
sand dollars' worth of land, and divided the proceeds among 
his children. His son, Abraham, and his daughters, Catherine 
and Margaret, received land from him and aid in erecting 
their buildings, and all were situated adjoining each other 
on the mountain side of the road to Ramapo, beginning 
about one eighth of a mile beyond the Mount Repose cem- 
etery and running west. He gave to his son, Jonas Allison 
a place on the opposite side of this road and half a mile 
farther west, on the east side of the hill. The subject of this 
sketch spent the last years of his life in the homes of his 
children. He died Dec. 20, 1848, and the remains of himself 
and wife now repose in Mount Repose cemetery in Haver- 
straw, N. Y., and the place is marked by old brown head- 
stones in good preservation. 

Mr. Allison married, in 1781 or 1782, Mary Storms, who 
was born at Haverstraw, June 20, 1760, and who died there 
March 24, 1824. She was stout, had black hair and eyes 
and an amiable disposition, and was full of courage and 
patriotism. They resided at Haverstraw, N. Y. 


1716. Benjamin Allison,'^ b. Sept. 13, 1782; d. Feb. 10, 1842; single. The 

later years of his life were spent in the home of his brother, 
Abraham Allison, where he died. He was buried in the Pres- 
byterian churchyard on Calico hill, and included in 1889 in 
the grounds of Elisha Peck. 

1717. Kebecca Allison," b. Feb. 17, 1784; d. June 7, 1863. She m. Chris- 

topher Cosgrove, April 19, 1801. He was a house carpenter. 
They res. in New York, N. Y., and then in Haverstraw, N. Y., 
where he died Nov. 12, 1842. Mrs. Cosgrove was live feet six 
inches in height, stout built, and good featured. Her com- 
plexion was dark, her hair and eyes were black. Her powers 
of endurance were great, and she had gi-eat perseverance and 
energy. Sixteen children were born to her in twenty-two 
years, fifteen of them maturing with sound bodies and pure 
morals, and all were well trained in habits of industry. They 
all became active, zealous Christians and highly esteemed cit- 
izens, and were members of the Presbyterian or Methodist 
Episcopal church. She d. June 7, 1863. Children except eld- 
est b. in Haverstraw, N. Y. : 



I. Mary Cosgrove/ b. April 9, 1802, in New York city; d. Oct. 20, 1865, 

in Grandville, Mich.; m. Luther D. Abbott. 

II. William Cosgrove,' b. Aug. 18, 1803; d. Dec. 18, 1858; m. Rebecca 

Phillips; re.s. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

III. Margaret Cosgrove,^ b. Dec. 28, 1804; d. Oct. 16, 1828; m., Nov. 10, 

1827, Daniel S. Kiles. 

IV. Abraham Cosgrove,' b. May 27, 1806; d. April 16, 1849, in Haver- 

straw, N. Y. He m. Letitia, daughter of Garrett Allison. 
(See that family.) 

V. Amelia Cosgrove,' b. Dec. 18, 1807; d. Dec, 28, 1828; m. Tunis Sne- 


VI. Benjamin Cosgrove,' b. Aug. 31, 1809; d. in Haverstraw, Aug. 9, 


VII. Wilhelmina Cosgrove,' b. Aug. 3, 1811; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 

March 3, 1881; m. William Barlow, Jr. One child: George 
Barlow,* b. Oct. 24, 1832, in the old Cosgrove homestead in 
Haverstraw, N. Y. He is a broker in New York ; res. 405 Cler- 
mont avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. He m., Oct. 20, 1858, Martha 
Ann Lockwood, b. Peekskill, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1835. He is the 
author of a very valuable work entitled " Family Genealogy of 
Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers, of Delaware Co., N. Y." 
Children: George Francis Barlow,* b. Oct. 4, 1860; lawyer. 
Caroline Lockwood Barlow," b. May 29, 1862; m. William Cor- 
nell Hendrie. Nellie W. Barlow," b. Feb. 8, 1868; m. Worden 
Dunham Loutrell. Elbert Spicer Barlow," b. July 1, 1878. 

VIII. Joseph Cosgrove,' b. Jan. 13, 1813; d. May 6, 1889, in Haverstraw, 

N. Y. ; i-es. Haverstraw. He m. Sarah Ann Allison, daughter 
of Garrett and Sarah (Palmer) Allison. (See that family rec- 

IX. Hannah Cosgrove,' b. March 16, 1815; m., April 11, 1833, John J. 

Peck. He d. July 26, 1884. She res. in 1889, in Haverstraw, 
N. Y. Children: Edward J. Peck,* b. March 30, 1834; d. Jan. 
18, 1890. Jane Eliza Peck,' b. Aug. 28, 1837; d. May 19, 1842. 
John Newton Peck,' b. Dec. 15, 1842; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

X. Jane Eliza Cosgrove,' b. Jan. 5, 1819. She m., Sept. 13, 1845, Michael 

Snedeker Allison, of Jersey City, N. J. (See his record.) 

XI. Catherine Ann Cosgrove,' b. Jan. 5, 1819; m., June 21, 1837, Michael 

Snedeker Allison. She d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1845. 
(See his record.) 

XII. John Cosgrove,' b. Nov. 23, 1820; d. March 21, 1877, in Haver- 

straw, N. Y. He m. Catherine B. McLauren. She res. at Col- 
linsville, near Morristown, N. J. Children : John Albert Cos- 
grove,8 b. Sept. 6, 1848; d. April 2, 1886; clergyman. William 
SicLauren Cosgrove,* b. May 15, 1858; d. July 19, 1858. Minnie 
Augusta Cosgrove,' b. April 28, 1862; m. Fi'ost S. Green; res. 
Morristown, N. J. 

XIII. Samuel Cosgrove,' b. Jan. 7, 1823; res. Jersey City, N. J.; m. 

Martha Matilda Benson, Feb. 2, 1848. She d. April 10, 1885. 
Children: George Benson Cosgrove,* b. Oct. 13, 1848; m. Rho- 
melia M. Myers. Is in business in the city of New York. 
Michael Allison Cosgrove,* b. March 4, 1832; d. unmarried 
April 6, 1877. Arthur Cosgrove,* b. July 15, 1856; m., April 
10, 1883, Louise R. Kuhn; res. San Diego, Cal. 

XIV. Harriet Cosgrove,' b. June 12, 1825; d. in Haverstraw, N. Y., 

March 28, 1826. 

XV. Henrietta Cosgrove,' b. May 12, 1827; m., March 4, 1846, Charles 

Holmes, who d. Jan. 2, 1880. Children: William S. Holmes,* b. 
Nov. 2, 1846; unmarried. Emma Eliza Holmes,* b. Oct. 16, 
1848; d. Jan. 31, 1883. Charlotte Holmes,* b. Aug. 3, 18.50; m. 
Andrew Snedeker; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. Maria Frances 
Holmes,* b. Jan. 19, 1853; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. Ida M. 
Holmes.* Charles W. Holmes,* b. Dec. 17, 1857; res. New York 


city. Albert E. Holmes.' Nettie Allison Holmes,' b. Oct. 12, 
1865; res. Haversti-aw, N. Y. Clara B. Holmes,' b. July 7, 
1867; m., Jan. 22, 1891, Dr. Ira L. Nickerson; res. Haverstraw, 
N. Y. 
XVI. Charlotte Cosgrove,' b. Feb. 25, 1831; m. Jan. 11, 1855, William 
H. King; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. Children: Elizabeth R. 
King,' b. Jan. 25, 1856; d. July 26, 1876. Henrietta King,» b. 
March 26, 1860. George Edgar King,' b. July 8, 1864; d. Sept. 
2, 1865. Ella Charlotte King,^ b. June 7, 1867; d. March 15, 
1868. Emilie Amelia King,' b. June 20, 1869; d. Dec. 3, 1869. 

1718. Abraham Allison" (1795), b. April 6, 1786; d. in Haverstraw, 

N. Y. 

1719. Margaret Allison,' b. Feb. 21, 1788; m. July 12, 1807, Joseph Dem- 

arest, b. in Rockland Co., N. Y. ; d. in Haverstraw, N. Y., 
Sept. 5, 1849, aged 64 years, 11 months, 5 days. He was a 
house carpenter. She was handsome when young, was con- 
scientious and upright, and faithful in all life's relations. 
They lived in New York city, and later in Haverstraw. She 
survived her husband. Children: 

I. Walter Demarest,' b. May 13, 1809; d. unmarried Aug. 2, 1833. 

II. Catherine Demarest,' b. April 7, 1811; d. March 2, 1830; unmarried. 

III. Samuel Demarest,' b. Dec. 13, 1817; d. Jan. 29, 1850; unmarried. 

IV. Mary Demarest,' m. Isaac Stevens; res. Haverstraw, N. Y., and 

later removed to the West. Three children. 

V. Willamena Deraarest,' m. Moses Springsteed. She d. in the asylum 

for the insane at Utica, N. Y. ; res. West Chester Co., N. Y. 
Two of the children married men by the name of Waldron. 

VI. Matthias Demarest,' m. Hannah Perry, of Clarkstown, Rockland 

Co., N. Y. Children: Perry Demarest.' Emma Demarest.s 
Walter Demarest,' b. at Haverstraw, N. Y.; house carpenter; 
married, and has two children; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1720. Samuel Allison' (1803), b. Jan. 29, 1790; m. Ann Grey. 

1721. Joseph Allison,' b. Jan. 15, 1792. Was drowned when a boy. 

1722. Thomas Allison «' (1810), b. March 10, 1794; d. at Ladentown, N. Y. 

1723. Hannah Allison,' b. April 13, 1796; d. probably in or near Gen- 

eva, N. Y. She m. Matthias Coe, b. Oct. 28, 1792, who d. with- 
out children. She m., second, Jonas Dubois, a farmer, and 
removed to the vicinity of Geneva, N. Y. They had several 

1724. Catherine Allison,' b. May 18, 1798; m. Benjamin Coe, b. Nov. 7, 

1794; d. May 26, 1851, in Haverstraw, N. Y. They lived for 
awhile near Rochester, N. Y., but returned to Haverstraw and 
spent their lives. She d. Aug. 15, 1878. Children: 

I. Jonas Coe ' was a wagon maker in New Y^ork, N. Y. ; m. Emma 

. She d. in the city of New York, Jan. 28, 1889, and is 

buried in Mount Repose cemetery, Haverstraw, N. Y. One 

II. Adelphi Coe,« b. July 26, 1819; d. Nov. 21, 1877, at Haverstraw, 

N. Y. ; single. 

III. Halsted Coe,' mason; res. Yonkers, N. Y., and d. there. He m. 

Sarah Perry, of Clarkstown, N. Y. One son. 

IV. Marietta Coe,' m. David Romaine. She res. in 1890 in Haverstraw, 

N. Y. Child : Laura Romaine,' m. Elmer Tremper, of Haver- 
straw, and res. there. 

1725. Jonas Allison' (1816), b. Oct. 2, 1800; d. 1801; res. Haversti-aw, 

N. Y. 

1726. Christopher Allison," d. single, in advanced life, at the home of 

his sister, Mrs. Catherine Demarest, in Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1727. Matthew Allison ^ [1674] (Joseph,* John,^ Jolin,2 
Lawrence 1). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., July 13, 


1743 ; died before 1795 leaving a family. Residence, Haver- 
straw, N. Y. 


1728. Joseph Allison. 6 

1729. Peter Allison. « 

1730. Cornelius Allison." 

1731. Hendrick Allison " (1822). He m. Sarah Marks of Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1732. Matthew Allis -n." 

1733. Elizabeth Allison.^ 

1734. Peter Allison s [1684] (Joseph,* John,^ John,2 Law- 
rence ^ ). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1769 ; 
married Margaret, daughter of John Sulfern. In early man- 
hood he went to the city of New York and became a brass 
founder. He carried on business in Maiden Lane, where he 
retained property till his death. Later in life he disposed of 
his foundry business and engaged in the dry goods business 
in Greenwich street. His home was on Vesey street, where 
he died of inflammatory rheumatism, Feb. 21, 1836, at 66 
years, 6 months, 10 days. In Oct., 1877, his body was 
removed to Mount Repose cemetery in Haverstraw, N. Y., 
and buried in the Allison plot on the west brink of the hill. 


1735. George Suffern Allison « (1829), b. Jan. 15, 1792; res. Haverstraw, 

N. Y. 

1736. John Allison s (1835), b. April 9, 1796; m. Mary Morgan. Res. New 

York, N. Y. 

1737. Caroline Allison," m. Epenetus Wheeler. They res. in New York 

city and later in Haverstraw, N. Y. ; then removed to Illinois, 
where he was a farmer. He d. in Ogle county, 111., May 9, 
18 — , aged 76 years. Children. 

I. Marguerette Wheeler,' b. New York, N. Y. ; m. Rev. Mr. Hopper. 

Res. New York, N. Y. 

II. Caroline Wheeler,' b. New York, N. Y.; m. Henry Garner. Res. 

HaverstraAv, N. Y. 

III. Alfred Wheeler.' In 1849 he went to California and became a noted 

lawyer and judge in that state. 

1738. Antoinette Allison," m. Henry J. Hopper. Res. New Y'ork, N. Y. 

He was a dry goods merchant in Greenwich street. She d. in 
the house of Preston Hickok, No. 10 Greenwich Ave., New 
York, N. Y., of a cancer, Jan. 24, 1851. No children. 

1739. Peter Allison." He left no descendants. He followed the sea for 

many years and d. in young manhood. 

1740. Joseph Allison." He left no descendants. He d. at Parnape, 

Rockland Co., N. Y., of brain disease, and is buried in Parnape 

1740. Richard Allison ^ [1688] (Joseph,* John,^ John,2 
Lawrence ^ ). He was born in Haverstraw, Rockland county, 
N. Y., Oct. 23, 1780; died Nov. 26, 1825. He married Eliza 


Ruckel at St. John, N. B., born Oct. 18, 1785 ; died May, 
1870, in the city of New York. He died in the city of New 
York. His residence had been in Haverstraw and New York. 


1741. Mary Caroline Allison," b. New York, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1808; d. in 

Newark, N. J., March 14, 1882. She m., in 1833, JohnHegeman 
whod. 1851. Children: 

I. George Hegeman,' who m. Jane Amelia Allison and had children : 

Elizabeth Hegeman,' Georgia Hegeman,' Jeanette Hegeman.* 

II. Mary Hegeman,' m. John Frederick Allen. Res. Newark, N. J. 

Children: Emma Allen,* Ferdinand W. Allen,' Sidney W. 
Allen,* Louise Allen.' 

1742. Michael Allison " (184.3), b. June 22, 1809; d. April 5, 1876, in Tap- 

pan, N. Y. 

1743. Susan Elizabeth Allison,^ b. New York, N. Y., March 29, 1811; d. 

Glendale, Ohio, Oct. 18, 1883. Single. 

1744. Richard Allison," b. in New York, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1813; d. Nov. 22, 
1837. Single. 

1745. Jasper H, Allison," b. New York, N. Y., July 12, 1815; d. Newark, 

N. J., Feb. 7, 1883. He m. Ellen Ward. Children: 

I. Edgar Allison.' Single. 

II. Anna Allison,' m., in 1867, JohnRobb. She d. in 1868. Child, Anna 


1746. Edgar Allison," b. Nov. 22, 1817; d. Aug. 21, 1818. 

1747. Amelia Southard Allison," b. New York. N. Y., May 13, 1820; d. at 

Glendale, Ohio, May 2, 1877. She m. Rev. David Pise, in 1846. 
He is rector of Christ church. Res. Glendale, Ohio. Children: 

I. Frederick David Pise,' b. Manlius, N. Y., March 27, 1847; d. at Clarks- 

ville, Tenn., Feb. 16, 1851. 

II. William Taylor Pise,' b. Manlius, N. Y., July 19, 1850. Episcopal 

clergyman, d. at Glendale, Ohio, Sept. 15, 1882. 

III. Josephine Amelia Pise,' b. Clarksville, Tenn., Sept. 3, 1852. 

IV. Francis Agnes Pise,'b. Columbia,Tenn., June 23, 1856; d. Oct. 20, 1861. 
Y. Charles T. Pise,' b. Columbia, Tenn. , Oct. 28, 1857. Episcopal clergy- 
man. Res. Hamilton, near Cincinnati, Ohio. 

YI. Elizabeth Ruapa Pise,' b. Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 24, 1859. 

1748. Abram Stagg Allison," b. Feb. 17, 1823; m. his second cousin, Hen- 

rietta, daughter of John Allison, Sept., 1851, and had children. 
He d. Jan. 29, 1872. 

I. Harry W. Allison,' b. New York, N. Y., Aug., 1856; m. Ada, daughter 

of Watson Tomkins of Haverstraw, N. Y. (See that record.) 
He d. Nov., 1879. 

II. Mary Morgan Allison,' m., Feb. 6, 1887, Frank Nickerson. 

1749. Sarah Jane Allison," b. Feb. 17, 1823; d., unmarried, in New Jersey, 

in 1873. 

1750. Elsie Allison ^ [1689] (Joseph,* Jolin,^ John,2 Law- 
rence ^ ). She was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1783 ; 
married Jacob Archer in 1801. Resided Haverstraw, N. Y. 


1751. Harriet Matilda Archer,* m. Samuel A. P. Snow. Children: 

I. Samuel Archer Snow.' 

II. Elsie A. Snow,' m. Samuel C. Blauvelt. They had three children: 

Samuel Augustus Blauvelt,* Franklin Snow Blauvelt,' Emma 
Snow Blauvelt.' 


III. Charles Henry Snow,' m. Sarah W. Allison. Children: Harriet A. 

Snow,' Charles Dana Snow,* Richard Allison Snow,' Katie A. 
Snow,' Harriet Matilda Snow,8 William Leigh Snow.' 

IV. Richard Allison Snow.' 

1752. Maria Louise Archer.® She m. Levi Carman. Children: 

I. Elmira E. Carman,' m. Richard W. Coe. Child : Maria Louise Coe.' 

II. Martha Young Cai-man.' 

III. George Lewis Carman,' m. Hattie Spraken. Children: John Car- 

man,' Maria Louise Carman,' George Lewis Carman.' 

1753. JElsie Ann Archer,* m. Charles DuBois. Children: 

I. Maria Antoinette DuBois.'i 

II. Eugenia DuBois.' 

III. John Allison DuBois.' 

IV. Charles Archer DuBois,^ m. Hattie Kendall. Children: Charles 

Archer DuBois,' Lillie DuBois,' Ettie DuBois, ' Arthur DuBois.' 

1754. Eliza Ann Archer,' m. Andrew Buckbee. Children: 

I. Rebecca Ann Buckbee.' 

II. Josephine Buckbee.' 

III. Jacob William Buckbee,' m. Minerva Auston. Children: Charles 

Van Buren Buckbee,' Jacob William Buckbee.' 

IV. Harriet Matilda Buckbee.' 

1755. Martha Y^oving Archer.' 

1756. Michael Allison Archer,' m. Sarah Cassida, and had one child. He 

m., second, Mary Watson. He m., third, Clarissa Amanda 
Ti'owbridge. Children: 

I. John Henry Archer.' 

II. Allison Michael Archer,' m. Margaret Lake. Children: Lillian 

Amanda Archer,' William Watson Archer.' 

III. Charles DuBois Archer.' 

IV. George B. Archer.' 

1757. Margaret Amanda Archer.' 

1758. John Jacob Archer.' 

1759. Peter P. Allison ^ [1700] (Peter,^ Benjamin,* John,^ 
JoliD,^ Lawrence^). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., 
and was a wheelwright and blacksmith, his shop standing 
near the First Presbyterian church and at the corner of the 
Garnersville and Grassy Point roads. He resided after mar- 
riage near his shop, in the old Briggs house. In 1808 or 
1809 he married, in Haverstraw, Catherine Allison,' a rela- 
tive ; daughter of James (and Mary) Allison. 


1760. Mary Allison,' b. Jan. 26, 1810; m. John Odell; res. in Haver- 

straw, N. Y. He d., leaving two children. She m., 2d, . 

She d. in Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1761. Thomas Allison,' b. Nov. 3, 1811; m. Mary Jane , and d. in 

Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1762. Hannah Allison,' b. Nov. 2, 1814; m. James Conover. He was a 

brick manufacturer; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. They were excel- 
lent people, and were highly esteemed. They left children. 

1763. John P. Allison,' b. April 15,' 1817; m., in Haverstraw, Oct. 3, 

1844, Eliza, dau. of James and Ann (Douglas) Ouderdonk. 
She was b. in Haverstraw, N. Y., June 1, 1822; res. East Sagi- 
naw, Mich. No children. 

1764. Benjamin Allison,' b. Oct. 15, 1819; d. unmarried about 1869. 


1765. Margaret Allison/ b. Feb. 14, 1S20; m. George Fulmer. He was a 

brick mauvifacturer in Haverstraw, N. Y., and removed to 
Greenport, L. I., X. Y. They were people of excellent repu- 
tation. She is deceased. No children. 

1766. Adelia Allison,' b. Nov, 13, 1821 ; m. Peter Post. They resided in 

Jersey City, N. J. She is deceased. 

1767. Collins Allison,' b. Dec. 3, 1823. He is deceased. 

1768. Garrett Allison e [1704] (Thomas,^ Benjamin,* 
John,^ John,2 Lawrence^). He was born in Hfi""'""' *v, 
N. Y., March 28, 1789 ; m., Oct. 4, 1812, Sarah, aaughter of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Wood) Palmer. She was born in 
New York, N. Y., July 1, 1791 ; died May 4, 1863. He died 
at Haverstraw, June 11, 1848. 


1769. Letitia Allison,r b. Sing Sing, N. Y.. Aug. 28, 1813; m., May 29, 

1830, Abraham, son of Christopher and Rebecca Allison Cos- 
grove; b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., May 27, 1806; d. April 26, 
1849. P. O. address of the wife, Haverstraw, N. Y. Children 
and descendants b. at Haverstraw, N. Y. 

I. Charles E. Cosgrove,^ b. April 3, 1831; d. Sept. 4, 1875; m., July 81, 

1853, Cornelia H. Vauderwerken, dau. of Tunis and Harriet 
Yanderwerken. She d. 1853. He m., second. May 14, 1855, 
Henrietta Spear. 

II. Mary Elizabeth Cosgrove,' b. Feb. 10, 1833; d. Oct. 10, 1852. 

III. Joseph Cosgrove,8 b. May 19, 1835; d. March 7, 1839. 

IV. Catherine A, Cosgrove,' b. April 7, 1837; d. Feb. 26, 1839. 

V. Sophie G. Cosgrove,' b. June 21, 1840; m., Oct. 30, 1861, Edward J., 

son of John J. and Hannah (Cosgrove) Peck; res. Haverstraw, 
N. Y. Children b. there: Louisa A. Peck,» b. Aug. 18, 1862; 
d. March 6. 1872. Letitia May Peck," b. April 9, 1873 ; d. Sept. 5, 
1873. Everett Peck," b. July 26, 1874. 

VI. Joseph A. Cosgrove,' b. Nov. 6, 1842; d. Dec. 17, 1866. 

VII. Abraham Cosgrove, Jr.,' b. May 29, 1846; d. Jan. 23, 1859. 

1770. Michael Snedeker Allison' (1856) b. Tarrytown, N. Y., July 10, 

1815: res. Jersev City, N. J. 

1771. Mary Elizabeth Allison,' b. at Tarrytown, N. Y., March 28, 1817; 

m., Nov. 4, 1839, Edward, son of Michael and Mary Palmer 
Snedeker. He was b. at Clarktown, Rockland county, N. Y. 
He was a ship carpenter and draughtsman, with a genius for 
modelling swift-going vessels, and his skill contributed much 
to the reputation of his brother-in-law, Michael S. Allison, by 
, whom he was employed for many years. He d. Aug. 4, 1868. 
His wife possessed a tine physique and a lovable disposition, 
and Mas faitliful in all relatioos of life. At an early age she 
united with the Methodist Episcopal church, of which she has 
since been a faithful member and a living witness of the power 
of divine grace in sustaining the human soul under severe trials 
and afflictions; res. Halliday St., Jersey Citv, N. J. Children: 

I. Lawrence DeNoyelles Snedeker,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1840; d. 

Feb. 9, 1845. 

II. Edward Lawrence Snedeker,' b. April 23, 1846; m., Oct. 29, 1867, 

Addie Ham. Slie res. Haverstraw, N. Y. He d. April 23, 1868. 
Child : Edward Lawrence Snedeker," b. Sept. 19, 1808. 

III. Mary Elizabeth Snedeker," b. at Hoboken, N. J., March 19, 1855; 

res. Halliday St., Jersey City, N. J. 


IV. Garretta A. Snedeker/ b. in Hoboken, N. J., Nov. 9, 1859; res. 

Halliday St., Jersey City, N. J. 

1772. Sarah Ann Allison,' b. Tarry town, N. Y., June 10, 1818; d. Sep- 

tember, 1819. 

1773. Sarah Ann Allison,^ b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., April 18, 1820; m., 

Nov. 21, 1838, Joseph Cosgrove, son of Christopher and Rebecca 
(Allison) Cosgrove; b. Haverstraw, N. Y., Jan. 13, 1813. P. O. 
address, Haverstraw, N. Y. Children: 

I. Edward Snedeker Cosgrove,^ b. Oct. 7, 1839; m., Dec. 20, 1866, Nellie 

Zelnff, widow of Samuel Breeze, and dau. of William and 
Catherine Miller Zeluff. P. O. address, Haverstraw, N. Y. 
Children: Edward Cosgrove, » b. Nov, 11, 1869. Melville Cos- 
grove,' b. Jan. 7, 1873. 

II. Caroline A. Cosgrove, s b. Jan. 31, 1843; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

III. Lawrence D. Cosgrove, s b. Jan. 15, 1845; d. 1846. 

ly. Sarah Elizabeth Cosgrove,8 b. Aug. 8, 1846; d. Sept. 26, 1847. 

V. Mary Elizabeth Cosgi'ove,^ b. Aug. 8, 1846; d. in 1849. 

VI. Anna Cosgrove,' b. Dec. 20, 1854; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

VII. Harriet A. Cosgrove,' b. August, 1856; d, 1862. 

VIII. Lillian Cosgrove,' b. Nov. 11, 1861; P. O. address, Haverstraw, 

N. Y. 

1774. Garrett G, Allison' (1865), b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., March 17, 

1822; m. Harriet Stokum; res. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1775. Caroline Smith Allison,' b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., March 30, 1824; 

m., Aug. 1, 1843, Henry, son of Hemy C. and Phebe (Gardiner) 
Mather, b. in Suft'olk Co., N. Y., Aug. 1, 1818; res. Hoboken, 
N. J. Caroline Smith Allison developed into womanhood 
Avith those delicate graces of mind and heart which make the 
true woman. Her gentleness of spirit drew her in early life to 
"the meek and lowly Jesus," whom she accepted as her 
Saviour and has found to be a friend above all others. She is 
a member of the Methodist Episcopal churcb. Mr. Mather is 
a member of the Methodist Episcopal churcli. He is a ship 
carpenter by trade and occupation. They res. in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., until about 1848-49, and then removed to Hoboken, 
N. J., their pi-esent home. Children: 

I. Mary Elizabeth Mather,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1844; d. Aug. 

14, 1845. 

II. William Henry Mather,8 b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1845; m., 

June 24, 1868, Lena S., dau. of Ebenezer and Mary (Wiest) 
Flint, b. at Esopus, Ulster Co., N. Y. P. O. address, Hoboken, 
N. J. Children: Eudora Livingstone Mather.^ b. May 23, 
1869. Sarah Eva Mather," b. July'l4, 1875. Henrietta Mather." 

III. Allison Gardiner Mather,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 18, 1847; d. 

Oct. 24, 1849. 

IV. Sarah Elizabeth Mather,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., Sept. 20, 18.50; d. 

July 14, 1851. 

V. Catherine Amelia Mather,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., Sept. 20, 1850; d. 

Aug. 20, 1851. 

VI. Edwin Titus Mather,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., Aug. 2, 1857; d. Dec. 6, 


VII. Michael S. Allison Mather,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., March 1, 1867. 

1776. Willamena Byrcm Allison,' b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., March 29, 

1827, and possesses a line womanly character. She is a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Episcopal (church. She m., Nov. 21, 
1849, James H., son of David B. and Sarah (Lockwood) Gard- 
ner. He wash, in 1824; d. Jan. 19, 1868. For many years he 
was engaged in the commission produce business at West 
Washington market. P. O. address of Mrs. Gardner and her 
children, Hoboken, N. ,J. Children b. Hoboken, N. J. : 

I. Charles Edward Gardner,' b. Jan. 1, 1852; d. Aug. 28, 18-52. 

II. Caroline A. Gardner,' b. Sept, 15, 1854; d. June 5, 1857. 



III. Sarah L. Gardner,' b. Feb. 1, 1856; d. March 5, 1857. 

IV. Willamena A. Gardner/ b. Dec. 13, 1858. 

V. Carrie C. Gardner/ b. April 24, 1850. 

VI. Cassie A. Gardner,' b. Oct. 4, 18(W. 

VII. Hattie A. Gardner,^ b. Oct. 26, 1867; d. Dec. 4, 1868. 

1777. Walter Smith Allison' (1869), b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., March 15, 

1829; res. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

1778. Catherine Amelia Allison,^ b. at Haverstraw, IS". Y., March 14, 

1832. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. 
She m., July 27, 1853, Daniel, son of Lyman and Juliana Toles. 
He was b. Jan. 29, 1830, and res. Jersey City, N. J. Children 
b. Hoboken, N. J. : 

I. Emorv L. Toles,' b. Jan. 6, 1855. 

II. Daniel Allison Toles,' b. Nov. 1, 1856. 

III. Clarence Toles,« b. Sept. 27, 1858; d. July 28, 1860. 

IV. Florence Amelia Toles,' b. Jan. 24, 1867 ;'d. Jan. 29, 1870. 

1779. Emily Allison,' b. at Haverstraw, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1834; d. Feb. 14, 


1780. James Allison ^ [1705] (Thomas,^ Benjamin,* John,^ 
John,2 Lawrence ^ ). He was born in Haverstraw, N. Y. 
Ship carpenter. Resides Haverstraw, N. Y. He was in stat- 
ure short and stout, with auburn hair and blue eyes. He 
married Mary , who was born in England. 


1781. Garrett T. Allison ' (1877) b. Haverstraw, N. Y., and res. there. 

1782. William Allison," b. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1783. Catherine Allison,' b. Haverstraw, N. Y. ; m. Peter P. Allison. 

(See his record.) 

1784. David Allison ^ [1711] (Samuel,-^ Benjamin,* John,3 
John,2 Lawrence ^ ). He was born Sept. 21, 1794; died at 
Pontiac, Mich., Oct. 6, 1883. Farmer. He married Susan 
Hamer, who was born March 14, 1798, and died Sept. 16, 
1865. Residence, Pontiac, Mich. 


1785. Sarah Allison,' b. Aug. 3, 1819, and d. Aug. 14, 1887, at Pontiac, 

Mich. She m. Thomas Flinn, a farmer, b. April 26, 1817; d. at 
Birmingham, Mich., July 6, 1883. Children: 

I. William Flinn.' 

II. Wesley Flinn.' 

III. Eugenia Flinn.' 

IV. Thomas Wesley Flinn,' b. May 2, 1845; d. Nov. 20, 1873. 

V. Ellen S. Flinn,' b. Oct. 10, 1846; d. March 14, 1878. 

VI. Elizabeth E. Flinn,' b. Feb. 17, 1850; d. Feb. 3, 1885. 

VII. Charles W. Flinn.' 
VIIL Bertha Flinn.' 

1786. Almira Allison,' b. Dec. 28, 1820; d. Aug. 13, 1870. She m. Rev. 

liorenzo N. Denison. Children: 

I. David Avery Denison.' 

II. Susan Denison.' 

III. Cylinda Denison.' 

IV. William Denison.' 


V. Sarah Adelaide Denison,8 d. Aug., 1874. 

1787. Vincent Allison,' b. April 15, 1823; m. Martha M. Bickford. Jew- 

eller. Res. Pontiac, Mich. No children. 

1788. John H. Allison,' b. Jan. 11, 182.5. Jeweller. Res. Elkhart, Indi- 

ana. He m. Eunice Herrick. Children: 

I. Eliza Allison,' b. June 2, 1851; d, Aug. 20, 1851. 

II. Frank Allison,* b. 

1789. Charles AlKson' (1879), Binghamton, Browne Co., N. Y., Feb. 21, 

1827; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., July 7, 1892. 

1790. William Allison,' b. May 1.3, 1829; d. Aug. 30, 1830. 

1791. Henry Allison,' b. July 19, 1831. Jeweller. Res. at Pontiac, 

Mich. He m. Lorena Rhodes. Children: 

I. Henri David Allison.' He graduated at Michigan university in 1886. 


II. Edwin Vincent Allison.' Jeweller. Res. Pontiac, Mich. He m. 

Georgie Bowlby. 

III. Bertha Allison.' Res. Los Angeles, Cal, 

IV. John Allison.' Res. Pontiac, Mich. 

V. Mary Allison.* Res. Pontiac, Mich. 

VI. Frank AUison.s Res. Pontiac, Mich. 

1792. William Allison,' b. April 6, 1834. Jeweller. Res. San Jose, 


1793. Franklin James Allison,' b. Oct. 4, 1836. Unmarried. Jeweller. 

Res. San Francisco, CaJ. 

1794. George Wesley Allison,' b. Dec. 28, 1842; d. at Troy, Mich., Sept. 

3, 1863. 

1795. Abraham Allison ^ [1718] (JosepH B.,^ Benjamin,* 
Jolin,^ John,2 Lawrence ^). He was born in Haverstraw, N. 
Y., April 6, 1786 ; died there and is buried in Mount Repose 
cemetery. He was a farmer and carpenter. His father gave 
him the land for his farm and homestead and aided him in 
erecting his buildings. He owned another farm at Mead's 
corner, about a mile beyond his home on the Ramapo road. 
He was very industrious and frugal in his habits, a devout 
Christian, upright in all his dealings, and was highlj'" esteemed 
as a man, citizen, and friend. He married Jane De Pew, 
born Jan. 18, 1787 ; died in Haverstraw. He resided in Hav- 
erstraw, N. Y. 


1796. Charlotte Allison,' b. Feb. 26, 1810; m. Garrett T. Allison. (See 

his record.) 

1797. Joseph A. Allison' (1887), b. Nov. 26, 1812. Res. Haverstraw, N. 

Y., and Jersey City, N. J. 

1798. Mary Allison,' b. May 2, 1815; d. at Newton, Penn., May 27, 1824, 

and is buried in Mount Repose cemetery, Haverstraw, N. Y. 
She m., Nov. 27, 1837, Harvey W. Gurnee of Rockland Co., N. 
Y. He became professor in Pennington seminary, N. J., and 
tlien at Newton, Penn. He was a man of superior mental abil- 
ities and high character. 

1799. Matthias Coe Allison,' b. Feb. 13, 1818; d. Oct. 29, 1819. 

1800. Margaret Allison,' b. Nov. 10, 1820, and d. in middle life. She m. 

Spencer Springsteed. They had a daughter who grew to 
womanhood. He m. a second wife. 



1801. Edmund D. Allison/ b. Oct. 6, 1826. He received a good education 

and was brought up to a farmer's life, now a carpenter. He m. 
Sarah, daughter of Peter Coe. Res. Haverstraw, N. T. No 

1802. Christopher Allison,' b. Feb. 12, 1824; d. in Haverstraw, N. Y., 

Feb. 5, 1843. 

1803. Samuel Allison 6 [1720] (Joseph B.,^ Benjamin,^ 
John,3 John,2 Lawrence ^ ). He was born in Haverstraw, N. 
Y., Jan. 29, 1790. He was a brass founder and foreman in 
a bell foundry in New York city for a long period. The last 
years of his life he lived with his son Thomas, and is said to 
have died in Texas with an unmarried son. He married, in 
the city of New York, Ann Grey, daughter of a sea captain. 
She was accomplished and high spirited, and considered 
handsome. She died previous to the death of her husband, 
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sarah Ann Totten. 


1804. James Augustus Allison.' He owned and occupied a residence at 

Tottenville, Staten Island, N. Y. He m. . Children: 

I. Sarah Allison, ^ m. . 

II. Alida Allison,' m. . 

III. Andi-o Vert Allison,' merchant at New Brunswick, N. J. 

IV. Wesley Allison.* 

1805. Thomas Allison.' He was an able, energetic man, and conducted 

an extensive grocery and poultry business at the corner of 
(Jrand and Columbia streets in New York city. He was twice 
married and in late years lived with his daughter in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

1806. Samuel George Allison.' He settled in the South, probably in 

• Texas, became wealthy; d. in the South unmarried. 

1807. Jonas Allison.' He went to Texas, bought a cattle ranch, had it 

well stocked wlien marauders came down upon him and stole 
all his stock and movable property. 

1808. Amelia Gertrude Allison.' She m. Mr. of Connecticut and 

had tlu-ee daughters. 

1809. Sarah Ann Allison,' m. John Totten of Staten Island, N. Y., where 

he was born and where he died. They had two children. 

1810. Thomas Allison ^ [1722] (Joseph B.,5 Benjamin,^ 
John,^ John,2 Lawrence^). He was born in Haverstraw, 
N. Y., March 10, 1794, and died at Ladentown, N. Y. His 
remains were probably buried in the Quaker bur^-ing-ground 
at Ramapo, N. Y. He was a house carpenter, and lived in 
Ladentown, Rockland Co., N. Y., on a farm given to his 
wife by her father. It is said that they would go to Haver- 
straw village and return by ox-team, being afraid that horses^ 
might run away with them. The journey occupied from 
early dawn to nearly midnight. They were all members of 
the Society of Friends. He married Theodosia Seacor. 
Some of the children died voung. 

268 JONAS ALLISON, OF ha\t:rstraw, n. y. 


1811. Mary Allison.' She m. Benjamin Seacor. He was a farmer, and 
resided at West Haverstraw. Had one son. 

1512. Elizabeth Allison.' She m. Lyman Pitman Jones. No children. 

Res. Haverstraw, N. Y. He m., second, Cordelia Kiles. 

1513. Benjamin F. Allison.' Farmer; res. near Peekskill, N. Y. He 

m. . Child: 

I. Mary Allison.' 

1814. Amelia Allison.' She m. Edward Swaithout, a widower. He is a 

farmer. They reside at Clarkstowu, Rockland Co., N. Y. No 

1815. Whitefield Allison,' d. when sixteen or eighteen years of age. 

1816. Jonas Allison ^ [1725] (Joseph B.,^ Benjamin,* 
John,^ John,2 Lawrence^). He was born at Haverstraw, 
N. Y., Oct. 2, 1800. He received a good education, and be- 
came a carpenter. For many years he was employed at 
Peck's rolling-mills in Haverstraw. He built his dwelling 
on a few acres of land which had been given him by his 
father, situated on the road to Ramapo, and about one mile 
from Mount Repose cemetery. There he and his family 
lived until he was far advanced in life, when he removed to 
the village of Haverstraw and established a bakery business 
which he carried on for several years. He and his wife and 
children were all members of the Methodist Episcopal church, 
and were sincere and devoted Christian^. He died Aug. 1, 
1861, and is buried in Mount Repose cemetery. 

He married, Feb. 7, 1829, Emeline Felter, who was born 
at Haverstraw, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1809. Hers was a truly 
Christ-like character. Her gentleness of spirit was an inspi- 
ration of goodness to all with whom she came in contact. 
Her life was devoted to her home and family. She died in 
Haverstraw, March 8, 1866. 


1817. . Whitefield Allison,' b. Aug. 29, 1829; d. Nov. 18, 1844. 

1818. Mary Elmira Allison,' b. Jan. 20, 1833. She is a member of the 

Methodist Episcopal church. Unmarried. 
1818. Edward Allison,' b. Aug. 24, 183.5; d. Jan. 19, 1837. 
1S19. Emily Adelaide Allison,' b. Aug. 24. 1838; d. Aug. 20, 1865, and is 

buried in Mount Repose cemetei'y, in Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1820. Erastus T. Allison,' b. May 12, 1843. He enlisted in the 17th 

Kegt. N. Y. Vols, during the late war. He was taken ill in 
the service, returned home, and died of typhoid fever Oct. 16, 
1865. Bviried in Mount Repose cemetery in Haversti-aw. 

1821. Ann Sophia Allison,' b. Feb. 13, 1848; ra. Isaac W. Abrams, of 

Haverstraw. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal 

1822. Hendrick Allison ^ [1731] (Matthew,^ Joseph,* 
John,3 John,2 Lawrence^). He was born iu Haverstraw, 


N. Y„ and married Sarah Marks of that place. She was the 
daughter of George Marks. Mr. Allison lived on Manhat- 
tan island, later at the New Dock, N. J., and subsequently 
removed to Hackensack Township, N. J., and located be- 
neath the Palisades, near Englewood. 


1823. Evander Allison,' res. Ft. Lee, N. J. 

1824. Harriet Allison.' 

1825. James Allison.' 

1826. William Henry Allison ' (1892), res. Englewood, X. J. 

1827. Edward Allison.' 

1828. Racliel Allison.' 

1829. George Suffern Allison,^ [1735] (Peter,^ Joseph,* 
John,3 John,2 Lawrence ^). He was born in New York, N. Y., 
Jan. 15, 1792. He married, Oct. 28, 1818, Hannah, daugh- 
ter of Jonas and Mary (Burns) Brewster, of Haverstraw, 
Rockland Co., N. Y. She was born July 13, 1794, and died 
in Haverstraw, Sept. 2, 1867. He died there Aug. 27, 1884. 

Mr. Allison passed his early life in the city of New York. 
In the last war with Great Britain he took an active part, 
and in 1812 was an officer in Colonel Washburn's regiment, 
and was stationed at Sandy Hook. When hostilities had 
ceased he removed to Haverstraw upon the invitation of his 
grandmother, who was occupying the old Allison homestead, 
which had been left to her by her husband. Soon afterward 
she purchased land in North Haverstraw, now Stony Point, 
where his residence stood, occupied by his, son Brewster J. 
Allison, in 1892. This land was owned by Wandell Mace, 
who was anxious to sell and move to what was then the 
"West," now the central part of the state of New York, 
" where 100 acres of good land could be bought for fifty dol- 

The first business of Mr. Allison was to keep a small store 
and furnishing goods needed in a country neighborhood. 
By marriage and by purchase he became the owner of a large 
tract of timber land, and he connected with his mercantile 
business that of wood and lumber. He afterward purchased 
a tract of farm land adjoining his homestead, and carried on 
quite an extensive farm in connection with his other enter- 
prises. The brick-making business soon gave him a wider 
field for the exercise of his powers, and this, with the rapid 
advance in the value of real estate, increased his wealth to 
such an extent that he became one of the wealthiest men of 
the county. In 1829 he was elected a member of the assem- 


bly of New York, and reelected in 1830. He took a deep 
and active interest in the military profession, and was a 
colonel and afterward a brigadier-general of the militia of 
Rockland county, N. J. He also became judge of the court 
of common pleas. 


1830. Eugenia Allison,' b. Sept. 19, 1819; m., at her father's home, Aug. 

13, 1844, William McArdle, a lawyer by profession. He was a 
captain of a military company in the city of New York, and 
died while serving as an officer during the Seminole war. He 
left no children. She m., second, at her father's home at 
Stony Point (by Rev. James J. McMahon, of the Presbyterian 
church, late of Marion, Southwestern Virginia), Sept. 5, 1865, 
William Knight, a resident of Stony Point, Rockland Co., N. Y. 
He was a merchant, and d. in the summer of 1891. She d. 
June 15, 1890, aged 70 years, 9 months, 6 days. No children. 

1831. Brewster Jonas Allison' (1897), b. July 5, 1821; res. Stony Point, 

Rockland Co., N. Y. 

1832. Mary Margaret Allison,' b. May 3, 1823; m., at her father's home, 

March 1, 1859, Rev. James J. McMahon, who was b. in Ama- 
hilla. County of Tyrone, Ireland, who is now pastor of the First 
Presbyterian church in Haverstraw, N. Y. She d. in Stony 
Point, N. Y., May 20, 1868. Children: 

I. George Allison McMahon,' baptized July 8, I860-; single; res. New 

York, N. Y. 

II. Ellen Montague McMahon,' baptized April 6, 1862; res. at Stony 

Point and New York, N. Y. 

III. Arthur Brewster McMahon,' baptized Jan. 3, 1865; deceased. 

IV. Hannah McMahon,' baptized April 7, 1867; m. Thomas Lee, a grad- 

uate of Hamilton college, N. Y. He is a lawyer, and res. at 
Stony Point, N. Y. 

V. Mary Allison McMahon,8 b. Feb. 18, 1868, baptized Sept. 17, 1871. 

Her mother dying gave her to her sister, Mrs. Eugenia Knight, 
by whom she was brought up. She res. at Stony Point and 
New York, N. Y. 

1833. George Allison,' b. July 7, 1825; d. in Haverstraw, N. Y., Sept 21, 


1834. Amanda Allison,' b. Aug. 6, 1827; m., Sept. 3, 1851, Watson, son 

of Daniel Tomkins. He was b. in Newark, N. J., May 5, 1829, 
and removed from Orange, N. J., to Haverstraw, N. Y., and 
lives in that portion which is now Stony Point, with other heirs 
of his father; he is part owner of tlie battle-ground of Stony 
Point. From that high projecting eminence in the Hudson 
river, surmounted by a United States light-house, there is a 
most lovely vieAV of the river, plain, and hills for many miles. 
The beautifully situated and attractive liome of Mr. Tomkins, 
built in 1872, overlooks the Hudson and Stony Point, where 
"Mad Anthony" Wayne won his famous victory. He is a 
practical man, of sound sense, of advanced ideas, a Republican 
in politics, and in religion a Presbyterian. Mrs. Tomkins d. 
Aug. 14, 1887, aged 60 years and 8 days. 


I. Helen Amanda Tomkins,' b. at Tomkins's Cove, Stony Point, N. Y., 
Jan. 26, 1853; d. Oct. 14, 1890. 


II. Ada Frederika Tomkins,' b. at Stony Point, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1856; 

m., Dec. 11, 1878, Harvey W. Allison, son of Abram S. and 
Henrietta Allison, of New York city. They were second 
cousins. He was cashier in F. P. Freeman & Go's, banking 
house, .53 Exchange Place, New York, N. Y. He d. at Stony 
Point, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1879. Mrs. Allison resides at her 
father's home. 

III. Mary Allison Tomkins,* b. Stony Point, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1859; res. at 

her father's home. Stony Point, N. Y. 

1835. John Allison ^ [1736] (Peter,^ Joseph,4 John,3 
John,2 Lawrence^). He was born in New York city April 
9, 1796. He married Mary Morgan, born Sept. 15, 1803; 
resides in New York city. He was in the mercantile business 
in Greenwich St., then later was in grocery business, corner 
of 6th Ave., 15th St. He died at his home, 239 West 50th 
St., New York city, Oct. 2, 1865, as did his wife. Mr. 
Allison was buried in Greenwood cemetery, lot No. 14-357, 
section, 162-169 between Grape and Vine avenues. 


1836. Henrietta Allison,' b. Jan. 16,1825; m. Abram S. Allison. They 

res. 82d St., New York city. He d. and she now lives there. 
They were cousins. He was a stationer. Children: 

I. Henry Weed Allison,' m. Miss Ada Tomkins, of Haverstraw. (See 

that record. No. 1834, II.) 

II. May Allison,' m. Frank Nickerson; res. 82d St., New York city. 

Children: Margaret Nickerson.' Helen Nickerson.* 

1837. Edward Allison,' b. Jan. 24, 1828; single; res. New York, N. Y., 

and d. there. 

1838. Peter John Allison,' b. Feb. 5, 18.30; d. March 23, 1832. 

1839. Ann Augusta Allison,' b. Jan. 30, 1832; res. New York city, 82d 


1840. George Henry Allison,' b. Dec. 7, 1834; res. Morrisania, N. Y. ; 

m. and has a family. 

1841. Emily Josephine Allison,' b. March 31, 1837; m. Gi'iggs; res. 

in New York, N. Y., and d. some years ago. 

1842. Alfred Morgan Allison,' b. Sept. 28,1841; d., when a young man, 

Dec. 2, 1862 ; res. New York, N. Y. ; single ; bookkeeper. 

1843. Michael Allison ^ [1742] (Richard,^ Joseph,* John,3 
John, 2 Lawrence ^). He was born in the city of New York, 
June 22, 1809 ; died in Tappan, N. Y., April 5, 1876. His 
home was in New York city till 1868, when he moved to 
Tappan, where he lived till his death, April 5, 1876. He 
married Susan Gentil, who died in New York city, April 5, 
1846, leaving children. He married, second, Harriet M. 
Calhoun. She was daughter of Henry and Eliza Melvina 
(Conkling) Calhoun, and granddaughter of Andrew Cal- 
houn, who was born in the Parish of Ray, near the towns of 
Raphoe and Labadish, in the County of Donegal, Ireland, 


and who was son of William Calhoun of Scotch blood. The 
church he attended was at Manor Cunningham. He was 
born in 1764 ; came to America in 1790 ; lived in Boston, 
Mass., and is buried in Concord, N. H. The Calhouns are 
said to be descended from the ancient family of Colquhouns 
and Lairds of Luss, whose original home was at Luss, on the 
west side of Loch Lomand in Scotland. 

Mrs. Allison was born in Canajoharie, N. Y., May 5, 
1827, and in 1880 removed to Nebraska, and now resides in 
Beatrice, Neb. Her eight children were born in Bleeker St., 
New York, N. Y. 


1844. Jane Amelia Allison,' b. June 20, 1833; m. her cousin, George 

Hegeman, an engraver; res. Newark, N. J. Children: 

I. Elizabeth Hegeman.* 

II. Georgia Hegeman.' 

III. Jennette Hegeman.' 

1845. William Gentil Allison,' b. August, 1835; m. Hester J. Meserole. 

He res. New York, N. Y.,.and d. there April 5, 1869. Children: 

I. Ida Allison.* 

II. William Allison.* 

1846. Kichard Allison^ (1912), b. 44 Vesey St., New York, N. Y., July 7, 

1838; m. Mary A. Love; res. Rutherford, N. J. 

1847. Thomas Allison' (1917), b. Sept. 19, 1840; m. Mary E. Millett, 

attorney; ofifice 59 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. Children by 
2d marriage: 

1848. Howard Calhoun Allison,' b. April 4, 1852; d. Feb. 19, 1853. 

1849. Harriet Allison,' b. May 29, 1853; teacher; res. Beatrice, Neb. 

1850. Michael Calhoun Allison,' b. April 1, 1856; m., Feb. 4, 1885, Helen 

Blake Johnston, b. Gloucester, Mass., May 10, 1859; farmer; 
res. Beatrice, Neb. Children b. Beatrice, Neb. : 

I. John Johnston Allison,* b. Oct. 20, 1886. 

II. Richard Saville Allison,* b. May 19, 1888. 

III. Frances Field Allison,8 b. April 20, 1892. 

1851. Lelia Calhoun Allison,' b. July 19, 1857; m., Sept. 16, 1885, Charles 

Rudolph Lawson, b. Halifax, N. S., June 16, 1859; res. New 
York, N. Y. Child b. New Y^ork, N. Y. : 
I. Gertrude Pringle Lawson,* b. Dec. 10, 1886. 

1852. Irving Allison,' b. Dec. 18, 1859; m., July 24, 1881, Emma Clara 

Battey, b. Ro.seville, N. J., Nov. 10, 1861; manufacturer; res. 
Omaha, Neb. Children b. Omaha, Neb. : 

I. Mabel Calhoun Allison,* b. Oct. IS, 1883. 

II. Grace Elliot Allison,* b. Aug. 6, 1885. . 

III. Mildred Alhson,* b. Dec. 12, 1889. 

IV. Irving Allison,* b. March 21, 1891. 

1853. Winthrop Allison,' b. Aug. 26, 1861; res. St. Paul, Minn. 

1854. Elliot Condich Allison,' b. July 1, 1866; farmer; res. Beatrice, 


1855. Mabel Hitchcock Allison,' b. Sept. 12, 1867; res. Beatrice, Neb. 

1856. Michael Snedeker Allison' [1770] (Garrett,^ 
Thomas,^ Benjamin,^ John,^ John,^ Lawrence^). He was 
born at Tarrytown, N. Y., July 10, 1815. Before he was 



five years of age his parents removed to Haverstraw. Rock- 
land county, N. Y., where he received a good academic edu- 
cation, and learned the trade of ship carpentry with his father. 
He worked at his trade as a journeyman in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
for several years. Then he leased a ship-yard in Hoboken, 
N. J., and removed his family to that city. Here he did a 
very large business, repairing vessels and building new ones, 
chiefly three-masted schooners, for the Virginia trade, stanch 
sea-going vessels with very fast sailing qualities, and steam- 
boats, all of which were remarkable for their speed, notably 
the steamboats J. W. Baldwin and Mary Powell. From 
Hoboken he moved w^ith his family to 178 Pacific avenue, 
Lafayette, now a part of Jersey City, N. J. This dwelling 
and grounds he purchased, audit became his permanent home. 
He also became the owner of an extensive ship-yard at Jersey 
City, where he continued the business during the remainder 
of his life. 

Love and veneration for his mother and her memory were 
distinguishing traits in his character. He inherited from his 
father a sound, vigorous constitution. He was about five 
feet and nine inches in height, thick set, with a powerful 
frame, very muscular ; he had double teeth all around in both 
jaws ; brown hair, becoming partly bald on the top of his 
head, and blue eyes. From his mother he derived deep rev- 
erence for God and his revealed truth. Early in life he 
became identified with religious work as a member of the 
Methodist Episcopal church, of which he continued a useful 
and honored member, holding the office of steward or trustee 
during life. He contributed largely of his means to church 
and benevolent causes. His hospitable home was always 
open to the ministers of the Methodist Episcopal church, and 
was the headquarters of its bishops when their duties called 
them in that vicinity. He was a member of the order of Odd 
Fellows and of the Masonic fraternity, and a director in sev- 
eral banking and other institutions. He died at his home 
in Jersey City on May 22, 1881. On May 24 impressive 
funeral services were held at the residence, thirty clergymen 
being present, besides the relatives and friends in that vicinity. 
Rev. Mr. Lowrie, a former pastor, referred to him as a model 
man in every phase of life. Other clergymen followed in the 
same strain, some of whom, having been very near to him in 
religious and social life, spoke with great tenderness, even with 
tears. The following day his remains were conveyed to Haver- 
straw on the steamboat John Sylvester, which he had built and 
always owned in part. Accompanying the remains were del- 


egations from the Amity lodge, No. 103, F. and A. M., Amity- 
chapter, No. 31, R. A. M., Columbia lodge. No. 63, I. O. 
O. F., all of Jersey City, six clergymen, and the workmen in 
his employ, members of his family, and a large number of 
friends. They were met by the Stony Point lodge of F. and 
A. M., and the procession, including over fifty carriages, slowly 
proceeded to the Methodist Episcopal church. The day was 
serene and lovely. Five clergjanen participated in the ser- 
vices, four of whom, Messrs. Lowrie, Coit, Ellison, and Mon- 
roe, had been pastors of the deceased. His remains were 
interred in the family plot in Mount Repose cemetery. He 
had accumulated a large property and left his family in good 
circumstances, with a wise provision for the continuance of 
the business by his sons. 

He married, at the home of her parents in Haverstraw, 
Catherine, daughter of Christopher and Rebecca (Allison) 
Cosgrove. She was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1819 ; 
died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1845, and her remains are 
interred in Mount Repose cemetery. She was reared to a 
life of useful industry, and in the love and fear of God. 
Possessing an amiable disposition, with a -bright, cheerful 
expression of countenance, she became the sunshine of her 
home, and greatly endeared to her husband and family. Her 
early death was partly due to her rather delicate physical 
organization. She possessed a fine mind, with deep religious 
convictions. She died as she had lived, in the full conscious- 
ness of her Saviour's love. She was a member of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church. 

Mr. Allison married, second, Sept. 17, 1845, at the home of 
her parents in Haverstraw, Jane Eliza Cosgrove, a sister of 
his first wife. She was born in that place Feb. 9, 1817. 
Brought up on the old homestead, under the guidance of her 
remarkable mother, she acquired habits of useful industry in 
doing her full share in the varied duties of farm life, which 
included assisting in garden work, gathering fruits in season, 
husking corn, milking, churning, baking, cooking, spinning, 
and sewing, thus fitting her to become a model housewife. 
She was converted early in life and joined the Methodist 
Episcopal church. Since then she has found the comforts 
and consolations of religion her highest joy and support in 
the many afflictions she has been called to endure. She is 
about five feet, seven inches in height, and large framed. 
She has dark hair (now gray), regular features, and black 
expressive eyes, a mild and forbearing disposition ; is domes- 
tic in her tastes and habits, and cherishes a loving devo- 


tion to all her friends. Since her husband's decease she has 
continued to reside with her three unmarried daughters in 
their home on Pacific avenue, Jersey City. 


1857. Catherine Delemater Allison,' b. in Havers traw, N, Y., March 
12, 1838; ra., Oct. 20, 1870, Oscar A. .Jobes. She died in Jersey- 
City, N. J., May 9, 1885, and is interred in Mount Repose cem- 
etery in Haverstraw. Her religious training early induced her 
to give her heart to God. Her adult life was largely devoted to 
the Sunday-school work of the Methodist Episcopal church, of 
which she was a member. She excelled as a teacher of infant 
classes, her sweet spirit winning the hearts of the little ones, 
inducing many to become lambs of the Good Shepherd's flock. 
Her life was not without its sorrows or trials, all of which she 
bore with meekness and Christian fortitude. She died a tri- 
umphant death. The funeral services were held at the resi- 
dence of her mother, from which she had passed into eternal 
rest. Several of her former pastors were present and officiated. 
She bad one child, Michael Allison Jobes,* b. in Jersey City, 
N. J., Aug. 8, 1871. 

1858. Edward Snedeker Allison,' b. Brooklyn, N. T., July 12, 1844; m., 

Dec. 20, 1866, Sarah Frances, daughter of William and Catherine 
(Miller) Zeluft". He received a superior education, and was 
taken into business by his father, and, since his father's death, 
has in company, with his brother, Samuel Allison, and a com- 
petent ship-builder as foreman, successfully carried on the bus- 
iness. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and 
has been for many years. Res. in Newai-k, N. J. Children: 

I. Marian Zeluff Allison,* b. in Jersey City, N. J., Dec. 16, 1868. 

II. Catherine Cosgrove Allison,* b. in Jersey City, N. J., Sept. 27, 1870. 


1859. Samuel Cosgrove Allison,' b. in Brooklyn, K Y., July 26, 1846. 

He was well educated, and was then taken into his father's 
office, where were developed his abilities as an accountant and 
book-keeper. This has since been his special branch of the 
business, continuing with his father till his death. Since then 
he has continued the business with his brother, Edward Alli- 
son, their energies being devoted to the more profitable branch 
of this business, the repairing of vessels. Early in life he gave 
his heart to God, when he joined the Methodist Episcopal 
church, and he has continued to live an upright, unblemished 
life. He m., Oct. 1, 1873, Henrietta W. Olliphant, daughter of 
Selah H. and Eliza Pertine (Remsen) Olliphant. She is a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Episcopal church. No children. 

1860. Jane Elizabeth Allison,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1848; edu- 

cated at the Packer institute in the city of Brooklyn, N. Y., and 
is accomplished as a pianist. She is an active member of the 
Methodist Episcopal church, especially in Sunday-school work. 
She has always resided in the parental home, and is unmar- 
ried; res. Jersey City, N. J. 

1861. Letitia Cosgrove Allison,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., Nov. 23, 1849. 

She was educated at the Packer institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
She paints in oil and water-colors, and is a fine pianist. Early 
in life she united with the Methodist Episcopal church, and 
became actively identified with its Sunday-school work. She 


is short in stature, has black hair and eyes, witli dark com- 
plexion and re«Tular features. She has enjoyed the benefits of 
American and European travel. She m., May 23, 1872, Jerome 
Delmar Gillett, son of Morilla and Maria (Hendrickson) Gillett, 
He was b. in Mifflin, Wyandotte Co., Ohio, educated at Ober- 
lin college, and became associated with his father in business. 
He has an office in Wall street, New York, N. Y., where he is 
engaged in the banking; and brokerage business with Mr. Gris- 
wold, under the firm name of Griswold & Gillett. He is a 
member of the St. Andrew's Methodist Episcopal church in 
New York city. Children: 

I. Morilla Gillett,'' b. in Jersey City, N. J., June 12, 1873, 

II. Jerome Delmar Gillett," b. in Jersey City, N. J., Jan. 7, 1875. 

III. Samuel Allison Gillett,'-' b. in Jersey City, N. J., Dec. 26, 1876. 

1862. Sarah Allison,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., July 1.5, 1851. She vras edu- 

cated at Pennington seminary, N. J. ; has a fine soprano voice; 
is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and deeply 
interested in church work. She has always resided in the 
parental home, and is unmarried. 

1863. Josephine Cosgrove Allison,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., March 18, 1853. 

She was educated at the Packer institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
She united many years ago with the Methodist JEpiscopal 
church, and is thoroughly identified with church and Sunday- 
school work. She res. in the parental home in Jersey City, 
N. J., and is unmarried. 

1864. Sophie Cosgrove Allison,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., Nov. 12, 1854; d. 

Aug. 13, 1855. 

1865. Garrett G. Allison ^ [1774] (Garrett,^ Thomas,^ Ben- 
jamin,^ John,3 John,2 Lawrence ^). He was born at Haver- 
straw, N. Y., March 17, 1822 ; married Harriet Stokum in 
1845. He was a ship carpenter for many years. He then 
became a brick manufacturer, by which he became wealthy. 
He purchased the Miller place, opposite the Leonard Gurnee 
homestead in Haverstraw, N. Y., where he and his family 
have resided for many years. He and his family are mem- 
bers of the Methodist Episcopal church. Of the village 
church he has been a trustee for many years. 


1866. Wilbur Earl Allison,8 b. in Hoboken, N. J., or Haverstraw, N. Y. ; 

m. Mary Couklin. Child: 
I. Susan D. Allison.'-' 

1867. Eugene C. Allison,' b. Haverstraw, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1856. He was 

engaged for some years in the coal business; res. Haverstraw, 
N. Y. 

1868. Frank S. Allison,' b. Haverstraw, N. Y. 

1869. Walter Smith Allison" [1777] (Garrett,^ Thomas,^ 
Benjamin,^ John,^ John,^ Lawrence^). He was born at 
Haverstraw, N. Y., March 15, 1829 ; ship caroenter : resided 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1889. He married, April 15, 1852, 
Ann Eliza Rowan, daughter of Seth and Emmaretta (Booth) 
Rowan. She was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1834. 



1870. Charles Edmund Allison,* b. in Hoboken, X. J., Nov. 18, 1853; m., 

Dec. 4, 1874, Ella Mullery, b. in England, Nov. 4, 18.54. Child: 
I. Florence Angeline Allison.'-* b. in .Jersey City, N. J., Oct. 17, 1875. 

1871. Augustus Allison,' b. in Hoboken, N. J., Nov. 5, 18.56. 

1872. Harriet Allison,* b. in Hoboken, N. .J., Jan. 5, 1860. 

187.3. Carrie Cadmus Allison,* b. in Hoboken, N. J., April 29, 1862. 

1874. Henrv Booth Allison,* b. Jersey City, N. J., May 80, 18G4. 

1875. William Allison.' b. Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 1, 1866. 

1876. Frederick Johnson Allison,' b. Jersey City, N. J., July 1, 1869; d. 

Jan. 9, 1870. 

1877. Garrett T. Allison ' [1781] (James,^ Thomas,^ Ben- 
jamin,* John,3 Jolin,2 Lawrence^). He was born in Haver- 
straw, N. Y., and was a house carpenter by trade and occu- 
pation. He was upright and industrious, quiet and retiring 
in his manners, a sincere Christian, and a member of the 
Methodist Episcopal church. Residence in Haverstraw, 
where he owned a few acres of land, on which was a com- 
fortable frame dwelling with barn, situated on the mountain 
side of the Ramapo road, just beyond the Mount Repose 
cemetery. There he lived with his family till advanced in 
life, when with his companion he located in the village 
where he died. He and his wife are buried in Mount Repose 
cemetery in Haverstraw, N. Y. 

He *married, in Haverstraw, May 25, 1833, Charlotte, 
daughter of Abraham and Jane (De Pew) Allison. She 
possessed a sensitive, nervous temperament. Her delicate 
constitution was easil}" overcome by any undue excitement. 
She was very devout. Her Bible and the church of God 
were her chief sources of enjoyment. She was never so 
happy as when attending the revival services of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church, of which she was a member and a 
shining light, and would sometimes be overcome b}'' her 
emotions amid the spiritual excitement of those meetings. 
She died at Haverstraw, N. Y. 


1878. Martha Allison,* b. Haverstraw, N. Y., April 4, 1834. She received 
a superior education. It may truthfully be said of her, "She 
was always a Christian." Taught to avoid all appearance of 
evil from lier earliest years, and inheriting the pious, devo- 
tional spirit of her mother, her life was truly " hid with Christ 
in God." Her sweetness of spirit inspired the purest thou^chts 
and purposes of all who came in contact with her. She died 
at Princeton, N. J., and is biuied in Mount Repose cemetery, 
Haverstraw, N. Y. She manned Mr. .Jamison, a professor in 
the Mountain institute at Haverstraw village. After marriage 
they removed to Princeton, N. J., where he practised med- 
icine. He married a second wife. 


1879. Charles Allison ^ [1789] (David,^ Saniuel,^ Ben- 
jamin,^ John,^ JohD,2 Lawrence^). He was born in Union 
township, Broome county, N. Y., three miles from Bingham- 
ton, Feb. 21, 1827. When nine years of age he went to 
Troy, Oakland county, Mich., with his parents. He was 
educated in the common schools and at the academy at 
Romeo, Macon county, Mich. He soon became very prom- 
inent in business circles. For twenty-six years prior to 1880 
he was extensively engaged at Oswego, N. Y., in the canal 
and lake transportation business between New York, Oswego, 
Cleveland, and Chicago. He had been agent, general man- 
ager, and vice-president of the Northern Transit Co., of 
Cleveland, Ohio, which had a fleet of twenty-five steamers 
plying between the lake ports. He was president of the 
Oswego and Bay of Quinte Navigation Co., and agent of 
the Royal Mail line and several other steamboat companies. 
He was largely interested in canal property, and was the 
principal owner of the Northern Transit Co. canal line, 
which did tlie chief part of the canal freight business be- 
tween New York and Oswego. At the time of his decease 
he was the head of the firm of Allison, Stroup & Co., of 
New York, N. Y., dealers in fertilizers. He died in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., July 7, 1892. He married, in 1857, Catherine E., 
daughter of Thomas Macfarlane. She was born in Cleve- 
land, Ohio, May 16, 1834, and resides at Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1880. Charles Rollo Allison,^ b. New York, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1858. Grad- 

uated at Cornell university in 1880; lawyer. He m., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Ella Tichenor. Child: 
I. Edna Louise Allison," b. 1892. 

1881. Eugene Ellsworth Allison,* b. at Birmingham, Mich., April 19, 1861. 

He was a student at Harvard, and graduated at Bellevue Med- 
ical college in 1882. He m. Elinor J. Stott; res. New York, 
N. Y. No children. 

1882. George Franklin Allison,' b. Birmingham, Mich., June 10, 1863. 

He graduated at Union college, Schenectady, N. Y., in 1884, 
and has received the degrees of A. B., of C. E., and M. A.; 
he was admitted to the bar of the state of New York in 1888; 
lawyer; office, 203 Broadway, N. Y. He m., 1885, Charlotte 
Louise De Witt, b. at Sterling, N. Y. ; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

I. Catherine De Witt Allison," b. June 7, 1886; d. May 25, 1887. 

II. Charlotte De Witt Allison," b. Nov. 9, 1888. 

III. Marion Maud Allison,-' b. Oct. 19, 1892. 

1883. Mary Maud Allison,* b. Oswego, N. Y., April 10, 1865; res. Brook- 

lyn, N. Y. ; m. Samuel Richardscm Bickford. Children: 

I. Samuel Allison Bickford,-' b. May 15, 1889. 

II. Marie Blanche Bickford," b. Jan. 20, 1891. 

1884. Kate Augusta Allison,* b. Oswego, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1867; res. Brook- 

lyn, N. Y. 

1885. Jennie Blanche Allison,* b. and d. at Oswego, N. Y. 



1886. Victor Barrow Allison,' b. and d. at Oswego. N. Y. 

1886a. Franklin Pliilo Allison,' b. Feb. 14, 1877; living at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1887. Joseph A. Allison ' [1797] (Abraham,^ Joseph B.,^ 
Benjamin,* John,^ Jobn,^ Lawrence i). He was born in 
Haverstraw, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1812. He received a good edu- 
cation, and then became a house carpenter. He and his 
family resided in Haverstraw until advanced in life, and later 
have lived with their daughter, Mrs. Michael Snedeker, in 
Jersey City, N. J. Mr. Allison had a strong, well-knit 
frame, and an excellent constitution. He had black hair and 
eyes ; quiet and unassuming in manners, genial and sunshiny 
in disposition, his home has always been peaceful and happy. 
Honest and upright, he commanded the respect of his fellow- 
citizens. He married, Feb. 21, 1838, Mary Ann Titus, born 
June 17, 1817. She was mild, and had a sweet and loving 
spirit. She filled well her mission as a devoted Christian 
wife and mother. She, with her husband and family, were 
consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal church. She 
died Jan. 21, 1888, and is buried in Mount Repose cemetery, 
Haverstraw, N. Y. Children born Haverstraw, N. Y. : 

1888. Antoinette Allison, » b. Jan. 11, 1839; m., May .5, 1869, Peter F., 

son of Peter and Christiana Campbell, who were born in Av- 
gyleshire, Scotland. Mr. Campbell is a carpenter; res. Jersey 
City, N. J. No children. 

1889. Margaret Allison,' b. June 21, 1843; m., Dec. 19, 1866, Michael 

Snedeker, son of Tunis and Amelia (Cosgrove) Snedeker; 
ship carpenter and farmer; res. in Haverstraw, N. Y., now 
430 Fairmount Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Children: Mabel 
Snedeker," b. Aug. 3, 1872. Clarence Snedeker," b. February, 
1877; d. Oct. 31, 1877. 

1890. George Wilmer Allison,' b. May 27, 1851; carpenter. Hem., at 

Tallman, N. Y., Jan. 14, 1877, Elmira, dau. of Joseph and 
Fanny Y^oung of that place. They res. Jersey City, N. J. No 

1891. Charles Armstrong Allison,' b. Aug. 22, 1854. He received a supe- 

rior academic education, and became a book-keeper in the 
employ of Messrs. DeMott and Durant, of New Y'ork, N. Y. 
His fidelity, ability, and industry commanded their confidence 
and esteem. He was secretary of Highland Council No. 398, 
Legion of Honor, in Jersey City. He died suddenly, Marcli 19, 
1888, in the city of New Y^ork, and was buried in Mount Repose 
cemetery, Haverstraw, N. Y. He was unmarried, 

1892. William Henry Allison ' [1826] (Hendrick,^ Mat- 
thew,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ Lawrence ^). He M^as born in 
Hackensack township, N. J., Sept. 10, 1820 ; married, in the 
city of New York, in 1840, Catherine, daughter of David ^ and 

^ David Jordan was son of Joseph .Jordan, a French soldier, who came 
to America with Lafayette and fouglit for American independence. 
After the war he remarried antl settled at Closter, N. .J., on the top of 
Palisades, where he died. He m. Elsie Parsells. 


Elizabeth (Blauvelt) Jordan. Mr. Allison lived at Closter, 
N. J., and since 1845 in Hackeusack township, now Engle- 
wood township, N. J. 


1S93. John Washington Allison.' 

1894. David Jordan Allison.' 

1895. William Cutis Allison' (1923), b. March 30, 1849; res. Englewood, 

N. J. 
1S96. Mary Jane Allison,' res. Jersey City, N. J. 

1897. Brewster Jonas Allison ' [1831] (George Suffern,^ 
Peter,^ Joseph,^ John,^ John,^ Lawrence ^). He was born in 
Haverstraw (in the portion now Stony Point), Rockland 
county, N. Y., July 5, 1821. After attending the district 
school of his neighborhood, he was sent to an institution at 
Peekskill, N. Y., where he obtained a more extended educa- 
tion. The first part of his business life was spent in a store 
with his father, and he afterward engaged with him in brick- 
making, which he continued two years. The yards were then 
leased to other parties, and he engaged in land surveying. 
He held the office of town superintendent of schools from 
1848 to 1853, when the office was abolished. He was a 
member of the assembly in 1850, and served .on the commit- 
tee on roads and bridges and towns and cities. The rival 
candidate for the position was Edward Pye. Mr. Allison 
was elected on a " free soil " ticket and naturally drifted into 
the Republican party, at its formation, to which he is still 
attached. In 1853 he again entered into the manufacture of 
brick, in which he is still engaged. 

Mr. Allison was connected with the First Presbyterian 
church of Haverstraw, with which he united in 1854, and was 
one of its elders until August, 1892, when he united with the 
Presbyterian church of Stony Point, and was elected to the 
same position. He is a pronounced temperance man, and 
has been a zealous worker in that cause. He lives at the 
village of Stony Point, N. Y., in the house where lived his 
father, Hon. George S. Allison. He married, Nov. 19, 1856, 
Anna Elizabeth, daugliter of William C. Housman, of 
Haverstraw. She died in Haverstraw, April 27, 1862. He 
married, second. May 2, 1868, Anna Given, daughter of Nel- 
son and Mary C. (Denniston) Andrus, of Haverstraw. She 
was born Dec. 3, 1848 ; died Aug. 2, 1889, and is buried in 
the Allison plot in Mount Repose cemetery, in Haverstraw. 
He resides in Stony Point, Rockland county, N. Y. 



1898. Coi'nelia Houseman Allison,' h. at North Haverstraw, N. Y., 

Oct. 28, 1857; m. Daniel Morrison Coffin. They res. in the 
city of New York, 19 West (iltth St. Children: Daniel Morri- 
son Coffin, .Jr." Catherine Morrison Coffin.'^ 

1899. George Sufferu Allison," b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 22, 18C0. He was 

educated at the military academy at Peekskill, N. Y. He is a 
brick manufacturer with his father, and lives at Stony Point, 
N. Y. His home, overlooking the shimmering waters of the 
Hudson, is romantically situated, and commands a view of 
that river for many miles. He m., Feb. 22, 1881, Sarah, dau. 
of Denton Fowler, of Haverstraw, N. Y. Children b. Stony 
Point, N. Y. : George Suffern Allison," b. Sept. 2, 1883. Hora- 
tio Wood Allison," b. Feb. 11, 188.5. Catherine Fowler Allison,^ 
b. Jan. 31, 1887. Lucretia Allison," b. Aug. 20, 1889. 

1900. William Brewster Allison,* b. Stony Point, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1862; 

d. April 6, 18(32. 


1901. Brewster Jonas Allison,' b. Stony Point, N. Y., July 15, 1869. He 

is a book-keeper in his father's office; res. Stony Point, N. Y. 
He was educated at Phillips academy, Exeter, N. H., and other 
similar schools. 

1902. Samuel Sears Allison,* b. Stony Point, N. Y., July 8, 1870; d. 

there March 9, 1873. 

1903. Amanda Tomkins Allison,* b. Stony Point, N, Y^^,, Feb. 23, 1872. 

She wiis graduated at Houghton seminary, Clinton, N. Y., in 
June, 1889; home at Stony Point, N. Y. 

1904. Sarah Andrus Allison,* b. at Stony Point, N. Y., Feb, 16, 1874. 

She was graduated at Houghton seminary, Clinton, N. Y., in 
June, 1892. At home. 

1905. Calvin Tomkins Allison,* b. at Stony Point, N. Y., June 3, 1876. 

He graduated at Lawrenceville, X. J., in 1893, and intends to 
enter Princeton college in September, 1893. 

1906. Anna Mary Allison,* b. Stony Point, N, Y., Feb. 11, 1878; at 

school at Houghton seminary, Clinton, N. Y. 

1907. Hannah Brewster Allison,* b. Stony Point, N. Y., March 31, 1880. 

student at Houghton seminary at Clinton, X. Y. 

1908. Eugenia Knight Allison,' b. Stony Point, N, Y., July 11, 1881; d. 

Oct. 5, 1887. 

1909. Fanny Gertrude Allison,* b. Stony Point, N. Y., July 27, 1883. 

1910. Ralph Deimiston Allison,* b. Stonv Point, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1885. 

1911. Edward Lane Allison," b. Stony Point, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1887. 

1912. Richard Allison- [1846] (Micliael,'^ Ricliard,^ 
Joseph,'* John,^ John,^ Lawrence^). Major Allison was 
born in the city of New York, July 7, 1838 ; married, 
June 16, 1870, Mary A., daughter of Thomas and Sarah M. 
Love. She was born in New York, N. Y., April 25, 1840. 
Her father was a native of Salisbury, England, and son of 
Thomas Love. Her mother was of Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Mr. Allison was educated in the public schools of the city of 
New York. He enlisted in 1861 in the 7th Reg't of New 
York Vols., and served in the defence of Washington. In 


May, 1862, he was promoted to be first sergeant. He again 
enlisted in September, 1862, and was commissioned as cap- 
tain in the 127th Reg't, New York Vols., and served till the 
close of the war. He was provost marshal of Charleston, 
S. C, from its capture till he was mustered out of the service 
in 1865. After the war he rejoined the 7th Reg't ; was 
elected captain in 1878, and soon after was elected major. 
He retired after twenty-five years' connection with the organ- 
ization. Major Allison holds a government position in the 
custom house in New York, N. Y., and resides in Ruther- 
ford, N. J. 


1913. Theodore Taylor Allison,' b. New York, N. Y., March 31, 1872; d. 

Feb. 28, 1875. 

1914. Edith Allison,* b. Rutherford, N. J., and d. there. 

1915. Adele Allison,' b. Rutherford, N. J., March 3, 1876. 

1916. Helen Allison,8 b. Rutherford, N. J., Feb. 25, 1878. 

1917. Thomas Allison 7 [1847] (Michael,^ Richard,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ Lawrence ^). He is son of Michael 
and Susan Gentil Allison. He was born in New York, N. Y., 
Sept. 19, 1840, and was educated in the public schools of 
that city. He entered the Free academy, now college, of the 
city of New York, from Ward School No. 35, in West 13th 
St., and was graduated in 1860. He was admitted to the bar 
in November, 1861, having studied law in the office of Hon. 
John W. Edmonds, and has ever since been- in the active 
practice of his profession, and ranks high as a lawyer. He 
was nominated for judge of the court of common pleas for 
the city and county of New York, in 1889 ; endorsed by the 
Republicans, and polled some 92,000 votes, but was defeated 
by the Tammany Hall Democratic candidate. He was 
offered by Mayor Edson, in 1884, the appointment as corpora- 
tion counsel of New York city, which was declined. The 
degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts have been 
conferred upon him. He married, Aug. 30, 1871, Mary E. 
Millett, born in New York, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1842. She is 
daughter of William E. and Mary (Conershover) Millett, of 
New York, N. Y. ; law office 59 and 61 Liberty St., New 
York ; res. New York, N. Y. 


1918. Mary Allison,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 27, 1873; student in col- 

lege; res. New York, N. Y. 

1919. Florence Allison,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1874; student in 

college; res. New York, N. Y. 
1919a. — Allison,' b. June 21, 1875; d. June 21, 1875, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1920. Albert Allison,' b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1876; d. at New 

York, N. Y., June 18, 1876. 

1921. Olive Allison,' b. New York, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1877; at school; res. 

New York, N. Y. 

1922. Thomas Allison,' b. New York, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1879; d, in New 

York, N. Y., May 26, 1882. 

1923. William Ontis Allison « [1895] (William Henry ,7 
Hendrick,^ Matthew,^ Joseph,'* John,^ John,^ Lawrence ^). 

The following sketch of Mr. Allison was written by his 
friend, J, M. Peters, Esq. : 

Lawrence, the first Allison of this branch of the family 
known in America, who was one of the early settlers in the 
New Haven colony, left the place to join his son John whom 
the records show was one of the founders of the town of 
Hempstead on Long Island about 1644. Whether John was 
born in this country is unknown to us, but he ajapears to 
have engaged in this enterprise before attaining his majority. 

In 1719 his grandson John, who was evidently a man of 
some wealth for the time, went with a number of others 
from the Hempstead settlement to the west of the Hudson, 
and bought a large tract of land known as the Kakiat Pat- 
ent, in Orange, now Rockland county. He subsequently 
became the owner of a large part of the land lying between 
what is now known as Rockland Lake and Stony Point on 
the Hudson river. He had a numerous family, among them 
a son Joseph, who added largely by purchase to his inher- 
ited possessions in land, and was one of the most extensive 
landholders in that section. Joseph's oldest son, Matthew 
Allison, died before his father, and left a number of children, 
among them Hendrick, who married Sarah Marks, a Haver- 
straw maiden, with whom, about 1810, he settled on the 
bank of the Hudson at a point considerably south of his 
native place. Here William H. Allison was born in 1820, 
and after marriage settled in old Hackensack, now Palisades 
township, in Bergen county, N. J., where William O. Alli- 
son, the subject of this sketch, was born on March 30, 1849. 
The maternal ancestry of William O. Allison had resided 
for more than two hundred years within a few miles of 
this spot. His maternal great-grandfather [Jordan] was 
French, having come to this country with Lafayette and 
become a Revolutionary soldier. He subsequently married 
a Jersey Dutch wife and settled upon the Palisades, a few ' 
miles north of the present home of his great-grandson, whose 
other ancestors on his mother's side were among the original 
Dutch settlers at old Tappan, one of the earliest settlements 
in New Jersey. 


The student of heredity and the defender of the law of 
entail will each find something of interest in tracing the his- 
tory of the ancestry of the subject of this sketch. From the 
earliest records of Lawrence Allison, or, more directly, from 
those of his son John, we find the evidences of foresight and 
thrift which, developing in the third in descent from the 
resident of the New Haven colony, led to the foundation of 
a great fortune in land on the west banks of the Hudson. 
With succeeding generations ownership of this vast estate 
became divided and subdivided, but no generation of the 
family down to the present has been wholly without an 
inheritance from the estate acquired more than a century 
and a half ago. This possession proved enough to afford the 
means of a livelihood, growing more meagre, however, with 
successive generations, but yet enough to dispel want, and so, 
perhaps, to curb ambitions ; for circumstances more affluent 
or less comfortable might have developed in a larger number 
of the descendants of John Allison the traits which the rec- 
ords of his operations as a i^ioneer showed him to possess. 
But the assurance of enough land from which to earn a 
livelihood by working, or to acquire a living by sale, is not 
a favorable culture-medium for those qualities which make 
pioneers, or develop conspicuous successes in any walk of 
life ; and for several generations many of the strongest qual- 
ities of the Allison family lay dormant in this branch of its 
descent, for the need of the actual necessities for their devel- 
opment, or for some other incitement to their employment. 

From his early boyhood the subject of this sketch lived 
much of the time in the family of William B, Dana, a prom- 
inent resident of the Palisades, a man of forceful and exem- 
plary character, and a journalist of culture. The intelligent 
observer of his own life cannot deny the important part 
which the accident of his environment has had in his suc- 
cesses quite as much as in his failures, and it has been alike 
creditable to his intelligence and his loyalty to so good a 
friend as she was, that William O. Allison has never failed 
to give full measure of acknowledgment, no less by deed 
than by word, of the benign influence which Mrs. (Katharine 
Floyd) Dana exerted upon his life. This good woman, her- 
self childless, took a deep interest in the boy, and his intel- 
lectual development was guided by her in a manner born of 
the superior intelligence and the inbred refinement, and 
wielded by the great strength of character which she pos- 
sessed. That she found in him the inherent traits for devel- 
opment, was as satisfactory to her as was her training grate- 


ful to him, and I doubt if such a befriending was ever more 
liberally rewarded, than was hers by the character which she 
saw develop into manhood, no less than by the devotion 
which he accorded to her. His middle name. Cutis, was 
adopted by him to gratify a fancy of Mrs. Dana's that his 
initials should correspond to those of her nom de plume., 
" Olive A. Wadsworth." 

In 1868 young Allison entered the office of the Financial 
Chronicle and the Daily Bulletiti, which was owned by Mr. 
Dana, and the brother of Mrs. Dana, Mr. John G. Floyd, 
and he there gained a general and thorough knowledge of 
the publishing business. With this knowledge, and possess- 
ing keen business instincts, he developed in a few years ,into 
the best reporter of commercial markets that has ever been 
on the New York press, and instituted a system of thorough- 
ness in reports which had previously been unknown and 
which few reporters have been able to successfully copy. 
From a salary of $1 per week, which he received when he 
entered Mr. Dana's emplo}^ he reached inside of three years 
a salary of $40 per week as a reporter ; but this rapid prog- 
ress did not satisfy his ambition even for the time, and 
on October 21, 1871, as a result of the confidence which he 
felt in his system of making a specialty of a few markets and 
doing them thoroughly, he issued the first number of the 
0«7, Faint and Drug Reporter. The early issues of the 
Reporter were in the form of a small four-page paper of 
extremely modest appearance as compared with other papers 
alread}^ prominent in the industries to which it was devoted, 
but contained more of real value to the subscribers than the 
conductors of any other sheets had possessed sufficient com- 
prehension of the possibilities of market reporting to fur- 
nish. The growth of the paper in circulation was remarkable, 
and its advertising patronage, in connection with added 
departments of valuable reading matter, was sufficient to 
force numerous successive enlargements. But it was only 
after a hard struggle of several 3'^ears that the plucky young 
publisher saw the fulfilment of the hope he entertained at 
the beginning of his career, that he should some day make 
five thousand dollars per year. From this point, however, the 
successful growth of the paper is, I believe, without any par- 
allel in commercial journalism, and the Reporter soon became 
one of the most profitable class publications in the country, 
and exerted an influence in the trades to which it was allied 
such as no other commercial publication has ever wielded. 
This influence was the direct result of the policy of obtain- 


ing and furnishirig accurate, comprehensive, and, therefore, 
valuable information concerning all the markets which the 
paper reported ; and upon all these markets the proprietor 
of the Reporter, so long as he was actually engaged in the 
conduct of the paper, was admitted to be the best informed 
man in New York. This fact brought Mr. Allison closely 
into personal contact with a large clientage, and made his 
judgment and opinions much sought after. It also led him 
into enterprises outside of the publishing business, and 
proved a source of profit to him in many ways. In addition 
to these interests, a perhaps inherited tendency to operate in 
real estate has led him to acquire from time to time tracts of 
land, chiefly on or in the vicinity of the Palisades, until he 
has become one of the largest land-owners in that section. 

As a publisher, financier, and real estate operator, William 
O. Allison has achieved successes which have won for him 
the admiration and respect that legitimate successes, born of 
industry and good judgment and gained by no sacrifice of 
integrity, gain for any man. He had enjoyed the confidence 
of merchants and financiers, for the most part many years 
his senior, to the extent that is rarely accorded a young man, 
long before he attained to that mile-post .in life which the 
lexicographers define as the beginning of middle age. And 
even before that period had been reached, he had gained a 
prominent place as a factor in very extensive ' commercial 
and financial enterprises. But his most attractive qualities 
are best known to those who have come into the clos6r social 
contact with him, and are not measured by financial suc- 
cesses, nor influenced by them except as they have afforded 
him the opportunities for extending unostentatious and oft- 
times unappreciated benefactions. When a man has made 
a good use of every opportunity that has presented itself to 
him, and has lived a thoroughly exemplary life amid sur- 
roundings shorn of none of the temptations which beset 
every man, it affords me much satisfaction to be permitted 
to record the facts to his praise, and I take it that in a 
sketch intended for the purpose to which this is to be put, 
I may be permitted to indulge this inclination without being 
guilty of that ostentation which is as far from my wishes, as 
it would be unjust and distasteful to him of whom I write. 

He married, Oc'. 22, 1884, Caroline Longstreet Hovey, 
daughter of Alfred Howard Hovey and Frances (Noxon) 
Hovey, of Syracuse, N. Y. Her parents died when she was 
very young. She was adopted by Hon. George F. Comstock 
and his wife, and took the name of Comstock. Mr. Com- 


stock was one time attorn ey-geneval of the United States 
and chief judge of the N. Y. Court of ylppeals. 

Mrs. Comstock was a sister to Mrs. Allison's mother. Mrs. 
Allison was born June 12, 1862, in Syracuse, N. Y. In that 
city was her home till her marriage. She was educated in 
the Keble school of Syracuse, and at a French school at 
Neuilly, near Paris, France. 


1924. Katharine Floyd Allisoa,o b. July 13, 1885. 

1925. Frances Cornelia Allison," 1). Nov. 28, 18S7. 

1926. Allis Allison,-' 1.. Sept. SO, 18S8; A. April 14, 1889. 

1927. William Dana Allison," b. Sept. 8, 1890. 
1927a. John Blauvelt. Allison," b. Jan. 13, 1893. 


1928. Archibald Allison, of the county of Donegal, Ire- 
land, born in 1736, came with a colony from that place and 
settled in Mecklenburg county, N. C, where he died. He 


1928a. Margaret Allison, who m. William Clark. 

1928b. Nancy Allison, vvho m. Reuben Freeman. 

1928c. Elizabeth Allison, who m. Samixei Berybill. 

1928d. Sarah Allison, never married. 

1938e. William Allison, never married. 

1929. Andrew Allison (1930), res. Mecklenburg Co., X. C. 

1930. Andrew Allison2 [1929] (ArchibakP). He was 
born in 1770, and lived in North Carolina and Teiiiiessee, 
and died in Gibson county, Tenn. He married Margaret 
Varner or Verner. He and his descendants weje Presbyte- 
rians, with many elders and clergymen among them. 


1930a. Rebecca Allison, ra. William Erwin, both of Gibson Co., Tenn., 
where she d. Iler descendants are in southern Illinois. 

1931. Joseph Allison (1948), b. Feb. 11, 1796; d. Aug. 20, 1862; descen- 
dants in Coles Co., 111., and Indianapolis, lud. 

1931a. Henry Allison,^ m. Margaret Erwin; m., second, Elizabeth 
Clark, both of Tenn. They d. in Tennessee, where his de- 
scendants live. 

iMany of these Allisons lived near Trenton, Tenn., and later lived near 
Humboldt, Tenn. 


1932. William Allison, ^ m. Mary Ann Erwin; m., second, Eleanor Wil-- 

son; m., third, Elizabeth Dove; removed to Cumberland, 
Coles Co., 111. He left a family. 

1933. John Allison = (1939), clergyman, b. Dec. 8, 1801; d. March 7, 1845. 

1934. Elizabeth Allison,^ m. Mr. Killoueh, both of Gibson Co., Tenn. : 

removed to Cumberland, Coles Co., 111. They are deceased, but 
left a family. 

1935. Robert Allison.'' He was a bachelor, and d. in Tennessee. 

193f). AndreAv Allison.^ He was a clergyman, and d. soon after being 
licensed to preach. His death occurred in Gibson Co., Tenn. 

1937. Jane Allison,* m. Rev. Charles Hodge, both of Gibson Co., Tenn.; 

she d. in Tenn. 

1938. Nancy Freeman Allison,' m. Jonathan Dryden, both of Gibson 

Co., Tenn. Removed to Cumberland, Coles Co., 111. They are 
deceased, but left a family. 

1939. John Allison ^ [1933] (Andrew,^ Archibald i). 
Rev. John Allison was born on Sugar Creek, Mecklenburg 
Co., North Carolina, Dec. 8, 1801 ; was reared and worked 
upon a farm until he was married. He then studied for the 
ministry, and was pastor, or acting pastor, in Murfreesbor- 
ough, Shelbyville, Clarksville, Nashville, and Symma, Tenn. 
He went to Princeton, Ken., and had charge of a female 
seminary and was pastor of the First Presbyterian church. 
He went to Kentucky in 1844, and died March 7, 1845. He 
was a Presbyterian of the old school. Mr. Allison married, 
Feb. 7, 1822, Nancy, daughter of Robert and Jane (McCul- 
lough) Lemmond. She was born in Charlotte, N. C, March 
2, 1798 ; died in Windsor, Mo., Feb. 17, 1864. 


1940. Robert Cyrus Allison,* b. Dec. 7, 1822, in Mecklenburg Co., N. C. ; 

raised to manhood in Tennessee; physician. He received his 
medical education in Louisville, Ky. He m. Catlierine Weiss, 
of Louisville, April 16, 1844; rn., second, Elvira McCarthy. 
Dr. Allison died near Princeton, Ky., December, 1866. Chil- 
dren : 

I. John Edmund Allison,^ b. Princeton, Ky., May 5, 1845. 

II. Elijah Edward Allison,'^ b. near Princeton, Ky., November, 1845; 

res. ytar Line Works, Lyon Co., Ky. 

III. Robert Henry Allison,''' b. near Princeton, Ky. ; res. Kuttawa, Ky. 
ly. Sarah Ann Allison,^ b. near Princeton, Ky., July, 1854; m. Robert 

Hollo way, of near Princeton, Ky., and d. November, 1889. 

1941. Margaret Rebecca Alliscm,* b. Oct. Ij2, 1824; m., in Princeton, Ky., 

April 10, 1846, George Washington Cone, of Painesville, Ohio; 
res. Princeton, Ky. She d. in Nashville, Tenn., April 23, 1885. 

I. Marietta Ellen Cone,'' b. Jan. 27, 1847; ni. Judge Goodner, of Nash- 

ville, 111.; res. (Uiicago, 111. 

II. Ida Cone,° b. April 28, 1856; m. Charles Rose, of Nashville, 111. ; res. 

Chicago, 111. 

1942. Jane Ann Elizabeth Allison,* b. in Gibson Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, , 

1827; m. Oct. 22, 1850, Alexander Brame; res. Princeton, Ky. 
She d. in Windsor, Mo., April 21, 1888. Children: 


I. William Alexander Brame/ b. Aug. 8, 1851; m., Nov. 6, 1872, Ora 

Waddell, of Windsor, Mo. ; res. Nevada, Mo. 

II. Robert Allison Brame,= b. Jan. 1, 1864; d. in Washington, March 12, 


III. Lelia Brame,'' b. June 27, 1867; m., Sept. 24, 1885, Mason Fewell; 

res. Windsor, Mo. 
1943. Nancy Adeline Allison,* b. in Gibson Co., Tenn., March 23, 1829; 
m., January, 1853, William Pitt Withers; res. Princeton, Ky. ; 
she m., second, October, 1866, James D. Baker; res. Windsor, 
Mo. Children: 

I. John Thomas Withers,^ b. Sept. 7, 1854- m., Sept. 19, 1877, Elizabeth 

Durall, of Windsor, Mo.; res. Deepwater, Henry Co., Mo. 

II. William Allison Withers,^ b. May 19, 1877; unmarried. 

1944. Mary Elvira Allison,'* born Murfreesborough, Tenn., 
Jan. 14, 1834 ; married, in Livonia, Ind., Feb. 9, 1853, Cor- 
nelius Hine Pering. He was born in Chard, Somersetshire, 
England, March 19, 1831. He was living at the time of his 
marriage in Bloomington, Ind. He enlisted in Company E, 
Seventy-first regiment Indiana volunteers, served nearly three 
years, and was killed in 1864 near Cartersville, Ga. Mrs. 
Pering resides Windsor, Mo. 


1945. John Allison Pering,'^ b. Livonia, Ind.; m., Aug. 23, 1874, Mary 

Lavina Chowing. Res. Diona, Coles Co., 111. 

1946. Emrna Susan Pering,'^ b. Jan. 27, 1856, in Livonia, Ind., m., Nov. 

18, 1877, Whitney Williams Barrows. Res. Windsor, Mo. 

1947. William Edwin Pering,^ b. in Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 29, 1858; m., 

Dec. 17, 1879, Louisa Sheridan. Res. Dexter, Kansas. 

1948. Joseph Allison ^ [1931] (Andrew,2 Archibald i ). 
He was born in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina, Feb. 
11, 1796. Res. in Cumberland, Coles county, Illinois ; m., 
Margaret Ann Cathey of Gibson county, Tenn., where he 
had previously lived. He died Aug. 20, 1862. 


1949. Sarah Caroline Allison,* b. in North Carolina, Dec. 3, 1822; m., 

Aug. 10, 1841, James H. Morrison, a farmer in Coles county, 
111. She d. Jan. 16, 1865. 

1950. Andrew Henry Allison,* b. in North Carolina, Nov. 20, 1823; m., 

Dec. 21, 1843, Harriet E. Dryden. He d. Nov. 15, 1864. 

1951. Margaret Frances Allison,* b. in Tenn., June 6, 1829; m., Jan, 

1, 1851, Rufus Allison. Res. Lerman, 111. 

1952. Rebecca Elizabeth Allison,* b. in Tenn., Dec. 2, 1831; m., Dec. 15, 

1835, James A. Balch. She d. March 15, 1857. 

1953. Nancy Prudence Allison,* b. Feb. 11, 1833, in Tenn.; m., Jan. 15, 

1866, Joseph B. Nicholson. 

1954. John William Allison,* b. in Coles Co., 111., Oct. 20, 1837; m., Sept. 

20, 1867, Isabella Ewing. He d. Nov, 15, 1886. 

1955. Mary Jane Allison,* b. Coles Co., 111., June 18, 1841; m. Feb. 21, 

1861, Thomas W. Grimes. Res. Campbell, Coles Co., 111. 




1956. Robert Allison. ^ He was a resident of Pennsyl- 
vania, Fayette county, where he lived till 1789, when he 
with his family removed to Marietta, Ohio, where he lived 
until 1795, when he removed to the Alexander farm, nearly 
opposite Lowell, Ohio, on the Muskingum river. While at 
Marietta the family lived in the Campus Martins stockade, 
as a protection from the Indians. When he went onto his 
farm he and his associates built their four log houses so that 
their corners touched, thus making a square of ground en- 
closed, known as " Kinney's Garrison." This was done as a 
protection from the wild sons of the forest. 


1957. Nancy Allison,* b. in Fayette Co., Penn., Oct. 22, 1784. She went 

with her father to Marietta, Ohio, and she shared all the vicis- 
situdes of the new settlement. On the 18th of December, 
1800, she m. Stephen Frost. She was a great reader of the 
Bible and was deeply religious. She lived to be considerably 
over 100 years old. 

1958. Charles Allison,^ b. in Fayette Co., Penn.; removed to Ohio and 

m. Miss Stull. Child: 
I. Kobert Allison,^ removed to California in 1855, and d. in San Diego 
in 1891. 

1959. Josiah Allison," removed to California and resides at Vaca Station, 

Solano Co. 

1960. Napoleon Allison,- removed to California and res. at Pajarito, 

Santa Cruz Co. 

1961. George Allison, = (1966) removed to California in 1855. 

1962. Mary Ann Allison,' d. in Iowa. 

1963. Lucretia Allison,'- d. in California. 

1964. Joseph Allison.' 

1965. William Allison.' 

1966. George Allison 3 [1961] (Charles,^ Robert i ). He 

removed to California in 1855. He married . He 

married, second, Mary Jane Owen, of Marion county, la., 
where she was born. Mr. Allison was engaged in farming, 
fruit growing, stock raising, and merchandising. In 1875 he 
removed his family to Arizona, and was engaged in the same 
line of business. He died at Tucson, Arizona, June 13, 1891, 
aged 66 years. Mrs. Allison still lives at Tucson. 


1967. George Irving Allison,* res. Sacramento, Cal. 

1968. Francis Marion Allison,* a^ed 36. He has been several times 

elected a member of the board of supervisors of Pima Co., Ari- 
zona, and member of the common council of Tucson, Arizona, 
where he resides. 


1969. Henry "Warner Allison,* aged 35. He with his brother formed the 

firm of Allison Bros., and are engaged in mining, farming, and 
are the owners of a large irrigating canal or ditch. Res. Tuc- 
son, Arizona. 

1970. Laura Kate Allison,* aged 27. She m. C. C. Wheeler, a member of 

the firm of Wheeler & Perry. Res. Tucson, Arizona. 


1971. Abraham K. Allison, who was at one time governor 
of Florida, died about July 8, 1893, aged 83 years. 


Alisons and Associated Names in Scotland and. 


The number set against each name indicates the page where the name will be found.. 

Alexander of Loup, 4. 
Alison, Adaline, 36. 

Alexander, 19, 27, 30-35, 37. 

Rev. Alexander, 27, 32. 

Andrew, 32, 3.=). 

Annie Cray, 32. 

Arthur, 27." 

Archibald, 22, 23, 25, 28, 29. 

Bev. Archibald, 3, 5, 26, 32, 
35 37. 

Sir Archibald, 26. 

Archibald Leslie, 38. 

Catharine, 31. 

Charles, 36. 

Christina, 35-37. 

Christine J., 38. 

David, 33, 34. 

Eliza, 36, 37. 

Elizabeth, 33. 

Ellen, 36. 

Ellen F. C, 26. 

Frederic Montague, 26. 

Rev. George; 29, 35, 36. 

George J., 37. 

Hugh, 33. 

Lsabel, 23, 32, 37. 

James, 22, 23, 27, 29, 32-38. 

Rev. James, 33. 

Jane McEwen, 37, 38. 

Janet, 32, 34. 

Jean, 28, 33, 34. 

Jeanie, 37. 

Jennie, 36. 

John, 22, 25, 28-30, 32-34, 37. 

John R., 38. 

Joseph, 25, 34. 

Maggie, 38. 

Marian, 34. 

Mary Jane, 38. 

Margaret, 28, 30, 33, 34. 

Matthew, 25, 33, 35, 36, 38. 

Michael, 21, 25, 28, 29, 38. 

Robert, 5, 35. 

Rev. Dr., 127. 

Thomas, 21, 32, 34. 

William, 5, 21, 28, 30, 32, 35, 
36, 38. 

William M., 33. 

William Pulteney, 26. 
Alister, 17. 

Alencon, Bernard de, 3. 
Allenson, William, 3. 
Archer, Rev. Dr., 33. 


Bogle, John, 31. 
Bro.^dfoot, Rev. Dr., 33. 
Bruce, Reginald, 32. 
Buchanan, J., 31. 

Campbell, James, 32. 
Cassells, John R., 30. 
Chichester, Sir Arthur, 14. 
Coats, Jessie, 30. 

Sir Peter, 30. 
Cochrane, Mungo, 22, 24, 34. 
CoLQUHOUN, Agnes, 38. 
Cooper, Elizabeth, 29. 
Cox, Constance, 36. 

Dr.. 36. 
Crichton, Henrietta, 38. 
Cross, Hon. Alexander and 
familv, 30. 

William, 30. 


Dick, Isabella, 32. 
DoDDS, James, 30. 
Donald, John and family, 31, 


Bvandale, Lord, 25. 


Ferguson, Cutler, 26. 
Ferguson, Peter, 30. 
Findlay, Janet, 32. 
Flemming, John, 34. 

Margaret, 34. 
Forbes, Sir William, 27. 
French, John, 31. 

Gardner, John, 37. 
Gemmell, Agnes, 33. 

William, 33. 
GiLMOUR, Janet, 33. 
Glencairn, Elizabeth, 26. 
Gregory, Dr. John, 27. 


Hamilton, Andrew, 34. 
Elizabeth, 34. 
Helen, 35, 37. 
James, 34. 

Hamilton, John, 18. 

John and family, 34, 35. 

Marion, 34. 

Mary, 34. 

Sir Robert, 24. 

Sir Winter de, 18, 21. 
Houston, WilHam, 33, 34, 37. 

Jack, Mary, 38. 
Jamieson, Agnes, 35, 37. 

Jean, 34. 

William, 34, 37. 
Jerment, Rev. Dr., 33. 


Kirkland, William and fam- 
ily, 31. 

Laud, Archbishop, 21. 
Lawson, Helen, 30, 33. 

Matthew, 30, 33. 
Legott, Alexander, 33. 
Letham, Robert and fam- 
ily, 31. 
Lombie, Annie, 31. 


MacAlister, Alexander, 


John, 18. 
MacAlester, Charles Som- 

erville, 17, 18. 
McFarlane, Walter, 30. 
McIntosh, Catherine, 33. 
McLaren, Malcolm and 

family, 30. 
Marshall, Jean, 30. 
Morrison, Alexander and 
descendants, 31, 33. 

Eliza, 31. 

Helen Lawson, 31. 

James and family, 31. 

Jean, 31. 

John, 31. 

John L., 31. 

Katherine, 31. 

Margaret, 31. 
Murray, Isabella, 35. 

William, 37. 




OiG, Angus, 18. 


Paterson, Ann, 34. 

David, 34. 
PoRTEUs, Charles and family, 

PuLTENAY, Sir William, 27. 


Reed, Elizabeth, 32. 
Reid, Margaret, 33. 
Robertson, Capt. J. H., 37. 

Mary, 35. 
Ross, Bishop, 23. 
Russell, Eliza Alison, 36. 

George, 36. 

Leonard Alison, 36. 

Sydney Alison, 36. 

William Allison, 36. 

Scott, William, 34. 
Sir Walter, 25. 

Semple, Margaret, 29, 30. 

William, 30. 
Somerville, Janet, 17. 
Swan, Annie, 25. 
Spencer, David, 31. 
Spiers, John, 33. 
Steele, James, 28. 
Strutheks, James and fam- 
ily, 31. 

Thomson, Archibald, 33. 

Eliza, 35. 

Helen, 33. 

Jean, 33. 

John, 83. 

Margaret, 33. 

Robert, 33. 

William, 35. 
Torrance, James, 28,31. 

Jane, 30. 

Margaret, 30. 

William, 30. 
TuRNBULL, Catherine, 31. 

Janet, 31. 

Jennie, 31. 

John, 31. 

Tytler, Hon. Alex. F., 
Lt. Col. Patrick, 26. 
William, 26. 

Vivian, Alison, 36. 

Walter and family, 36. 


Walker, Archibald, 30. 
Warnock, Alexander, 33. 
Wilson, Ellen. 36. 

James, 36. 

Jean, 27. 

Samuel, 27. 
Wiseman, Jean, 37. 

William, 33, 37. 
WvLLiE, Christina, 35. 

Hugh, 35. 

James, 35. 

Jane, 35. 

John, 35. 

William, 35. 

Young, Ann, 34. 
William, 34. 


Alisons and Allisons, "vvith. Associated ISTames, 
in Canada and tlie United States. 

The number set against each name indicates the page where the name will be found. 


Abbott, Betsey, 85. 

Betsey Allison, 100. 

Clara Jane, 86. 

Daniel, 63, 85, 86. 

Eben'r T. and family, 55. 

Emma J., 57. 

Jane, 86. 

John, 86. 

John Allison, 100. 

Josiah, 85, 99, 100. 

Luther D., 258. 

Sarah Allison, 06. 
Abercrombie, Horace and 

family, 58. 
Abrams, Isaac W., 268. 

Saicvii, io6, 194. 
AcKERMAN, Leah, 252. 
Adams, Alexander and fam- 
ily, 123, 124. 

Anna, 124. 

Daniel, 282. 

Edwin, 125. 

Elizabeth, 82. 

Emmeline, 125. 

George H., 79. 

Louisa, 82, 125. 

Mary, 124. 

Mary Adelia, 165. 

Oliver, 125. 

Robert, 124, 125. 

Sarah, 124. 

Thomas and family, 124. 
Addison, Mary Elizabeth, 219. 
Adkisson, William, 155. 
Adlington, Amey, 64, 87. 

Elisha, 87. 
Adsit. William C, 226. 
Aiken, Wm. and family, 50. 
AiTKEN, Elizabeth, 123, 124. 

John, 124. 

Robert, 193. 
Alexander, Albert Onslow 

and family, 56. 
Allard, Jane, 100. 
Allcorn, Madeline, 166. 
Allen, Anna, 94. 

David, 103. 

Hon. E. R., 135. 

Capt. Edward Everett, 56. 

Elizabeth, 79. 

Henry Allison, 104. 

James Franklin, 103. 

Jane, 94. 

Allen, John, 94. 

John F., 261. 

Jonathan, 103. 

Jonathan L., 90. 

Jonathan Leach, 103. 

Mr., 244. 

Rebecca Greer, 166. 

Samuel, 244. 

Samuel Richardson, 56. 

Sarah, 64. 

Sarah Ann, 112. 

Sarah J., 60. 
Allison, Abel, 178. 

Abel C, 178. 

Abigail, 66, 256. 

Abigail Maria, 87. 

Abraham, 266. 

Abraham Greenfield, 163. 

Gov. Abraham K., 291. 

Abram Hayter, 162. 

Abram Stagg, 261. 

Adaline, 226. 

Addle, 235. 

Addison Alexander, 159. 

Adalbert, 112. 

Adele, 282. 

Adelia, 263. 

Adelia Alice, 165. 

Adelia Hannah, 116. 

Agnes, 123. 

Agnes Henrietta, 147. 

Albert Butler, 115. 

Albert Clark, 174. 

Albert Henry, 174. 

Alexander, 150, 166, 167. 

Alexander Porter, 166, 168. 

Alfred E., 176. 

Alfred J., 155. 

Alfred Morgan, 271. 

Alice, 224. 

Alice Bartlett, 102. 

Alice Mary, 194. 

Alice Sophia, 199. 

Alida, 267. 

Allis, 287. 

Almeda, 215. 

Almira, 100, 265. 

Amanda, 135, 270. 

Amanda Matilda, 225. 

Amanda Tomkins, 281. 

Ambrose, 215, 225. 

Amelia, 268. 

Amelia Gertrude, 267. 

Amelia Southard, 261. 

Allison, Amey, 87, 102, 215. 
Amy K., 223, 229. 
Amizi, 215. 
Amos, 254. 
Ann, 15, 40. 188. 
Ann Augusta, 271. 
Ann B., 142. 
Ann Eliza, 204. 
Ann Mary, 176. 
Ann Moore, 101, 116. 
Ann Sophia, 268. 
(or Ellison) Andrew, 40, 

63, 64. 
Andrew of Dublin, N. H., 

Andrew of Concord, N. H., 
Andrew of Tenn., 287, 288. 
Andrew of Carthage, 

Tenn., 166, 167. 
Andrew of Churchmin- 

ster. Ire., 165. 
Andrew of Lancaster, Pa., 
Andrew Henry, 289. 
Andrew Neill, 151, 159, 160. 
Andrew John, 152. 
Andrew John Amos, 151. 

Andro Vert, 267. 
Anna, 188. 

Anna Josephine, 105. 
Anna Mary, 281. 
Anne, 123, 146. 
Anne Dixon, 168. 
Annie, 217, 225. 
Annie E., 176. 
Annie Maria, 114. 
Annie S., 193. 
Antoinette, 279. 
Antoinette M., 128. 
Archibald, 129, 287. 
Arthur, 238. 
Arthur Algernon, 175. 
Arthur David, 136. 
Augusta, 140. 
Benjamin, 123, 153, 251, 252, 

2.54, 257, 262. 
Benjamin Curtis, 163. 
Benjamin F., 268. 
Benjamin T., 254. 
Bertha, 266. 
Bessie, 190. 



Allison, Bessie Blanche, 118. 
Betsey Abbott. 85, 99. 
Bettie Avres, 163. 
Blanche'E., 175. 
Hon. Brewster J., 270, 280. 
Brewster Jonas, 281. 
Burgess, 177. 
Caleb, 215. 

Calvin Tompkins, 281. 
Caroline, 102, 192, 204, 225, 

Caroline Brown, 91, 103. 
Caroline Josephine, 107. 
Caroline P., 87. 
Caroline Smith, 264. 
Carrie, 100. 
Carrie Bell, 118. 
Carroll DeForrest, 100. 
Cassie, 196. 

Catherine, 200, 256,259, 262. 
Catherine Amelia, 265. 
Catherine Cosgrove, 275. 
Catherine Dallas, 125. 
Catharine Delemater, 275. 
Charles, 152, 192, 194, 199, 

224, 266, 278, 290. 
Charles Armstrong, 279. 
Charles B., 128. 
Charles C, 176. 
Charles Edmund, 277. 
Charles Edward, 163, 200. 
Rev. Charles Elmer, 233, 

Charles Frederick, 186,194. 
Charles Henry, 204, 205,206. 
Charles Herbert, 238. 
Charles Horner, 174. 
Charles R., 188. 
Charles Rollo, 278. 
Charles W., 176, 226, 236. 
Dr. Charles Warke, 197. 
Charles We.sley, 172, 173. 
Charles William B., 141. 
Charlotte, 217, 266, 277. 
Charlotte Elizabeth, 199. 
Charlotte L., 266. 
Chester Thorp, 113. 
Christopher, 267. 
Chris'pher Columbus, 158. 
Clara Elvira, 92. 
Clarence Thayer, 108. 
Clifton Orion, 108. 
Clive, 224. 

Clinton James, 101, 115. 
Clinton Lincoln, 116. 
Collins, 263, 
Comfort, 40. 
Cora Arminda, 224. 
Cora Lucinda, 118. 
Cornelia Housman, 281. 
Cornelia R.. 102. 
Cornelius, 209, 241. 
Cynthia Ann, 100. 
Daniel Brown, 165. 
David, 8S. 101, 158, 185, 199, 

201, 256, 265. 
Rev. David, 190, 198. 
David Barr, 92. 
David Clinton, 64, 92. 
David Jesse, 158. 
David Jordan, 280. 
Deborah, 252., 101. 
Delia, 116. 
Dixon Allen, 167. 
D. Prescott, 188. 
Donald D.,224. 
Douglass, 174. 

Allison, E. Adaline, 148. 
Ebenezer, 98. 
Edgar, 261. 
Edgar L., 276. 
Edith, 116, 190, 200, 235. 
Edmund D., 267. 
Edmund K., 194. 
Edna, 238. 
Edward, 128, 194, 252, 269, 

Edward Philip, 104. 
Edward Powell, 199. 
Edward Lane, 281. 
Edward Roland, 116. 
Edward Snedeker, 275. 
Edwin Sherman, 114. 
Edwin Vincent, 266. 
Eleanor. 183. 
Eli, 65, 99. 
Elijah, 135. 
Elijah Edward, 288. 
Eliza B., 177. 
Eliza Jane, 92. 
Elizabeth, 40, 64, 88, 112, 

139, 1.53, 154, 161, 183, 

185, 188, 193, 204, 253, 

255 288 
Elizabeth Hall, 91, 106 a. 
Elizabeth Jemima, 147. 
Elizabeth Sarah, 87. 
Ella M., 224. 
Ellen L., 235. 
Ellen Maria, 93, 179. 
Ellen McGowan, 140. 
Ellen Russell, 235. 
Elliot Condich, 272. 
Ellsworth George, 118. 
Elsie, 254, 261. 
Elver L., 160. 
Emeline, 225. 
Emmeline, 93. 
Emily Adelaide, 268. 
Emma Ann, 118. 
Emma Jane, 105, 113. 
Ephraim, 153, 155. 
Erastus F., 268. 
Esther, 99, 111, 150. 
Esther Phifer, 148. 
Esther Selina, 151. 
Ethel, 235. 
Ethel K., 194. 
Etta L., 112. 
Eugene, 225. 
Eugene C, 276. 
Eugene Ellsworth, 278. 
Eugene Hulett, 116. 
Eugenia, 270. 
Evander, 269. 
Evaliue, 151. 
Fanny, 63, 87, 185, 215. 
Fanny Gertrude, 281. 
Fanny Ladd, 87. 
F. Emmert, 224. 
Fisher, 171. 
Fletcher James, 157. 
Flora Dell, 118. 
Flora Gertrude, 140, 282. 
Frances, 123, 155, 172, 215. 
Frances Armitage, 125. 
Frances Cora, 173. 
Frances Cornelia, 287. 
Frances Cremiler, 160. 
Frances Jane, 224, 233. 
Frances M., 193. 
Francis, 122, 196. 
Francis A., 176. 
Francis Augustus, 93. 
Francis John, 125. 

Allison, Francis Marion, ^90. 

Frank, 112, 225, 266. 

Frank Drummond, 194. 

Frank Ellsworth, 118. 

Frank H., 206. 

Frank Niblo, 174. 

Frank Octavius, 194. 

Frank S., 276. 

Franklin, 92. 

Franklin James, 266.  

Franklin Philo, 279. 

Fred Bird, 106. 

Freddie, 162. 

Fred Lincoln, 113. 

Frederica Lee, 137. 

Frederick, 90, 188. 

Gabriel, 215, 216. 

Garrett. 255, 256. 

Garrett G., 264, 276. 

Garrett T., 265, 277. 

George, 27, 93, 107, 126, 134, 
135, 144, 224, 290. 

George Augustus, 92, 106, 
186, 196. 

George Franklin and fam- 
ily, 278. 

George Henry, 179. 

Georgianna, 236. 

George Irving, 290. 

George Suffern, 260, 269, 

George Wesley, 266. 

George Wilmer, 279. 

Genevieve Maria, 117. 

Gertrude Mary, 117. 

Giles Sullenger, 231. 

Gladys, 224. 

Gordon Hampton, 163. 

Grace, 170. 

Grace L., 235. 

Granville S., 167. 

Greene P., 154. 

Halbert McClure, 163. 

Hannah, 69, 253, 254, 255, 
256, 259. 

Hannah Brewster, 281. 

Hannah Williams, 101. 

Harriet, 269, 272, 277. 

Harriet Adaline, 90. 

Harriet Ann, 157. 

Harriet F., 185. 

Harriet Kent, 103. 

Harlow, 99, 111. 

Harold Ansel, 194. 

Harry W., 261. 

Harvey W., 271. 

Hattie, 87. 

Hazlett, 197. 

Helen, 282. 

Helen Gertrude, 190. 

Helen Maud, 200. 

Hendrick, 260, 268. 

Henri David, 266. 

Henrietta White, 92. 

Henrv, 93, 101, 108, 116, 170, 
240, 266, 287. 

Henrv Augustus, 199. 

Henry B., 215. 

Henry Burbridge, 186, 195. 

Henry Burton, 195. 

Henry Darracott, 114. 

Henry Leeds, 235. 

Henry Wallace, 104. 

Henry Warner, 291. 

Hettv Ann, 196. 

Hirain, 161. 

Homer, 224. 

Horatio Tates, 123. 



Allison, Howard, 233, 237. 
Howard Allan, 195. 
Hovt, 116. 

Hugh, 153, 154, 197, 201. 
Hugh Nathaniel, 157. 
Ida, 225. 
Ignatiu.s, 91. 
Ira, 87. 

Irving and familj-, 272. 
Irving Russell, 108. 
Isaac, 170, 172, 197, 222. 
Isaac of Canisteo, N. Y 

226, 2.36. 
Isaac of Warwick, N. Y 

209, 212, 216. 
Isaac W., 221. 
Isaac William, 223, 231. 
Isabel Kelso, 168. 
Isabella, "the martyr," 

Israel, 162. 

Israel and family, 186. 
Jabez, 215. 
Jacob, 171, 234. 
Jacob L., 172. 
James, 39, 62, 63, 64, 99, 128, 

137, 161, 265, 269. 
James of Nova Scotia, 

182, 186. 
James of Pennsylvania, 

121, 122, 123, 126, 127, 

James of Virginia, 163. 
James of Maryland, 134, 

James of North Carolina, 

144, 147, 148. 
James of Vermont, 85. 
James of New York, 211, 

214, 255, 265. 
James of New Hampshire, 

Rev. James of Ireland and 

family, 142, 201. 
Rev. James of Pennsyl- 
vania, 126. 
Hon. James, 126, 128. 
James Augustus, 267. 
James Clinton, 163. 
James Edward, 104. 
James Elkins, 137. 
James Francis, 114. 
James Frederick, 196. 
James Graham, 128. 
James Irwin, 136. 
James Madison, 91. 
James Porter, 167, 16S. 
James Stockman, 100, 114, 

James Thomas, 186. 
James Wallace, 134. 
James Walter, 195, 200. 
James Whidden, 185, 190. 
James White, 160. 
James Young, 128, 176. 
Jane, 64, 146, 288. 
Jane Amelia, 272. 
Jane Clark, 195. 
Jane Elizabeth, 275, 288. 
Janet, 44, 45, 59, 60, 63, 64, 

Jasper H., 261. 
Jeannie, 122. 
Jennie, 190. 
Jennie Cordelia, 159. 
Jennie Kate, 162. 
Jenny Lucinda, 151. 
Jerusha, 100. 

Allison, Jesse, 154. 
J. D., 176. 
John. 40, 63, 64, 91, 104, 126, 

128, 142, 143, 175, 180, 

187, 188, 240, 260, 261, 

Dr. John, 154. 
Hon. John, 129. 
John of Vermont, 85, 100. 
John of Manitoba, 190. 
John of New York, 209, 

251. 2.52, 253, 255. 
Rev. John of Kentucky, 

Rev. John, 189, 197. 
John of New Hampshire, 

John of New Jersey, 245. 
John of Michigan, 266. 
John of England, 170. 
John of Ohio, 129. 
John of Penn.sylvania,122. 
John of North Carolina, 

John of Nova Scotia, 182, 

John A., 159. 
John B., 135. 
John Beattie, 162, 163. 
John Blauvelt, 287. 
John Craig, 164. 
John Edward, 288. 
John Fielden, 158. 
John Graham, 146, 147. 
John H., 266. 
John Huss, 171. 
John Hutchinson, 186. 
John L., 155, 176, 224. 
John Learned, 114. 
Rev. John Lee, 164. 
John M. S., 127. 
John Matthew, 152. 
John P., 262. 
Hon. John Perry, 87. 
John Phifer, 148. 
John Quinton, 100. 
John S., 177. 
John Samuel, 85. 
John Shaw, 174. 
John Smick, 174. 
John Washington, 159, 280. 
John William, 289. 
John Wilson, 99, 113. 
John Wisner, 210. 
Jonas, 259, 267, 268. 
Jonathan Crane, 187, 194. 
Joseph, 40, 136, 170, 174, 181, 

185, 188, 241, 259, 287. 
Hon. Joseph, 136. 
Joseph of California, 192. 
Joseph of Illinois, 289. 
Joseph of New York, 208, 

Joseph of Nova Scotia, 

Capt. Joseph, 2.52, 253. 
Elder Joseph, 240. 
Joseph of Ireland, 142. 
Joseph A., 266, 279. 
Joseph B., 253, 256, 165. 
Joseph Cosgrove, 278. 
Joseph Fisher, 171, 172. 
Joseph Francis, 186, 195. 
Joseph L., 176. 
Joseph Leonard, 200. 
Joseph Webster, 166, 167, 

168, 169. 
Rev. Joseph Young, 148. 

Allison, Josephine, 155. 
Josiah, 161, 290. 
Joshua, 215. 
Julia, 99, 111. 124, 212. 
Julia Ann, 1.59. 
Julia Sophronia, 142. 
Kate, 142. 
Kate Augusta, 278. 
Katharine Flovd, 287. 
Kathreen, 63, 78. 
Katherine, 43. 
Keziah, 209. 
Kittle, 236. 
Laura, 225. 
Laura Kate, 291. 
Laura Mary, 176. 
Laurinda, 102. 
Lavinia Holt, 91, 105. 
Lavinia Jemima, 99, 111. 
Lawrence, 39. 
Lawrence, Edward, 108. 
Lawrence F., 226. 
Leah, 255. 

Leslie Calhoun, 272. 
Leonard, 190, 254. 
Lettie Blanche, 163. 
Letitia, 263. 
Letitia Evaline, 152. 
Letitia Cosgrove, 275. 
Lettice, 151. 
Lewis, 190. 
Lily, 190. 

Lilly Frances, 113. 
Linnie, 231. 
Lizzie, 127. 
Lizzie Elmer, 233. 
Lottie, 236. 
Louisa, 124, 155. 
Louisa Amanda, 204, 205. 
Lucian Osborne, 101. 
Dr. Lucius Carey, 194. 
Lucinda, 155. 
Lucretia, 290. 
Lucy, 153. 
Lulu, 224. 
Lydia, 138, 215. 
Lvdia Curran, 139. 
Lvdia E.,223. 
Mabel, 87, 224. 
Mabel Hitchcock, 272. 
Mabel Persis, 114. 
Mabel Preston, 179. 
Magdaline Simonton, 151. 
Margaret, 24, 62, 66, 122, 

146, 150,156,255,263,266, 

Margaret Adaline, 151. 
Margaret A. C, 195. 
Margaret Ann, 186, 189. 
Margaret Barr, 64, 93. 
Margaret Frances, 289. 
Margaret Gatzner, 140. 
Margaret Jane, 91. 
Margaret Torrance, 152. 
Maria, 123. 
Maria Elizabeth, 172. 
Marian Zeluff, 275. 
Martin S., 154. 
Marv,88, 116, 122, 123, 145, 

150, 152, 161,172,187,190, 

212, 224, 233, 236. 
Marv Amelia, 134. 
Marv Ann, 91, 102, 138, 147, 

156, 203, 290. 
Mary Ann Damon, 91. 
Mary Anne, 90. 
Marj- Arabella, 200. 
Mary B., 87. 



Allison, Marv Bronson, 92. 

Mary Eliza, 103. 

Mary Elizabeth, 125, 140, 

Mary Elmira, 268, 

Mary Elvira, 289. 

Mary Emma, 231. 

Marv Esther, 108. 

Mary Jane, 185, 191, 280, 289. 

Mary Lizzie, 108. 

Mary Louise, 148. 

Mary Margaret, 270. 

Mary Maud, 278. 

Mary Olive, 87- 

Mary Rachel, 163. 

Marv Selina, 152. 

Martha, 44, 277. 

Martha Ann, 179. 

Martha Frances, 231. 

Martha Harvey, 162, 163. 

Martha Jane, 147. 

Martha Wilmouth, 165. 

Matthew, 135, 253, 259. 

Matthew Corey, 137. 

Matthew Herbert, 137. 

Matilda, 153. 

Matilda Caroline, 156. 

Melissa Emma, 165. 

Micah, 211. 

Michael, 254, 261, 271. 

Michael Calhoun and fam- 
ily, 272. 

Michael S., 272. 

Mildred, 224. 

Minnie, 225. 

Mira L., 236. 

Mollie Clarke, 162. 

Monroe, 155. 

Mortimore, 226, 236. 

Nancy, 139, 153, 184, 187, 280. 

Nancy Adeline. 289. 

Nancy Freeman, 288. 

Nancy Jane, 156. 

Nancy Prudence, 289. 

Napoleon, 290. 

Nathaniel, the soldier,217. 

Nathaniel, 231, 

Dr. Nathaniel, 217,223,230, 

Nathaniel T., 154, 155. 

Nathaniel Thompson, 157. 

Nellie Grant, 163. 

Nellie Hope, 113. 

Nellie Irene, 236. 

Nellie Russell, 235. 

Noah, 203. 

Olive, 283. 

Oliver, 123. 

Oscar, 225, 226. 

Oscar Hause, 118. 

O.scar Hulett, 101. 

Orman Dutton, 101, 117. 

Otway, 142. 

Parcells, 254. 

Patty, 214, 215. 

Pauline, 156. 

Peter, 170, 253, 255, 260. 

Peter P., 255, 260. 

Phebe Ann, 225, 236. 

Phebe Caroline, 139. 

Phebe Jane, 225. 

Philip Arthur, 104. 

Philip Henry, 104. 

Philip L., 235. 
Pollv, 99, 110, 145, 256. 
PoUV May, 64. 

Rachel, 267. 

Rachel R., 134. 
Alison, Rachel, 123. 

Allison, Ralph, 41. 

Ralph Denniston, 281. 
Rebecca, 44, 153, 154, 167, 

217, 224, 256, 257, 287. 
Rebecca of Nova Scotia, 
182, 183, 186. 

Rebecca of Ireland, 183. 

Rebecca A., 136. 

Rebecca Elizabeth, 289. 

Rebecca Rutledge, 168. 

Rebekah, 168. 

Redmond D., 236. 

(or Ellison), Richard, 39. 

Richard, 150, 151, 240. 

Richard of Ohio, 217, 225. 

Dr. Richard, 252. 

Major Richard, 272, 281. 

Col. Richard, 144. 

Richard of New York, 

209, 217, 225. 

Richard F., 226, 235. 

Richard Monroe, 151. 

Richard Preston, 152. 

Richardson, 209, 211. 

Robert, 123, 127, 129, 135, 
142, 144, 145, 158, 161. 

Robert of Ireland, 138, 139, 
187, 188, 197. 

Robert of New York, 242. 
243, 253, 254. 

Robert of Tennessee, 288. 

Robert of California, 290. 

Robert of Ohio. 290. 

Robert Allen, 167, 168. 

Robert Clarke, 162. 

Robert Cj'fus, 288. 

Robert Franklin, 159. 

Robert Hamilton, 162. 

Robert Henry, 125, 288. 

Robert Henderson, 136. 

Robert Hugh, 152. 

Robert Porter, 167. 

Robert Washington, 


Robert William, 147. 

Dr. Robert S., 125. 

Rodney Esbel, 101, 117. 

Roger Oilman, 108. 

Roland Hill, 101, 118, 119. 

Roxannah, 150, 151, 155. 

Roy H., 224. 

Rose Strifling, 162. 

Rufus, 289. 

Ruth Goodrich, 157. 

Ruth Minerva, 147. 

Sadie Persis, 113. 

Sally, 98, 110, 168. 

Sally Anna, 226. 

Charter, Samuel of Lon- 
donderry, N. H., 40, 

Capt. Samuel, of London- 
derry, N. H., 44, 45, 61, 

Samuel of Ohio, 85, 101, 
137,217, 224. 

Samuel of Dunbarton, 
N. H.,63, 64. 

Samuel of Marlborough, 
N. H., 65. 

Samuel, 98, 177, 178, 201, 
224, 225, 253, 259, 267. 

Samuel of Ireland, 138, 
183, 187, 196. 

Samuel and family, 256. 

Samuel Cosgrove, 275. 

Samuel Dunn, 162, 163. 

Samuel Emmert, 224. 

Allison, Samuel Fred'k, 158. 
Samuel George, 267. 
Samuel L., 192. 
Samuel Leonard, 185, 192. 
Samuel S., 178. 
Sarah, 63, 65, 85, 122, 123, 

124, 146, 185, 223, 245, 

255, 265. 276. 
Sarah Andrus, 281. 
Sarah Ann, 92, 171, 172, 254, 

267, 288. 
Sarah Caroline, 146, 289. 
Sarah Catherine, 89. 
Sarah E., 135. 
Sarah Ellen, 108. 
Sarah Evans, 91. 
Sarah Gertrude, 165. 
Sarah Jane, 190, 261. 
Sarah Keziah, 159. 
Sarah M., 176. 
Sarah Maria, 146. 
Sarab Stone, 94. 
Selinda, 155. 
Seth, 244. 
Silas Young, 147. 
Simon, 99. 
Shelton R., 155. 
Solomon, 135. 
Stephen, 63, 211. 
Stephen Tozier, 105. 
Sukey Prentice, 85. 
Susan, 107, 217, 224. 
Susan Alice, 196. 
Susan Elizabeth, 2C1. 
Susanna, 67. 
Susannah, 40, 45, 63, 172. 
Teresa, 238. 
Theophilus, 150, 159. 
Theophilus W., 159. 
Thomasin, 39. 
Thomas, 39, 40, 127. 144, 
- 145, 146, 150, 151, 153, 

154, 203, 204, 209, 211, 

243, 253, 255, 259, 267, 

272, 282. 
Thomas Alexander, 150, 

Thomas F., 155. 
Thomas Franklin, 147. 
Thomas Hampton, 152. 
Thomas Jefferson, 159. 
Thomas Jolinston and 

family of Georgia, 150. 
Thomas Johnston and 

family of North Car- 
olina, 147, 149. 
Thomas Madison, 158. 
Thomas Morrison, 201, 202. 
Thomas Nixon, 174. 
Thomas Stubbs, 140. 
Thomas Young, 159. 
Timothy R., 215. 
Trvphena, 193. 
Van R., 241. 
Vincent, 266. 
Vinnie, 236. 
Wade Hampton, 152. 
Waite Cushing, 190. 
Waite Fisher, 173. 
Walter, 174. 
Walter Balfour, 103. 
Walter Campbell, 116. 
Walter Harris, 64, 88, 93, 

Walter Irving, 106. 
Walter Scott, 101. 
Walter Smith, 265, 276. 
Wayne, 111. 



Allison, Whitefleld, 268. 

Wilbur Earle, 276. 

Willard Sumner, 108. 

Willamena B., 264. 

William, 39, 40, 112, 127, 128, 
134, 141, 145, 146, 153, 
161, 171, 177, 181, 182, 
183, 185, 187, 189, 240, 
241, 288. 

William of Ireland, 136, 196. 

William of Pennsylvania, 
139. I 

William of New York, 215,! 
252 254. ! 

William of California, 266. 

William of Windsor, 40. 

William of New Bruns- 
wick, 201. 

William of Kentucky, 175. 

Gen. William, 209, 210. 

William Andrew, 162. 

Hon. William B., 126, 129, 

William Beattie, 161, 162. 

William Bleckley, 104. 

William Dana, 287. 

William Davidson, 64, 87. 

William Edward, 186. 

William Elmer, 159. 

William Francis, 87, 204. 

William Gentil and fam- 
ily, 272. 

William H., 153, 155. 

William H. H., 157. 

William Henr\-, 91, 99, 104, 
107, 112, 191, 269, 279. 

William I., 241. 

William Jefferson, 158. 

William L., 135, 176. 

William Lafayette, 159 

William Lewis, 224, 234, 

William M., 146, 147. 

William Noah, 203, 204. 

William Orman, 118. 

William Cutis, 280, 283. 

William P., 178. 

William Richard, 197. 

William Roe, 224. 

William Scammell, 190. 

WMlliam Sheldon, 206. 

William Theophilus, 160. 

William White, 162, 163. 

Winthrop, 272. 

Winthrop Sargent, 190. 

Zilpha Catherine, 158. 
Alliston, Frank, 241. 

John, 40. 
Almon, Eleanor, 186. 

Frank, 186. 

Louis, 186. 

Mather, 186. 

Mather Boyle, 186. 

Muriel, 186. 

Percey, 186. 

Ravenal, 186. 
Alter, Joseph, 149. 
Ames, Eleanor H., 220. 

Henry O., 220. 

William Henry, 220. 
Anderson, David Catlin, 140 

Duncan McArthur, 140. 

Frank, 138. 

Harry R., 140. 

Dea. Horace, 48. 

Dea. Jesse, 51. 

Josiah, 215. 

Mary Jane, 126. 

Anderson, Richard, 215. 

Robert, 126. 

Gen. Robert, 140. 

Thomas, 123. 

Verne, 83. 

William Allison, 140. 

William Mar.shall, 140. 
Andrews, Mary, 136. 
Andrus, Anna Given, 280. 

Nelson, 280. 
Ann.'^n, Rev. David, 80. 

Mary, 80. 
Ansell, Georgianna, 68. 
Anthony, C. L., 227. 
Antill, Alice, 244. 

Lewis, 244. 
Armitage, Benjamin, 123. 

Hannah, 123. 

James, 123. 

Mary, 123. 

Thomas, 219. 

Mrs. Margaret D., 51. 

John, 51. 
Armstrong, Elizabeth, 74. 

George F., 43. 

John A., 74. 

John D. and family, 74. 

William H. and family, 74 
Arnold, Seymour M., 75. 
AsHBURY, Howard Elmer, 220. 

Ida Virginia, 220. 

Joseph Martin, 220. 

Lillie Ruth, 220. 

Marian Elmer, 220. 

Nettie Stewart, 220. 
Atkinson, Elizabeth, 108. 
Atwood, Albert, 73. 

Alvina, 73. 

Ann Elizabeth, 75. 

Anne Sargent, 191. 

Catherine McAfee, 75. 

Charles G., 75. 

Charles F., 75. 

DeLisle and family, 75. 

Fred M. and family, 75. 

Harriet, 74. 

Martha J. M., 74. 

Sarah D., 74. 

Susan H., 74. 

Thomas, 74. 

Warren W., 191. 
Augsberry, George Wilson 

and family, 109. 
Austin, Susan, 105. 
AusTON, Minerva, 262. 
Ayres, John Preston, 162. 

Mary Jane, 162. 
AstellJ^ Silas H., 218. 


Babbitt, William C, 49. 
Babcock, Sophia B., 69. 
Bacon, Charles, 102. 
Bj^ggette, Colie, 152. 
Bailey, Charlotte, 226. 

Col. Jonathan, 226. 

Hon. Lawrence D., 82. 

Miles M., 151. 
Baise, Robert, 156. 
Baker, Charles, 74. 

Charles A. and family, 
74, 75. 

James D., 289. 

Laura E., 74. 

Sallv, 108. 

Sarah J., 83. 

Susan J., 74. 
Balch, James A., 289. 

Banta, Adelia H., 48. 
Barbour, Cora, 172. 

Howard O., 172. 

William and family, 60. 
Bardsley, Charles W^, 2. 
Barker, Jeduthan, 95. 

Lerov A., 51. 

Sally, 95. 
Barlow, George, 247. 

William and family, 258. 
Barnard, George F. and 

family, 70. 
Barnes, Harriet D., 57. 
Barnett, Annis, 106. 
B.^RNET, Moses, 45. 
Barr, Jane, 88. 

Molly, 63. 
Barrows, Martha, 83. 

Whitney Williams, 289. 
Barss, Joseph, 192. 

Sophia, 192. 
Bartlett, George F., 69. 
Barton, William, 243. 
Bass, Dorothy, 93. 

Lewis and family, 59. 
Basset, Emma, 113. 
Bastie, Jane, 158. 
Batchelder, Hazen, 105. 

Malinda W., 105. 
B.ATEMAN, James Blair, 102. 
Bates, Cora I., 58. 
Battey, Emma Clara, 272. 
Beach, Bloomlield J., 82. 

H. O., 221. 

John B., 82. 

Pamelia, 86. 
Bean, William, 52. 
Beard, Rebecca, 135. 
Beardsley, Ezra E. and 

family, 84. 
Beattie, William, 161. 
Bedell, Charles C. and fam- 
ily, 219. 
Beers, J. B., 247. 
Beggs, Eliza, 186. 
Bell, Hon. Charles H., 9. 

Hon. Hugh, 185, 188. 

John Allison, 189. 

Joseph, 189. 

Rachel, 224. 

Sarah, 189. 
Bennett, Ann W., 55. 

Elizabeth, 58. 

Jane, 184. 

Joseph, 184. 

Mr., 189. 

Martha, 184. 

Rev. William, 183. 

William and family, 184, 
Berryhill, Samuel, 287. 
Benson, Elizabeth, 253. 

Martha, 253. 
Bickford. Martha M., 266. 

Samuel Richardson and 
family, 80. 
BiNNS, James, 197. 
BissELL, Capt. Frank M. and 

family, 80. 
Bixby, Lutheria, 100. 
Black, Nancy, 158. 
Blanchard, Dr. Andrew D., 

Annie Rea, 54. 

Denman and family, 54. 

Lucy Stanwood, 54. 

Mary Anna, 54. 
Blaney, Mary B., 49. 



Blood, Franklin F., 49. 
Bloomeb, Eliza, 79. 
Blauvelt, Elizabeth, 280. 

Samuel C. and family, 261. 
BoDEN, Frederick E., 56. 
BoGGS, Charles, 194. 

Jane, 194. 
BoLiN, Eva C, 49. 
BoLLES, Dameral, 117. 
BoNS.'VRD, Mary Ansel, 194. 
Booth, Emmaretta, 276. 
Borland, Adaline, 218. 
BoTHEROB, Ellen, 236. 
BosTwiCK, Mr., 254. 
BoTSFORD, Hon. Amos E., 193. 

Blair, 193. 
BouRK, Elezar, 103. 

Hattie Evelyn, 103. 
BowLBY, Georgie, 266. 
Bowman, Eliza Tarleton, 72. 

Jennie, 70. 
Bradley, Marcelia E., 75. 
Bradner, Margaret, 209. 
Brainard, Austin, 92. 
Brame, Alexander, 288. 

Lelia, 289. 

Robert Allison, 289. 

William Alexander, 289. 
Brandon, Charles, 139. 

Juliana, 139. 
Bray, Hannah, 242. 
Breeze, Samuel, 264. 
Brent, William F. and fam- 
ily, 70. 
Brewster, Eleanor, 196. 

Hannah, 269. 

Jonas, 269. 

William, 196. 
Brickett, Elizabeth, 126. 
Bridgman, Lewis L. and 

family, 54. 
Bbiggs, Frank A., 140. 

Hon. James F., 140. 
Broadhead, John Romeyer, 

Bronson, Mary, 64. 

Mary Jackson, 92. 

Nancy, 214. 

Sarah, 64. 

Sarah Carter, 89. 

Susannah, 211. 
Brooks, Abigail, 225. 

Abby, 215. 

Amy Ann, 215. 

Eldridge, 215. 

Eliphalet, 215. 

Elizabeth R., 76. 

Emeline, 215. 

James, 215. 

Justus, 215. 

Phebe, 215. 
Bross, Allison, 205. 

Charles Allison, 204. 

David Colton, 204. 

George Adrian, 204. 

John Lane, 204. 

Richard Shurter, 205. 

Robert, 204. 

William H., 204. 
Brown, Arthur, 243. 

Charles, 203. 

Dexter, 206. 

Eunice, 79. 

Hadassah C, 231. 

Henry, 206. 

J., 185. 

Lizzie, 158. 

Mr., 217. 

Brown, Marj' Amelia, 91, 104. 

Mary Ann Sheldon, 206. 

Mary Frances, 66. 

Oscar and family, 71. 

Dea. Philip, 104. 

Robert, 193. 
Bruce, Joel, 82. 
Bryant, John H., 101., 
Buck, Dora, 96. 

Estella Amanda, 96. 

Hershel W., 96. 

William N., 96. 
Buckalew, Martha, 245. 
BucKBiE, Andrew, 262. 

Harriet Matilda, 262. 

Jacob William, 262. 

Josephine, 262. 

Rebecca Ann, 262. 
BucKSBEE, Sarah, 214. 
Buckley, Frederick, 205. 
Buckman, H. H., 168. 
Burley, Harriet, 93. 
Burns, Mary, 269. 
Bush, Laura B., 49. 
Bushnell, Nathan, 57. 
BusKiSK, Isaac V., 171. 
Butler, Sophronia Cole, 114, 

Caldwell, Mrs. Alice (Polk), 


Andrew, 271. 

Annie, 137. 

Rev. Cyrus K., 146. 

Rebecca, 181. 
Calhoun, Alfred M., 271. 

Andrew', 271. 

Harriet M., 271. 
Camp, David, 226. 
CAMPBELL, Hannah, 115. 

James, 156. 

Rev. More, 186. 

Peter F., 279. 

Samuel, 115. 

Thomas B., 193. 

William, 193. 
Carlyle, Thomas, 8. 
Cabman, Levi and descend- 
ants, 262. 
Carpenter, Ann Walker, 98. 

Benjamin, 210. 

Richard Allison, 210. 
Carr, Margaret, 100, 196. 

Sir Robert, 241. 
Carson, Harriet, 134. 
Carter, Anna, 134. 

Sarah, 142. 
Case, Amy, 240. 

George, 61. 
Cassida, Sarah, 262. 
Caswell, Henry, 40. 

Susannah, 40. 
Carvillb, Dr., 89. 
Cathey, Margaret Ann, 289. 
Cavin, Asenath, 159. 
Chadwick, Sarah F., 67. 
Chambers, Carrie, 190. 

Frank, 153. 

Hugh and family, 189. 

John, 153. 

Joseph, 153. 
Chapman, Calvin, 61. 

George and family, 73. 
Chappelle, Susie L., 96. 
Chandler, George H., 71. 
Chase, Benjamin Kimball, 92. 

Sarah, 93. 

Cheney, Leonora, 1 . 
Christie, Betty, 61. 

James C. and family, 1. 
Chunn, Bettie Crawford, 


William, 149. 
Chute, Fanny Matilda, 189. 
Clarke, Andrew J., 162. 

Edward Gove, 90. 

Elizabeth, 174, 287. 

George, 97. 

Jane, 180. 

Jeanette, 90. 

Laura A., 71. 

Madge M., 97. 

Mary, 162. 

Nancy, 98. 

Rebecca Jane, 162. 

Robert, 162. 

William, 287. 
Claycomb, William, 155. 
Clement, Nathaniel Holmes 
and family, 78. 

Col. Zenas. 78. 
Cloug-£, Clarissa M., 75. 
Clyde, Rev. John C, 121. 
Cochran, EmHy Jane, 58. 

James and family, 50. 

Dea. Jonathan, 58. 

Judge Silas Morris, 58. 
Cochrane, Rev. Warren R., 

CoE, Benjamin and family, 


Dr. David, 109. 

Matthias, 259. 

John, 249. 

Peter, 267. 

Robert, 249. 

Sarah, 267. 
Coffee, Elizabeth, 153. 
Coffin, Daniel Morrison and 
family, 281. 

Florence, 192. 

Marietta, 234. 

William, 184. 
Coghill, Alice Beaty, 95. 
Cogswell, Edward, 193. 

Maria, 193. 

Marv, 186. 

Mary A., 193, 195. 

Nancv, 193. 

Oliver, 186, 193, 195. 

Rebecca, 193. 

Robert, 193. 

Sarah, 193. 
CoHOON, Samuel F., 200. 
Colby, Ada Dow, 56. 

Sophia, 57. 
Golden, Alice, 244. 

Cadwallader, 246. 

Elizabeth, 244. 

Thomas Ellison, 244. 
Cole, Rev. David, 238, 247. 
Coleman, Annie L., 58. 
Colley, Ann J. D., 73. 
Collins, Benjamin, 256. 
Colton, Eliza, 204. 
Comstock, Hon. George F., 

Cone, Ida, 288. 

Marietta Ellen, 288. 

George Washington, 288. 
Conklin, George R., 221. 

John, 214. 
Conn, Joseph, 187. 
Connors, David, 77. 
CoNovER, James, 255. 



Cook, Hannah R., 226, 235. 

Josiah, 119. 

Rev. Martin E., 119. 

Mrs. Nannett (Martin), 

Theodosia, 118. 

William G., 140. 
Cooper, John and family, 60. 
CoPELAND, Anna Harris, 102. 

Luther Josiah, 102. 
Corey, Anna, 137. 

rapt. Matthew, 137. 
Cornell, Mr., 84. 
Corning, Albian James and 
family, 55. 

Oilman, 55. 
CosGROvE, Abraham, 258. 

Abraham and descend- 
ants, 263. 

Amelia, 258. 

Catherine, 274. 

Catherine Ann, 258. 

Charlotte, 259. 

Christopher, 257. 

Hannah, 258. 

Henrietta, 258. 

Jane Eliza, 258, 274. 

John, 258. 

Joseph, 258, 264. 

Joseph and family, 264. 

Margaret, 258. 

Mary, 258. 

Samuel, 258. 

Wilhelmina, 258. 

William, 258. 
CouRTER, Ida L., 230. 
Cowan, Daidee, 52. 
CowEN, Fred H., 75. 
Cox, Sarah, 128. 
Craig, James, 163. 
Craige, Annie, 148. 

David, 45. 
Crane, Florence Binney, 102. 

Helen M., 119. 

John N., 183. 

Col. Jonathan, 182, 183. 

Rev. Loring, 102. 

Ruth, 193. 

Silas, 183. 

William, 183, 193. 
Crawford, Joseph, 156. 

Rev. Thaddeus C, 151. 
Crom, Dick, 252. 
Crooke, John, 244, 246. 

Rev. Mr., 202. 

Margaret, 244. 
Crossfield, Emily M., 80. 
Crow, David J., 230. 

Sarah J., 230. 
Crowley, Sidney, 193. 
Culver, David, 64. 

Eliza, 64. 
Curran, John P., 138. 

Lvdia, 138. 

Susan M., 197. 
Currier, Joseph, 51. 

Lavinia, 104. 
Curtis, Abner, 97. 

Emma W., 104. 

George Henry, 104. 

Lizzie A., 58. 

Melissa, 97. 
Cutler, Dorothy Evans, 86. 

Edward Jones, 47. 

Emeline W., 83. 

Henry Arthur, 47. 

Hepsibeth, 83. 
Cutler, John, 83. 

Cutler, Lucius A., 84. 

Nathaniel, 83. 
Cuvper, Cornelius C, 252. 

Mr., 252. 


Dallas, Catherine Chew, 125. 
Dallinson, Martha, 215. 
Damon, Edward A., 79. 

Edward Orne, 79. 

Henrietta Frances, 79. 
Dana, Mrs. Katherine 
(Floyd), 284. 

William B., 284. 
Dane, Clara Jane, 94. 

William, 94. 
Danielson, Mrs. D. J., 103. 
Darr, Anna Eva, 112. 
Darracott, Bessie, 113. 

Jane, 99. 

Sarah Jane, 113. 

William, 99, 113. 
Davant, Carrie, 148. 
Davenport, Qeorgiana, 74. 
Davidson, Rev. William, 45. 
Davis, Elnathan Hayne, 151. 

Benjamin, 216. 

Grace, 215. 

Jane A., 236. 

Mary, 212, 216. 
Day, Charles, 60. 

Mary, 219. 
Dearborn, Damon G., 52. 
DeForrest, Abbie, 72. 
DeGrough, Mr., 252. 
DeKay, Julia Ann, 218, 228. 
DeL.'^.shmutt, Eliza B., 49. 
Demorest, Joseph and fam- 
ily, 259. 
Denison, Rev. Lorenzo N. 

and family, 265. 
Denniston, Mary C, 280. 
Denton, Mr., 215. 

Rev. Richard, 247, 249. 
DePew, Jane, 266. 
Dewey, Laura, 224. 
DeWitt, Charlotte Louise, 

Dickey, George, 82. 
Dickinson, Alice Marj% 97. 

Clarence and family, 97. 

Gustavus D., 234. 

Roy Verne, 97. 
Dickson, Abbie, 186. 
DiNSMOOR, Aurelia J., 48. 

Betsey, 47. 

Clarissa, 47. 

Edwin Orville, 48. 

Isaiah and family, 53. 

James, 47. 

Jennett, 47. 

Martha Amanda, 48. 

Robert, 11. 

Robert Boyd, 51. 

Samuel Morrison, 48. 

Theodora B., 48. 

Dea. Theodore, 48. 

William, 47. 
Divers, Emma, 230. 

George E., 230. 

Jonas E., 230. 
Dixon, Abraham Edwin, 98. 

Charles, 193. 

Fitz Eugene, 125. 

Mary B.. 125. 

Sarah, 193. 

Sophia Dallas, 125. 

Dixo.v, Thomas, 125. 
Doane, Arthur W., 191, 192. 

Elizabeth Marv, 192. 

Elizabeth Whidden, 187. 

Fanny Sargent, 192. 

Frances Augusta, 192. 

Herbert Lander, 192. 

James H., 192. 

John Winthrop, 192. 

Joseph, 192. 

Joseph A., 191. 

Julia, 191. 

Mary Sargent, 192. 

Robert Duncan, 192. 

Sarah, 192. 

Capt. Seth C, 191. 

William Avard, 192. 
DoBY, Charlotte Temple, 151. 
Dodge, Harriet Adaline, 172. 

Belinda, 52. 

Darius, 172. 

Rev. J. W. A., 205. 

Sarah, 103. 
DoNEGAN, Anne, 53. 
DooLiTTLE, Alfred, 118. 

Elmer Allison, 118. 

Ermie, 118. 
DoRLAND, Martha, 245. 
Doty, Florence, 219. 
Dougherty, William and 

family, 84. 
Douglass, Ann, 255. 

Ellen, 238. 
Dow, Abel and family, 55. 

Alva and family, 55. 

Amos and family, 58. 

Asa and familj','58. 

Betsey, 55. 

Gilman C, 55. 

Hannah, 55. 

Jesse E., 103. 

Julia Augusta, 103. 

Lucinda, 55. 

Nancy Betton, 55. 

Phileiia, 55. 

Robert and family, 55. 
Downing, Frank Allison, 226. 

Margaret, 123. 

Thomas J., 225. 
Downs, William, 204. 
Dove, Elizabeth, 288. 
Drake, F. D., 236. 
Drown, Alvin Pariss, 100. 

William, 100. 
Drucker, Susan E., 73. 
Dryden, Harriet E., 289. 

Jonathan, 288. 
Dubois, Charles, 262. 

Jonas, 259. 
Dunn, William, 212. 
DURALL, Elizabeth, 289. 
Dusett, Fred B. and familv, 

Dustan, Calista, 82. 
Dyer, Mary B., 57. 
Dysart, Thomas, 155. 

Eades, William G., 205. 
E.\MES, Mary H., 73. 
Earl, Mrs., 255. 
Earle, Euridice, 52. 
Eastman, Emma S., 92. 
Easton, Harriet A., 176. 
Eaton, Roswell and family, 

Edminster, Hannah, 108. 
Edmunds, John W., 282. 



Edwards, Ella C, 68. 
Edsall, Mr., 208. 
Egle, William H., 121. 
EicK, Allison A., 172. 

George Francis, 172. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 172. 

Willam Milton. 172. 
EisENBUKG, Hannah, 173. 
Ela, Enoch, 88. 
Elder, Frances, 137. 

John and familj% 185. 

Margaret, 190. 

Matthew, 190. 

Rachel, 123. 
Elkin, Rev. John, 137. 
Ellington, John, 247,248,250. 
Ellis, Chester F. and family, 

Ellison, Amos, 244. 

(or AUi.s'on), Andrew, 40. 

Anna, 244. 

Artamasia, 157. 

Christopher, 245. 

Cuthbert, 245. 

Daniel, 241, 251. 

Ebenezer, 120. 

Eleanor, 243, 246. 

Elizabeth, 244, 245. 

Ellen, 41. 

Enoch, 243. 

Experience, 39, 249. 

Franci.s, 241. 

Freelove, 245. 

Gabriel, 216. 

George, 41. 

Grace, 249. 

Hannah, 39, 244, 245. 

James, 245. 

John, 39, 41, 242-250. 

Joseph, 120, 243, 244, 246. 

Lawrence, 39, 247. 248. 

Lewis, 245. 

Margaret, 244, 246. 

Martha, 244. 

Marv, 39, 119, 243, 245, 246. 

Rachel, 245, 249. 

Richard, 39, 120, 241, 245, 
249, 250, 251. 

Rebecca, 244. 

Samuel, 249. 250. 

Sarah, 3. 

Seth, 245. 

Thamasin, 248. 

Thomas, 39, 242-246, 248- 

Thomasin, 39. 

William, 41, 243-246. 
Ells, Anna, 192. 
Elmer, Alfred, 212. 

Antoinette, 228. 

Bertha Ad aline, 219. 

Carrie Ford, 219. 

Catherine Maria, 218. 

Charles Howard, 237. 

Charles K., 228. 

Charles Lewis, 219. 

Edward, 213. 

Edwin Stewart, 219. 

Efhe May, 219. 

Ella Eugenie, 219. 

Ella Maria, 219. 

Emma Adaline, 219. 

Emma Bartlett, 220. 

Emmett, 228. 

Frances Matilda, 218. 

Frank, 219. 

Frank Ruth, 219. 

Florence L., 219. 

Elmer, George Hizby, 219. 

Grace, 228. 

Henrv S.., 228. 

Henry DeLancy, 218, 228. 

Horace, 213, 218. 

Howard, 227. 

Ida F., 220. 

Isabel, 228. 

James Floyd, 218. 

James Horace, 218. 

John, 228. 

John Carpenter, 220. 

Jonathan, 213. 

Josephine, 228. 

Julia A., 218, 228. 

Lewis, 219. 

Lewis Stewart, 219. 

Lida Hizby, 219. 

Louisa B., 220. 

Lulu Grace, 219. 

Luther Stewart, 220. 

Mary, 227. 

Mary Etta, 219. 

Mary Florence, 219. 

Mary K., 228. 

Micah Allison, 213, 218. 

Minnie Florence, 219. 

Morgan Shuit, 228. 

Rev. Nathaniel, 218, 228. 

Oscar, 228. 

Oscar Henry, 221. 

Percy W., 219. 

Rena Viola, 219. 

Richard Allison, 218, 226, 
236, 237. 

Robert France, 237. 

Samuel, 213. 

Sarah, 218, 

Sarah Elizabeth, 220. 

Sarah Lizzie, 229. 

Sarah Maria, 213, 220. 

Stephen Allison, 213. 

Susan Maria, 219. 

Teresa Amelia, 218, 231, 

Thomas Jefferson, 219. 

Virginia T., 220. 

Walter Floyd, 219. 

Dr. William, 211, 213. 

William Addison, 219. 

Dr. William Stewart, 218, 

William Wallace, 228. 
Elmore, Samuel E., 213. 
Emery, Betsey, 61. 

Clarissa E., 69. 
Emmons, James C, 231. 
England, Ruth A., 124. 
Erskine, William, 142. 
Erwin, Mr., 146. 

Margaret, 287. 

Marv Ann, 288. 

William, 287. 
Estabrook, Eliza, 93. 
Esten, Mary, 206. 
Evans, Andrew Allison, 93. 

Asa, 93. 

Mrs. Bet.sey, 63. 

Eliza, 156. 

Lewis F., 156. 

Samuel, 64, 93. 

Susan, Carleton, 93. 

Isabella, 289. 

Fairbanks, Alice Heath, 56. 
Farley, Charles P. and fam- 
ily, 72. 

Farley. Sophronia A., 72. 
Farr, Henry, 147. 
Favor, Elizabeth, 92. 
Fay, Luther, 61. 
Felter, David, 222. 

Emeline, 268. 
Ferguson, Lavina, 217. 

Robert, 1. 
Ferris, Edward Myron, 87. 
Ferry, Thomas, 155. 
Fewell, Mason, 289. 
Fifield, D. E.,43. 
Finch, Catherine, 233. 

Elizabeth, 243. 
Fish, Almira Weston, 101. 

David, 101. 
Fisher, J., 147. 

Jane, 170. 

Maria, 76. 
Fitch, James B., 193. 
Flemming, Eleanor, 197. 

Jane, 187. 

Joseph, 187. 

Mary, 180. 
FLETcmR, Edmund Abbott, 


Eugene Bronson and 
family, 93. 

Jefferson, 86. 

Mr., 87. 

Mary Louise, 86. 

Rollen, 92. 

Sarah Jane, 86. 

Gov. Thomas C, 80. 
Flinn, Thomas and family, 

Flint, Lena S., 264. 

Orline M., 76. 
Floyd, A. C, 12. 

Elizabeth, 245. 

John G., 285. 

Mary, 246. 
Foard, Caroline, 149. 
FoisE, Evangeline, 81. 
FOLLANSBEE, Edith A., 59. 
Forbes, Martha A. B., 57. 

Capt. William J., 113. 
Ford, Emeline C, 221. 

Caroline, 229. 

John 0.,221. 

Rev. John, 229. 

Mahlon, 220. 

Marv E., 221. 

Newton H., 221. 

William Elmer, 221. 

Selma M., 221. 
Fordham, John, 249. 
Foreman, William F., 156. 
Foster, Adelaide Eliza, 92. 

Lerov Allison and fam- 
ily, 92. 

Martha Ann, 172. 

Newell Abbott, 92. 
Fowler, Denton, 281. 

Sarah, 281. 
Fox, Nathaniel M. and fam- 
ily, 48. 

William Allison, 48. 
France, J. F., 237. 

Sarah, 237. 
Fraser, Dr. D. B., 188. 

Mary, 194. 
Freeman, Archibald Allison, 


Emma, 193. 

Janet, 193. 

Maurice Urban, 193. 

Reuben, 287. 



Fekeman, William H., 193. 
French, Francis, 57. 

Qeorg-e M., 73. 

Henry Allison and fam- 
ily, 90. 

Rev. Henrv S. G., 89. 

Hugh R., 73. 

Leon P., 73. 

Lizzie E., 73. 
Fritcher, Jame.s, 227. 
Frith, Clarissa Adell, 134. 
Frost, Alfred Clinton and 
familj% 66. 

Caroline Lydia, 98. 

Charles Mason, 66. 

Helen Elvira, 98. 

James Edwin, 98. 

James Trussell, 98. 

Sarah, 48. 

Silas Pierce, 66. 

Stephen, 290. 

Walter Clarence and 
family, 66. 
Fuller, Ella L. S., 76. 
FuLMER, George, 263. 
FuBMAN, Nathan, 217. 


Gage, Annie Gertrude, 70. 
Aaron Q. and family, 70. 

Caroline A., 68. 

Carrie A., 70. 

Daniel, 70. 

Mary Jane, 70. 

William C, 70. 

William H., 67. 
Gale, Abram, 211. 

Mr., 214. 

Sabrina E., 52. 
Gallagher, Richey, 139. 

William, 139. 
Gallishan, George K. W., 


Mary Little, 93, 108. 
Garbet, John, 108. 

Mary, 93, 108. 
Gardner, Carrie C, 265. 

Carrie A., 265. 

Elizabeth Amelia, 232. 

James H., 264. 

John, 44, 217. 

Samuel, 232. 

Wilhelmina, 265. 
Garner, Henry, 260. 
Garnier, S., 47. 
Garnet, Elizabeth, 166. 
Garrebrant, Margaret, 246. 
Gates, General, 68. 

Samuel, 83. 

Sybil Eliza, 83. 
Gatzmer, Frederick Ernest, 


Henry Sigismnnd, 140. 
GiDNEY, Hon. David P., 237. 
Gentil, Susan, 271. 
Gettys, Sarah, 124. 
GiBBs, Amelia Ann, 110. 

Carrie Elizabeth, 111. 

Edward, 111. 

Elbert Clark, ill. 

Frederick Henrj', ill. 

Henry, 99, 110. 

Mary Catherine, 111. 

Oceiia Jane, ill. 
Gifford, George W., 134. 

Martin V. B., 134. 
Gilchrist, Nancy, 134. 
Gilderslieve, Richard, 249. 

Giles, Esther, 164. 
Gill, John B., 152. 
Gilleland, Jane, 171. 
Gillespie, Mr., 146. 
QiLLETT, Jerome Delmarand 

familv, 275. 
Gilliam, George W.. 162. 
GiLMAN, Abijah, 93. 
Charles Edwin, 93. 
Dr. Mary Ellen, 93. 
GiLMORE, Helen P., 76. 
Gleason, Gamaliel, 71. 

Helen, 99. 
GoDDARD, Beriah, 244. 
GoFFE, Maxie, 158. 

Susan, 158. 
GooDNBR, Judge, 288. 
Goodrich, Elijah, 155. 
Nathaniel, 155. 
Ruth, 155. 
Gordon, Maria, 117. 
Gould, Norman G., 61. 
Gove, Annie, 72. 

Edward and family, 68, 
Graham, Jo.seph, 145. 
Mary, 240. 
Sarah, 145. 
Widow, 145. 
Hon. William A., 145. 
Grater, Elizabeth, 173. 
Graves, Bovd, 116. 
Carl, 116. 
Harry, 117. 
Harvey, 116. 
Mira Alma, 114. 
Rose, 116. 
Ward, 116. 
Gray, Alpheus, 70. 
Rebecca, 44, 45. 
Robert, 44. 
Greeley, Celesta, 89. 
Ellen Dana, 47. 
Frederick T., 47. 
Joseph, 47. 
J. Thornton, 47. 
Katherine Morrison, 47. 
Varnum, 89. 
Green, Emily, 58. 
Frost S., 258. 
Henrv C. and family, 74. 
William, 176. 
William H., 233. 
Greenslit, Lucius, 50. 
Greenwood, Joseph, 97. 
Mary, 97. 
Thomas, 97. 
Greer, Mary, 103. 
Gregg, Sarah R., 59. 
Grey, Ann, 259, 267. 
Griffitts, John and family, 

Grigg, Amc'-'-i S., 57. 
Griggs, John, .. j. 
Grimes, Thomas W., 289. 
Guernsey, James, 256. 
Guilford, Dr., 89. 

Robert, 89. 
Guppy, Henry Brougham, 3, 

Guernee, Harvey W., 266. 
Guthrie, Minerva, 164. 
Richard, 164. 
Therese, 164. 
William, 161. 
GuTTBRSON, Angle Mary, 103 
Charles Francis, 103. 
John Harris, 103. 

GuTTERSON, SimonWaIdo,103. 



Hackett, Burton Corbin, : 

Frank Day, 71. 

Levi S., 71. 
Hadley, Walter, 176. 
Hadnut, Dr. Prank P., 235. 
Hale, Kate R., 79. 

Seth W., 79. 
Hall, Hon. Augustus, 141. 

Charles, 88. 

Charles A., 89. 

Charles Wells and family, 

Daniel, 64, 88. 

Frederick, 89. 

Harris Allison, 88. 

Harris Jesse, 88. 

Ira W., 235, 236. 

Jane B., 88. 

Margaret E., 89. 

Maria A., 88. 

Mary Jane, 88. 

Mary Louise ,-88. 

McGregor, 89. 

Robert, 89. 

Urick A., 82. 

William, 89. 

William Harris, 89. 
Halliburton, Margaret, 244. 
Hallock, DeWitt, 215. 

Josephine, 215. 

Judge, 215. 
Ham, Addie, 263. 
Hamer, Susan, 265. 
Hamilton, Annie, 94. 
Hammauer, William, 135. 
Hampton, Elizabeth C, 151. 

Henry, 152. 

Henry Gray, 151. . 

Thomas, 152. 
Hancher, Elba, 234. 
Harding, Alice, 182, 185. 

Israel, 182, 185. 
Hare, William, 194. 
Harmon, Charles A., 112. 

DeWitt Clinton, 112. 

Ella J., 112. 

George Allison, 112. 

Herbert Edgar, 112. 

Jacob Ellis, 99, 112. 

Miss, 158. 
Harrington, Lucia, 152. 
Harris, Frank R., 108. 

George and family, 224. 

Marv Rebecca, 93. 

Thomas I., 189. 
Harrison, Nathaniel, 240. 
Hart, Cynthia, 166. 

James, 166, 176. 
Hartt, Rebecca Sanders, 154. 
Hartwbll, Samuel and fam- 
ily, 50. 
Harvey, Marion, 138. 

Martha, 162. 

Martin, 156. 
Haseltine, Charles L., 47. 
Hatch, Sarah, 61. 
Hatfield, Aaron, 217. 
Hause, HaiTis E., 117. 
Marv Elnora, 117. 
HAVEN,'Ella J., 112. 
Hawkes, John, 242. 
Lucy M., 206. 

Otis, 206. 
Hays, Jo.seph, 122. 
Hayter, Ezra, 161. 



Hayter, William, 161. 
Hazlett, Isaac, 196. 

Rachel. 196. 

Samuel, 196. 
Heally, Mary, 13-1. 
Heckles, Eunice, 51. 
Hegeman, George and fam- 
ily, 272. 

John and family, 261. 
Hendrickson, Maria, 276. 
Hendrie, William C, 258. 
Henry, Catherine, 194. 
Hensly, Mr., 84. 
Herbick, Eunice, 266. 
Hessett, Margaret, 69. 
Hesson, Horatio and family, 

William, 123. 
HicKOK, Preston, 260. 
Hicks, Annie, 108. 

Thomas, 248. 
Hildreth, John Caldwell, 66. 

Marv Ella, 66. 
Hill, Cevilla, 194. 

Gen. D. H., 145. 

Rev. George, 13. 

Rev. J. J., 188. 

Lewis L. and family, 52. 

Mary B. P., 56. 

Thomas, 244. 
Hilliard, Aubrey and fam- 
ily, 59. 
Hilton, Calvin, 102. 

Lovina Abbie, 102. 

Mabel Eleanora, 102. 
Hindman, Ruth Goodrich, 


William G., 156. 

William R., 156. 
Hines, Louisa, 174. 
Hoar, Major Jotham, 78. 

Sally, 76. 
HoBART, Charles L. and fam- 
ily, 52. 
Hodge, Rev. Charles, 288. 
Hodgman, James F. C., 76. 
Hoffman, Catherine, 174, 203. 

Charles Ogden, 119. 

Clara Ann, 118. 

George A., 119. 

Georgie Helen, 119. 

Ogden, 119. 
Hogan, Adam, 99. 
HoiTT, John W. and family, 

Holbbook, David O., 147. 
Hollingswoeth, Mark, 57. 
Holloway, Robert, 288. 
Holmes, Abbie, 84. 

Abbie Damon, 79. 

Abigail, 84. 

Abigail Evans, 79. 

Abram, 77. 

Albertine Merrick, 79. 

Alina, 83. 

Anna G., 72. 

Andrew, 82. 

Avery Nathaniel, 79. 

Artemus Lawrence, 78, 79. 

Caroline, 82. 

Catherine, 76. 

Charles and family, 258. 

Clara, 83. 

Cicero Jonathan, 84. 

Cora Roxana, 82. 

Daniel, 83. 

Daniel Avery, 79. 

David Annan, 80. 

Holmes, Edith Augusta, 79. 

Edwin A., 72. 

Eliza Augusta, 79. 

Eliza T., 72. 

Elizabeth, 72, 80, 82. 

Elizabeth Josephine, 82. 

Emmeline Duncan, 84. 

Enos, 82, 83. 

Frances Sophia, 81. 

Frank H., 84. 

Florence, 84. 

Grace, 83, 84. 

George, 83. 

George B., 72. 

Henry Bigelow, 84. 

Henry Greenleaf, 80. 

Henry Hooper, 80. 

Isabel, 79. 

Jane, 81-83. 

Janet, 71. 

John, 77, 83. 

Lieut. John, 67, 72, 73, 76, 

John Cutter, 83. 

John G., S3. 

John Taggart, 84. 

Jonathan, 71, 84. 

Jonathan Allison, 84. 

Julian Augustus, 82. 

Katherine, 82, 83. 

Katherine Allison, 78. 

Lizzie Lecompte, 80. 

Louisa, 83. 

Louisa Adams, 83. 

Mabel, 72. 

Margaret, 82. 

Mary, 77; 

Mary Elizabeth, 80. 

Mary J., 72,84. 

Mary Louise, 84. 

Mary A., 82. 

Molly, 67. 

Nathaniel, 67, 82. 

Dea. Nathaniel, 63, 78. 

Hon. Nathaniel, 2, 7, 77, 80, 

Nathaniel Cutter, 84. 

Nathaniel L., 84. 

Patrick Henry, 83. 

Robert, 71. 

Robert Bloomer and fam- 
ily, 79. 

Samuel, 80. 

Samuel Allison, 80. 

Sarah, 243. 

Sarah Smith, 81. 

Stephen, 82. 

Susannah, 73. 
Holt, George, 90. 
Holton, Carrie, 72. 
HooKEB, Rev. Thomas, 213. 
HoLYOKE, Rebecca, 59. 
Hopkins, Annie Allison, 142. 

Charles Benjamin, 142. 

Cordelia Oswald, 142. 

Daniel, 142. 

Mr., 217. 

Rev. Mr., 223. 

Oliver Perry, 142. 

Owen J., 142. 

Ruth, 206. 

Stephen, 142. 
HOPPEB, Henry J., 260. 

Rev. Mr., 260. 
Horner, Joseph, 122. 
Horning, Henry, 173. 

Marv Emma, 173. 

Samuel E., 173. 
HoBTON, Mary, 209. 

Hosier, Mary Davis, 197. 
HoTTEN, John C, 41. 
HousMAN, Ann Elizabeth, 


William C, 280. 
Houston, Augustus C, 151. 

George, 214. 

John Augustus, 151. 
Howard, Alice Marj-, 156. 

Andrew J., 156. 

Florence Maj-, 156. 

John Allison, 156. 
Howell, Gabriel, 215. 

James, 214, 215. 

Jason, 215. 

Milton, 215. 

Susan, 215. 

Walter, 215. 

William Thompson, 214. 
Howenstein, Marv, 231. 
HovEY, Alfred Howard, 286. 

Caroline Longstreet, 286. 
HoYT, Adele M., 69. 

Bene M., 69. 

Ella J., 69. 

Dr. Frank, 69. 

Martha A., 68. 

Ziba A., 68. 
HuBBABD, Cora E., 57. 

Barnes, 115. 

Sarah D., 115. 
Hubs, Hannah, 252. 

Phebe, 252. 

Richard, 252. 
Hughes, Benjamin Harvey 
and family, 50. 

Elizabeth Thom, 50. 

Hannah Patterson, 50. 

Isaac Winslow, 51. 

James Barnet, 51. 

John and family, 50. 

Martha Ann, 50. 

Olivia Gre3', 50. 

Samuel Orlando, 51. 

Sarah Adelaide, 50. 

WilliamC, 50. 
HuLETT, Mary, 101. 
HuLME, William, 221. 
Humphreys, Allison B., 168. 

Charles B. and family, 49. 

Edwin J. and familj% 43. 

Mr., 168. 
Hunkins, Mary Ella, 69. 

Nathan F.,"69. 
Hunt, Gen. Israel, 81. 

Israel Thorndike, 81. 

Katherine E., 81. 
Hublburt, Mr., 87. 
Huse, Amanda R., 58. 
HuTCHiNGS, Amos, 253. 
Hutchinson, Margaret, 182, 


Mary, 206. 

Ingalabb, Adolphus W., 111. 
Inglis, Ann, 244. 

Charles, 244. 

John, 244. 

Margaret, 244. 
Ireland, Everett Percy, 69. 

John, 63. 

Jonathan, 90. 

Mary, 90. 


Jackman, Martha, 107. 
Jackson, Hannah, 210. 



Jackson, John, 138. 

Mary, 112, 211. 

Eobert, 138, 250. 

Gen. Thomas J., 145. 
Jameson, Catherine, 246. 
Jamieson, Prof., 277. 
Jannock, Joshua, 248. 
Jeffers, Fannj-, 47. 
Jeffries, Alice, 40. 

George, 40. 
Jenkins, James R., 221. 

Maria R., 221. 

Matilda, 72. 
JOBES, Oscar A., 275. 

Michael Allison, 275. 
JoHNES, John, 240. 

Michael Allison, 240. 
Johns, George, 200. 
Johnson, Anna Isabella, 59. 

Cornelia, 249. 

J. Lewis, 199. 

John, 252. 

Julia, 99, 113. 

Roland P., 163. 

Thomas L., 153. 

Vincent, 153. 
Johnston, Alvira, 146. 

Elizabeth B., 147. 

Helen Blake, 272. 

John, 146. 

Mrs. Margarette, 147. 

Mary Clarissa, 148. 

Robert Allison, 146. 

W. C, 146. 
Jones, David and family, 50. 

Ella Carrie, 87. 

Frank Irving, 87. 

Henri E., 207. 

Lj'dia, 155. 

Lyman Pitman, 268. 

Maria Frances, 87. 

Mary, 230. 

Mary Ann, 157. 

Micah Allison, 208. 

Willie Allison, 87. 

"William S. and family, 50. 

Rev. Zebulon, 87. 
Jordan, Hon. Alva Reynolds, 


Catherine, 280. 

David, 279. 

Emily, 189. 

Joseph, 279. 

Samuel Carter, 55. 
JosT, Emily, 189. 
June, Baxter, 255. 

Charles, 255. 

Lemuel, 255. 


Kane, James O., 234. 
Karman, John, 249. 
Kathrens, Howard D., 200. 
Keeler, Alson and familj", 

Kelley, Harriet Ann, 51. 

Mary, 88. 

Mary Ann, 101. 
Kelso, Henry, 168. 

Isabel, 167, 168. 
Kelt, Agnes, 93. 

John M., 93. 
Kempton, Edwin, 193. 

Fred, 193. 

Laura, 193. 
Kendall, Hattie, 262. 

Mary A., 70. 

Kennedy, William F. and 

family, 60. 
Kenner, Keziah, 23. 
Kenney, Edward, 147. 

James, 254. 

Patty, 254. 
Kenyon, Clara E., 112. 
Kerr, Miss, 146. 

Mr., 150. 

Mattie A., 70. 
Ketchum, Capt. Nathaniel, 

Kidder, Benjamin, 44. 

Joseph, 44. 
KiLES, Cordelia, 268. 

Daniel S., 2.58. 
KiLLEN, Dr. William D., 13. 
KiLLOUGH, Mr., 288. 
Kilpatrick, Mary L. N., 148. 
Kimball, Edward Perry, 81. 

Eleanor Reed, 53. 

Frank, 78. 

George, 83. 

Hon. Horatio, 81. 

Marcia A., 83. 

Samuel Holmes, 81. 
King, William H., 259. 
Kingsbury, Albert E., 59. 
Kingsland, Marj', 255. 
Kirk, D. H. and f.imily, 96. 
Kirkpatrick, Mr., 153. 
Kirkwood, Agnes, 238. 
KiSTLER, David, 146. 
Kittridge, Eri, 76. 

Joseph, 76. 

Joseph W. and family, 76, 

Kate Louise, 76. 

Luther, 68. 

Sophia R., 76. 
Knaut, Philip Augustus, 186. 
Knapp, Amy, 211. 

Amy Keziah, 214. 

Carrie, 228. 

John, 228. 
Knight, Caroline, 221. 

Carrie, 228. 

Charles Thompson, 221. 

Chauncey B., 221. 

Mrs. Eugenia, 270. 

Frederick Jay, 221. 

Henry Brooks, 221. 

Martha Louise, 197. 

Mary Eugenia, 221. 

Mrs.' Mary Thompson, 
211, 221. 

Richard, 197. 

William, 270. 
Kuhn, Georgie, 80. 

Louise R., 258. 

Ladd, Rachel, 86. 
Lake, Margaret, 262. 
Lamb, Charles Allison and 
familj-, 94. 

Charles Churchill, 94. 

Frank Hooker and fam- 
ily, 94. 

Israel, 94. 

Jonas, 94. 

Martha J., 245. 

Nellie Florence, 94. 

Sarah Anna, 94. 
Lane, Emilv R., 55. 

Col. George W., 43. 

Pauline ISIoulton, 92. 
Langrall, Henrietta, 219. 
Lanman, Charles, 129. 

Lapsley, James, 155. 
Lawrence, John, 244. 

Mary, 181-182. 
Lawson, Charles Rudolph, 

Elizabeth Catherine, 205. 
Leach, Ann Frances, 80. 

John, 80. 

John Holmes and family, 

Leaming, Jeremiah, 244. 
Learnard, John W., 99. 

Persis, 99. 
Learned, Emeline Sophia^. 

Lee, Dr. Elisha S., 141. 

Mrs. Eliphalet, 183. 

Sophronia, 141. 

Thomas, 270. 
Leland, T. W., 52. 
Lemmond. Nancy, 288. 

Robert, 288. 
Lemon, A. H., 76. 

Charles F., 76. 

Minnie Allison, 76. 
Leonard, Mai. Samuel, 182.. 

Seth and family, 256. 
Litchford, John B., 83. 
Lewis, Eliza B., 175. 

Kate, 199. 

Leon, 199. 

Letitia, 199. 

Richard, 199. 
Leyster, Jacob, 242. 
Lifford, Lord, 165. 
Light, Ella D., 111. 
Ligon, Benjamin D., 162. 
Little, Isaiah C, 53. 

Mrs. James, 62. 
LiTTS, Capt. Lewis W., 111. 
Lock, Marv, 149. 

Matthew, 149. 
Locke, Mary E., 151, 152. 
Lockhart, Robert, 227. 
LocKwooD, Frederick, 256. 

Lob, 256. 

Martha Ann, 258. 
Lombard, Ellen Russell, 234. 

Loring L., 234. 
Long, Gabriel, 221. 
Longfellow, Henry W., 184. 

Maria, 184. 

Miss, 184. 
Lougee, Harriet Kimball, 104.- 
LouTRELL, Worden D., 258. 
Love, Mary A., 272. 
LowD, Ella, 50. 
LowRiE, Rev. Mr., 273. 
Lumberson, Sarah, 245. 
LuRDAW, (? ) Ellen A., 84. 

Emma, 84. 

Freeman, 84. 
LuscoMB, Frederick B. and 
family, 69. 


Macaulay, William B., 10. 
Macdonald, Anne Maria, 53.. 
M.\CFARLAND, Thomas, 278. 
Mack, Robert C, 12. 
Mack.\y, Elizabeth A., 79. 
Mackey, John, 123. 

Mary, 123. 
Mallet, Molly, 90. 
Manchester, James, 190. 
Manley, George P., 111. 
Mann, Elizabeth, 125. 

Kate, 193. 



Marble, Clarissa Myers, 83. 

David Orson, 83. 

Enos, 83. 

Fannie Louisa, 83. 

Harriet Augusta, 83. 

Jessie Florence, 83. 

John C, 82-83. 

John Clarence, 83. 

Mary Eloise, 83. 

Orson, 83. 

Sarah Katherine, 83. 

William B., 83. 
Marks, George, 260, 269. 

Sarah, 269. 
Marsh, George, 215. 

Eev. Millard Fillmore, 

William, 158. 
Marshall, Joseph G., 128. 
Marshfield, Thomas, 247. 
Martin, James, 157. 

R. and family, 79. 

Sarepta, 106. 
Maslin, Charles, 175. 

Ellen Toole, 173. 

John, 175. 
Mason, Allison Zeman and 
family, 66. 

Benjamin, 66. 

Betsey Evans, 66. 

Carlos, 101, 116. 

Charles, 66. 

Cvrus, 66. 

David, 66. 

Florence Gowing, 114. 

George F., 108. 

Jes.sie Allison, 117. 

John, 116. 

John Henry and family, 

Kate Mary, 117. 

Milton D., 114. 
Massey, Jonathan and fam- 
ily, 55. 
Massingill, Susan, 116. 
Master, Margaret, 190. 
Mather, Henry and family, 

Matthews, Charles and 
family, 83. 

Laura, 151, 152. 

Miss, 146. 

Mr., 151. 
Maus, Isaac, 103. 

Lilabel, 103. 
Maynard, Lucinda, 117. 
Mayo, Thomas, 49. 
Maxwell, Mr., 100. 
McAfee, Achsah Holmes, 77. 

Adam, 76. 

Alfred, 73, 76. 

Annie L., 76. 

Catherine, 76. 

Charles and family, 73. 

Elizabeth M., 76. 

Ellen Darrah, 76. 

Emma Jane, 73. 

Franklin B., 76. 

Ida Jane, 76. 

Jane, 76. 

John A. and family, 73. 

John Holmes, 76. 

Nellie F., 76. 

Samuel Holmes, 76. 

William, 76. 

William F., 76. 
McAlestor, Charles, 203. 

Duncan, 203. 

McAlestor, Godfrey, 203. 

Hector, 203. 
McArdle, William, 270. 
McCalla, Anna, 186. 
McCallcne, Hugh and fam- 
ily, 189. 

McCarthy, Elvira, 288. 
McCarty, Edward C, 155. 
McCleary, Nancy, 51. 
McClure, Jane, 142. 
McCoNNELL, Nancy, 138. 

Rebecca, 118. 

Richard, 138. 

Sarah, 116. 
McCoRD, Mary A., 75. 
McCoy, Frank H., 200. 
McCuLLOUGH, Jane, 288. 
McDouGALL, Andrew, 70. 
McDowell, Capt. James, 124. 
McFarland, Andrew, 44-61, 

Rev. Asa, 62. 

Betsey, 63. 

Catherine E., 278. 

James, 62. 

Janet, 61. 

Maj. Moses and family, 
McGiLVRAY, Alice E., 81. 

David F., 81. 

Katherine Holmes, 81. 
McGregor, Rev. James, 42- 

43, 85. 
McHeffey, Eleanor, 186. 
McHenery, Wilson W., 226. 
McIntire, Antoinette, 128. 

J. G., 93. 
McIntosh, Elizabeth, 164. 

Rev. John S., 12-14. 
Mckean, Ju.stice James, 43. 
McKenzie, Eliza, 186. 
McKiNLEY, Sandj% 146. 
McKinnon, George Fred- 
erick, 98. 
McLaughlin, Miss M. B., 

McLawren, Catherine B., 

McMahon, George Allison, 

Rev. James and family, 
McMellen, Helen, 84. 
McMurray, Rev. John, 189. 
McN AUGHT, Mary Ann, 138. 

Samuel, 138. 
McNaughton, Eliza Ann, 91. 
McNeal, John, 240. 

Joseph, 240. 

Mr., 208. 

Thomas, 240. 

William Allison, 240. 
McQuESTEN, Martha, 68. 

Mary Shirley, 67. 
McQueston, Sarah, 104. 
McRoBERTS, Susan, 126. 
McVey, Mrs. Absalom, 155. 
Meek, Susie, 162. 
Meigs, Sarah Jerusha, 222. 
Meloche, John B., Ill, 
Merrill, Rev. Abraham D., 

Abraham H. and family, 

Jacob S. and family, 52. 

John Milton and familv, 

Joshua and family, 57. 

Merrill, Martha Mehitable, 


Mary, 51. 

Rufus S. and family, 57. 

William B. and family, 
Meserole, Hester J., 272. 
Messer, Susan, 158. 
Miles, Barnabas, 193. 
Miller, Archie Woodworth, 


Margaret, 244. 

Mary, 240. 

Meeker, 214. 

John, 176. 

Sylvanus Edward and 
family, 109. 

Thomas, 96, 109. 
Millett, Mary E., 282. 

William E., 282. 
Mills, Abbott Lawrence, 2.34. 

Charles H., 234. 

Egbert, 233, 234. 

Fri^nces Aurelia, 234. 

Jennie, 221. 

Lottie, 234. 

Sarah Edna, 234. 
Mines, Mr., 217. 
Monroe, John, 61. 
Monson, Bruce, 111. 

Eddie, 111. 

Linus and family. 111. 

Jessie, 111. 

Julia, 111. 
Moore, Abel Fletcher, 69. 

Ada White, 70. 

Albert Wallace, 71. 

Alton Clefton, 68. 

Amos Harvey, 69. 

Anna, 85. 

Bertha Isabella, 71. 

Charlotte Ann, 69. 

Clara Ann, 68. 

Clinton A., 77. 

Daniel, 67. 

Col. Daniel, 68. 

Daniel LeRoy and fam- 
ily, 67. 

David McGregor, 71. 

David Rollins and fam- 
ily, 69. 

Edward S., 71. 

Eli, 63. 

Elizabeth, 69. 

Ellen Gertrude, 71. 

Ervin J. and familj', 68. 

Estella M., 71. 

Fred Rumney, 69. 

George Burnham, 68. 

Georgianna, 71. 

Gratia A., 72. 

Harriet, 147. 

Helen Frank, 69. 

Helen Leon, 68. 

Henry Holmes and fam- 
ily, 70. 

Ida Weston, 70. 

James Clifton and fam- 
ily, 67. 

Jane, 84. 

Janet, 67. 

Jennie Ruth, 71. 

John, 67, 77. 

Lieut. John, 63. 

Joseph Addison and fam- 
ilv. 71. 

Joseph Colby, 68. 

Joseph Harrison, 68. 



Moore, Lizzie Spencer, 70. 

M. A., 73. 

Margaret Ann, 68. 

Margaret Morrison, 71. 

Marian, 69. 

Marian Elizabeth, 71. 

Marietta, 69. 

Martha, 67. 

Martha Jane, 67, 70. 

Mary, 196. 

Mary Emeline, 67. 

Marv Shirlev, 68. 

Mildred, 68." 

Nancy Cox, 68. 

Nathan, 209. 

Dea. Nathaniel, 84. 

Nathaniel Holmes and 
family, 70. 

Hon. Orren C, 77. 

Phillips Quincv, 69. 

Col. Robert, 77. 

Robert Cox, 71. 

Sadie Jane, 67. 

Sarah, 63. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 70. 

Sarah Jane, 69. 

Thomas Wallace, 68. 

Thomas W., 68. 

Timothy Fuller, 69. 

Walter Lero-", 68. 

William, 68. 

Col. William, 67. 

William and family, 70, 

William Clinton, 67. 

AYilliam Wilson, 69. 
More, Arthur J., 87. 

Capt. John W., 207. 
Morgan, Mary, 271. 
Morris, Mr., 244. 

Bert and family, 38. 
Morrisons of Claggan, Ire- 
land, 201. 
MoRisoN or Morrison. 

Abraham, 77, 78. 

Albert A., 46, 47. 

Allison, 48. 

Hon. Alva, 58. 

Alva S. and family, 58, 59. 

Anna Belle, 47. 

Anna Wallis, 54. 

Asa, 56. 

Augusta, 47. 

Augustus M., 59. 

Betsey, 61. 

Benjamin Lyman, 57. 

Calvin, 61. 

Caroline N., 61. 

Catherine, 47, 48. 

Catherine Colby, 57. 

Charles A., 47. 

Charles W., 60, 61. 

Chri.stopher, 54. 

Christopher Merrill, 53. 

Dennison Wallis, 54. 

E. Adelaide, 59. 

Edward Payson, 54. 

Edwin L., 47. 

Eliza, 48. 

Elizabeth, 55. 

Fannv, 61. 

Frank P., 47. 

Fred G., 47. 

George F., 47. 

George W. and family, 

Rev. Hall, 145. 

Hamilton, 240. 

Morrison, Hannah, 47, 52. 

Hannah A., 47. 

Hugh of Dromore, Ire., 

Ibrahim, 59. 

Ira, 57. 

Ira Plummer and family, 

Charter James, 43, 44. 

James and f amilj-, 52. 

Dea. James, 52. 

James of Londonderry, 
Ire., 201. 

James of Wallkill, N. Y., 

James A., 47. 

James H., 289. 

James D., 47. 

James T., 47. 

Jane H.. 60, 61. 

Janet, 45. 

Jeremiah, 53. 

Charter John, 43. 

John of Windham, N. H., 

John, 51, 54, 61. 

Rev. John Hunter, 214. 

Jonathan, 62. 

Joseph, 61, 77. 

Joseph H., 60. 

Leonard, 58. 

Hon. Leonard Allison, 12, 
44, 54. 

Leonard Almy and fam- 
ily, 58. 

Lydia A., 56. 

Margaret, 53. 

Margaret C, 61. 

Margaret Elizabeth, 54. 

Martha, 43, 44, 45, 46, 51, 

Martha A., 52, 56. 

Rfaria E., 58. 

Maria M., 52. 

Marv, 58, 61. 

Mary H., 61. 

Miles and family, 52. 

M. Lurette, 58. 

Minnehaha E., 47. 

Miriam Jane, 52. 

Myra, 53. 

Nancv, 56. 

Nancy Todd, 58. 

Naomi, 48. 

Priscilla, 61. 

Robert, 51, 51, 60. 

Robert of Dromore, Ire., 

Robert Elmer and fam- 
ily, 59. 

Robert P. and family, 51. 

Rufus A., 51. 

Samuel of Londonderry, 
N. H., 44, 45, 46, 59, 60. 

Lieut. Samuel of Wind- 
ham, N. H., 44, 45, 59. 

Dea. Samuel, 51. 

Rev. Samuel, 51. 

Samuel of Topeka, Kan., 

Samuel of Windham, 
N. H., 47. 

Samuel J., 60. 

Sarah, 52, 54. 

Sarah M., 54. 

Sherburne, 61. 

Solon D., 60. 

Stephen, 52. 

MoRBisoN, Stephen A., and 
familv, 52. 

Susan Coffin, 54. 

Tennant, 48. 

Thomas J., 47. 

William, 47, 61. 

William of Claggan, Ire., 

William A., 47. 

William H., 47. 

William L., 61. 
Morse, Eli, 65. 

Sarah, 65. 
Morton, Guinn, 157. 

James M., 156. 

James Q., 156. 

Marietta M., 156. 

Marv Madera, 156. 

Mattie, 156. 

Matilda M., 156. 

Nannie, 157. 

Thomas J., 1.56. 

Winslow B., 102. 
Mower, Angelia S., 82. 
MoTT, John P., 200. 
Mulling, Ella, 277. 
Murphy, Sally Ann, 166. 
Murray, Basil Edgar, 219. 

Cecelia, 225. 

John, 225. 

Sylvester S., 200. 

Viola, 225. 
Musser, Joseph Newton and 
family, 172. 


Needham, Mary, 58. 
Neeley, Hannah, 233. 
Neill, Andrew, 159. 

Esther, 150. 

Jane, 159. 

Magdaline, 150. 

Mr., 150. 

William, 159. 
Nettleton, Edward Allison, 


Florence Bowen, 105. 

Samuel W., 105. 
Newcomb, Amy Frances, 103. 

Arthur Wilbur, 103. 

Herbert Harris, 103. 

Samuel Francis, 102. 
Newman, Mary, 244. 
Newton, Rev. Charles Beat- 
tie and family, 222. 
Nichols, Col., 241. 
Nickerson, Frank, 261, 271. 

Dr. Ira L., 259. 
Nicholson, Joseph B., 289. 
NiDA, Harrison Grant, 156. 
NoxoN, France.'^, 286. 
Noyes, Esther, 93. 

Esther Jane, 107. 

Jeremiah, 107. 

William O., 45. 
Nutting, Lucy, 54. 

Mary Ann, 54. 


Oakley, Nettie, 221. 
Oathout, Morton, 118. 

Ralph Logan, 118. 

Walter, 118. 
O'Brien, Mrs. Ann (Prescott), 




O'Callaghan, E. B., 241. 
Odell, John, 255. 
Ogden, John, 249. 
Olliphant, Henrietta W., 275. 
Onderb.^nk, Eliza, 255. 

James, 255. 
Ordway, Betsey Woodice, 


John, 100. 

Nathaniel, 100. 
Ormiston, Ann Eliza, 96. 

Archie McGregor, 96. 

Jettie Stinson, 96. 

Sarah Blanche, 96. 

Thomas, 96. 
Orr, Nancy, 154. 
Orton, Prof. E. T. B., 237. 
OvERRMAN, Charles, 146. 

Hamilton, 146. 

Margaret Eliza, 146. 

Marv Cornelia, 146. 

Will'iam W., 146. 
Owen, Hannah, 232. 

Mary Jane, 290. 
Owens, Henry C, 146. 

James Henry, 146. 

William A., 146. 

Palmer, Sarah, 263. 
Par, Mrs. Mary, 116. 
Parcel, Nancv, 232. 
Parcells, Elsie, 253, 279. 

Nellie, 254. 
Park, Alexander, 43. 

Capt. Andrew W., 53. 

Horace and family, 53. 

Louisa, 53. 

Margaret Mary, 53. 

Martha Jane, 53. 

Sarah, 51. 
Parks, Angeline H., 81. 
Parker, Charles S., 69. 

Elias, 224. 

Rev. E. L., 12. 
Parkman, Miss M. E., 52. 
Parmelie, Sarah D., 55. 
Pate, Mary A., 73. 
Patrick, Ruth Esther, 112. 

Wallace J., 112. 
Patterson, Alonzo, 66. 

Emma Irene, 221. 

Henrietta Frances, 66. 

Robert, 127. 
Paul, James, 44. 
Payne, Frank, 155. 
Payzant, Annie Louise, 193. 

Carrie Sophia, 193. 

Dr. Elias N. and family, 

Florence Rachel, 193. 

James Austin, 193. 

Sarah Cathella, 193. 

William, 193. 

William Aubrey, 193. 
Peabody, Alice Hubbard, 82. 

Atwood, 74. 

Charles A., 74. 

Eliza Isabel, 57. 

Harriet, 74. 

Humphrey, 74. 

Maj. O. arid family, 82. 
Pearce, James, 154. 
Pearson, Chief-Ju.stice, 1.52. 
Peck, Benjamin, 244. 

Edward J. and familj-,263 

Elisha, 256. 

Hannah, 244. 

Peck, John J. and family, 258. 

Mary, 244. 

Thomas, 244. 
Percival, Marietta, 74. 
Pering, Cornelius Hine, 289. 

John Allison, 289. 

Susan, 289. 

William Edwin, 289. 
Perkins, George A., 227. 

Mr., 153. 

Sarah P., 227. 
Perry, Abigail, 86. 

Hannah, 259. 

Louisa A., 72. 

Sarah, 257. 
Peters, J. M., 283. 
Pettee, Dr. Asa F., 93. 
Pettengill, Mary, 137. 
Petty, Mr., 153. 
Philbrick, Mehitable, 90. 
Phelps, Phebe, 65, 98. 
Phillips, Abigail, 82. 

Rebecca, 258. 
Pierson, Henry, 250. 
Piersons, Lucy, 72. 

Sarah A., 72. 
Pigeon, Ann, 244. 
Pike, Alfred W. and family, 


Joel, 94. 

John B., 50. 

Martha L., 94. 

Samuel J., 59. 
PiLLSBURY, Nathaniel and 

family, 50. 
Pinkerton, John, 85. 
Piper, Cvrus and family, 100. 
Pise, Rev. Charles T., 261. 

Rev. David, 261. 

Josephine A., 261. 

Rev. William T., 261. 
Pitt, William A., 193. 
Platt, Ellen Russell, 235. 

Freelove, 245. 

George, 235. 
Plummer, Granville E., 50. 

Rhoda Ann, 55. 
Polacheck, Joseph, 96. 
Pond, Lucy A., 95. 
Porter, Alexander, 165, 166. 

Alexander James, 166, 168 

Anna, 85, 100. 

Eliza J., 48. 

Frank, 224. 

Rev. James, 166. 

Dr. James Armstrong, 166. 

Marv Amanda, 166, 168. 

Matilda, 165, 166. 

Robert, 166. 

William, 166. 
Post, James, 229. 

Mary A., 229. 

Peter, 263. 
Potter, Eva Leonora, 157. 

George Rothwell, 157. 

James, 214. 

William Allison, 157. 
Pound, Eleanor, 223. 

Joseph, 217. 
Powell, Edmund, 199. 

Elizabeth, 198. 

Mary, 273. 

Solomon, 199. 
Powers, Alanson, 106. 

George A., 67. 

Julia, 92. 

Julia L., 106. 
Pratt, Clara A., 72. 

Pratt, Joseph and f amilj%124. 

Ira, 114. 

Mvrtie Aurilla, 114. 
Preble, J. W., 108. 
Prescott, INIartha, 186, 196. 

Mary, 200. 
Preston, Clark, 178. 

Ellen C, 179. 

Jotham Sewell, 179. 

Mary Ann, 178. 
Priest, Clarissa A. M., 69. 

Edwin E., 69. 

Mrs. Fannie Moore, 80. 

Dr. J. B., 80, 81. 

Lizzie, 49. 
Purvine, Joseph C, 111. 


Queston, Charlotte E., 71. 
QuiMBY, Lydia, 68. 
Quinton, Alfred Bixliy and 
familv, 114, 119. 

Betsey, 66. 

David', 63, 66. 

Roval Bellows, 99. 

Sariiuel, 66, 99. 


Raines, Charles Hunter, 168. 
Rains, Margaret, 162. 
Ramsay, Samuel and family, 

Randall, Lillian E., 112. 
Rand, Caleb Huntley, 186. 

Elizabeth, 194. 

Elizabeth C, 185. 

Rebecca, 186. 
RatcLiffe, Alice, 56. 
Rathbun, Allison, 185. 

Charles and family,:185. 

Humility, 183. 

Joseph, 185. 

Maggie, 234. 

Martha, 190. 
RAYBURN,-Jane, 164. 
Raynor, William, 249. 
Reasonover, Joseph, 165. 

Sarah, 165. 
Reed, Martha, 178. 
Reid, Moses Webb, 222. 
Reedy, Anna Mary, 158. 

Samuel, 158. 
Reeve, Carrie, 233. 

Fannie, 233. 

Hon. John H., 233. 
Reeves, George, 215. 

Miss, 146. 
Reinhart, S. W., 127. 
Reynolds, Amy, 214. 
Rhodes, Mrs. B. S., 204. 

Lorena, 266. 

Mrs. William, 204. 
Rice, Charles Hyde, 206. 

Hiram, 61. 

Janette Elnora, 207. 
Rich, Mabel E., 192. 
Richards, Eliphalet, 104. 

Gieorge H. and family, 57- 

Sarah Jane, 91, 104. 
Richardson, Charles W., 75. 

Margaret E., 112. 
Richer, Jackson, 192. 
Riddle, Elizabeth, 156. 
Rider, John A. and family, 


Lewis F., 74. 

Mary L., 74. 

Mrs., 92. 



RiENSHART, Catherine, 174. 
RiGBY, Mrs., 186. 
RiGLEY, Mrs., 196. 
Riley, I.sabella H., 109. 
Ripley, Albert Enos, 79. 

E. C, 79. 

Nathaniel H., 79. 

Walter Ford, 79. 
ROBBE, Cicero, 84. 

Mary Tagg-art, 84. 
RoBBiNS, Faunie, 56. 
RoBELiNG, Augusta Henri' 
etta, 110. 

Charles G., 140. 

Ferdinand W., 140. 

Margaret J., 140. 
Roberts, George W., 98. 

John H., 111. 
Robertson, James F., 190. 
RocKwooD, Charlotte, 58. 
RoDGERS, Marv L., 59. 
Roe, Nathanie'l, 210. 

Sarah, 215. 

Timothv, 217. 

Williani Allison, 210. 
Rogers, Marv Ann, 96. 

Mary Ellen, 88. 
RoMAiNE, David, 259. 
Rose, Charles, 2S8. 
RoTROFF, William, 135. 
Rowan, Ann Eliza, 276. 

Seth, 276. 
RucKEL, Eliza, 261. 
RuDD, Henry Lindsay and 

family, 56. 
Russell, Ellen Whitman, 234 

Marv Catherine, 235. 
Ruth, Mary, 219. 
RuTLEDGE.Rebecca, 168. 
ivYDER, Frances Helen, 95. 

Saegar, Daniel, 121. 
Safford, Noah, 83. 
Salter, Harriet, 175. 
SALTONSTALL.Sir Richard,247 
Sanford, Adellaralette, 110. 

Andrew, 110. 

Arvella, 110. 

Carey, 110. 

Ebenezer, 110. 

George, 110. 

Helen, 110. 

Henry, 110. 

Jennie, 110. 

Lloyd, 110. 

Lloyd, 98. 

Louisa, 110. 

Loyal, 110. 

Luciuda, 110. 

Lydia, 110. 

Marv, 110. 

Phebe, llO. 

Roburtus, 110. 

Sarah, 110. 

Simeon, 110. 
Sanders, James, 167. 
Sanders, Alithea, 167. 
Sandford, Charles H. and 

family, 74. 
Sanger, Geo'rge, 215. 
Sargent, Ann, 191. 

Catherine Winthrop, 191. 

Charles Rathbun, 192. 

Charles William, 192. 

Elizabeth Whidden, 191. 

Epes Winthrop, 191. 

Frances, 192. 

Sargent, Jas. Winthrop, 192 

John Allison, 191. 

Margaret Sophia, 192. 

Mary Esther, 192. 

aiary Jane, 191. 

Sarah Harding, 192. 

William, 192. 

Winthrop, 185, 191. 
Savory, Hannah Gove 

(Clark), 90. 
Sawtelle, Henry and fam- 
ily, 256. 
Sawyer, Hannah, 94. 

James, 210. 
Sayres, Mary Beattie, 163. 
Scammell, Helen M., 189. 

Joseph, 189. 
Schutz, Agnes, 140. 
SciDMORE, Juliette, 83. 
Scott, Frances Augusta, 192. 

John, 86. 

Lucv, 141. 

Marv S., 148. 

William, 86, 122. 
Seacor, Benjamin, 268. 

Theodosia, 267. 
Sears, Jed, 217. 

Stephen 210. 

William, 210. 

William Henry, 82. 
Seiring, Simon, 249. 
Selleck, David W., 223. 
Senter, Sophia, 49. 
Sevedge, Writta A., 111. 
Seward, Hon. William H., 

Shannon, James Noble and 
family, 187. 

James Noble, 184. 

Hon. Leonard, 182. 

Samuel Leonard, 187. 
Sharp, J. Edgar, 228. 

Joseph, 228. 

Julia, 228. 
Shaw, Amanda, 52. 

Elizabeth, 174. 

James, 170. 

Jane, 170. 

John, 170. 

Mary, 170. 

Rachel, 190. 

William, 170. 
Sheldon, Ann Maria, 206. 
Shepard, Arthur M., 72. 

Charles Franklin, 72. 

Charlotte A. P., 72. 

Eugene Everett, 72. 

Frederick Carroll and 
family, 73. 

George, 73. 

George F. and family, 72. 

Harrj' Elmer and fam- 
ily, 73. 

James S., 72. 

James Albert and family, 

John Holmes, 72. 

John P., 72. 

Judson, 73. 

Lizzie A., 72. 

Marv Jane, 73. 

Nancy P. B., 73, 76. 

Thom'as, 72. 

Thomas, 73. 

William M., 73. 

William Monroe, 72. 

William P. and family, 72. 
Sheridan, Louisa, 289. 

Sherman, Thomas, 250. 
Shekrill, Laura Cornelia, 

Shipman, Ayuba, 204. 

Charles. 204. 

Elias, 204. 

Louis S., 71. 
Shockey, Nancy, 231. 
Shuit, Morgan,' 228. 

Sarah M., 228. 
Shults, Leda E., 75. 
Shultz, Adam, 231. 

Addie, 231. 

Alice, 108. 

Hon. Chauncev F., 231. 

Henry, 108. 
Shurter, Elijah Budd, 205. 

Eliza Colton, 205. 

Felix, 205. 

Frances Edith, 205. 

Frederick, 205. 

Minnie Louisa, 205. 

Nedaline V. M., 205. 

Rev. Richard L., 205. 

Richard Wardworth, 205. 

Roberta Allison, 205. 
Silver, B. F. and family, 56. 
Simons, Eliza A., 69. 

Sarah R., 236. 
Simonton, Sarah, 159. 
Skinner, Arminda, 233. 

Cyrus, 233. 
Slater, Hosea, 225. 
Sloan, John F., 147. 

Sarah Jennie, 104. 
Sloat, Elizabeth, 135. 

Philip, 135. 
Smart, Mary B., 84. 
Smith, Abbie, 66. 

Dr. Albert, 12 

Dr. A. K., 140. 

Amy, 214. 

Barney, 89. 

Cadwallader, 220. 

Delphina J. E., 72. 

Edmund, 206. 

Emeline, 49. 

Esdras, 60. 

Dr. Granville P., 167. 

Hannah, 188. 

Jacob, 75. 

James, 214. 

Jane, 70. 

Jonathan, 248. 

Lavinia Grandon, 220. 

Lettice M., 50. 

Lottie Howland, 89. 

Louisa, 206. 

Lura, 68. 

Mary, 58. 

Thomas Allison, 140. 

Wisner Allison, 210. 
Smythe, Rev. A. W., 122. 
Snedaker, Edward and fam- 
ily, 263. 

Garitta A., 263. 

Michael, 279. 

Tunis, 258. 
Snell, Charles A., 77. 

Katie E., 77. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 77. 
Snodgrass, Mary, 154. 
Snow, Aurilla, 118. 

Betsey, 89. 

Charles H. and familv, 

Josephine A., 71. 

Richard A., 262. 



Snow, Samuel A. P. and fam- 
ily, 261. 
Snowden, Caroline, 126. 

John M., 126. 
Snydakek, David, 204. 
Snyder, Roxanna, 154. 
Somes, Eliza, 49. 

Daniel G., 49. 
South WORTH, Myra, 58. 
Spear, Henrietta, 263. 
Spencer, Susan E., 70. 
Spicer, Edward, 99. 
Springsteed, Spencer, 266. 
Sprout, Mrs. Laura, 187. 
Stanley, Laura B., 164. 
Stanton, Hon. Benjamin, 141. 

Elias, 141. 
Starbush, George and fam- 
ily, 82. 
Stark, Alice Holman, 105. 

Elizabeth Allison, 105. 

Margaret Allison, 105. 

Mary, 94. 

Wallace Weeks, 105. 

William Everett, 105. 

William Franklin, 105. 
Steele, David, 45. 

Hetty, 196. 

Janet, 59. 

Katherine, 43. 

Thomas, 43, 44. 
Stetson, Eliza, 103. 
Stevens, Albert, 86. 

Ebenezer, 47. 

Elizabeth M., 47. 

Isaac, 259. 

Sarah, 67. 

Susan Gate, 163. 

Thomas Hity, 163. 
Stevenson, Amelia A., 48. 

Charles G., 48. 

David Franci.s, 152. 

Eliza Thorn, 48. 

George E., 48. 

George W., 48. 

John Dinsmoor and fam- 
ily, 49. 

Joseph E. and family, 49. 

Dr. Joseph P., 48. 

Samuel E. M., 48. 

Samuel F., 48. 
Stewart, Catherine, 227. 

Charles, 135. 

Clarke, 187. 

Frank, 123. 

Jemima, 70. 

Susan, 218. 

Vinette, 205. 
Stickney, Isaac Shultz, 222. 
Stiles, Jane R., 220. 
Still, W. F., 147. 
Stinson, Abliie E., 95. 

Albert E., 98. 

Archibald, 65, 95. 

Betsey, 94. 

Charles Albert, 95. 

Clara, 97, 98. 

Clarence L., 96. 

David, 94. 

Eleanor Hoag, 109. 

Ellen Augusta, 95. 

Ellen Hoag, 96. 

Erastus Sheldon, 97. 

Esther Blake, 96. 

Ethel E., 98. 

Emogene Maligna, 9. 

Frank, 97. 

Frank Archibald, 96. 

Stinson, Fred A., 98. 

Glenn E., 96. 

Helen Mar, 98. 

James, 63, 64, 65, 97, 98. 

Janette Clark, 98. 

Janet Eliza, 96, 109. 

Jeremiah Page, 65, 97, 98. 

John, 65, 9.4. 

John Chase, 95. 

Joseph Greenwood, 98. 

Lena B., 96. 

Louisa Antoinette, 97. 

Lucy Pond, 96. 

Lynian M., 96. 

Marv, 64, 96. 

Mary E., 98. 

Mary G., 98. 

Mary Jane, 95, 97. 

Nancy Chase, 95. 

Roger B., 96. 

Samuel, 65. 

Sarah Ann, 95. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 96, 98. 

Svlvanus Barker, 96. 

William, 64. 

William Park, 97. 
Stirling, Mr., 105. 
Stites, William, 225. 
Stoddard, Maria Bugbee, 179. 
Stokes, Henry, 79. 

Lillian, 79. 
Stokum, Harriet, 276. 
Stone, Ada Emogene, 109. 

Howard, 109. 

John Wellington, 109. 

Loren, 96, 109. 

Morris, 109. 

Nellie Louise, 109. 

Norris, 109. 

Sarah Jane, 109. 

Susan, 219. 
Storms, Marj-, 256. 
Story, David, 95. 

Lafayette, 95. 

Warren, 95. 
Strawbridge, Sarah, 124. 
Strehlin, Marv A., 84. 
Stubbs, Ruth, 137. 

Thomas, 139. 
Stull, Miss, 290. 
Sturgis, Eliza E. R., 219. 

John, 219. 
SuFFERN, John, 260. 

Margaret, 260. 
Sullivan, James, 56, 230. 

John, 178. 

Martha Frances, 230. 
Sutherland, Rev. Fred P., 

and famil3',97. 
SwAiTHouT, Edward, 268. 
Swan, Nathan, 83. 
Swasey, Edward Holmes, 79 

Hon. Samuel and family, 
SwEETSER, Jane, 71. 

Jerusha, 85, 100. 
Sypherd, Mary, 135. 


Taft, Emma M., 52. 

Frances, 75. 
Taggart, Jane, 82. 

John, 84. 

Nancy, 80. 
Tate, Thomas R., 146. 
Taylor, Ellen M., 90. 

John, 242, 252. 
Teels, Nellie Q., 73. 

Ten Eyck, David, 253. 

Hannah, 2.53. 

Harriet, 253. 

James, 253. 

John, 253. 

Samuel, 253. 

Thomas, 253. 
Terhune, Richard, 221. 
Thatcher, Rev. Peter, 40. 

Susannah, 40. 
Thayer, Gertrude Esther, 


Orson A., 111. 

William, 92. 
Thing, Lizzie Ann, 87. 
Thomas, Ellen, 161. 
Thom, Ann Somes, 49. 

Benjamin, 48, .50. 

Charlotte S. L., 49. 

Eliza, 48, 49. 

Elizabeth, 50. 

George Senter and fami- 
ly, 49. 

Isaac, 49. 

Josjph, 51. 

Julia Maria, 49. 

Martha, 51. 

Mary Pinkerton, 50. 

Samuel, 48. 

William, 48. 

William Wear, 48. 
Thompson, Abigail, 214. 

Adelbert, 222. 

Ann, 209, 213, 214. 

Anthonj' Dobbins, 214. 

Catharine A., 222. 

Da.niel U., 222. 

Eleanor, 214. 

Frances Howard, 222. 

Grace Webb, 222. 

Henry, 214. 

Howard, 222. 

Howard B., 222. 

John Allison, 222. 

John Jay, 214, 221. 

Joseph, 214. 

Julia Caroline, 222. 

Julia D., 224. 

Margaret, 61. 

Margaret Bovd, 222. 

Marv, 221. 

Newton, 214. 

Sarah, 214, 222. 

Sarah Mariah, 163. 

William Allison, 214. 

William W., 211, 213. 
Thornton, James, 1.56. 

Dr. Matthew, 65. 
Thurber, Edith A., 238. 

George, 238. 
Tichnor, Ella, 278. 
TiLLETT, Jeannette, 149. 

Rev. John, 149. 
Timlow, Rev. William, 223, 

Titus, Mary A., 228. 

Marv Ann, 279. 
ToBiN, Charles P.. 186. 
Toles, Daniel, 265. 

Daniel Allison, 265. 

Emery L., 265. 

Lyman, 265. 
ToMKiNs, Ada Frederika, 271. 

Catherine, 214. 

Daniel, 270. 

Helen Amanda, 270. 

Mary Allison, 271. 
TooKER, Charles P., 233. 



ToOKER, Charles W., 233. 

Egbert M., 233. 

Frank J., 233. 

James H., 233. 

Lewis AUi-son, 233. 

Marv Eliza, 233. 

Samuel, 233. 
ToRRENCE, Walter H., 152. 
ToTTEN, John, 267. 
TousLEY, Clarissa, 119. 
TowNtY, James, 244. 
ToziER, Joanna, 105. 
f Martha, 91, 105. 

Stephen, 105. 
Tracy, Elvira, 92. 
Trask, Jo.shua P., 88. 

Lizzie Rogers, 88. 
TiiEMPER, Elmer, 259. 
Trowbridge, Clarissa A., 262, 
True, C. W., 77. 
TuppER, Catherine, 98. 
TuTTLE, Joseph, 156. 

Thomas E. and family, 57. 
TwiTCHELL, Adeltha, 222. 
Tyler, Malvina, 117. 

Balph, 117. 


Uptbgraff, Clara, 222. 

Vail, Absalom, 230. 

Asa, 230. 

Eleanor Alberta, 230. 

Floyd, 230. 

Floyd Eugene, 230. 

Isaac Allison, 230. 

James Schuyler, 214. 

John, 214. 

Lillian, 230. 

Mary Elizabeth, 230. 

Roswell Flower, 230. 

Sarah K., 230. 

William H., 230. 
Van Dam, Rip, 243. 
Van Drew, Matilda, 235. 
Van Dusen, Sarah E., 172. 
Van Gelden, Mr., 215. 
Van Order, Peter, 216. 
Varner, Margaret, 287. 
Vasey, Elizabeth, 39. 
Vaughan, Charles, 118. 

Franklin P., lis. 

John, 118. 

Nellie G., 118. 


Waddell, Ora, 289. 
Wabe, Jane, 163. 
Wadsworth, Mabel, 197. 

Olive A., 285. 
Waldron, Abram, 253. 

Adrian, 253. 

Calvin, 253. 

Jacob, 253. 

John, 253. 

Matthew, 253. 
Walker, L. B., 53. 
Wallace, Rev. Cyrus W., 
91, 106. 

John, 106, 221. 

Margaret, 44. 

Mary, 221. 

Thomas, 67. 

Susan, 67. 
W.\lsh, George L., 76. 
Ward, Ellen, 261. 

Garrett, 235. 

Ward, Sarah Jane Morrison, 


Rev. Milton, 54. 
Waring, Mr., 217. 
Warren, Ella Frances, 88. 

Willard, 88. 

William, 88. 
Watson, Mary, 262. 
Wasgatt, Elisha, 49. 
Waton, Anna Mayfleld, 157. 
Wattan, Evelyn C., 110. 
Watson, Martha, 166. 
Way, Emma Gertrude, 111. 

Kittie Esther, 111. 

Zeva M., 111. 
Webster, Edward, 115. 

Israel, 89. 

Lizzie, 89. 

Susan, 89. 
Weeks, John L., 91. 

John Langdon, 105. 

Sarah Lavinia, 105. 

William, 105. 
Weis, Dr. J. W., 177. 
Weiss, Catherine, 288. 
Weld, William Henry, 102. 
Wells, Jane M., 74. 

John, 209. 

Louisa, 88. 

Ruth, 168. 

Dr. S., 185. 
Welman, Lillie, 233. 

Minnie, 233. 
Westcott, Richard, 212. 
Weston, Albert, 100. 

Clark W.. 70. 

George W. and family, 70. 

Harrison C, 70. 

John Albert, 100. 

Lancey and family, 69, 70. 

Nathaniel Holmes and 
familv, 70. 

Nathanie^l H., 68. 
Wetherbee, Hattie, 61. 
Wheeler, Alfred, 260. 

Caroline, 260. 

Charles H. and family, 69. 

Epenetus, 260. 

Helen L., 53. 

Lucy, 94. 

Marguerette, 260. 

S. C, 291. 
Whidden, John, 184. 

Nancy, 184. 
Whipple, George I., 222. 
Whitcomb, L. K., 61. 
White, Mrs. Delia W. (Trow- 
bridge), 52. 

Elizabeth, 160. 

Ephraim. 71. 

George G., 71. 

Jane Elizabeth, 159. 

Col. John M., 148. 

Mary Ella, 71. 

Moores Ephraim, 71. 

Capt. Samuel, 148. 
White, Thomasin, 240. 
Whitmarsh, Mar}', 102. 
Whitney, Irene Elizabeth, 


Irene M., 98. 

Mary Ann, 206. 

Mary Jane, 54. 
Whittaker, George G., 137. 

John and familj', 57. 

Mary, 162. 
Whittemore, Ann Frances, 


Whittemore, Bernard, 81. 

Bernard Bemus, 81. 

Eloise C, 81. 

Francis Parkman, 81. 

Frederick Parks, 82. 

Helen A., 82, 

Katherine Holmes, 81. 

Mary Jane, 82. 

Nathaniel Holmes, 82. 

Polly, 178. 
Whorf, James E., 116. 

James W., 116. 

Mary E., 115. 
Wickersham, Isaac, 219. 

Mary Ann, 219. 
Wilbur, E. P., 227. 
Wilcox, S. P., 74. 
Wilkins, Albert and family, 


Moses P., 87. 
Wilkinson, Ann, 186. 

Joanna, 159. 

Mr., 256. 
WiLLEY, Olive, 100. 
WiLLiAMS,Constant Floyd, 59. 

Rev. Gilbert F., 59. 

John Adams, 59. 

Rev. John, 40. 

Mae Amanda, 157. 

Martha, 59. 

Samuel K., 157. 

Samuel Morrison, 59. 

Sarah, 162. • 

Simon T., 59. 
Willis, Mary, 116. 

Robert, 4'l. 

William, 254. 
Williston, Edward, 99, 111. 

Isabella, 111. 
Wilson, Eleanor, 288. 

James, 122. 

Joel, 116. 

Martha, 141. 
Winslow, Edward, 40. 
Winthrop, Robert, 247. 
Wirt, Anna Bell, 76. 

Charles, 75. 

Katie, 75. 

William, 75. 
Wise, Ann, 220. 

Charles Frederick, 94. 
Withers, John Thomas, 289. 

William Allison, 289. 

William Pitt, 289. 
Woodman, Abbie H., 49. 
Wood, Edmund, 249. 

Elizabeth, 263. 

Jonas, 249. 

Jeremv, 249. 

Mr., 212. 
Woods, Mary, 197. 
Wooden, Joseph, 110. 
WooDsiDE, Margaret Shep- 

ard, 55. 
Wright, Dr. Barnabas, 74. 

Everett, 74. 

Harry, 96. 

James Edward, 163. 

Jason Allison, 179. 

John, 96. 

Kate Emogene, 96. 

Lucy L., 96. 

Luther L. and family, 96. 

IMorris, 96. 

Sarah Ellen. 163. 
Wylie, Dr. Albert GiU and 

familv, 79. 
Wyman, Mary Ella, 219. 




Yates, Francis, 250. 
YouMANS, Benjamin, 254. 
Young, Andrew J., 125. . 
Edwin Stanton, 125. 

Young, Elmira, 279. 
James Thoma.s, 125. 
Joseph, 147, 279. 
Miss, 127. 
Peggy, 146. 
Sarah, 146. 

Young, William, 147. 


Zeluff, Nellie, 264. 

Sarah Frances, 275. 
Zimmerman, Luna, 112. 


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